The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 3, 1964 · Page 16
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 16

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1964
Page 16
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' , v ' 16 ' 7' : V'-.'v-''- 'f. .'. '.: ' y '. .: the ottawa journal - ..-v --'. .:--r"3T I.' : . . VIf fimflf .Jiflf'fvV -l V'Vf Jf'flf If Iff V ZTw-J7JT. I at.i . v Given "Bv The" Canadian Press - ". ttjniafitflti'i iinnni'cii'pc . . y .,,-,1 ...L.,;J'iJ Vom cricket to ,snow,hoem -were announrSrursday by! utth M.wfr i..Hv 1 aVlrh ( i he crants. oesicnea to cive priority to leadership training; w'ere made on ret;ommelndatioii nf the National Advisory coun - "11 oiijinff ana a m a i r u ., I'-- i Leaion's national' t r a c k and jne,, ana a m a i r u . moejULOE Rram. which came into- effect "fWayears ago. -now total tl tnnnrWI v '-"00 00- Largest grant- was $51,133 to expand the Royal' Canadian: ..iUin, no -Rouces. beverai:, ski manufacturers have set up. ski repa r shops. Used sk;s wi'.l be returned almost like new. After a Wmter of little snow; the base of the skis :w.!l probably need a good going over. Look for. missing steel edge screws. and lighten up each screw. Lubricate the edges and bind ings to prevent rust; During the Summer months, I try to'store my skis m4 cool, dry area free from exireme heat or cold It is not necessary to block the sk:s, unless you. need to build .up the c'amber, When blocked, ikomet'mes, one ski wril pull the other ski. I have had this.' happen.: . ' ' v ; Stand "the - skis. ' against, a straight wall. 1 place my skis on the laiis,, with the base RESERVE NOW BANQUETS caught short reserve your bowling banquet. today to make . arrangements The Ming Room 50 people, menus to suit your charge for room! Free -Pone 233-7705 " in l.iiuiti1 , lis - , , xinpi? aj, i i n l i i f v ... U j -V v FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 1964 -.,. ,..,,.... a..,. ,, : , ' lram,ns.l nattonal aRoyai-Cadw wtlhoUt - spal I gr"-, V SU-VauiM.lljllii:: ' iiouiHuii. vnompuMijiMii'j tL;---r'rr;...!thl-s oeriod wtlhout - i n-Ml wv . . . - ' t- XJ ' 4;;''-:---?..''eiauon1. $3fMrteam costs ffTl(n watch WT-W !'''' Prmit. ' .V;-, . M -utichC Hnrtio .f.nd i,, ahh- :ioooooooa f a-V , rming' Association $3, Canadian Yachting ' ''Assix-yr! iniernational Competition. K Rllr,,c. i:aniaA Thi ' Wtilf 'J , a, 'Z han; Eliariry ."iid. Mwarda.jchica.o...' aonoaoio- y ;T" abour'tional- swimming- .and) diving t startiin iMnstrVn In'- . Rfcaj" Canadian- I.eBionJ $51:-: T. : "... 7 P'.7J. tL"-..-- ...:...JL '. i- : r' HR D" . McBridV'ketw,.?..- cinaki ,., ' fc'.,;:'k.'- !iH-' -nivrnm.-'- i ; -; . '-fi,, . i ,u mr,,n lnal -avauaoie-.. nincers UttR HUW 1 ttKS Wru) layor T',rrrmon ' ' -Und Satrfyno. J.erkel, Schurr . - ! .championships , and Olympic. structorV $emmar; instruction, ; 133. national track and field can hf dispersed over wider the Tweed arw ar reminded ' ' I M1Mr ' ' '-U. McOam.1 to. and Ra- trials; training costs for Cana- ai r,iure' for juniors and na- coaches" clinic andlrsinnUr r-- J v-,at " . i ' u,Chuao .a v 210 "i nur a in 2 new - WMcBride.;- L--Jawk.i , ' Olympic swimmmgwini.; ,iore,j u nio rmfminnxOproiK.- "27'. , ' S ."i .."j that '".n?,n 1 h'!,r ,9" vf ca' i B"!!n,r'. , !J(,,. '5?7zT"At i': ' Tiali lini knil Acl'iklieli (urh'mmfl ;r nar h i n B '. crmihafc s. '.. u ing clinics jn eacn province, ThelAmajeuf Athletic Union of Canada receives $50.33,wa,er P010- toward, holding national cham - pionship. and coaching-clinics. ji. well as-fot j4uniorympiciKtrcaUont A4h-c nmsT7 training plan for track and field, .- $30,00l FOR CAHA L'AssoCiation C a n a dienne des Centres, de Lo.sirs receives broanen na,inj,i participation $42,000 towards., leadership m ,he Rov!, Henley Regatta training courses, the Canadian ;4nd I v m p'ic-f trials'; and Amateur , Hockey Association foaches' clin,ic. . is given $50,000 for nationaj :'. Canadian .' Bidrntnton- Asso-hockey leadership courses at ciation. $3,300. national cham-five universities v ipionshtps. and development of coacntng ana teaaersnip Hraining is also featured in grants to the Canadian Ama- teur Swimming Association,'! Canadian Lawn Tennis Asso- nation YWCA. mnA rh VMfA - anrf. Assistants-i-civenm the Canadian Olympic Association $30,000 towards m ee t i n g.' team costs and to the hold- tng of championships and tour-iics ."laments in such sports as --. . - ..-.f sknng. lawn bowling. . swim-i ming, cricket and goit.-', . i The grants? fpionships. . . : .-;.,.:; Amateur. Athletic Union of) . Canadian Figure-Skating As-Canada. $50.3S3. to assist . iirsnaation, , $5.000;s e n d i" n g knMi'nfi MtiMiial Animninnchint . M 4 . M "tMAM ... rtw A ' a. J -...k"-7 ...,.. -V : in boxing, fencing, gymnastics. North American - champipn-j wrestling hand-;ships. . ; u 1 ball, and track and field; na.-j Canadian Intercollejjate Ath - - tional coaching clinics in fenc-hetic Union, '-WVational, tng. weightlifting. wrestling '. inter-collegiate ' championships- and tiandhaii- iunior olvmniclin hockev. basketball, cross-i trainins Dlan for track and! c.u. . j t :.ia..i;AIhLmino , inii . vuiiirvmvii, - . I . - Association Canadienne des ton.. $2,000, coaching clinics. Centres de Loisirs, $42,000,1 Canadian' Golf Uniori, leadership training course for ;$3.850. senior and junior inter-J 20 recreation centre leaders provincial team matches, and administrators and a train-i Canadian lawn Rnwlinir Ing course foh activit.'ieaders in community centres.. Boys" Clubs of Canada, $8 - OOO.starT training course forj . Canadian Lawn Tennis Asso- instruction in physical activityifiation, $26,718. coach In g! programs., - , Boy Scouts Association, $,.lplayers, costs of international K50. a "fit for a d v e n t u r e" competition and national cham-schemft . ! pionships. . Canadian Amateur - Basket-1 Canadian Olympic Asso:ia- batrAssociation. $7,500. na, - itar tional tournaments tor men . ... i and women (junior levet). Canadian Amateur Hockey i Association, '$50,000. -national TeJephoni 72Z-3481 INDEPENDENT COAldUMBERCO.lTD. WML t9SO SCOTT ST. OTTAWA CLEARANCE WALLPAPER ' Good Selection nf Patterns to Choose From 57c Roll I7p V. J. Carson Ltd. 291 Laurier Ave. W. ' . .232-1713. .. .... .J.:.'.: - COAL COKE OIL " HEATING EQUIPMENT CALL vn TOOT - " 235-1439 287 Laurier Ave. W. FLOORING Vinyl, Rubber and Ceramic Tiles Call for Estimate GERRY .' LOWREY LTD. !l Western 72t-373 jj nitidis! J ; 1 j . - -'-" S H'.ii "V $540,3 "hoVkev -Jeader&hip courses r.un im.,i ti i.Jrbmninn.hiM ' .at.on. $IS.730; .Canadia: C anadMn VoH senior and junior Alpine .andtion. JS.640. national chartt - MnrHl,- skr rhammonshirts. . I'pionships.' ,. ' : .:, : , . I!'- .. ' . . -. t anaaian - Amaii-ur vprt-u skating Assnriation, .. 4,.ii. coaching, clinic, at evensXan,w idian centres.; ana. noiaing ur '; .1 l .U.. . - organizing three regional i-;. ' .i '11 iiuiina .iiiu vimijiminKiipi! m championships in; - synchronized shimming ( and j Canadian. Aisoc'tation for IHealth. Physical Education and; runic ai live .anaaian cmues in ...yoiieyban,; DasKetnait ano aquatics., , .-' ' - "!' Canadian A s s n r i ation of Amateur oarsmen. $6,055.' to instructional cunics jor juniors. Canadian Canoe Assotiation.!. $2,110, national1 championship regatta -and review of Qlympicf program,; . . , , , raniHun falhn Mr T.iri iGuides.: SIM!..'' instructional; seminars and a trainine course for Girl Guide Jeaders. - Canadian : Cricket Associa: t ion. $5,822, Instructional elm inter-prov cricket, tournament. ; n c i a I ' - " v. diidumn i iciu nis.nrv nsw ciation. $4,430, coaching; clinics,, and casi-wrsi tndm country running, and swim Canadian -Ijirrose Assoria- Council. $3,810. national chara-j pionships and instructional, jclinics jclinics and to develop, junior! Ml0n. $30,000,. team cost for international competition. Canadian Snowshoers' Union, $1,890, costs for international competition, ,,Parkin I.'!.' ', ' 1 ' . l - - Don't be now for Call us for to 180 budget, no rrt,liji:AVhelmni'..As.v;hai.iinjl "niloi toroietT' for' fi& ... , ciai.ion. S'l 052, national cycliK chanfpionshrp .-;' . . -t ; National Federation: of-Ama: C anadian Vorren FWl d wtrur Junior 1 Baseball,. $4,450. Hot key Association.) $fi,0rt0'i national junirrr' championships - . y.,-j ....j..v. .. mc.inii ... .-, - 7. .. , - i v National .C.ounctl of YMCA i irnwii!' tamn for nnvsual tourvt vfor. ;hletic and sports: I dim-Join- and ori:aniUortTf a ; 2 pes' 'test injj ' I'-jnuHa 1 1 0 OOO t. ovnnit !ifj .:.ii . ; j;udiu hhj;i mn. . Young , Women's ' Christian Asociauon,' $23,676, five re- girmal workshops in leadership against-the -wall, and the up... ... ' ;. '. ; ..)' . However.- thould your skis need' to he bfoced, ask an expert to attend to the matter, . LI. I .1 U-l 1 -.m i'.'ics a inuiu nave iwisc . ...... .....'.. Dn..l ,k.lnl Ciu-lotv t training. ' i .. r-gg-.-a-'-itn; ; .x-;-'1- .-..'. ; '-. - ; r tips, I ' J ,:;;:.:,- . : -;; regalia: -v . Football "A.syH iatu . i:.,.iiK'jll "A ..'in Vt! fart. ': J - nnn -Li ' ..M ana . iwurrj. ii.t(Bnii aila . (snnw) Challenge Cup; competition.. iiiri uuioes AssiH-iation of; waterfront anaoa, io.a-j. twining JPfWj, . --,. ii tii F heF.LFR VAI'GHAn ' 1 " " ', - ' ' Pur rg the n?i lew weeks-, , "lers .wtii;.re juuing in r i.i equipmeni away .in .iraumws lttf another -eas.m. . - , . . 1 Un ei. -of courseou-are planning -s-'w;ve'.: check .your equ pmem ana nave repairs attended to no. Many ski shops '-offer specials on repairs during .L . -r . ... W iU .. a laroa nno fhrr is n entv of ftr ., rcna rman to work on your skis, - poles- and. boots. .Who wants to be caught w'th his equ.pment disorganized i's when the f;rst snowfall arr ext ' Novemhee-iJt. December? T " . chaUen'ge to be the TirWt on, 1 out '"on ; the j)(iarj, ,v , '' KJ . -.:' Check your ks, -making sure that the ba is in good condi .-v:-';-':-.' ;-' ': . - I ; ! 1 ' -.A I ' ; ' . -' . .. a(esiiHps a ' i CATHAY WQSB TAVERN RESTAURANT v 128. Albert Street at Bank . ' 1 in Grants i ., .Canadian Table Tennis As im-uiinn t. tl ''7rt nilinmlinf fanH.i f'SOO- nallona mnvx at m v:ra tz:r -::;;::tst; ana oaskcis iignipnca. BiVits should have- repairs at- tended to. Weak laces shnutd be replaced.. Nothing i more frustratihg than to have a lace break the first time-out at the start of a new season. Polish the . boots,1 and waterproof the soles, and use an' outer- boot-press.' Again store the boots" m Iry area. . . . ' ' Nfw is the time to have -eafsw"?a'ters-7jfrekeu' and - slacks . cleaned or washed, ( heck weak seams and loose buttons broken zipper. . . KEEP TOGETHER I prefer to fold the stretch stacks in a trunk or drawer rather, than on a hanger.' After several months on a hanger, .a stretch lack can change shape or some df the'stretch. . Many people ; wash Hheir stretch slacks; J have mine dry cleaned. Befoirwashing or cleaning..-a quilted jacket, find out the " type of quilting . used. Moist skr sweaters dry clean or wash beautifully. " J ' It would also be k good idea to place all your ski equipment together, including hats, gloves, goggles., etc. Either in a trunk, drawer or big carton. Be sure to moth proof the clothing. After skiing as often as possible during the sk'i season, you should be in good physical condition. Wliy not continue to stay in . gtiod' condition .throughout the Spring, Summer.'and Fall? I have often heard ski instructors say -that their pupils would, find learning so much easier if they would try to do some exercise before starting lessons. Valuable time can be lost, if a "ski week" is spent Trying to recover-trom the first one or two day of Jessons. '. Any type of sport or exercise is helpful. If you do-notjiave a Summersport, then walking is very good exercise. Walk to work, climb stairs instead of constantly taking the elevator. . Walk briskly, and when the cool air of Autumn, arrives, go on- hikes, when time permits. Ski racers of any age or calibre, would find the racing and training a great deal easier if they wulrf start the ski season in-as good physical condition 'as possible. , ... v. i This' is the last column for this ski season. Writing it has been enjoyable. ; I hope I have helped to make the sport more appealing and that it has given you helpful tips. ' Au revoir and thank you for your interest. Journal " Want , quick results. Ads bring EV 'II It tJatat. JUL lot, JTat.lal 500 Bl lat Ottawa'i LarSfttSeleciiiH New Bicycles V 29!? MOI S '. - - " " - C.C.M. and Raleigh 1 37 " Ftwon i-nrw.r.n b-4 Bicycles sreovn Hr Bicycles 4 Trtn Tfc 9n A11nwHf 1 Tt W SF.RVIrH t.L mum or niCYrt.r,s . ,. BYLESaCO. . " rar.t psaatvo 305-307 BANK STREET .; . 236-9611 Mrtnrrn Marl'.arra anl "Somrt 'OPEN FRIDAY TILL 9 P.M.' By CL'NNAR AXGUN " GIVEN A BIT OF WARMER runs will he underway irTTlistrict streams. With-them, will be the annual upsurge of poaching I a.twmpt to fill their. larders with es.'nvke their way by Kaunas. . . ; , . Such 'activity r gnmi; to be'.- .i.uihep iA':nne :iVf the':Arin-'ioat - I Pivi r-ih Rideau River ' Fish." fiame Conservation C lub has' Ufered ! Mst Lands and Fnrekts De.bru or pther debris duHngi to tmn if the fish will be better ithan .ever. . ' At 'innisville. ,.the pickerel run has become a public attraction and each year thousands ' of visitors arrive-aij.he rapids by the highway bridge. tiTwatch the lish going "upstream.. Pickerel and suckers by ' the thousands -tare on the , move and can be seen easily at night with 4 h aid of a .flashlight.' Poachers dare not. operate where conser, vatinn - minded . crowds ""are gathered. ;.' '.'' -"' .V'V CLARENCE' MUSSEL "' has been -elected president - of t h e Rideau River group for . 1964. wTflP Clarence Curry a vice-, president, and Chuck Miller as secretary-treasurer.. New director are: Ottawa, Chuck Miller, Bob; Narraway, , Bruce Potter-ton, Richard .Duquette and Car son Thompson; Manotick,- Sterling Moore; Syd, Herwig, . Blair TTiBrvariunr, isos .namoeriBin.1 Clarence ' Currv ' and Barrv urry and oarr.y Cowan; Kars. Fred O'Callaghan, Rtck St. John and.W. Sherbino. Kemptville, Charles , Rintoul and Don Garland; Osgoode, Jack Craig. ' Clarence Mussel, and Ron Boyd; North Gower, Jack Parks. ' Frank Morrison: 'Richmond.- .Jack : Morton"- tl d Bowf mr Burritt's Rapids, Jack : Nixon and Graham Hy- ' -' -,s'.'.'-. THE RIDEAU GANG has put out nearly SO wood duck nesting Iboxes. in the" district this year and will be 'keeping score", to determine the success rating of their "housing project'." They are also going to raise mallard ducklings and are now building the Summer pens for this undertaking; -. r-; y-".';V ' -'' ."' The club is also planning a dance, to beheld April J4, to raise , funds in aid of the club -program, - . ' . Y GOTTA BE BILINGUAL if you want to get ahead, so some people claim. Wildlife Management Officer Bruce Turner pi the Kemptville office. Department of Lands and Forests proved there was some truth in this when rje tried using wolf language in order to track down a wolf pack that has been killing quite a few deer in Osgoode and Mountain townships. He didn't exactly , speak the language himself . ... he used a wolf howl recording m a d e during wolf management studies in Algonquin Park. Played at Might in the ''wolf country the record soon brought "answering howls from the pack, enabling Mr. Turner to figure out fairly closelyJtt-wrjjre the animals were located.' The next day a party of hunters with good dogs visited the area, and within an hour one of the-marauders was killed. The next day a second wolf was shot and the pack scattered. Lack of snow made tracking difficult," but it js hoped one or two more snowfalls might occur to enable he. remaining wolves to be eradicated. The animals have their place in the wild and, woolly woods, but in farming country they are a menacer not only to deer, but' to livestock. ' '; - ' ; BECAUSE OF THE LACK of usual Spring flood conditions, the Lands and Forests Department Is fearful that forest fires may be occurring earlier . than usual. Tweed .District reminds' TT I It 11 1 i.l J 15 .00 up S.nrtinian't Stor- 1 WEATHER, the fish spawning as spear-wielding law-breakers pickerel when the fish, females counties. lhouMnd;to..pH . ; ; ; ; : , , -v ' .i h' public Wat the ltre;eaMm is ; n.ii ... nv.,.K n ;: m . I weeo rojrsi -umrici, una il i. illegal to '.'btnrngx week ttt NoyembeV' for the hunt. t'The season in that district opens on Nov, J ' t : ; . . : ' TWO TONED SQUIRRELS aren't necessarily unusual, re-i ports Hal Kirkland of Almonte. Last week we recalled that Mis.' Bea ) Watson, whose home ,is near Cumberland, has seen a. small black squirrel sporting a bright red tail. ... ,; ; Mr. Kirkland says that on his street in Almonte, where num-eroiis walnut '. trees a'fford bushels of walnuts for squirrel dinners each year, you-see quite a bit of "integration.'" . . . Not uncommon, says he, for gentlemen .black squirrels , to keep company with lady r e d squirrels, or for a pert lady grey squirrel to cast come-hither looks at a. man about-town black or red squWel. When it comes to romance.-Al- mnnt v. .n.itrrml. m rmn t ; i.n . , . . '"' '.'' ' " . . iviayoe, ne musses, "t h e presence of the" greys has a togetherness' effect - on the reds and blacks!'.' , . ; In arjy event; the little ani-mals- don't have to fight for a meal when there are so many walnuts to be had for 4he pick-ing. This tends to- make o u r comments on the traditional enmity among the species seem just a bit nutty, .if you'lV par don the exoression ' - THE QUEONT organization will meet next Thursday. April at p.m. at the Genera Electric Building convention room, 175 - Richmond Road. Delegates from fish and game clubs throughout the district will review Queont operations to date'and, will hear a talk on wildfowl conservation by biologist William Bittle of Tweed District office, Department of Lands and Forests".; -' Greenwood Results TORONTO : Trot raaulU from Greenwood Raceway. ,. rirat Moo. Pace, 7 iurlonn Dean Sullen B Siui iHaycai, .40. 4 20. J o: Fratbrow Bill Quinlant 4 60. J0; Rinf Dine (Corbet! I, 5M. Tlm, 1 sa. Adloa Yvonne, Lookout Haw La. Jimmy Direct, Bomb 8 . Homeatead Wild Willie alao atarted. Second WOO. Pace, 7 furlonea Ciner Hill i.Mitlert. 1.S0. S 0, 4 4(1; tola Hal ( tollman 1, 170, 2 SO. Homeatead Irwei rersle iBurriaoni 5 30. Time, 1 9 IS Buster Cral-tan. Broward Chief. Melodie Brrd. Johnny Rmio. Canal View Son. aino oiariea laity -llnuble: t and 1. .141 It. Third .700. Trot.' mile: Thel-siera elemental. 8M.-4JO. .20. Darkey Riddell tCotttonl. 3.M, 3 10; Darn TooUn( iKI nation). 1H Time. I 1. 3-3. Ray Bill. Sadie Mac. lilt I Henley. Komoka Queen, rieminelona rim alto at a r ted Fourth MOO.- Pace, mite: Pat Raleiah Fan). SO, 3 00, 3 30; Eddleran (Calnralthi. 3 to. 3 40. Coronation Brook iPareyi,,3 20 Time. 3 14 4-S Silvet'a Girl. Taw-ney Van. Dr. Giles, Nol C , Joan-wav ilia started. Tlflh MOO. Trot, mile: Duke Demon Mrtntvre. 7 SO, 4 SO, 4 10. I J. Colllna Flnd1ey, 3 70. 3 SO: Kdnon iWaddetli, -4 30 Time, 2 13 3-3. Danny K. ' Pelera, Twlnkre Cmet, Burkaroo, Royal McLean, Meadow Art Lady alao alarted. Sixth 4I.OOO. Pace, mile: Ronne C. Grattan MaHll). 4 00. 3 00. 3 00: Palermo iPtndleyi. 4 SO. 3 80: Jonatro- (Gilllai, SO. Time. 3 11 1-S Miaa Kay Caah. Ko Ko C. Ariina Dominion, alao started. Qulnella: t and 3. ' Seventh ' M00,: Pace, mite: Tlovda' Honor (Wapleai. 33 10. 1120. SSO; Adloa Yates ''Cokel. S 30, 3 Ml; Country Mite Crowel. 3 60 Time 3 IS 8-S Handy Joe. Roman Dillard. Jerry Canuck. Benny Srhue. Mlfhty Creed alao started. r.lahih 2 0O0. Junior Invitation. Pare, mile- Colonel C. Volo IHareai, 27 70. 14 20. 5 0; BevetJillard .Jieai. 00 S 10: Superior Rich ard .Hii.r3M. Time: 313. Sonny Ceeed, Dapper Cratlan. 8., Direct Nohle. So Lone ' Prince. Good r.lver-alo started. BOSTON (UPI) Farl Wil-sorf of the Boston Red Sox issued 103 base, on ball, last year and Philadelphia'. Ray Culp passed 102 batter, to lead their leagues in that department, . . PINE , FOR FENCING r 4" 6" r x lr I ... . . f us,, ft, W00DR0FFE HOBBY SHOP , 709 RICHMOND ROAD tll-414. 7JJ-1I44 ' ? Exhibition A f ST. PETERaRt RG, U.S. Los Anaelee OtNlOOOimi I ' 4" 81 yOUU (MM) ono 2(ix- "Rirkciu (81, W Bruglio. L Kou- Vr 6ri.anim, h:a. Nrw York (A oik iH0 iml o- MinntMila IXM) (MM) 2x 2 (I I o I MFiraii. Mikruen t hianorn , Tp,(eiu and Bailey. Root 7i and Howard.. Hianrhard iTi;'. p.-, ,' rr.nru iSi. Priddv AV ri.KAiiwATMir-Tt. K.n citv ixm oiii wwi i Philadelphia WW Ml wiav"0;Nw Vrk ill 000 --U sui. Hndrh.n Brvan ; Culp. Mrhi.h 7 and Dal-; rvmple. Tnandoa rT. W-MrLuh I L-r-.Handrahan. HR Gr , . I -AT tamp., r tA . .. -. SPRING SHOP TONIGHT Til 9 I i X. - II, 'I I downtown it's Caplan's . . . Rideau St. Shoes for the high school and collge man at prices that appeal to your budget. V'' : 'Y'- 9.95 Mr.N-s Hoes sTRirT n ons "' , IIIIWUIIinilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllttllllMIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIItlllllllllllMIIMIIIinM ' KICK STAND "Two-Leg" stand supports bike firmly upright. Fits behind front sprocket For 2fl" or 22". . frame. ',.,, .89 EASY TERMS B V- Witwrt. Biuminn '. Wllhlji ifc nrt Cxrrwip. McCrmick. E-n'lradd Bunker nl Orilnoi CANADIAN TIRE s0CJTEST0REj There's a Store Near You! i TT" TT" TT MX. TT" Trial. "TT" IT ML TT ML 7T Ml. Z3 2i JUL ML timmiiiimi.imiHimmiMiiiiiMmmHiimimnitiiinnMniiiiiiim t V,. , '.- mown jfl' . " im.iiii A. Smithp Pnwtli, Rnbiiuon AT MIRT MtW FLA. -r- 1 000 O20 JOO 1 3 J It tint ooo oo I a 5 T l'itlliilrh riJ-h.i. ' I Kmilh l4i. Pirh (St.. iSi and Mt'Panlanr. W Tietenau- ir. .'UPndd.'. HH' Torra, I jiX cocoa, rt.-. 'Hou.ioit -mm ino im.oD ia. o Hnr. Btarnarin ti. oauia iui nd T Inr Woodehlckv Taylor '"' "v ,R'' Hornr HO'.. Ravmond . B,u1r Hrt wynn'a . - CO.VES 10 'Sri; TEEN-HI BIKE - CARRIER Electrically weldfd construction with bright finish. Clampi and. wire braces Si '. 1.19 x 7W. ,

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