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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 7

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, April 3, 1964
Page 7
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nesday. Dr. Eugene B.' Konecci said "w6 are on the threshold : of being able to sustain men in 1 outer space for as long as we need:" ' ' . ..',"', ' ' Cirtrr Mafrh i th mpn had lived, slept ' and eaten under t space conditions, . except for . weiehtlessness.': In . a winddw. les. L-shaped chamber. FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 1964 JOURNAL The Rich omen I ' ' ;- i V 1 T-tV - .; I THE OTTAWA I il I ill.. i 1 i 6'st Man in the World 1 1 ! . I 1 J1 . , ' II. L. By GORDON DEWAR of -Thfr Journal YVHAT to do' with a homesick far.mer who is 2,000 milrs from home and the feel of dirt between his fingers, and who cannot leave for home at his own will? Nothing much to do with - him, but the one in question ..-..has- done something about it himself. Dean Giindfock (C Lcth-. bridge) has earned his way up since 1939 by . tilling, seedling' and harvesting one, then two, then three Alberta farms. Though be has graced - a Commons scat since 1958, one look at him convince that ne would look more natural in ' overalls in a field of wheat. He knows this and admits - it with a broad smile. But behind the smile is a longing to get back to his farms oc- ' casionally, to feel the soil and. j- drive Korse or trac,tpr across '. it. . ' - : ytU'S h figured: " "If Gundlock ca.i't go to the farm, then bring a bit of the farm to Gundlock." . 'Tied to his Ottawa chores for long months each year. " this is just what he has done. Few of his MP friends know ft, bu a miniature farm grows at this moment in Mr. Gund- ', lock's Centre Block office. ' It is not large, measuring ' perhaps 24 inches by 12, but It is productive. ' Some weeks ago ha planted, rapeseed, mustard :. seed, iwheat, oats, barley atd Tax and the miniature farm is now alive with shoots from an inch to nix inches' tall. The flax failed to come up "It was probably poor seed, damaged somewhere along' the way of getting, to me' he says) but the others -are thriv- , ing despite their early plant- - ing. ' " . . f- ' JJE POINTS with pride to the producing soil he ;keeps atop a radiator while aamuung saaiy mai. me en- ..... .. .i . - - virnnm.n U ciirh the nhoolS will never truly mature. - -More sun. more wind and the occasional chill touch are needed, he stales, and his office Is much too even In tern- Claim U.S. J : V - . . Space Breakthrough : : SEATTLE (AP)Space offi- eials say JOdays of confinement in a sealed chamber for Jbya men have led to a "major breakthrough" in research into whether ' U1S. astronauts can live indefinitely .in the hostile nlrAm t m.m k. ii.. .Mrr..A from WpH. Problems PETER WORTHINGTON One definition of an eccentric is a screwball with money. Dallas, blossoming Vn d booming, is a city abundantly endowed with eccentrics.: There seems to be something " about the aiXjCoMhe5iIVwhich produces" them. y . . ., . ' Millionaires jreso-common in Dallasthey're just plain . folks. But there's one so rich , that even the minds of Dallas millionaires' boggle trying to assess his worth. This is Haroldson Lafayette Hunt, 75, who parlayed a $50 : grubstake in 1921 into a fortune, ' ; ; H. L. Hunt is the richest ' man in the world. , Some may claim this title for Johnaul Getty. But Tex up was his- own . 'seed cxpqrt company No Mr. expert on seed grains. He plants in his bfficeTwb months before the normal planting sea-' son in Alberta (May 1 to 10). . Could it be that Mr. Gund-: kick has figured ;out a way of attending, to h!sduiiestn Ottawa while also attending to his farms by testing seed . grains before they are planted on the farms? Could be! But there is, also no doubt he. is eiijoying himself, just-as he does each Summer when he. returns home, mounts the tractor and gets at the plowing himself. "If Gundlock can't go to the. farm . FOR OUR MONEY Mackenzie King stared at the ceiling on the verge of slumber and Arthur Meighen yawned. The bitter disappointment of that anti climax - was traumatic for an innocent youth. My disehchantm tnt with politics had begun. A naturally tender and generous disposition was permanently coarsened, with the grisly re sults familiar to the present reader. ' All subsequent budgets nave been the same, only the figures changing and the taxes rising. Displayed on the front page In big headlines, the budget- looks rather Impressive, almost coherent Heard from the Commons gallery it is a profound bore and no member of Parliament grasps its meaning until he has read the newspapers, probably not then. REAL TROUBLE ' There is the real trouble with . Canadians. We are a thrifty,' practical but not an 'artistic or dramatic people. We don't make the most of the annual opportunity to display our native genius... ; After all, . for many years we have devised the most spectacular budgets in the Western world fantastic, grotesque, whimsical and el-phin like a fairy tale. Certainly we were entitled to some satisfaction in our power of sheer imagination but we have never celebrated V -is ; The world concluded that we. were behaving like dull, rational human beings. An unnatural modesty is the cardinal failing of our race, i In better times, among more romantic and less bashful races events far lets striking than a Canadian budget would have offered the chance of feasts,, revels dancing , in the streets, a 1 1 financed' by a grateful public.'' LACKED MONEY Canada has never feasted and no one dances, not' even the , minister- of finance with his latest pound of thetaj- payer's flesh. "C , Surely, the Canada Council. . " - " 'The air . they breathed war ' Instead, ihe minister1 'of ' on budget night, possibly be-ronstantly restored by alchem- flnanceTfteTely moved, t, nit-' .cause the taxpayer lacked -ical.yfWater-they drank; and 'the Speaker do now leave i "money for wine and victuals, washed with was . reclaimed from body wastes sink drain- ings ' and condensations. Food was - ffeeze-dried ; and -restored bf, adding water?- 7 - r!" - 2i HUNT of a Dirt Farmer ' the Budget Speech pcrature and .too far removed Jrom sun and jndjp acoim . plish this.-' . .: '; ' . Perhaps there is a bit more to this type of farming than is ' so far evident.; - - . Mr. Gundlock is an expert in. the. field. He worked on farms near '. his birthplace (Warner Alia ) from the time, he-was 16 and. in 1933 bought his first farm! ' , " - Today he has another farm adjoining the first and a third near Lethbridge, on which he grows many grains (but principally mustard and rape seed) and some cattle. - ,':' '. " gINCE he entered politics. , "bis two eldest, sons have operated the farms on a rental basis. One other thing he gave LET'S HAVE FUN - By BRUCE HUTCHISON Special 'Journal Correspondence " The newspapers have been filled with post - mortem punditry on Walter Gordon's budget but all these second thoughts have missed a vital point the budget was a total failure as a work of art. It may have been a miraculous work of finance (though some carping critics may disagree on that minor point) but it did nothing for the nations frail culture. It brought' no inspiration, no lift of the spirit, no moment of poetry, 'no glint of joy to anyone, not even to Mr. . Gordon. :- In truth all C a n a d i a n budgets - havr been artistic failures. ' , BUDGET DAY r- ' . ...... . .n lha r o r i v ycii " J . - i.,k. m. newest apple..!". Tawa press gallery. I awaited my first budget day with fluttering excitement fia a - Child awaits Santa Claus. In the parliamentary dic-tionr the minister of 'finance was to "bring down the budget" and I supposed that it woujd be brought down wi'h stately spectacle, an almost unbearable sense of drama like some Shakespearean tragedy, the sleep walking scene -in Macbeth, perhaos. or the ghostly battlemenji of Elsinorf. V At any fate, it would , be some sort of religious experience. The, budget, I Vxpected vaguely, would descend from the clouds on angel wiVgs, by a cunning rrn8cmci.i wires, with a chorus ofVera- phim ' and the music of the spheres. Or it would be ushered) by a pagan ' gambol nf wc nymphs and bearded fauna on a Greek -vase. Or it would be carried like a Maypoe by jolly Paant irU from Que- b tn ribbons aiM gaypettt- RECITINQlJUSIRLE : the chair the last thing anyone, desired and '.spent the next two hours reciting a Jumble of, figures compre- hensible - ro' nohody w h 1 1 Coloring ans insist their boy- is richer, . And, painful as it. may be to." 1Iuntness. ; -' admit. Texas is rights :: At one time 100 TV stations Getty, was reported aspand 1,000. radio stations were ping $2j00qip(M),000 ,hn I960; spreading the Hunt gospel.' .; HuntWthi figure in J955 when he passed the Nizamof Hyderabad as the world's rich: . esMchap. His assets are how estimated"at M.000,000,000. - Without lifting a finger he earns- $50,000,000. a" year. ; Like many Texans H. L. Hunt is politically oriented to the far; far right. He is ac- iulv nntl Tfimmumst and 1 inclined to be anti I- Negro. ; anti Jew 'and anti-Catholic ' - BILLY ,FOR: PREmENT. To meet the religiousanir-1 political problemjs-of . jhe , fu-... ture ne is proposing mt Evangelist Billy Graham get the Republican nomination for president, and that Sen. Barry Goldwater be. chosen as nis running mate. 'v.,.,';.vi When the Republican nomination convention gets under- way in San Francisco in July. Hunt's far out voice from the Far Right may be a .bit ticklish. You don't scoff at a man oPTL L. Hunt's wealth especially: if you belong to a party that could Use campaign " contributions. . ; -. ' Mr.-Hunt is something of an-enigma. Bland in manner , and deceptively- gentle .he'sa tharrarest of creatures ''' shy Texan. He looks like is TrossTetweenHerbert Hoov-er and Santa Claus, with pale blue eyes, pink cheeks and .tufts of white hair. His eyes flash satanic when he's -riled. ly and courteous and doesn't, lopk-ther ightist he is- - In the 1950s and into the 60s, he invested millions on radio and TV. programs .would bring the Conservative word to America and awaken people to the threat of creeping communism, , Such programs as Facts Forum. Lifeline. Reporter's Roundup, Answers for Amerir cans, were slanted . toward McCarthyism; what they lack- that- champion and sugar daddy of the arts, might do something about the budget. Or the script writers of the CBC could easily invent some brave pageantry to prepare the people for their- prlntime act of immolation and thus unite them in a c o m m o n surge of patriotic agony. jzWY,yx the poor, barbarous Aztecs of ancient Mexico would have done better than modern Canada on .budget day. With more than $7,000,-000,000 to spend they, would have designed some . savage ritual to impress the occasion on the ignorant masses quit ' forcibly. . A thousand chosen taxpayers on the altar, a higher monument of stone erected every year to mark the ac eumulatingdeficit and. as a fitting climax, the ceremonial, suicide of the public treasurer with a golden dagger would, make the humblest citizen remember the budget and tell his grandchildren how he escaped th fiscal massacre. Everybody would'"' know then "that he was indeed a Canadian. -,,'.'--These slaughtered taxpayers wouldn't complain, since they can expect nothing better. , ' . . - . ; . . . ' ed in subtlety they made up in NOT RECKLESS s H L. Hunfrefuses lo speitd money recklessly.' He defines" V-Ky ,". :u.. .wm. success (money) .as'Luck ; dow' Tex" "iT"'' - k.:.. 1 '.-i ...j even. Texans had difficulty .r.nThat Doggy . in .Win- ' V j ' V..'. ' I J. 1 """l - . acquisitiveness ; 7r- . This is his credo and ,ie lives . 7 " ' ' . A great, patron of the arts, Mr, Runt makes some extrav- ;HW ' purchases- which he donates to art. writes, off as a tax deduction. By tejng a philanthropist. saves money. ': - He thinks it only good 'sense to carry his lunch to work m a brown paper bag; and Ke parks his car three blocks. farther from '.his office than necessary, because the park- ing rates are cheaper; , he saves 50 cents per day. He's never owned a Cadillac; and drives a modest car which" he keeps two years before , turning in. ,.; . He buys suits' off, the rack. and when , the pants of- one suit wear out. the jacket becomes a sports coat.' ..' . He delays getting a haircut until ; his ears almost disap-'. pear; . . - ? 1. H. V. Hunt is - afraid of ; nottiing "and stands on his principles. HELPLESS When ' neighbors objected that it Was contrary to a .city by!awfor him to plant signs on his lawn advertising one of his products. Gastro-Magic, ' Mr. Hunt got bac kajt them by plastering- his car-with -Cas tro - Magic stickers and parking in front of the house,. Neighbors fumed. . but were .helpless. ' .-.' -., .His home, ihcTdently,' is an , overscale , re'plica-jbf George,' Washington's . Mt. Vernon' house. . It heeds a coat of paint. ' ' In 1959. Mf. Hunt wrote and published a remarkable little .book titled. Alpaca. A sort of than a quick and painl e s s end. The treasurer wouldn't mind either, his life being an ' intolerable burden anyway. The survivors would enjoy their harmless entertainment before they had to pay the. extra interest charges on the' national debt. What history will say of Mr. Gordon as a financier one cannot predict but he can still distinguish himself as an ar- tist. ART FORM Let him put some color in the budget along with the deficits, Let him make the budget a new art form. If we cannot manage our finances at least let us have some fun for our money. - , Perhaps Mr. Gordon will do better next year Already he seems to have grasped the first law of kit art. He has .given his budgets the essential elements of suspense, teasing the taxpayers with a delicious promise of tax reductions at some far-off date, unspecified. Itwould be a shame, from the artist's viewpoint, if taxes' were ever cut, the suspense - removed and the carrot ac- tually eaten by the d o n k e y. Happily there seems to be no danger of that. '. V '-.': L '---" j. ; j - . - , ' f . Don't build a '. cottage 1 '. - until you see what ' i-.. . . . ' Barrett Bros, has to offer 3 KM o'rtune for less than $1,000 Wm pplitigal fairy tale. Alpaca re flected Mr.' Hunt s ocio-p to ' religious views.- ' ' "7" It ;$old at 50 cents a copy and, to boost sales Mr. Hunt's young daughters, san about it to the tune of How Much thi . . k serjnuslv ',n8 tJooytoo serpus,iy.. vuiu run-min Alpaca proposes : that-the people - who pay the most ia-, come-tax have thejnosfiotesr 'Those who payThe top 10, per cent in income tax get seven votes; those . with lesser 'n-;, comes get fewer votes. , A taxpayer can' get extra (bonus) votes by waiving did age pension -and he; can lele-..j "... 'i . gate his voting rights to some -one better qualified. - . - Alpaca sold for 50 cents ("Everything do, I do tor profit") and was published at cut rate by a firm that prints, telephone books. '., "' ' . H.' X- Hunt is a success ' story in the .finest American ... tjming his govern-tradition: Born in Illinois he . menl.s bi t0 pTmi manu.-quitschool after , grade five ... facturers and -traders from and kicked around the. country fjxing retai price$ His critics as a cowboy, lumberjack and say Sir .Alec should have roustabout,.'. , - known better than to faise" "InT19ZlrhewaV busy buying-" such rcontroversiahmeasure land and re-selling: it at a in the dying months of a" long small profit. Local lecend has parliament. ' - it that he-tot his first stake hv winnintv lttl - mt -rvikr' " ' ga me on a bluff. : In 1930. oil was struck on his land in east Texas, and H. L. Hunt's fortunes jcose like a rocket. , . " During the Second World War his companions produced more oil than was available .laGermany and Italy. .. , BET STATISTICIAN But wealth hasn't changed him. He still likes to gamble and Is said to employ anJtyUT statistician to .figure out the oddsron- sporting events: In 1956. he bet on the Yankees to-beat the Dodgers Jn the, World Series," and lost $300,000 one and half days pay. ' Since President . Kennedy's slaying in Dallas. Mr.- Hunt has been more retiring thaji usual. Lately, though, he has begun to make, political noises as interest perks up in the upcoming presidential ejection. ' ' Hence t he "com motion in Texas for the Graham-Gold-', water ticket. Whether the fuss will reach San Francisco is another matter. Toronto Telegram Nw Service Red Feather Post Filled . .. . . . Grey Hamilton, secretary of the National Energy Board, has been named campaign vice chairman and chairman 'of the public relations division of Ottawa Commjmity -Chest. An-, nouncement of. the appointment was made by Ken Venables. campaign chajrman. BIRKS Tarnish Preventive This new exclusive formula locks out tarnish for months with one easy clean and rinse application. New 11 oz. $2.98 Size - 101 SPARKS STREET ' ..., ; .ne- 1 ' i BILLINGS -BRIDGE JPLAZA C - " '- j. 'j 5 I I I- V.rk 1mn Nk Sri4 ir - 1 . i bis first sit months minister Lnd piarty leaden filJs r--H(iJni utility he - a c n i e v e d t . A he party' rankrand- he won I the', leader-.' sevaporajted, Withit U.. ...u.. u:- i2 " r-l.n Krf ,V... tucu loai uuuuei as inairu - ... u.. : t A x ..- . :ttLtJi successor. '" " .: . . . V -No ene else.-they asserted, could 'heal so well the Gov-emment's Wounds from last Summer's political battles. By October, JSC 3, .after a series . of security ncandals, the Con servatlve & servatives . wenr - in - undis- isarray. British com;. mediators spoke of a" party "oeaia . wisn ' auer ii years in office. - . " rJ:'or-a' time. after Sir Alec's; .selection, his supporters seem-' ed to' hav'e;been justlftedThe-ranks ' closed behind fr.m. The ' fail in Consecyative-. party popularity as measured by thp niihltrninirn nnllt' ''un halted--The --cli'mb -back lor the Conservatives seemed lust a round, a, corner. What baffles, irritafes and dismays Conservative . Party stratpgists is that, the corner keeps receding just when they believe they have reached it. rtie blame is bg inning to be heaped on the new'1 leader. 1 - Some of the ConservativesiXabinet wer so bitter about", Mac-in have begun to remem-h:s-political . astuteness regret. ''Mac-would have a .better," they sayJot. ig' the howl, they put up Jh;s pojitical alp. last mef.. , '' ' e" rebellion among, Con- stlivative -parliamentary itack- 'nchers agalTJst ylhe bijl was ij . - . - - party s renewed iroi the troubles go beyond the b.n. ; t r-.. ;' .".- On two' of the crucial votes m the1 retail prive.' bill. Sir' ' AJec was addressiing meetings ' fajtfrpm London and Parliament. He is; being criticized . by some pei'sohs for having ; st contact with the House w 3?esT-Bt- -Ottawa West V Li berqls Meet April 8 ; ; . - . Labor Minister.'- MacEachen will be main speaker at the an- , nual meeting of Ottawa West. Liberal Association .Wednesday in the Ukrainian Chilrch Hall, 1 29 Blsam-Street. ' - , The meeting, -called to efcet officers.l for , the coming year; will also hear from; Joseph Macatuso. ,' MP, for1 Hamiltor West nda Marcel Prud'homme; MP for .StJ Denis;; , '., . -A j- - - On hand to greet association members- will be rivy Council- President Mcllratth. -sitting member fojOttawa West.---The- meeting will i be thefirst held by the - association since . Mr; Mcllraith was nmed to the 4 ' .' t .... . for STEREO ad TV because:-- A broad : assortment by leading makers rrtakes selection easy Service by OUR OWN QUALIFIED technicians in OUR 0YS fully equipped . service .- shop assures satisfaction A knowledgeable sales staff will , guide you in your purchase Comfortable and private listening rooms simulate home listening conditions ' . ' Satisfaction is guaranteed ' . We are stereo and television specialists in Ottawa - ' ? v I for PIANOS because: .. (1- i i. i V-V I I 1 ? v ? sy ) I J I ? - to Buy at 7?.77 A wide selection of styles . and finishes by Sherlock - Manning, Ileintzman, Mason and Risen and others is on display. Used pianos fully reconditioned and guaranteed are also available. Our own staff of qualified piano technicians keeps your piano in top condition. . i : We have a rental plan with option' ' to buy. - ,. Of our recognized leadership in piano sales service CONTINU-OUStYfor 45 years. 1 1, m 1 i It's i D rp j for HOME APPLIANCES j because: A complete range of, home appliances by General Electric, May- -tag. Moffat, Fitidlay names which ." guarantee quality and" performance is offered. .' . , -Service is guaranteed by R.P.T. ' An informed sales staff will serve you. ,',J"T; r Prices are competitive. Budget Terms Availabte '- on RPT's " own Low Cost Credit Plan f i "It QostsjLess 1 r-A.MTOMMimiiilMi.W'.A. '" . ' Commons'.-,, . '. '. - , "' 58 Sparks Sf. and Carlingwood Shopping. Centre , ' Tel. 232-1581 and 7282323 Itrr iarklni.'i lh rrpfh. 'ifij at rii Parklnt I"'- '. 't.otnrr Hrrn iM -lfli-lf . v i -K. I. jr3 ' ' " - " 7.

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