The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, March 15, 1930
Page 8
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PACE IUHT, THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE PA'. .SATURDAY, MARCH 15, J030. FTHOUT A EN? Make a Garden Plan "Make- a gard-en plan on papor before you plant" l.j hackneyed advico that gardeners aro bound to read somewhere every year an; which they v«ry often ignore because of its very repetition. However, it is excellent advice on the general theory t h a t plannc-d work Is nl-wajv more efficient than (unplanned woik and much more easily accomplished. One re-ason for a pardon plan Is speed. With a plan d r a w n to scale you known exactly what you are going to plant and where you are going to plant it. Otherwise it Is a of looking over the spadeil garden patch, seed packets In hand and saying, "Well, I suess I'll start here with radishes " BeCoro you aro done you will be quite puzzled and may have some awakward arangoments where a tall vegetable- steals sun from a lower growing one. It takes only a llttlo tlmo to figure out a plan and to know just where things are to go in. Consider the lay of the land as to sun exposure. While north and south rows aro best, this is an arrangement that may or may not be possible. Figure tho height of vegetables and don't plant peppers and tomatoes where corn will put them In shadow for the greaiter part of the day. Pftspito tho stereotyped nature of garden nlannlng advice, it !:· too often ignored or not well done. Study a garden that has been planned and one that has been planted on tho spur of the moment and figured out as the gardener went along with his ae*ds and note the difference. It will prove a cominclng argument in favor of lay- lug out a garden plan ou p vper. Planning has become a regulation step iu flower gardening. I n fact it la almobt overdone 1n the mutter of arranging color schemes as otten It becomes a block of rolora ilrawn llrst with tho task of finding plants to fit it afterwards. This is putting tho cart before the horsio. If you did't have a plan last year for reference, try to remeiniber where things wore planted and this spring don't plant your root crops in tho same place you had them last year. Avoid planting peas and beans in space they occupied .last ytar. Rotate. MARCH Go-To-Church MONTH For All Connellsville Churches Sunday 16 Twicers Day Attend Both Services (Watch Tuesday's Papers for Reports of Attendance) The Day's News At Dawson BOTH WETS AND DRYS CONFIDENT THEY HAVE PROVEN CONTENTIONS ®~ By PAUI, H. MAL.LON. Unlte'l I'resd Staff Correspondent, WASHINGTON", March 15.--Both wets a;:;! drys are :,uve th«y liavo -·proved t h e i r cases in tho big prohibition trial before tho preponderantly dry House Juclioiiin Coin-ralttoe. AH the customary week-end recoss wai in order today , both sides took stock of their accomplishments and the d r y j prepared to present what may he their final testimony Wednesday and Thursday. Admittedly tho ti lal has been tho niosi extensive and elaborate discussion of tho prohibition issue iu tho 10- year history of tho dry law. Witnesses havo been called from aH sections o: the country and all walks of life, from millionaires to reformed drunk- ard« from Bowery missions. The expense has been considerable but how great will aot bo known u n t i l the hearings aro oucludod, if then. It has been borno lor tho wots by the Aifsoclatlon Again: t tho Prohibition Amendment and for the drys by the ihys by the various affiliated dry organizations n«re and throughout the country. Some f u n d s may be contributed by tho Anti-Saloon League and tho Methodist Board of Temperance Frohib'.tion and Public Morals, u'thonirh neither of thes*o organizations has furnished any witnesses for tho dry case yet. Tho dry 'case has been handled by Mrs. I«ena Yost, Republican national eornmuttepwoman from Pennsylvania, although the dry loaders gather in conclave eao-h nlRht to plan their case for tho following ilay. A brief sumnmrv of the accomplishments of each »ldc follows: Wets. Bringing Into active leadership such outstanding industrialists as W. W. Atterbtiry, president Ponnsylfinia Railroad, Pierre dttPont of General Motors, and M. I 1 . Murphy, of tj».o National City Bank. Development ol sentiment among their own ranks to work for straight out repeal whe"e heretofore most have been working for modification. Production of eminent clergymen, physicians, economists, and leading citizens who described existing conditions as worse than bad. Laying groundwork 'for what they plan to be an educational campaign regarding tho Canadian ami Swedish liquor systeans. Orjs. The matching o.f industrialists for industrialist with the \v*ta, producing ·ucti eminent support-era as Henry Ford, Thomas A Kdison, J. C. Perry and others. Denial of the wet coj.tention that there is mare drinking among the young by producing polla of the Christian l$ud«avor statements from college authorities. A striking group of witnoss«s from missions of crowded ei'atern slums, testifying prohibition ha s cleaned out their district. Production oC eminent, econotniats, educators, clergymen ano a group purporting to represent 12,,(iOO,OCO women to deny all the wet contentious. Mount Pleasant More Profit From your garden and flowers in 1930 Fiant Leonard's bulk Seeds and feed the prrovthii? plants Vigor or Wizard Fertilizer. Loucks Hardware Co. Everything for th« Warden. .MOUNT PLKASANT, March 15.-Tho Bell Telephone 'Jompany has representatives working here giving out the numbers of the new dial tele- phonos and also iiustrtu ting subscribers in- their use. ' The new system w i l l be put into service Saturday nigftX March 29. The mechanical part of the i-qulpmeut will be installed in the nw building, built at the rear of the Doui aster hj'ne in WashingtonjBtret. The offlc/ in the Warden Building in Main and Church i treets wilt be discontinued after the flrst of the month, MRsJonary to Speak. Rev. Victor C. BeHj, a missionary from the Southern mountains, will speak at the Re-Union Presbyterian Church on Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock. JJourd Meeting: .Hondajv The board of education will hold another meeting on J^ond«.y evening and again go over Uia new Ramsay High School. Other ]V«ivs. n-r. A. I). Miller, Jay Miller. 0. W. Lemmon, S. P, Stevens and Russell B. Koss 'have returned from Washington. D. C., where they applied to the Radrfu Commission for a license to operate a broadcasting station. Churlee Szwederekl of Stewart was admitted to the Memorial Hospital for treatment yesterday, Israel Stephens, colored, of West Vine street, who has been ill, was taken to the Hospital yesterday for treatment. Jennie Slate, a btudent in the schools here, was admitted to the Memorial Hospital for treatment. The Mary Scott Bible Claue of the United Presbyterian Church will hold a Bible social in the i hurch on Thursday evening, March :'0, from 7 to 9 o'clock. Tlva Mount Pleasant High School basketball five will meet Sewickley Townthlp five o» the gym floor of the new Ramsay High School thte evening. The Singlpy boya have been doing some good woi k at practices on the new floor and laris this evening nr« promised a fast same. Miss Eseie Levin-ion visited v Con- nelleville friends Thursday. Life Term Revoked. PARIS, Ky., Marc,i 14.--A life sentence in the penitentiary imposed on Jim Ashbury, negro, for stealing five chlckons, was set /side as ,by Judge fie.n Q. M UUuuis,. ^ Special to The Courier. DAWSON, March 15.--Mre. Anna Brown, Miss Amy Harberger and Dr. J. R. Cottom attended a Colonial play given in Roetraver township on Thursday evening. The play was under the direction of Mleses Gertrude Cottom ami Florence Spiegel. Dr. and Mrs. H. J. Bell are Pittsburg vteitore today. The Pitts-burg Lake Erie Yough Division Diclterson Run bowling team Is at McKeee Rocks toddy bowling in the Pittsburg Lake Erie-elimination aeriea. The winner will go to Colum- bue, Ohio, at a later date to take part In the final elimination of tho New York Central Athletic Association. C. K. Shallenberger was a PittS'burg visitor on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. J. McOlll were Plttebttrg visitors on Thursday, Mrs. Hugh Duff, who had been on the elck list the past two weeks, is able to be about again. Mrs. S. W. Inks and Mrs. J C. McQIU were calling on ConneltBvillo frlende Thursday. Mrs. Thomas Stark who has been on the sick list for 10 days, Is much improved. J. W. Sproat and James Peebles are Pittuburg visitors today. Extent of West Perm Motor Bus Lines and Connections Iron Bridge IRON BRIDGE, March 15.--Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller and children of Greonsburg were bore Sunday "with MV. Miller's cousins, Mr. and Mrs. William Bungard. They also called on their cousin, Mrs. William Howard at the Mount Pleasant Hospital. Mrs. Howard Is improving very «lowly from' her illness. S'he having been a patient at the hospital for the past month. Hei many Iron Bridge friends are hoping for her speedy recovery. Mr. and Mra. Lewis Miller of Penns- vtlle was here Sunday with Mrs. Miller's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Amzt Bice. Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Johnston of Greensburt; were here Sunday with their undo and aunt, Mr. and Mrs Daniel Eursy. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Deahl and children, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Yocurn and son, Ronald, all of Uniontown, ami Mrs. Yocum's mother, Mrs. J. Carroll of Philadelphia were Sunday guests here cxf Mr, and Mrs. W. T. Bates on. Sheridan Dunmlre of MeKeesport, Mr. and Mrs. George Strlckler and children, Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Weaver and son, A. Walde Weaver, all of Scottdale were Sunday guests of Mr. Weaver's son, Glenn J. Weaver and family. Mr. and Mrs. Alva Boyer and daughters of South OonneUs-vllle, Mrs. Charles Forest and son, Melrln, at Scottdale were here Sunday with Mrs. Boyer's parents, Mr. and Mrs, Eli H. Crosby, Sr. Miss Agnes Shima of Mount Pleasant was Here Sunday with her friead, Miss Agnes Tamo nek. Gerald and Benny Ca'ble of Con- nellaville were the guests here Sunday of their cousin, John C. Faith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Col well and children of Republic were here Sunday with Mr. Oolwe-11'a sister, Mrs. John H, Pritts and family. Rev. and Mrs. J, O. Bishop of Paradise were here Saturday with their friends, -Mr. and Mrs. Garflekl Miller. Mrs. Milton Crosby was in -Mount Pleasant Thursday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs*. Jesse Johnston. Ohiopyle OHIOPYLE, March 15.--Mrs. Ella Joseph spent Friday calling on friends* at Bidwell. Mrs. W. H. Ramsey of Connellsvllle is visiting; her sister, Mrs. R. W, Whlpkey. % Mrs. Elizabeth Rafferty wus a visitor in Connellsvllle on Friday. Mrs. L. R. Welsh was a visitor In Uhiontown Friday. The small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Burnworth is til. . Mrs. W. E. Scarlett and daughter, Inez, and, Mr. and Mrs. Dlqli Scarlett of Mill .Run were Ohiopyle visitors Thursday evening. Mrs. Edward Taylor and baby left Thursday afternoon tor Uhelr home In Toledo, Ohio, after a month's visit j spent Ja Ohiopyle. j MICHIGAN NEW YORK LAKE ERIE o* PENNSYLVANIA STEUBENVILL --T/VIRGINIA/ WEST IENN MOTOR COACH UNE9 AMD CONNKCTIMCI UNCS Diet and Health UIUI HUHT PtTtt^HQ, U»THOR Of tT *BO MtAlTH*AHP OltT fOR CHIlDRtH Tartar EAB DOCTOR: W1»t la tar tar on tha teeth and what cai I do to pr«vont It? 2 Uk» very »ooi ·ore of my t«eth and brush then thoroughly, an I still )t rollecta. "MJS8 M." Lulu Huntj p«t«r% M- P. Tartar on th» teeth eve i though they ai» liniHhed t h o - oughly, Mias M. However, v « T y few people brm h their taeth lot g 'snoujh. T M e y iihould )· briifih d by the clock u i- Ut one get* In o t h « h a b i t "t brushing t h « en long « n o u g t). Three to four minutes by th« c)o H, and If you have Irregular teeth, v» Jong as five minute* -- two or tin J« time* a day. On« of the cleanln i« should always be be/or* going to b A Tartar cornea from a prectpltatl n of the isJt» in the saliva-- thcrvf) n It li gritty and hard -- combined w tb bacteria and food debris. It ba* to be removed periodically by a dtntl it; ou crji't do It by youratltT "Dear Doctor: Will you pleaw 4- vise me whether ualog rubbing a) x- bol and camphor mixed together la harmful for reducing lego, throat i .nd body 7 I want to reduce my legs . nd thlgha, for I am out of proportloi . "MISS J * I ^ It would probably do no hanr t* tise the mixture (it might mak* the akin dry), but U won't do any g tod, either. It will not remove fat 3ut deep maasage and ·peclal exerciM* will help these fatty »poui, with the general reducing diet There !· nothing rubbed on the ·kin that will be absorbed and re iue* fat: neither is there anything In the bath that will do that, either. We have an article outlining f ome ·plendld eserclsei, called the Tut imr Ten. B»nd for this, and U you *ed Instruction* on how to reduce, we. have a pamphlet on Reducing and Gaining. See column rulea, · * · Every once In a while I'll get * letter which aaks me what I mean by "column rules." At the end of every article of mine there ahouM be an editorial note, explaining the column rules, and 1C ^our paper doero't. run this, you can do us all a favor by writing to the editor and asking him if be won't run It (I hope he doesn't ace this note and cut It outl) Editors cut It off, occasionally, they explain, on account of lack of apace; but it la Important for good service. · · · M. X B.: I think you should go to a akin specialist and tell him just what you have written me. If the boy did have that so-called social disease and had a sore on his mouth, you certainly may have caught It by kissing him. This not Infrquently happens, and It should be a warning to gtrls as well as boys. You do not have to send stamps or coin for an answer or article In the column, Miss E. They are only sent with a self-addressed, stamped envelope with request for printed articles which we send out to our read* era, · * · Miss B.: We have an article on the Anemias, and a pamphlet on Kidney and Bluildor Disorders, which you may have by observing column rule*. Editor 1 * Vote; Or. Peters cannot diagnose nor give personal advice. Your questions, if of general Interest, will be answered In the column In their turn. Requests for articles or pamphlets on band must be accompanied by ,a fully self-addressed, stamped envelope, plus the following small charge to help cover cost of printing and uandling; for each article wanted, two cents In coin; for each pamphlet ten cents In cola. The pamphlets are Reducing and Gaining, Svpiena of Women, Kidney and Bladder Disorder*. Address Dr. Peters, in cars of this paper. Writ* legibly, and not over 200 word* I . · * ; Give 130-Year Old Parrot Credit for Solving Murder Of Portiguese Queen's Lover Sy United Press. LISBON, March 16.--A parrot 130 years old, whose raucous voice lever shrieks anything but a repetiti"n ot three words--"Halp! Help! Mac- Brack!"--may solve an a dent murder mystery involving an I allan opera singer, a Portuguese ueen, and a dashing British naval offl lef. Publication by Dr, Sllvetra Ca doso, the eminent historian, of a booh dealing with the life of the court of King John VI, during Its exile in 3raztl when Napoleon invaded Portug. 1, revealed part o! the story. The amily of Mario Gouvarlnho, owner ·! the parrot, revealed the rts$t. Cast of characters in the nurdor mystery are: Benlta Arlettl, .singer and dancer attached to John's ^ourt; Queen Carlota, and John MacBreck, the British 'officer, EFFORTS MADE; TO PHOTOGRAPH THENEWPLAlHJET I.AK13 GENEVA, Wise., Marr 1 14.-Photographic telescopes at Yerkes Observatory have been trained on the heavens- by University of Chicago astronomers seeking to catcl on a sensitized plalte the tiny spftck f light that will, represent the new planet whose discovery has just b on announced at Harvard^Unlversit ·. Harvard astronomers tele craphed the position of the newcomer nto the Carlota was enamored of Mac- Breck. MacBreck was a frequenter of nArletti's home. Jealousy entered into the relationship, and one morning the opera singer was found dead, with sword thrusts across her body. An ancestor of the Ouvarlnho family purchased Arletti's belongings, Including the parrot. The parrot has been handed down, outliving generation after generation. It is believed to have beea present when- the stager was slain. So the Gouvarlnho family, reading Dr. Cardoso's history and listening to the parrot's cries of "help! help! Mac- breckS" believe they have solved the mystery. MacBreek is known to have been a late caller at Arletti's home on the night of the murder. known solar system to Yerkes Observatory yesterday and Prof. S. B. Barrett, secretary, and his associates at once began preparations to attempt a photograph. Prof. Barrett termed the discovery the "greatest since that t Neptune," j "It may take several nights to obtain ' a satisfactory picture," he said, "be- | cause of the preeent brightness of the moon. On the photo the planet wJU probably be only a tiny speck, something like a star." · ADAGIO DANCERS Charlotte McDowell Ellsworth Galon Don't Forget NEXT MONDAY NIGHT Everybody Is Going to the Connellsville Military Band's MUSICAL FETE ENTERTAINMENT DELUXE St. Patrick's Day, Monday, March 17 HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Benefit Connellsville Military Band 25 Beautiful Girls In Refined Vaudeville 35 Musicians in Latest Musical Numbers 10 Radio Stars and Others in Singing and Dancing Reserve Seat Bale Connellsville Drug Co., Today. No Extra Charge.' ADMISSION 75c Curtain 8:lfi Who to Patronize. Those who ddverUeo in The Dally Courier DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS If you aro contemplating building a home come and look »t tttese Iota. They ara large--60x140 feet. Natural gas, city w»t*»'. flue grado school and church. One mile from busineas district of Connellsville; a 6-ninute trolley ride. A nice location tor » suburban home. Ir quire of C. B. McCormick, P. O. Box 144, Connell- -ir.,, Pa., residence. POPLAR GROVE

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