Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 7, 1974 · Page 53
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 53

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 7, 1974
Page 53
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July 7,1971 Unfinished Business* 'No Hurry' Before (C) Back ia im, McGraw-Hill paWtshed 'Amelia Earhart Livei" by Joseph KUssajjd Joseph Gerva is, i» which it wa* argued that the flyer who disappeared over the Pacific in 1137 was alive aad well and living in New Jersey under tie name of Mrs .Irene Craipnile Bolam. Mrs. Bolam denied all and brought suit against the publisher and the authors for more than f 1 million. According to her lawyer, Charles Ramos, the case is still involved in pretrial discovery, with all parties making depositions, and is complicated by the fad that the authors live in California. He raised the possibility that the case might be settled, which McGraw-Hill's lawyer, George Barron, didn't dispute, but said that if it weren't, it might come to trial in six months or so. "Nobody's in a great hurry," he said. "There's no compelling interest." fcr* TMM* S*n*c* No Smoke Columbia University once lined up behind it, but that was years ag«, in 1*7, when the Strkkmaa filter was first being promoted as the way to make smoking safe. Then it was discovered that the filter not only removed the tar and nicotine, it also practically removed the smoke. The cigarettes were hard to draw on. And there was also considerable dispute about whether it even removed the tar and nicotine. . Soon Columbia dropped out, calling its involvement "a well-intentioned mistake." But the filter's inventor, Robert L. Strickman, remains convinced that "it's the answer to today's problem," though no tobacco companies are now using it. Two Canadian brands once did, but they have not been beard from in some time. After No Students No Cigar Hopes ran high at the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn last October that a "Zonkey" would be born from the mating of a male zebra, Lucky Strike, and a female donkey, Jenny. False alarm, "there was mating, the donky got fat, but now, well, time has run out and nothing has happened," said Frank H. Blomquist, the zoo's supervisor. He said the gestation period for donkeys was 12 months, for zebras, 375 days, "but those periods have ended." In the late 1960s, when freedom in education was the rage, Fordham University created a Utopian three-year college without classrooms, credits, term papers, requirements or grades. Bensalem College (named for an island, Utopia, in Francis Bacon's "New Atlantis") had such a high dropout rate that the university decided in 1971 to end it, and the last class just graduated. The college went through six deans in seven years. Enrollment for the first five years hovered around 50 students a year, dropping off in the last two yeras when no new students were admitted, according to John Clohessy, Fordham's registrar. A total of 79 degrees was granted, including six this year among 11 students. Lawyers, 'Consultants' Dupe Many Aliens -APWirephoto 'BLACK EAGLE'ENTERS VIET GONG HEADQUARTERS Col. Hubert Julian Has Had Ups, Downs BLACK EAGLE By Denny Walsh (C) New York Timw Service WASHINGTON-An American Civil Liberties Union report submitted to Congress this week attacked immigration lawyers and "consultants" who take unfair advantage of illegal aliens who are ignorant of their rights and eager to stay in the United States. The lawyers and self-styled lay "consultants" often charge fat fees, sometimes merely for filling out a simple form, and then cannot be found when the time comes to represent the alien client at an Immigration and Naturalization Service hearing, the report said. Thousands of aliens are duped every year by "professional consultants" who flourish in ethnic neighborhoods with large concentrations of illegal aliens and advertise "guaranteed results," and who reward complaints or demands for refunds with an anonymous telephone call to the immigration service reporting the wherabouts of the "client," according to the report. Illegal aliens "are easy marks for fraud because they are ignorant both of their rights under the law and of the remote likelihood of obtaining legal permanent resdiency, because they are so strongly motivated to remain in the United States and therefore eager to believe false promises, and because they do not know where to turn for honest, qualified legal advice at a price they can afford," the report said. The report was sumbitted to the members of the House Government Operations subcommittee on legal and monetary affairs, which is in the midst of an inquiry into the immigration service. * * * AN ALIEN WHO is clearly deportable should be told that, but dishonest practitioners feed false hopes and collect fees as long as his client is earning money and eluding action by the immigration authorities, the ACLU noted. The report pointed out that one way an alien is fooled re- voluves around differences in the meaning of the "notary public" title. In South America and many European countries a notary is always a lawyer, usually one of the most knowledgable and prestigious persons in the community, while any citizen of this country who is literate and is not a felon can become a notary. The protections of the Constitution embrace all persons in the country, whether they are here legally or illegally, the report said, and reco- mended a full range of gover- ment supported legal services for aliens. The report also criticised certain abuses of discretion which seem to the ACLU to be inherent in such starndard practices of the immigration service as the "voluntary departure" of suspected illegal aliens immediately upon their apprehension, searches without warrants, mass arrests, and inquiry into the political beliefs and private sexual behavior of aliens. Musicians Remember The 4 Duke' NEW YORK-J*- The en- ] tire Newport Jazz Festival in : New York was dedicated this year to Duke Ellington, and as the Kklay festival reached its eighth day Friday. Ellington compositions had been played ir plentiful variety. "Satin Doll' led off a tribute medley by the Harry James Band at the "Big Band Ball" in Roseland Ballroom, with "Don't Get Around Much Any More" and "Take the A Train" following. As he played an hour and a half for dancing, James also included "I'm Beginning To See the Light" and "Caravan." But jazz audiences know "Satin Doll" very well and drink in more hungrily works which they hear less often, so most of the performers dug deeper into the Ellington book. Marian McPartland holds honors for digging deepest ^t the "Solo Piano" evening and coming up with "Clothed Women" which most listeners had never heard -- or heard of. At a second "Solo Piano" concert, showcasing the younger and more modern players, McCoy Tyner played a heavily percussive "In a Sentimental Mood." The festival opened with "The Musical Life of Charlie Parker" and Billy Eckstine, who led the big band in which Parker's be-bop first was developed and presented, sang some of the tunes he recorded during those days. One of those was "Sophisticated Lady." The festival presented a check for $500 to Mercer Ellington, who now leads the Ellington Band, for a fund to keep five beds in Southampton Hospital on Long Island for ailing jazz musicians. Composer Duke Ellington died in May. A»S£*H SfOUSf? C«M We "**Of£SiO*tAL · f«E£ cooi C i" GROWN DCTECTIVE AG£MC jtiCE»iS£OjBO«*O£D . JCASE fcy- eMeri? lady io m/ borne Cafc C*MAN1ON tisaef m»a IP 90 »or toe Summer Iacqva*te4*i*»a r : in Canada acx) 'a sa*re expenses t;red businessman. Reply Sox C-IW EBIS - 60 and atier tors date, -j'., 7, 1974. I will not te responsioie -0' in? debts contracted ey anyone irtner tra: myself. Homer G "Jarfett. O«ic»,- n West Virginia. 25045 EBTS - On and after this da'e. }jV 7 l«4, I will not be responsible for aiy debts contracted Oy anyone other taar myself. Ronai G Lytton, P O Bo* 456 Eleanor, W Va. O8MERLY Joyce Golubic please car Sam in Brooklyn. havesomething^O' y«j HAR'R ELL MEMOR i A t INURSTNG"HOV E 1514 VIRGINIA ST. EAST PHONE 343-7145 _ INSURANCE "".'-. Low Rates All Types Of Insurance Cancelled Auto Insurance Revoked Driver Licenses Reinstated SR22 Filings -- Mobile Humes HAGGERTY INSURANCE SERVICE Phone 744-25%. Day or N.ght OVERWEIGHT? Lose uyly fat with 'I* Diadax plan - Reduce excess fluids *· m Fluidex at /(narmet Pharmacy ATRICIA GAILE cosmetics - Oottie. PO! mer, consultant, 342-0063. THE RENICK FAMILY reunion will beat Droop Mountain Stale Park, or, Saturday July 13th. All RenicK'sfamily ar.d frier.di warmly welcomed. Please bring picnic lunch. _ WANTED glass bottles, old appliances paper and metal ol any type Free PICHMP 342-5260. _ _ " WON A True Poem From Life She could not say a single word, She was just eight months old When Cindy toddled to my arms And oi my hand took hold She placed her head upon my breast.' And sighed quite tenderly, I knew she was a homeless child: She caught my sympathy She simply wore a diaper. For that was all she had-But still her undressed body with Kind radiance was clad. Before. I had not seen this child Whose eyes rolled sad in tears, Within my heart I felt that I Had known this dear for years I could not say a single word. Through mist could scarcely see. But yet her blue eyes shouted, loud How greatly she loved me. From the Book, "Wings Over Sorrow," by Roy West. Copyright, 1973. S-- ANNOUNCEMENTS Singer Charged -Cawd *f Thnats ANGEL, CLAUDE LESTER The Family of Blaude Lester Angel wishe to express their gratitude for the beaut ful floral tributes from the neighbors o Angel Terrace. Mrs. Bessie Angel and Famil 3-Ust nad fond ABORTION INFORMATION F YOU are troubled by a pregnancy problem and would like abortion information -- then call us. Concern Family Planning "A Community Service" 24 Hours A Day - Call 7 Days A week CHICAGO (AP) - A part- time opera singer was arrested Saturday and charged with hiring a man to kill a fellow tenor, apparently over a matter of professional jealousy, police said. Wesley M. Bibro, 37, of Oak Park, and Richard Bly, 30, of Chicago, were charged with conspiracy and solicitation to commit murder. Bibro offered Bly 11,500 to kill Daniel Loftus, 25, police said. "The only thing we can figure out is that Bibro was jealous of Loftus' singing ability," said homicide investigator William Merritt. But Loftus said: "I have only known Bibro since March when we began rehearsals for the fall season. We are both in the supplementary chorus, which is used in operas that require larger choral groups. We were not contending for any operatic role. Bly attempted to hire a third man to do the killing, police said, but the third man instead went to police, who said they then set a .trap for Bibro and Bly. FOUND - Partial Dental Plate. 5 teeth with wires, Postofficedowntown Charleston^ June Bth; Please call 343-4746. LOST - Card case, containing important phone numbers, Quarrier Street. 343-1091. LOST -- On the night of June 23, 3 cherub statues, 24" high were missing from our rose garden on Chesapeake Avenue. Anyone informing us of their present location will receives reward. James P. Live ly, 342-5520. ____________ ABORTIONS, BIRTH CONTROL INFO 8- REFERRAL Up lo 24 weeks, General anesthesia. Vasectomy, tubal ligation also available. Call PCS, 202-2 _8-7995. "ABORTIONS ABORTION INFORMATION Professional Advice Pregnancy Test., CONFIDENTIAL LEGAL SAFE · Voluntary Referral Service 344-9117 - 24 hour service "ABORTIONS The Finest Personalized Medical care available Confidential Help up to 24 weeks A. I C.-9 a.m.-9 p.m. Toll Free 1-500-523-5308 LOST - Reddish part Beagle - female, with Maryland tags, Paint Creek vicinity. Reward. 1-595-3101. __ LOST"- REWARD is offered for information leading to return of aluminum boat missing from Ben Ross farm on Pocs River. Mr. Hissom 343-1239, 984-9336. ABORTIONS 24 Hour Service Assisting 1 to 24 weeks pregnancies: Terminated by licensed physicians. Immediate arrangements will be made, with no hassle. Serving Greater W. Va. Call free I-800-32I-2BJO._ · PREGNANT? . .: And don't want an abortion Call 343-454*. Catholic Charities, office hours: Monday through Friday, 6:00-4:00. · . · LOST - Small brown and white male Beagle, vicinity Sugar Creek, Kanawha Two Vile. Elderly couple's pet. Reward 342J096. LOST: Black male poodle with white chest, white beard. Vicinity of Lock 6 area. Dunbar. (Needs clip) Reward. Answers to "PePPYliyi.5616- L O S f : Blonde Cocker a n s w e r i n g to "Scooter" Big Chimney Area. Two weeks jgo. Child's pel. 9t5-M77, 965-5531. LOST: Bunch of keys on June? at wedding at Church of God on Payne Ave. in Dunbar. Reward. 768-5249. LOST: One female Beagle, one female Norwegian, 2 Beagle puppies. Reward. 3434354k _____ LOST: One year old Irish Setter, red. Answers to "Red". Last seen near Teays Valley Post Office, July 4. 1-562-5447 or 755-7202. LOST: Part Collie, brown with some white. Very friendly family pet. Answers to "Laddie." West side, Edgewood section. Reward. 346-0006. LOST: Small female wire haired dog. White with brown splotches, solid brown floppy ears. Vicinity Dunbar. REWARD. Please call 768-1929. 7--Ctmttiry Utt, Manninanti EXC"EPTloNAL value for your family. Four lots with monument rights. S900. Sunset Memorial Park. Phone 343-1838 after 3 p.m EMPLOYMENT "BLIND BOX" SERVICE An additional charge is niade on all adb oi- ing a Gaiette-Mail "Blind 8o»" 51. Pickup; S2. Mail Service. 8--MisceMweMs Ndp WtdL_ _._ E. Legendary Col. Julian Beckons Past With Modern Day Feats (C) New York Timet Service NEW YORK - Fifty years ago this week, Hubert Fauntleroy Julian, the Black Eagle of Harlem, took off from the Harlem River to the cheers of thousands on what was billed as a flight to Ethiopia. Although he crashed five minutes later in Flushing Bay when a pontoon fell off his seaplane, the stunt established him as a hero in the minds of black people, and he has remained one in folklore. At a time when black men could hold few aspirations, he not only aspired, but did. * * * NOW 77 years old, though he looks half that age, Col. Julian reminisced this week on a career of derring-do during which he has been a pioneer black aviator, stunt parachutist, soldier of fortune and, most recently, international arms dealer. Controversy has surrounded him wherever he has gone, whether commanding Emperor Haile Selassie's air force (the emperor commissioned him a colonel), flying for the Finns against the Russians in IMP or shipping arms to Guatemala or Haiti or the regime of Mois« Tshombe in : Katanga, for which the United Nations expelled him from the Congo. Julian has not flown an airplane in nearly 30 years. B* in an Oxford accent that is sometimes overcome by his West Indian Mrtk, he spoke animatedlj of the into, wten he made Ns MTiMg by pincMh« at OMtimetaAtiMticCitylwastobid Moniif to store, 99 m took the pine vm the water to alow it to Mow me tack. "When I got within a thousand feet of the seashore, then the wind becalmed. I was wearing a full uniform, including boots, you understand. But I'm no Weismuller. I held my parachute in my teeth and divested myself of everything except my shorts. Then my shorts blew off. "You talk about streaking," he said, chortling. "Well, sir, that was the first aerial streak. I could hear the women shrieking. Yes, that was the first aerial streak." Saturday, he made parachute Jamps over Harlem, always with a sponsor, whose predict be woiU advertise, OMC playing the saxophtwe, aad oace laadiag atop the 123rd street police precinct. "The things I would have been able to accomplish had I not been a negro," he lamented. "I wish I would have come into the world looking like my mother, who was English, rather than my father I would not have had to surmount the insurmountable obstacles. "I never thought I would live to see the day when a Mack man would rise to the level of lieutenant general in the United States Air Force. We have negroes now who are flying for airlines, where then they couldn't even wash the planes." Julian and his wife, Essie, celebrated their 47th anniversary a week ago Saturday. They live in a house on Sedgwick Av- eme in the Bronx with a statue of a Mack eagle over the door. The firing room is clattered with memorabilia. Luncheon in the chandeliered dining room is a fow-coirse affair, with cornish hens *ri veal, fo*r vegetables and alSM phwt noir served in cat crystal. A housekeeper, two angora cats and a parrrot nnidoit the Time has not dimmed his spirit or his flesh, but it has expanded his girth and his memory. His recollection of events differ from each other. Consider the flight to Ethiopia. Twenty-five thousand people turned out on July 4,1924, to see him take oft on the first leg. They paid |1 each. Julian says a pontoon was damaged as the plane was pushed into the water, but he could not postpon the flight. Contemporary newspaper accounts do not mention that. Neither does his authorized biography, "The Black Eagle," By John Peer Nugent (Stein and Day, Bantam paper back). WANT AD INFORMATION MANY FEE PAID Sales, mining industry Drug-Sales, car, exp Retail Manager Sales trainee Management Trainee A. C. E. 816 Quarrier ....S20000 ....512000 ..SOP.EN S6000 $5200 344-9841 9--Administrative ASST MGR mech. ability the desire to grow with co. benefits 165001 call Al Lee 344-4031 Snelling Snelling 9--Administrative r SERVICE SUPERVISOR CENTULOmCt [HUTMENT .. I He volunteered to aid the Finns in 1940, was commissioned a captain, but left after four days' service. Jiliaa says his aims basiaess is completely abtveboard, with all sUpmeats approved by the State Department. "Whn they say 'at, 1 they meaa ··," he said. "They have their reasons, and we dw't taetita them." More recent arms beating he will not talk about, preferring to remember his early days in aviation. "I can only close my eyes and live in the past," he said. "I live in those dreams. "I wish my people had given me the recognition and respect I received from the Nordics in this cowtry. "There's one thing. I can go to my grave in peace. To know that I personally got ne- graes their start to aviation. f3o what more do I want for a poor Mack hoy? I've dbed with bags, hnt I've not lost the cooMMn tench." CLASSIFICATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS-1 thru 7 EMPLOYMENT--8 thru 16 INSTRUCTIONS 17,18 MERCHANDISE-19 thru 35 BUSINESS SERVICE-36 LIVESTOCK--37 thrg 40 MOBILE HOMES-41, 42 TRAILERS--42-M2-B REAL EST. SALES--43 thru 52 REAL. EST. RENTAlS-55 tiwu 65 ROOMS FOR RENT 67 THRU 70 FINANCIAL--72 thru 78 AUTOMOTIVE--79 thro 89 DEADLINE FOR WANT ADS MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 8 o.m. to 4 P.M. SATURDAY FOR SUNDAY And MONDAY 9 A.M. TO 1 P.M. CLOSED SUNDAY DEADLINE FOR CANCELLATIONS 4:00 P.M. MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 1 P.M. SATURDAY CLOSED SUNDAY Important after an ad is ordered, it cnnnot be cancelled or changed prior to the fin* insertion. Ttte Charleston Gazette and Daily Moil will accept jour ad over the phone but subject to payment within 7 days after cancellation. Bvvness Service advertisement* accepted an a charge basn only where the advertiser has o phone in nts noivt£. -RATES- Effective Jan. 28, 1974 INDIVIDUALS Minimum--2 Lines--Jl.92 Consecutive Line Days Ruo Rote 1 or 2 days..: 603 Days 54 4 Days 42' 5 Days 36' 6 Days 32' 7 Days 30 (Exceptions: All Business, Employment. Instruction, Rentals, Financial, All Services--See Commercial Rates) Count 5 Words Per tine To figure cost of your ad, count words, divide by 5, multiply by number ol days to run, multiply by rate. COMMERCIAL RATES IN WEST VIRGINIA For All Business, Employment, Instruc lions, Rentals, Financial and Services 1 time 66 line 4 times 60 line 7 times 54 line Above Rates For Consecutive Issues Please Read Your Ad Advertisers should read their advertisements the FIRST DAY THEY APPEAR AND REPORT ERRORS in tine for the next insertion. The Charleston Gazette and Daily Mail are responsible for only the first incorrect insertion and no allowance will be made tor more than incorrect insertion. CASH WITH ORDER Opening for experienced individual, knowledgeable in 76 78 Radio Equip- · ment, 46 Corner, High Speed Data Circuits, STEP Offices, Leich Offices and CLEAX Office plus proven supervisory experience, location-- Romney, West Virginia. Please send resume including salary history and expectations to: Mr. W. Stephens Toler Division Employment Representative EEnCRALTELEPHOne COmPAflV OF THE SOUTHEAST P.O. Box 4338 Bluefield, W. Va. 24701 Aft Equd Opportunity Empl A !-Mtcill«Mtns Help Wld. g-MisceHaneoMi Help For ad ads originating outside Charles- tons loco) telephone service area. Please use the following rate guide to compute the cost of your od. DEADLINE FOR LEGALS. 4:00 P. M. Two days prior to publication for both Gorene * Doily Moil. 4:00 P. M. Friday for Monday Goitttt Dairy Mail. Over 4 cols, by prior agreement. KITAL$4KAli$TATI Mousing purchases, rentals, and leasing violations because of race, creed, color, sex, or ogg, should be reported to the Charleston Human Rights Commission, phone 348-6880 MANAGEMENT TRAINEES WE ARE EXPANDING AND NEED QUALIFIED PEOPLE TO ENTER OUR MANAGEMENT TRAINING PROGRAM Must be able to relocate Excellent starting salary iNumerous fringe benefits HECK'S DISCOUNT STORES 1012 KANAWHA lOUUVAtD I. CHARLESTON, W.VA. POt APfOINTMtNT CONTACT MR.LAMtTNAItAI 9:30 A.M. TO 5 · JA. WIKDATS ·»30 A.M. TO NOON SATURDAY HMW304-344-35S1

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