The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 15, 1930
Page 12
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THJbfl DAIL.Y COURIER, CONNEIXSVILJLE, PA. SATURDAY. MARCH 15, 1930. Basketball THE SPORTING WORLD By JAMES M. DKISCOLL. Baseball COKERS AGAIN DEFEAT DUNBAR TOWNSHIP Luczak Scores Field Goal, Two Fouls in Final Minute To Clinch Close Cage Game Wt ®- ) Crowd Thrilled » .Spectacular Plays in Thrilling Floor Battlr. TULLEY HELD IN LAST HALF B JOHN H VVHOniC In another of thixse chaiacleristic Tonne!IwilJo-Dunbai i ontests the! Coker« scored a 23-20 decision over! the Le senrlng baaketeers at the High i School gynmalum F i l d i y evening It tlffe s-econcl t i l u m p h tht bcaaon lor the Orfuige ai\l BUi-k o\er the tfwnsthlppers a n d incidentally both times the leeult ^ib quite contrary to the expectations ot dopestevs who believed that the Red anil Black \sai tho supeuor t lub With the 01 p tied I D all and onlv ci ininuto left to plaj, Ltiezjjk took a neat pu» from Kern 1 - and dribbled beneath tho basket A- he leaped into the air to send the iwll through the net, he was fouled by H-eill} His, two attempts fioni the- fiee .tone woie auc- f u l And tho foui talHe*- assured a win for fie hom-e contingent D T got only a single point a f t e r it toni- fng vhen Baiiov s-eove! on a technical foul The game lei minuted hvmediate- 1 aCrerward.s Joe Tulley Dunbai s niuiiiitd\, tame through with three goals and three Horn the free area d u r i n g tho first i'alf but he was unable to legister during the f l n a i peiloJs ruc?ak who led foi the Uolclo c-lnn w i t h eight points chalked up siv in the last half fotn of t h i j corntnsc In thp la~t m i n u t e ot action vhich t u r n e d the of t v io battle It was one o£ the h a i U t s t fought uf the eiiiu and tho score was s t l o s - The. uuintets repeatedly into the lead c n l v to ha\e t h e ! oihi r overtake it anil then again reiin- q u i ' - h the maigin The i i o w d e d fi\miasium wu.s kept i.i i constant uproa i a» the athletes tried dospctately to legister and tev- e i a l c h c u s shots gii-ve v e n t to mote t h u n d e r o u s outbursts fiotn the pai- fisano Tho Ookers \\ho out-sc ot«d D u n b u r f r o m the fU-ld. 10 O t 8 at Leibeming aK-'iit Ifd In tins de iia tment, getting s to tho visitoi s 5 U a i h i oniblmitio'i p-iovod \ e r \ good trom the foul linw. the Oiange and Bl ick Kettini; 7 out ot 9 white tho lownshippiiis regihU red 10 out of 14 This f i a y brought to a close the 1HO season tor Coiuve-Hfevllle Duubar pi iys at Mount Pleasant Tuesday evening and on Thtuwlaj goes to Waynesbui-K ColleRj foi the tri-state scholastic loin nanu tit which comes to a closo 011 S a t u r d a j night The line-up Rules for 1930 American Legion Diamond Program (Continued from yesterday's Courier) (.anienesa H another quality which baseball develops A boj playing baseball must ieatn not to " !e down ' w h e n his team ia getting the worst of It H-e l«arn? not to quit fighting un- t i l the last out, ia mad-e, not to "cr.aU" (irid giiunblo when tho breal si aro go- Ing against him but to grin anil play lua hurde«Ht the- full ulna innings. Garnenets 1» also one of. tin qualities of a good citizen Il-e fight e a good fight for his tm»lneaa alms a n d for his politlta.1 bellfa, juifi 11 he U beaten he gi ins and tried again Piobably tho most Mnport int le-s«on that baseball hohk) for a ooy is it« lesbon in dc»moerae\ Th gam* as plajed under the Legion program, b i l n g i together hoys from families in all position^ m life, from the pool homea flown )» t)ie railroai yards and from the tine homes on the boulevards These boja playitip; togethe-t tome to recognise each oth r for what each U wot til in hlm^'elt . tid not foi w h a t poitlou his faftiUy may holfl In the caiittminit)' "Can hfe hit 9 Tan he pilch 1 ' Can he Held" aie the tf*MS which boys apply to each otlm in bnseba.U Hl^ own iccompllsh- mentvj «»t each bo'B stamling This is, true ctemoeiaey C a i r i « d over into adult Hfe it will constitute oue of the basic attributes o( good citlzenshtp The cod® of sportimanslilp l« Keep the rules Keep faltjh with your Ci mracl«j Kefp jour temp«t Keep jourw-lf fit Keep a alout heait in ci v'eat Keep your prlrf-e tinder ylctotj Keep a sounci soul, a elt an m i n d and a healthy body Thls is also a might v pood code foi citizenship If tho bovs i i the begion j u n l o i baseball wnpetlti n i n n loam to tollow H and to ado 't It to all their life-'a relationships, the program w i l l liuve accortiplished n.s big aim And no more fitting ooem can bo apendod to this than th one written by Orantland Hlce It Is entitled "Be- jond All Things ' It follow* He p l a v e d the game' -- Witiat flnt i epitaph t a n l a n d ' Cr Avho nn earn a fairt fairic \ \ l i r n t i m e at las liax OH led his liand? llfgaraiesa of the tnooRi ij rojiU 1U g ndles) of tin- ttnK! cote, rt Iltftit it out. i4.w blm for TsioW, I titil \ o t i r time b la c o m to RO c*n out t K o n d al ! preiisf or blame, E(ejoml t l i o I w l l l K h t ' s t pu pie Klow, \ \ l i e i e Kate c a n w t l t e against j o u r name )ln? cloHlng lli\e for f t Midi or foe 'He plii} I'd the name" Caseys and Keagy Corner Meet Again Monday for Title The Ciascv Chib and the Keagy Corner basketball team will plav the second of their serie-a of games foi the ciU championship on Monday evening at the State Armor} The Keugjs have thp- edge, having won the first encounter, 36-16, a week ago ,and If theie is to be a third clabh, U - w i l l be up to Henry Brown's Irish passers to come thiough on top Monday evening Word f i o m Era HlcXfe, Keagy manage!, today was TO the effect that there "will be no third game as far as we are concerned We w a n t the title and we are going o get it Monday lu fa t, we have aheadv booked a game fot next Friday evening because we FAY-WEST ROOR TOURNEY IS PLAN ATJCOTTDALE Huicks Making 1 Arrniigements For Play at State Armory March 24, 25, 2G. MUCH INTEREST BEING MANIFEST feel sine the title aerieh will bp ended " The Keagy Corner expect* to have several score of "alumni --(follows who grew np on the South Hide---with them on the sidelines foi Monday's clash, and th« Caseys are always sure of a re^I flock of boosters Reserved seuts hav-e been played on sale at Keagj'a drug store and at Tangretti Funarl's fttore The preliminary c laKh, at 7 30 o'clock, , w l l l aain f e a t u r e "Slddy" Weaver's South Side girl club and the Tray-Nelbon team of Soottdale The latter organisation was def^ateil when it appeared here live first t i m e but it hah since sti engthened wkout atFayette Field Athletes Get Down to Real Training After Doing Cross Country Runs for Past Two Weeks; Prospects Look Good Details of Cage Game Between Cokers-D. T, -28. I-' . A' Vnntmr-- £0. Tulle Skoneziiy Bailey Kude. I/uciak l Miller Johnson .ft;nee - Substitutions--Fereiicuha for D lUilJer, Koiris tor llude, Behrens for Ueshenbeig. II Sillier for Behrens, Hei-.venfc foi H Miller Fieiti go^ls--il^u-f/ak 3, D Miller 2, .1 oh neon 2, Jones Tulley 'J, Skonezny, Ueally Team touls--.Connellsvlllel 7 out ol 5); Dun bar, 10 out of 14 Individual fouls--Kude, 1 out of 1, TjutzaK. 2 out of 2, D Miller, 2 out of It, Johnson, 2 out of 3. Tulley, 3 ml of 4. Skom'/'\y, 1 out of 1, H.. VltUer, 1 out of .'!, Bailey, 3 out of 3; Hellly, 2 out of '· Scoring by q u a i t e r s Coktrs . . . - ~ 5 7 t 7---23 Ounbar . 7 e !5 4--20 Referee--Khodii. "He p l a y t r t the What m o i e I* ITieh-e J h a on? ( ui sa 1 What othei word might add HI claim '1.0 t h i s lone phrase tl j.t i ules the Buicks to Meet Scottdale High Quintet Tonight St OTTnA,M£. Maith 15 --The State \ i n i u i y t might will be the scou '.A .ui inteiesting lloor encouuter when t h e 1929 Kracluiites of the Seottdnk' High School line *up against the , Hull ks, t uic k iiulepenilent comblna- 10 n thai h a n bt en whipping foes on s at tl o breal i of chain c s of all rlrc i instance, To ilso above ttm wlilm of Kate W h c t o dreams at times are rlesolatp, VV'htre fiUlure seems y -ur /inal ami And W s f i p p o l n t r r e n t It ^our m u t n , W h o l e T.lfe can write In words if flame This closing l i n e ab«\f tho gate He pltijeu the gaitie The 300 odd fane Hvho gatiieied at Shiviah Hall the other night witneesed a real boxing program While four of the bouts terminated in knockouts the principals in every instance showed a willingness to mix it up and that is what the followers of fletlcdom want. Those who mteued the show passed up a great entertainment Patronize those who advertiwi. SCOTTDALE, Maich 15--A basket tial! tournament featuring crack, quintets of Westmoreland and Fayotte couutifes la bf ing planned for the State Armoiy on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, M a u n 24, 85 and 26, according to announcement made today Tho play s expected tp bring to- gethei the cream of the flooi contingents of both counties to- vie lor the title JKS champion*, of the Fay-Weet DlHtrtct Indication! are that Connellsville'e two entries, tho Caseye and Keagy Corners, as well as othet Tayctte ! county contingents aie wtlllns to J enter such t competition which would extend the t cope of the c h a m p i o n s h i p team tlat n-ould be crowned at tbia tournamen' J Scotklale Bulcks, sponsors of the meet, had originally decided to con-, duct a Wef tmoreland county tournament but alter giving the plan careful, consideration, decided to embrace Fiijette an 1 make the competition keener in all respects. B. 0. PASS WINS FT^OM ELK BOWLERS 'I h« B S O Pa*) team won two out of three games from the Elk« last night on the Bike alleys. Woody was high with a total of 467 pine The scot e ' B. O PASS Panzella 112 120 12! !«1 Petcy -. - 87 118 118 323 Dummy _ ,100 100 100 300 Blinker 161 135 129 425 Robinson 133 150 169 452 Totals Woody Widmei Dummy , Trlmp«y Rathbum Totals , I 5S3 C2D ELKS % 17B 171 115 100 120 116 639 1861 . 126 100 .127 166 120 102 100 101 467 34J 300 348 378 _ 695 622 517 1834 World's Fastest Woman Runner Tl it c n n u s t u ui huve the b i , u b»ioui;b t He t ' i K o u u t f . 1 on die oulcr of one ( o u l U L l e i l hi^t c a m p a i g n W l i t i tl I In. I t i u l i S-lnu»l «oc J d i i i i n v Koul 10UH( I u« n * t h t | H t K l i ^( U i M i l .-.euloi, is t h e 1 i t ' v o i n l hu K i o ( ( K l o ad far as )no u h o l . l r ' l H . l U . t l l M I U M U K C O M C U l I l t M i ii ^|iitc I !M 1 K I Unit lie parlu Ijiuten in i l l a t U l t l n - 1 Kit ball l i n ^ k f t l j a l l and ! i u k fohiuij also Rtitki lu toi othci i \ u , i l u i i u i i L u . i t i l u t i t v J i m Fi at a u o i h ^ i all iirouiui ptiloiiuei HI ' H J K I I M «*!»! IPS and o t l n i bittncher. IK in - i n i i l U po-ilion T h i x KKH ,i long w . t \ l o w , ml !i-.i M-ditnia i nmt-pntion In mm* i 'i u i t,oo«l athlete 1 i^ . pi in i iol.ii I hi ·* ho wo 1 1 an* tu( i « f i oi tilt m a i n iiiilai^ I St*I!» Walsh, hailed as the world's fastest woman runner, is entered in the 45-yard / and ' 220-yard events of the K. of C. games. to be held in New York. She recently broke the world's records in the 45-yard, 50-yard and 220-yard events, and is hailed is the coming Olympic champion in the women's sprints ·Bhi^-"w »J lenftl Vanderbilt VANJL*KRBIl/r, M a u l i I T -- M i s s Ruth Galley, d a u ^ h t e i of Mr a id Mrs. Prank Galley, 1s ill w i t h a seve e cold Re\ John (' Giowe of (.he O 7ibtlu.n r i i u r c h of S ottdalo wan cal ing on Rev Wood Thursday · Mrs .lean Newmyer of Di kerson n\\n was a C o u n c l l i v i l l c ittlloi Tluvts- dav Mlba ClnisUUiPl Blaii ot Uberty was in Oonuells\ r ille Tlinisrtu Mis I AV Of)e, who has een on the sick hat t h e past \\oek, , some- w h a t )ettei R E Slaugerwhlte of Ui iontown wa 1 ! in town on business Tin i-wl-ay Mis ""Vaiif.n Stonoi of Lib riy was in C o n n e l l s v i n e TMnsday Mrs W 1 r^iiid anft M sa S a i a ( I f l l a n d w ei p ·shopping ill ( onne-llb- nllo THursdi 1 ' JACK The detailed account of the Con nellfifiUc-Dunbar basketball game a the High School gym v, nii.h Ui Cokers won, 23-20, follows First Quarter. Tulley registered the firet point c the game when he w,ts Cotiled b · Jones Reshenberg fouled 1) Mlllt who missed his try D Miller am · through with a field ^oal iml th i Cokers n o r e leading Heubenbei f again fouled D Mllk-i who mad» goc- Tnlley again made one Ciom the fr a none after being fouled liy Jone i Behrens went in foi Rp-,lvonbei ; Tulley dropped a prettv goal from t) e field and 1) T led, t-;, Ptonezi y heaved a long one from a *-oufher % angle Lue/:ak put the Cokem back n the r u n n i n g w i t h .1 ^loubifi-ieki r SkoneKnv, foulPt! by Johnson, ma IP good ami the q u , u l n r ended, 7 ,"!. Uunbai Second Quarter. Jouos tiail up (ho talh w h e n ie sank n god! Tullpy ^ol nuothei t \Q pointer to put L p t H e n i l n g aheaiti D ck Miller made a beautiful left-ham ed hhot to again tte tlio count I MU er fouled Rosily who got one out of t w o ti ipfi Johnson put the tally on · en basis -when he counted from the f ee zone after being fouled by Skonesay. l l o i b Miller went iu for Behri us Johnson maWe a pratty piay a« lie dribbled down the floor to the hat ket to give Connellsville the- l«ad Tu ley chalked up one out of two atten pts aftei being fouled by Luczak The \ i s l t o i B went Into the lead, 13 to 12, when Joe Tulley dropped in a be uty from the center of the flooi Th« lalf ended. Third QuaiUr. Gene Heilly dribbled the lengt , of the floor to score- a double dec ke-r Herb Miller fouled D Miller and the latter made a point Hkonezny f aled Johneon who made one out ^f two tries. The Orango and Black vent into the lead when Lucrak ma ie a fiietty shot Herb Miller mlnsed t w i c e from the free zone after being f uled by Dick Miller. On anotlusr foul, lerb Miller got one point and the econ was again deadlocked, 10 all a^ the bird quarter closed Fourth Quarter. D Miller fouled Bailey- who g t the only try from the foul - terr tory. Ferencuha substituted for Dl«k Miller. Rude fouled Bailey an I the township boy was successful. J .alley fouled Rude and the Goker mat e tha point IIor«e Johnson iurned n his second excellent play when he came daehing down the floor as Ive dr bbled through the Red and Black te m to score a field goal, putting tho home club ahead Luczak took a pas frdin Kerne who wan substituted for Rude and as the foiwurd lea(»pd in o the ; alr and sent the ball through I ie net he waa fouled by Retlly Tho Coker (.topped to the foul line and d opped in two more With about 30 s iconda to play. Bailey was givnn a foi 1 shot on a technical point and he c- unted, The game ended immediately after- wafds the score being 23-20 MBARLV 10,000 WtRt- PRODUCBO IM TAB 8Ki MB PITCHED A jo scpmo A 9 TO o SrtoTowT ,; TAU, AAS B*MrMBIfcS AMD TWO SISTERS, AU. 8w;ti WEAVER.. BOXER ; ^0 IS SIX FEET, Fl«t , Coach J. E. terew Says He Ha« Likely Material for JVenrly Every Erent. POLE VAULTER IS PROBLEM Rock wood High Is Beaten By Windber in District 5 Tourney for Class A Flag Victors Deadlock Count Jn rin- al Seconds and Win In Similar Fashion. BALL IN AIR AS GUN IS SOUNDED CENTRA!/ CITY, March 15 --Rockwood. High Schdol basketers were d«feat«d In otKftof the greatest cag* conte.»ts ever s«en. In. Somerset county on Friday waning wh»n Wlndber took a 30-29 decision over an extra period j The wlnneiB w«ro crowned Class A champions of District No 5, P. I, A A , as the result of conqueiing the Hookwood clan which had whipped M«yer«lale In a peivious eiigagwireat. Windbe-r woix £rora Boswell to earn th« rlgftit to nM'et Hockwood in this tournament Tho defeat was a tough one tor tho losers Inasmuch as tho tally which tied the count when the regulation play terminated and the on-o whicll ·d-eclded the Battlo came oil the flnal plays ot tho game On both instances tho Bph-OH) was in the air as the gun sounded. Kowew-r the ball sank through the n«t to oouat for Wiadber. Wiion the fray started, the two clubs fought an even du-el ani th* first Quarter closed with the count five all. Windber wont into the lead at the half, 15 to 10 Howevei , Rockwood was not to be denied and a ban age ol ftetd goals put the contingent into the lead, 22-200, at the close of the third fitttiuH. Rockwood continiifid to hold a margin and with less tpan 10 seconds to play, bad a lead of 28-26 -when a Windbcr boy l«t go of the ball As the aphero bailed thiough the all, the gun went off The ball continued Ha paitli and dropped through the net, deadlocking the count Dining tho ovtia p-w lod, Hockwooil gol a bingle foul ami \\ii appaiently )it.i(lQit for a tilling!! as t h e i-u.a raplUl} ·expheil On an almost uliMi- tlcal pUy that tied Uit» M O I C the Wlndbei club secutc-U a ilecifciun bv a e point v x OIL Sutunluj, M a i t l i 22, UocKwool play 'BOBW^H for the Chni H chain piouuhiip of O i ^ t i i c t N H The line-up \\ Indlwr- »». Rich - . Stevens . Zack Mai ton . Ripple Subbtitutiona Smith Tor 111 c h rtU h tor Smltli, Smith for Stevens, Bdkei North Union Wins From Perry Cagers In Great Contest Nortb. Union Township Hi ?li School scored a 21-14 decision over the Perry Township basketeers last iiiffht at The Section 13 champions mado a comeback In the lart half to forge into the front after tha tally had ended 11 nil when the flist haK came to a close The Commodores found difficulty in solving the attack, of the crack pass- ars of Ray Welsh, fornaei Connells- vllle Hi-'- «"hAni Btar. The line-up Worth Union-- 81. Perry-- 14. Lewis .... F Dougherty Cindric J --- F, . . « _ . Galley Shtffbauer . O. . . . Jenkins Belong i . G. . Thrasher tlhazie ,, G. - Baughman Substitutions -- Swells f i r Galley, Kimak lor ET.uhnian Fifiia goa]«-~J.rtwis 2, oiudric 2, rSelong 2, Uhazle, Galley, wetts, ,teu- fcine 3, Thrasher Foul goals -- North Union, 7 out ot 10; Peny, 2 out of 4 for Zufall. FleM goals*--Klch 3, Slevons, Zack 4, Marron 2, Ripple 3, White 7, Kreger 3, Kirnme^ Baker. F^quh--iSt«\«ns, 2 out o* 2, Zack, 2 out of 55, Marron 0 out of 2; Rlpil«, 0 mil of 2; Whits, 1 out of t , rKeger, 2 out of 3, Z«aifoss 0 otui of 2; Klm- mel, 2 out of 3; Zuiall, 0 out of I Keferee-- Hutch Uonplre--Mortin Scorora--Foigio and W )od -Uiunett uiul JCimiuel F F C O 0 Kockn i»oil-- tit). White Kreger Ktmm-el Z u f a l l A iiK'eUng 1 ot lho AdH'i can Association, lnUiitiiUuiuil aitt l'udfl C-ua/jt Ha.Sfbn!) IWI^UMK luui be m called foi J u n e l! ai OhHago ti llf IIHSJ piobl*(in« of Cla^H A A biwelmll JIK! (o decide loi ot UKidnst loiunval ol t h e NuUoual Assoclution of Minoi l J ei(fu*s agree- meut w l i l u h explten next Deeembei « » * C h u i l e CiavoUii oi Unlontowu, w!io haw (ought foi the Connpllsville AthlelU Club lohl i) (hive ioutii de- cteion to nilly Fuiios of New York at Gi-nml It.ipWf, M U h in tli« tuntor national Ixixinp: loui-niimi m ( h n t l c v in tho 117-pound 11 ins The Oonnellsvllie High School track nnd field candidates b*W their flrst workout at Fdyette Field yestenday afternoon after school and Coach J. B Lerew is rather pleased at the proe- liecte of a team which will rank fav- oraoiy with others in Western Pennsylvania. The weakest point, he said, is in pole vaulting. "Bobby" Kerns was the ranking pole vaulter of the outfit and the coach has not determined j«*t what the lad may do this spring, Inasmuch as lite leg wiie fractured in a football game last November. There Is also a dearth of sprinters but In other departments it eeeniF likely the Cokers will oe able to bold their own. For the paet two weeks 30 boyft have been dolngr cross-country work to limber up their muscle. 1 ), running from the school building to the *nd of the brlek puvement along Will a road. The sqnad will be augmented next week when members of the basketball contingent, through "wjth their flooi activities, report. A number of basket- eers go in strong for frack work. For many seasons Connellsvjlle hu*. been runner-up in the county Held and track meet To determine what the possibilities are for the event in May several dual contests with other school* of the region will be scheduled. On April 12 the East Huntingdon Township High School team, which if already at work, will be here for its second dual contest. The first wab held a year ago at Fayett*^ Ft-ald. The other annual meet is *wlth t*trcb* High School at that place. It will be on April 26. There will be plenty of acthrtty for the track and field team members ami those who ehow outstanding ability will probably be entered In some of the big interscholasttc events. EAGLES TAKE ODD GAME IN CITY LOOP The Eagles defeated the Auto Wreckers in the City Duckpln League last night, taking two out ot three games. P. Opparmin rolled high count for the Eagles with 513. The score: EALGES. P. Opperman ,, 160 163 Kemp 158 139 Kauth 93 McKulty - . - .125 139 Patrick . __.' . 124 133 Spence . .,, _. 135 190 168 110 ISO 128 51.) 455 203 44 i 385 135 Totals «60 709 766 2135 AUTO WRECKING. McGrath Yates .,, Bobar Doerfler Elwarde Danielfi Totals .. . 120 - -116 153 . .. 142 , 141 _«72 117 201 121 137 9» 669 114 136 103 101 115 463 377 380 141 208 579 1920 WESTMORELAND COUNTY FIELD MEET ON MAY 17 The annual Westmoreland county field and track tournament will be held on May 17 at Latrobe, it wag decided at the meeting ot the county scholastic coaches yesterday in Greeusburg Plans for the 1931 basketball loutnamcnt wete started and the Institutions divided into two' cla«s«e based on the enrollment ol student* » Summit Sl'MMIT, March 15-- Mrs Hranan \\lio had )een visiting h«i , M I I ? A. lloch, for the pfLgt week, leturiMHt to her home !a Oon- A. S M O M I I «p*nt ThuraUay Mi and -Mrs Ak-c IteynolUn at Tertrfy Kelly, Mre Wade HenseJ and ton lxn, oL near LetHunrlng and Mi K J.uob llartord of this place kpent Tbunsday «( Lambeif visiting Mr. and Mivs. Walter Kelly Kenneth th* nine-month* old twin of Mi and Mrs Albeit Hoch, who h.ul been v o i y 11! n improving Use our classified .tdvertuem**!.

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