The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 20, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1918
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Sag? asS^SfSfT~ PAGE TWO. PA. SATURDAY, JULY 20, 191§ fete: »: f£- 1' »··· B|i !»ir I, The Barsca class and the Men's J34- ble class of the First Baptist Church will meet at the. churci ·; tomorrow :'Nathan C.' Stoner ;of BJbblnstm, J mornteg at 8 A. M.,and-go ; in autotno- a" former well known IConnelisrine biles to the J. L. Stader, farm.'-,.at resident, is visiUag\his brothers.VC: McCoys Spring for breakfast. : after ITJJ. stbner and'-Wr S::Stcmer: TlSrwas which Attorney Fred' Younkin will; called here by the death ot his.mother, .;;»»»· a -talk.: TherSmviay school . les- i atrE-Cith'erine. Si Stoner. Mr'.-Stbnet som. wilt alt» be taught" and hirmns j \eft : her'e.-abont 25 years" ago, and' this ·-'nit National airs-wUl.Jbe sung.' In jig his ftfstreturn visit lh:I2!yiars. ;..; case oC'rainrthe classes-will meet in -Mr. ."and Mrs.. William 'Kphn. of "'" ' ' " bean"the Xiw Grace DunhamTas hostess at · tt»-l»£t-«««tiarol the 1'. CHF.-Staey- wark cluster the.*uo, lut aveniitg at her "k«n«iia. Patterson i+enue. were indulged in' after, witch a ' dalaty . n tMtt, mnthbcrs and * '.jiriaint. ';The .ciubwill hold a bacon -"aisV-egj.' Friday, night in . ' .tae wood* near Reidmore. . .. . ' ..--:: 'The TmOLf People*s.'AJll»aeef*the church, .South 'Connelhi- Kr. . ? inil. : Mrs..; PWladelpiia, ^ ^who.-'.hive " " day. · ol Greenwood; returned hooie'tV ·--Mrs.-- Sweeney^ and": sbnr'Frank; " tnem. : Prom-PWt»da»l- phia r they, i will ;;go; to :.AP«nUc: ,CSty. . Mis«'iIcFarlind wi'sh'ea to annouBce '.'and "patron* that -' . and.-aftsr. Augoat l8t .ahe will, b«- lor cat«d. on second.floqr otTiU** .Trust 'buUdin*;,. corner J»itt»burK- street and - -- - - '-'. Ufa.- aid Mrs-.i .B, -Doniieiiir' and daughter*,- · Misses 'left this; inirning 3 *v automobile for Chicago, to i^ The Browntll ShoeTCii?-idT: Mr. and . Mrs.^S.- C. ·Whipkey «nd andMies Sarah. Br wttt, Mr /-and Jktrs; Lemon Hyatt and" ; Mrs. ; C. E.« Trehcr, motored to "Pltbiirg yesterd«y.' ' . Mrs. Donald Byer and "-Mrs'^achert o t " ' . a patriotically decorated Maud; and lad it mot been for a shortage of ice enaa the children would have re»l- ijul a larger amount The Junior Red Cross of ttoe T!ird ·Ward gw* a show Thmnday at .'the koine of Jonepa Kaplan, with Philip Kaplan acting as stage manager. The proceeds from the snow were 11.14. Twenty-nve cent» was collected from ttaes, m*kic:g-a total of J1.39, which w«« tamed over to th* ed Crow, .The following appeared In the cast: Uli Mart, Bessie Penn; Jennie Anna, Ada and Robert Artis and Esther Seals." . - · -; ' A sum of fl.04 was realised for the Xcd Cross from a show given at the horn* of Miss Dorothy -Stillwagon. Others taking part in the performance were Jennie ..Belie Henry,' Eleanor Francis and Emma Jean DeTemplf. The annual picnic of the Trinity Reform*! Sunday school Vlll be" held Thursday at Shady Grove park. The K.att and "Win unit of the Charleston Conifprts branch will meet on Monday night at .the home of Mrs. A. X. "Wagoner, 1009 Crawford aTenu!,' ·West Side. : Charles Campbell Boyd of'York, Pa., and Edith Verne Sht.w, daughter of Mrs. C. Madara of Eist Crawford avenue, took out a-license to wed in Cumberland yesterday. They relum- ed t» C'ottnellsville last eviining. The bride was a clerk in the Favette Drug store, Uniontown, previous to her -marriage. . Mr. Boyd was formerly a druggist for the Laughrey Drug , .. ., Oreejrwood.. . ^ , t ^.. , , , : .',."S«e : ' Downs'-. S t hoe.,SJore -Hot ': t**-J*t T est.'srjrl'es'ln.lpw'sBtfw an"d 'piunp*' for women-- gray,~"brown,. patent,. dmll and t*: All reductd.-too.-- A*r r li-3t . '¥· . liaughteis, held its '-(juarterty' 'missionary · pox opening:last evening. The fm- gram w»i in'cnirge of in'e pastpr,~M- B. McLaughlin., Special music "was _ tnraiahed by; the church ;U»a direction of Henry ' Monarch* ! Quartet consisting' of 'H.' Gy Shearer, Homer Da-vis, Frank-.Shaw . . - . . - . - . . . ... · sad Mrg,« Shaw rendered/.serermi Mr.-;Md · ..Mr».r 3. ~?f. Kandnan '·'·lection*,"; Mrs. McLaugSlinecitei} " ' ' "The Bream of Pilate's WiMe,". and Miss Margaret PeboJt sang a solo. The devotions were conducted by Rev: If. F. Conley, an'u the address of the ·»»eiini : waa'inai« by Her. J.. hop of Mount Pleasant. After the program Inich was served at the parsonage.: One of»t successful, of .the Red Crtxs benefits which" are hibig «jTen bjr the children of tie city-was a social held-Iajt night on a large l*wn on .Sycamore street, by Harriet and Florence Dunn, Eleanor, .Laur- mce and Vincent Tippman, Katherine, Robert and M. J. Sticliel. A sonr of was realized and today-was o»er to T. J. Hooper, chair- awn ot th« Conttllsville branch of the Bed Cross. Ice ceram, home- i were sold from - , Mary ;: ,C»th«rlna "_and. -Eleanor, .and brother: Dr. , JaxMs ITDcoovmn: .a»id . ciowley^of Ipitubnrg,: left..ttis morning for G»«rd, Jtd., to camp. .. A apInidW opportunity .to/.boy 'tis season'silatest styles, to -low «boesand pampa at Downs'. Shoe ;Store. All are reduced ; DOW-- both men .and womens ' :our .» iadows; for best-.'dii- play otlow shoes ia. town-- Adv-U-3t_ , Mrs. Ruth ; Conner aod daughter- in-law. Mrs. Ben R. .Conner, of South ConneUsville, who have, .ben visiting at SnmnriU G«-. tor . s«renl · n»»thB, are. enjoying life to tin utmost they; write home. .'They s(Mk of-f««*t« on fresh watenneiorui, eaotsJoipw and other :delieaciet, of the aouthlwii. Feaionts will be- ready :-io boll ^ the -last of Uiis racmth, the letter Wn, sad "they art certainly d*Mcioui r ' when prepared In this manner, it lir added. The- Conners visited at WmTiross, Ga., with Mrs. R. B. King They are 'now at their summer home. Mrs. King was fonnerly Mis» Rntn Conner of Sooth Cmnellsville. ' . : . , . . , Ia : order to' reduce our ''Stock" will: offer 'special i(«fieW on all trimioed and .untrimmed - hats : for-'.tlie -fbHiw-. inr Id'-dmy* ' v Mcrjrland 1 s:-JiliIliner- '--Adv.--17-4t- ' · : - . . · · " · . . ' · - . , ' company. Pa. He is now located at York, All children entered in the bicycle contest, which is being conducted bv the Charleston Comforts Brancb of th« Navy League, are requested to meet at the Navy League headquarters. No. 210, in the Title t Trust bonding, Tuesday morning at 11.00 o'clock. Tae Indies 1 GuUd of" the' : Trinttr Reformed church met last evening at the home : of Mrs. G.W". ·Penrod In Ninth street, Greenwood, r with Mrs. Raymond Trout of Scottdale, hostess. Seven members and three vjsitors_ were present. Oce new member," Mrs." I., G. Nace, was received. -Articles amounting to. over JlOl were -turned In for the annual Cbriitams -bazaar. Ill,,connection with the/meeting a* Iswel. . showe- was tendered Mrs.' Trout, wto "before her marriage wa» Miss: Grace Penrod, by members of ».» guild. She received-a nice collec- aon of towels. .. Patronize those who advertise. Besides Ma Says I'm is toe guest of her school friend, Miss Mary Aline A1kinsn, : ( , .'"., Mrs. H. C. Hays and .daughter, Betty Jane, left -this morning for Deer;Park,.M(l. ;. ' . ' . ' . illws Stella Cocley and CharlM Weyan tof South Connellsyille . .were guests, of Mr5.. Jacob. Wyman · of Greensbure last evening;' . " . ' - , - - - . Hiss Grace BiseJ. who undeiirent an operation in Pittsburg is reported to be doing Veil. Mrs. Esther Hickes. of Coampnt, Pa., and-her son,' Charles', are'visiting lirs. Hickes' daughter, Mrs.-George 2arbth.ers of ^Sycamore street. , . Ber.' WiJbur Nelson,, pastor -of tha First Baptist church "will 'leave" .tonight for:Hollfstoa,.Mass., 'to spend a month's Vacation with Mrs.. Nelson and children, who hav.e been, at- Hol- "iston for the.'pastrfew,.weeks. : SLOT. 3. li Prpudfit returned, home today from, a we.ek/s stay at Bear Run. Miss Florence:.' D6ck" of ; '-V7aynesT boip," who has been the guest of Mrs: Clara Port,, accomp.aniid by Mrs. Port, returned'hpin.ej.last!night. : Patronize those,who advertise. wnir T -JJOK ' . 20,;. 8.30, A. .M.-- The .bfttte; »ne , foe ; front · of the ' Alliod ·Mnirifer' ;! -at" tackibetweea.v.the :..AUne;;-aSd.^Uie- Maine, is ,.Aeliig. ext«nd^-;ij«rtker. somtk towards ('tuittcsu.Thierrv. .. '. ·. . The Franco.- J lKerlcan ferces in c«nHn«lBg the steady ponMcUnt; of tlie northern part: of the Itoe near Sfrh- Jljons..^ '- ^ . '·:··:'. . :.-'··· ·.'-.J---'^.. : 'r''.''" ". The attempts of the Crwwn.^nee's' geBcrals ;te rally their forre8.-to ; s»eet the steady, morenent ol the Allies tn-, dtcat«:t»it the l«,ttle Is apprwicWng the" polrtwfen the irmlcs will 'soon ' ' "Mrs. James I. Balsler has received a. card from her husband telling of ·Us;! safe:·arrtyaT overseas, Balsley, wao is attached to the 42nd Balloon r.Companyr-i» a son" of Mr. and Mrs. John ..R.,Bal6ley : pfrFairvjow.. avenue. dTESl'-.-THEiE- BRITISH TKdBiPS TAKE'?'. -"'· OF , ,. .,,. ,.»e,-;»«nH e( yesteriaj'g. .j'oi«erfUenr? *ri ." Flanders fjSmtSiiie ItriHih" lto« j advanced along: a breadtk of: 4,OW jarda in iKe.JIeteren seefor^. The Trfl. lage of Jlcteren is now held by UM British troeps^ " :. :.. KEPOETUD BI FKRSHET IJf«TO?i, J«lr,»!L--C»U»Bed ffogress kj" the Americans b«tw««» tie Aline . rr»«rt- Pmnln? hi hh " -· . --. :,,* ^. · .' ··· RmSH, ADTJUTCE MSHS ,. ifllOK)^. Jily SO^Brttish troops 1aat;n%ht a^vueed tfeehr toe. on a mfle fr»nt sooth of the'town ol Hefca. t*rne,'the.vfar olDee aafaevsteas! May. A necwsral raH wa. carried omt by tke Brtttsh near BeaiimHmt Ttmrnti. Hetatane Is about midwaj- am the Ernt between Albert and is two aa4 ·flet sonth of Hebaterae.. ,1m*. BOARD 2 CALLS 144 YOOlrG MEN FOR NEXT W - . Continued /rcm Pay* -One. .Edward C. BeVituiejr. John Henrr Mijler. John.L. Giffin. :...,,;. Harry Edward Moore: John Thomas Levergciod.. John Albert KoboJJa, 1 ·Harry Ixnria .\Britt.' 1 "Wiley L. Taylor. Philip James Cochran. .John. Balsley. Michael J."Burke." "" . "William. J. Gallentine. . Frank J. 'CWebowskt : Albert Jliehter. " : ' - ' : ·WiUiam Eugene Boiendale. ^Charles-.riavid Roienberg: Joseph"~B. Dlison. ~ Fred Bogdaneky. Harry Nicola. John R. Schooler,. 'fliJLO. Albert ,J)ietz. BIRTHDAYANNIVERSARY Anniversary , 6i Mrs." H«ry: Jeffries Celelinitea .iutof it ' . The hom e ; of Mr... and Mrs. Thomas Jeffries;, Sr,, .was the; scenev. : of ·- .an enjoyable surprise party in honor: of Mrs. 'Jeffries', sister," Mrs.. Mary Jet- fries, who makes her home ,there.-The party ;was; given, by. the-sisters and nieces :of: Mrs.;.. Jeffries. It was also th£occaaipn;for a reunion of the^ sis* e ?*s-^?. °.?fBre- their marriage, were fhe:jD,evaney.,:girU of Hppwood. ,. .'Durine the. day- each. person sewed a.patck for a quilt for the Bed Cross,.' the name; ot. each-being embroidered thereon.VjThpse -present were Mrs.-E. A. Herr, Edlna, .Mo.; Mrs. Ellen Hoi- liday n Morgantown, W. Va;; Mrs. Lydia Barnes and.jMrs.; L.. E. Bittle and daughter, Mary Dolores ot Jeannette; Mrs-P. J. Reagan.and children, Frances!: and., Doris, of Xaincaster,, .O.;' Mrl! ^nd ^Mr5./,vyiiliam . ..."Walls, v'East. Millsboro; Mrs. H. .L/,Jennings and son .Bernard,; Cnloatcwiiii. Mrs. i'Lyde Harper,'.·; Miss..! itary..:- .Harper,: if James. -RilUy and childran, Mrs. Jacob Breafciron'and. Mrs. .Samuel . Bittle, ! Uniontown; Mr. .and ..Mrs.-....Thomas i Jeffries, Sr., and children .-Margaret ! and. James. i Mrs. Jeffries,..for. wnpm:..the affair was given, served three years cooking i and baking in the. Ciril war. . .Chas. Hay Goodwin.-· , Joseph Lorito: '. ·' '.-·Wiiliam' J.' Sheppard, -, -James Sptetaan.-- Norman Shuitz. Earl Trump. ;·. John Jacob Brldegont , Isaac .Goodman. Charles. Grouse.. " ; August Zelmore. .Frank Stanley. ' T"hilip"Conyty, - . . Chas. : WUbert Newsli.' - · · · ' · Harlow; W * Higbee. , - . . . . . . 'Albert GabelL '-Arami-Waleky. '. Harry DJggs. Wliliatn Lacblnsky. " " Ahisues H." Cupp/ . ' Louis McAxdle.". - . -i ' ' · Chas. F..'Wnito. ; '1 ..Called for.acaniinatioh July It. Walter Alexander. · . . ' . Jam'es"Gray.' ' ' · Albert .Harris. ; ; Jess Wright. . : ' Dewyne SHU.-- . - ' . ' - . -· · . GardJe Craiette. ; Wililatn" j. Thompson'." .. Johti Hockaben.. '. 'Jordon ; Ta:rl6r. John Edwitrds. " .Floyd. Colt-man. - - . J CSrds:hay« B e a a ' r « ! . Byron Ewter, iljiachjij to tSefcU jratttrr. Beguiarii, Conipanjf E, ! .:telUng ofr.his.sajte irriyal .pt«r|.cas; (He isji ·8on.;6f 'Mris.'' George 'Porter and p're-. vions to,. leaving for France .was In ' * " ' ' ' ' ' . .'-!''"·· " , . . HERE. . : .;n?turnea;to Wasnjng- , ffi'C.~yeaeYday:^tenoon alter spending 'a 10-day furlough at his norae-here:-- the 27 tb. received wordi.that' her-son, Glaser Burkhardt of Sottti Connell«vllle, has- passed' the examination- io hi»:',;tra'd«; electrical work, at Camp Johnsoi," JacksonTiU'e, "Mr. and .MnL, Cilrln SwlrideLl and Mr. and Mrs.. Ford 'Shipley gave '»· taremsU ..p* Duatmr in-honor of VntHmm. Seders, and Henry Stereo son who will- leave for a tratainr camp. HtS 92ND AKfCYERSARY at Gather- Img at XeCleHawlseini. Samuel Coflnran celebrated his 92nd birthday-at-hi»- bome-at MeCIelland- ttwn. ^TiTe generatipns were present and a Toy pleasant day. was spent at thV old homeslead! Mr; CoflJnair was"l»rn'Jury 10". IgZfi. The following were proeent: Mr. and Wilyard,- BrownsrUIe^ Mr. and JUn. David Coffman, Dicker-' son Ran; Mr:, and Mri. JHse CoOmari, Pittstarg; Mis* Va-T Cutfmto, Rol- rri Coflroaa and,Prank Coffmari, DJcl- erfon Sua; Saniei HostoUer,. J-am- bert; Jfrs. 0. I* Sters" aad iaurhter Miss Ruth, Clarkibarg, W. Va.; Kr. aad-slra.- J, L.' Mirier and- ^daughter, The Secret of Prwfecinf Lrarant Hair . Cntjcuni pintmen: to spoti of "dan- Iroff, itching and irritation.. These ragraot, snper-creamr emoilienn end to lave' the'hiiir, dear the skin ·nd meet every wait of the toilet - libe Graaia FRANKLIN MAXWBIi- Impressive;, funeral ^ se.rvice* '· were held yesterday afternoon- at Z o'clock: at the Ohioprle Souse, Ohionyle, for FraiU(iin ·;. Malwyi:, ; .Hnsh.-. Bev. W.; HamiHon SIX-DC e of the First, Pres- bTterian,-, of Uniontown, as-' ilsiti by- Rev.' G. "W. Buckiier of the local . Christian church, offlclating. A fr6m'!.tfntomown';sang. The, ja»...Hel«n, - MH^burgr .Mr..': Alex Bate, and chlldren'r Brown«vin«"; Mr. and Mra. D. E. Coftiiu: andi children, Menmore;: Mack. IMUaioget and chil dfm, Kail*, Jwtle a«d Cnarloi Bal slngar, M«xnnore: Jfln ETatie.'Wilyani, BroimaTrllle,; Mry. .iff. H. Watson and children, Ea»t MUliboro; Mlii Eliia- b«th Coftoan. N»«rcomey; Mrg.,'.BfQfi ard : P«gg and KV Thornts, Newcomer; Mr*. ,B«J1« B.6w,anj Serbfrl; Jarnw Coffroan, CJa'rkilbnrg, ~W. Va.; Mrs. Amanda Kein«r; Lambart; Mri. Ii B. laer ind Mrs. Viola Reiner, Lambert; James Mitchell, Herbert: Misses j Pearl sad LTCT Bates. East Mlillbprb; Miss Helen Wilyard, East MIDsboro; "Mrs. Eltia Jane Coidrain, Muyantqre; ^ JamM, Villict and Carl Hartford, Messtnore; Mr. and Mrs. iTaak Coiman, Lambert. BEST CORN FLAKES EVER Miss McFarlsnd vishes to utnoance to ner friends W; patrons that on and after August: 1st she: will be : lo-' cated on second floor, of Title t. Trust building, corner Fittslrarc: street'and Crawford areoue.--Aitr.--17-13t ; ' ;' The Star Junction yiaocyworkclnb held · picnic at Ktoa'j trow day. Th» familiet of- each membtr were in. attendance. ..':. ·· .','·'/-·:'·,' :'·: J :::.-...:.- RLBRENDEIfDIB IVestcrn Maryland Ofilclal Formerly : Wlth.B.": 0; Jn ; ConaeUst!Ue; V iPranlc L/ BreBdel,,48:.years, old, of Hagerstown," Md., su'yefintendDnt of the Eastern division of 'the -Western Maryland' · railroad,.,, died - .Thursday night: in .'the Union _Protestant Infifia- ary, .Baltimore. , . ... ·" . ... ^ . . . - " '(·Reeeritlv^Mr. · Bre'ndell fell: 'in\ the bathroom' at his -home, fracturing..h'is hip, and .was- taken:to ·.tae.'haap.itil"a" week: as?/ VPrior- to :the;;accldeat"'Be had been at the 1 hospital twice, taking treatmtnt'for ."other aiinien ; Mr. Brondel'wasVa member of. the Jfasonic-'Order, being a'S2n"d j. dDgre'e Mason.-,-.H'e ; was aiso.a-me.mbesof :ttte Episcopai "cnurchl' lake place Sunday .Jrom Mr.;.Rrendel's...late'.home.. iThe b'odv will-be taken to'^Cumbpriand; '£rpm;that, city 'on .a? special·;train- to West "Newton," ffl. Brendei's .former home," wb-ei'e intetment. will 'be made. The -funeral- wiil · at-lb',15'''o'clock .Mr. Brenicl ncll Ohi, known- in Con- NORTH UNION TEACHERS Corps for 35a»alag Tent Sasitd at a Xecttag W the B««ri The North Union school board met ast evening-and electad-, teachers tor he 'comiagV year' as follows: Ir.ena Lang,,, Ruth ..Itord,,. J»auilne .leweUynV Elisabeth Matthews. Hazel liMBuore, Mugaretta. McMuilenjn'or- ence Grimm, Lorena AiruraJJelen. Bosey,' 'Gertride.Davidson, Jennie Morgan, VI rim Gictd, Fracc Kemp, Grace Rapso;n, ^-enp Turley; Mildred Miller; Sanaa. Hcrbodlti George Gandee, Sara Smith, Lpma:CoUins, Mrs. A. B. S»ath, Mrs. T. ii. -Means, Edda Hmt, Daisy HarfordVAllce Freestone^acob Lynch, .alia Porter, Mrs! Elizabeth Cameron, linnie Darby, Ka'rhryn Zearley, Elizabeth McClnsky., .Mary Reagan,; . Jean Yardley," MabeUBaUes, Gall ^Johnson, Mary :'Samtor,'.".iBdith Zan'hiier, Ger tunerjtl was. one ! of the largest held in that community in recent years, a ; tloBt of relatives and friends of the. deceased from various parts of Fayette. county and loore distant points atte'nding. The fioml tributes were 'num'irou* -'and elaborate", ' there being 77'-piec«is. Fbilowing the BervicK,the tinieral ';p»rty, .came ' to Conaellsville hi a special car attached .to Baltimore dhto train No. 15 and from ; here t in automobiles to XJniontoirn, .tie Interment was made iu Oak Qrore 'c'emeterr. 'Cqnnellsvin? of Elfcl No. S03 ntleDfled the ;ia a. Iwtr/.' Mra? Ru«h;:w)ib ia. .r*coTerin|p. frpcp. typhoid fever at* ·ttxd*id.-tli*'BerricQ8,. but was not able tp..»ecpmpuiv, the faneral party-, to UBiontoira.'Ttie_paUbea.rer5'Tfere 3. Benton Crow, and' Harry* H. Puller, of Unlorito.wni'irred Biirdctte, Robert ^H.olt of bbiopyie; - Edward E. Slar'- Kitta, J. Raymond Meslreiat and Noah AJad«r0oa of GonneIF0viI}e r *iad Howard Kller ot ScottdaJe. . Jwnei Kujh, a brother ot tie deceased, arrived home from Parle Island,. S. C., where ho i« in miHtarr training, In time for the funeral. · TKe HOME of QUALITY, and SERVICE! P r nrsBUR-Sti CONNELLSVILLE^V CONNELLSVILLE'S GREATEST STORE f .;..· ...Tie final tiest of a. good store is its usefulness to the "·plibUc^--tlie greatest service s. merchant can render these diiys is' to make his store the economy center ol the com- ..inuiiity;. ' V . . _ . , . - . '. ,.. .: - .v' '" ;- . .-.:THAT'S US! COMB. AND SEE! "· V , -.What'.others have' done, you can do. This store does not .mark up its goods as the market of woolens,-cottons, or silks;'-, or. other goods advance. Ask your neighbor or 'friend about our Great Mill Remnant Sale and;they will .^aU.giyeyou.the;same answer..-. ·-. · ··· Sayed 20 ; to 40 per cent on all purchases. . ''..'."'..:'/-';. : . : - . COMB AND SEE.' XAHX ROBFBTS JUSEHABT. Mary Roberts Rlnehart, famous writer, In tie American ReJ Cross uniform which she will wear in active service in France. MDfi: CATHERINE S. Largely attended was the funeral of -MrSi Mrs. Catherine S. Stoner held yeBterday afterncon at 2 o'clock from the residence, of her son, C. M. 'Stoner South Sixth street, ,West Side. Her. Bits B. Burgess, pastor of the Trinity -Lutheran church, ct- cliittd. The 1 funeral'was attended'by j a large gathering, of relatives, and friends of the deceased. There were a'-numJxsr of handsome floral tributes. The pallbearers were C. M. Stoner, S. Stoner, and N. C. .Stoner, sons of the deceased, and Oliver M. Shaw, a son-in-law. Interment in Hill Grove cetaetery. .The. out-oWown person's attending were Nathan C, Stoner of Robtosion, 111.; Miss Lulu A. Stoner of.. Indianapolis, Ini; Mr: "and Mrs. Oliver M.. Shaw of "Indian River City, Elai; - Mrs. Catherine Scott' and son. Menton, of Cleveland; O^ and Joseph SUilwagon of Greensburg. ' 'ABTHUR McCONKET. Arthur 1 McConkey of Thompson No: 1, a former resident of Duabar, dind .yesterday at the 'Unioniown hospital. trnde - Savage, Serilla ButtBrmore^ara j yhere" h'e had . been a patient, for- the Fprdyce, H^L. Bowser.Minerva'Ribie,'· past three weeke. Deceased liad been Dolly Matthews; Sara Priest, I. N. in poor health sine* last-Christmas. Send Whitman's to Your Friend in the Service Nothing is more appreciated by an Army or Navy man.than a box of candy. There isn't any better than Whitman's, so-" why not include some in the nest box you send to training camp or overseas? We Have It In All Size Packages. Collins* Drug Store . South Pittsburg Street. Hontler,. Beulah Psull, b'erg, 1 . Flora- 'WI'UUH'," Mae' Sincocfc, Colleen,, Ball, Haiel :Smith,. Margarite MbEermott, ' Sara '" Williams, 'Mrs. Blanch Mason, Nan larby, Anna Zeb- le.y, 'Jennie HeaTty, J_. L. Keffer, Huth Ta'rr, .Vllss 'Jones',- Margaret- L»ff«y'^ Mrs; R*ert Matthews, It«asie\W:alls, Pearl 'Fo'rdyce, Mildred Ix)wden, Mrs. Lloyd Bowden. Ruth .Wiley, Mary Beatty, Edna Long, Anna Surry, Ruth Cuppett ' ' · " ' · * ' ' ·''""" : ' '' ' · · ' ' Peai h^ave "dropped 'a ."note "into an Atneri,- can . fiviation^- .camp ; cbriflrnTilng' .the death' of .Lieutenant Quentln Roose' " ' " ; '"'- '"'' ' · " " - · · · · . "rfed In t ,- D;: Hiffner,",of ^-Huntingdon; Pa., and G.ertrudc Ellen "Human of Sriilthfleld, were married In Cumberland .r yesterday .1 ,, ........: , . ' . , There will be no preaching services in the First Presbyterian church to-' lsviHe,'.'lia.vins:,been.( : Baitiinbre..i asp. /trainmaster-here some._ years ·He" is -survived'b'y h'is-'wi'doir in'd ,tli.ree- children.,:, : ,, born yc^tertay.fmorning ; : , pastor. '"* '° ot «« . . Misc., Ruth! Gunninghain .left yester- ,'dmy; .iprningi..^ or '.Wash jngton, . O. C. wher.e'sfe'e.Sis'-'Vecured a potitfon. Bring 'results:' Cost'onlr Ic s ; 'wori ma'ster and : Mrs.' BV 'Ciarfc;"Witt 'at .the . . home'Jpl r Hev;--J;- S: Showers-itftlncoln .j WU, . bef ove .'her' Hage,was'Mis"s' Bella Showers;, ·£_?·'-.··' ·?'!-' '··-·'· "--'" -.' ' ·'· ..... '-·'...- C A T R R H Fer Catarrh by the Taper treatment :sooth ern.portion; .Sunday, ^fair ana. wanner is-'.th?,.noon".:',^r'eaUier forecast ' ' ' ' ' J. B. KURTZ, AND REAL. ESTATE. B, BABNETT. . , Barnett, nine niontlis old, spri of Mr., and'Mrs. Thomas Barne'tt ot. Mount Bradoct, died this morning. Funeral services vrill be ..held 'toinor- row Caftrenbon "at:.2 "o'clock, with in- tsnncnt in the Percy, cemetery. BBTiJ) A BAJSKIEE. Entrench lonrscii" Against; rriraUon .';., . "" :·' and TVant. Jiist as A soldier digs a trench and builds X barrier to protect himself from .the enemy, so .you can. entrench yourself with a savings account and build a. barrier .against..privation and wait. 'The old, reliable First National pays liberal interest'on SOT- in'gs. One dollar starts an account-' ' : ' ' ; Caci a! Thtalis. The family of the iate Mrs. Catherine S. Stoner 'wishos. to thank their many kind friends for. their aid and sympathy extended them during .the death of their beloved mother: ~Es- No More Guesswork when you bake. No ruined pastryisia poorly done wasted material ·--no worry, because of wrong oven regulation. Chas. C. Mitchell FUKERALDIRECTOR · 119 SouUi I : 'Uisljiir B BoUl Phones. 1 omploy ' ho or solicitors : pecially -do they wish to sinscrs and those who^ £ tributes.--Adv. thank the] floral Sisters Undergo Operations. Clara Berwick, 20 years ' old, and sister,. Margaret Berwick, 11 3'ears old, underwent throat 1 operations :Sis .:morning, at : .the.Cottage- Stata hospital.. Am doing business strictly orj my own: ; merits, IS jearft priictlcal experience. , Motor Funeral Service if Desired. NIGHT CATJLS ANSWERED AT OFFICE. LADIES Wh«n irreffular or .delayed use Triuinpli Pills. .Safe and always dependable. Not sold at drutr stores. £o not experiment 1 with'others; save disappointment. Write for "Relief and particulars; it's free. Address .NA.TION- -tL MEDICAL INSTITUTE. Wisconsin.' cup. You simply set the Temperature Wheel and obtain any dcgr beat that tlic receipt calls A Direct Oven and rueasui F. T. ETJJTS ESTATE, Agenis, Both I'hoaet, florae's qotbing ococ^coccxxxaooitooocxaoooooo Classified Ads. One Cent a Word.

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