The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 20, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1918
Page 7
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THJB KULYCdmusra. edNNiaxsvaiii,: PAGE SEVEN; E«JUNNEIt XND tAPT^^-nlS^r^CH RATTLES!* i VV.NNS1' OF THE CRCHX DE ^ '^ is*... rs* their stomachs aa* say, 1 su neen,- to each ether, aad grab a big tamk of ,at*ai|la»i Ijsttewiat we did not saj to -very little.indeed. -- ralBJy wtld If anif/mn ever . wmC .-'. _ Then some of us sett we were IP- rag to get »oia» rf tb»t biwl jf'» weal wot fw It. So w». «tarUd3a , mil «lilli llii.i inn i ofm tk*»dMrt gre bread tie? ·wSap . ..... jMt Parting to- dlvMeBp the bread when taty,:nin«*t oa wlta II .and .took Jt away.. ;jiF«.-,w««-,wUd«.- J tbaB. ! .'«ir then, birt W RJB« »* do anythJa*. ' It bent through .the wt»dowi and we wef*7ator.«S~-d^ ,fr»eilaf,:' wm» tb** wont aJcht- 1 Kan eT*r'»««n, nod tk« coal on the YaiTOWdale seesaed like a pat that we could not even stretch oor legs and aria*. Some o the -· did. dfe/ibnt.iMt ln ; .my .MeaiNlrtE -thoBgh^inoa^ .of .,,.», ,werji ·boot tlie'iaee.«": "·' ·;'.'·' ':" I ,-'W» thengkt that night woald aevec ~sjBd^bnir:daL](.-ciixQe^fljia2l7i 'aaisV 'It "seemed t» get colder and colder, we did Dql].saliid : ,tr:»o.;,m»eh ) .-.:-4t .-.». eleven that morning, "we; arrived at a ' place tracts with the toy* mt In the afrm. W» w»^::to''tlM^ a»tf -tiitjK^wid ··* «nd prr» a chwc-oh or twe.*Wa 'w« w«r»"aot taliic' tik that camp, ud fro» what UttU wa «aw. w« k»r» w« '(·old ' fMae, .i^srtSgi,. ·n$K t W ,4s»«. ;w»'.'seTMr »a»y/tto^-MfiifJ.k ; tV.freest;er.:cocjUg-back:.'.Aa-"'at-an aBf«rt»*»t Oersun railway stations; .. fliam .····.». »ed-Croar booth, ; *a-;tlie . isatfbrsv.wlth German gir la-'handing I saw. a~laig« a;--wltk.''a'Be9 over, the d*»r. I »w rwenM hav. «t i Jt,.- J an right. [hit the, were" ai;'n«ty'.iiwt H ttfl ' IfBt dow» my, head and let soisjttblng 'wee. bn«' it wae iiet'-veiT eotaptimeat- ..... ..£.. . ' ·-;..".--^--.----..w*..r~ .'-.v..:^ aajOEe-:»e«r',there .ttodeiateod' log- llab, lat evidMWJy ao»e;ow» heard;s»e wko-ill^fwrgot/an.awfui, beet that landed "is«"'»M;or'-'tweive;f«fc.lHJ»jjr.: I: -fell am my hands aad llneie, , faA' jbrtrt a yard away I »aw-a dgaratte stmb. I dived lor It like a iaaia'"falliag, oil; a footb.1!. a«d : wBei : "I'"eaai.- 'nj,' that atnb waa s«lelj la ny pocket Aad: It stayed .ta^.;:nniii;i:re«cSei: Dolmen and had a chance to light It behind ,th§ barracks, :Ifa»y of ;t»* otker .men a»d saeUed;rea),tawciM, they wcald.jtribaWT have: nmrdaMd me, aad-l coald »«« have Waase* th»« - · · · ' : iMldetiJally. this bajrk,:waa great ' I ·· awr':k»ow wlidt' kind"' tf a falKHr M »rt- w««,W .Itber. therefe% s v«ry valuabla. -hard to get ma - ' They *MW get hold of on*. It'll mode to last .a-jout, tlsK.f Here Is bow we make a .m}*L 8s e ^^i*«-si:tes deere of bt* coat, 'and the caatieb la tn^g to sit down ar:d rest, aad Qwy amUt they wonld also. So we dropped oBt and waited until, the -guard* -bahlnO had }u»t aboat cjnght up wftlTna, and then w« would ,.;o on. . Wa did ; this ·ereral Omia until : they got on to as, . and we could no' do It any more. '.'-'·.pp "the road a piece I fell «g«ln, and .th"is l .*tlme:.l' dld f 'tiot ckre.:Kti«t -hap^ paoed, ' so : I ioin '' sat than In the middle of the roud until Frit* came np. Instead of gltlu.: me the bayonet, he mad^ me take jiff my_. shoes -- that Is, ·lie' took thenTcRC of" me with a knife ·through th« jtrlt«»-- nnd'l'hid to walk the rest of the way In, my bare feet. 'If was about', four miles tltocether from; the : stailou; to- the ''camp/ 1 ; · [,When we got near , the camp, all the boys, came'iirat! ottlie ba'rrado.ianil ·Until ' ,«p /along;;, the ,l)«tb«d ::.wir«, : and 7elted us a weloome. We asked then- If they wcre/-d"iiwiihearted, and th«j! 'said no, nnd wetsald we were not'eithr er. We, |coiB[tl;jisrdIy.-see them,! but, they-be«a'nr'yeQipg,iigB,hi;when we^ got nearer, and "ixijtjtti, ''Is there anyone there. tr»m;,4een«town7^ and then, HnU, and Portsmouth, and Dover,; and ·Tproatlp aadr.a-lot-of. other places.' . (^ I dld^-not^ pny ; nn]ch, attrition until I he»rd, ,"Any 'Americans ' there T ' and '.;;to a crisp. Then we take a tv coafithe ' buttons the? heie«, aad with the button In ^oiijBa. with the · ' kandi t»ttther and apart until the bcttia rrrrtTe* vwy.fsat. '·" '· W«'tfc»' : p«fa »»f«^f. fllat against «K;g*»*«*Sh ·*». *("»,«*» "«»*», ·i«:^ ;Mtn;a: jpirit' ma»»a the. r triif -'pi*;' aSii'"fnB' this wi wortd ·llil Mir "kuk clgantt**.' I do not " . ceold In- : ( some-.ef»a" tried and went right to . .. , L*t» that nifkt we ajnind at Dul- SKD. Wntphalla. W» were rousted out of Ik* canjacaal iftisUred oo tbe pUHorai. cwanttd.'tliM drlllad throa»Jh "' th« str«ta war* pntty weU fflled with paa«l«, aid tint araa0ed a^ ^hroagb all th« a*r«*arta»»j«ii«ld;;ao ttiat all ... A-. J^IICTI :mu,n, Ves,i where;are "Barracisi -B, Grnppe S." "Wiere fromT 1 1 yeUed. .:: ; . "Boston.-':Wbere.'re yon froml"; "."The U. S. A. and Atlantic ports. See you later." "^ ^So, morning, I went over to bis bnrrackfl and nsked for tbe Tnnk. , Tbey-,polnted-hlm out to me, where · - · ^ i,.. ,v~.-.t ··*··: :-·. wimt ar ^ 'had iand, laid! dowk with him, and we,h«d inite a' talsL -.TwDl'not give his na~* here for certain reasons. j He had received several wound* «T .the time. he wag taken prtaoner. ; H* ' In the' Canadian serrlce for " "' : -Taw Flrat aniMjwt;Cl»»r«tte. u Ibej aaw *p coBlBi."tlwy' b*«ac alngin»;th« TW"atch:oa"tb« Hliia*" or oUMr riaiiaaa luai. and It was ' ' , : . w t o d o w a opaming aad, : fat ,\' wl tk '" lit-tmim ·'·*,- Jticklag tawlr hcadroat of- 1»« windowa. wonld (In «a a qafc* onc pl»« np Itte a' boatawrti S»dirTat«rland-- Wacht aia Bbtiii" --all kinds of things^ and afl mJied ap. ;.. .^..wa,gaTl th«« "TIpperary"iand Taek ; ttp , TOUT ' 'TroublitC" " and; showed th«tn hew to, sing. Oar guard! had M «r for ainilc and tried to atop ua.^ bnt .Ihooga ,tb«y knocked : sereral HMD Amra, w did mat stop nntil we had ftniahed th't sitaf Then, after we hlld. . adniltteil to each otttr that- we werejBot, do^nbaartid. we, shut op. ; Wew'tmld:,haTi'dOBeao, anyway,. be- ojt^i* bj('.thia'aa»a w* wwe on the ont- sMris of tbVtown, sod w» neadri all the breath w« had. ,Tb* .road we" were ·ikwii^l^Mi* long sheet of HS/"and w eo*M:hanllj walk, more than four ·top* wlthavt slipping an^fsJnng. My akoaa bad wooden soteav 'and' It 'was Jairt- OM kang after anotbar. wttb the '- ' , mild Wt tfta; ' Brery Urn* we -' ' ' ' - of »· ftCowi'tkat I was two .years. "W- used to talk about -New Tork and Boatonvand the different ptates we vknew in both towns, 'and we also talked .» ; lot ttwat the rotten treaiinent we'werc"receiTlng, and trl«d to. cook up some plan of escape. ;But erery one we could think of had been.. used'br sbnie one ejBe.ind cither h»d failed, or the, Ham on'd fixed, It so. tb* , plaiij colild .Dotrvbe; tried' again. , We " doped ont some pretty wild schemes at that. AlftH,*ether,-, we became'' great pals, aod were together as ranch possible at Dolmen. The day I [left the camp, he gave: me a ring-made from a shell, and told me to get itsafelj back to the States, hot some ona sto»a It at Brandenburg. , One day while I was In .Ma barrack* an-Englishmah' stepped^ oat' 'Of -th* door for some reason or -bftberV and though h» did; not say ; a wm-cl : to.Frita,. la two inliiataa be was: deail, to cold blood. Wa perer knew why tl»y killed him. At" Swinemiinde "and 'N«ni6«Uti, I act admit that the' German's had us pretty badly buffaloed, tmt at Dnlmw the prisoners were entirely different XnUmm .waa, .the. racclTliiji.. camp .for 'the whole western front, aad the prl» pners there got to be pnttjr : topgti egga,';.'as ''ifar-as' Frltx wa» coocer»»d, before tbey bad been in camp many days. They thought nothing of , pick- Ing a fight with a sentry and giTlng him a good battle, eTen. though he waa armed with rifle and ·" bayonet We soon learned, that nnles»,hia pala arc airound a German will nbtstaad by.hla '·rgum'ents with his flsts. In other words, if he can oilttalk yon. h« will beat yon up, hot if he cannot. It la a case of "Here txtmat Heinle golog 'back.- · ·· ' - " " _ ...... ' ' · ; The- RasalsB prisoneni at Dolm«n · were certainly « miserable looking hnnch. Tlity spent most of tbelr tlma WBAdering arormd,. the Bos-'iian bairr racks, hunting for rotten potato patt- l»*a "and Khtr garbage, . which they wonld: eat ;,. When they .saw Jtitai .throw oat his iwlll, thoy wonld dim right through Urn barbed "wire on* after another, ajxl their hands aod fa« and clothes ;wpra' alwaya torn from It. It was unhealthy., to W^nd between the Bnwrians nnd tlielr rarb- »g«-, prey-- they were, so sjpnedy. that nothing stopp«l tbeni, /.-'/_;: :;" ; .' ; ; One morning. )ut after barley-coffee tliige. I cam* ont ot the bamcksi and saw an 'Attsttallin argoiDg with tkiet iehtry. ' f waa not onry cnrloos. bat anilon* to be a good dtlm«r,.as they say, 'so- 1, went up aadl «loni[ an car at them. .The Aoslnlhui had aiired rrltz what had been done with tlM flag that the : Hon5i ;were going to ;ifly ftn. the Eiffel tower in Paris. '"' That was too deep for 'Fritz, so the Australian answered It Mmseif. "Don't yon : know, Frlti? · Weil,' we' hare DO; blankets, yon know." :,.; §U11 the; sentry ;.dld not get It So the Australian carefully explained: to me^-sp tbatFrlti could hear-- thar. the Gtijntmfi^ had Do " jjlanlcefs an4 .wera using the flag to wrn'p their cold feet ·In..: '.. /· ; '.' ": '·'..* ,. This started. a fight, of course -- ttue German Idea of a flght, th»t Is. The sentry, b«Inig a Very brave, 'man : f 01; a .German, · blew his. whlstle ( ,very ..loudly, and, sentries, came, from all. directions. So wi' best It to the Acrtrallnn's har- racks,' and , there' I found the, second -Ainericafli th .the camp. ' He was a barber, named Stimson, from one of tbe Western stites. He had heard I waa there as-well as the Boston man. In the CanaiBan"' B*TT|M, .. tirf'" ba" bad . been too sick to look as np, and In fact did not care what happened, be was so miserable. He had: been' wounded several times, and died In a day or two. -I. n.ever fcnew .how.' he - came to be in. the Aortrallan service. i ~ Those two and mysiiitf were the OB!^ Americans I knew of in : tii« prison camp--^hettier In Canadian, Austmf Han .or; French service. The other two had been captured In uniform, so there was no chance of their being released. " ' . ' . . . . ' . ' ·; Dolmen was very neijr the Dutch border and as it was tul|e easy to get ont of the camp'attempts at eacape were':frequent. Most f those who'roaf! Mo*( of. Those Who Ran Away Wara , ' . - · · ' : ' ·ro« 8 ht sway were brought back, though. The Gerinans /were; so ' jesisy. on those .who tried' to run away tluit lalinost "thought ;^hey. , iverp ..^ncpuriging ; them. One ·'chap wats doing bis ten days Un (be, guardtaoase fof.- the: sixth time while T waa there-- that I,: be had Just ahntit ' completed Ms .perlcid of deteDtlon. Ht claimed that the sixth time. he. had ; r«ai;y got across' tbe'bprder and was arrested In a llt'fle town by the Dutch 'anthoritleirand'turncrd orer to me Germans. That is atllMt the law !· , moat esndtrKa, but ha awor* It waa tha :tntb. .' not so sare, myveif. He got away for, the seventh, time while I was at Dnlmen sod was: not retmed. TsB;dajs. In the gutrdbous* !· not ··ch a light pnnlahment after aQ. he- cans* water: thna^tinM a day i* ail Hie prtaomr Tectlred daring that time, but It is pretty mild compared to aon* of the taJnas (he Hunt di. . Opt raorning I Qiovirht' for sore 1 was gotng cafard.' I vru Jnat Ttd np oai tW whole b'nsinoas and rtck of (hv Ing nothing but laffer. So I strolled along, sticking my head Into barracks doors," sometime*" tr.ring to 'have a talk, of.her time* trying to pick t fight. It was ail one to mp; I Jnit wanted some- .tlllng to do. I found whut I wanted, an right : :" I bad quite a talk with a sentry In front of. a hirmcks. It most hava lasted three-qnsrters-of an hour. He did not know what, I wae :caltlag him, and. i did not know, what Eie.was calling me. I could havo hanlUed hbn all right, -but another JMQtry, .came op on. my blind side, and grabbed me and the .talk was. 'ofer. ". ., ; : They' dragged ma. to the. commander at the cam'pTahd li« Instructed 'them tt give m» a bath. So they : took me to. the baUibbuse',. wh^re I ijras stripped and. Insiied. "All die tlmij they were whipping me, I waiji thlnk'lng what a Joke It was on me, jiiecsas* ,1 liirf been look'r^. for excitement sad bad got more than I wante^l, so I laagned and the. Humi thought I'Wascrsisy sure. I was dumped Into a vat of b*t water and at -the same time my clothes Were given a boiling, which w.u good for laero. · '. " "' ·;'· :."',,·" ';'' · . Then,.;I was forced Into my wet clothes und marched: back to tha bar- Hicks. This bath and, the stroll £hroagh , the "snow '. In wet dothes Just ^bout-did for me. Nowadays, wb«n I 9lt in a draft /or a second 'and rotch coidl I yfbnder tlMt I am still aliye : to catch It . Harinii- gone through Dix- mnde snd tSe , Dardanelles and the sinking of the' Georgic arid fo»r German pi-ison^- camps and a -.few other. UilngoV-I shall,, probably trip over a bole inia. church carpet und.brenk my neck.-. That would be-my Inct There 'were ail the diseases yon can think of In this camp. Including black cholera and .typhus, and somebody, was alwayi dying. We had to.make cofDns from any, ' ^wood we. could flhd; So ' It' waa not Iong,before we were using the dividing boards from.our bonks, places of flooring-" and,, in : fact the. WElte of the barrack*. The officers were quartered In : corrugated Iron barracks, so they had to borrow wood JSfom na for their cofSns. "e wonM make the box The Italiall nary lai'taat establtahtag new VrKords for, darjng eiplolU. A ·econd, clnai torpedo .boat, attacking uid iliildpx one 20,000 ton Austrian dreadnancht and tcrloualy damaging anbtbar amid a flotilla of Austrian dMtrojera, li «s latest feat. For ·tieer darint mnd :bra7erj; In the face ai-'gftft odds' th« recent linking of ine Anatrlan nr»t line bkttleship Sient I«t.«n near th« Daliaattan Islands rival. rl«^ Britten raid* tipon Zecbrngg* and CMnmt * (aw weeka prarlona. Wlxn Lieut. Lnlgl' Blzzo toot his tiny craft, armed only with' «mall caliber guna and torpedo tubes. Into the heart of a hostile fleet of battleships, snrronnded by their full complement o£ destroyers, his chances of, stolcing one of the capital ships and returning alive ware mnch less then one In a thousand. let he sink one battleship and damaged another, although the operation was opposed .to all the recog- alied mle* at aaral warfara. Battle- · ships have heretofore been supposed safe from attack by small craft when surrounded by destroyers. Lieutenant RIzzo brought bis ship safely beck to her base with only minor damage and few casualties. This tj tbe second daring exploit of this young officer. He dashed Into the harbor of Pola a few months ago In the' some torpedo boat and torpedoed two pre-dread- naughts o£ the Austrian navy. He has become a popular hero thronghont ind piat th« body la (t, fire It as maeh iwrrtce aa we aold, ID the wsy of praron'aiKl h^uaa, and pat It away to i hot* near tbe barrac:»- Thera was 90 .much 'of ' It taat a ftocla death M1CKIE SAYS NlSSVUi THIS HERt POPOU«O It** -to . Of EVWIfcOl i NCCK. o' -THE xNooot · One* morning the Oerman sentries earn* to oar barracks--they neyer came singly-^ind told, as that AU. offi- 'cer waa going'to review the prisoners and ordered na to master up. .which we OH. I wu'tbe la'sfmu'ont of the barracks' "and on account of ?ny wound's I was alowor than tbe rest 7ou nnderstaod I had bad po medical treatment except crepVpaper ben- daces and wa"t«r; my; wonbda h«d been opened by swimming from tbe Oeorglc to'the lloewa and they had been put In terrlMe sbape in the coal bunkers. On account of tbe poor food and ]«k o! treatment tber bad Dot even sorted to heal laicidemtafly, the only cloth baadagea that any of na had were what wi woiild tear from onr'clothe* and I have seen men pick up S.Q old dirty rag that someone els* had had arpnnd Kis wouDd for a long time and bandage bis own wounds with It. 'So It was' ail' I could do to drag myself along. Tbe officer noticed that I was oat'of One and ImmedUtelT.asked niy nejne and natjonaitty. Whoa be beard "American" lie cmild not say ebmgh things about us nnd colisd me an,tbe awlne names he could think of. I was pretty thta at this time, and getting tbinier, so I figured I might i fust aa well have It oat befbre I j starred: Bestdas, I thongM. he ought! to know that wei.arp not osed to being I bawled oat"br Geramn cwina In this country. ' \. So I told him so: And I said thst he should not bawl. Amerlcons ont, br- caQae America,was neutral.. He,tiia said that as America supplied food aid munitions to the aiUes she waa no better than tbe rest. , Then I said: "Do you remember Ore Deatachland? When she entered Baltimore and New London she got all the cargo she wanted, didn't shel" "Well,. If yon send over jour mer-1 chant marine they, will get the semi." I For'that answer he gave me ten days ID the. guardhouse. He did not like to be reminded that th'eir .merchant .marine had to dive under to keep away from the X/lmeya. I admit I vas pretty flip to this ol- flcer, but.-who. wonid'not be. when: n ·Uck German awlne officer bawled him ant! 1 TO EE CONTINUED k . ' N \F NOO K16M6R i FA.UC.-f. C-K ai^ZS AV4D it 60N»e WEV M A M 6 VJILL BE IN ' of AD Kinds PRINTING not the cheap kind but the good kind done here. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTHPnONCS OPPMArfSTRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELUSVILLE.i PA. BEPOBE GOEfG TO THE FBOMT flie .soldier should make a will and name therein an Executor. Appoint the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania as your Erecn- tor and yon are assnr-- ed without doubt, that your estate will have- the best possible, matt- agement.. . Call or ·write us for any do- sired particulars. Try onr classified advertisements IWESIS1DE HtnfDEEBS OJF THOUSAIfBS of American soldiers and sailors are fighting on land and sea^for freedom of right and justice. Every manufacturer, merchant, farmer and individual has a big responsibility in this war and should speed np for victory. The Union National Bank offers yoo excellent facilities and invites you to inake it your depositary. BEAS03 IS MA'S MBItLE Jf^JCE- By

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