The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 20, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1918
Page 5
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SATCSDAY, Jm,Y 20, 1918; THi*; Ouni-IELiLBVlliiEi. PA. FAGJB NEWS OF TODAY AT ML PLEASANT. BRIEFLY RELATED Twenty-Oners Accepted forActJTe Service. TEN ARE REJECTED BY BOARD NOTHING CAN STOP ONWARD RUSH OF THE AMERICAN FORCES . Br Associated l*f««*. ·WITH THE AMERICAN HN '.t»w|a B. Sk«pe, "S Teaim OM, Mes at! Tn*nl B*U Tain *»i Tkn* .'; Special to" The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, July 20.^-Ex- ! can forces: - FRANCE, Jnly 19.--The Amiricam troope bad. carried all before them by late in (he -afternoon and had proceeded so fast that cavalry was thrown, into the actio.i. All the American headquarters staffs last night were well inside the territory which the German's held in the morning. The Allies have reached, roughly, the line; .of Eelleau. Courchampa, Chouy. Villers-Helon, Chaudim and the heights dominating Soissons. French cavalry had .crossed beyond the Soissons^hateau-ThierTy road to opening made by the Franco-Amerl- amtnitlcms have been completed for the 1918 draft. 01-90 men called for examination 67 were 'accepted 'for Class ;1-A, one was pur in. B Group, three .were accepted tor limited service, and 10 were rejected. Three colored men were examined.. IB llMfe. JfedUw Baa t. ; Two local boys are; in the Macilne Gun Company which was reported In action yesterday. - They .are Long, son ot Mri. Martha and Frank Lane, a brother of Mra. Bay Gelsthorpe. Lewis B. Sh«pel Th«\ funeral services of Lewis'B. AMERICAN CRUISER BROOKLYN IN VLADIVOSTOK HARBOR The greatest progress made up to last' reports lasfnight was about 10 kilometers; or a little over sti miles. 'After' passing the third objective* set for the operations ot the morning the Americans, in co-operation with,- ^^ _^ the French, south of Soissons launch-1' "··*" "~ ed » second powerful attack at noon, ing preaching service at 11;, topic of American, troops operating west of j sermon, "Our Love to God--How Soissons took 4.000 prisoners, 30 guns ' Shown." Evening service at 7.30; ahd: much other -'war material wihlch' topic Of discourse, "The Blessed has not been estimated. An American!Hope.'! c. v - = " ' - « « """·"- 69c $1.00 Percale Petticoats Women's $1.00 Gingham and Percale Underskirts--limit one to a customer--at only 6?c. The United States srnlser Brooklyn.In the harbor of Vladivostok helping to protect vntunble stored and maintain B«ck at It 1« the British cruiser Suffolk. ''·' division cooperating with the French [ "Pic. "Thou Sha ! captured the town of Viemu about! Witness:", leader, , B r sii miles south of Soissons and «d-jlT«xer meeting ; Y. P. TJ. at 6.45 sharp; Shalt Not Bear False C. B. Murphy. as usual ;leader. North" ;lH»mOTid street tomr, was held from. ~tbe home this afternoon, In charge of Rev._A...Tf. Barley.- Mir.' Shnpejlfa-rn a wife and three sons, Rev. Georc* Shupe.. ot Cochranton;. Terey:.of 'Wortb.lngton, Vf. Vn.. Carl it horn*. an* ward swiftly and fought with fo'stop them. fury.' church. Sunday school at 9.45 A. M. ally in the region of.Spissona, Oie"south of iiat city; Light ,,,,, ,-Ject, "The Heal I Jf^- . 6.45 . Miia Katharine 'McDermott Is vii- Jtlng friends at Sew Ca»U». * Miss'. Gertrude Goldsmith returned Ihristl'sn. En- V. M. Preaching at subject.- "The SS^^^^^i^'^f^n JornTng ani "c^I »?^.M: heme',yesterd»y from Kttsburg. a visit paid MEDICINE CHEST FOR ONLY 30 CENTS Wife ,« I»» C.» lasUally Believe ' inlng. Strangers welcome. J. i Showers, pastor. barrage' ended, shells from the American gum wre deluging the enemy'u rear areas, playing havoc with his force » : ' " . ' i THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, The seconds objectives were usual-; Soa[Q pittrturg stceet, -Wilbur Nelly taken by the troops of the first · Mv p,»,or Sunday school at " " units who had dug In^.a, tbe first ofc-ix. M. Public worship at 11 jectives. The recistance to the south was especially vtciom. At some placea the American. adracciat; troops were hald up, but .only temporarily. S. S.45 A. M. mo , 730 P M Mornlnir sermon topi,.,- "jeaus. the CrucHed." Eve- oills top | Cr .-rhe Throne of Grace." Insists That Frail, Nervous Women Can Speedily Become; Strong and Vigorous A Vigorous Healthy Body, j Sparkling Eye« and Health. ' Colored Cheeks Come in Two Weeks, Sayi Discoverer of Bio-feren. World'* GnndMt Health Builder Costs Nothing \ U n l e s s It Gives to W o m e n the Buoyant Health They Long for. ,: Cita and Bribes. A J«r of San Cur» Ointment costa : tat rfjeeatj arid If doesn't,do fverr r j thing -this newspaper article says "it { ·111 do the L*ughrey Drug Co., Coo- BtHivitle, or the Broadway Drug Co., Scottd«le. wltl slve yon ybiir money back."; · . ' It Ttlleves bleeding, itching.' and ning and fever sores, no matter how stubBorn or hopeless. It is an anti- scptlc'-Jolnlment that begins to heal the mfaijte,It is- applied, -;·:'· · - . . v; · It's one of the finest remelies ever compounded for boils, "ca'rb'jracles, jlj7. cers, eczema^' salt "iheum,' tet'er;~chii- blaliis ( ' chapped,hands or face. Price o-lr 30 and 50 cents a jar. For the baby,,:tor roujCi, tender skin and to quickly acquire a ane complexion, use San Core Soap (25 cents). Thompson MeddcH Co., Titusville, Pa.--Adv. TK1NINTY. LUTHERAN CHURCH. Her. Ellis B, Burgess, pastor. Bible school will meet at 10 A. M. Divlno services will be conducted by the vice. Strangers are invited to worship, with us. . , 8,767 WOMEN AT WORK IN VARIOUS CAPACITIES ON PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD;:: The outstanding feature of this ei- quiafte . lounging gown is the profusion of polka dots with which It Is adorned.. The makers have employed .wisteria silk to convey the full effect of their original design. Wool em- ! broidery is used on the overblouse of dotted satin. TH1NITT BPISCOPAE CHURCH, JM. S. Kanaga, Vicar. ·' Services held in' churcli-T.Jiouse, conter. vpairrlew. avenue acd Prospect itreet Sunday school at 10 A, M. .Morning prayer and services 'at H A. M. , CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN, Have IiiaM JUny Line* of Employ- ··mt, Some J»TOlvlof Ksnial Laker; Gals »( T.4S1 In June. On May 31 a total of 6.873 women weife employed in the divisional offices of the Pennsylvania railroad, while the report for June 30 shows a total of 8,354 female employes on all opera 1 divisions, a gain of 1,481 during June. This total does not Include the departments in the general offices at Philadelphia and Plttsburg, where altogether considerably more than a ing watchwomen. la addition there women and assistants; 16 bureau of information attendants; 24 parcel room attendants; 258 storeroom at- thousand women are working at the precent time. The : latest compilation for all departments of the eastern -lines, in- tendanls: 811 car cleaners; two Pull- and 81 ticket sellers. In the lines of worlAmore customarily followed by women, there arc' 105 janitrGsses;. 679 telephone operators: 266 telegraph operators: 1M telegraph operator students; 15 It IS'laf* to say that right here In tbla biff city arc .tens of thoaaanda ot weak, nervoua, run-down, depreeaed I woman who In two weeks' time could malca 4fcemi«lv«a BO htalthy. ao attrac- ( tlT« and so - k««n-mlnded that they ! wouW compal the admiration of all j tholr frisnds. ; Th« Tltal health bulldlnr «lementa ' lhat thcsa deapondent women lack ara \ all plentifully aupplled In £io-feren. : It you arn ambitious, erava sticeeas ' --. ^ 1 In life, want to hava a healthy, viROr- 1 I oua body, clear skin and even that i j show ,10 dullness, make up your jnlnd ! are 332 signal- to pat;, n packaca ol! Bio-fareti rlrat · away. It coats but llttl* an« you can R«t an original package at aay druKriat ' anywbera, ' t ; Taki two tablets after sach meal : all ara gona. Then If you don't feal twice an rood, look twice A* attractive and f»«! twice aa «trons a« befor yon rtarteJ, roar money ta waiting: for ron. It belo:aira to rou, for tbe djBcoverer of Blo.femn doean't want one penny of ll unless it fulfills all claim*. Is cooks and 4,723 girls and women who · Wet«. (· Pferaieiaaat Tiiere . aecret about The formula of Blo-feren . It )e printed on ftvery package. Here L It 1«: Lacitolr.- Calcium GlycerD-phoa- h phate: Irov Pe»tonate: "~ are clualOed « clerks, atenogr^her, and school at 9.45 A. M. Morning , : : ~ vice at 11 A. 11. Subject, "Christian CARED LITTLE POR POLITlCS! H * roisni :"~Eveuiijg worship a t » P. '.- M.':Subject, "The Ladder of Life." Crawford avenue, West Side. Sunday I chitting the general offices, shows a , President Cleveland, However, Had Heal Llklnt for th» Law, and Y- Loved t» Fl«h. '-, "President Cleveland loved the l»w P.atph TV. Reiman, pastor. TRINITr RKFOR.MBD CHURCH, corner South Pittsburg and Green streets, I. G. Nace, pastor. Sunday total of 8,767 women In the service on June 1. One year previously there were only 1,945 women, employed, or an Increase in a year of 6,822. Previous to the war, women were very .rarely taken into the service ol the Pennsylvania railroad, fn the majority of the departments none were employed at all. There were, for LOCAWMNEWS better 'than he did politic*," remarked j school, 0.45; morning worship. 11; many years, a very limited numbei R. O. Brown, a former resident of Bnf-; sermon, "The Influence of Belief." j of women station agents and tele- ftilo. to a reporter' ot the Wnshlngton' Eyenlng worship at 7.45 o'clock; ser- | graph operators. A few women were Post Siftd he consldereihlK own'de-i 1 " 0 ? 1 ' "Narrowness:" Choir rehearsal;) also employed in sucb work as clean- sires ie would never haye'.left his prac- "Wednesday evening, 7.30. · tlcg for political office. I donlit if even!' ' . · ·. --the prospect of ,becoming president j. THE EVANGELICAL ASSOCCIA- would have Induced him to enter poll-1 tlon. South Conncllsville, M. B. He- j ing stations, cars and offices, nnd in tbe 'general olEces .a small number tics. "It; my privilege to know Mr. Cleveland when he was practicing Ms profession["before, he entered politics. He wjci not. what might be termed a flittering success as a la\ryer. Be had no business instinct so far an the. la'w [Lau^hlin, minister. Sunday school at ' 9.30 A. M., in charge of Samiiel Witt Worship with preaching by the minister at 10.30 A.' M: and 7.45 P. M. The Y. P. A. devotional meeting at 7"P:.M. to be led by Qrant Shoemaker. Prayer meeting Wednesday 69 classified occtipattons. on the Pennsylvania railroad, and have invaded many lines of employment--some in- volving'manual labor--which weire forme'rly regarded as capable of be- inff nlled only by men. Today six women are working, in various of the shops, on car repairs; . . . . . . . one i s . employed a s a "caller," h e r trncteit by his addresses In court. jSunday school at 9.45 A. M. Preach-1 duties being ,to summon trainmen for Judgei : 'mjhe bcncluiiad. the .greatest^ ing at .11 and ,7.4.5. Epworth League their runs; 74. women are at work respect~fof;tBCT5^1*cttBse-theywere'jat-6.4B. Mid-week prayer meelfng at cleaning locomotives; one is x crane was concerned, but he delighted In p" 13 , cottage prayer meeting Thars- .Intrlcnj'e legal problems', and ranch pre- j daT evening. A cordial invitation Is ferredjto take u cose that Involved up- extended to all. purentV hopelew questions. It conld! ' :;. " -- . not bn'sald he was e good pleader, and THE- MBTHODDIST EPISCOPAL while vihe average person was not nt- ehuich, O. L, C. Richardson, pastor. or TRJLHC*. Mm B. J. Mulrthlll of 117 Eaat Church place received a card from her son, Edward, who Is wjta the 42nd Balloon company, telling ot his safe arrival In France. IOCA1 TOffifG JtEK ABK nr»UCTED ISTO SERTICE. Ralph Burkett, William j. King,' A.. B. Ho'bbinji, Charles F. White, Robert A. rMullaney, James L.. Scarry, A. L. ere employed in clerical positions, j Fr f '· *"* s - Carr Sheet*, ail of Coa- but the total of female employes nev- ' have been, inducted into er'.al any time exceeded more than a j ule wrvice and on August. 15 will en- · ' - . . . .. .... (ter tbe few hundred until war condition* arose.' At present women, are working In profound and "Wbinke was not'engaged In law, j the pastor. Cleveland delighted In utter abandon-; · · »»ot ;be all tMng« ,tbat reqnlreil !' CHBISflAN 7.45 AVedMsdar'evening j n : c hif(ie if p- . - .· · to becom* a candidate for mayor he ; ·aid: .»* don't want S..T mors of poll- i ^ . . tlonalljr. -1 do .not'ciire Jf T.'aerer get orders of.ErIe.'":,V ..... - : CHURCH, GEORKE minister. Bible : Christian En. Morning ser-' vicB . at 1040 . eTening serv ., ce · 7 4 6 Mornlng Abject; -TJ,. j-c-aflstian's' ^ as j I( , t pt SunKn( , r ' ' ' operator;, four are. employed as lono- motlve despntchers; 29 are da'ughts- women; -seven are "draughting apprentices; five women are operating steam hammers; three an* gang leaders; one is a coal'inspector; 5E15 are working aa laborers; 37 are em- of rg. All OiMHlen: PhenaljtMnalefn; OleerVsIn CaiiBlrum- Koto. 55c Dresses Children's late model Gingham ;sefi in smart plaids and combinations of plain colors, 6 to 14 yenr sizes, at 55c. Women's and Misses' Shoes $1.89 rp io 54.00 Pii nips Women's Patent and Pumps, sixes up ot 672- $1.95 Dull Kid $3.00 Whit* Women's White Canvas Lace Shoes, low and high heels, all sizes. $1.69 (j»-| OQ $2.50 Fuinps _ «P4-****' ^ SiuidolB --.--,,-Misses' While Canvas one-strap i Misses' and Children's Barefoot Pumps, sizes S*/£ to 2, special at Sandals in tan and bJact, special 69c ! 7l)c Tennis Oxfords Women's Misses' and Children's Tennis Oxfords In white and black, M] sixes in the lot. 51.69; $8.00 Noreltr Shoes __ $5.95 [ Women's. Novelty Shoes in plain and combination colors, odd sizes, Saturday only at $5.95. "GREAT SALE OF DOMESTICS l'."i: f u l l bleached Toweling, 17 laches wide, at yard ^5c "Kveretl Classic" Ginghams, desirable dark paiterns, yard __ 36 inch I'ercale, light, or dark patterns, 36c value, at yard (1.95 Seamless Sheets, lull size SlxflO, at 64 inch Table Damask, extra quality, 05c * value at (p-l £»C $1.00 extra /lC/» *Ot/ 35c quality Huck Towels, largo :i I ^!!!__L 29c 25c Amoskeag Apron Gingham, absolutely "fast colors, yard Swiss and Cambric Embroidery, worti up to at yard Pillow Cases, full size 36x42, If J±! i 28c 72 inch Table Damask, $1.26 value,. special at yard KOBACKER5 W " " THE BIG STORE with the exception of Mullaney, who ] goes tor, training in metal . sfceet | working, will train to become motor mechanics. A DENTISTS T««th o l e » ; to h e l p cure MB- ·IrJv*. bleeding tmnm*, - - - AND DOES IT! be ka«vr«. On sale atoll drnUiiBiMul toil** coontere. G. 1- A ItJf STOOBC. PTf*. ' MvCLAIX A. B, , Skop The Crossland Wagon Works Co. \ South StatJi Strict, Tf««t Side, ConneUsvjrie, P» Wagons. Carts. Coke Barrows. All B.iros of Work BOM m Sh»rt Kotiee, Most Education Comes Through tibe Eye* How important it is that chil-. . dren. ; should not suffer Irom de-j 30x3 f active vision. Because no' 30 * 31 ' chi]ij can study as he should If I he does not see normally. .- He! will ibae-interest'in'his'studies,i and may become backward and Special Prices on Auto Tires 32X4 are worKinc aa laourerB, 01 ttie eui- . _ · - , . . _ Tv , , ployed as machine hands; 234 are ! hard to manage. Help the SUC- · · - " · · · · · - · · - .f , or has becnTeceived .that Joseph Siland.-a «on of. Mr- and.iVIrs.' Niland 3t Highlahd Ayeaue, hasrrived safe- 'j In 15-ance.. ..," ' . ' . " ' . . THE ' FIKST'" 'PRESBYTERIAN church. Sunday school at. 0.45 '"A;:- M. Ko pr.eachlni: services.. Wednesday ov-enlrig' prayer meeting at 7.45! . THE. .': ..COSENASTEii-.'. CHTJRCH. messengers and assistant messengers; six. are mechanics ; helpers; two arc oilers; 20;are classed as shop hands; 15 are power operators; eight are ieverwomen; nine are drawbridge attendants; ' two are switch attendants; 38 work as freight truckers; · otte is p trackwoman; two arc : turntable operators; eight · are i upholsterers; two. are warehouse'. cess of your chi-.d: by learning the condition of .tiis eyes. I. W. Myer«, Opt D. Optometrist an) Optician. · Vnolworib . Bid?.. Upstairs. Our SpiciaUy-- Conifottable vision. ·Sabbath ( acbobi'at lO-ojilcck.-. siorh-| woroen and H2 are employed as cross-I Non-Skid Tires J10.00 513.50 J15.75 J21.00 J22.00 J22.60 Guaranteed Tubes! $2.9i j ?3.10 J3J5) $4.lq M.25 14.35 West Side Garage Agency Pilot, Metz, Paige, Marmon . Motor Cars High Test Gasoline Best Motor Oils I offer for sale 360 shares of Capital Stoctla f the Title Trust Company of Western Penney!- J? vania, one of Connellsville's prominent banks. p I -will sell this stock either in whole or any; -"' part at $60 per share. Terms if desired. 1430 K Street, H. Patonize Home Merchants Who Advertise in This Paper Try Our Classified Ads. It's Money Well Invested iooooooe DEfK--And Pete Poesn't Ctere Wnrf. When He Bjr C. A. VOKfHT fl

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