The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 24, 1939 · Page 20
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 24, 1939
Page 20
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i WJMN i r. FA. FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 1933. CITY GUARDSMEN TO TRAIM / AT BULL RUN AUGUST ; 5-9 Connellsville's two units ol the ] Pennsylvania National Guard will spend their annual tw o weeks summer training period n maneuvers over the cite of the Civil War bat Je' of Bull Hun Both the Howitzer Company, commanded by Captain Norman A Browell, and the Medical Detachment, in charge of Captain Orland F Leighty, will make *he trip into V r- gmia to tram v.ith the legular Armj as part of the season s first Armv maneuvers The entire 28th Division will be n Virginia, Adjutant General Edward Martin announced in Harnsbu-g There are 8 500 officers and men in the State's National Guard alone Brigadier General Martin will assume command oJ the 28th Division in June, succeeding Major General Edward Shannon Embraced also in the division are Service Corrpany ot Scottdale and guard units of Mount Pleasant, Somerset, Latrobe, Waynes- ·^·urg, Washington, Altoora and else- wnere. The regular encampment at Indiantown Gap, except for a few units, will be dropped this year The maneuvers, drawing troops from other Middle Atlantic states, were held at Indiantown Gap and Mount Gretna four years ago The troops will assemble at Manassas, Va, for maneuvers from August 5 to 10 With the 28th Dnision will be the 213th Coast Artillery units under command ol Colonel Charles C Curtis The 176th Field Artillery o£ Pittsburgh will be stationed at Quantico, M d , or Fied- ericksburg The 103rd Observation Squadron of Philadelphia will go to Langley Field, Va. The neivest guard unit, the 101st Radio Intelligence Company of Pittsburgh, v, ill tram m Plattsburg, N Y , where troops from New England states New York and Ne Jersey will encamp as part o£ the maneuvers The personnel section, commanded by Colonel E S Janeway will tram at Indiantown Gap June 17 to 31 as will the 52nd Cavalry Brigade commanded by Brigadier Veneral Edward Stackpole, Jr, of Harnsburg Surrealist--And How! Court's Task To Save Youth, Jurors Told Railroads Conspired To Break Anti-Trust Statutes, Charge By United Press WASHINGTON, Mar 24 -- The Justice Department said today it is investigating a complaint that the Association of American RailroacU has engaged jn an illegal conspiracy in violation of the anti-trust statutes The complaint, officials said, was filed two weeks ago by one of the nation's largest motor carrier companies Salvador Dali, ore of America's foremost exponents of surrealist art, received suspended sentence on disorderly conduct charge in New York after he pitched head first through a storo vrndow m protest against; the r changing his -window design He escaped without a scratch, mmculously avoiding 1 decapitation. Man Will Need Brief Case Hoi Bride to Get Marriage License Special to The Cour e~ UMONTCmN, Mar 24 --Human problems to which judges must find solutions wcie discussed at length by Judge W BusseU Carr ,n discharging jurors in his courUoom f t o m fui- ther service at the M-ueh cuminai sessions concluding th s week To illustrate h s talk the court rend a pathetic letter recen Jy received fiom a hea t-bioken father giievmg over a hon u h o , succumoirg o the inHuence of e\il comp inions, now \vaits disposition of chaigcs against him "My Dear Judge," tne f ithei wrote "I am witmg jou regarding , , m sor \vbo his pleidcd guiUy to enter- mg tne s oie of and larcenj \\itn = \ other boys "He plcaaed guilt*- on *ny mstri c- tions when 1 learned v. hit he had done "He is a student ir rnd ne\ei had been n tioub e betoie "I am sending oa ^ letter fiom the supo i itendcnt o£ the Surdiy school uhere I ha\e been a rierrbcr for man yens "When jou see J he e% iderce, I hope vou cin see oin \\ny clear to be as lenient is poss ble "We aie wi ling to mi*c --cstitu- tion and piy tac costs Wo ire not hiring an attorney, but ire le-njng it to your disciction " The cou"t did not repeal the nances nor anv pait of the letter that Mould disclose idcnt ty of the fam ly In his talk to uhe jurj, Judge Can- said "Your \vork is now firi=;hod nnd the couits work ju^t bcgmnirg with these defendants th^t have been convicted of all sorts of offences "A great rmny o f them ore joing Arms' Heiress Visits Americas Coraopohs Spikcrs Win. Coraopohs High won the W P I A L volleyball championship for the fourth consecutive year and w*U enter the State finals at State College Saturday, April 1 Thirteen schools opposed the Corrys Australia Builds Planes. MELBOURNE, Australia, Mar. 24. --Premier Joseph /Lyons announced the government's ipproval of a British air mission's ·icheme to establish a vast Australian vvarplane production industry I The Countess de ]a Guere, tVe fonner Peggy Bielefeld and daughter of Mac Bielefeld, associate of tne late Basil Zaharoff, munitions magnate, arrives in New York from France, with her Borzoi -woHhound. She is en route to South America, reputedly to clean up some business affairs of her father. (Central Press) HARRISBURG, Mar 23--Senate Minority Floor Leader Harry Shapiro Philadelphia predicts the, Legislature will keep on pas= ng ' men I b a \ e to dispose of ibout 100 marriage laws to the point where a Number of Bad Highway Grade Crossings Cut By United Press HARRISBURG, Mar 24-Hazard- ous highway graae crossing^ IT. Pennsylvania have been reduced oy 26 per cent since December Public Utility Commission Chairman D J Dnscoll announced today Dnscoll said "107 heretofore unprotected crossings will be safe- man \\ill have to appear at the license cle'-k office uith a brief case instend of has bride Shortlj after the Senate passed a bill requumg a]' rmrnage licence appl cants to produce doctors cer^fi- cates of good pnncal hea th a measin. e spor co'-ec by the same Senator C Gilbc-t "WuUenden R , Indiana to require an apohcant fa** any license to produce a per capita school -a% receipt for the preceding year came up foi n vote Ihe runontj leadei ashed Ies\e to question the sponsor and drew from him the reply that this would also apply to mar lage licenses · Tne time will corre, Shapiro qu pped, ' when a man who \vants to marr will have to appear at the license bureau \uth a brief case instead of his bride ' The gentleman from Irdiana concluded in further reply that the gentleman from Philadelphia was "taking me for a ride" Mrs E1iih Ruff? Buried Funeral services for Mrs Edith Elinor Hall Kugg were held last week at the Indian Creek Baptist Church, at Mill Run uiih Hev F S Wortman officiating The church choir sang 'Someti-ne Well Understand, ' ' Rock of Ages ' and ' Does Jesus Care 9 " Mrs Rugg was Lorn July 16, 1907, and died March 13 at the age of 31 years She is sur\ ved by her hus- oand, George Rugg, two daughters, guarded, 106 by trainmen preceding I Hilda and Dons and one son, George, each train movement over the cross- her mother, Mrs Lena Daniels of mg . . . and one by flashing Igiht signals At 19 other unprotected crossings it was found that no tram movements are now beirg made Attributing the "advance ' to railroad cooperation with a PUC grade- protection drive, DriEcoU ssid the commission "is continuing regotia- tions with the railroads with a view toward establishing continuous protection by gates, watchmen, automatic signals or trainmen at the remaining unprotected crossings over through high ;vays " and in all of + ho«;e cases tions hn\ e bee i made I serd out investigators to learn about their families their environments and everything thit must be taken into consideration before the cises aie d sposed of *'The idea here is not the puni=h- m^nt, but to save the jouth and make him a good citi/en "It is astonish ng the number of do'encHnts uho are mere souths "It js said thit ot,t of 100 plnced 01 pinole, 35 are retu-red to coi.rus n o he 1 " cases However \\hcn "vou read about these 13 in the newspapers you should renember the other S3 who have been redeemed 1 The court raid he hesitated to serd joung boys to anj of the various m- s*itut ons of correction "These institutions are onH universities of crime What the don't know before being sert there, the learn after they get there "These bojs are the future citizens of our country We ask the cooperation on the paH of parents and friends as \ve v*^trh ov e* 1 the^e bos and try to steer them in the right path" Hadio Cir Voted Out Monongahela council disregarded the pki of M lyor W E McCracKen j i voting afunst proposed installa- tion of a two-way police radio system while adopting an ordinance increasing the cit's indebtedness by $40 000 to finance WPA projects W, INTERIOR GLOSS FOR INTERIOR WALLS AND WOODWORK For kitchan and bathroom walls and woodwork Da Pont Interior Gloss is the ideal finish. Easy to apply. Usually coven in one coat. Stands repeated scrubbing*. QUICKC ONE COAT MAGIC BRUSH Only 95C Quart A BARSAINm BEAUTY I*3cal foe furniture and -woodwork. Tough, ducabte fijro. Easy to apply. Dries quickly S!.49Qt. Capture charm focyowt home with painted walls 13 pastel aots whit 75c Qt. DULUX SUPER WHITE Stays white and easy to apply Paint with Dupont for Lasting Quality' Loucks Hardware Co. 110 W. Crawford A-venne. Phone 135 Hooversville Girl Firs! in Somerset Shakespearean Meet Spedil to The Courier SOMERSET, Mar 24 --Miss V man Boyer of Hooversvillc was named wirner o£ the Somerset county Kill Run and tne following brothers and sisters njoh " ^f 11 ' Brownsvi'le h - lvarla Forons!c Mu . Charles Hall, William, Kenneth J Harry, Robert, Eugene, Mrs Bessie Shipley, Mrs Pearl Shipiey and Emma, all ot Mill Run Dies in Garage GREENSBURG, Mar 24 --C S. Marshall 43, of New Kensington, was found dead froin carbon monoxide poisoning m a garage Sunday morning A depu*y coroner said the man had committed suicide sic League it Conomaugh Township H Eh Scnool and will represent the county in the district events at Call- forn a Sta'o Tenchers College Arne Horbiak of Conemaugh Township was second and Ruth Borers ol Some-set township secord 0 her contestants were Mirgaret Coilms of Veyc-sdaie, Ma-.orie Gross 01 Rockwood Phlh: Newman of Salisbury and Anna "Vlane Salbia o£ I Bosweli Cooking Demonstration In Swan's Display Window All Day Tomorrow CONDUCTED BY MISS MARGUERITE ELLiOT Cooking Expert « GIVEN FREE!! 4 PIECES THIP-PROOr FEDERAL ENAMELWARE Valued at $22.50 Don't Miss It I See the World's Finest Ran S e! Sold Exclusively By SWAN'S C0:NELLSVILLE 107 S. Pittsburg St. Phono 1212 DKIOMOflJS «ifl No. G n l i n f i n Avc. Plione 45. Friday Saturday Jl V IE! Friday Saturday T5AKIXO P O ^ D T R 10 or. cnn Sc U*co -- For Success JUKFl) B!;\S 28 07. pot ]"c Puritan Rr md BnA 1 * 1 ! 2 ibs. lie Put Tliem on Your List 1 ISH V ORAXGE 2 11-oz ens lie Manderm -- Trj Them JUICE pint bottle 23o -- Fine Flavor JoLn\c Mi Del Monte Bnnd HEINZ JUNIOR FOODS 2 6V4 oz 21 r " Cans *JA- CSTO BROOMS .. . , each 89c Jso 6 Size _ Ko. »y 2 can 19c Del Monte Sliced or Crushed BILL PICKLES 2-- 16-oz jnrs 17c Usco -- Snappy Flavor P L \ i r 3 r » T S . lb. tin 23c Usco -- I or \ounjT and Old Standard PE VS S No. 2 cans 25c Serve Thorn for Dinner SWEET PE VS 2 No. 2 cans 27c Baxter's Finest FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ON SALE FRIDAY AND SATCRDATT mt \ ;, *"' Si" Florida 176 Size ORANGFS Caliform i Sunhist ZZO'i GR vrnrituiT _ _ Marsh Seedless r.Rsrnvp Fine Flavor APPLES Fancy Winesap APPLES Balchvin-- U S No 1. BANANAS . iellow Ripe CARROTS For Soups or Silads CELERY Juinbo Crisp CELERY HEARTS Nice and Tender KALE -- _ Eat More of It LEAF LETTUCE . ,, Good for Salads LETTUCE . . . Iceberg Crisp PARSNIPS \1asheS -- Fine Quality PEANLTS Fresh Roasted SHALLOTS Snappy Flavor SPINACH . It's Good for You TOMATOES Solid Ripe TURNIPS Washed -- Nice and Solid YAMS . ,, _. _ Fine Quality doi. 23c S for Zlr- ,. ,, fln* £0o 3 Ibs 2 Be S It..! 22.-. 4 Ibs 25c 2 Ibs 9c f st-ilk? lie bunch 7c f 111. an 1 Ibs. 19c 2 Itn fir lb. 14c ' ft lb. 18c . 2 Ibs 9o 5 Ibs, 21c Standard CORN 8 No. 2 cans 20c For Soups, Etc Del Monte COBN . No. 2 can lie Golden Bantam Kidney Beans ,, 3 ~So. 2 cans 25c Joan or Arch Red SARDINES ,, No. 1 can 9c Belle Isle--In Tomato Sauce Grapefruit Juice 46 oz. can 17c Te:vsun Pure Unsweetened ORANGE JUICE . TreesKcet Brand ,, 12 07. can 9c H E I N Z SPAGHETTI ,10c 17 Oz · Can BEEF STEW . . 24 oz. can 16c Dmty Moore DINTY HOORE 24 or. can 16c Spaghetti and Meat Balls TOUET SOAP _ . 3 cakes lie Octagon--Sweet Scenting: -SEA FOOB- 13c HADDOCK ,, . . . Fillet at Haddock HALIBUT .. . _ _ .11). 23c Sliced--It's Good OYSTERS . _ Standard Quality CROAKERS ,, fresh Bound . pint 2ic - ·_,, lb. 15c HORMEL'S SPAM 12 ox. can Popular Cold Cut TUNA FISH can Chicken of the Sea VEGETABLE SOUP 3 cans TJsco--Heat and Serve. 22 oz. cans CORN FLAKES 8 oz. pkg. 7c Kcllopre's--Popular Cereal 29c 14c 25c GROUND SAGE McCORIvnCK'S BEE BRAND Slfl Tin QUAKER FARINA Popular Cereal USCO MILK For Every Purpose HEINZ PICKLE Fresh Cucumber CAKE FLOUR 23/4 lb. pkg. 24c Swansdown Brand pkg. 9c 3 tall cans 19c 24 oz. jar 19c LAUNDRY SOAP TJSCO--Quick Suds USCO SOAP White Milled or Green Toilet 6 cakes 25c 3 cakes13c SOAP POWDER 3-16 ox. pks 13c t3sco--For the Laundry BAB-O CLEANSER 2 cans 25c For Quick Action GROUND MACE BEE BRAND Sift 1m CHOC. GRAHAMS lb. 22c N B C . They're Delicious N. B. C. SANDWICH pkg. 14c Tasty Cheese , CHOCOLATE Rockwood Brand COFFEE Special Blend '/2 lb. pkg. lie lb. 17c 3 Ibs. 49c ON s VLT; FP.IDAY AND SA'IUBDAI PORK BUTTS .. . Tender and Lean SAUSAGE Link or Country Style DAISY CHEESE "Mild Flav or BOLOGNA Jumuo Style FRANKFURTERS Tast% flavor STAR HAMS CHOICE QUALITY MEATS lb. 20c lb. 19c lb. 18c lb. 16c lb. 21c lb. 29c Whole or Shank Half Skinned--Butt Half 31c lb PLATE BOFL 18c lb . PORK LOIN W1IOLE, HALF OK END CENTER CUTS 25c lb . 0 T S1LE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SLICED BACON Vz lb. pkg. 15e Armour's Star 2 pltgs 29c SALT SIDE Dry--Economical Cut SAUSAGE Colored Plates LOIN STEAK Tender and Juicy RIB ROAST Branded Beef CHUCK ROAST From Grain Fed Steers lb. H4c in \ lb. plates 26c lb. 38c lb. 32c lb. 30c UPPLY CO.

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