The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 15, 1930
Page 9
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bA'l'UUDAV, MALIC11 15, 1930. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEL LSVILLB, PA. Dame Fashion Smiles By Grace Jewett A u s t i n Grace J, Auatln J«et the other day Dame Fashion ·aw a phrase tlmt cj'itglit her fancy. It was, "Today's bride H stntely." That has quite a del i g h t f u l ring to It, an brings a choice p i c t u r e t o t h e mind Short-Bkirt- «(! dresses are as convenient ns ever, nud are In ns good style for many purposes, bur the flap- perish br'rtnl gowa always had a certain Incongruity about It. So today the decree has gone forth that even though the wedding Is not to, bo In the evening, the sktrt of (ho bride's gown will extend to the floor. In the early spring there was a royal wedding over in Europe, with Prlncew Marie becoming the bride of the crown prince of J t a i v . While no Amoricon hrldp, m duyj of swiftly changlug fashions, w i l l sigh for a trousseau that would neod two baggnge cars to transport it, yrt after all, little waves of Influence go forth from such' an event with far reaching effect. For Instance, this royal orlde wore a sleeveless bridal gown with long gloves, so the brides who may wish for tWa type ot dress will have an 1m- portant precedeut to follow. Lace Is not only a favorite material with brides, but It adapts Itself admirably to gowns for varied occasions all seasons. Dame Fashion's eyes shone with approval and admiration the other afternoon when she saw a distinguished looking womnn, w i t h gray lialr and a grown son by her side, wearing a lace gown of coral red, w i t h roost becoming effect. It was at an afternoon function, and there were long sleeves of the lace. But when Dame Fashion had an opportunity for greeting, close by, she snw thiit u laco jacket wns worn, which If removed, would leave th« gown with a formal, and sleeveless mode. Spring, summer, autumn and winter all hold out hands of approval to the lace dress, and say, "lou belong to me!" It Is only onco In awhile that Dame Fashion tries iier hand at writing ot fashions for men, but there are some picturesque onus this year, which have been tried out during the wlnt«r at southern resorts and aro quite HheJy to find a way Into the summer wardrobe of men In the North. Brown suits have long had their advocates, and men have found that the brown Jacket is effective, as well as the blue one, n l t h biscuit or cream colored trousers. There Is quite a suggestion of a nip in, at the wafst, tn the Jacket.-!, but most men will balk nt the suggestion of white buttons on a dark coat. 3olf lends Itsolt well to color, but the sweaters that are promised for the summer are of small patterns without violence In effect. A green golf suit looks W.M! as a man strides over the links. Not long ago Dame Fashion remarked that the little sllU worm* would have to keep unusually dill gent this sumtnor, to fill the demands for silk wear from women--but what about theso prophesies that men may take to summer .illk suits? Chinese men of affairs have known for cen. turles what a comfort It Is to b« Hothed In silk, so why should American men be denied eucb a wonderful pleasure? But f he modern tnn silk suit offered for n man would never give the least suggestion of nny descent from a Chinos*- robe. Tr«t Is left for the pajamas! ((3 1930, WenUrn N**npap*r tJn!tm. Horsehair, Woven Straw, Smart Paris Chapeaux REGISTER'S AND CLERK'S NOTICE Top--A horsehair turfcan trimmed with a *atin bow, for formal afternoon waar. Cnr.ter--Black and white woven ttruw featuring a de«p ifde brim and blaok eatln bow. Bottom-Tan woven straw wltK tan velvet bow at the tide. YOUR NAME Is it on our subscription list? We will guarantee you full value FOR YOUR MONEY r h o f o l l o u I n j ? ol t h e U o K i s t e r an of FiivfHie Conn I N i\o. Kmtalf l I --George \\ ti' 2 -- - C ' h a r l l o T o n e ! t -- H a n n a h M i l ·I --James 13 Kt 5 -- l i \ ) n Knopjji « - K l t 7 i i A S m l i 7 -- JflC'l V Sin S -- E l i C S m i t h n -- I l c n i y Sun 1 0 -- A m a n d a 13 fc I I --Ai t h u r R Hn 1 L 1 -- L u c j S Daw 1" -- K l o n n o r A M 1 4 -- J o l i n Koplch p x p t l i t e r s a r i m i n i ' t r a t o r s , g i i a r t l l a r i h f i n d t r u s l r o s s o t t l p d t h o l r r e n p p c t i v o I C'Urk of O r p h a n s C o u r t and tha will bo proBentocl foi c o n f i r m a t i o n at UH I ' o u r l H o i i f c u , L ' n l o r i l o w n , P e n n s y l v a n i a , MONDAY, A I'll I.I, 7, I»30. A n ' o u n t n n t H man.-) r W e n d e l l Somalia, S u r \ l v i n g - AdmlnlstratorB, e t a . Mai t i n f 1 Hens I - ' x p c u t o t . . , , «it R p n l n i u i n L M i l l e r A r l m l n l f i t i n t o r l l y . . P h i 111 A Mi-Mahon, K x p c u t m . ' . . . . . y d n r .. , . M a i s h K n o p i n y t l e t a n i l Alai.v C o f f m a n , A d m i n i s t r a t o r s i] . . W a l i n H J r f f e r y s , A d m l n l s t r a l n i i l h .. . W i l t p i I! Jeff PI ys. A d m l n i s t i n t o r , o t a, . . . . , ,, , . , . . O o o i f c c M B u i r h l n a l , A c i m l l l l s t r n t o r K d n a r i l H o w b e r , A d m i n i s t r a t o r o p l i e n s C ' l t U o n s '['lilts Trust C o m p n n y , Trustee, as Stated "by C! C a m e r o n , S c o r e t a i v of H u n k l n g o£ P e n n s y l v a n i a ,-an C l t U o n s Title T r u s t C o m p a n v T r u a t v c , as Slatofl b j (! ( . ' i i m p t o n , b e c r e t a r y of B a n k i n g of P e n n s y l v a n i a ion C l t l / t ' i i i Tills T r u s t Company, Trustee, as .Stated b j a ( ' i i m e i o n , S p c r p t a r y of B a n k i n g of P e n n s y l v a n i a rad C i t i z e n s Title Trust Company, Trusted, ns Stated by O- C f i m c r o n , Secretary of flanking of P e n n s y l v a n i a a M i n o r O l t l / o n s Title Tmst Oompaimy, Guardian, a.s HUutwl by Q. Cimoron, .Secretary of Banking of Pnntrv (vanla In th office to the Orphans Court rti -a, F e b r u a r y ; 5, lt)80 M a r c h t, 1030 I ' o h t u n r v 1 I, 1180 Fotu-uaiy 3 t, 1080 F O ' b i U f i r y 21, 11)B) F o t i r u a r y i I, l f ) 8 February i 7, ll)jl) M a t c h i, 103P . March 3, 1000 P« U Pi te I V t e i P^tor Febrrary M, 1080 February 0, IBM February 8, 1080 March t, 1030 M i r c h 5, 1080 K'S Wl FE" BY WINIFRED VAN OUZER WHAT HAS QONE BEFORE E VELYN READB, yoon| and lovely, is making bar fira* journey alone to viait a friend at Haverford. On tha train ahe meets Kenneth Wilmer, funona artist, who aavee ha* from falling irora tha platform. CHAPTER H. K enneth palled the silk handkerchief from his breaat pocket, drew it acroaa his face, fhuhed again before her steady regard. But eonld not stop amiling. Wh«jt a little darling she was. Pretty aa Spring itaelf and clever. Sitting there smiling; at her, he could not remember when, if ever he hud met a girl he con- aidered as clever aa this one. "I'm Evelyn Reade," ehe told him shyly. "I live up in Connecticut and I'm going to visit a gM who's just fot past her honeymoon." She was about to speak of this visit when the conductor bawled "Haverfoid" and they had t* aenunble to get ant before the train started They atood on the station platform and watched the train roar away toward the north, growing smaller and smaller and finally shrinking to » mere dot in the di»- tance. A dor like a period at the end of something over and done wifh. Then Kenneth threw back his heaL looked a long time at the single brae-white star burning in the April ak/» aniffed the sweet, fresh mountain wind, glanced with distaste at the ramahackle station taxi. "What do yon say," he suggested,, "that we walk, aa far as the laneT I'D amd some one to drive yon from there. Bat then it's five milee and prrhapa yon don't like walking T" "Indeed !'( love It?" And she gav« him a look he waa never to forget. Admiration waa commonplace to Kenneth Wilmer; oven adoration had come his way plenty. Bat what fleeted across this girl's face waa beyond those--hero-wor- ·hip, perhaps Bat whatever it waa it Mtaia pulses racing, brought an odd warmth into hia thought Thev crowed the railroad tracks, started away n» the hill to Stony Mountain Pa a. And because the road waa steep and sometime* roach he pat his arm around bar. Ana because they felt very well acquainted by the time the walla of the* Pass had echoed to their laughter and ranr to their "Hallool". and because the world waa sweet wjth Spring »nd they were young aitd carefree and thrilled by life, and becanae she was very beavti- . ful in the soft twilight and he waa ·n artist and loved beauty, he heei- tated and came to a stop beneath a feathery yallow-green willow, His arm tightened on her shoulder; he drew her about so they stood face to face, flushed and amiling, eager to pledge friendship, glad they had met Then he kissed her. He never knew quite how it happened and neither d|d (the but all at once he vrae knwtag her and calling her "Eve." Her lips vere warm and sweet and they trembled agalaat hia own. And there flashed Into hia mind the fancy wriieh had eome to him nn tha train., that her cheeks were Ilka plttm-bli worn petals, and so he kiaeed her cheek*. And he kiaa- ed her eye* becanne they were eloaed and the little cnrU at her temple* becaaae they were ao bright and soft. And he kiaaod har Hpa again, Ana suddenly he remembered that barely two hoon ago he never had teen her and that not even artistic temperament waa a wholly reaaonabl* excnae for him. Thla little Evelyn Recde waa one whom ibis proper married slater would call a "nke grirT; ah* would know Nothing of Uie debonnaire code of fThe Lane's art colony which made a ki»» merely a kiav to be taken and given wherever and whenever , tha impulse cioved--and forgotten M lightly. r.iiaed ma head, draw- ·ing her BO cloae that he could feol her heart beat before he dropped hia arms, took a «tep backward, regarded her in an anlxous way. She did not seem angry. She stood like a email girl, digging the blunt toe of one brogue Into the turf, fingers laced. Her head waa down BO ne could not see her face at till, only the curve of a cheek and the tip of an ear and those were very red. Uncertain and embarrassed he waited for her to say something even if it only were that she did not care to bo his friend after all. What a kid she was. digging her too into the earth, hanging her head. Or waa she only acting T Trying^ to make him think she'd never been kissed before? He always waa ruahlng at things--good lord, supposing ne'd walked into something 1 Maybe she had ataged it till, even pretended tho was about to fall from the train. . . He had met that sort; girls with angel faces and hell brooding in their hearts . . . He fumbled for a cigarette, all the warmth that had been in him swirling into chill. And then she looked up, smiling a little with the hint of laughter deep in her eyea, a murty sweetness in her face. "Do you like me, Kenneth T" she asked softly. "Do you like m«i « little?" Be stared, aad in the light he had ctruck ahe eaw the tense line of his lips, the searching appraisal whiuh robbed hia face of boyiah- neac and made it wary, almost bard. "Why--" She put forth an uncertain hand, touched hia aleevn, and her lipa went down at the corners aa the flame burned up the little cardboard match to hia fingers and he dashed it out. "I-I don't understand." Bar voice was like the broken notes of a dark. "You you so long --your picture*. And--well, you're sort of like them. Wonderful/' Her voice (toadied, grew firm and cold. "I shouldn't have aaked that--what I did. Of course you wouldn't like me, really. I under- atand about you--about your wanting to kisa me. A night like thia in the country--well. Shall w« «o now?" She turned, began to walk briskly up the ro*d. And he overtook her in a stride, all Ma doubt vanished. "Wait, Eve. Ton little kid, of coanM I like yon. Don't you know that? The minute I aaw you. I-but you know how I feel. You mwit know how I feel/' It aounded itenaeleaa In his own eani, but he Itad to My* it And his words wens no more coAuad than the thoughts which went whirling through his - head. Of course, he had offended her, of course, the friendship he had been about to toaa away would end be- foro it was fairly started. And ah* Wai different from girl* ha had met; eaay enough to see that, Hurrying away from him, out of hia life. . . She said nothing, *wtegmg along, handa ernahed Into the' pocket* of tha tweed ooat the wore over the knitted wit, looking straight ahead aa if *he had forgotten hint, even humming under her breath. It wawi't Juirt her attention sh« had withdrawn; there WM something else taken pack, something which aeemed exquisitely cleairaote to him now. Liking. Intereat, that something ha had seen in her face. , . Miserably he considered It, eon- vim ed himself there wa* * thing h« must do before ehe got away. Catch that radiant look of hen, put it on eanvea M ha might keep §onf; in the gathering see--well, I've known 4t near him forever, an inipinM ion and m memory. Very humbU* he drew el «e, slipped hia hand beneath her arm. "Eve? Do you mind If I call 'eu that?" "Smc* it'a my Rama I d n'» mind." "Ens, may I tell yon what I m thinking back there? When the light flared and I couldn't ape ikl May I, Eve? I wa* thinking 'iow much I'd like to paint you. 've never- seen, a face Uke your*. Che expression. . . . Would yen let me paint you, Bve?" "Oh!" *he cried. "Ohf "Jaat aa yon looked with jour hat "back and curia all tomb ed. You are very lovely, Eve," He knew she was thrilled to the finger tip*, and now he belir red what he had told her. He f 01 got the truth; it was wiped from nia mind boeauae he believed thia ra- atead. They wen frieada agafa, 9 an- ning what her picture should be. They were more than friend* ; t ley Were boy and gtrl strolling at tho edge of romance under blossor ing trees, his arm about her, hia r saa dropping a* if to tell her gay th nga la an intimate way* but raali; ao hi* Up* might brpah the carl at her temple. In January before tha yaw ha* begun to make rich promiaea no rach chance encounter could I »v« eprung into friendship and hov» rod upon the verge of lave. 'Nor e» old it have happened in Aviguat n iea the year 1 * promiaea all bare t sen fulfilled or broken, nor in Qett bar. when they ant only memoriea, tot; thic waa April when all tiling* at* new and even the wind* - a l a r ' a magic song, Kenneth began fee talk of fh* Lana, that colony of art *ta, writers, musician*, wJto Jive i t a valley back of the H»v«rf ord I ills. He told *f the happy-ro-lucky Informal-family *ort of life they ted, held together by common int* turt of creative work and a diiposi Ion irked by th* restraint* of 9 aro conventional society. ( He had a cottage in The I an* and wa* moving in tomorrow. But tonight he would. «top, with I tma Shielda and Chnek Holly at t wir cottage. And th* needn't inw henwlf up so shocked .and I---' they were married right ant igh, but Jpma waa a Lucy 7$ton«r «id inaisted upon .her pwn name I "But I'm not ahbcked. K«m rth- I think ,lt'* the, mo*t, laacina lag thing 1V« ever heard pf." "well then you mm *toto end meet them. They'll have db ner waiting. Oh. never raiad «xc« MM; Elma'4 be delighted. Sotne«i«'« always bringing rameone eU to dinner and she love* it Y u'll come now -- like a lamb- -- " She agreed finally, ligmVheided with excitement And when fir illy he led her .through * Jlla wi ket . gate up * W«,P«ta It ha,«»wn ·o dark that an* bad only a i a»y impression . ef. r a l«w. .ramhing haiiao aad A small, rather chi bby woman running out J» meet tJ em. The Holly* accepted her Jut. aa Kenneth said ,they would, ca*q 41y, , with no question* at, all. Elm i afj one* began to cull her "Hye'* ino It WM not )ong beforn har «U,, gangling, }a»y-inannerad waa telUng a g3?*at many aitot ing things about the colony, But it had beon a long day for Eve and tho five mile tramp had brought upon her a, dellfc oua droWBinea*. ' Only bty · rtru rglo did ah* keep her eyea open at tho dinner table and later, when 'hajn moved hit* the long enat r m» ·h* vattled m a irreat chair be 'ore biasing grate and doted «Ula the other* diked. And finally Kenneth a? see, laughing a little, and picked her up and carried her to the leat ter- cu«hioned settle which faced the) grate. He wt down be*tde her and *ne nettled againut him, her head on l?i» ahoawer with A * aall ·igh of content. (T, B. Contlnnod.) OtntaH. WM, KIM rwtunt anUliMi, ta, Largest Concrete Bridge in U.S. W o r k , progressing on xhe Jack's P.un bridge, which will oe a link in the new Ohio River boulevard, runn ng parallel to the Ohio River out of Pittsburgh. The bridge, which will be the largest eencret* ».ructur« of »U kind iu the Unit*1 States, will be 1,000 feet long and will have a ·ingle apan 60 feet wide. The only larger ct a- crate bridge in existence will b« the one alrea ly standing in Germany. PAGE NINE. **--Anna Kopfoh, * Minor Citizens Title Ik Truat Oftapany, Guardian, as Statel by Pete* l n _ , ,_ ,, Q jCamoiron, Secretary of'Ban'king of Pennsylvania .. 10--Edward ICoptcb, a Minor- ....'... .Cftl*»n« Title Si, Trust.Oempany, Guardian, a« Slated by ,, T (3. CHrnwon, Secretary of Bttnklmg of Pennsylvania · 17--Joseph Barsovllis, a Mi-nor CMIzeks Title A Trust OcmpUny, Guardian, as Stated by Pcto-r IS,--Tolandp, Fury, a Minor ,, ,.ctttaena Title' Truat^mpojiy, 3uanilan,'as Staged by Peiter ,, _ . ,, ($. Camero-n, Secretary -it Ba.nkln« of Pennsylvania I 10--Anna Ftity, a Minor .OltlKens Title ft trust. Oc mpany, Oua-WIHn; i-s'tftated by J*" 1 * 1 ^, ,,- ., _ d. pameron, Secretary of Biui'klng of Pennsylvania · · · » · Fe*ruar BO--Alexander Fury, a Minor ... f t . i .Citizen* Title Trufft Company, GuttWn. aft Started, by P«««-r ,,, ,, O- .Cameron, Secretary tf Booking of Pennsylvania . . . . . February 21--Oonoveve Fury, a Minor Citliem* Title" 'TrUwt'Ctmnamy, Guardian, a,a SkuteJ by Pe**r O. Cameron, Secretary of Ua-iiJcknjr of Pennsylvania . ... February ·93J-"I4a Fury, a Minor . .'.. .'...'.., .CUIzo-ns Title Trust Company, Suajt(U,n,*a8 Staitwl toy J,*«»ter^ ,,. _ Q, Cartifxron, Secretary o-f B a n k i n g of Pennsylvania February 28,--Francesco Fury, a Minor ..Cltl»en« Title Tiu»t Cr mpany auaujlan, it* Ktaited by P»ter ,,. _,. , ' O. Camoron, iSeoretojv of HankLng of Pennsylvania February .4,--Elisabeth Fury, a Minor Cl.tlssetVr Title Truwt Jf mbany, Oiwrxi an. as Stated by Pet«r ,,_ _ . ,, O. Cajnweh, Seorela-r-y vl Ba,ivkl-nsr of P e n n s y H a n l a . . . . February 3fl--John Holupco, a Minor UIMt)Mr'Title ft Truttt CXmpany, UuurtI an nt Sta/Ud by Peiter ,,. _. ' a Cameron, Secretary o-f Bowklm* ot P e n n n y l v a n l a . . . . . February 29.--Cnarle* Holupco, a Minor ..,.,. .ClttotmH Title. TruAt Ctmpftny, Ouard'an, as BtaU*d-l)y Peter », %.,. ., , ° Cameron, aeoretary or Banttlng Rf, Pennsylvania . . . February 27,--Mike Holupco, a Minor ; GltlKjmn TUMk-A Tru»{ Jc mpany.. Guardlan.^a* 8t*tfd by Pcter^ n o - G Canifcr^n;'55^cr»,t^r- of B(\.tl)tl'tiff o,f Ponna5'!v4t»l» · · . . - February J8--Jean Ohambers, a. Minor . . . . . . . . C i t l M n a TitW.*-airu»t Company, t»uandlan. UH Slated by PKeT _ *. Vajn^ert, 3eoret«.rj df Boivklflg. of P«nn«l'lv»-nla .. .. February Jl)--nuth Rlizabetli Collier, a Minor. .Cftizeua Tltl» A Truwt Ooijipany, a-ufir^\M. u» QUvled by Peter ' , G. Catoeron, Secretary W Binkbig- til Faoimylvanla February 30--Thelma Catherine Collier, a MInorCitl»tona Title A Trufct Corfi^any,' Ju«rnfl**5. «·» tA*td by PMer v. Camwon, 8ooretM,ir ofBaivklngr of Ponnsy/vanla ,. .. Pelru»vy -James M Collier, a Minor CJUzena TJtle A"Truv£ Company, G-uaiMlan, a«^3tatcl by Bwtcr G. Cameron, B*cretary of Ba-nKlntf of #6nn»ylvanS t a . . Febfuary, .Citlz«rti Title A Truit Compaq, fluaiMlan, an 8UteI Uy Peit#r G. Cjlm*von, Becretary of. tanking: or Penn»lvanla .. ... Fabruaiy .CWUens Tltl4 Tru»t Company, C!uard!«,n, « UtM«l, by Peiter , G. Cameron, Secretary of Bajikingr uf PennBylvftnla . .,. February 84.--Ml 10red Kusel ColH»r, a Minor. .C!tis«n» Title Tru»t Company, auardlati. u,» Bt»»t«d by Peiter ,_ _.. .. 0. Cameron,-Secretary of B«wrkimg- rft- PennHytvanJa , FWfu*ry Robetri Collier, a Minor.Cltlsent Title Truat Crnip*ny. Quarduin, as 8totel by Peitet^ Q,,Cameron, Hocretai;y of BttrnklJiir otPeuitpylvanl* . , . . February 38 -- M*ry Eltisatoeth Newoom*r, MinorCUl^Uc. Title Tru»t Company, Gua.j-fJla»i. nii Stated by -Ptfter' O. Carn*ron, Seoroiairy oC Ua-ivklnir nt Penntylvajila , . , February ..Citizen* *}tl» Of Tru«t Ci-mpany, Guanllnn. a« SUtwl by Peter U, Cameroo, S»«r»t»r- of BttiiKlngr »f P c n n s v l v a n U . . .. T · CltlzAnt Title A Tri)rt C"n\pany, CJuavdlan, M Stated by Pe^cr G. pkmeron;, fitcreUri' of UtpnUlng" of Pennayhanla.* . . . . Februaty , .Cltl**n« Title A Tru*t Onirip«,[iy. uuaidlan. as HUUcJ by Pe-tcr G. Cameroon, Secretary of Banking o£ Ponn-Bylvanla . F e b i u a i y ..Citizen* Title Tru«rt Company, Uuaixi'an a» St«t(Hl lv Pe-te'r G CAmftran. Secretary of Banking: of P e n n s y l v a n i a . February . .Citizen* Title Tru»t Company, ifuardlan, ft.s (ataicd by Peter . G. Cameron, Secretary of Ba-nklnir of P c n r i B j h a n i a -Herbert Kenneth N-ewcomer, a M *««r Citizen* n t l e Trn»t C' m p a n y , Ouai,l.uu. as S t a ' e d by G Cameron, Secretary of U d n k l i j g r of P e n n e y l i a n l a .dtlienf TlUe tc Trunt Oi'mpany. G u a i d i a n , an S t a t e d bv G. Cameron, Becretary of Banking: of P e n n s v l x u n l a .C1ti»«n« Title Truat Compa.ny, Guanl Jin, as StaUd In G. CAmeron, Secretary of Banking- of P e m ^ v l v a n ' a B, 3090 S, J!:m 31,82--Anna Made-line Collier, a Minor. .'18.--Merchant I* Collier, a Minor ... 3T.--Ewlng- K. Newcomer, a Minor, 88.--Annaibelfe Newcomer, OjMinor . 89.--Robert A Newcomer, a Minor . 40 --James C Newcomer, a Minor . , 41 ·--Ewlng C Newcomer, a Minor- , 42.- 48.--Wlniam I N«woomM, a Minor. Jwn.ei K. N«wootn»r, a Minor . .. rUtHrt 'vVelllrur N«woan?or, « 44. 43. Peter . F c b r u a i y Peter K c b i u a i y P e t e r . February US,. lO.'to is, ior,n U8, JW US, 1930 ·J8, 19'M 28, 28, 28, 1930 UI. 1080 ·J8, 1BKO 28, 19UO If, 1930 aS, i»ao 4 28, 19:!» A, JOIiO 28, IDSD ^S. 1980 2li, 30:n» Jg, 10.10 J8, IDIIil -'S, 10811 28, IVilD js, lesij 40--Ruth E. Dearth, a Minor ei.- 62.63- 6 4 - -Wayne Himw, -Nellie Hlmet, M a r c h M a r c h M a r c h M a t c h Mai cli March March March March 8«.--Chmrle* Wallace, « Minor ,. 07,--meanest Ruth C'onn a Minor 58.--Caroline Ga»a, a Minor , .. . .CHlwtn Title * Tru»t O nip4.ty, O u a i d an as H U U d by Peter O Cameron, Secretary of Backing ot r u i u i s j U u i i k i . F c l j r u a n ,3ttl»eil» Title Tru»t C"mpa.ny, G u a i d i i n , HB Stated by t'ede! Q. C*m»ron, Secretary ot Baiik(n«- of P e n n s y l v a n i a 41--Mary Kxuimk, a Minor OHUena Title A Tru»t C»mp«.ny, O-uaid^n, AH Hla-tcd t\ 1'e.tei G Cameron, Serratarj of Banking- o f t P e n n s y l v a n i a 4S.--Helin Kotiak, a Minor CttUeit* TlUe Tru*l 0-mpa.ny, f J u a r d l a n , ;i« Stated by P«tr 0 Camc-ron, Becretary of Banking: ot P e n n s y l v a n i a T 49--IiJa Dorothy Oostoio, now Bevt,raje, it Minor CHI»»n« Title. Tru»t Company. Quar,l an, ns Htaltd bv P e t e r Q. Cameron. Secretary of Banking- of P e n n s y l v a n i a DO~Burk» Hlmea, a Minor Citlaana'ritl* A TMj»t Company. CJuaidlnn n« Stored by Pe-ter O. C»rti*ron, Secretary of Banking of PcnrioylvftnlB -Wllma Hlm«», a Mlmr Clttaerttt Title A Tru»t Ot'ttipany, Guardlnn, HI 8tatel b^ Petei ·* U. Cameron, Secretary of Bonking- of Pennsylvania Mlrtor Oiti«»n« TUl« Tru»t CX»jpany, oua-rdlan, as State*! by Peter i O. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania . . . . a Minor Cltlieni Till* Truat Company, ^uai-dlmn, as Stated by Peter G. Cameron, Secretary of Baivklnir of P e n n s y l v a n i a . . -Harold H!m»», a Minor ,.. ..C1tl»en« Tltl« Tru»t Company, Ouardmn, as Stated by Peter O Cameron, Secretary of Ba.nktn«- of P e n n s y l v a n i a . . . . 66--Leroy Wallace, a M l h a r Cltisena-Title A Trust C"lnpany, Guardian, a* 8tM«l by Pwter G. Cameron, Secretary of Bo.nkle of Penn«ylva.nla February · Citizen* Title ft Tru»t Company, Guardian, as StatM by Peter G Camoron. Secretary of Banking: of PemuMvanla . . February Citizen* Title Tru»t Company, Guardian, AS Stated by Peter G. Cameron, Secietary of Banking- of Poensylianla . .. February .Citizens Title * Trust Ompa.ny, Guardian, as Stated by Peter J. Cameron, Seerefary of Banking of P e n n « y l v a n l a .. February 60--Anna G«za, a Minor Clttaena Title * Tru»t Company, Guardian. HB StM«l by Peter O. Cam»ron, Secretary of Ba-nWiB °f Pennsylvania February 60.--atepliru Oa»a, a Minor Cltltens Title Tru»t Company, Ouardlan, u« 8.tat«d by Peiter « G. Cameron, Secretary of Bomklng- of Penneylvania .. February 61--M. EdKar Whlpp, a Minor Cltlienn Tltl» Truirt Company, Guardian v a* Stated by P«ter Q, Camiwan, Secr»ta-ry of Banking of Pennsylvania February 62.--l«lla Eleanor Cherry, a Minor . ,Cit1aen» Title Tru»t Ci mpany, Guardian, «,« Staitod by PMwr G. Cameion, Secretary of Banklutr of ,PennsylvojjIa March 03.--Anna Hon«a, a Minor Clll»«n« Title Truirt Company, Ouardlan, at Stated by P»t*r G, Cameron, Secrttary of Bainklug- of PentmylvarUa .'.. March .Clttaena Title Tru»t Company, Guardian, ai Started by Peter G. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of P«nn*ylvanla March te Trust Company, Guardian, B.K Stated by Peter Secretary oC UainHlns of l^enniivlvanla . . . . . . . March Truvt Company, Guardian, u* SUrted by P«tor G. Cameron, Secretary ot Banking ot Pennsylvania ,,..\... Marcli Minor Cltlzcnt Title Trust Company, Guardian, a* Btwled by Pet« ,,, , , Q. Cameron, Secretary of e*n*lng of Pennsylvania . . . . . . . March 6--Kiln KuehneT, a minor Citizen* Tltlt, Trust C'mtpan.y, Guardian, ai Stated by Peter G C^mfrron, Secretary of Banking of Penntylvanla March 69-- Bertha KuBhoer, a Minor Clt!*«»» Tltlf A Trutt Company, Guardian, as Started by Peter G. Cameron, Secretary of»« of Pennsylvania March 70--Susannah Ku»bn*r, a Minor ..,.Clll*en* Title A Tru«t Company, q-uardlun, m SUvted by Peter _ , ,,, , t , O- Cameron, Secretary 9* Banking of Pennsylvania Mtwch .J --E.milo Cl5ole4tl, a Minor Cltl««n« TlUe * Trurt Company. Guardian, as Stated by Peter ,, ,, . , , ,, . , . . , O. Cameron, Secretary of Ba,nkln» of Pennaylvania February 72--Angelina Clpol*HI, a Minor C(tl»er,a Tlt,)« Trust O'mpany, Guardian, as Staitcd by Peter _,, _, . ,,, , . i. G - Camerortj Secretary of Banking of ppnnsyjvanla February T3--Gloria Clpolettl, a |«h»«r catlneli* TltU A Tru»t Company, Guardian, an Stated by Peter _ . , , _ , , °- Cameron, Secretary o f Banking o f Pennsylvania .. . February 74--John ClpoletU, a Minor' Cltlfcatw Title Tru»t Company, Guardian, ns Sto/tcd by Peter ,, O. Cameron, Senretary of Banikintc of Pennsylvania. .. February 76--Perry OlpoletU, a Minor ,, Citizens Title * Trust dmpany, Guardian, as Btwted by Peter G. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania February 70.--Caroline Clpolettl, a Minor Plti««tta TU1» * $ru»t C-unpany, Ouandlan, as Stated by Peiter G, Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania February V7,--Olive Ioulie K«r»haw , - Blaoketon*, a Minor Citizen* Tltja * Trust Cmpany, Guardian, as StMed by Peter _,, _. ,, , t . O. Caweroh, Secretary of B«nklni; of Pennaylva-nlft. February T8-- 8lev«n Bdnlt, a Minor Cltliena Title Trust Ompany, Ouardlan. as Stated by Pete* ,,,.. _ ,,. ,, O. CamftTon, Secretary of Banking- of Pennsylvania February ·Blbert W. Chtrry, a Mlw«r Cltliens Title Trtiat C mipny, Okmrdlan. as Stated by Peter ,, ,, , . . . , , . ,.. Ol C»n«ron, B*cr«tary of Banking of Pennsylvania March 80 --toopold Cabaret, a Minor CKiaeiw TltU * Trust Company, Ouardlan. us Suited by Peter ,,, .. . . _,. . °- Ckmeron, Secretary of Banking pf Pennsylvania February 8t,--Mfcry Alice Rltohay, a Minor Citizens TltU * Truat Ompa-ny, Guardian, as plated by Peter , , G. Cameron, Secretary or Banking of Pennnylv'inla, March 82,--Violet Rltchey, a Mlnir CJtiaen* Title * 5, 106" 3, 10JU 5, i»au 5, 3, 1SUU 3, 19JM 3, 1930 3, l6:3D as, ioi(u 28, 103i» as, ioao 28, 1030 64--Ellraije-th Uonca, Ofl --Joseph Hon*», a Mtnor 66 --Mnrg-nrot 67--Mary Kushnor, Mfnor Cltt»*ns Title · O. Cameron, Kusimer, a Minor Citizens Title 79. Trust Company, Guardian, a.a Stated by O, Cftmeron, Secretary ot Banking of Pennsylvania ' ........ Maroh 88.-- Cathorln* Dorla, * Minor ...... Oltlsen. Title A Trurt Company, Giiardiftn, as Stated by Pe*« ' ', 3- Cameron, Secretary ot Bahkihg of Pennsylvania ...... February 84,-~r-Joa« Hirach, a MJnor ............ Cltl««ns T!H« A Trust Cin-ipatiy. Guardian, as Stated by Peter ' ,, ._ , ' O, Cameron, Secretary ot Banking Qf Pennsylvania ...... February 8B.~ Oa»ton C*bar*t. a Minor ......... CUl»en» T|H« A Trust C Jiripany, Guardten, as Stated by Pwter G. Cameron, Btcr«t*ry 01' Banklfig of Pennsylvania ...... February 86,-- Alberta G*reh«r, a Minor ........ Oltl»«*s Till* A Trust Cnip*ny, Guardian, a» Stated by Peter ,,, · °- O»msr»n, Bteretary oj' Banking ot Pennsylvania ...... F»bru»ry Minor ...... Clti»e«s Tm» A Tru»t Company, Quardten, ns Stated by Ptrter sy.-^-Clyde It Blgam, r _ ^ ,,,..,,, -^ ,, ..,, «TM., v ^ ~* *.·**,·, G. Cameron, Secretary of'Sankiiiif ot Pennsylvania".'. r."TV*bruary 88.--James H. Btgam, a Minor Oltliens Title * Trust Compe.ny, Guardian, as stated by Peter » G Cameion, Secretary of Banking- of Pennsylvania February 69,--Josephine Blgani, a Minor Oltlzena Title A Trust Company, CJiutrdlan, as Stated by Peter *. Cameron, 9ecretar^ of Banking of Punnsylvanaa February 00.--Rosa Bell Bigam, a Minor CUUeni* Title * Trust C»mp*ny, Guardian^ as SUtted by Peter G. Cameron, Becretary of Banking of Pennsylvania February 91--Sophia DudkUwtc*, a Minor . ..C»«»*n« Title Trust OMnpwny, Gaordian, as Stated by Pe4«r G, Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania , . .,, February / 92.7--Bl-ols Fosbtlnk, a Minor Cltlzerm Title Trust Oomp»«iy, duardlan, as StfctoO by Prt«r J, Cameron, Secretary of Batiklug of Pe«nsy3v«n!« ... February JJ3.--John Fosbrltik. a Minor CtiUaen* TlUe * Truirt Ompaitvy, Guardian, n. B Stottii by P.rter O. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania February (M--Ja,m«* Fosbrink. a Mlno-r Citizen* Title A Trust Company, auui'diai), a» Stated |jy P«tec G. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania February 05.--P«t«r Bryant, a Minor ....'..... CHUen* Title ft Truat Company, Guardian, as Stated by Pater O. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania. February 9«.~-.K4bert Bryant, a Minor«en« Title A Truet Company, Ouardlan, as Stated by Peter G. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania ../... February OT.--Wanda Gay, a Minor CJtl«en»i Title A Trust Company, Guardian, as Ktaied by Peter G. Cameron, Secretary of Backing of Pennsylvania ...... February 08,--Bdb«rt Oay, a Mlnsr ,.,. CWIzen* T/U« * Trust Compo-niy, Guardian, as Stated by Peter Q, Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania February »B.--atanlfcy Q»y, » Minor Citizen* Title A Tru»t Company, Guardian, »» l^tateiJ by Peter · G. Cameron, decretory 0* Banking ol Pennsylvania February 100-- Cecelia) Banks, a Minor CHI ten* Title A Trust Company, Guardian, an Stated by Peter O. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania February 101.--jrosiah H. DUs, a Minor ..Citizen* Title A Trust Company, Ouardlan, us Slated by Peter O. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania March 102 Mary B. Dlls, a Minor *-. . . .CitUsvnB Title ft Truat Compamy, Ouardlan, as Stated by Peter Q. Cameron, 8»or*tary of Banking of Pennsylvania ,. March IM Mary B Bryaon, a Mltw Citizen* Title ft Trust Company, Guardian, us Stated by Peter O. Cftmeron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania March .Cltlsen* Title ft Truat Company, Ouardlan, as Stated by Pet«r O. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania ... , .Cltlzeno Title A Trust Cimpany, Gwardlan, as Stated by Peter G, Cameron,'Secre'tar.V of Banking of Pennsylvania . . . . .Oltlzena TlUe ft Trust CitnCairty. Ouardlan, a.s Staled by Peter G. Cameron, Secretary pf Banking of Pennsylvania .Citizen* Title ft Trust OmiPlvny, Guardian, as Stated by Peter' G. Cameron, Secretary of B a n k i n g of Pennsylvania . . J04.--Elizabeth Crow, a Minor ...... 10B.--Nevada F, Balslng«r, a Minor 10«.--James J. C. Baslng«r, a M i n o r . 107--Winifred Daughterly, a Minor t 108--Andrew Jackson Campbell, a Minor March March ·March March 28, 1880 10, fOou 5, 1080 C, 1030 3, 19BO 3, 1S80 T, 1»80 5, 1900 8. 193U 3, 1930 lij, 1030 18, 1990 18, 1980 18, IBSO 11, 1B80 18, IKiO 10, 1»90 10, 1»3U 6, 1MW 18, 1»SO 6, 1980 0, 1930 38, 1980' 38, IMO II, 18, 18. 18, 18, 18, 1MU 18, ItSH IS, 10SH If, 1030 18, 1030 IB, ioao 18, 1030 19. l»Su 18, io,",o 18, 1030 18, 10*0 ft, 19HO R, IRS") n, 198" 5, *, 3, 1030 S, 10«0 ..Citizen* Title * Tiust Oimpamy, Ouardlon. as Stated by Peter O. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennnyiviinla tm , Roland P. Tat«, a Minor CitlEens Title ft Tru»t Ompamy, Guardian, as Stated by Peter* ion. Koiana f. Q Cameron, Secretary of Batiklng of Pennsylvania .. March 110--Henry Gilbert Emerson, s Minor.C|tl»«ns Title ft Tru»t Company, Oua,rdlan, as Staged by P*et«V '· G. Cameron, Secretary of Banking of Pennsylvania ' Fabruarv 111 -Reginald Hartley T !!?J*.!° 0 . n S. N *}!,°TM 1 St*:^£- Unlontown ' Panna " Adminlairitp P Ma'ch ~ Bryner Ellis March S, 1080 « ' 29, IMO «, |»80 T, 1830 T, JWO notlfted that ah Audit Ll]«t will be made up of all tne H*rl*ter of Will. alld Ex-Offlclo c ggnf n.p»**iii · i · · -- ' · '" " Hl ^^^Hm^m^gtmamm Use Our Classified Ads BATttOWIZB HOMB WHO Of

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