The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 22, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 22, 1918
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Connellsvflle's Biggext arid Bwt Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last -'Weefc, "* 132: VOL, 1«, NO. 216. i. ; , CONNELLSVTLLH,- PA., MOKDAY EVENING, JULY-22, 1918. BIGHT PAGES. GERMAN COUNTER OFFENSIVE BROKEN UP P SEARCH ON FOR SUBMARINES OPERATING BYALUE NEWENG DRIVE FORWARD EIGHT AMERICANS GAIN FOUR; CROWN PRINCE CM1S FOR AID Particularly Strong "Attacks Between the Marne sand Oarcq Fail Completely Before Superior Gunnery of French ahcl American Troops; Effort to Force Decision Made at Two Points; Young American Lieutenant Garrying Messages Mas Eight Horses Shot IJnder Him. BRITEH CONTINUE TO GAIN ABOUT HEBETURNE By Aawclatwi Pram. LOSBOK," J«ly 22.--Ajnerican troops yesterday crossed the river Mane between Charteves and Gland, ea«t of Chatean TWerry, a«d capture a the wood of Barblllon, according to a«- ttwttative announcement made here today.. The German* are stubbornly resisting the French crossing tke Harne bat tke French have jiaeceeded In getting two elt- ·ents «ver at Meiy a«d CoureeDee, which are constructing foot bridges amder heavy Are. The Germaas are using gas shells in large Bunben. ' '. The eantnre of Bttrblllon wood »y the American* means that the oveneM Mta hare advanced between three and fonr miles tnm their «ld positions on the M«HM. On every front the Germans are resisting desperately and are making ,vlolciA eouter attacks. SevertheleM the French tawnpa yesterday made progress along the river Xarne to a ' ·Mxfanm depth ol eight mfles. The object of the enemy/ eonnter-attack is to expedite the withdrawal af hlg trooni front the. pocket between Solsoni :"' ajftd Bhehns. Veanwhile German troops on the somthern end of tt* **eket rat be experiencing. p*at difficulty in getting snp- SMtawest ol Jtheima, there tuu been heavy fighting and the nmde progress v ,_ : . Betw*«n-tk« Onrai and the Jtame rlrers th« French yester- CBOwTT YBEICIE CALLS FOB HELP. "WITH THE FBKNCH AKXT E* FXA3TCE, Jnly 23,--Fred- crick WHHa», the Geenuut imperial crown prince, has oeen ·Mhjcd to oill for help fromhite eomsin, Crown Prince Bvppreeht ·f Bavaria. German drrisions from the arnjr in the north have been harried down to protect the western flank of the defeated army which has been driven hack over the Marne and ejected frgnt Chatean Thierry ttf Franco-Ainerican troops. . . laiEBICAJfS CAPTUBE MOO. x · WASHINGTON, July 22.--Fresh successes for the'Ameri- can force* in their drivr between th« Aisne and the Marne were .reported in General-Pttrshinsr'g comnunigne for yesterday, received today at the War Department. , The Americans were driving ahead with nndiminished' vigor and spirit the statement said. ." - " . . - . , . : .- '"· · 3Tore : than C,000 prisoners, over 100 cannon and many trench mortars and nuuJiine gnns hare been taken by American divisions in the last few days-on the JKarne front, General Perching reported. · CHATEAU THIEBBY BOMBABDEB. PAKIS, JDly 22^--.StroHg counter attacks delivered last n%ht by the Germans cm the front .between the Oarcq and the Jlame were broken by tlie Allies, the war office announced today, The Allied p««HIons hare been maintained. The enemy counter blows were delivered in the region ol tfrbolfeft, seven miles, northwest of Chatean Thierry. : North of the Onreq and between the Xarne and Rneims the enemy action-was .limited to artillery fire. The'fire was p»- tienlarly notable in the region of the woods of Conrton and Boi. COOKIH8 UP A SAVORY MESS FOR THE EVERY FACILITY AT COMMAND OF NAVY OFFICIALS CALLED IN PLAY TO RUN DOWN THE PEST British and Freich "cookl««',' preparing a tempting repast for hungry - comrades. The woods screen their flres fr«n detection, but tiiej- can't bottle up the savory odors that make the hungry fefl.ovs' months water. SOLDIER COMK TO VISIT BRIDE, FIM1MDEAD F. TF. Grassland, Aerial Gunner, Unable to Stay For Funeral. COMPMfYCTOACT AS ESCORT TO MEN HAVING TOMORROW For the first time since draft registrants 'were called for enlrainment to training camps, tfte contingent going from this place will have a mlli- tarr escort when they march to, the Baltimore Ohio station tomorrow evening. Company G,' Pennsylvania Raservo Militia, -trhlch. arrired home after a week's train- , TflftAY Saturday night af lUUAI ing al Mout f t Gra TOe of Weil Kntiwn TOB»S Man Had draftees to the station. The Con- Port of Boston Is Not Closed But All Unarmed Craft Are Warned of'the-Danger from Venturing Out; Sea Pirate First Seen Off Coast at Dusk Saturday Evening; Said to Have Been Headed Southward Along the Coast. ; / NUMEROUS REPORTS OF PRESENCE RECE1W · · / Br Associated Press. J50STON. auly 22.--AH the facilities at the command of the First. Jia-ral district ware brooght into play today in a search ot ?feiv England waters for the German snbmarine ivltich attacked and sunk three barges yesterday off Cape Cod within yiew of the Orloaus shore. Though the port of Boston was not closed merchant ships and other unprotected craft were -warned of the danger of leaT« ing- linrbor. i The submarine was headed sontli when last seen yesterday bnt-naral authorities expressed the opinion that the boat might b o b ' u p again off the New ngland coast and were prepared for. / any eventuality. Kcports to headquarters of the First r aral district here in- jdicat-efi the presence of the submarines in this vicinity since j Saturday. Captain Orin Bartlett of Plymouth reported that Same of Every Man Who lays'about dusk he sighted the periscope of a submarine four miles off the port of Plymouth. He said he -was in a motor boat and close enough to the periscope to positively identify it as that of a submersible. His report placed the submarine well within Massachusetts bay. Other reports of the presence of the under I sea boat have also b«en received, but not in all cases have they {been of a conclusive nature. IDLE COKE WORKERS TO BE REPORTED TO FUEL OFFICIALS Off Part of One Day Is to Be Listed. MORE DRASTIC MEASURES neUsviJl* Military band will head the May i» T? fcen K System o! Labsi Sn*** ' In-Law lr»til CMose ol tfar; 1M« [ irpBClai tralu leaTlng at 9,25 o'clock. ''few Hours. Later at lhi Hospital. Captain A. O. Stone oskE the ntembors ' __^ ' of Company G to ba at the armory .in Wille Finley Woodirari! Crossland, an aerial gunner, better known, here to bis friends as '"Wooda," was bound tiis alteraooa for overseas with his command, the 354th Aero Squadron, iornnring relative* and friends a- ot hi; inlJorm at 7-o'clock. lioca! Boa.rd No. 5 wilt send 32 men I and-Local Board No. I, 31. The drat- at the at 10 pose of Increasing Production; A'crtliiii? Bnt Full Week Will Sattsf J. n , · jmrnw m o n g at w ^^ for rol] ran anfl ^j, ^ m be a[sm , gse( j umn ^ter'in tha atternoon. «mbied at the borne of his parents, i ,,,,, lncremeat Iearia g nere tomor . Mr. and Mrs. C. S: Cropland in Ste-! row . almoat elnaus ts Class 1 of both pheu street, Connellsrille, wire pay-j Boards Nos. ! and 5. 'On the n«ct call ing the last tributes to the memory o£: 19 18 registrants will be snmraoned. nis young wife who died Saturday, LO^I BoaTd for District No. 5 tliis afternoon at the Cottage State boa- rooming receired notice from Camp pltal.a lew hours alter reaching-Con- Lee that nine regiirtiranta who had nellSTille. -where, she planned to re-|be«n sent there on June 26, and one main .until th« return of her soldier sent on May 29 had, been dlfichi-.-ged husband from the front. The exigen- !m account of phyalc4il disability. The eies ol.war made it'necessary for the 1 ' ~ " -husband, who arrived unexpectedly Sunday morning on a 48-hour leave of absence to. forego the privilege o£ at- Appeals to the patriotism and self- interest of a certain, proportion ot f the employes of the coal and coke 1 plants of the Coonellsville region to practice a full six-day work schedule each w*\k, and otherwise do all that they can to increase production, having failed to accomplish all that is de-. sired or thought possible in tliat dir j 110th Machine Gun Company, who had SOMERSET GOES WILD IN DEMONSTRATION IN HONOROFJ10THHERO T^loic Town faros On( to Giro Tent to EiiUiBslMin and listen to Local Orators Luofl Bugler Jones. Somerset -yrent -wild during a demonstration given there on Friday- night in honor of Walter Jones, of the rectfon, the Fuel Administration has decided upon other measures to fceep in touch with the labor slackers. It been cited tor decoration for dis- WITH 28TH DIVISION ON THE FIRING IINE, WAR HAS NEW INTEREST For the People of Western Pennsyha. nia, the Home of tbellOth Be^- ment; Jn Fine"1'iffhting Trinu : The fact that tie 2Sth, or Keystone Division, United States National Guard, of which the 110th Regiment is a part, is on the firing line in the i present offensive-of- the Allies against tinguished bravery in leading a de- the Germans, invests the situation. tachment of his company through, the ! has been von r plainly announced that i ranks of the Huns oy whom they had "nothing but six days a week by'been surrounded on the western with a ne-pr significance and interest in this section and all parts of "Western Pennsyirauia -which have turnisli- everj' man win be satisfactory to _lhe | front. In honor of Bugler Jones, | e( j you ng me u to tjj« several corupa- governtnent" act! Uie warning "is given whom. Somerset had learned had fig- |ni es o j ^ e noth Regiment. HAS CEABKEIt LIFE. . . LONDON, Sunday. July -zS.^How an American, battery on the bank of the Marne shelled the Germans for 72- hours while under flre from enemy guns is described by Renter's, correspondent at French headquarters. A young lientenant, after telephone -wires ha4_been severed, maintained communication .-between the battery and the infantry: -He had eight horses shot ·under him in making 16 trips and on the last journey was wound- i . o p r v e g e o a- I tending the funeral of his bride. Several telegrams to his commander at the embarkation port failed to bring a response and on the advice of officials here, the young soldier led hut evening '-with the understanding that hii transport was to sail this afternoon. It was -with a heavy heart that ne bade goodby. Not until after he reached . the city Sunday at 9:40 o'clock did Crossland (Continued on Page Two.j g. it uss cli A. Thomas, JfarJcleysburg; Prank Olisan, Markleysburg; Karl S Daniels, Ohiopyle; J' John 1/ong. Dunbar; James Bartiett, that if these results are not attained through the systc.n of reports of id'.e- ncss, which r have been directed to be A, other and more drastic ed in the knee. BRITISH SWEEP O3J. '; ·'" LiONDONyd'ury 22.^rFurtiier.--.ground, has been gained by the British in the x Hebuterne region on the front between Albert, and Arras, the war office announced today. -The British likewise, in conjunction with the French', carried oat a successful enterprise to the south of .Villers^Bretonneux,-east of Atniens, in which prisoners were taken. : -The German-trenches were: enieredfdur- ing 'the night by British raiding parties at seyeral points on the front, Including Nenrille, Vitasse and north ofBailleul and prisbnmtaken. HONBDBAS »B : WASHES'GTON, Jaly 32--HojMtaas,,which broke diplo- ·atle relatioms wHm Gennany o« May 18, followed the action laat Friday fcjr deelariaf mir. Th« State Departmemi was noti- f l e d o f t k e aetloo. ' - . ' ' - - - - - - : : - - - . ' · · : ' WHOIiiB AUSTBIjLji CABDTET QDITS. XOS1HHC, Jmlr M-The entire Aastrian cabinet has re- s\gm*t, n»j».n Eieh*»ge Telegraph dlspat«k from Copenhagen t*4ar. Xpiveror Charles, K Is added, has accepted: the resipaa- Ura of «k« BtMsten. '·" ' JOIN M0TOR MECHANICS VXkxw X«ra 1W8 Atgbtrut* Will :Tak* SfecU Tndaikf Cowne. :' William A. Horni«lt liis«nrin5;:T. T. Mcilulltn and John -ft'. Hole of C*lo»/Ie will lear« on Aujust 15 with 1U ««k« fcr the UnlTtrmity of PitU- ,[»axB. »|»ci»lly inducted into the ser- iTk*-** motor mechanics- .by Local |Bow« for Dxtiict No C OUMr registrants of .either th« dais 1U? or 1S1* who wisa to so to the tor special training ihould cs make immediate application draft board.-' ,'". '. '.- ... ; 'to 'the 6rMk irrttei,«|f Safety. Mrs. Floyd Groah has received Wbr4 ot the arrival overseas of her bua- . , :53rd,. Infantry, wSlch trained at N. C. "Sot tke Fomer Jarist A E. XJmb«l, of-Uniontoi«m: v was In town this morning on his way to Norfolk, Va., Trtiere-he will enter'militaiT HUNDREDS VISIT TRAIN Much Interest Xunlfest Jn Visit of Food Conservation Special. Eager to grasp every opporuntiy to learn new ..methods of conserving food many women and some men vis- ited'the Food Exposition train which arrived here Saturday morning. and was open on the Pennsylvania sidnig from 10 to 12 A.. M., anil from 2 to 7 Dunbar; Albert Manges, Connellsvillo| K. D. 1; Frant E. McClaln,.IhiBbar;. WIBam Shudy, Dunbar R. .D. 32; Scott Martin, Diinbar; and James H. VanSickle, -Clovertop. The efforts made by the operators ured in this exploit instead ._of his brother, First Sergeant Herbert Jones of the same company, the entire population of the town gathered Just what . part the. division has played in. the big battle now in progress is not in'owni" but the fact that In the public square .to give vent to their enthusiasm and to listen to local individually and in cooperation with ! orators. ROGER M'CORMICK SELLS Well Known yonni? Meat Merchant Preparing to Enlist in Serrica. In order to answer the .call of tbe colors Roger McConnicfc has disposed of his meat market in North Ptttsburg street to Rowland Francis of On- ioniown, which firm took charge today. Mr. McCormick will remain with the new management for two or three weeks or until it has, the business well under way. In the meantime he will close'up_: ail his affairs preparatory to enlisting- Mr. McCormicfc catered . the merchandising field two years ago at which Ume he took over the shop of the district representatives of the i Fuel Administration not having ac- jcomp'.ished all that is necessary, and j such measures having proven futile In reaching a certain class of em- Bugler Jones served, with Company C of the 30th Regiment ou ^the Mexican border in 1916 .and was one of the first of the Somerset boys-to rejoin the company wh'eh the call came, to muster the National Guard into ser- '.°-j'Iine of the first -big offensive move-j jiaent so soon after-itsyarrival in.. 1 j Prance, is evidence of the high statai ployes, the United States T*uel Administration through C. E. Lenhart, dis- vice in the war against Germany, trict representative, on Saturday is- Camp Hancoclc !ie ranked-next to sned an order to all operators establishing a" system of reports which P.'M.- About 750'persons turned outj-w. T.-Mulr. The business-had been to hear the valuable' lectures and dembntractions given. "The-train was in charge of Roy French.and very valuable assistance was'rendered by Mrs. ]W. O. Schoonover, local chairman of the .Women's committee of ,the. Councir of National Delense, Mrs;. W. H. Clasper, ohair- man/oi lo^al food .conservation ...committee and a number of : other...hostesses. ' ·· ' . . . ' . · : . ' " Sine Tears for Auto Theft. Foster N. Cale, member ol a.promi- nent : M6rgantbwn, W. Va., family who stole an automobile from Samuel Sharp of JVheeling, W. Ya., and; was captured in -Uniontorrn, was sentenced Saturday to ninej years in the West ' p e n i t e n t i a r y . · Okloprlo A flag, -22x18 in size, -was raised on a 76-foot, pole-at Okibpyle Saturday afternooa." Congressmaiif Bruce ' F. Sterling; and. Judge J. Q. Van Swear- Ingen were .the princinal . speakers Assem'blyman-ljee'Sinith presided;' /Snnday Hottest Day. 'Yesterday was-the hottest of the 5easpn;inv.the coke; region;-the, official thermometer registering, 95,! sh»de:.'and other temperature records ranted anywhere between that figure enlarged and.the McCormick market brother, Herbert, At ' machine gun markmanship and was permanently will place In the hands or the administration officials exact information as | to the number) and Identity of workers ( who do not mjnke full time: of this order follows: "Yon are requested by tbe United States .Fuel Administration to furnish the information asked for on slips, to be fllled iut each day beginning at once and mailed in an envelope to the United States Fuel Administration, ITntontdwn. showing the check number, name, address and other information about every man on your payroll, who is away from his regu- assigned to-the Machine Gun Com-" Both his grandfathers fought in the The text Civil "War. -His paternal grandparent,. Jsaac Jones, originally of Johnstown, and prominent as a contractor in both Johnstown and Somerset, who was atone time a whaler, holds a record of haying circled the. globe three times. had come to be recognized as one of j i a r - wm ^ a part or ' a n o t one day. tbe leading ones of the city. Mr. Row- j pt easc M te that a reason for his ab- land .will be in personal charge of the business. · . - . · " Declines Appointment Miss Ivy Mason, a- teacher of the local schools,- received · an appoint-: sonce from work must be given. After you have reported a man once it will only be necessary to give his* check number, has name and the name of your company and Ibc reason he is idle and any other conjinonts which ment in the war risk department in j will throw light on your labor condi- 'Wa'shington, D.' C., Saturday morning, but declined to accept tt on account o£ the illness of her mother. Postpone Property Sale. -'The sale of the property of the Joseph Mervis estate has 'been postponed until. Saturday,-, Jaly 27. The property ws-to have.been put up for sale last Saturday. . ' _ 1 d :j TO STOP LOAFING JIavor Issues Orders That Sightly Carousing Snst End. Mayor John Duggan this morning asked the reporters to say that no further nightly carousing or gather-. ing. of gangs of sboys and young men in the city' will be tolerated. -The mayor declared tu.- ; i. now since he had given warning, to tbe offenders. any who might be arrested on such a charge would be ' severely dealt with. HASTH^fCUT' Abe Enos Is. Slashed- bj- Sam Prince On. the. West Side. Charged with maliciously cutting Abe Enos, colored, Sain Prince of the Partly cloudy, tonight and Tuesday is the noon'weather forecast for Western .Pennsylvania. Temperature Record. . , . . . . . - ' 191S. 1017 Maximum. _95 88 Minimunv ---__63 64 Mean -- : _79. ..; 76 :The yough';.river.rematosd. ary during tbe n'l^t at XO fw ·£$ tion. "When a man .leaves your employ kindly send in a slip so stating and find out if possible where.he goes. . "If you have a new employe who lays off state from what plant he came to you. This'will enable us to complete his record. "Please post on your bulletin board or in a conspicuous place the names of men as-you report them to us. ' ' "Compliance with this reauest is obligatory on your part and 'em- ployes are to be reported even when j t o tae'city Hall with his-throat.bleed- they are oS duty on account of dis- ' abilRy. 'Plans are now being formulated by tbe Production Division - to secure more steady work and this information is necessary to carry.'them out. It IS also necessary in case-our draft law is. changed.. "^'o. are having more. of efficiency it-had reached, sailing. · - · - - ; ; . ! ' . _ " - This division,., under." Utel conimaiid, of -Major_Genea-al.'-Muir,.- a."- Hegulari' Army officer wbo succeeded Major General Clement ol Sunbary, went- joverseas... somewiat more than a ! month ago... It'had -been undergoing a j course oZ training-at : Gamp Hancock, 'Augusta, Ga-, since ea_rly last .September. "Wlien llie command sailed:it was in trim for active service. Every reg-. iment was . recrui.ted . u p .to -full; strength, it had been trained in all the ! techniQUc of moderji-warXa-re and-was-; ready for field service. The fact that only very brief and , infrequent messages- were --received, j from members of Comjiany D, afterri their arrival in France, uras ^.ken as an indication that the HOth Begimeat! was early moved, forward to an ad-; vanced position in readiness for; active' service at the front. Until The Cour-. ier announced last. Friday tha't units, of the regiment" Had been engaged'! with the oneniy and had covered themselves witu 'glory in-cuttta'g their' way through the Hun, no word had been received, in Connellsville of the actual presence of the 110th at tbe front. This information was confirmed on Saturday, by te:offlcial .'ari^ nouncement of · General 'March,' chlel" of tie general staff. Gamblers Arrested. Bill Harris, Charles .Gordon,^. Ed-. 'ward Wiiliams"_and Roy Baniels,' -'all. colored, were arrested by Chief "W. ZC Bowers and Patrolman Turner' in" , West Side, also colored, is being held ! Soil* Arch street last night. Harris in the city luckup- awaiting a hearing' "" J """"* ' " " " ' ·~" = before Alderman. Munk -tonight. Tlia cutting occurred last night shortly after 10 o'clock. Enos' went slips printed and Yhen you are out let us;know. (Ctrattnud on Page ing and said;Prince cut-him. Is Ecgisfered Mnrse. Mj-s. George A. .Fleck, formerly Miss Hattie Long of Johnston avenue has successfully .passed the examination before the Pennsylvania . State Examiners for registered; nurse. . She is a graduate ot St.. Margaret's Memorial hospital of Pittstrarg. »t DresOTt is Her and Gordon paid ?5- each ?.ud Williams and Daniels sot two days each on the. streets. The men were all charged, with crap shooting. Falls Off 'Keller' Coaster- Ba'ym'on'd Hardy of Dunbar-fell' off' the roller coaster at Shady Grove Sun- ^ day and was seriously hurt". Jlia.wa* I removed-to the: Dnlontowiu iospIUI.- Albert Soschese Honw. AJbert Noschese has returneS to. Camp Lee Petersburg, Va after a furlough at hi: none ir* P«acB. street -

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