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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, March 17, 1930
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Ll clSt Hfl dition O0I1 1 rice fcr Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region. VOL. 28, NO. 107. Tlic M'rckly Ci»irl*r f Founded J u l y 17, 1S7I). The Iiatly I'lftirlrr, Founded November 10, 1002. J u l y IS, 31128, CONNBLLSVIL.LE, PA., MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 17, 1930. TWELVE PAGES. COUNTY-WIDE CAMPAIGN IS LAUNCHED AGAINST CLEARING HOUSE POOL ®- Oistriet Attorney A d a m s Leads In Person I n i t i a l Raid In Uniontown. WINNERS NOT j ALWAYS PAID i Now in the Race Special to The Courier. CNIONTOWX. Miiri-h 17. --District. A t t o r n e y ,1. B. A d a m s announced this m o r n i n g a c o u n t y - w i d e campaign against t h o clcarim: hous-c pool spec- i u l a t i o n w h i c h ho f.aid is n e t t i n g I t h o u s a n d s ot dollars in Ksiyotte conn- I t y . I Tho cii .··strict attorney icH in porson ; ;t raid on a r o o m i n g houso a n d retaii- i rant. in South street. S a t u r d a y ; i f t e r - ncon. v c M i l t i n c : in tho arrest of J o h n \V. Rowling mul M«rri« O a p l a n . both of Now Jersey. accusod of 'ti-?l»g principal iigeirts in F n y p t t e c o u n t y . Pclfl Parker. ;i noKi-o. was arrested also on a charge of beins; i sub-agent. HowlitiH and (.'apian letng h e l d in the c o u n t y j a i l in default, of $1,500 hail on charges of g a m b l i n g and con- ducUng i lottery. Parkt-r vvaa released on ?Ti(JO bond. I n discussing the Hoiir'nff house pools, t h o d i s t r i c t a t t o r n e y said: ···\V« seized the b a n k books of the operator.! along w i t h a number of pads, KtiibK and other p a r a p h e r n a l i a and from the bunk books we- learned t h e enormity of transactions hereabout*. Non^ of t h o deposits was less t h a n $400 mid $500 daily and often they wevo much more. The district attorney's office Is anxious to got In t o u c h w i t h somo ot the unfortunates who bou. sch t those policies. The buyers w i l l receive entire I m m u n i t y from prosecution and wo will treat, with confidence any Information we receive on The * natter. We aro anxious to sot a l i n o on the various selterii in the county. There must be hundreds of them." Ftowliiis and Caplnn, according to County 1 "elective A. A. Downing, came- to Union town recently from Cumberland, M'l. County authorities By U n i t e d Press, HARRIS BURG, March 17 -- Miss Sarah Phoobe D u n n of Connollsvillo was appointed today by Governor that'there are two major pools being] John S. Ftehor to serve as a member operated in Faywtte county, one w i t h of the Fayotte County Mother; Assist- said J A M K S J. II AT IS. Candidacy of Secretary of Lj'bor for Republican n o m i n a t i o n for g vernor- sshtp f o r m i i l l y announced yf-sti rday in Pittsburs- Miss Phoebe Dunn Appointed Member Of Mothers 7 Board headquarters in the Kast and another iu Pittsburg. '"We h;i« Information," sai'd the district attorney, "that if players hit the lucky number they aro paid off only sometimes, These persons who have won prl/.e money but have not been paid aro especially re-anested. to come into my office." , DRY PERSONNEL IS IMPROVING, SENATORS TOLD BYJTOERSHAM By Unitocl Tress. WASHINGTON, March 17. -- The Law Enforcement Commission has found that the Federal personnel in. tho prohibition service 1* improving, .'· Chairman Wicket-sham told the Senate Judiciary Comniitteo today in a secret sossion. Wickersham told the senators, are discussing a plan to i ivo.'. tho enforcement u n i t , he .r.iw son why ConBross should not gate if it desires. Those senators who are ing the Norris resolution for q u i r y accepted Wickersham's who sate no rea- investi- sponsor- the- in- siale- ment as an endorsement of ;he resolution 1'Ut those who ore oyiJOPinK tho i n q u i r y interproicd -11 to inoun no i n q u i r y was necessary. UurliiK a brief recess Wickorsham save n e w s p a p e r m e n the first i;Hcr- viow he has given sinct- ho ))(.'came head ol the commission eight m o n t h s ago. In this i n t e r v i e w he reveled his cxi'ictiition that, it w o u l d vwn'.tie n u o t h o r year tor the commission TO rompleU- Its work. ance Board. She succeeds Mrs. Ora P. Ch ck, \vlio resigned. ARIZONA NEGRESS TESTIFIES IRENE ADMITTED SHOOTING By U n i t e d Pre^s. N K \ V CASTLE, March 17.-- \ negro woman who was held la Maricopa, Ari7.., c o u n t y jail w i t h Irene Sc'hroc- der after the latter's c a p t u r e near Phoenix, testified today i n Mrs. Schroeder's trial on a charge of killing Corporal Brady Pans, highway policeman, that the formes- V.'heeling waitress tolcj .her of shooting Paul to save the lit'es of Glenn Da;;ue, her lover. Mrs. Mattic- Jackson of PhO'-nix, the negress, told of her conversat.on with Mrs. Hchroeder u n d e r direct ( xainina- tion by Special Prosecutor Margiotti. "[ knew he was going Io shoot Dague so t shot him first." M i s . Jackson quoted Mrs. Schroeder u^ saying. H. KILLED AUTO TURNS TURTLE Loral Baltimore Ohio KIre- man I'or 16 Years Meets . · Death Near York H u n . i ^ I OTHERS IN I PARTY HURT Allen H a r r y G:-nvcr, 37 years old of 2HO North Meadow lane, was injured f a t a l l y in an automobile accident Sunday night on tho Morgantown road near the York Run intersection. Mr. G r u v e r was for 16 years a fireman "on the Connellsvitlp Division ; the Baltimore Ohio Railroad. He had been l i v i n g in Oonnellsville for more t h a n 10 yearn. Mr. Ornver was killed and members of the Walter Hittie f a m i l y ot near Smithflek! injureti when tho m a c h i n e in w h i c h they were r i d i n g leCt. the h i g h w a y south of the York Run i n t e r section on the Morganto-wn road at ! about 6:20 o'clock Sunday evening. j It Is believed that, a f t e r his a u t o mobile loft the h i g h w a y Mr. Oruver at- temntfid to regain the concrete and in so d o i n g caused his automobile to t u r n t u r t l e . The car, according to reports, rolled over several times Ijeforo finally corning to a stop. Several occupants of the automobile. were t h r o w n from the h u r t l i n g machine. Passing motorluta rushed the i n j u r ed to the U n l o t i t o w n Hospital where O r u v e r died two hours later, suffering from severe i n t e r n a l injuries. In ad-(!l- t!on to Oruver nnd mombers of the H l t t i c f a m i l y the automobile was transporting thrre Now /ealand Red rabbits, one of w h i c h was found dead from three f r a c t u r e d ribs. Mr. Gruver Wita taking the Hittio f a m i l y to their home near SmUhneld at the l i m e of the accident. One report ia that the f r o n t wheels of tho a u t o m o b i l e locked and caused the ;ic- cident. Stale Highway patrolmen wore on t h n scone shortly after tho accident. Mr. O r u v e r waa born nt Smitltfield, llis son of Mr. and Mrs. Wtilte-r A. tinner, who survive together w i t h two brothers, Clarence W. Gruver, of 510 Johnson avenue and Harold O r u v e r of Ijock Haven, w o r k i n g on the Norm.ul- vlllo-Indiiin Head road. A daughter, Frefda, also survives. The body waa removed to the homo of his uncle, 1. C. Button, on the Sniithfleld-Kuble road, where tho services are to be conducted, at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Interment in the Baptist. Cemetery in Smithfield. The f a t h e r of the dead man, Walter A. Grtiver, was for Homo lime (he Smithneld correspondent for The Courier. learner GOVERNOR SIGNS CAPONE'S RELEASE Uy U n i t e d I'rctj! HARiilSlH/KG, March nor John H. Fisher today n i R n a t u r e to the papers rol-caso A l f o n s o (Scarfaci- IT. --Gover- afOxed hl« w h i c h w i l l AM Ciipono Charles Kline, i i ' e n i t e n t i u r y a t ! iind his hodyKtuird, from the Kast or n rMiiladcMihia. The C-tivornor atSixed las io the i';iper,-i at l l : l i i A. M., s h o r t l y ut'ter !ie arrival at h w office for the lirst t i m e in moro t h a n t h r e e weeks. Th«» papor*! wt-rc- w a i t i n g on tho desk w h e n (he (lov^rnor a r r i v e d . RECREATION BODY OF TRADE BOARD WILL MEET THIS EVENING A m e e t i n g (if tlw recreati : 'ii committee of Ohe Board, of Trade w i l l be held this evening in the ofllc s in the First National H u n k Building. It is the first gathering of I n i s newly appointed g r o u p and with i h e coming of the s u m m e r m o n t h s th" .matter of providing some sort of recreational facilities for the children, .xnd the older folk as well, w i l l be considered. Bola B, Smith is -chairman of tho group. Others are Mayor II. D. Mlnerd, J. Hall Spear, Rev. E. H. Stevens, C. R. H o w a r d , Lyell L. But- terrnore, t'. C, Kent, J. T South, K e n n e t h A. Re-id and J o h n '!'. Foley. MRS. MARGARET BURNS INJURED BY AUTO Mrs. Margaret Burns ot Logans Crossing, Dun bar township, i* in the Connellsville State H o s p i t a l , suffering w i t h i n j u r i e s received when . s t r u c k by :m automobile d r i v e n !iy I t w a s enounce-,! «t I L e Governor'* j ost ,,,|, . J a w a r s k l of LoisiMirlng VBS- tcnlay. U has ho i! u d e t e r m i n e d tin ri» !:.; no f r a c t u r n -lit Iliti .skull b u t vhc hua hictM'atloius and Is s u H e r i ' i g f r o m shark. '_""^'~__' -1~"^_,,,,_ .I""''"""'''"""" ! _ _ . _ " T _ . . * " " ' " ' ' ' ' " " - ' '""I-"'".? tro} ed by Fire ian Harbor; Fate Of 34 Passengers Unknown Uy U n t i e d Press. LA D O R A D O . Colombia, M a r c h 17.-- Thfi Bteamer Buearamansu. wa« destroyed by lir-c In the port today. The vessel carried ;i 1 passeiiRers, who were asleep when tho fire started. Tho e x t e n t of tho loss ol* l i f e was not k n o w n . The c a p t a i n v o l u n t a r i l y per- iehod w i t h hit, s h i p . The fire started j u s t before d u w n . The ship went, down at its anchorage in tho Magdalena River off this port. The 1 fire spread 'o r a p i d l y t h a t tlie Joseph T. Kelly Dies at Cumberland From Heart Attack otllce u f«w m i n u t e r a f t e r h« luul signed t i n 1 papfiv I hat tho document wlik-li u i f i n s freedom to the Chicago Rankle;' w i l l bo inaiUsl spt-uial delivery t . x i n y . I'mier ti; 6 prot'tsdure, U is d o u b t f u l , it was tf;ul whe-thor t h e papers A'ill reach tho prison in t i m e : for Cui out 1 - to bo rolwisod Into to-1 ni^ht or early tomorrow. Th Governor had no r-M.-otirse. even had ho -·" i'cKirtvl, e-x:ip'. io isi^n the papers, it w;is saiil. t ' t v l e r tht Suitf la\v ,i ri,-,onor s a t i o v c d ^i miu-h j tlnif oft his .M'litciif:- f i ' r uuoit ho- h w v i o r ;''"! '·' '" m a n d a ' u r y t h a t i.hc sign tin 1 pajici.- Britain Suspends Submarine Program By U n i t e d Press. LONDON. March 17.--Albert V. Alexander, first lord of the a d m i r a l t y , a n n o u n c e d in tho House ot Commons today that, the government hud decided to suspend its submarine program temporarily. Alexander made hist statement in introducing the naval estimate. He called attention to the fact that, this year's estimate of 51,739,000 pounds sterling was 4.-120,000 pounds below mail, lie said the figures however did not reflect die real amount of saving because it was the net a m o u n t achieved in the face of new commit- m e n t w h i c h it hud been impossible to avoid. UNION FARMERS CLUB HEARS DISCUSSION ABOUT MISTAKES A l l infctubetYi of the Union Farm- era Club of Fayette County but two were present at the March mco'.iim held Saturday at the homo of Mr. said Mrs. W. fl. Bryson, near I^clsenrinK No. 2. Their aides were Mr. ami Mrs. W. C. Van Swearlngen, The goneral topic for diacurfftion was "The Farmer's Mistakes." Subtopics were " W h y Do We Mtikr- Them?" S. P. J u n k ; "How Can We Guard Against Them?" S. A. Harris. Readings were given by Mrs. Acl.i Bryaon, ICarl Harris, Mrs. Eva Adam3 and Rev. S. TJ. Johnson. At noon dinner was served by Mrs. Bryson and Mrs. VanSwoariugcn. The next meeting w i l l bo held Saturday, April 19, in the homo of Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Dunn, near Flat woods. They will bo assisted by S. P. J u n k . BOARD OF TRAiDE ELECTION BEGINS !»!·}· Aifi'iit Subpoenaed. r.XlO.XTOWN, M a r c h 17.--When ho failed to a p p e a r as a w i t t r - u s in a liquor case, it bench w u r r a i r for tho upprcheii.-iion of M. K. lowno -. former iirohihiiou .isiuit, who now u .special ;l{U-cr ;it R o t i i s Field, M c ! e f h p i f t . «'it. jssucrl. Dinvncy was Kii : ipoeniic-d iu ib? case of l-'lurence C l i i n n of South I j Balloting in tlie '.'.primary" elect/km ! for directors of the Broad of Trade began toduy. Blanks toy voting were placed in the matt on Saturday a n d .some of them had already been returned to the oflice of Secretary J. 1C. Bluke this afternoon. Voting will be conducted t h r o u g h t h i n week and on March 28 a meeting of t h e combine'! membership of lhr body w i l l he h e l d at the K i w a n i s C l u b rooms for t h e purpose of Haled ing directors J'rom the 14 nominated. Illness* which had its inccpllon d u r i n g service in the W o r l d War caused the death at Cumberland, Mrl., Sunday morn Ing of Joseph T. K e l l y , :!,'! yours old, who for about a year and a half was a d v e r t i s i n g m a n a g e r fur I h e C o n n o l l H v l l l e N'ew/t. Death wan caused by heart disease and cc u r r e d nt tho A l l o g a n y Hospital. For a n u m b e r of montlw h? hud been employed In the a d v e r t i s i n g d e p a r t ' n c n t of tho C u m b e r l a n d News. Mr. K e l l y was a Bon of Mr. and Mrs. Kdward K e l l y of ( M a r k s b u r g , \V. Vn., and formerly W:IR nmpioyo.d on the Clarksburg Telugram, corning from t h a t city to ConnelUvlHe. He Is survived by his wife, formerly Miss Marie Carney of C 1-Jrksburg, and three c h i l d r e n , .loan, 'Mary l l e n e and Barbara Gene, the baby. Ho was a brother of J o h n C, Kelly, connected with the National Biscuit Company, Cumberland, and loaves also two brothers, K d w a r d , Jr., and Thoman, of Clarksburg, and two sisters, Miss W i n i f r e d of Clarksburg, and Bister Lucia, of the St. Joseph O r d e r , Wheel- Ing, W. Va. The remains were taken lo Clarksburg, Tho f u n e r a l w i l l bo Tuesday morn-Ing nt tho C h u r c h of thi» Imm a c u l a t e Conception. Clarksburg, whore mass w i l l be said at ! o'clock. I n t e r m e n t will bo in the f a m i l y lot at, darks-burg. DAVIS FORMALLY ENTERS CONTEST FOR U. S. SENATOR .Secretary of Labor Will Oppose Joseph II. »nmly nt The Primary. CAMPAIGN WILL BE SPIRITED By U n i t e d Prcsc. PITTSBURG, March 17.--With formal announcement of the candidacy of Secretary o[ Labor .lamen J. Davia for tho Republican nomination for United States senator, opposing forces of the Republican party were reported today ready for it bitter campaign which will not one. u n t i l the May primary when United States senator, governor and candidates for other major offices will be named. Preliminary s k i r m i s h i n g ende'd yesterday when Secretary Davits announced his candidacy. The fight for the Republican nomination will be between Davis and ,'fose-ph R. G r u n c y , incuitvbcnt, who was appointed by Governor Fisher to replace William H. \are. D«vJ6 did not offer a complete platform in his announcement but said he would adhere to a protective tariff policy, reiterated h i j support of restricted immigration and that he had "worked earnestly:for welfare legislation for the betii'flt of man, woman and child." DR. FOSSELMAN HAS CAST REMOVED Or. D. C. Foeselman of South Pittsburg street, who Buffered a fracture of the third vertelirn in a fall, re- .turned home Saturday from Pittflhurg, where he had the cast, removed. He wan" able to return to his office today. Dr. Fostselmun fell three .and a hall' months ago when he was leaving the OomiellsvUle State Hospital. The Weather Cloudy and colder tonight and Tuesday Avilh light rain tonight atijd possibly iu south portion Tuesday is the noon weather forecast - f o r Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Korn'rd. -;h p 'began to go down before help co ild a r r i v e from shore. The captain re used to save himself, remaining at ard, diroc-tinji efforts to extinguish th ! fir-n. When he saw that, the vessel w s doomed, 1m locked himself in a cn-jln and w e n t down with the vesael. The stcam-or arrived here Sunday at 11 P. M., from B a r u n q u i l l a on the c .let. The (Ire was discovered iu the bow ni 4 A. M. today. JUDGE N. T. BOOSE OF SOMERSET WILL SIT IN UNIOrfTOWN D e g i n n i n g ' Tomorrow Morning Four Jurists Will Occupy Fiiyette Bench. JUDGE MORROW ON CIVIL CASES Special to Tiia Courier. March 17.--Begin- n UK tomorrow morning: four judgros v ill occupy tho Fayette county bench. Judgo Norman T. Boose ot Somerset c ninty has been invited to come here t« help out tho three Kayette county j risUj in order to clear tho congested r imlnal calendar. Judgo S. John J orrow will continue to sit in civil c ises and Judge Boose will he ass gTiod to one of tho criminal rooms. The present orphans court room is t- t i n g prepared for jury trial. The first case started this morning a the opening of criminal court was I tiilip Ferettl of Herbert; a storekeep- e -, who Is charged with arson. Ho i alleged to have burned down his s ore last. November. State Trooper 1- . W. Fa her Is the prosecutor. Labor Federation HeadforU.M.W. INDIAN'APOLIS, 1ml., March 17.-- '1111am L. Green, president of the Federation of L,abor, ca,me, it unaltcra'bly today for the United tno Workers of America, mooting ?re, as opposed to (ho "rump" or- iHiv-atlon formed iu Springfield, III. "I hope I may allow you and the orld by my presence here that the morican Federation of Labor recog- l»e» only one miners' union an hav- IB uriadiction.t Green said, "Please iterpret. my presence here as evi- once of this solemn fact." M a x i m u m M i n i m u m Mean. 70 52 !l '.'2 33 liEEDY IS GIVEN 10 TO 20 YEARS; TOLD HE'S LUCKY UNIONTOWN, March 17.--The maxi uuin sentence, 10 to 20 years in the Western Penitentiary, was meted out t i George Reedy, negro, convicted s- layer of his sweetheart, Eliza Eyrd, i t Jamison, near Perryopolis, last 1 'ecember 27. "1 ask the court to be as lenient as I osslble," said Attorney C. L. Davld- i on for the defense. "Reedy should have been convicted. c C first degree murder. I cannot see 1 'iat 'he 1s entitled to any considora- t on," responded First Assistant Att )rney Arthur t/. Byrne. In imposing sentence t h e court .-aid: "You were very fortunate, :leedy." Reedy asked permission to s t a r t his ; antence at once. Philadelphia Wants Reading and Jersey Made Into a System WASHINGTON, March 17.--Phila- elphia trade organizations have peti- ioned the Interstate Commerce- Commission asking for a re-opening of the .eneral consolidation case with a lew to amending the commission's ilans us relates to tlie Reading and he Central Railroad of New Jersey, It is contented that the p-U'bUc inter- ·st will be better promoted If the leading and the Jirsoy Central are nade the basis of an independent sya- em, instead of being incorporated in he Baltimore Ohio System, us the dans of the commission 'prbvirte. SAST END SCHOOL LEADS IN ATTENDANCE CONTEST East End United Brethren Sunday ·School was iu the lead in tho opening /esterday of a pre-Easter attendance ionlest. Superintendent, Walter Huey ot Cast 35nd reported 173 as compared .vlth 14^ the corresponding day a year igo. At. Owetisdule S u p e r i n t e n d e n t Vllen Shallenbergi?r harl 163 in at. aculESt 148 a year tuso. Death Ends Exile P R I M O 1)E RITKRA. Former Spanish dictator succumbed suddenly and alone in Paris ho'el Sunday from heart, disease and worry, following resignation as premier few weeks ago and voluntary retirement from country. Grif Ash and Wife Fined $100 Apiece In Police Court Police- court this morning took on the aspect of a "family day" when J. 0. Ash and his wlfa, Mrs. ElU'.a- Ijelh Ash, appeared as' defendante in iseparato cases before Mayor II. D. Minord. "Grif" was charged with disorderly conduct and Mm. Ash faced a count of violating the liquor la.\v. Each was fined $100. The former got into trouble Suniiay w h e n he summoned Chief John C. Wall ami Patrolman Charles Nez to the west eml of. the Youghiogheny Hiver bridge- where his automobile had been struck by another car, driven by a Pittsburg man. The latter, according to witnesses, wanted to settle and be on his way w i t h o u t f u r t h e r delay but Ash couldn't lie- satisfied so he telephoned for police. Chief Wall said Ash became loud with his talk and warned him twice to bo quiet, threatening arrout. When Ash refused to pay attention to him, (.ho officer executed, his threat and placed the de/endant in his (the chief's) coupe. The prisoner imiiU'di- ately climbed out, protesting he didn't have to etay there. Then the chief and Nea Hopped him iu again. At the police station, the chief declared, Ash wanted him to go somewhere outside the city and fight, but tho officer propelled him into tho hastile. When the prisoner began an attack in abusive language the officer proceeded to lock him. in a. cell ;UM! then Ash struck him, Chief Wall s iil. "I knocked l;.im down," the chief testified In the hearing, and added that he drew his blackjack when Aeh jumped up to resume the scrap, wherewith the man subsided. Ash. remained in the lock-up until 1 o'clock Uiis morning when he pot ted a forfeit of $100. Mrs. Ash was arrested, in a raid conducted Saturday; night ly Caief Wall, Assistant Chief Andrew Thomas, City Detective V. Bert,, Ritchie, and Constable G.' Fen lei Io. The chief imd a "buy" on her but the raid disclosed no .liquor. She posted tv $100 forfeit and'·was fined that sum by Mayor Miii- erd this morning. . . . . ' . . Discussing the fracas on Sunday which resulted in the arreot a£ A«h, Chief; Wall eaid " · got loud and wanted to make-a monltey out of the chief ot police" after a crowd had gathered. I'm not looking for .trouble but I won't: let him get away with that." LIRRARY RECEIVES HANDSOME GIFT OF TARKINGTON'S WORKS Gabriel Wells of New York City has presented the Carntgfe Library of Connellsvilki with a Sot of the Heawood edition of Booth Tarkingt n's writings. Tlie set is one of the limited editions, containing a splendid picuire of Booth T.trkiiigt.on which is u Ho- graivhed by him. There are 21 rol- unios in tlie act, which is considered tho bet edition of Tarkiugtoiija vrK- ings. It is printed in large, clear type, and illustrated. Booth Tarkington is one of tho authors whoso popularity never wanes. The Library has always had difficulty In providing sufficient copies to .nip- pi y the demand. Mr. Wells had put a few ( of I. lese sots at the dis-posal of the New Vork P u b l i c Library, and through Ihem. our Library was f o r t u n a t e enoug i to receive a ?"* ENEMIES JOIN IN SORROW OVER RIVERA'S DEATH Spanish Dictator's Body Will Be Returned to His Beloved (Spain. WORRY SERVED TO HASTEN END By RALPH E. HELNZEN U n i t e d Pre-ns Staff Correspondent. PARIS, March 17---Spaniards, of even' walk of life, many of them sworn enemies of the six-year dicta- t o r s h i p of Miguel Prlmo de Rivera, today flocked to the little hotel on the left bank of the Seine to pay tribute (o the man who died yesterday, six weeks after he Jald down his power. The tody of the former dictator, who died In exile Mere, lay on the deathbed of his apartment. He woro the brown robes of the order of Carmelite monks, to which ho subscribed as a layman. This is permitted by Spanish custom. Two n u n s constantly prayed by his bedside, while candles were maseed around the bier. The body will be removed at once io Spain, a n d b u r i a l will be in the family vault at. Oerez, near Seville, In accordance with his request. Tho exile of De Rtv«ra, whose iron hand had upheld the Spanish throne for six years, was brief. Strangely enough it broke out a prediction ho, made sadly when ho arrived in Paris. "I shall never see my beloved Spain again," he said to a United Press corrftsjKindent. But he refused to amplify his statement. His worry over the political strife in Spain following his relinquishmeul, of the power is believed to have hastened the end. Few of the Spanish colony were aware of the tragic occurence and shortly after 3 P. M 1 ., scores of early visitors began arriving for tho reception, onJy to be. informed of the ex- promler's death. Among the callers were Marshal Joseph retrain, who was a cloe friend of De Rivera and former President De Alvear of the Argentine Re- jublic. De Rivera came to Paris, a voluntary exile, after surrendering the power lie assumed in. September, 1923, doing away with constitutional government "to save Spain. "' He had promised a return to normal government this year. Following bis resignation, U was announced he v.-as leaving th* country, in order not to disturb the political situation that arose after Ms abdication of the dictatorship. His son, Miguel, was in Paris as the result of a duel iu defense of his father's name, following which it was "suggested" to him that Paris would be a healthier climate for him, *nd he was escorted to the border. COUNTY FEDERATION OF WOMEN WILL MEET AT STAR JUNCTION Saturday, April 26, was set as the date for the spring me»tingr of tho Fayotte County Federation ot Women's Clubs at a meeting of tho ex- ecuitlve board held Saturday afternoon at tho White Swan Hotel, Uniontown. The meting wijl be held in the Methodist Church of Star Junction, with the Star function. Fancywork Club as the hostess club. There will be a morning and afternoon session. Registration will begin at 9:30 o'clock. Mrs. Arthur P. Freed, a vice-president of the club, Mrs. Charles D, Bailey, president ot the Outlook Clmb and Mrs. Charles Detwiler, president of the Woman's Culture Club of Connellsvllle, · -wero among those present at tho meeting Saturday. Virtually all officers and representatives of. th« women's clubs affiliated with the County Federation were in attendance. SUTERVILLE BRIDGE WILL BE IMPROVED PITTSBURG, March 17.--Improvements costing $30,000 will be made to tho Sutorville bridge over the Yoilgh- iogheny River, four miles below West N-ewton, according to announcement of Allegheny county cnginc-ers. Work probably .will start within two weeks and may result in closing the bridge to traffic u n t i l repairs arc completed. Engineers said the improvement w i l l consist mostly of new flooring and reinforcement of the structure. No detour hae been announced. Admitted to Hospital. Three patients have been admitted to.the Connellsvllle State Hospital for treatment. They are Mrs. Thomas Flynn of Third street, J. T. South of Carnes'ie avenu« and Samuel Baeingei* of M u r p h y avenue. Mrs. Henderson Leaves Hospital. Mrs. Davis W. Henderson, wife of Judge HemlerH-on o£ Unloutown, has been discharged from the Unloutown Hospital, where she underwent an operation more than two weeks ago. Hus Appendicitis. Clarence Lint, welt-known. Pittsburg Lake Ifirio shop employ©. ;* confined. to his homo at Vanderbllt, v/ith ap. pendidtis.

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