The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 20, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1918
Page 8
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f" QGKT. THE to«LT COTTKrGR, CONNELtSyiU'I!.' PA. SATURDAY, JTTLT-20,19IR. ! NEWSY NOTES TELL WHAIS HAPPENING INTTffi MILL TOWN 8*T«nty-One Men Called for Examination by Draft Board. i 55 AIE ACCEPTED FOR JSHIWE · · - , i r - - .vii- ' - · ' Tw» Art IHMilaliflea u :the Ottei inn he Sa»]eeto* to TmzOtor Teibf St«HMe Mi l,vei*M Beyi I. . AcUnt 0* tt»\.Er«t IM Francrl Special .to Th« -Couriir; . SCOTTIMiB,' July ici-- lions of .the men called in the 191S ·raft was, hclld at th« Y. M. C. A. y'«t*rday :iud«r . ,Chiaipman . Berkey H. Bord and Chief Clerk 'A.: L. Portel. Th* examining physicians were: Dr. N. BL Silslty';an'd Dr. A.'. Waide. G. D. Plagle, 'John Finnerty,, .Alex . V. Ythner, Marcer Mcllvain, aud Frank Ixster, acted. as clerks. 71 men 1 were called, ' 61 iv.ere.. ex^tcnined,- *10 failed to appear." Of this number two are in the Navy and tvo are at schoo!. Fifty-five were accepted for service^ . five will'be.sent to the madicai advisory .board, four were held for .limited Bervic'e. and: two -were disqualified lor lervice. . . . "Slwa*r PMtj* the Latest. ilisi Marie Weimer. entertain*'' ·with a slumber her home on Thursday" nlgSt'tnils was followed by breakfast in the woods /yesterday morning .where the girls hiked. A .very enjoyable time was spent. " '·"For : Salc. Six room house · ; with bath and heaier, .oa Lioucks avenue, for $4,000. ' Modern..- double ho.use/ 12 rooms and one 5 room house, .-.rents ' for |53.5Q, for J6JOO,.on paved street. ' .Six room modern house, lot. 40x120 l*«U;tor »2,700. ET. F. De Witt-- Adv. -- Jnly-16-18-20. ". ·"" "·' ; Loral Boys Tn Action. ··With the report that the Machine Gun Company of the 110th Is in action interest is aroused bsre as the follow' tng persbns'from' this place are in the company: . Sergeant John O'Brien; Corporal Raymond Maloy, PirsVClass Private '. H. 'Martin"; Lee and.;. Private Thomas ODbnnelli ', - · · ' - · ' . . . "..'.:·. .-.-' JUssflfley Entertains. . Mils Loraa. /Figley . entertained. 25 of her frieads. with, a party at lier home -near Pensville on Thursday · *v*«ting. ^JThe . amuBeraents of the evening were: mtulc, dancing and (ann. Kefreihments -were served. ' You've ; months aliead yet to wear the stunner fashion, and many of thne ityle* .will be good .next year, owing to war: conservation, rales. So bar now 'and save the difference between, present and" next year's: prices. Bendiner's Broadway Ladles' Store, as you get off the' car, Scotdale. -' Aav. - - · ' . . : . : . : · ' '" - ' : · : · .9«MUer Honor Gnrst., ·Antold Swartz, who leavus - - on Tunday with the local drafteei from .-^this: place, was honor guest . at a . warty gtven: by Mr. and Mrs^ Ora Mawk. A pleasant evening was spent aid retroahments Vere served. Mr. · mad Blri. Tred Hafur entertained 'at i card* for Mn -Swartz at their North ,'Cfceiitnut' itreWt-home.- Mr^ imd Mrs. .! Xdward. Swartz save a.diner for; Aim- '· »M ,»t. their: home* last' evening.: Those jpiis.ent were Mr. and Mrs. Charles i - ' it Mls» ^Fredji fSwartz, -Mr; 'and i Sto.; Charles^ Berkey, . Elizabeth and' 'Ifartha Werkman. , ... : ' . · ' IVantad. · Boy 15 or'16 r years "of age to do gen- .i«'»l Work. . Furniture and .hardwire. ( Must be active. Apply S. Wenner. -' ' IDEAS EMBODe IN NEW "Everylnf A»«rfca»" Will be Slogan |of CUeiguCo*xm WUch . Is He**e4 Bj'Il. H. Sptar; B. It. SFEAH, President All:American 'Jmck COM · · ' · . . ' . 'panr,.Chlc«g«.; In keeping, with of the times, the^ AllTAmeriean, Truck company has conceived the All-American idea, which is the greatest and moat-thoroughly All-American movement that has, eVei- been inaugurated in the history of motor tracks--a movement that, embodies certain principles that are bound to. be the future fundamental basis' on which trucks will be built arid sold. : _ " ' This 'typical- "^Yankee" idea is an irresistible, -force, closely, identified with every operation of the company. · Every-, development of the business involves the direct application of this splendid patriotic principle." .. "The All-Amcrican idea produces a summarized- in -Mr. Spear's own words: ' . . . ' . " ' ' ' "In our modern factory, only American citizens' .are cmployed-j-' only parts that are made in America are' used 'iri the manufacture of our Super-Trucks. ' "Our "entire sales organization .is comprised solely of American "representatives', distributors, dealers and salesmen.. . . . . - . "For. the period of the war All-American Super-Trucks are. sold for service directly .connected with,, the general war. program._. -\ - ' ".· 'American ingenuity,,, which can-be depended upon, to decide the world's struggle in our, favor , gains' both ftngth and · ; momentnm - .from . the application .of scientific ; principles, from the co-ordination of. the.-various industries and' the. co-operation of all of the forces of.labbr.. The .All-American idea, produces a maximum result »through the application-of scientific, principles by these forces of unquestioned loyalty, and I believe that the extension,of this Idea to other. lines ot industry;., and its support by numerous associations of trade and commerce .throughout the United States'will be but ··natural result. , ..:.. · - , - ' . . · "The plan can be applied; with equal success in jolvJnB the. Intercity bstnlage .problems for.: the relief of the railroads" in'sb'ort hauls where motor ." express rrrjutei '"are"- being established "ah'd 'trucks operated oV regular, schediiles--Thts- form-of transportation is"'-rapidly becoming more popular each day,' affording better facilities apd greater dispatcb."- SET COKE PRICE AND ITHERMETERMS OFHCIALLY DEFINED attaint In a Statement Issued By U. S " fuel 'Administrator, Dr. GarfieM. SPECIFICATIONS FOR SIZING Set Forth f^ltt , ClcarneBB; Prices -for Crashed Coke Above and Below ; Three-nnflrter inch n«d Breeze. AM Fixed; Latter One-Mali of 1'nrnacc. non Persoiial. . Mrs. "H.-S. Murraj-ibaY ·returned ~to j s»r Republic home after a .visit paid ;Mrs.-'L. Murray. ' ' . - Mri..-"-Rebecca Witt -and daughter,of Morgxntown are the guests of Mr. '»»* Mrs: ,J.C. Berg. ,3(lis~EiteUe Miller; i's spending sev- ·rpi-' weeks- at Parkersburg .visiting trjtends. . ".Mr. snd; Mrs. Wiliiam J. "White of Cantonj?O.[ are .the j-uests of Mr., and Mrs." A. J. "White. : B. p.;*Jid B..C.Ffilr of Latrobe are calling on friends, .in Scotdale. Mrs. J. I. Dick is spending a week in Pittsburg with hqr daughter, Mrs. CWy R'. Stambaush. ' " " '·· . -- .FriendsVof Mrs. Curtis Farmer of ;Mulberry Vstreet, who has been ill, l-witl b« pleased to hear, that she i ? ' ? recovering, slowly.. ·'. Mrs. John Graff i» visiting friends iJ»::Pittsburg. ' " .'·'.". Marie and Elizabeth Donahue : and Thomas Donahue^ are .visiting Iriends »t Star Junction." ' . ; _; Patronize th/wejwho advertise. ' BisiEiTBtSKIM'lJf . . . . . ' . . THK B.UIIO SERTICP.. J: Daniel Buskirk. wiiriemve .tomorrow for Camp Alfred Vail,'N. J.', to ·nte-r training.' for - the - radio sign"al ; Mrvice. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. V A. Buskirk of South Arch street SATI02VAJ, LEAGUE. lesterdaj's Results. Pittsburg. Z; Philadelphia'- 2. Cincinnati.^;. Boston '4.-',,: BrooSVyji-'Z;-Chicago 0'."~" ; T New YorfTSf SCIbuis's:- . Standing »f the Clubs. . W L Per. Chicago B6 27 .675 New York '50- 32 610 Pittsburg 42 38 .525 Philadelphia Cincinnati _ Boston St.-Ixiuis -Brooklyn _38 42 A1S _3C 42 .462 _35 7 .427 -3- -ID -32 47 Lac* M«UM-. Now .Stylish. LM» will be a feature of th« «nm- ·s*r, a»d the heavy lac* bloni* 'will %· one* nor* lnU*p«wahle. For ttaw .Crony. Irish: point and hav* been noclectod and now «k*r an to b* nrirtd, not i pore Ufett* bat la a dM» tint I hav* Men AM in a oonbtamtion of Iriah and y autd* in ktaono faahlo. with »l*«v*a half wmT down th* arm Muck *»ttf. Tb*t* ·le*r** do not maeb b*yo»d th* *rhow and i«trod.*0on of the Mack aatln th* sMB «·«· · "·» toaeh to o* Uimii A tlia whit* throat mil Meowed, a»d th* an «· ·»*· -wUhoat coDarbudi. BO* of th* ta«e*r-lMt win- Philadelphia at Pittsbnrg.. New York EliSL.Eoult. BrooSlyn t 'Chicago! · , Boston at.CIncinnati. Boston 5; Detroit 0. Washington-6; Chicago E. Piil»delphia-2;-.CIevelgnd'O:- St.'"Louis-New ; York,', rain". SUndlsi af "the Club*. Boston Cioveland '^~ New York __ vrashington Chicago St -Louis. Detroit: Philadelphia ^52 34 Si -M: 41 5: -41 39 51 -44 41 -5 ^A statement just issued by United States Fuel .Administrator intended -to clear up-.any misunderstanding; that .may exist in refer;ence to .disputed-points about the set price of-;coke, '..commissions/ charge ,. for wagon-deliveries and other. matters. At the 'same tirne it fixes'Ihe'pric'e o£ different: sizes ,of ^crushed, coke and also .of "breeze"," . which - is very explicitly, defined. .The. text" .of . th'u statement -follows": - ··· - ' .. . .'·'It appearing to the United States "Fuel Administer that various, regulations should be put in force for the better eontrol of the distribution ot coke made' In beehive . ovens' and o! the prices at which the same may be sold,., the .United States Fuel: Admih- istrntor-'hereBy orders and '- directs thai until- fu'Fther or other orders oC ?aid Fuel Administrator, and subject to modification by aim at any time and from-time to time hereafter, the following .regulations shall be in ef- :'fcct vbeginninK^ at ,7.-A. M., , J u l y ; 9 , .laiS: ^.: -. ,.:-\ · - · - : · . - (1) The prtc« of coke shall be understood-as the price per ton of. 2'.000'pounds, f. o. b! cars at the plant *here the coke is manufactured.. . ; C2),.A11 the maxltrium prices mentioned herein,shall apply to car lots sold to 'consumers or to dealers for wagon delivery; any. commissions Daid ,tp selling agencies .or margins allowed to jobbers, shall be paid, by the vendors,: and-shall not be added 'to the prices established hereby. ."(3) la all cases where wagon deliveries are made^by the coke producer,-a reasonable charge for such handling and delivery may be made, subject to the approval of the federal fuel 'administrator for the 'state " to which such delivery is made. ""(4) The maximum . price per ton of 2,000 pounds7 f. 6. b,. ovens for crushed .coke over three-fourths inch size, produced\at any beehive, coke-oven plant, shall be the maximum price for 72-hour select foundry coke plus 30 cents. , "(5) The expression "crushed over three-fourths inch size" shall include alt prepared sizes of the' clean hard coke over three-fourths . inch size whether crushed'and screened mechanically or screened. by . hand. "(6) The maximum price per ton of 2,000 pounds, f. o. h. cars at ovens ! for all prepared sizes o£ clean dry | screened coke under three-fourths! inah .size, shall be $1 less than the ; price established by the United States j Kuel Administrator for blast furnaca j coke made'at beehive ovens whrt.e ; such coke ia produced; ·' . . "(7); The maximum, price per .r.on of 2,000 pounds, f. o. h. cars at ovens for.breeze shall be one-half the price, established for .blast-furnace coke i made" in'beehive ovens where such' breeze is produced. The term 'breeze*! shall; : be; understood to include: (a) j All" the small coke that"is left after,', loading coke into cars by means of! forks . if. shipped . without further j screening or sizing; (b) any portion ; of. this coke that remains after re-j moving the prepared'sizes.;, (c) a n y ' undersized; coke that Is left after re- i moving, 'the. metallurgical coke, t h e ! foundry coke, or,, the. prepared sizes i by screening." j EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME. i Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. . \ .ASK FOR.OUR. SPECIAL CLUB · | . .BREAJTAST AND SUNDAY; DINNER, 'Ouf Pastries Are Delicious Because. They Are. Homemade." t NEXT.' DOOR. TO WEST PENN WATTING ROOM. Want /id.s-^1 Cent a Word .Patronize, tnoa* wno. advertise. 15c TPATRE Prbgram For Next ' . . -Th'ejHonio of 'the best pictures for -the besf people in Connellsville's besKand coolest J. A. Franks, Organist. "Amazing adventures . of . 1- man and his double." Both men are played by HAROLD LOCKWOOD in Metro's pic turn,. «1ET) 5IE TOUB KA3IE" Five acts of rapid fire comedy replete with perplexing complications. Also a Good Comedy. TUESDAY "The Heart of Old Kenl.ucky" Thrills Through "RIDERS OF THE SIGHT" A 5 act Metro Screen Drama. 'of romance and love in tht Blue- Grass, starring winsome VIOLA · DANA. ' Also a Good 2 Act Comsdy. ' It's a Blue Bird -- Presents GARMEL MYERS ic *THE CITY OF TEARS" A good 'picture and a) good. moral, taken. on the shorcn of Italy with Miss Myers ss an Italian. . . Also a Good Comedy and Weekly ~~ THTRSDAY "~ World Presents BARBARA CASTLEMAN and 1RVTNG : CUMJirNS In "THE HEART OF A GIRV Filled with humorous little incidents which add to the. charm" of the story. This delightful love tale constitutes an unusually pleasing entertainment Also Universal Weekly.. ' FRIDAY SATCRlfAY Goldwyn presents -NLAB' MARSH in a fast moving drama of thrills and suspense--the girl knew thinpj detectives nevsr guessed at. "THE FACE IN THE BARK" Also a Good Comedy. --COMING-- " RITA JOLIVET IN "XEST WE FORGET" Monday and Tuesday, July 29-30. ·BBHHMMHMMMMBHnM!' The, COASTtlNE to Tke dclifhti ol yotir.rKxtioo becin tb«.mbmeflt you botrd a D. 4 C. Cont Lio. Stcnacc lor b«dtHul Mickiaic liknd-for -kiff of Iht delitfbu we in the L»ke voyage. R.ilrorf lickili ore hoooccd Co ill D. C Lin« Mmacn irilh- ·'·«t extn tbsrts. · ' . . . '. Tl]« D. C. limf ·*· faiara tbe beM in xppolntnciili, cvtime. ·ad palnutkiaf lerric^, Safety and health proviimni are all thi.t ctmld be dei'ue^ . · · AU ateamcrx are-equfoped with iateat wlrelcaa lervice. All water it aterilixed by ultra violet ray protect. Two Ipleridid YcMeli-Gty ol Mactinac II N ·ad Ciry of Alcena Il-onerate four rimea a " weak .to Macklsac blind .From Toledo. MoaJara and SuurdayaSJO A. M., Tuetdaya aaj 'Tbmdlya 6:00 P. -M. From Detroit Momdaya and Saurdaya 5:00 P, M , Wediea- ~ TO MACK1NAC ISU.ND Fram Buflilo 111.00 Jtgnnl trip 19.00 From Clenland I «.00 Round trill H-W From Toltdo $ 7.1S K9un.Hritl3.OC W From ^ Dtftok _ . KM k Round trip 112.00 Send 3^«rjt atanp for llluttrated paraDblet and - -Great Lakaa aaa»r Addren L. G. LlWIS, ~ G.· F. A., t Third Avenue, Detroit, Mich. ( 4* .470 -39 44 -36 47 _:S5 47 .420 Today's Sefcedmle. Detroit at Boston.' St. Louis mt-New York. Cbickgb at ;W-»fibiQgton: ·' Cleveland at Philadelphia HSJT. BMwlMn ft I* M W*D tC _ Walker. ConneUsrtl*. U6r th« cavatrr and lait lBBboi. O. lor tratetnf. . Aiotker Dnft C*IL '^WASHINGTON, July 20-- Pnovwt Marshal General Crowder jraterria? luued^an «ddlti6nxl. school draft call »re to be grammar ichool: mlliury aervicn They will wtraia ; b«tweeii Aujrtiat 1 'and: 18.. If Tw Wot It ta ear cluitUd col. OB« «at . word. pARAMQUNTTHEATRE j 10e -T011AT-- *HE BIGGEST STAR IN FILMS IN'A KUGGEp,,S5IASHING.I^OLB-- i ·'WILLIAIU'-FOX..PRESENTS AMERICA'S MOST POPULAR ACTOR. WlttlAM FARNUM IN "ROUGH AND READY" - : A-: POWERFUL - PORTRAYAL .-OF MAN'S. HERCULEAN" STRUGGLE AGAINST OVERWHELMING ODDS ALSO .UNrVERSAX WEEKLY AND ,:A COMEDY. --MONDAY-"AMAZING ADVENTTIRES OP; Av MAN AND HIS DOUBLE"--BOTH MEN ARE;PLAYED :BY HAEOLD LOCICWOOD IN METRO'S FEATURE "LEND ME YOUR NAME," FIVE ACTS'.OF.RAPID FIRE FARCE COMEDY. REPIETE -WITH PERPLEXING COMPLICATIONS. ALSO A. GOOD COMEDY." In Every Fashion Shade ' " Thus far the 'Wjright-.Metzler'Silk Section has been able to overcome all difficulties in the way of procuring complete stocks of fine silks. Owing to very large early purchases we can today present a rather extraordinary selection of the most beautiful and desirable Summor silks. What is more, prices are scarcely changed at all from those of a year ago. Yon can choose here from-- Taffetas Satins Crepe de Chines Poult de Soies Pnssy 'WilloTV Taffetas Georgette Crepes Silk Voiles Messalines Radiums Crepe Meteors Gros de Londres Pongees "Foulards Silk Shirtings Please remember that we have not just a few of each of these, but a wide range of colors and shades of colors. Prices Range from $ 1.00 to $3.00 a Yard v ' * · July Specials! Seasonable Merchandise Chosen from Various Departments And Offered at Prices That Guarantee . Economy Linens --Short Lengths Table Damask, Special at .One FoBrth Off. -.. - . --72 inch Mercerized Cotton Damask, $1.00 and $1.50 values, Special at 75c and. $1.13 the yard. --72 inch all-linen Damask in lily, stripe-and-floral, poppy, ivy.and rose-aud-dot designs; regular $2.00 value,'Special at J1.50 the yard. ·· : · ' . . · · · ; . . . ' . Gloves" " - ' - -- '·· - ' - -|' --Ladies' long Silk Gloves, black and white, sizes 6 to 7%, regular $1.00 values, Special at 50c -the pair. --Ladies' White Cape Gloves, sizes 6 1-4 and 6 1-2, regular $2.00 value, Special at $1.00 pair. . . . . . Purses Black Leather Purses with strap across back or top, $1.25 and $1.50 values, Special at $1.00 each. Handkerchiefs --Ladies' fine weave, pure linen initial handkerchiefs, 35c value, Special at 25c each. Not all initials. " · · . . Ladies' two-tone novelty embroidered initial handkerchiefs, 6 in box, regular $"1.00 value, Special at 69c box. --50 dozen Ladies' Handkerchiefs, superior quality, all pure linen, Secial at 18e each, or 3 for 50c. . · ' Ladies' fine weave, all pure linen handkerchiefs, regular EOc values, Special at 25c each. Half-Price Sale Women's Suits Over 100 fine Summer models selected from our regular stock and offered at only half their regular selling price. Included are blues, tans, greys, greens and other novelty shades in specially designed styles for.women and misses. Comparisons will show this the premier Suit event of the year: Formerly Sold at $25.00 up to $85.00 Now Selling at $1'2.50 up to $42.50 Three Kinds of Dirt and the Hoover Gets Them All The dirt in your- carpets and rugs Is of three kinds- First--the light surface rlirt or dust. Second--Clinging dirt, such as thread, hair, lint etc.. that is hard to remove and makes floor coverings look dirty. Third--Imbedded dirt The heavy, gritty dirt that is carried in by the feet and sifts down into tie body of your carpets and rugs. This is the dirt that cuts the fabrics, does the most .damage to carpets and rugs, and defies the efforts - of broom sweeping, carpet sweepers or ordinary suction vacuum cleaning machines. ' Free Demonstrations at the Store or In Your OTTU Home. Women's Dresses Up to $19.75 Values $14.95 Up to $22.50 Values $18.50 Two special lots of . pretty Summer frocks including- street, afternoon and sport styles for both women and misses. Materials include Jersey, Serge and Taffeta, in addition to numerous smart combinations. The color range " is large; Plenty to choose from. · Turkish Towels at 35c, 50c and 65c An extra supply is needed during the summer months. Fortunately, we own several lots of Towels bought at far less than today's prices. The 35c Bleached urkish Towels are In medhuft sizes. The 50c Turkish Towels are extra heavy and snowy white. The 65c and 75c Turkish Towels are heavy weight and large size. Toilet Requisites for Summer Djer Kiss Toilet Water, $1.85. Melba Toilet Water, $1.00. . Mary Garden. Sachet, $1.7S. Lady Mary Fap'e Powder, 50c. Azurea and Le Trefle Face Powder $1.50."- " . - · - : · - - ; · - Mary Garden Extract, J2.75. Financee Extract, $1.50 aud $2.50. Lov' Me Face Powder, 75c. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On Wat You Spend^Save Them. J. N.Trump W HITS LIN TRANSFER t , · Hcrron rancK *mt.-. WACOJO. ·ovmG AKU noiiiTiJfU I'uixoa A teaciALVi, I nnee 1B3 E.; Gnjf+ Alter*. ·tt* P. R. H. O«iHt. B«tb 1 BEAD TEE COURIER. O R P H E U M T H E A T R E TODAY CHARLES RAY IN THE HIRED JEW" ; ' . "Wild Women and Tame Lions," a Roaring Fox Comedy. --MONDAY^ AKB TUESDAY-WILLIAM. S. HART IN "SEIFISH TAXES" A selfish man redeemed by love--Primitive self-love yields to innocence and purity of soul--Brutal man (s transformed In love'm crucible. July 29-30--"OVER THE TOP," Starring ARHUR GUY EMPEY."

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