The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 22, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 22, 1918
Page 4
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IHJB DAILY COUK1EK, CONNBtLSViLUii, MONDAY, JXILT 22, 1918. ' f. SNTDEH. ',; ·'·- i Editor, l»7»-m«.- ; i c»«miK» co»rASY. "'". X.' L.«STbER,' " IXXKS J. BKISCOIXt ?' *5 !?.-' C 5 ' t JOHN I. ' ~ '" VanMrinff : . . WALIWI.* .1 · ' . ' ' · - CUT Editor. · ' · · MIM 1.TKNB ». 'XDJCBIX. . . ;. **rt.t, Editor. .- , .... · ,._ .. JtEUBEBB MT : T ft .« _ _ -^JauMlmSaA^rrttf^. - ...-;*?" ' ti Audit Bureau o* Circulation,. g. ·-:« p*s^ft^w«»i««-?^»*y;r the. bitttrnesi of woe. They ire in -Franct to .prove,' ;a» others with.. them d iptterV that will come "after them U-' p^r^i^KnMnimpAfjjtMi Alref, it/lionofiiB^M^iieaa/'tliBt, 'men' will ,flfeh'it;,,«nd i^£; lighting: : -insteid: ;'of|re the J iiia Jfleaaiiii^teeos -of .;.:s?sTM T ITEXDKV JIM SSfr 1«8. : ;":: WILM-KM P. «K«BitAK; ··· HoMU»M!nlt,.L.. Awtrican E»- : ' piilttomry faion, Franc.... .«A1JH F. HaOEH, ·" Company H. Jl»tl» Inlmlry. , , t," Jt -X .L. Anwrlwn e«edi- v · · · tloaary Porwa, France. -·-· JUCHAKl. aWBNAUXX ,, ""*'" '. HAROLD RICHER ..... , ·Satter*' B, ttlth - Ti.M Artli- l«y. 21th IWwUioB. U..s..!». ...... O.. American Bipedltion- - _ - Forces/ yranee. " Company E. lith _ En«liie«r» (R»Uw»j). Ani«rl«aii Exp«i -. dltionary Force a. TtuAee. .-* " JAMES J. McPABTXAND. --Company.. . : B. - iJrd EnKin«eri. - |taU^ar. Port Benjamin - - - - - Harrison. l»41anap»- r ' ,-lis. .Indiana. ftUSSELi LEKHAHT. If. A S. PrMident'Orant. U. 8. .,-·-.' Nav». ' ' · ·' ' -- · -- - . CABL STEHL*:, 3r« Comoinr.. 1st. BiV«Jlon...ln- ' fantry' Replacement Bri- .. ' 'rirade. Camp"X«, Va.^ ;.--.- ^TIi« AMociate* Press ^ Is "- cltMlYelr entW* to the u» lor republlcatlon of all the newa -41»patcliM- -crcitttt -to r It or riot' ntd-^ai** ·th»-"''-i««»v-. i n**»- :Jw^***^-~-^-! :.-,.; pub- f;-They will iMk tfponfduty.'is Its griin- not-;M.;»· t^c r ;orbardship or daager, bjit as a' glqriou^ : cnaripe to -serve'their country and prove their-iioula/; .To ,midte "ourfceives^Worthy Jot thcvsacr.- -flce\towii^b(^'.s:;t(laLy-'lia.'V(j'-tQ.-inakc. we,j too, 'nfiist" prove, our 'souls/' M'e must! maintain the"Same "ealnf-'couriige'tliey 1 **e/fiowing"in th ^presence ; of. deabi in-tU^viFied lo'rms'ija^ which it comes oh : ,tbii: modern-"battlefield.,-. We must have their faith--th e faith that .moves. them lo-pray, not for personal safety from harm or danger, but for strength j pTbodjv.Tnind and soul ;tp beai* them- .s'elves as .brave men. Tliey-'are iiot weaklings; neither'do they want ns to play the part; ' · ^Depend, on. the boys of Company 6 keep the Huns' toes turning. HOT JU* .;3omewhere the festive Eskimo., is clinging:- pathways through -"the snow, ar-d-.'haoiliiif out the i langrumge weird, wAile-ptillinff iceberjs from his, beard* HJs feet ar« frozen in his shoes, and he ; .hay".chHblRiris' In his , thews, bis* freezing : as it flies, . a n d Icicles'are on his ayen. ; At'aa, his Cata i s ' d a r k - a n d . grim, I sltett jisotne nineteen .tears f o r - h i m . the arc.tlc 1 . storm, and Notice. Adolnlitrator'n Sale of Real; E.tnt*. Jiloyment. Cor benefit -of your .health, or to better, your future, we will give you training to quality and. pay you ·well while learning. We offer ra.ptil dvftc«ment to those who take up our work. Our;- requirements are married men, between 78 and 46 years of .ifre. Apply in " person. F, H, WAKELET; 310 East Cedar avenue, Connellsville, ?a. IfljulyJt; State of Pennsy-lvania, County of Fay make . . . wivt-s and orphans- s'afily t h e fragments in tiie show, and a frightful fate, me thinks: they're gobbled by a wolf or lynx. ' How- thankful - we should be. I wot, that alt of us are smoking h o t t HAVE TOU SOME SELLING ABIL- THE rNTiiEBSlGNED, · ABM1N1S- ity? . I f . y o u are a mechanic, cectric- tralor d, b. n., c.-t a. of the estate Ian, carpenter or other, shop or office j of Elizabeth Barnes, deceased, will worker and should deuire outaide em- offer at public sale on the premises on ^, , -_._ ,_ . Kast Crawford avenue in the' city ot Connellsville, county of Fayette and state of Pennsylvania, on Saturday. 27, A. D. 1918, at 2 o'clock P. M., All that certain piece, - parcel or lot of land in the city of Connellsville, | J county of Fayette and slate of Pennsylvania, bounded and described as I follows, to-\vit: 1 Fronting sixty-six (6C) f e et, r.\ore or less, on the south side of I5ast Crawford avenue, formerly East Main jftreet, in said city, and extending pack sv/uth. preserving: the same w i d t h , ,1 distance of one hundred .sixty-nve (1G5) feet to Church Place, or Church Alley. Bounded on the north by said Crawford avenue; on the south by said Church Alley; on the east by j a private alley;^a.nd on the west by lot No, 94 in the original plan of the town of ConnelJsvlUc. C o n t a i n i n g one- fourth (1/1) ot an acre, more or Jess, and being- known and (K'sipniited as lot No. 86 in the original pian of the town of Connellsville. And being the same piece, parcel or lot of land conveyed to Elizabetii Barnes 'by flood of Samuel W. Boyd, sheriff of Fayette county, dated Sep- · That Avas a jurist-/'jind "patriotic decision Of the," ba*«ba1T mygnatca "to leave .the field c.pen to thft. world series that is being stafred.'in France. It will b'^i.even wiser ixnd.still more patriotic; C6r more of the stars to s*t into the j bis. game whli« the getting Is g-ood. Edgar A. j , Another "stiiasetic .retreat" t f - n o t already in progress. · ts due. ^ h f r " U-bo*t;-visitor Is* becoming .together "top s:*yCy. The-Mount Pleasant hen that laid an ) rer with .th« kaiser's prrffile on it can- ! 'not"!te .'accuail of pro-Ore roan ism. As ) aH-Sfrg-s -are J»id . to be broken the 1 author of this one. Is merely predicting; the certain end ot Bill. :Now that "the 28th Division-is .on the lines it will soon be 23'for the Hun. The" burial of t.l«utenant Qucntin "Roosevelt Trith military hcmors'by the CJfcrmans Is the- first act of decency to their er*dit : since the-.war "began. ·W.ith ; Indianji acting as scouts and Company D back them -up- th» He(ne^ hav* a miphty poor chance of eve^ fleelac- the Rhine asrain, . T?.ie 3J-ers of pistrict. 2 Trill have to go some to those oE District ,5 on making a record for physical fUnesa to become soldiers. ' . HAT* THEM TA1TH Hudson Maxim. In Manufacturers ; . Record. J«arii»d t » - fif ormatibn, i* CoonellsrilU p*rtmat the and more vital' inter - ·e*t. in the war. "The people of Con, UBiontown, Mount Pteisamt, Regiment, c .-·'Jpttg-vbiiWtj' ; ,My opinion is'that, we cannot organization, are- toniitier jinj-^ terms of -peace wlmt- soever with, the German Government »s now constituted.. -Ger- /·jaany must be -licked and Uie .Hobenzollerns -knocked off the ..tlirone before we can eron taJk : peace without o'uiraging 1 our self-respect : The German mitltiry ring must be broken and so shattered' that "it can reunited. -Those ' have beea responsible for .He never saw the trouble; he only a»w the deed. He never thought of dlttanee; hfs mind -was on the need. He nerer reckoned money as a pH»« ·worth clinginB- to; He said Its only value w« the good that It could do. He never stopped to reckon what he'd miss, of joy, to rtay And help a fellow being who was stranded on the way-Never ' paused to -think of pleasures that he'd cherished long and planned; Alt ho saw- waur one In trouble who must have a helping hand. There Memed nothing » Important that lit -wouMn'l turn'aside For the man who nfc*d»d friendship Juid vras really troubIt-tried; He wasn't one to answer. "I hav* somethtng else to do." He thought tils foremost d u t y wiaa to heip it man he knew. Be never saw tha troubl*; h« only saw the deed. , : H* never thought of sacrifice; Ms mind was on th* ne^d; And he had this simple motto, which he followed to the end: "When" the other mo.n'it in trouble, that's the time to be his friend." recorded in th for Fiyette county, Deed Book Vol. 51, tembftr 13, 18,13. ^Recorder's olflce Total !.'-l2.7SiS Pennsylvania, in Daily average- 7,132 P^ffe 411, That the daily circulation by montiic U.pon which la erected a two-story for the year J91S to dato was- as fol- -frame house, containing two storelows: . ' rooms ar.d living: apa.rtments. There 1518 Month. Daily A.V January · J75,96a February 150.1B5 March 170.T22 April J 73.523 May 181.259 Juno 168.723 That the dally circulation by month; for the y«r 1»17 to date wa« aa follow*; 6,507 fi.SGT 6,665 When used ways bring- In Th* results. Dally Courier al- Try them. to b«rl the HBB» back. Irom ' ' i : first · 'annouriced " Courier on the »r «- foUowIag day. bits Scottdale and other towns and:, com- TM nave oeea responsible lor wmittef rf'ttft cofc« region Vhicbj the «Pe'of Belgium and'Fraace; hav* (uraisbtd quot« of -roiiaj; ufd-i lh ° se who l»ve-b|ea respoasible f comp«ii« D mud S. will..oov. be{ . t o r t h e heinous outrages, upoa the tery much concwaed - about the pro^i ° ivillaa Populations overridden by «re» ot tbc.strnccle Chat .is,..being; ..Germany those who 'have been w,«*d in' Wthe£- France, 'These^ · rw^aJWe for breakup -the rules people have not been Indifferent to the: -f f f", acd , usln a Poisonous gas ^i.tio n oa the we-tern front, or .the 1 ia Mii ^ those *** hare b « n Uteit work of prep»r»Mon that ha* ! bi«n mad* to change this siluation j from on* favoring the Germans lo one tt will eliminate tham'jrpm it en-1 tirely. But they h»vj- not- had; until that 6«gree of interest which frpmn intimate?"--''-"---^'" responsible for torptedotng paee- engei 1 vessels and hospital ships, snd for dropping aerial bombs on shore hospitals; those who have been responsible for the killing and maiming of women.' and children hi. London and.Farfs.,sriUi : aer- WANTED -- TOUR BAJtBEUIMO U WANTE15--GENTLEMAN ROOJOSR at ]15 South Sixth street. West Side. Itjulrtl WANTED--HOCSEWOKK BY DAT. Write "WORK," e»r» Courier. JOjulylt* January .. February .'· March April May June July August September Dctober ... November. . Dec«mbel; . Tot»l Month. Dally AV. is also erected .upon said piece, parcel or lot of land a three-story bricfc house, containing one storeroom and living- npartments. ) Terms of Sale:--Tf?n f l O ^ per cent j 6.7.13 ! of Purchase price on rlay of sale, balance of one-third (1-3) ot Ihe purchase price on delivery oj a deed within thirty (30J days from the date of sale, one-third (1-3) in six (6) months .11MI9 -.153,575 ..165,59$ ..154.1S3 . .166,233 ..153.UZ ..155,848 f r n m the date of delivery of deed, and ..157.281 5,s;.| the remalnins one-third (1-3) in one ..ISO.852 5,46a (U yeur from the date of delivery of j 6,534 deed, n-ith the pri^iSeffe to the 5.S57 chaser tn anticipate deferred pay- 5.524 I ments at any time. Said deferred pay- 5,446 j menta to benr Interest at the rate of .143 i six (Ri^f.) p e r cent per annum, and to 6,1331 be secured by bond and mortgage on 6.167 I the prem.-eR, w i t h sixty (60} Jayi 6 , 1 5 » : a c l r e facias clause and wttn insurance 6.11? j clause. JAMES L.. COCHRAN', Admin- 6,234 , istrator cl. b. n.. c. t. a. of the estate j of Elizabeth Barnes, deceased. H. G. ....151.343 5,555 : MAT, Attorney. CHARLES M. FEE. Auctioneer. . 8iuly3t-mon ffj-tbcr -tayeth not.. J. \VYLIE DBISCOUL. J Sworn to and OTJbscribed before me j ttis SOttl-day p('July,'1911. I J. B. KUHTZ. N. P. i Liberty Bonds CASHED IMMEDIATELY At market prices, by licensed brokers. SOS.Penn Bids.. 70R f«nn ar«. Plttflbursr, Pa. Heart 5 A. M. to 6 P. M. L I N O T Y P E . OPERATOR, DAY WOELK; ?25 PER WEEK. APPLY FOREMAN, COURIER OFFICE. On tie 21th day of July, at 2 P. M. o'clock, will offer on the premises »t public sale the entire original building, formerly occupied by H. Kobacker Sons, located at 625-29 Main street, Ml. Pleasant, Pa., consisting of three store rooms, and additional lot directly jn the rear ot L. K. Zuck'e Meat Market, absolutely the best location in the town. )500.00 in cash, or certified check lor that amount will be required from the purchaser, and for the balance, ttirms will be made known before the sale staru. IURBI K01UCKER. C. M. FEE, Auctioneer. WANTED--BOT AND GIRLS OVER 16 yearn CONSELLSVILLE SILK CO., INC. lajutytt "WANTED--MALE STENOGRAPHS/I. Apply at onoe in person to PE.VN POWTSK 1'LANT. i WANTED--MAN TO DO REPAIR work on men's clothes. Apply SHCtj- MAN'S No. 449 North Plttaburff street. : 22julylt at* :'OaKUie' CSfintns are not. -only driT^fiKk from' tb ?larBe'and'dat of PraiVe^" and Be(gi_Jrn. but across' the Rhine^.iri* forced: to acknowledge de- t*»t thtoiighj'inconditional surrender. 'TSo iUKefiiv great may b'e v the ,a- cflievements of a tnan or men in -any , : I'afe of endeavor; . -no matter how ra'rich ' w« . may admire their skill, daring or · ctier (juallilts,,,we cunnot. bring. ourselves " to quite the same' attitude _ toward them that we do in the case o t j persona whom we. know or to whom! vf, are..'ltound. by the ties of kinship j . anfi affection. .For... that reason we of j tflto :»ecUoa will . now .follow .with mitch closer attention and keener in. te^est the developments in the great cctfllct. We will be more eageKjo re- c«¥r« th« very latest news well" aware tbM it may ' brlnis sadness to "min. . accpunts..of.. ,the.-batt!e with, more painstaking care^serking,. each.Jn, our. e*n"vay;' fiTi'rfaij'i* .an* interpret : the mming and import of the different . fwttt »/(*·«»»" «*ct-: lir view aod that """ ·'· mavemjritir ' tiolp ofittiifarji. We*'w^ii-!i£^rtil* c-Awialty'lists ^from tojr.'UrdVir irltb 7 -* certain foreboding that thet_ig«y. j;oijtitn_ th e ^Dam«g..jf thOSe"~wltoW -we'-kntiw well,' or pcr- whom Tre or o.ur closest. (ri4Uiils.»ie bouath* all theTtenderoat ties. Sad, depr053ing and. heart?_ _ r*ill "Be the news tliat will cone tcvnair befof-o.-tre "sh'sl! welcome the boy»' returt,' there, -will be the ;somi«n»»ti»--£*-·«·spiritual exaltation ^n.dt'V *plenih- pride in tie know^ j ifdj»:th*riiioie »So"will fail;to come] bcjc Jd""ni^hare fon'ght "r.obly and died glprtSu»tjv3n ith'eTM.defease of a~ »oly caus«". . \ .· ^".~"-- '...;; kiw "the *\frrfiA'{Coitipany D, lie Sanitary D»UKliment^and ; '»!l oter · amtts Hf: '.' responBible lor breaking the most "' sacred treaties and obligations-- j. have pla'ced themEelTesV^b'eyond ·'·.the.pate and cannot and must not '' bt. bargained with in any peace ·arrangement. ... - Those militaristic bandiU of the hreed of Attilla who cold-blood- edlr 'prepared to plunder the world and enslave mankind, and to that nefarious end planned to violate .'every human obligation and attribute'of..duty, mercy .and decency, are not fit to place their names~to a'peafe "compact beside those of the' heroes who shall, with sacriflee of blood and treasure, save the'wo'rid from their clutches. Anyone proposing peace with · Germany before .Kaiserism shall ^' have been crushed out of exist-:. mce shmild either be interned or · be-placed'in an insane asylunrfor medical treatment. . There is. but one way to peace, and that is the " .way to Berlin. It will be a long, ; hard, expensive, and bloody .road, ,,.'bat It" is;,tbe only, road, 'and^when ': we shall have'.arrived at'the, end. '.'·; of-;that ro'ad. we,, shall have, only ' .a"":1niWu5ate'd,-,'suppliant, ·Kam- "ic-ran-calllng' .ptip'ulace. 'to deal ' '-with',.' and .the terms '·'. which we :'shall, then-, make will not be the terins of any bargain, but merely " terms, imposed by us according ·'to"onr: ideas of justices : Justlct! will make one inexorable .demand on "that -occasion., ' and it ··will be.that ^Germany shall. bear-the. burden ofi. rebuilding and reimbnrsins:.Belgium" and. the. ' dcsoiatea portions! of Northern France in full.:meaEUre. aad Alsace and" -.Lorraine must be restored to-France... . ; . What -other' terms, may. be ;im- pjsefl--w'iljf matter : fir less. 1 .·'· : ' WANTED--EXPEHIENCED GIRL) for general housework. /ii,p!y I n ' forenoon. MBS. W. S. GAD1S. D u n - i bar, ra. ^ 2SJu'y»t j ~w"\XTED--MEN* FOR COXSTRUC-! tion work; 14.00 per day. THE · FOUNDATION CO., Went Penit fowfT, House. 16)uJytfd ] SALES-! Highest: salary lor one that can ftUuHtfy. Ad- j dress ''E,'; care Courier. SOjulytf j WANTED--EXPERIENCED lady for dry goods store. WANTED--TOUNG GIRL FOB OEN- eral · housework, hours' 8 lo 5, good waRerf. dlecp OUL Apply 703 Mulberry street. Scottdale. Pa. ISJulftt . Learn to Dry Food-- Uncle Sam Will Teach You The government publication shown here explains drying of fruitp and vegetables--a method of food conservation doubly important this year. Drying is easy to do, calls for simple equipment, and requires no sugar. Methods tested and proved good fay Government specialists are explained in this bulletin, a copy of which belongs to every American, housewife. · WANTED--CARPENTEHS AND LA- boi-ers. Carpenters' wasea G2y,c p*.r hour; laborers 33c per hour. Apply n the job at Greenhouse Stop. Dim bar. Pa. TANG CONSTKUCT1OK CO. tjuiytfa WANTED--OLD FALSE TEETH, tion't matter if broken. I pay I2.«0 to $15.00 per set. Send by parcel po*t and receive by r e t u r n 'mad. U MAZER. !007 South Fifth street. Philadelphia. Pa. sjuiyzat* WANTED--BY AS OLD E3TAB- Ifshed flrm salesmen and collectors, salary or eommisfflon. Apply 109 Ea»t Crawford avenuft.' ConnellhTjDe"... .Apply between 7 and 8 P. M. ,Ask . f o r MH. KBLCHNBR. 22julyJt WANTED -- BY Railroad Company.' Apply. a.t one* to any asen't for steady employment, brakemen. firemen,, machinists, freight truckers. Employment ieent will be at ticket, office, Connellsvitte',. Btortda'y a f t e r n o o n . . ' ISJuly'lJt* K«*f. FOR RENT--ONE SIX BOOM HOUSE. Call Bell 40S-B. / SjulytJ · FOK RENT--OARAGE. Baat Cedar ' . APPLY JO-i ISjulyBt. TDK BENT--SMALL APARTMENT. C«.ll FIX5BI3NCE S3!CTZ. . JZjulytM FOH RENT--ROOMS FOR . hrusekeepins. Apply- 117 West; Fay- etie . street. . . . . ' . . · : ' 22jiily3t .KOR RE.VT--THHHE :FUB»ISHB.D rc^ms for 'lig-ht ^houaelieeplnff;- -1214 Vine ' street.- . Boll 917. . , 20]uly3t VegetlUe and taut iBeer'-hr-V» -, : 1?OS RENT--SIN6LE ROOit; FOR gentleman, on .'ffeconu floor; '-use' of. porch.- 634" East* CrttWirord. i: ^ · - ' . . ' ' ' . ' · - ' - . . ' . :.22iu!y't£ . will jmf tie beit * p:it _th»t-hard; · into : '' \ FOJl SALE--COWS AND BOGS [Apply CENTRAL HOTEL,.baw.aon. Pa. ': ; · ·. ' ' ,. '···,. '"· ' ' '' . !*]iiljrlot. .' "VpR · SALE^-A i BABY ; GRAND Chevrolet-auto, has not run 4,()0£) miles, [n good 1 , 'condition'."'; Price reasonable! Call Tri-State. phone i««9-Y, or call it -IPS Snya«r.Street i , - - . . 22iulylt . · r sr.S!3H. · FOR ' *q.uipped;.*riih'.,. coal . . f l r » t - : c l » * s \ : ( C 6 n d U i o n . ':'..,Too ' . - preseAt .ii»er :. ; lna»i're.-a -VL;/ ..TTO Connsli«rill«.':Fu;; : r.'J.~''. ':' i»3aatt ' cab; for FARM^HOME DRYING c/" FRUITSA VEGETABLES JOSEPH S. CALOWELU , Offset affforficulfvral end r*A»MERS* BULLETIN 984 United Sm« Department of A^rioiJlturo fentTrlbuiton Irom t r w 5u« Plan) Industry t?ttt,r\ Ta.yfor."ei««f u of ..To get tMis bulifetin, cJip, tUi out, .and seucl this coupon, U. r S, OF i I). C- Please send Farmers' Bulletin 984 to (Name) (Street, or K. F. D; Number) . (City and State) This space Is cdntributed'by TheUiily Courier There is a mid-summer cleaning ,'up sale going on in all of our shoe departments. It is a great shoe bargain opportunity; there are shoes for men, shoes for women, shoes for boys, shoes for children, of all ages, and they 'are real bargains. Naturally in big stocks like our departments carry, we will accumulate some odds and ends, but we never keep them any length of time --clean them up every sixty days, and this is the regular cleaning time. You all know how shoes have advanced in price, and we believe they are going to advance still higher, so even though you do not need these shoes for present use, it would be a good investment to buy them to keep until such time as you will need them. High topped, fancy colors, for women, and misses; .good, hard knock-about shoefc for boys; fancy shoes of all colors fbr children and infants; standard dress shoes and standard work shoes for men and boys^--it is worth investigating. ' ·3 L»rte Department Storm, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties WEAR An Ideal Spot for a Home of your own -- in the coming residence district of Connellsville. Out in the open where there's plenty of fresh air and where the "kiddies" can romp and play to their heart's content. And it's only a 5 minute car ride or a. 15 minute walk from "Brimstone Corner." At Poplar Grove Right now you can buy lots measuring 60x140 feet-quarter acre tracts---at Beautiful Poplar flJCA AA Grove for as low as _ EASY fAYMEJVT GLADLY ARBAXGED. There's city water in front of every lot and the first Standard Public School of Fayette county is just within a stone's throw. Think of it, these lots cost only $80.00 and upward -- even as a matter of speculation they'll prove one of the best investments you've ever made. For full particulars and informatipn write C. B. McCORMICK, Box Ui. , PjU

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