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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 6

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, April 3, 1964
Page 6
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237 Qitqf' ttti-,J4 Spark;, St ,.- gon of vaguenes's appropriate to sie "documents. One! passage, however, stands outfit is: A - ' v j "The Federal government suggested, and ' provincial governments agreed, that there, should be a joint review' of the nature and ' .extent of Federatrnnd' Provincial taxes'tn ,' relation to' the financial . responsibilities which' nowadays' have . o be carried by Federal and Provincial governments.'. This should be a review in depth, but it ought to be undertaken promptly." v , ; ; The joint 'study7 is. unprecedented in How to Drop a Line What. Price Planes?- ; . The late C D. Howe, an,ngineer who loved good machinery, once lamented ""that as Minister of Defence Production he had involved the Government, in an outlay of over $3,000,000 for two DeHavilland Comets that had to be grounded n Ottawa RCAF hangars, apparently forever,, less than a year after they came to Canada in 1953. ; The British jet? of sparkling perform-, ance. for .their time were taken off 'service because, similar machines on passenger- runs had crashed due to 1 metal fatigue in the. fuselage. DeHayil- land corrected this weakness, the RCAF Comets we're flown to England for ad-( justments ana Mr. Howe s investment was .V -r- l''r'' Pbiuh4 V ;. for-years, Awbir n r.- Th,,urn.l PuMuhmg Co 0f-.ptt.5f., Lid f A,. 'lP"1 V' ? fill rirvin rnmino machines and in high- - riorthorn radanlines retirement after faith-1 lato lacf voir Dtrnnl FRIDAY; APRIL" 3, 1964 - Britain's Opposition Leader Wilsonr dd not enhance, his reputation by -Ms speech on Commonwealth before London correspondents the other day. . 1 What did he hope to prove by remarking that the Saskatchewan. Government occasionally bought British goods which achieved was the practice of responsible government in the Dominions w i t h Intra-Commonwealth consultation; he attained thi purpose at Imperial or Commonwealth conferences where, as Mr. Mansergh obse r ve s, "Canada's everlasting no" became familiar. Mr. King is gone but his successors, irrespective of party, support his theory of. free Commonwealth association. Every prime minister at a Common wealth conference is responsible to a . conservative mc, nas tntroauceq. "1 prepared to have him chat over the tea-the Commons a bill which would ensure cups with other prime ministers. But that when the Board of Transport ComT t0 have him attend a Commonwealth , mijsioners had refused a railway's cOunciLwtich Would sound as if it were ariplication to abandon a line no subse- a: supreme parliament of Common- queni application 1 o r aoanaonment w2aith would be something else. could be considered for five years. ' Mr. Mandziuk's bill may never be discussed but it does emphasize the complexities of working out railway policy. . Should recommendations of the Mac- . Pherson Commission on Transport bev implemented the railways will have o be. allowed to rid themselves of uneconomic lines, if they dre to compete with other forms of transport. The commission felt that " if the Government decided an uneconomic line should be -continued the railways must be compensated-. The taxpayer therefore be comes involved . Mr. Mandziuk argues that people who persuade the Board of Transport Commissioners, a Government body, that a If Mr. Wilson ever has a chance to raise the suggestion in a formal way Mr. King's "everlasting no" will be heard again. The Minds of Babes In the talk of the need to reappraise the role of education, the big subject at this week's conference, of the Ontario longs to God, who owns our house?" - KTnU if i not until thfv nro' nhniil Ifi .: l; Sounds of thdl Whirlwind . m .. . 'J . m - . mm . ..H. " v. - - m, m . thaty uid soon -be At the Ouebec Biartfainini! MfY . Howe", ,.we remember, thought 'Down t6 Cases') in Quebec City Jl.500.000 for n airplane pretty steep. The tedej-al-provincial conference in " hxc"' i'ETb Quebec Cilyas VndedW , . . . .. . . . . ( . aiua uu icisicr aim nicy tun-iuui lems rerna.n .ntact bu Canada siirv.v- Tas much. The terriW-thouglu es probably The .final communique, is the. para- .u 1 -j .. 1 dH: ii iiiiiiu nit? lii nrr in- a i iiiiuinm airliners -of 1964 will look like bargains , in 1974. - . '. :- :;.,i-.'"---. , Mr. ' Wilson's Commonwealth signs, their astonishing discip line and their demands can t be wished away. They make it much easier for someone from Ottawa to understand that Premier Jean Lesage is riding a whirlwind. .Standing in the midst of these stu- of the coming . generation of Quebec. 1 ' rV V 1 .1.. Jnl IaU A Dr. Kenneth Wa.nn, of the department "Our Money 4or Our Needs.' of early childhood education at Colum- "Less for Arms More for Que bia University, said that today's children are exposed in their first years to much more information about more line should be retained must have pro- subjects than were those of a generation ; tection against immediate efforts to change that decision. The bill is evidence of how vexatious , " disputes over line abandonment can be-. come unless Parliament is able to make 1 the interested parties, including the taxpayer, feel they are being justly treated.- ' Ji-" Transport Minister Pickersgill said recently that there would be no pre- . cipitate line abandonments. or two ago and so are capable of more advanced reasoning than their predecessors were. So they need a "heavy feeding of information and concepts." . That's fine for the children. But won't some reappraisal of the educational requirements for parenthood be needed too? That heavy feeding at kindergarten won't mean that children will no longer need to ask questions at home. It will mean they will ask more profound ones But if the railways, including; the - And it's hard enough now. to cope with . rVTr F.. 1.- . . ... .'. v . ... owned Government - CNR, are . to be made to operate lines at a loss someone has to. bear the cost, either those who pay' railway, freight and other charges or the taxpayer; "The railvvay policy wilj ha've to bap a nee numerous factors and discussion of the Mandziuk bill in the House would have helped to clarify thinking on an 1 Intricate subject; - queries like, "If -the whole world be bee. 'Too Ottawa." that 'chjldren. be c 6me convi need 1 h a t 1. YOfi frSJSi". their parents are profoundly Uninformed and ill-advised. How could 'parents cope if children started thinking that at six?-'';. Notes and Comment -The Prime Minister is prepared to double the provinces' share of income tax, And the taxpayers'? - ". A . professor of education says children should be taught at school how to live at home. The old belief was that children 'should be taught at home how, ,t0 behave at school, j In the discussion of whether, the unemployed should be made to work for their relief benefits, one point should be " kept clear: if they-work for the money it will be Wages, not a "handout." A question going around asks "Are ' you part of the problem or part of the triumphantly vindicated when the) , solution?" The trouble is that the big- Comets in subsequent years frtiw Cana- gest part of the problem is often, the "Biannprtme- ministers, generals and -people who thmkr they' are part of the privates to the ends of the earth. They solution., ' , . By JOHN W. GRACE1 of The Journal not come to 1 this conference . talking like a'man who thought Confederation was at stake because of a pension plan. ' Mr Robarts has put off deciding whether Ontario will join the federal pension schema or embark on one of its own as brooke and Quebec City and QubfC ,,s.1do!" :Hi. P-iUon hearing them Ulk brings home 5" "m,e " 1 haa more than ever the reality of J FiZ . the struggle among the leader. iVlrr,!: it forced into cause was any thing because of Quebec or anyone else., :. '. . NO SURE GROWTH ; St. Catharines Standard CanadajPrai&cl For Cyprus Peace-Keepi TD1" krtoifca mm IM I MM' THE assumption by the ynited Nations force of.'peace- keepingf duties on Cyprus Jhas - I . . egina it: Prairie ' orande AiiecMirid surged rtiant- "a" ivhnuaiijia.muafluitrjjiin uc. iangi mvunn. nu cic uag vmvw ... all else had in KnA ' iArinfr armmH s. ation or Canada ana a tnreat: neia. main door of the Quebec Lwis-'- t0 ilature . Wednesday -""afternoon! which ' . I V . 'I . . me i venirai By rtTli TlfLIMOri V . . Ill the Wlnnlf fr Prtu f . REGINA. : . ' . ; . . - . . . .. . . .... w . .. . . .. . . , hoiioH MtvrLF rnun K..m .( . yututu -iit. apenaing yuerec money ltw icaerai conrrmuyon w.ui go lor me momeni i ich . yyi..vumu. w wum wu, -THE 1,500 ' s t ud'n ts who yjQ wanls tp'spend jt. directly to the province. The the progressive worsening of saiHe Reginan. H inarchedi down from Xhe -Engfish-Canadians can com- Federal government will then dangerous situation into all,-, may have iis tongue sHghtly ir Plains I of -Abraham crosWrPlain all theylwant that this is Wthdraw to art i agreed extent0uHionnict. Once again "when his cheek Uhen he" says, it, bu, . . . . . r nr...... MnianUtn, a k.ltrnnii. f.nm tUa Mpnnul tnnma liv 1 1 UA mnA tti full thfi m P;i n ' it seemea 10 mi uw ne means in' , UN Tiasnproved . its useful ness " And anyone: w ha ws pa1se - -v..AMMAMt Tki."lin1l a m-rie(tAm L-.u 2. . I n n x.nt J, uhd 'in tKu finnan ('it u rf lh 'Dlflir.- needs tq be strong if the urge of some of the prov iive together to stop killing one and who returns todayafter an s were as vital to undersUndnff-Canda to .be strong. But- inces to have. more, control over another and lit insulating some absence of even only a few "f, ' the federal-provincial conflr- tne.'orces unleashed in Quebec what is, after all. their own what a delicate situation from. years.: will see some sTartling . ence as anything said by aAy are- aIso. ( ct; the struggle .jmoney. . But (he Canadian the full (ury of the colc war. hanges in lace, of his nomJ i i 4 .l- - hftwppn t!hr mrw)pratp anA -Mnnnmv in a vulnerable econ- ' ...l. j.. -.i..,u k. .innlivl town. Recina is h.ivrnc huilrl. , also oetween moderates and official about the meeting: , Engtith-Canadianshould not frj is also real, make the mistake. of dismis-. h-7"15 ek e T??"8'" sing the-student demotion 'ere commanr1 nd thy ,de; as merely a curias local foytt mm of the separate manifestation of normal iini-'i w T 4 c,in;- held aloft. But unless Mr, Le- stresses irom ouiaiiiBne cuun- try. , , . : C-By being able to manipulate spending and by (having con trol of most of the taxpayers - ir anvouuv diiuuiu . . o ' . ' omy, .open , ta1 influence and out for gpecjar commendation Ing boom. It is expanding out- thi. mnmpntit is the British ward and upward. and Canadians." It can be ." Some of the growth can ba argued that the ; course of seeivfrom the air. The city now events since Christmas proves Extends far to the -north and to that the British Government the south (almost to-the corner- tk;. t,. m n,.tk.'a8e can ruh his own pension dollars Ottawa up (o now could lhnill(. h,v. iet the Cyprus where No. U swings wesj " i - nlan -mnA hsvcnital iVisnraru : aArt natirmAl' -nAliiM ' t'V .1. .t : .u Mrwe Taur fas answer to college pranks else- " " . "7 K. ' " dispute go 10 me un in.uic - -.-. . jj ; ' ' s t j cost more ,than gollutivallaDle else- - . a V46Krtv. unless .he is abe to say to his counteract these pressures. ,lf firl -BJi n,, no extraordinary project is underv..ere? This is t0 isofeed' an examole w.h!re.r.e uff' tountryrrn mat ' Quebec, not the federal minister, of Finince' L'f.?';.. . the of taken despite the Koyaf Commission on tQ fce used as an argument to contend FLlr i' i ' Ottawa, seU the terms for. stu-. never sm significant portion taxation and an the provincial studies .. viih ...ntri.. r --..-iu..,,...u,w.Hrae-nt . - . . -1 ivt vyiv iiiuii vvv-ua wis- -vi . or taxes now going on What brought the conference'tp com r1 mission this- new examination? - : The answer is that the meeting finally left" theories behind and, as , Prime Minister Pearson said, "Got down to cases." 'Premier Robarts used 'the blunter word Cash." . week in Quebec, it became clear- that as tlnhgs stand ' there is simply ftot , enough ta. money available to do all the things Canadians apparently want their governments . to do.-. No matter what government does What, ' whether or not Ottawa or Mr. Jean Lesage in Quebec runs - hospital -insurance, the costs must be met. nT , - The achievement of this conference, more important than finding .ways for the .provinces- to opt out .of ; Federal plans.-ajfly be the realization of the high, price to be paid for Confederation. It is the price of maintaining a strong other than competitive traders ,v with were both the symbol and the each Other, r ; - . - -- SUDstance of Quebec's ' Winter Evene4hTeat1t)f-Britain-entering', of discontent. : , the European Common Market did not Tney were, of course, only friohtn the rpmaininc rnmmnnuPalth students, a n d , considerably fewer than 1.UUIIII ICS IlllVf 9CCIV1IIU a IICW SVSICIII Ul it. u . . J .T1.. w iiic ' im i I CAijn iru. i lit- ui - . . . .stout example of Britain herself. 7 tinguishable from housing Mr. Wilson went on. rashly, w e t developments anywnere m . , . . - -t u- u t 1 .11 . Canada, were far more in-thought, to suggest high-level talks to tcrest d in a big fire near tne eyolve a Commonwealth parliamentary .chateau Frontenac; -' " ' body along the lines of the Council of Europe. r' ' -: . . . Such ideas, especially when they came from London, used to set the-alarm bells ringing in the East Block in Ottawa. In And down in the old city beneath. the cliffs" children still played" on the streets as they " . " iney uun i expcvi unyuire uiii went to London to tell the British that Ontario a knnw their lanffuaffe he would not allow Canada to become Sn murh .fnr the tear of toa loans and ludcei the of lation, his control , of the , federal fiscal, policies may be moderates might slip away. fHEN English-Canadians be come impatierit, with. Mr". "r? they, might remember trade nreferences amonp themselves. r "I students in tne crowd wno , ; ct - UllldIV r'dlUCIU3 Ul LII1A . .IIV.' , j L- Thau N.An.,ml Imla onmnoll. . .. , . t . ' j leereu ni vun ihk wA n -,,;. . wi.w- mose wao-wve in oungaiowea 9l . or a lim as "Varetxl'Ottawa," ,'Royalist.H His position '-""""''b tivelv with the world, follow ng the" and split-level auburbia- indis .1 !V.r"r." a undersland. : dangerously, ineffectual. emotional breakthrough" in b,;.k Lv for rntri Th Frenr h . vrtuwu f emotionalism'and session it is in too many other which a UN : force can -be r,.k nt fv v,iritw iviiioiiLiv. eiivnuvnii wi. Ul UVHICC8 WUCUC, iaR- the most dangerous days of the last ". c0ik c.uhi ni -"eeting was so business-like weakening the war. Prime 'Minister Mackenzie- Kine jandcordiaJ. By a ' significant but not ments, every one; , rows it and matter what even farther-the west (out. validity that argument, m iai,i, w me incinerator). it7 cannot detract from the fineWhere are the prairie fields iconic anu u m .. K ..- hv the d r d 1 n a r v nere we picKea me nrst purple income and it remains in values and needs of the popu-provindarhands. the impact of Rritish -0dTer under almost crocuses of Spring and hunted impossible- circumstances to for meadowlarks' nests in early lessen human sunering . "wwi. ucvciup-: - I . . ' Greek and Turkish Cypriotes J)ESP1TE- the impatience .of tried to get at one another's . the students who came throats. . - r, ut in the cold to make their (t0 Canada must go the protests,. Mr. Lesage probably credit,- for . Jast-minute j action succeeded in making his point thrM. ww,ks aeo. makine It in his province. He has made, no-.iKu for UN force to step mmis e. student, told me, "an in when the DOslUon of the Iar8 or . , streets, lanes, homes, schools, , churches, 'shopping centres. v - For the air, traveller the shape of vertical things to come showiJ- at the airportl The new ad; . ministration building is not as . or as tush as Winnipeg's, or Edmonton's. But it is im- The remarkable . thing about keeping Quebec's pension plan thrbugh no fault of their own Passive and more than ade: this federal-provincial confer- at home. V , w becoming untenable. ua,e for fast-growing, city of ence was not that Quebec said The Federal government has Now Canadian troops ' have P' (1961 census figure), again in stronger terms that it agreed. n principle to "con- been ferried at Canadian ex- . Th ke!eto" the new Sas. Wanted more-fiscal indepen- tracting-out". arrangements. -: If -peje to the island to form a katchewan Government Tele- dence. It was that despite the there is any danger to this conr w.aninpful nucleus around Phone building looms.high over j 111c unci scwuun vi fiiutni oireri and College Avenue, Just across the way from the fine.provmr cial museum (which by now is "T" miiy oi van- rninridence. the ability of Can- ada to acteum ea on as quite an oidmer ; rremier liuii nooiin or iviani- unuuuuiaiii kui m um vi . . , among the newer buildings). ,-.,i.,v4 .r f r: rji,i,y..K,M sessions, "I liked the atmos- mittee the conference has ; . . .., i-rtu; RUT it is in. the business sec "I Jikedhe atmos- the conference has SrnS BUJ il lhe WTi il. - 1 . f . L - . I.. " ----- are known, it should be politically easier than appears how for the provinces to face the fact that they might have to levy more, taxes themseives. That needs' no constitutional amendmentonly courage. ' . ' . On this page today is a fuller discussion of the Federal-Provincial Con-, ference by a Journal editor, who has been in Quebec City for the meetings. ;.,.u . . Kt:-ui. u Pr.h Phere. Those who tve-4he esUblished.--.. ; ..i.u.k- . r.unii.tinnrv tion of the city that the ex- "!e2v - - ... publlshetl a revolutionary lOT O,- V,iy ,n" as t. . . IIIWIIUVHIUI. t 4 . p- 4 1 4. . . 1 ' ; central government and allowing tne MV, ln his clirvi,w of Brflsh Commoti.. being' rammed down our .mpron re coumry , j- : - white Paper ironyjsTthat ,. D, elsewhere for larger. 7 provinces to vie with each other for the- wealth AfQirSf ,933.52. Mr. King always throats ue..C us .uiey w.m, , ,ueuw? un . iwir . was concerned with working out a pat-people. . tern , of Commonwealth co-oreration Twhich . th-'no ,wayTmpaired national responsibility for policy. What- he .said, privately after, the main concerns of the tax comn . - . -rlh UN - just 1 '-Bns. mittee-,, Pat a w anrl laror nnlitiral nn arrnrw quite wrong. Premier John Robarts of On fc . r . The when the ' plosion upward-ts- concentrated. ndency is . wvitu Pair The Piece de resistance of Re gina's new structure is the il mid units. Canada Seems to be " . :; million Saskatchewan Power the studecs with their , JT ' heading in the other 'direction. W, .! Corporation edifice on Victoria -carefully Drintedharsh 4S-r.:T:? Ontario d-r provinces-1 option 'Jv-pmUli, rOntario and-other provinces "Z'- - - Avenue , makeTip his mlnTTOr him. did" , Its-modernistic-lines ma have surprised Ottawa by P""""""- ' . . tower over Victoria Park like seeming so ready to take ad-- nc prop the Queen Mary over her Hud provincial autonomy designed P"" on inc c?un' perhaps for Quebec's- specter try's continuing to have tiniU problems. ' ' even better prepared to join lLs one thing for one UN pece-keeP'n8 effort ince to go on its own. But whenever and wherever these when Ontario and others start are called for. Clearly a coun-making the same .gestures; try such as Canada is political-Canada may be weakened. ly . eligible to join in such The best sign perhaps is that operations where .the super yet anomer conierence is pian- puwcia vr sim ed greatly. Among the new red within the year, business not That the Canadian Gov- buildings ringing tha park, or obviously - remains .. unfinished, emment accepts such a respon- earby, are the Bank of Canada. The real tune for worry would aibility is Indeed praiseworthy the federal building, the Mother- beirtheprovincesana tne ana or course 11 pomw me we buildine fcrain elevator half the crowd were separatists. QNE arius long-range conse Dominion etopped meeting "and way for others. The -evidence of their placards quence which might result stopped talking. '- - . . - ("Quebec Libre," "Quebec Out, from decisions taken at this Another sign of maturity is Ottawa Non." "No Corjipro- conference is the effect of less that few apeak of federal, mise") spoke for itself.' money in federal ; control on provincial conferences any But the other, half of the Canada's fiscal policies. " longer in over-simplified terms crowd were not separatists. v The contracting-out by itself of "success" or "failure. All The leaders of this demonstration were moderates who took extraordinary pains to keep the, students orderly. The Quebec Provincial Police' Inspector from Montreal in charge of security said "his men had been working closely with the student leaders and this affair was "nothing like the SlU demonstrations in MontreaI.H . Education Association, kindergarten has Iegiance Mr obviously not been overlooked. must keen, carried sizns like. will make no difterenfe to the such meetings 1n Canada suc-taxpayer. He will pay as much ceed a little and they fail a as before, , But instead of his little like Confederation it- money going" to the Federal government and thence t6 the provinces in joint programs, an amount equivalent . to the vantage of opportunities for ot tne canaaian Armea rorcn self, like students who demonstrate, and like those who stay at home and wonder what the country's coming , to. Other Views keep nr 491 Kingston Whig-Standard Higher wages, shorter, hours, There is talk now of giving Much Money for more jobs, earlier retirement. Highway 401 a name. It, is better living standards all are doubtful that any other name is the fruits of economic growth, necessary for this now famous A ROUND the table where the of increased wealth production, hlehwav known to a ceneration muffled sound of the stu-' The gains achieved in the last ton. rnnli lui haiv Mr t o. AcnAtt' t th last half rnfirrv ;h?s WRmNa a uttw.t" THE CPC, .THEM AS : PROVOCAT!VE;OVCRARTY. i I RRELIfflOUfi , IMTOLCCANT. fVMZSrtCTTVL rpHIUSTlNEC : AMP WASTKOBOfVitJAXPAYtRS .. IN'CETWEEW.PERIODS. of drivers with more or less sage- was bargaining for at are obvious to all But there is "ection as "40I't.. This is its .least the appearance v of a no magic wand of-legislation name and iVseems rather short-Quebec master in its own hoase,' to force that growth. sighted to . change it. Wrm K111I ' . -t'lyiAy i . . ' . - v - ka nv.w 11 . diiinirti c-ymm mi, 1 1 :feiS!BjS m Side Lights Courtesy . " Peterborough Examiner A French language primr.says that it is not polite to say that someone is wrong, buf that he has mistaken himself. To say for whom, on the other hand, is less polite still. Shabby Treatment Montreal Star Mr. Joseph Buckie of Hamilton' came to Canada from Poland 37 years ago, aged 10. When the war came around it never occurred to him or id the authorities that he was -: . : -f .V. : - Wrt vuitcn vi in is vuuuuj. 1 v income one, a few days ago, he had. to fill out a lot of paper, go through the rather drab processes of Citizenship Court, and pay $10. His Canadian-born wife had to pay $1 to regain her citizenship. 25 Years Ago rr.ii Tk JnfBtl AfU S. 1M PRIME, MINISTER NEVILLE . " ' a CHAMBERLAIN said in the Commons that the Anglo-French guarantee to j Poland would be followed by similar commit son River berth. Its 13 stories a! most . dwarf the neighboring Hotel Saskatchewan which, until a few years ago, was one of the three tallest buildings (one of the only three tail buildings." if truth be told) in the city. Victoria Park, remains a n oasis m the concrete of down-. town. But its skyline has chang- motif), the power" corporation, the hotel, the new Regina public library. -' -. - This last is something to make any book-lover drool. Built at a cost of $1.4 million, of ultra- modern design. Jarge. light, airy.its services include all those" generally associated with a library, and a few more as well. . There is a projection theatre seating 150 which doubles as a story-'hour room, an art gallery In which displays are changed every three weeks and In which concerts are given on Sundays and at noon hour on weekdays, listening booths for record lovers, numerous board rooms for the use of local organizations, even rented classrooms m tha basement. - ,;K-: ' not a Canadian. He joined the EVERYWHERE one turns a Hamilton l.ivht Infantrv. land- . - - -o new Dunaing meets me eye. ed w,th it at Dieppe lar Jhen a M M fought . across Europe. new YMCA. a great rash of new He was wounded four t.nes neglaies andihur- Last year he discovered by cheg 8erve the growing cityT actiueni uiai ne "V Work ha. hppim nn l v Regina campus of the University of Saskatchewan. ments W other countries facing fices ar jn the old PostDffice threats of German domination. Building (the new- post office is S. J. Dempsey succeeded A. a modernistic structure down on General Francisco Franco said that the Spanish clvU war did m did 30. wbs over Llsgar Collegiate Also contemplated for the city is a new YWCA expected to cost $1.6 million. The city has given permission for a bylaw for $250,-000, the province Is expected to give $350,000, leaving just $1 miV-f lion to be raised by public subscription. ,' Not quite everything is "go" in Regina, however. The .returning stranger, walking down Eleventh Avenue, automatically glances tip" at the tower of the . old city hall to determine th-! time only .to find the clock tower faceless, the b u i I d I n g shuttere;i and deserted.- City of- ecTgeBtalj as counsel to the South Railway, Dominion "Transport ' Com- the city has been arguing about mission. .' ' ' where the jiew city hall will R. K. Carnegie, superintendent be located, what it wilf jook like, of The Canadian P ress, was to whL build it. accompany King Ceorge VI and There re om Parts of h Queen Elizabeth on HMS Re- c,tV that have not changed. t- Dulse when thev sailed for Can- Pecially east of Broad. Stre aHa . There on a sunny, . Winter ,J. V. Noonan was -elected "l)1- n f T.orom men's- captain of the jGatineau Golf and Coantry ClubT . on ecu, wim tncir ota nouses jammed on 25-foot lots, the lanes behind them drifted with- clean unbroken snow, took Just as they and 40 years ago. Only t Am ' 'heceech of the red-and-green ' , Juniors de- tti.:..u . lin atrAt mmm I..1U rtl.-:. ci 14 v" . -""c'-V- Avenue is mjsshig. to win the Eastern Ontario ojLi-. t.icvcnin I AnaWMatIrM IhIm km. . a i.t a man.- wiiamuiu iraniu. . lm ni. u.ilk .U. .;!;. .' 1 iy h 1 1 . v 1 rnarrra inr me that nrma(. tt,. A,., u. . - r " " J VI I T piru 119 . . jyv 1 si. v,"..." w : . peop. In: what dthei .r urtin f - in.- larnnr Mtnavs ' B1U scnooia Associauon junior Das- trvlav im. 1. im.i.i.i,. 1.-.K3T!! ' t.: - Vmm -,oday'. .one mediately im- 1 v. Checkiand j Ar- Cowley, brilliant eexitfemunifv ftf i. :,. fr6mX)ltawa. surred when. Bos--iind-3ibfry, a:Jnuieum, ami : ion DruiOS oeteaiea ir,e nw an art gallery of the kind one York Rangers .J-1. ... . - A y ,-1- - . -r V-V.v; " v;!'.vv;'..' :'J.v'':..?:::'.:;:;:; . , finds in Regina?

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