The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 3, 1964 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 5

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1964
Page 5
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4:1. RIL 3, 1964 Brockville of 4 'Just Gone' No Clues Found In Area Hunt For' Choirmaster ' ' t ... brockville. (Special) i I A Brockville -father of four and Highly' regarded member of the ..- Dutch community here is J-'Just a . u ' . 'c'Lu 'i. ', '. '..' father , ..n-n, omm.u,3. . v.....,, -' oHi?e manager, church -organ- 1st and choirmaster dtsanpear-f : ed Monday evenine and has not ' K-n . .,n, - ' ANSWER 'NO' . , ' . peen seen since.. ,- ,. .. -..l.1 . , . ' r . So far the Government s Sergeant Les Sterntt of answer has been qualified Brockville Police said todjiy Mr. no. - - ' Schouls is "jut none." There! jt came from Privy . Council 'is. no reason to -suspect -tourrprfalti0,n McJlrai(h,- play and there is no appa rent J . -where a Ci vil Service reason for his disappearance, tion requires-use of both tng-Sgt. Stetritt aid. - sh and French, then bilingual-Ortly clues to the man's dis- ism was a requirement, he ex: appearance aie his car. which plained, and the salary was was found i Kingston's weitj ' ' direct relation the -j it.. -w ..'Aiiafifirations necessafv tor rtrminal.;fci' -glasses, a jadkell with, a torn sleeve and personal papers in the car Sergeant Stenitfwas in Kings - ! ton Thursday but no rurlhl clues weie turned up. . Members" of the Dutch community in Brockville aho -searched JnihJsihgstonirea for Mr.. Schouls. Sgt. Sterritt . said there was talk yesterday among the Dutch . penple of posting a reward for information". leading to discovery of Mr, St houls' whe.i, So far nnthine. has" been done . about It, the sergeant ssid. j1 . Mr. Schouls left on .s busi-i nss irtp io uciessa at a ju p.m.; Monday. Odessa Vis 65 niiles east of- here.. . I The mising man is five feet.' Six . inches tall, weighs 115 pounds and has dark, hair. A 'Vlalrvo.vanTirTr-ub7th annual French competiiionipjexvlceherSimply. refused to erlands .:) the missing choirmaster will 'be found dead, Gerard Croiset. of Ctrechi. -whose predictions' are w..dr!v sought in The Netherlands, was reached by telephone by members, of the Brockville Dutch colony concerned about the disappearance of Mr. Schouls. Mr. Croiset predated ' the body of the missing man would be found "about 500 or 600 metres below a bridge whifh spans the meeting of two bodies of water." Residents here interpreted that to- ,nean Ivy Lea Bridge ovcrjhe Thousand Islands in the St. Lawrence about 20 miles west of Brockville. Mr. Croiset's last Canadian prediction was w ide of the j mark. Calied into the case ofi a Dutch-Canadian' girl missing i frbm A'cxandria. Onl., he said she would be found dead. The girl later turned up alive. CAMPBEUFORD SILO btfon rt Ittidt SvM '! vifvm tkickntN W . mjunittui (lrf"tli. tidutiv toriut " !' jomtt r. pMliv Wk (" tl. Dovti r'itforc4 Sow tnmn ttvt l"i trvif. TkrM 1p nnttrwlMM (IVtt tltlt Urtnftk Kxi W. Toftfut anfl ronv cotitrnrtM an4 . (nrtif ec4. pliatt nil ktp i"o in mi4. TSn, piirt mny tthtf tlmUMii'i fnturn ! I luH ii"t of xnoo. mk C(fnptwtltr IM vw If coniiM. thtu n a tMitr ( you in OnKri m Qurbtc Clrack aitk turn mm, w nw... CAMPBIUF0RD SILOS LTD. Ut SS, CiitIH. (Mk or RANDOLPH DILLON sat. Ksas. or. rtt., Nnrlh C;o.r 4SS-J7S1 II I I AllllO B UILDIHO I UPPIY An iff illt of Cimpiiu CnnMnirtkm Co. Ud. 1 Hubert Desjardins Horn mirvmnt u" . CMIMltlllt .-' P ':.' - uZJ Call now tor an ptintmm tn , yntr own hnnxu W hv 0 xprt Homa lmpr,vernrt Cnn l liulKhtu o rv jrou-, rnr.ft-tSTIMATM S "Mr'HiHMi Imorovmnf irmnk Rlllit on , h Horn Deleffie Show CJOH vrry 8uniy t 1 I avrnr. Sunday at 1 over H 'v, MAY STALL ESTIMATES FilibusterOverGS Bilingual Bonus? By RICHARD JACKSON ,UI , lW ,af vr4i ! mWCoraiiiwi habeert' ficelnn)ingS raighles:. or,.. with iheirireiit rhat unless the;answer.. as he tailed it Government agrees , to pay a fcalarv bonus to biliheUal civil i servants, a inree -yvern.iuiuu?iri . . . - .1 .1 I. f.l.L .4li lin mc cawmaiirs win uc ihumiu; ed. . " ' . '.".a 'The threat came from Louis- Joseph Pigeon Conservative MP for Joliet-IAssomptiow Montcalm, who, since the stilt of the-Se$sion,.-iai.had a reso lu(j-on on the Commons Order Paner callina for Just iuch a bonus. Performance the specified aul,f Over and over and over again h vntairtri the Government s - ' .,, .,,. ;.,. But - ma 'lims mil Mr. OUl. lt iiw iii " Pigeon satisfied. Hdwkesbury Youth Top - (By gpunet The CP) . Elizabeth of St. Louis de- Gon- nagueeparate school in Sudbury and Andre Landry of Hakesbury reionil high thool won top honors ThucS- day at . the conclusion flthe n.msored bibe Prench-Cana-f dian Education Associat;on ot Ontario-. The-finals drew 5S entries from elementary schools'.and 10 from secondary schools across Ontario. The competition was the last major event of French week activities here which, attracted nearly 800 teachers, school J trustees-,- - parents - and students. The compeiitiori Included French composition, grammar. spelling and public speaking C..AH14 isrifti is. Ant ti Of niC Paqueue iif '.Norre--faeoH- lege in Sudbury and tiaetan Brisson of Mattice separate w;hHil.' - ' ' ,1'nrd prizes in the eitmen-! tary schools s e c t i o n . wefe awarded to LturUr Bou-champs.. Mo n-t f o r t" separate school. Ottawa, and Cecil Ryan. rStTJoseph's separate school, Kirkland Lake. Third prizes in the secondary school section-were won by Nicole Lascelle, Sacred Heart Consent. Ottawa and Roger Besner. Asumbtion Academy. No r t h j Bay. ' . - '".-''.. V ; Mrs. John McKay A m prio r CWL Head ARNPRIOR (Special) Mrs, John S. -McKay was elected president of Jthe Arnpnor subdivision Catholic Women's League at the annual meeting here. , '. Other officers are: Chaplain, Very1 Rev. R. E. Dillon; past president, Mrs. Gervais Teev-ens; vice-pjresidents. Mrs. G. A. .Mulvihill. Mrs. C S. Muivihill, Mrs. Leo Flagler; recording secretary. Mrs. James Gibeault; Corresponding secretary, Mrs. George Jordan; treasurer, Mrs. Lome Laderoute. Journal ' Wa'nt quick results. ' Ads bring . is v In I . ; No Payments 'til January Home Improvements can be done now with no down payment or carr Ing charges until January, 165, under our special winter works Installment plsn. Up to & years to pay. , : ' . Wt Takt On Trie Whole Job .- , CntUja Aaaillnni Canses r.lrlrl Intutlitlnni Blsacaar Itwatlirs . Rni mi Carpet ritrmMnf Heattnf '"r " FREE with .every your choice or first PLATE He persisted, through a series of 2Q or more question, in de- to" his ; enquiry ss to whether bitnus ;. would be paid. As mny times Mr. Mcllraithi tried to answer him, finally us-) ing these w6rds: ' ' ,' .'".! ; "The answer of , any respon- j Jsible person would, have to be- that, surely,, this would not be the basis' for ' a bonus if t,he . duties to be carried out did not; require the use. of both-ian- guages. Surely the suggestion r not that it should. It mast : be a matter qualification done." relating to irje: for the work At another .point Mr. Mi.ll- raith inHionanilu iircA Mr .i.-.-- .. . . .1 njiewn vnarge jnai mere nad ; been -di-scrlmination against) . v' "1 ' -', !Sr.''"t'iCHARLESHEAR'LOOK To support his charge, Mr i r.j;eon quoiea trom a recent-Toronto speech of Jujrtice .Minister Fatfreau which had dealt at lengtb-with the question. -CLAIMS DISCRIMINATION Mr.- Pigeon' conten"ded that the Justice Minister very clearly had said there was discrimma tio'rt, had deplored it, and prom.-ised 16 correct it. : - ; - But both Mr. Mcllraith and Mr. Favreau contendedthat Mr. Pigeon simply hadn't read the speech' correct I and had taken entirely the wrong meaning out of it. - , , .. When told that there was no bonus planned for Civil Service bilingualism he demanded, in effect,' that the nolicv be t: ' changed otherwise he. would! tie tip the House on the Estimates for a week. . , And when told that .the Justice Minister had not complained of discrimination against rrcnm-canadians in .the Civil believe it. rinaiiy, m frustration. h threatened not just one. buf three weeks of blockade on the Estimates. ,' , "We will force the Government to statejts position." he promised, "even if we have to discuss this one item for three weeks." Former Liberal Whip H. A. I label, MP for Cochrane, Ont., called this "blackmail." es, nothing but black mail," protested another Lib- Aral kixIrkAMfku State JSecretarj : Pickersgllt highly indignant, was on his feet to protest that- he couldn't really believe that! Mr. Pigeon was actually attempting to "threaten the Government into adopting new or--different policy." ! pm p m. A j ; , i free estimates at your home028-2731 WEATHER r"""" i fa "MONTREAL CP Dominion Public Weather , office forecasts: .'. Laurentian. Ottawa nd Montreal. regions: Cloudy with a few light snowflurries this afternoon; clearing tbis evening; Saturday sunny a.nd cold. WindSy-northeasterly '20 today and Saturday. Low to- HOME IMPROVEMENTS 2932 Baseline Rd. Store Hours: ; Open Weekdays 12 ''.p.m. ; Saturday a.m. f p.m. ''.:' Order desk open dally from 8 a.m. AlamlauM WtnSawt t)ors Alamlaum Slts :' . Parmatvp C "' TH - Rec Room wt Install, of !a FOLD-AWAY BAA quality 1 ft. by 1 ft. GLASS MIRROR. THE OTTAWA JOUH ' f r-. rr-s- r,rL L I i i 'it v.:"-- ' !,,. ..; ?':M''V" . ,4! ; ?V ; ... .1 5 'THE IJKATLIv cut? Prince Rock ing UK With Beetle Cut? LONDON AP) . , Has Prince Charles adopted the Beatle cut? ..v The 15Jyr"oid hew to ahe:. throne, who toots a fair trumpet .and- twists rather fab' (fabulous to 'ou), returned from school in Scotland, last night. , .' i As he strode into the wind at London Airport, his darkish hair came down over his eyes Beatle. style. Jt stayed in the familiar droop as' he climbed into a royal sedan,' GALLANT DEFENCE Was it really a Beatle ha- cut? ': --- . Yes, said Beatle fans.; No, said squares tn gallant rearguard defence. '.'"' . -r. Squares p runted out that Charles had been exposed to clippers and - shears in the rear, especially ? along the neck line. It was just the wind blowing on Charles' fairly long front locks, they said. -. '." ' ' . -:'" . DO.VT KNOW v . A spokesman for palace attaches, who saw pictures of the prince -in the London morning newspapers, said: "We really don't know if it's a Beatle hairdo, or not. Doesn't look it from the tear or the sides perhaps. And we really can't ask, - now can 'we?" . V ' V . ' s- J'' s i ' J 'Z"m' night and high - Saturday- at Ottawa and Montreal 15 and 30; Ste. Agathe 5 and 25. Summary for Saturday: Wiftdy and cold.. t Synopsis: "A wealt disturbance is rapidly moving north eastward through New Eng land. Moderate to strong northeasterly winds behind this- system will bring very cold air down throughout, all of the province. Although skies will be clear Saturday the continuing strong winds will make the weather feel very cold. Low last night and high Thursday at: Dawson, 24, 40; Vancouver, 34, 51: Victoria, 39. 50: Edmonton, 27, 48; Prince AlberO.6, 37; Regina arTTWinnipeg. 21, 41: Churchill, -1, 8; North Bay, 3, 30; Sudbury, 1, 30; Wind-, sor, 32, 3S; London, 30, 41: Toronto, 31, 42; Ottawa, 29, '37; Montreal. 29, 36; Quebec. 8. 33; Fredericton, 25, 38; Charlottetown, 21. 27; Chi-1, cagb, 33, 53;' Boston, 39. 48; New York. 42. 50; Washing-ton, 40, 46; Jacksonville, 61, 77; Miami, 70, 73; Denver. 32, 56; Tucson. 40, 69; Los Angeles, 47, 59. f as to .;. r J. D. Sanderson Company Limited ! . RoioFINC ' V ROOF REPAIRS ( SHEET METAL WORK; 437 CATHERINE ST.'. ... : --' CE3-M6 -.::.r- tia : " p j V -5 '! d.-r From Page One -Pension; 1fe recalled that as recent lyt March 14 the Prime Minister had said it would lake only two. provinces opting out of the' plan "destroy" it, ' '. ' 1 the Prime Minister remarked acidly, that he recognized Mr.. Diefenhaker's "authority ; , to speak on the subject of con-ferenr,e7iascos:" ' -,., GO AHEAD . ' Then he made the"hard, unequivocal 'statement of-' the. Government's "unshaken ''de termination" to proceed with a study' of the plan by a parlia mentary committee.- ' But what if two provinces did drop out, pressed the Opposition Leader. Tartly Mr. Pearson informed him that only one province. Quebec, had said it would not participate in ,the Canada- Pension Plan because it was proceeding with a scheme of its own.'. 1 , ' "What about Ontario?" ssked Mr. Diefenbaker, "hadn't Pre mier? Robarts" hinted ar"opting out." - '..-:,.',' NO SUGGESTION . i ThcnTTiad been no such sug.- gestioo trom tne Ontario pre mier, replied the Prime Mm ister. "' ' ' ' .. . Mr. Robarts just hadn't com mined himself. "The Ontario premier hasn't committed himself at any time since the very beginning of the plan," said ihe Prime Minister ne promised tne House a full report Monday on the if.'. .... ' of the 'l n'X ;ttjria ' - ', plliuebec -conference. - r- r"" ""' r Sal vption Army Leader Gets ; New Posting k kijm.u y r tnmmii. i d,miP:(hf( Sidney T'!T-r "'. ' - and Bcrnuda' ffP" nea-rly , .10 years, is femg appointed to the ficj tjn ifirna tjon a I com m i -A &fi-,A the- army,. t was an- The- 'a'ftpi'ntmAtt .wiit be pf- and Mrs. 'Booth vt ill be ; ( d as hed,of the army sioner replaced ny LorJy." h.s doctfr.s' reported to-dav: ... " -; .'. ;' " " ; t Wll I . . ltt . - Canada; and. '. Bermuda bv Commissioner ' and Mrs F.dgar nhstead, how In, charge of' the r' army's eva'ngelicai work' in the- Kingdom. from a large selection . "Matching , u m b r e 1 1 a coat" : for' the junior misses. Created by Canadian '.craftsmen for the well - dressed Canadian : lady. White with navy, beige with brown. Sizes ' 8 to 16. ' : $25 FLOOR if II- . , 1 M.cARTHlR ("RITICAI. ; ASHINvlTO.Nl ii Gftn. Dougis, M,aAnhur'j con(5;tion remains cnncal but VmerafeVv , ;. treatment 'starred Thursday 'fi try to meet thf pnMiiem of acV.ori '- 4s functiomng quite satifac- If iv- vr " '' ''lis 3 i ' It c " J h'Jr " '' I f- f l m 0 ' I J1 4rtwin flrli S -Si Vk W r ?Ml;'5 : "Shtghig in the Rain " ; j v QAlflwo coat shown A rain cape to capture the fashion look. Exciting new-found glamour in simple curved lines. The perfect all-day cov'i ered-up look. Shades of beige, black, navy, pink, " blue. Sixes 5, 7 and 9. , . - 29.95 STREET downtown It's Caplan's . . . Rideau St. K SNUBBED ,. BUDAPEST (Reuters) The Chinese military attache here , refrained from saluting -visiting Soviet Premier Khrush chev at the end of a wreath- placing ceremony at a Hungarian memorial today. HONOR DRIVERS NEW YORK (UPI) The New York Race Drivers' Association honored A. J. Fot. the 1963 national champion of the t",SrAuio Clubhand Tony Hul-man, president of the Indianapolis speedway, at last night's annual dinner. . .; MUFFLERS GUARANTEED FOR AS LONG AS YOU OWN YOUR CAR Free installation by experts! Takes Just 15 minutes. Replacement muffler costs nothing-only a service charge! PAYKO MORE FOR SPECIALIZED SERVICE I 1 . t- i4r, mvrri I swoes kMflf -u ' -4 ir i rr-: i - -- m- T772,Carling Ave. 7227621 ; Njl ' AulrnrlA ill t'ftn(if ' nH Name feanV ' ! ' Directbrs - in(miA. fx (i piV A Tv- ..a;ilouaey peneraTs 'cs'erday ' release! the names five, provisional direct y?. ".pf; proposed . flank , of pn;.'ii Columbia. ? , '. Named w ere ; former' ,'BC. of Ilutance M'riltcr Finar Gun-; son" of Vancouver; llaiold TrlworlK; .tiounced lime todav. t"iairniiih'rof Is'aivd and -Bar;e Ltd : executive 'feuive .nfxt ' June,' 2-'t. Commis-' nfxt ' June, ii. commis- director, of BC Hydro-William Mearns-of ' Victoi lar,- general- ' of ' , .Yarrdws - in 'shipyard, Joh'rt ' Wallace 'of Vic- and president of Dietrich - Collings F.quipmmt! of Van-' U'ouver, Fred Dietrich. . v ,' Store With the Xv ...'.. '" , -' '-'. .v - v '. . '. !.; NEW Stfeet, FU 21 :. ,'V - " - JJ I W 1 " .. .si ii . . j n - m m i . . m i s n aw . If I III .... ' . " ' - ' . v Tistf tie difference CKXBmL GIN Ibe aecret of smoother iry martini t . , .. ' ' ' pavouTMJijtilUnt from imported botanicals Pibe . perfect balance to CRYSTAL GIN. Full gin flavour for kmg, ll;.cool collihi and tonics, .'.'dryeri smoother for better martinis. Try Hiram Walker' Crystal Gin. It blends beautifully. H1RAM WALKER SONS LIMITED' - - distillers for Over too years X t,.: 'a ''," v V j..- A A A .4 jl K AAA A-. A 0 - s ft A A, A A A A.- A A- A A"- A JJ -S A.JI A A A. A. A. 4 V A i "A.l Spring i "lii'lr A U A ll S - L-A I N, U. 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