The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 20, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1918
Page 4
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FOUR. ·THE DAILY COTTRIBR, CONNELLSVILLBv PA. SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1918. ft}?* fcitly (Smtrtrr. -, ' *EN»T' P. SNTTMK, Founder an4 Editor. II7t-I»M T1U COCKOE* COMFAXT. . K. X. SNTOEB. ' JAMES J. DJUSCOLU l»c'y aid Tr«sa, Busl»««» Manager JOHN Ik OAKS. -.. , Manasinr. Editor. WALTER a STIMMEL. . City Editor. JOSS I.YNNT5 B. KIKCKULt Society Editor. MEMBERS OF : , . .. ~' ' Associated J?ress, ;. . . ^ ^ Aadlt'Bureau of Circulation...._ ' '. Ponnsyfvania Asraciated Dailie«. · .-Two'cents per copy,'Sbc ^e'r. month; · per year by mall ;f-pald in advance. Entered as second class. matter at the nostolTlce;-.Connettsvllle. Pa, ^ . V.WtTRD.YI , JCLI 9*, '19. Tk* Cwin'i sirVta* riff. . P. .3HERJ1AK. Hospital L'uu I* American Expeditionary i'ir;:e». Franc.. RALPH F. SL1CER, Company H. JI*th Inlamrr- I'.. S. N. A., American . I^ipeUl- tionary Forces, t'rance. MICHAEL GKEN'AL.t0. · " HAROL-r* lUCHEY.' Battery B. 107th Field Artillery. *th Division. U. S. NO.; American Expeditionary Forcev, France. liLOYb B.:.COX: Uumpu^Pi 17th ;EHtlncers. U · S; A.. Fort Myer. Va, JtjIJL'S CKOUSE. Company E, 15th Enslneerr. (Hallway). American . Sxp'e- ' dttlonary Forces. I'rance. JAJIE3 J. iIcPART)LA.XD. Campaay B. «3riJ Enerlneer?. '. (Railway). Fnrt Benjamin Harrison. Indianapolis. Indiana. RUS3KLL L-EXKAKT. U. S. S. President Orant. Tj. K. Navy. .CARL STEH1.E, 3rd Company. 1st" Battalion, In. Eantry Replacement Brigade. Camp L«e, Va. of rapp!7 «r» intact; It · occupies enemy teritory; H jha» hid .-tour r«ar» tn which' to r prfp»re · it.JBncces-; sion of def ea»lre positions to be occupied is the event ot an. enforced/ e-v tiremient from: !tk" -present" advaoced positions"; 'it- ti fighting: 'for '.'it*'-" eiiitr note with the desperation rf despair. 'iVTiilt'' evenis'bave' proven '.tint .one American soldier Is. the.etjual of about flve Germans i'k real fleeting. effective-. ness, it cannpii .tie .'salfely _ksspmed"tiiat we have" e.nough -men : Jn France- "to ' . provide' a fighting force sufficiently.}? large-^to continiie .without halt-:-a ,rolK '" ing .up-,moyenjent :o£,the.-'Gennans. -in the direction of Berlin. TRat is what ve .will .dp . eventually, when . f u l l y prepared to . coutmue · Uie - operation once itiS;ttegu:£ *ut it; is ,woTse:'th!io . - tt';-: .·'· B-LRBERI.NG U ·WANTED .-- AN EXPERIENCED .ktlchen girl. Apply ^EST MSNN TEA " 1OM. . isjulyStd- . .WANTED--GENT1. EUAN KOOMER at 115. South .Sixth sircet. "West idle for iis to console ourselves wits. the thought that the victories of,the past fiyw days, brilliant as "Uiey are; are" taken as a sign ..that the taslt of oiir ' array is to be either a' short or easy one. · ' is not k n o w n for a certainty that Company 0 Is or has been encased with the enemy on the Marnfi ljut from the accounts" we have ol how the Machine 1 Gun Company and Company fought t h e i r way t h r o u g h superior : 'WANTEDr-HOUSli.WORK BT DAT.' Write. "WORK," cars Courier:. · - · " · ' . L'Oj.ul'ySt'.- --POSITION BY r COM- p e t e n t . . : »i{eno;yraphiir.-,- -Address- care Courier.:. . ·.:;:-"·.. SEALED PBOPO6AI-3 Wtljj BE recel-ved by th-e undersigned tfntil 1 o'clock P. K, July 39. 19U, tor srad- lin,'.(ound»tlon excavation und concrete work, required for the construction of a concrete »roh under East Park Viadnct, on Connelt Run. in accordance" Tflth plans and specifications on die in the office of the City En- rln«er, Public BuiWlne. or City, Clerk. The'risht Is reserved to-reject any or all bids; SOY W. HOCVEK,, Purchasing Agent. july-2!-J7 . H O M E S FOR SALE S. Room Houae; South N.llo HAVE yOXT':9OKB SELLING'ABEL- ity? If you are a mechanic, eectric- ian, carpenter or other shop or offlce .workers and 'should desire outside ern- ployriient for,-benefit- of your .health. or.: to better, jour .future,. we. .will. arlye you training ' to qualify and^pay rou - w h i l e learning. We oiler-rapid STENOGBAP HER. Apply at once in p e r s o n - t o ' WEST PEN.-s" POVTER I'LltNT.- ·' .20july2t ·' · S10' KiLst Cedar avenuf;, Connellsi-ille, P*. ' " ' - . - . . . ' - . . ' . . iSjulySt; ters. grood -waffes, . PA111S STONE CO.. Bell '250. GOOD CARPEN- :iteady' job. CAS-| 15july6t . WANTED--MEN KOK lion work; M.OO per H«na if thi.y, too. had the chance. House - · Jf baseball players are to be subject to the "work or flg"ht" rule, what about the huskies who b u r n ' up gasoline on the' speedways? . ''. · MCMWT »f The Associated - Pres« ts exclusively entitled to th« use lor .r«ftublieation o£. a l t , the n«**=»- tltap»tcb*a credit«d t« it or not oth«rwj»« cr*dJted'iB tHU paper and ai»6.' the,"local, new* published "herein- Toe deioOMtrition an ex- f f Irremtly l^ailr · hour., yesterday morn'" jinj. as an eiprPt'sion of delight, the 'people of .ConneUsTjlte . had in tie news ttMt'thV Allies!''wefe",rha*Jng »i ', Jrresistible onward sweep against the " {HUBS, was a measure ot interest our (peofle have in the war. The oldest inhabitant of the city cannot recall 'any happening, that has heretofore had the effect of 'arousing 1,0'30 or .more citizens from sound Bleep at unidotflit or later aad causing them to rush fout,. in various desriees . of dishabille, to march over the streets in a sort of a ratification parade. That they did so yesterday morning with an unrestrained and Uxilariou* enthusiasm, and felt tie jbetur tor having participated in the [demonstration, shows how deeply *fht7 are concerned in the progress toward an eveutual. ending of the war. . - . . , - Cntil the Americans and . French turned the Hun tide, between th* Marne and the_ Aisne, there hiis been no development, since the United States became, involved in tlie war, when there was occasion or justification for jubilation- such as was shown jFnday momfng. Since the Germans' Utarted the great drive ot March 21 [they have made slow but steady pro- Kress In pushing their lines nearer Rhe vital points o! the Allied defense. ^Checking the progress of th e drives, Iwhile America was hurriedly' sending !an array to' France and preparing to- itake an important, part in the , great 'struggle, is about all that has been possible to do insofar as relates to Metennining tie issue. Meantime the jfear has beeii more or less constant Uhat we would be too late. True, oth the Allies and onrselvps. have been buoyed by tbe hope tliat such progress would be made in developing American strength that thers could be no shadow of doubt concerning the outcome. .Now that our Army in France has cssunved proportions even greater than had been expected to be possible by this time, asd that our soldiers have amnzed the world by their daring, skill and unyielding determination to-win in the face of every obstacle the Gentians can interpose and have been directly instrumental in changing, .the action from I the defensive to .the offensive, and Vwlth such dlsastrpus results to the (Germans, we have real cause for re- uotcing. Yesterday morning's demon 'stration proved that we know how to igive form and expression to our feeling of. gladness at the change in the [course of events. Significant of what will be the final jresult as the forcing of the Germans (to assume the defensive may be, and (important as the results have thus : far been, we must not permit any feel- 'ing of elation derived from or experience during our early morning "vic- .tory parade." to blind us to the situa- |tion. We at home and all Europe^ not 'excspting even the German militar- ·'iJts. know that the entrance ot the jt'nited States in the war w'.ll seal the ! ate of Prussianirni. In our enthusiastic admiration of the magnificent(Conduct of our troops, and the valor- ( ' j r deeds they-are performing, we r ii~t not consider the success of the M led ofrer-slve, even if it atatins all nnediately present objectives, as an; ·nd of the struggle. Although' the loralc of the German army Is fast! reaking and It has sustained losses j )" men. positions aad advantages that Irretrievable, (bit military m»- :hine i ftill powerfn! and la pqtscss- t of re»6urce» that will enable It to BtaiB a *toat reiistunue and to erculM. cottnt»r offensive of its own. I tk* pttMat ictioa. ; lt is esti- ·d that e«lT abo«t, ope-tMrd of The · absence of the - market ·· basket in the. hands.,df-the,housewives of the- city 9tt'Tuesdays anrt Fridays is going to be as r much- observed, and in'cidrntr ally"..conirioftrited ·. upon, ~aS'^ the^^absence' of other proofs of patriotism. .~ TVe"'md-ml9Sion. by ^Berlin -that- th« American and French forces have made. a bit dtnt In. the German lines in . the Marne rcgrion victorj-. is in Itself a biff ConneItEn-iI!s l-« readj' for a n o t h e r "victory parade" at any hour .of t h e day "or niKht that General ..Pershinp sends out the alffna.1 to start it.' The Americans will soon need to compile a directory o f ' t h e towns they have, caprured. not to mention a few adding- ..machines to flgnre up the totals of prisonem taken. TSe""HTms have not been "completely aefea.ted.yet but they are having daily experiences that will enable them to recognize the end when it does come. -WANTED -- LADIES, PLEASANT work..;CaH f r o m . 8 to It)'A. M.. 4 to 6. 110 West Apple street. A s k MR. GROVES. . ISjBlyZl* '--EXi'URlENCED SAL.ES- iady ;ior dry gocda More. Hlcheat. for. one -that can qualttfy. . dress '·£,' care" Courier. ;20jn'Jytf NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the partnership, heretofore existing _^ between M. C. 'Weimer. A. W. 'Weimer CONSTBUC- i and M - ^- Swift, and known as The THE ' Federal Oarage Com.pany, ha* t h i s . d a y , been dissolved. The said A. TV. W e l m - · er and the said · H. C. Switt - with- ; drawing from tbe said partnership, j The said M. C. Weimnr hag taken over the busineSB and will be, responsible ror all debts ovrlng by th* said Federa] Garaffe Company. He snail also collect ail claims payable to the said The Federal Garage Company, on and after thlff-dfcte, .The .said M..C..Welmer Khali continue the business at his Ad- OR G-EN- eral^. housework, hours 4 to S,, g-ood ·A-ages, sleep.ouL ,Appiy 703 Mulberry street. Scottdale, 'Fa, -19JuJy*t bor'ers. hour; laborers AND I^A- Carpenters' -wares 62i£c per - 3Sc per hour. . -Apply . n- the job at Greenhouse Stop, · Dunbar, Pa/ VANG CONSTRUCTION CO. " . Sjulytfd FOil CL-BAXING cars, 11.30 P. M. until 10.30 A. M. Good Meady employment. MASTER MJSCH.\N*IC, \V*st Pcnn Railways Cc. . - ' ISjuIySt .. WANTED--sirv'ERAL MEN TO work ' or. Inspection and repair* to cars .steady employment; S-ho«r day. Appjy at once to MASTBR M»CBLAJCIC We.^t Penn Hallway« Company. · · , . 15julyt WANTED--OLD FALSE TEETH. Don't matter^^.broken. I pay J3.0Q to H5.DO per sec. Send by parcel post place of business, and trom 'and after this date shall be repponsl- ·ble Cor all bills Incurred..A. TV., sr. c. .Tuly 8. 1918. julylO-20~27 as come It will when the American! I and receive by return mall. L. MAZER. na . w l l , ^ . . t ..... .* . . _ _ _ . . - nAn" o _ T O f ^ . l . ^. . v»l 1 1 - J - _ 1 . I get down to-the business of Berating'. a® From Slovak Press Bureau. 2007 South Pa. Fltth str*«t. Philadelphia. ' I John rjupsan. Jr., Attorney. JACOB GACSIK YS. ANNA, 3AC- aik. In the Court of Conjmon .i^leaii of Fayette county, P,t.,-'.Vo. 475 March. Term, 3918, To A n n a Gacsik,.respond- ent: · . Ton are hereby notified that t h e j subpoena and alias subpie-na; in this , case have been returned "Non eji i n - j VBntns," you are therefore required to t appear in t h e ' C o u r t of Common P l e a a j ot Fayette county, Pa., on the" first j IfonAay of.AUKUBt of said court, A. D, 1 ItIS, to answer tn« ^)lb«l and com- ! plaint fl}«d therein, and show eaVBC. it any yo« hav*. w h y - a divorce from the bonds of matrimony should not b« ITTanted the Hbellant above ' named. . 0-S7 om ' :e . That the Slavs-of Europe,'as well as.the Slav's-residing in this country, are allies of the United States and its allies is at last ·brought home to the Americans. The stand taken by the Czechoslovak amy .in Russia, in France «nd in Italy is very illuminative, because it means nothing less then the death-knell of kaiserism. We still have in mind the news In the early phases of the war when regiment after regiment of Czechs and Slovaks surrendered in a body and went over to what was the enemy of Austria, to the Russians and Serbians. No sooner .there they :eorganized into independent fighting units and gave the Austrian emperor quite a few headaches since. Today they are figbting wHh Ihe Italians against Austria-Hungary and the latest Austrian reverses on that front are mainly due 10 the heroic cooperation of that determined unit of Czechs and Slovaks, formerly by . compulsion, soldiers of the .Austro-Huiigar- ian monarchy. Also in France Czechoslovak army units are organized and being whipped into fighting trim and in a sbort time we will hear from them giving as glorious an account of themselves as they did on the Russian front- · Things have gone wrong in Russia. The disgraceful peace made by the Bolsheviki has made the presence of tbe Czechoslovak army in Russia unnecessary. There are over 50,000 armed Czechoslovak .soldiers on their way from Russia -to France by way of the United States. Soon -we will have them here,, to welcome them. and send them off to France .to help and assist the world la win its fight against their own oppressors and the enemies of humanity. Another body of 50,000 is being organized and prepared to come over tor the .sanv; purpose. But the Bolsheviki, true to their German made peace, though in violation of ct-mmon decency, «re making thuir departure difficult and BO we liear'oi clashes between Czechoslovak and BolsheViki troops^ It looks as If the Czechoslovaks will have to lick the 'kaiser's latest creation If they want to get to France and continue in their noble work there. · · There are many unnaturalized Slavs today in the camps of the United States . army where they are doing duty with pick and shovel because German propaganda, cleverly disguised, has taken good care that this stalwart element should be kept out of the war, by fair means and foul, but mostly by foul ones. There is no reason why the United States should not .trust the drafted Czechoslovaks when sympathizers of the Sinn Feiners can serve. :unhampered. And there can doubt that If the Czechoslovaks would have shown as. pronouncedly. . pro-German sympathies as did these Irish .in . ' ibjs ,-war. that there . would ,'be ground for suspicion; The :boys of 'Czechoslovak extraction,-are itching to get at toe Boche. : Give * ; ;tGe"rn a chance, either in* the -' United States army or ^in the «nnr of tie prospective Czechoslovak: state It is :':re*]ly; abouL:' -.time, that the Baited, State* ikould know its C?«o. B. .Teffrioa, Attorn«y. ' H A R R Y C. DRUM VS. MABEL. D. j "WANTED -- BARBBH. . STRICTL.1" j Drum. In the C o u r t of Common Fl«a3 j flrst-claas, sober man at once; 120 and ot Fayette county, Pn.. Xo. 45 J u n e ! CO per cent over J28 p«r iriiefc. Shop ! Term. 1 1SJ*. To Mabo) D. Drum, re- ope'n to 7.JO. and 10 ~P, £. on Sat-! spondent: j urdays. . LOUIS T. BRUN1NG.' M a t n ; You are .hereby notified that t h e . street, Greensburc, Fa. Phone 947. j subpoena and alias subptena in t h i s : -. ^ . IGjul'/St .I case h a v e been returned "Non ft» I n - | --· ·· : 1 ventus." ynu are there/ore required to i WA.VTED -- IT. PENNSTLVANIAjappeir In the OSurt ot Common Pleas | Hallroad Company.. Apply at once t o ' of Fayttte c o u n t y , pa., on the nr»t I any agent for steady employment ; Monday of Aujrust of said court. A. IX I brakeraen, firemen, machinist!*, f r e f p h t « 1»18, to answer the libel and eom- .truckers. Employment aarent will b J e : p i a l n t filed therein, an.1 show cause, it j at ticket o(!lce. Connelliville, Mondaj ; any you have, why a r,lvore« from i h e } afrernnon. - ISJulytZt* ! bonds of matrimony should not. be 1 granted the Mbellant above named. ' THOS. I.. HOWARf). Shcrln*. Sherlff'i 8 Hoom Hoas*. N. Prospect 5 Room Howwi, N. Prospect St. , ; 8 Room Double Houoe, 8 Hoom House, N. 7th :· st ; 8 Hootn House, Snydor- tow.n ,, 8 Rdoiti Bourn, N. loth St. 5 Room. South Conne'lis- 5 Itoom Cottage, Franklin · · St.; - . . . . 4 Koom House, S. 8th St.. 8 .Room Cotts-pR. Crawford ·* Room H'ouse. lotto St.... · 4 room House, South. 9th ....'! Street .'.... -· -.-. 4 Double Hfmse*. E. Craw' ' ford Ave.. S rooms each; rental $20: e a c h . . . . . . . 9 Roonj House, E. Gibson. B Room Double House. "W. . . .Crawford 10 Room Double House, N. Prospect 8 Room roufcle Hoooe. Hyndmn St 6 Room Modern House, South St G Room Modern Hoime, E. H3n st 6 Ronm Horn*. Poultry IjOt, Frances Ave B Room Modern House. Sth S-t 10 Room House, Rvndnian . st , ' a Room House, S. Oth St.. G RooiTi Modern Hotise, Jeffer*»on St. ... " 8 Room Modern Rouu*. N. Sth St. ;... , 6 Room Mortem H'ouse, Dth St.. W. R 12 Room Modem Horn*, stable on brick rood... fi Room Moflprn H^mc, N, Rth St., Went RId« ' 6 Room Modern Home. Ofirdfin St 5 Room Flat, FVanJcJln Av* S Room M"odern Home. Aroh Rt · 5 Ronm Sfo'dern Home, N. fifh St.. "Wost Pidr 18' Modern House; Morre]J Ave, ,,..,.-. 8 Room House, 12th 9t... B Rnom Kouse, E. Fafr- vie^r Ave 10 Room" 7ouMe House. Franklin Ave 7 Room MoxJcra House, "W. Crawford Ave 3 Room Modern Hnuac, X. 7 R*w!; Modem House; B. Poach 6 Rnom Modern House, N. 1.05O l.JW» / 3,!SOO l;r,w t,5Of l,«5o 1,TO» l^OO 2.00O 2,000 3,900 3.50O X800 2,8OO 2.SBO 2,sno '3,000 3,000 12 Don hie. Ho««e, Cmn-rord Arc. 6 Room Modern TJ r Room Modern Houne. K.r FOR RENT--ONE SfX ROOK HOUSE. Call Bell 408-R, - · . Jjnlrrf Oltic«. Jnlr 3. 1SU. July-6-13-50-27 FOR RENT--OARAGE. Eaat Cedar. APPLT JOI l«july«t .FOIt BENT--ONE LIGHT F. V. .."WOOLWORTH. . H j u l y J t FOR RENT--SINOLE ROOM yOR gentleman, on second floor. G34 £ast Crawford. ISJulytf FOR RENT--SMALL APARTMENT. Call FLORENCE SittJTZ. ·· UJulytfd Wanted L I N O T Y P E bPETRATOR, DAY WORK; $25 PER WEEK. APPLT FOREMAN, COURIER OFFICE. FOR RENT--THREE FUI.WISKED i rooms for Itcht housekeeping. 12J4 r Vine itreet. . Boll HI. 3Djuly!t ; FOU .' SAJL.E--CO"WB A.f« HOGS. Apply CENTRAL, HOTEL, Dawson. Pa. SOjulylOt FOR SALS--BRICK HOUSE, BATH, hot a n d ' c o l d water, furnace, electricity, ffaa, on paved street. Address Box 471, Scott dale. 15ju)ySt-«od« F O R ' S A L E -- SDC CYLINDER roadster. Al cor.ditlon. Seats - three. Sacrifice pricr-; 'auj-lng truck. Telephone 18-W Tri--State. 17july3t For Sale House of 4 roorntf and kitchen: front porch, good water and food cellar; one acre ; 3H f r u i t trees; stkble. 4 chicken houses; IS minuters from trolly and on main road. Suitable for fftrmer. miner. (JOk* w n r k e r or m U l man. Between Scottdale a.nd Mount FOR SALE -- ONE IntiTlng car. model 83-B, b^p tour, a b - ; sotutcly in first---class condition. Price; riffhl. See HOyiEK MQSEIR at Main · street*barb«r shop;' 18July3t* j FOR SALE--I-TON XASH TRUCK, }· equipped w i t h coal body'', and cab; - first-c]a.!fs condition. Too small for ! present usfe. Inquire C. Jj. "WORK.' Coiinellsvllle, Pa. 29junetrd j MILM5K ridge Si, 7 Boom HO'UJJP. l f » 3 1 A f r t n n St. South .SM». · S.OOO 8 Rnom Honsc, lot 206x134, Frauds Ave ........... 3.0OO 6 Room Modern House, near I-eisflnr'ne" ...... 3,2W R Room Modwn Hoiise, Kites. St ........... . . 3.2OO 5 Room Modern HOUSP. S, Sth t ................. 3.20rt S Room Afoilern House. Jefferson St ........... 3.300 0 Room SIod«rn Rouse, E. Murphy Ave ........... 3.30O 9 Room Modern Home, E. KftlrA-irw Ave. . . . ' . . . . . ."UKH? 5 Room Modnrn House, E. Gib-son A ve ........... 3.ROO 6 Room Mod. House, Arch St.. a,bovrj R. A.Q. depot 3,500 6 Room HLrtitic. Hlg-hland Ava ................... 3.5OO 12 rioom Double Houae. S. 9th St. ... ............. 3,000 8 Room M o d e r n Houae, E. W a s h l n K t o n A r e ...... 3,"V fl Room Sfodern House, S, . Rth St ................ 3,?tK) B Room Modern Home. X, 'Plttsbtirff Pt .......... 4.0OO 8 Room M o d e r n House, S. 8th ,St ................. -J.iWO g Room Modern House, S, Sth St ................. 4,000 S Tlno-m Modern House. S. SLh 5t fi Room XTeKlern House, X. St -J.OOO 4,OOO P'OR S*U-E--FINE ELJ3VEN BOOM \ w.odcrn stone residence, larfjo lawn, ' ·\vould make a' fin* home for doctor. "Will sell a-t a, bargain. Address " cara Courier. 29junetfd-seLt FOR SALT-:--ONE BLACK HORSE, i ten years old, welg-ht 1300 pound*, f Will sell reaaonable to quick buyer, j Ca)I between 7 and 8 A. M. t or 5 a ' 6 P. M. at 104 "Witt street. UjuIySt" FOR SAl^B--51 ACHE FARM, good bank barn, beet of spring water, lota of fruit, for M.OOO, 45 acre farm, 4.-Coot vein of "Frpeport coal underlying- 40 acres of ' t h e farm; fiverythJngr in /«« tor $3,200. B. J-Y DeWITT, Bell Phone 209-J, ScoLtdale, Pa. July-17-I9-20 Movlnjc and General FORJ5ALE SEIKE STEEt KAilXS. IN VAJIIOUS SIZ1K, FOR PROMPT SHIPMENT FROM MY Cl-AKKSBURG .YARDS. G£OKOE PHONE, 2208,'CLiARKSBLTlG, "WEST VIRGINlX 842. TRI- lljulytf , ESTATE OF CHARLES LA.UGHL-IN, late of the borougrh of Dunbar. county of Fayette. and state of Pennsylvania, deceased. Letters of administration on the above named estate having been granted to tbe undersigned, notice is herftby civen to a11 P*rnoTiH indebted to said estate to make immediate payment, a n d to those having cJaimu ag-ainst the same to present them properly authenticated for set- tlftment. JOSEPH L. STADER, Administrator, Connellffvflle. Pennsylvania, . JL G. LAT, Attorner. ·'.' '. -39June6t-sat The Difference-- i Between the Cost of Good and Cheap Printing is so slight that he who goes fhopping from printer to prinier to secure his printing at a few cents less than what it « really worth hardly ever makei d»y laborer wget at this unpleasant task. If you want good work at prices that are right, get your job printing 4.3OQ -1,300 -I.7OO R,OOI i^OOO 5,200 .",050 C,OOO ^-At This Office On the 24th day ."of. July, at 2 P. fiC. o^clock, will offer on- the premises at public sale th« entire original building, formerly occupied by H. Kbbadcer A Sons, located at 625-29 Main street, Mt. Pleasant, Pa., consisting of tbree store rooina, aal additioiMil lot'directly in the rear of L. K, 2ucfc's;Meat Market, absolutely the best location in the town. 1500.00 in cash, or certifietl check.for that amount will be required from the purcfiater, auditor tlie balance,, term's will be made Icnowa before the sale-Kaita. HAEBY KOBACKEB. Auctioneer, ' . ; ···'; ;"; · ' : \_ 12 Room Double Houan, S. +tii S-t -J.MO 7 Room Modern Housn. S, FalrrSev Avo. -i.^OO 10 Room Trouble Hous-;, Davidson Ave, 8 Room Modern Flouae, S. 'Sth St, i . . 4,500 8 Room Modern Horn*, Vine St -IJWO S Room Slodfrn .louae, S. P t h St 9 Room Modern House, X*lncoln Ave 34 Room Double. House, E. 10 Room Modern Home, S. Sixth EJt., West Sirte . . . 4,SOQ S Hcom Modern House, E. Murphy Ave 3.0OO S Room Jlodern House, W. Peach St 5.OOO 5 Room Modern House, S. Sth .St 10 Room Modern Hou»s,-E. 6 Room Modern House, E, Craw-fore! Ave 10 Room Moticrii House, Lincoln Ave. 15 Room Modern Double House, S. th St. . , , , , , 17 Room Modern H'oure, Race St 7,fiOO S Room Dwelling. S Room Flat. Store Room 22jrfil a.nd S Room JweJIin/r, » ) ] modern, situate on S. PHcsb«rff St.. rental ?120 per month 12,000 TJIUCK-TIOMKS FOR SALB, 12 Room Modern Brick, N. 3rd St S Room Modern B^jnffaloTr, B. Crawford .Avo fi Room Modern Brick, VJne St ;... 16 Room Modern Double Brick, W. "\VashJ ngrton Ave 14 Room Modern D o u b l e ; Home and one 5 Room House. K. Cedar A v e . . 8 Hocrtn Modern Double Brick, "WHs Rotwl 12 Room - S -«t o ry t ex, .1 n e 10 Room Modern House, S. Pittsburgh St 13 Room Modern Home, W. Apple St Store Room and DweJl fnr, 65 feet .K. Crawford, near "Brimstone Corner. . , . House, E. Green St.. . S Rom Modern Double Brick, B. Fairview Ave. 14 Room Modern Dooible Brick, B, FairvicTv Ave. FAI131S. 9 Acre Fruit and' Poultry ' Farm, near city 10 Acre Fruit anet Poultry Farm, near city -· · 5,500 5,800 «,00 £,500 10.0OO 10,000 11,000 ,1.700 5,508 A. E. Wagoner Co, 1000 W. Crawford ATH., WKST SIDE. COSKBttSvn.l.E. '. Both Fko»t. Our sixty-three department stores are offering during the latter part of July, wonderful bargains in women's, misses', and 'children's raiment; closing out a. lot of summer goods, odds and ends, at reduced prices: It is a. general midsummer cleaning-up sale. There are many bargains; there are great opportunities offered in special .patterns of percales, ginghams, cheviots, lawns, and other popular summer dress goods. There is a great cleaning-up in hosiery, shirt waists, white and fancy skirts; they are mostly lines of goods that are hard to get and which we will be unable to duplicate on. It is a moneysaving opportunity--take a half day off, visit a Union Supply Company store, and secure some of these opular, useful bargains. ·3 Lar^e Deportment Store*, . Located In Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. N An Ideal Spot for a Home of your own -- in the coming residence district of Connellsville, Out in the open where there's plenty of fresh, air and where the "kiddies" can romp and play to their heart's content. And it's only a 5 minute car ride or a 15 minute walk from "Brimstone Corner." At Poplar Grove Right now you can buy lots measuring 60x140 feet -quarter acre tracts -- at Beautiful Poplar flJQA f\{\ tpoU«U\/ Grove for as low as PAYMENT TEK3IS Gf.AT)TT There's city water in front of every lot and the first Standard Public School of Fayette county is just within a. stone's throw. Think of it, these lots cost only $80.00 and upward -- even as a matter of speculation they'll prove one of the best investments you've ever made. For full particulars and information write C. B. McCORMICK, P. 0. Box 144. COXKELLSTItLE, PA.

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