The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 3, 1964 · Page 13
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 13

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, April 3, 1964
Page 13
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r -v j - .... r . .... j t. -.-.V I iit-;,.v,',-..v...' - : ' KEPORTIXG ON THE CONFERENCE ',-" Prime. Minister Pearson reports on the Federal-provincial fiscal conference short- , ly after its conclusion at Quebec City Thursday. Behind him is Premier Robarts. In foreground is Secretary of Slate1 Lamontagne'. ,, ' ,.--.' , ' .'--. ' - ', . . CP-Journ Wir Photo ., onference XJL'EBEC : (CP)-Highlights of the threelay' federal pro vincial conference ended Thursday:, ; ";' Agreement in principle on . "review in depth" by confer-, '. . ence committee into structure ' of f e f r a I and provincial : taxes, in relation" to their re- tponsibilitiesv ' ' ; - V - ' No Increase this "year In t, provincial shareXflf direct taxes:, ' . . . ' Premier Lexaee iiints that stand pat. federal position provincial tax sharing couldN lead to double taxation. ' Threat by Premier Lesage ' of court challenge to new federal plans for student loans and family allowances for students aged It - and 17 If he feels they in-. fringe provincial consti-. tutional rights. NO HURRY-UP APPROVAL NDP Throws Up Question Barrier to block (By The CP) - almost military precision, Arnold Peters (NDP Timiskaming) and Frank Howard (NDP - Skeena) contmuea to iae lumping to their feet Thursday! .. .J Tf (Via nan 'in nignt to waru uii me i""f-of aupple m e n t a r y estimates with a barrage of questions. They also had help from Murdo Vartin (NDP Tim-mlns) as the NDP members fuck" to their promise that they were going to let no estimates through,. Jhe Commons without adequate examination. And any thoughts members had of a long weekend--in lieu of a washfd-out Easter recess-appeared to disappear under the welter of estimates still to Jbe passed. Less than third of them have gone through since Monday, with some of the more major departments such as i defence still to come. Thursday night with the Immigration department and the civil service commission on the firing line, comments ranged from biiingualism to possible copyrights on Indian handicrafts. QUESTIONS PROTECTION The NDP members handed the -government platefuls of problems which, they said, needed some looking lnto.v ' How. asked-Mr. Peter. 4 do Indians p r B t e c t themselves against the importation of facsimiles of their products? , Mr. Howard commented" that there has been a. tendency to run the Indian affairs branch llke,e.milltary detachment and there waS'overly strict rigidity which preventi thai depart- Highlights Federal promise to review provincial objections before implementing these two plans. ; : ' . ... it . : - Only Quebec proposing to "contract out" of federal aid payments for hospital insurance and other shared-cost programs.'. . . Federal offer of added 12-or 13-per-cent share of personal income taxes, in 'compensation for; provinces as; suming full cost of hospital insurance. " Suggestion by Premier Ro barts of possible provincial pension plan In. Ontario which would tiisplace propoed Canada PerKipn Plan of federal governments ":. . x . ' Reaffirmationhy Quebec of its plans to institute pension plan. , - ment from doing anything worthwhile." y As the seaching examination of the estimates continued, one of the ' most spirited contribu r ,u rdm. tnm Conservative Louis-Jos- enh Pigeon, whtf. said that un 'less he got an answer, to a question he'wouk-olock a government' spending Item for "three weeks or month." What he wanted to know(wai whether. English-French bilingual ability in the civil service is going to be rewarded with a bonus, j I - Mr. Pigeon, member for' Jol-ielte - L'Assomption - Montcalm., said that such a bonus had been promised by State Secretary Lamontagne, and he quoted Justice Minister Fav-reau as saying .' the French-speaking section of Ottawa's civil service felt thwarted and frustrated. ' ASK ABOUT CYPRUS The only estimates that drew extensive comments from party leaders -were for fie ' external affairs department, when both Opposition Reader Diefenbaker and NDP Leader Douglas asked for clarification iof the terms of reference for Canadian troops in Cyprus, Mr. Douglas said that unless effortXare started promptly to disarmXclvilfanj In .Cyprus, "there. Is certain to be trouble."' Mr. Douglas spoke as the House completed its' study of external affairs department items in (he $240,000,000 package of supplementary estimates for the fiscal year that ended at mid night 'Tuesday. Declaration by Prime Minister Pearson of intention to go ahead with Canada Pen-. sion- Plan. ; ' ; ' " - Federal proposal for -13-, man ministerial, "tax structure committee " to carry out joint inquiry. , y. Increased range of provin-cial tax resources one "important purpose" of committee review. Further federal-provincial conference expected late this . year, with committee making interim report the"n. V . . .. - . Immediate discussions planned to devise formula for provincial "contracting out" of shared-cost programs. ' : . Coastal provinces "press for Quick settlement of jurisdic-' tional dispute over offshore mineral rights. Fewer thah 100 MPs were in the 265-seat chamber. ' , "Having decided to send tnen, we have a responsibility .. . and we shall keep on insisting that the terms of agreement take cognizance of, these, three points, said Mr. Douglas. ' Crummy Crash The road to Hull was paved with bread this morning. A spectacular accident occurred at 8.30 a m., in wVch a' bakery truck hit a post on the Interprovincial Bridge and dumped its contents all over the north lane on the Hull side. . . The driver. Jean-Pierre La-freniere. 25, of 21 Lambert Street, Hull. told police he lost control of his, vehicle. The box of the truck was detached by the - impact and flew off the truck. body, spilling bread and bakery goods on the slippery snow-covered pavement. I Traffic was held up for almost an hour while' ty tow truck cleared the way. Constable Jean Bertrand investigated the accident. COLDEST APRIL LONDON (Reuters) Shivering Londoners Thursday had theJr coldest . April day-in 40 years. " The "day 'a maximum temperature , was 40 degrees Weathermen had to go4ack4 A It 1AtJ :J .J.L - -told; April dayliere. 'Not a Wake But q Big Sickness' vious Spirit of Pre Special journal Correspondence . QUEBEC If one iwere.-tri 1 . ude the federal,; provincial . conference,' which ended here ; on . Thursday,' by the foiTkal communique, one wou d-conv pletely miss the important fact . in federa' pr'o' relations today.( -.y'. , ' - , ', That a.' s:mpiy, ihiat, in this area nine of the 1.0 fpilovinces. .are moving in'. one.. -direction more or lss Jn coniEert ' w ih the federal government., The tenth provinceQu'ebecA is moving . inexactly the opposite airection. ,i , -BASIC PROBLEM ; X ; 1 How ' these contradictory movements can be reconciled within one nation is one of the basic problems of Confederation' today. .: : ;-. The communique, read by Prime Minister Pearson at a press' conference after the official conference- had risen, said nothing of this tug-of-war. JhiS'is understandable. When Mr. Lesage was asked if he agreed' with, every word, in the communique.- he replied that : he did, and added "it was' very 'carefully written. V The wr .ting of - it certainfy took an unconscionable long time. ".:.'.-. . : It had been anticipated that the conference would end by ' .Thursday . noon. (Some delegates, . including those from Manitoba, left for home over the. noon hour.y But at one o'clock the delegates idjourn-ed for lunch, most of them tight - lipped and non-committal., The prime minister was unusually brusque. NOT A WAKE ..' " A Quebec cabinet minister, when asked if it was de rigeur for deleeates to emerge from such a conference as if .from a wake, shrugged and replied: ."It's not a wake: It is a pretty big sickness, though;" The afternoon turtled by, and it , was. not, until five o'clock that the green Legislative chamber doors swung, open 'to mark the end of the deliberations. ' , . ; It -was! perhaps indicative of the general tenor of the discussions that after the meeting in Ottawa last November there was one press conference. wit4 Mr, Pearson flanked by Mr. Robarts and Mr. Lesage. while on Thursday there, were three separate press conferences. As a result, the spirit that marked the November press " conference was notably lacking -in Quebec. ' Mr. Pearson presided at the first, with Mr. Rohats on his left, byt merely as an onlooker. Mr. Robarts had his own press conference after the prime minister had left. Then, as Mr. Robarts rose from behind the microphones and left the room, Mr. Lesage entered and it was Quebec's turn. FEATHER IN CAP Mr. Pearson read the official communique, ihe main item of news in it being the establishment of a "tax structure committee" to examine in depth the nature and extent of federal and provincial- taxes in relation to the financial responsibilities of Ottawa and the provinces. This is quite a feather in the cap of Mr. Robhn of Manitoba, for he w'airthe first to propose such a study: . Mr. Robarts added little to the discussion other than to say that bis thinking in the Canada Pension Plan had not changed, he flad high hopes for the tax committee, his province was not thinking of contracting out of any of the shared - cost programs, and he believed that where a province did withdraw from such a program, it should be required to maintain certain minimum standards of service. . ' o .;' i. .' .:- '': Mr. Lesage's press conference was conducted.' in it's opening stages, entirely in French, but it later assumed, a more bilingual aspect. He issued a communique of his own (in French, followed by an English translation). It repeated and reinforced what Quebec-said in its submission to the conference and what Mr, Lesage has said in -the past about Quebec's attitude. PENSION PLAN One of the major Items on the conference agenda was the-Canada Pension Plan. Here, Quebec ,is out. The province will operate a pension plan of its' ow n a .plan which gained quite -ft bit of approval from some delegates, the other provinces will participate in the national scheme, with the possible" exception of Ontario, which fiat not yet made up its mind, . tacking The iecond main item on the agenda, was the question of t Jjrovines which wish to "contract out','.; of , jami programs ' . whose costs .a re now shared .- by.Qtiawa and the provinces! v Broadiy speaking any'prov. ' ir j Wishing to (Withdraw jrom1-one of these schemes so that it "cou!d operate 'it. bv 'itself,'' would be permitted an ap5" '.' propri'ate.' increase- irl, its share J of tax revenues' to permit it-1 ' to finance us on operation. '. But only oneprovince-Que-r-bec has shown any interest in contracting oijt of any joint 'Kftemes'."; :.: , : U i,.LL '" , i-.Qiiebec wants to operate its own : hospital insurance, ' un-., - employment assistance, disability 'and blind allowances... . Winter works.' old age assist-v ance, and other schemes now . . joint responsibilities. ; , . On the other hand, some 'provinces, Manitoba apd British ' Columbia among - ,thm, would like to see' hospital .'in- ' surance' expanded 'and -extend-, ed as a shared cost program. No' province, other tTian: Quebec evinced the sl.ghiest de-. sire to opt out of any joint . program. .-.', BENEFITS QUEBEC - So., any 'accommodation'. , made by Ottawa m this re-, gard (and negotiations a re. to ! ; start right1 away): while theo.' : retically for'the benefit of all provinces is.' practically, for , the benefit of Quebec only, . Two new items were 0:- tawa's proposal to extend family allowances to I6and7-V , year-- .olds attending h i g h. school, and to make interest-free" loans to . university students. Again no objections were forthcoming except from Quebec. - . y" V. . v . Mr., Lesage in his communique said the univers.ty. Joans : proposal jhould be "thought out again from" beginning to end". because Quebec feels it infringes on provincial re-sponsibrHty for education. "And he said, if "the family allowances (which he calls school ' allowances) measure is put through, he . will contest the legislation in the couris, un-' less Ottawa hands-over to him the $15,000,000 that the federal government would pay , but in the course of a year If the allowances were going .- to young Quebecers. SEE EYE TO EVE In one broad area Mr, Le- sage and the other nine-premiers see eye to eye They all want a greater share of ,' tax revenues from Ottawa. . But while some provinces , made the customary request (more a matter of form than anything else), (Mrv Lesage took a very tough-sounding stand: "We do not believe that Quebec can wait any longer for steps to be taken in order to satisfy in a. very MLS Sales Jump 42 Per Cent , President John Fraser of the Ottawa Real Estate Board Said today that multiple list Ing service sales irt March amounted to "$1,820,000 or a 42 per cent increase over sales in March, 1963. - , - Multiple listing service sales for the first three months of 1964 totalled $4,576,000 which represented 25 per cent in crease over me same pertoa last year . I Mr. Fraser pointed out that six per cent more properties have been listed on the multiple listing service. He thought this augured well for a con tinued increase in. aalea during the coming months. j Time Magazine Hikes price MONTREAL (tP) - JTime Magazine has .increased Its newsstand price in Canada to 35 from 30 cents effective with the current issue. The' subscription rate of the weekly newsmagazine has gone up to $9 from $8 a yeareffec-tive April I, a spokesman said today. . ' - . CAMEL PROBLEM ROME (AP) The Rome zoo has agreed to take a couple of camels - of f Anita Ekberg's hands. A Tunisian admirerscnt the 'young camels to the actress as a gift recently. But Miss EkberglLhaj jno room in. her Rome i. residence ' for the ani mals, and appealed to bt zoo,' for help. . tangible wayithe' requests, which we have formulated one . year' ago' (which was for 25 per cent of persona!,, income taxes. 25 per cent of ciirpoia-tion f laxes, 100 "per cent of succession duties);" ' 1 ' . . 'r1 As Nfr. ' Lesage sees it, his attitude js '.entifelyjiJ(g-ca': ,'. l wan: the rights of -Quebec "to be preserved,? he:ia;d.' . QUEBEC WU-Text t, Communique issued ' fry the F.t d era Uprovincial Conference Thursday at the end of its three-day meeting':. The governments of Canada and of the 10 provinces of Canada met in Quebec City from March 31 to April 2, 1964. In the spiTit of co-opera-' Iron which had marked th'eir last Meeting in November," .1983, they continued the" dis-" of problems of "com--" mon tnteres't. -I ; ' . ; .The subjects examined Included shared-cost programs, and conditional grants, - and the rlation tf these to fiscal arrangements'There was also an exchange of views oh other, aspects of fiscal relations... "' The -federal government out-'I lined ., its proposals Jor loans-, to univef;ty students,'' which were examined at 'some length: There was also discussion' of the effects of the extension of - the federal' program of family allowances to cover children" aged U and 17 who ; are students. ' Befpre taking action bh the federal proposals, the views expressed by provincial governments will be considered. . DISCUSS PENSIONS r ! - The federal proposals for the Canada Pension. PJan were further discussed. The government of Quebec indicated that its proposed plan would be one which could pro-, vide portability of benefits . with ' the Canada . Pension Plan, and . there was general agreement to ensure the widest possible pension coverage for Canadians: '; Future I l a i s o n arrange ments were discussed.-: to- Rether wjth , calendar for federal-provincial meetings of various kinds during 19641 Other subjects were: The possibility of extending, the hospital insurance program to cover mental health and tuberculosis; the Canadian 1967 World Exhibition, in which all provinces indicated their intention to participate; . reciprocal arrangements regarding the ' taxation of government departments and agencies; submarine mineral rights;, the proposals- of some provinces for further federal assistance to highway construction and the' problem of the distribution of hate", literature. It was agreed that the fed-- ral government should immediately enter intodetailed, discussions with provincial governments concerning con-tracting-out arrangements for sha red-cost ' programs. Such negotiations would apply to programs which are of a permanent nature and wTtich involve fairly regular, annual expenditures.' The , federal ' government suggested, a n d -provincial governments agreed, that there should be a joint review of the nature and extent of federal and provincial taxes in relation to the financial re-" Bill Wilson Heads-New Pembroke Cliib ' i The Pembroke 4 H Dairy Calf Club was organized Wednesday, with Bill Wilson of Greenwood elected first president. Other" officers of : the club. sponsored by the Pembroke Kiwanis Club, are Beatty Mc Gonegal of Pembroke, vice president; 'Bre.nda. O'Brien of Westmeath. secretary-treasurer; Ricky Kenny of Pembrpk, publicity, and Harry WiLson and Carl Fletcher of . Greenwood, leaders. HELL AT 10 A.M. DALLAS (UP1) -Notice on the bulletin of the Royal Haven Baptist Church: "Sunday school will be hell at 10 m."- f. - " " r . .- Gbhferiice in uebc I , "Quebec js not asking' for any-special' treatment in its favor. We wantthe same fhings; as the other prpvinces. but e want it as we in- terpret the '-constitution.",. '- -"Last November" w:hn the federal..- provincial coriferente ( ised..-Mr, R'nibarts prono'uhTr" ed; "Tough -o'd' C anada iS go- - ng to survive," sponsibilities which, nowadays -have to be carried by" federal and provincial governments. . This should be a review in -depth,, but it ought to be undertaken promptly. SET UP COMMITTEE 'An furtherance ot this agreement.' the conference gave ' consideration to a proposal ,to establish at'once a "tax structure committee.'' which- wtmld work under the auspices of the federal-provincial confer-; ' ence, .-. I This' committee would consist o( one minister from each :, provincial government and three ministers from the government of Xana'da: wouldbave expert assist-ance .and would be -charged to deliver ' an rriterim report before the end -of the current . year. This . interim report would be reviewed at a further-federal-provincial confer- ence. " ' "; ; .' . . The committee would be expected to produce a definitive ' By CORD "SAMAAi tAAAAiUa asAsai At the.Ci.ose of th.s week's : meeting. Njc" Lesage ais;ask-ed for his, vieft-v-on any effects ;he mee:ing?1n:ght nave had on confederation. . . H.j. answer was: '.'Con'ed-, eraiion was. neuher rejiforti nor wa-;t brnken." ' - Nobiidyrfiought to ask h it-rf as bent apy worse than be for report by -a fairlyearly date) in. 1965. J It was agreed that an iny'-portant purpose of this review " would be to increase t'he range of lax resources available to the provinces, in order to meet their increasing. re:v spofisibila es for education , and other services. I , A joint review of the tax , structure is not to prejudice the early solution of the ur- gent financial problems con--, fronting the provincial and . federal governments. This wrrt require mutual accommodation to reconcile their ex--penditure and revenue requirements. '-... All; parrtcipants in the conference agreed that their efforts must be directed to-ftnd-- ing mutually aatisfactory fiscal arrangements to ensure the continued strength of both federaf and provincial governments, working together- in the interests of a prosperous and united Canada. LOME! C I VI c HOSPITAL" WORKSHOP, '. BANK AND SPARKS: Defence Department Bonarc engineer Frank Fitcbback frorn"' a three-month 'course at Biloxl, Miss . . . Kim Mahood, the former exercise gal on CJOH visiting family and friends in town. She's now" doing' freelance TV work in Toronto . . . Maurice Allard, onetime member of Parliament for Sherbrooke, has been named executive assistant to Leon Baker, the Tory Quebec lieutenant . . . Cliff (Light Bulbs) Ross back from a golfing ex- ' pedition to the sunny South . . . Skier Art Tommy a Civic Hospital patient . . . Paul Champagne, assistant research director at Tory headquarters here off to Saskatoon on loan to the Saskatchewan' party organization until the April 22 provincial elections. t ' ..'"' - ' SPRING CLEANING? Doing your Spring cleaning this weekend? Well,. in case you - ......... .. haven't gotten around to it yet, you can be of considerable service to the ' community apd to some people in need 'of a special kind of help.; The need' is for old dolls, and for broken metal and wooden toys. Purpose is to stock the occupational 'therapy workshop at Clvie Hospital where people overcoming various illnesses are occupied . repairing them. The repaired toys then go to- the Welfare Bureaus Christmas Toy Shop from '.which they'll be distributed to' needy families rjexf Cftriftmas. . .Last year the bureau handed out some thing like '7.000 toys to the needy. At the moment there just aren't enough toys needing repair to keep the Civic .patients - busy in the large workshop, says Joyce Dun- 'MM m ' r UPTOWN AND DOWN: Plans for the new building supplies shopping plaza "Showcase Canada" Will . be un- ' veiled at a press conference at the Chateau Tuesday. The information and design centre and building" products mart is expected to go up on the Queehsway East shortly. It will be one of five such centres across the country . . . ; There has been much speculation about the identity of an airplane on the new Canadian seven-cent airmail stamp. Doug Allen of the Royal Bank nraiU ,lo -inform us that the plane Is an exact replica of the new De Havilland "Trident" (sounds like a toothpaste) that went into service Wednesday between London1 and Zurich. Thanks Doug,. . . . You've been wondering about those billboard signs pleading to let. junior skip his bath tonight? Well, Vic Henry, assistant manager of the billboard outfit, explains that they were put iip only as teasers ."to get people to look at billboards. ' , ."'.' --'- ' . ' .'"- - ; -'. , DID t YOU KNOW ... That the weather of the last few days has created near perfect skiing conditions at Edelweiss. Former, innkeeper Tom Bowie, who spent a couple of afternoons there this week reports "the best . skiing of the. season." Andy Tommy confirms that con ditions are ideal, with not a bare spot on the hills . . . That the 17 Hull' Police Department motor -vehicles tra-v yelled something like 345,000 milea during, 1963 roughly . the equivalent of, 14 times around the world , . ..That .with taik of the merger of the armed services, Air Force" scuttle- -butt, has it that the new unified force wilt be called "Royal Canadian Armed Forces" RCAF f . . That ther wa a -$2,000 fire; reported in. The Journal yesterday, that was believed to have started frorn the "sparks from aw elding operation. It figures. This-is National 'Welding Products Month, as reported yesterday in Below the -ffill! 7-

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