Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 7, 1974 · Page 48
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 48

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 7, 1974
Page 48
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Page 48 article text (OCR)

If* SMB. JM!« 7,19T4 SrnrnY 6*iette-Muf Anti-American Riots Cool in Thailand BANGKOK, Haifa* (AP) The bloody street war that erupted · Raqtfkak's Ctuvt- tom has taken of sia¥neri*( SUHMK dcflMBstnttoBS a0d prompted Premier Saaya Thammasak to adopt a «*w and respected, hard-lime policy toward disturbances. A student campaign to owt U.S. military forces from Thai bases, which began just one day before the riots broke out Thursday, now has dropped out of sight as the city focuses its attention on Chinatown. Earlier in the week MO students threatened a July 4 march on the U.S. Embassy, but it was called off when the riots broke out. Although students are planning to gather on July 10, sources say further -America* tioas are likely t« he post- pwed lAfcfiaitdy. The oisctoive of a fake itfc- d cease-fire offer seat to Sj»- ya k December by a UA CIA age* ted to coesideraMe aati- American feetiaf and several demoftstratkws. Last moath sources reported that the Uaited States and Thailand had agreed to withdraw a large owner of U.S. Aird Force personnel and warpiaaes from two air bases in northern Thailand. U.S. military strength in Thailand reached a high of 48,000 in 1KI and 1969. The United States launched air strikes from Thailand during the Vietnam War. About 32,000 American servicemen still remain in the country. STUDENTS MELD _ _ AnerieM rally Thwrsfey t* another part «F Ba*ck*k aad there was MJ and-Thr There has been the Chineje and Thai riots. But three powerful stndent group broke their silence Saturday night on the riots and criticized police for their handling of the tronbie. The Nilinal Stnnent Cenier ·f Thailand, the Pe«nle for Denmracy and the Federa- tbn nf Innenendent Sindents ·f Thailand Mid in a d*cn- ·ent drafted at Bangkok's Thamnusat University that ptttce cnnU have cnnled dnwn the explosive situation the first nifht tf the rirts, hnt hnd instead wed vMence." The document said the crowd gathered around the police station was peaceful, but police started shooting. Saaya, the university remt- tor wh» reinctantty hnt d*i- fttfy la* office lant Oetafter after a stnaent4ed unruing toppled the former military government, orifinaUy was critizied fcr his kid-gloves approach to the series of crises plaguing his administration. But the dour, CC-year-old leader has taken swift and step measures to counter the Chinatown rioting. Well-informed sources say he had directed government efforts with authority and cool assurance. Newspapers, students, businessmen and members of the Bangkok Chinese community have endorsed his get-tough stand. Sanya declared a state of emergency and gave sweeping powers to Kris Srivara, the national setttrity direct*, to cone with the rints touched «ff Thursday when a taxi driver arrested for illegal narking claimed he had been heatea by pottce. IN THE NEXT two days, bands of rioters -- some wielding iron bars, homemade gasoline bombs and stolen rifles -- commandeered buses, set automobiles on fire and exchanged shots with police and other security forces. More than two dozen persons were killed, over 100 wounded and about §0 arrests made. Sanya claimed there was wthing poUttal · the rioting, and placed most of the responsibility on two Chinese molo- cycle gangs: "The Eagles" middle class neighborhood, hnt it also has snawnad a violent sNnmttnre of ·ntnrcy- cle gangs who fight among themselves and resent any interference by police. Ow 14* Veer POOL Tk« ·*·!«§· HMMOWMT CM After* ··tow mt Ahov* 6r**ftf UCY'SMoctorn Swimming Pools .CaK. 744-2711 * * * * 2nd week July "»« TUT fiDEATtCT RDAAIU AflU OAIC nf W I ITS THE GREATEST BROADLOOM SALE I IN OUR HISTORY! I * h's th« second big week of Custom's July Clearance Sale. We hereby claim this is the "Greatest Broadloom Sale in our History". Prices this low will never be seen again because most carpet today is made of petroleum batjd synthetic materials, because of the oil shortage, carpeting prktt are increasing dramatically. Onci this sale is over, there will be no more carpeting available at these record prices. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE, All CARPET SUBJECT TO PRIOR SAIE. Join the smart shoppers who have already saved hundreds of dollars on quality brand name carpeting. Bouyant Handful Brightly colored balloons float on strings held by a clown who took part in the St. Albans Town Fair Parade Saturday. (Staff Photo by Lewis Raines) Ben Cat Battle Move For Influence clearance * * * * Saxony Textured Look Pkish * * A PRICE YOU can't afford TO MISS * * * * LUCKY SIZE RUGS By Denis D. Gray SAIGON (AP) - The battle of Ben Cat -- the costliest and. most sustained since South Vietnam's cease-fire was 'signed IVz years ago -- may tie a crucial contest for strategic territory or a calcualted North Vietnamese move to influence U.S. congressional action. ;- For nearly two months, ;No.rth and South Vietnamese units have mauled one another on; a densely scrubbed plain about 25 miles north of Saigon. Both sides have employed tanks and heavy artillery, and South Vietnamese warplanes flying daily missions have encourterd heavy antiaircraft and missile fire. The fighting, conventional in style but with sophisticated firepower and ground combat at close range, has been taking a heavy human toll. During June alone, observers estimate that each side had more than 2,000 casualties. ; The determination of the south Vietnamese is prompot- ed by the view of the government military command that the current battleground is a potential staging area for a future Communist attack on Saigon itself. It would become the final supply stop on a network of roads and trails leading from Hanoi and twisting along South Vietnam's western border to the Viet Cong administrative capital of Loc Ninh and then continuing due south towards Saigon. * * » BUT THE tenacity of the .North Vietnamese around Ben Cat is puzzling. It is the first time since the 17-month-old .cease-fire that the North Vietnamese have c o m m i t t e d .large, main force units and been the North Vietnamese have chewed up in a "meat- grinder" type operation. The normal North Vietnamese pattern in the past has been to strike against remote Saigon government outposts where the odds were heavily in their favor and then withdraw if confronted with a large-scale enemy counterattack. Some observers say the North Vietnamese may have underestimated Saigon's response around Ben Cat, or they may have fallen prey to one of their perennial weaknesses -- an inability to respond with flexibility once a military plan is set in motion. But one highly knowledgeable source views the Ben Cat battle as a military sacrifice carefully timed to influence the pending U.S. congressional vote on cutting back aid to South Vietnam. Hanoi's leaders may have initiated the current duel to show the United States that Vietnam is a continuing quagmire which would suck up vast quantities of U.S. money for yeais to come. Since the cease-fire, the North Vietnamese have 'pen successful in overrunning a dozen SiL'th Vietnatnese outposts ancl eamus. But the old days of hit-and-run guerilla warfare are over. The North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong now find themselves with some of the same burdens that weigh down their enemies: territory to defend, static positions requiring considerable manpower to hold and increasing vulnerability to air and artillery attacks. * t * * * * * Charleston Store Ph: 925-4931 4218MacCorkleAve., KanawhaCity Open: Mon., Thors., Fri. 9A.M.-9P.M. 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Jacquard like styling made of Kodel III. Super lustrous ifand specially twisted. 12 15' 9 fashionable colors. 3 3 $ 3 · 1 · * * * .reen rtyion iweea )U.»y ). Nylon shag $1M.OO tltul ' a combination that Gold NyU saoii $79'.00 J can't be beat.. only Red Nylon Plush ....$99.00 ' light Green White Nylon Scroll $99.00 Si^NyL shoo :::::::::::::::::::::::·::: 55 ^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^ $99.00 ~~ 12 Young Americans Journey for MIA Data * "SURPRISE STOCKHOLM. Sweden- i.fl-- A dozen young Americans arrived here Saturday on a round-the-world mission seeking information on Americans still missing in Indochina. A spokesman -- Dan Smith of Hollywood. Fla. -- said they had been received at the North Vietnamese mission in Paris, the group's first stop, "although the U. S. Embassy told us we would not have a chance." "The North Vietnamese told us they could not receive us in Hanoi at the time for lack of accommodation, but would write us before the year'aend." Tb£ group calls itself "Youth Concerned for the l r 300 Missing in Action." and has headquarters in West St. Paul. Minn. Ann O'Connor is leading the delegation of 12 youths -- mostly high school and college students -- and three adults. On Monday, the delegation will meet with the head of the political office of the Swedish foreign ministry to seek Swedish government aid in pressing Hanoi for information on the missing Americans. Smith said. The privately organized and financed group, claiming to represent "a cross-section of American youth of different political persuasions." has circulated petitions and raised money for the current global mis|ion. From Stockholm, the delegation will go on to Moscow on Monday, then Bangkok. Phnom Penh, Saigon. Hong Kong and Tokyo. slashed on this fantastic heavy- ^ weight "stand-up" shag plush. ^ r Pick and choose from 6 bright n colors. A "surprise" and a den light. Sale limited time only. j - * *W*J * * It's here ... 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