The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 22, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, July 22, 1918
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PAGE TWO. " · · . 1-HB DAILY COURIER, CONOTa^VILLE; PA. MONDAY, JULY 22, 191S. The regular meeting of .the ladies' Miss Pearl: Thomas: of Scottdale LM!A'"' tAA". »*i~ '*t*« ' /iMviil rrri-r" etf: BfrMrnt . "ih'»'-w.jMfe:.Mid '.'··* t1* inMMt. -~ nf' Otele,".' to" the "Grand Army of. . the Republic, will be held Thursday:. afternoon in Odd Fellow*- halLV -.-... The weekly meeting -of the Busin*as :Wom«n's Christian -association 'will -b* heM^ : Thursday- night; in ..Odd Fellows" temple.- -·- ·.':··'···-,· -4 · . ·· ' : FrteBd»hl»'TeBiple · Pythian Sisters, will- meet . ThiKsdny after r aooa'te -Markell halt : .. . Tb»-regular Twerre- club «!«l night at the bom* of Mrs: Strawn in AftBaVs'trliM.'" - ' ' : : " ' ' ." ' ,'r. . of the 1 Busy he? held Friday Th« L. C. B.;.A. will meet Wednes' day njjht in tie Parochlil school hall. Mri 'j.'D. ..Pierce i "eBtertaliied at i jfarejyeli ; party Saturday night at her home oaVth* R*ldmor« road in honor '' brother'.' c - . _ who _l«ave« . tomorrow ciiht with the Arafteei for Camp Lee,. .Pstehtburg, Va. .' About .40 guests attended .and , presented the:, young.. soldipx. with a wrist .-witch. Various .. amusements .wer».ino.ulf« and later jn the evening-- a dainty -laacbnu 'was.. served. Eart Sehroy»r of WhetUng. W. "V., a erother-of the honor gu«', was an '· out of town guest ' · ' '-'· ·'-'.. '·". : :'-- ;' i . . . ·,, .. . ·.· ' Attorney F. E. Tounkin addressed members oil the Baraca clx'.s and: the |M»n'ii: Bible;' class of th« Ilrst Bap' tiat _chureh held yemterdty morning : at J.,.:U _Stader/s farm ."at .McCoy's Spring-- His subject .was JTThe .Bible } m Literature." Break! asjt.Vas served ipreviooi to the addrese. . The trip to i aad (rorQ.tlie farm was made in auto' ' Tha't xlL.ilble,; class of tie UnrU4 Prertyt»rtan church will meet · tomorrow nlgnfat the home of Mrs. W. H. J*rmMi«, No. 602 Johnston ave- n»e. -All members are requested to ' ' The Ladies'; Aid society of . the United Brethren church will hold its regular etlng Thursday aiternoon at ISO o'clock : at the home 'of Mrs. B. W. BrMegnn,' No. 411 East Washing- toa avenue. All members; are asked to aUad. ' Tie Otterbtln Guild will . tomorrow. -eveniag at the hom« I of Mrs. Fletcher IB Greenwood. .. A :larg»attehdancal» .desired. .The regular meeting. "at the Bojil Circle efasa will 1» held Friday evening: at ' 7.39" o'clock in" the ehnren. The Men's .'Bible class is invited. ' The monthly meeting of the Wo. ra«'sJli»»ionary'Socfetr^ the First ;Bapdst^ebiinh will be held Tttirsdey afttrneon in th» .chape]. All: women of th» coDiregation'ari! InvltEd. The L«di«a' Aid 'Society :win maet Friday · evtmbt at T.tO o'clock at the home of Mrs.'X 'St Stahl in GaUaUn aTenne. Two Sunday school classes of the Coehraa Memorial Methodist /church of Dowaon, Uucht by TtT3. H. .A. oal and Mrs.. Emma . Braden, are etaspteg at 3t James'£ark. wlth-Mra. ·B -and Jfrs. : Braden, chaperones. Butt- frieOOM. daughter of aul Snath- of thds city,- and i H. Gardner 4 of Jetm*town;were jssarrled on Saturday- tn · Johnstown. .'Tketrideforsenne time part has been i'a stsafuaiphar- for the Johnstown Dieainrmt. Ste baa a wldo circle of ; FRSOWALB. ntsabett Sarr»r, clerk at C. ;W. DowsW shoe store, hasi returned two weeks' Tscaikm spent at at th'e j lira. Ai; Coughenonr " , the guest ! of and ;. daughter; " ' - . .- . Miss Helen Shaw returned home today from, a .visit :wifi friends-fii' - Pleasant. Mrs. . . ··· MUa JfcFarlanS wishes to announce to her 'friends and! patrons that on and after. August lit she will be lo-' cated cm s«cond floor of Title * Trust building, corner Pittsburg- street 'and Crawford avenue.-- Adr\-r-17rl3t '··" Mrs. I/.B. BrallierJol'acottdale and Mrs. E/'E. Bralller of T-.Dawson 1 ; ..are .guests'-. of.: £hV' latterV'-'s'ster-in-iaw, Miss Anna CuW'.ngh'am of Mount lay.Land- 1 children of Fairmont^ are visiting Mr. an'd Mrs. Harmon Hay o? the West Side. '.' 'Mrs; Whiter ; Trevrit and daughters, Anna* and Kathleen -and. sou, W. S. Trevitt," are spending Oie day In Pittsburg.. i: -v:. ;.-*.·;.·; '··· : . '/ The best place to shop aftei all. Brownell Shbis'Co.^--Adr: . ' . ' - . ''Miss Ruth Bailey of Sraithfteld has returned home after .a visit' with' friends here. · ' · ' · Mr. and Mrs. William -Hanlon and son, William, .and Richard Bobsbn of Pittsburg motored here Saturday and wore' guests,;over Sunday of Mrs. Hanloit's- and Mr.' Robson'a' parents^. Mr. and Mrs.. J. J. Rpbson of Greenwood.; · . . . . , . . ' ( \ - ..-:,:.·.·.'"' · ' \; Miss .NeQe'..Swe.eney of Greenwood has returned_h'6me from .a. week's stay u at' Addisbn. ,^ · ' · - ' . ' · . .'. ' For the^ best tat 'cheapest repairs on' that roof, con due tor-or spoutinc. see F. 'T:' Evara Estate^-Aiiv. Alice and Katharine .Snyder went: to McKeesport today to- -visit their grandmother, Mr«-'A. K.McIntjre.' .Misses Katharine and Allot Mc- IFrevitt;- EiiiabeuC "Hilda and 'Harriet Stoith and : Anna- Kate' Stewart; ' the iatter- of' : johj»stowny',"wcnt' : to : Bear Run this - morning;; where they have rented a cottage for-ia-dsys; ; - . · ' ' · ' ' , .Mrs. H. P. Snyder is able to be out again after a serious attack of heart trouble. . Wanted--Three : -furnished rooms Sttitable for light; housekeeping. Address "B,'f'care The Courier.--Adr-22. -Mrs. M. -R. -Vance of South ' Con- cllBvlUe has .returned home from Washington. t).C., where 5he visited Mrs. H. L. Smith, formeriy Miss Emma tieattir of Conneilaville. :- Mr.'and Mrs. D. B.: Purtoton. of Plttsburg; accompanied by -Miss 'Mary ;Hratt of this city, a 'aiste? of Mre. 'Purintn, left yesterday by automobile for Atlantic City for a week's stay.' .Miss'" Mary .Lowney has goce to Pittsburg and Geneva,,Obio. on a visit with relatives and friends. MiM- Sarah "Louise,.Marietta and sister Virginia, of Edsia' street, visited over the week-end with Miss Viola V. Kuhni ati.Laurelvnie. ' - Mr. and Mrs. C. Gould Hyatt of Moneesen were guests over ; Sunday ol Mr. and Mrs. C. JC Hy«tt of Patterson^ avenue. : ' · · - - · · Misses Esther, Josephine, snd ; Mary Towzey spent yesterday at Killaraey Park in the Indian Creek Valley. Martin'.Bottler and Harry Tlppmao spent yesterday: in Continence. - Mr. and Mrs- J. M. Toong and son William: motorod to Confluence yesterday, i- -· · ' -;''· .-· ·· . · i Joseph- McConnell - a n d - William Lyrus speifr yesterday in the Indian Creek Valley. " ·'· · " · '··· · . ' . -, - Mr. and " Mrs. C: K: wnson and family motored to Confluence yesterday- " . ' · · · Mlsz Rutt Wilson of Newr-Kens- tngton, ia visiting at the home of Miss Martha Cypher In East Orchard avenue, .. . . . · Pstnmiae Uio«s who advertise. Charles Scheller, stationed at.Catn-p Meigs'v'Washlngtoii.'-D. C;,':spent'-.jsisr; terdarvat''' , - · ' - . : ' . t* Patronize iihose. who advertise. C.. A; Wagner and : Charles Klnes- ener; were 'at Ohiopyle' yesterday. MEMBERS OF GO. G TO A Before B*tar»lag Trm Camp Boys Also Be»ee*er Good Tforl of .. ..·;··: Cook: JUm Ike 6«*tlet "Before leaving Camp Thomas J. Stewarti: Mount Gretna, members of Cpinpuiy.G threw together and raised about $30 for Captain Stone and the lieutenants toward .a fund .for the purchase: of sabers. : They also' made a donation- of *?15" to "the -cook for the excellent service rendered. " The command arrived/ home Saturday: 'evening- at 8.20. a special train being provided at : Greeriirtmrg. "All were well: but ' Albert Scblihger, who was suffering from a severe boll on the foot resulting from the member becoming chafed. . . ' . ' · ' _ ;. Some interesting notes "of the Una day in.'caxnp are contained in a letter from Corporal James A. list. The Courier correspondent m camp, among which are lh« following: -; · "Major. Meyer and his : adjutant Lieutenant Gearing, were pur guesti at j mesa eGterday , adorning the;hcs( of the table. At the conclusion of thi mess Major Meyer lighted a clgare' la : the' mess tent (something the hoy* were, not allowed to do) and oar Irrepressible Butch Rogers pulled a solemn face and 'advised the major that, he was violating . the rules and would .land .In .the, guaTdhonM. . The laugh was on the. major and he took It In good- style. ;·; : : .,: .".' "Yesterday somebody conceived the idea of the ' ^company ..running the gauntlet We all :Uned up along the company street, took our -belts' off and .doubled them op, and then start- 'ed through the lane singly.. Each fellow did his' level best to whack yon as he paused. Sergeant 'Joe' was the flrst victim : and took . Ms medicine 'like, a man and standing. 1 (One prefers to stand a while after running the gauntlet It is more comfortable:) : last but not least the captain aad the. . lieutenant '· came down the line and we used onr best military muscle on them. ';Alex Hood shoulc have been here for his turn. We sent Alex a post card shower the otter da'y^ust to let him known that Cci pany G to largely on/the map." PRINTERS ARE PRODUCERS Is the Dwinloi of Provost Margin] General Crovfder. Provost Marshal General Crowder has stated that no order has been is sued, placing printers and othetr. newspaper workers in the ."non-productive' class under the work or fight order. No modification of this order has been made. It is stated thxl. neiws- paper-workers have never besn con aidered as being engaged m non ^-essential work and that there is no In tentlon of so declaring them now. " Glrea Liberty Bond. Patrick Mcl'ntyre, formerly .inine foreman at Lelsenring No. 1, who recently moved . to Lelsenrlnc avenue, West Side, was tendered a vary ptesant surprise by the employes ol the Lelsenring No. 1 mines when he was . informed to .call at the Uaioa National bank where he was presented with a substantial Liberty Bond. Mr. Mclntjrre greatly appreciates the gift. . ' · Class Confirmed. A large class of boys and girls waa confirmed yesterday afurnoon in St. John's Slavish Catholic church in the West Side by Bishop C«»evln. Son In Xraner Ho»«. A son was born Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Kmrl.K.'Kramer of Isabella road. he new arrival is u grandson of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Culler. the use of corn instead TOrm in which corn is risp, tender fall- d corn flakes. 1ARNEWS By Associated Trass. GKAVirr Ef AUSTBI.VS: , JJKPIBB IS lOiOWK, J«lT 22. (British wtelew service.)--Tery serious revolts and mattny have occurred in Bohemia and Hugarjr-- it Maaaros-Sijet 150 oB- cers an* 500 Csecbo-SIovaka, who nnrUnled, were shot and a farther 8,000 arrested. From a reliable ttmret news has come to hand that §eriou mttor kad taken place In Bsdmatla and Bohemia. Jago-Siav soUHers have deserted by the wholesale. JAPAN AGREES TO AJCKBICA'S FtAKS FOR 8IBEBIA. LOlfDOS,. July 28^-Xhe Japanese dlplonatle council lias agreed to the America! proposal for Joint Interren- tloa by Japan and tic United State* !· Siberia, sais a Central News dispatch from Tokte under date of July 17. A proelasaatton will be tossed as- suing;. Kmsia tint the. Kntente bai no : aggressive stolen la Intervening ta Siberia, the dsipatch adds. It Is prokabl* that a relief commisstea win aeeempanT the Joint expedition, Jt is stated. SECBETABX BOOSETEL'C : ABBJTKS IS FEAITCE. wiASHTOOTON, July 2.: - J rhe .arrival of Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Roosevelt in France. was on- nounced today by the Navy Department. Mr. Roosevelt made; the trip on a destroyer. The purpose of his visit is to inspect:the naval administration on the other side (it the Atlantic. : AKEXICAITFITXB8 _____ . . · BOWIT HTOf HACHUTES. .WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN FRANCE, Sunday, July K.--Two more German airplanes are reported tO'hKve been brought down Saturday by American aviators. LOCAL WAR NEWS T. BOWIWO BURIED .AT VEBJCUIEt. Winiam F. Bowling, who died while in the service- in France, was burled at a town called Vermulel, according to a letter received by Mrs. A. Cuneo of Bast Crawford avenue, from her son, F. J. Cuneo, a member of the 446th Detachment of Engineers. Speaking of the death of Bowling on June 4, Cuneo says: "1 (suppose you heard about Bill DowHng. He was burled June 4. I received a letter (rom Joe Scarry at Neverb telling me about It. Bill waa at Veimuiel. about two miles from Nevers, where Joe Is located. Joe dldnjt even get to see him. He was notified after Bill was buried. Bill was a good boy and I know he is In a good place. The priest was with him to the end. The only salvation a fellow has over here is to stick to his. religion." The letter wa dated June 19 at Tours. SOLDIER COMES TO VISIT ; , BRIDE, FINDS HER DEAD i Continued from Page One, know of the misfortune that hart befallen htm Walking up street he was ·greeted by a friend, vio- broke, the news. C'rossland wired hie commanding officer at lie embarkation port. but the uncertainty attending the .time of departure of the command made It necessary that he be summoned to report at once. .Before h«r marriage'Mrs. Crossland ·was Miw Bertha Stokes, a daughter of H. C. Stokes, a former sheriff o£ Waco, Texas, who died eight years ago. Her mother was also dead. ' The only surviving member of theSamilv is'"a brother, Hobert Stokes,'who-Is in South Dakota. Miss Stokes, was married to Gunner Crossland on Mar-21 at Port Worth,, Tei. On June 24 at Fort Worth she underwent a serious major operation. She had improved to such an extent that the. physician ill charge advised that she would be able to come to Connelleville. She arrived Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock and that evening at 6 o'clock aho collapsed and the following; day she -was removed to the hospital. Death came at 1:45 o'clock Saturday afternoon. ,The funeral of Mrs. Croesland was conducted by Rev. G. W. Bucfcner, pastor of the Christian church. Interment was made in Hill Grove cemetery. Gunner Crossland enlisted in August 1917, and had been in training since at Kelly Field, Camp McArthur and Camp Hicks. . It hi understood the armored cruiser San Diego which waa sunk by a submarine last week was to have carried the command overseas. The mUhap to the vessel delayed sailing and gave Crossland the opportunity to visit home. IDLE COK WORKERS TO BE REPORTED TO FOE OFFICIALS "PATT HICKET ABBIVRi SAFEIT OTEE THESE. . Word has boen. received from Pat- rick'J. Hlcfcey of the West Sidn who ls«wi«h the 51st Infantry, that he has arrived safely in. Prance. Hickey had been in training, in Camp Lee, Va. TAfTDEKBttT 80LTOXB ' LA5DS SAFE OVER THESE. Word has been received that Lester .Barficklow of VanderbUt,.a member of a veterinary regiment, has arrived safely in France. HAKSRAU D. BBOOK8 , AEBITES UT Mrs. John Brooks of Normalville has received, a card announcing the safe arrival overseas of her son, Marshal] D. Brooks, Cotripany B, 304th I". S. Battalion. MORE DRAFT CALLS Local Boards Get Orders to Send White Hen and Xcgroes. Local Boards Nos- 2 and 6 have received orders to call 11 men to so to Camp Wards worth, Spartensbnrg, S. C.,, during the nve day period beginning August 5. The boards will send an increment of 32. men to Camp Lee next Tuesday: ' Notice', that 2,390 draftees will be *wt from thJa state to Camp ilher- jnan,' Chilticothe, O., was also received. .The men will go during, the five day. period beginning Aiigiisi 1. A call for 2,768 colored men from Pennsylvania., to ID to Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Mich,, during the five day period beginning August .1 has also been received. , : · ' ·- '.-;: ' ".,', · ·, ,- ·. Another'.call for automobile: mechanics . and chauffeurs. to; go. to. the Universltr of Pittsburg {or special training, 'on August IS i was received. The board already has a quota of 15 men to go on that date- under a previous call, filled, · · - . " : . v · · AU Sedety Esiteirtalned; · ' The.Ladles' Aid Society of Dunbar met at'the residence of .William-H. Anderson-at Leisenring No. li Dinner wa£ served and a most enjoyable lime was had. The following were present: -Mrs.. Lola King: of Scott- lale; .Mrs...JJohn : Gol4en, Mrs. J. M. Burhans, Mrs. William Jacobs, Mrs. Walter Moyer, Mrs/ Seaton,. Mrs. D. C. Foltz and daughter, Virginia, Miss jean McWllliams, Mrs..C.- A. 'Forman and daughter, :Blsie Olive, Mrs. H: W. 3»rricklow and daughter, Henrietta liildred, Mrs. Jim Wilson and .Mrs. «ed' Oaddis, all ot Dunbar; Mrs. C. 3. Wilson, Mrs.. George Gnthrie and son, Bob'ert, Mrs. JJ'Boschvan and daughter, Elizabeth, of Connellsville; Mrs.' Harrr.._Bitner,.. Mrs. Folti,: Mrs. Mary Anderson'-.and Mrs. L. ; Morgan and daughter, all of Lelsenring- Feed Bescce Workers. Members of- the Sinithfield hranch. of the Red Cross are being commended lor their work in serviiig the rescue workers: at 'the mine of the 'enn Coal.Company, where four men were entombed Thursday morning Slice ·the 'first -news of' the' disaster, etween IS and 20 women of the branch have been preparing food and coffee lor the workers. '. ' ·Continued fran Pa** On*. "Nothing bat six days work a week by every man will be satisfactory to the United States government "No man has any right to lay off even part of a day unless he Is disabled. The boys at tb« front do no lay off and the man who fails to support them Is supporting Germany and Germany la going to be so badly licked that her supporters will not be able to flnd a decent place to live in after the war is won. The man who works steadily now deserves the work when work is scarce which it inevitably will be, but the man who doea not do his best now ought to be drummed out of the U.ultod States, and Washington has ordered us to get his record. Your hearty cooperation is appreciated." · Wi*n R. jr. Fry, general manager of the Orient Coke company, stated in, the columns of The Weekly Courier some days ago that the available labor supply of the region is sufficient to run the plantii at about 90 per cent of their maximum, if all practiced a full-time schedule, he gave expression to the views of all well informed operators. The fact that production has been only about 70 per cent of maximum, creates a condition the Fuel Administration Is very much concerned in remedying, and for that purpose has Issued the order t»tab- lishing a supervision of labor. The authority to establish this system is contained In a telegram sent by Jaa. B. Neale, director of production of the Fuel Administration, to Mr. Fry who, with C. E. Lonhart and J. M. Jamison, members of the regional fuel committee, who recently held a conference In 'Washington at which the labor supervision plan was worked out The telegram was as followi: "The tonnage from your district fs not satisfactory and a marked increase Is absolutely necessary in order that the government war work may not be interrupted. You .will please require each operator In. your district to send you dally a list of the names of the men. who arc- absent or who work short 'hours without good cause and post a duplicate list at each mine or coke plant." Four Xcn Called. Earner B. Mlllej- ot Dunbar and Jesso G. Collins ' ot Markleysburg. have been' added -to the list of men who will go to the University of Pittsburg,on August 1,5 for special train- Ing as motor mechanics. Wade K-. Newell of Normalville and Ray R. Brooks have been called to go Syracuse, N. Y. Tke HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE 139 to I33^N PlTTSBURG St..*. CONNELLSVILLE'S GREATEST STORE The wonderful saving tlius effected goes to our cus- tomres. We'consider it a conservative statement that every business day during our Mill Remnant Sale this store has saved thousands ot dollars to its patrons. That's why so many shrewd and .thrifty people cow concentrate their buying at this store. Every dollar saved is a dollar earned, and it can easily, be figured how quickly savings will run up into many dollars, if you will go from department to department and see prices on Mill Remnant Sale tickets you will readily.see what wonderful savings await you at our Great Mill Remnant Sale. Mill Remnant Sale most To buy going away luggage at our Mill Remnant Sale is profitable. Black Keratol Traveling Bags, In good walrus grain, has a heavy cloth lining, in 16 and 18 inch sizes. A wonderful values at 53.95, Mill Bemnant Sale Price $2.49. Leather Traveling Bags--a high grade bag made of good leather, Mill Remnant Sale Price $5.0'0 up to $10.50. High grade suit case?.with good heavy lining with.solid lock and corners, Mill Remnant Sale Price SL50 up to $4.50. Mill Remnant Sale 1,000 pairs of fine artcy grey cotton Blankets, made of long fibre cotton with colored borders, full bed size--Just at the wanted time when going camping you will .need light weight bed clothes, Mill Rem-. nant Sale Price J3.50 up to $5.50. Mill Remnant Sale TTomcn's Silk Gloves CTc. Every pair is perfect with double tipped fmgers--"wrist. length-black or white, stylish and serviceable, all sizes. 69c; value $1.00. Mill Remnant Sale BOOK SIZE ECGS. Although we have sold a large number ot Rugs a'great many awaits your selection and as on .rug is as beautiful as another and choice Is merely a matfer of 'taste you are sure to find some that will appeal to you--at $21.50 up to $45.00. Mill Remnant Sale XEWEST STUDIES HATS AT $1.05 UP TO $12.50. The new light hats for mid-summer are here. We have Just unpacked them. Connellsville women are sure W be charmed with their style newness s well as the wonderful values which are made possible only by the great Mill Remnant Sale. Corae aJid see. Mill Remnant Sale A limited number of elegant blouses designed to sell at $7.50, tomorrow at $3.95. Women of taste who are a bit thrifty will be charmed with these blouses for they are the women who know ho-w bard it is to find a dressy blouse of* smart individuality, or a blouse of smart simplicity with originality in design at $3.95. Mill Remnant Sale TPHITE WASH SKIETS AT 95c TIP TO $5-95. Made of Sne French Cords, Gabardines and Linens, plain and shirred at tops, with wide girdle belts, newest pocket effects. Some trimmed with large pearl buttons--in regular and extra sizes. MRS. LUCY M. HALL. Mrs. Lucy M. Hall, mother of Frank L. (Dad) Hall of Uniontown, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Waldron in Providence, R. L Killed in Mine. I Andy Murick of Dunbar, 19 years j old, was killed yesterday morning by j a fall of slate in the Freeport mine ' No. 1. Funeral services were held this morning at 10 o'clock from the Greek church at Leisenrinjr, with In-; terment in the church cemetery. j !T STOPPED MY SUFFERING Said Mrs. Jayne*, Speaking of Lydia £. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. To Hold Festival I The Standard Bearers and ithe j Woman's Foreign Missionary society | of the Cochran Memorial church at i Dawson will hold a festival Saturday evening on the Hill grounds, the proceeds to be for mission work. Xotor to Gettysburg. Mr. and Mrs.. C. Dunmire and son Tom R-uffsdalo and Mrs. Edward Warlow and daughter Eosella motored to Gettysburg for the week-end. On their return Mrs. Wardlow stopped oft at Harrisburg to visit relatives. Anderson, S. C.--"I got into an awful condition with what the doctors said was an organic dis' placement. I would nave pains so badly that they would have to put hot clothes on me and give me morphine. Tile doc- , tor said I w o u l d never be any better without an operation and X w o u l d n e v e r have any children without it A neighbor who knew what y o u r medicine would do advised me to give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a trial. I did so and it made roe a Everson Fan Day. Friday, July .26, tan day, will be celebrated OD the school grounds at Bverson.. tor the benefit of the Red. Cross. Music will be a feature. Miss Anna George will cing and will, be assisted by a chorus of members of the surgical dressings class. Refresh- merits will, be served and amusements of various kinds provided. Announcement. Miss McFarland wishes to announce to her friends and. patrons that on an'd after August 1st she will be located au'second floor of Title . Trust building, corner Pittsburg street and Crawford avenue:--Adv.--17-13C Xlner Fatally Injured. John Petko 24 .years old, was raSally.' injured Saturday . morning when caught iy a 'all of slate, ill the Walnut Hill mines near Point Marion. : Charles. Booii.6 Over. Charles .'.H.'; Boone,. son of Fred Boone of Trader street, has arrived safely overseas. Patronize those who advertise; CASTORIA For Infants and Children In Use For Over 30 Years Tire Boss Ponnd Dead. Joe Gongh, flrehoss for the Found; tion company at Vesta No. 7 was found dead on Snowdon's square near Dunlap's Creek, last evening. If Ion Are Hunting Bargains Read the advertiselng columns of The Dally Courier. You will flnd them. ICKIE SAYS Anderson, S. C. The letters which we are constantly publishing from women in every section of this country prove beyond question the merit of this famous root and herb medicine, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. DBfeft-tt TO-KW HEMt-OT ii THE. S1EA.MT1 WHO PON-IS FtR H(S VJHEH s CUE AT THVS FOOM-1IM OF ft REG-LAB. IM31-BEW. , 1\V S-reAD-tN SUB-SCWBEB. After Baby's Bath 10,000 mines vriU tell you that nothing kcepi the ekin M free from wreneM ml Sykes Comfort Powder Its extraordinary healing and soothing, power ii noticetblc on first application. 2Se at the-Vino! and other drug *tore3 The Comfort Powder Co., Boston, Man. Yough House RESTAURANT Under Hew Management. A Clean Qniet Place lor Tour Family to Bat. Let Os Know What You Want and HOT Tou Want It GOOD SERVICE. Sirs. C. J. Armstrong, Prop. .-atronize Those Who Advertise.

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