The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 24, 1939 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 24, 1939
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

J£ TWELVE. THE DAILY COURIER,- CONNHLLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 1939. RELIEF BOARD REVEALS NEEDY ALLOWANCES Allowances lor general assistance and aid to dependent children in Fayctte county ranged from 33.90 per wec'it or $16.95 per month for one person to $18 a week or $78.20 a month for a case that embraced 10 or more persons, according to statistics for 1838 that have been released by the State Department of Public Assistance. The allowance embraced grants for food, clothing, fuel, light, ice and shelter. The schedule covering Fayette county was also in effect in Westmoreland, Washington, Somerset and Greene counties. A relife case of one person received S2 weekly, or $8.70 monthly for food, 40 cents weekly or. $1.75 monthly for clothing, 50 cents or $2.15 monthly for fuel, light and ice and $1 weekly or $4.35 monthly for shelter, or a total of $3.90 weekly and $16.95 monthly. For a case that covered two persons the food grant was $3.50 weekly or $15.20 monthly, clothing 75 cents \veekly or $3.25 monthly, fuel, light and ice $1 weekly or $4.35 monthly and shelter" $1.25 weekly or $5.45 monthly for a total of $6.50 each weekly or $28.25 each month. A family of three was allowed $4.75 weekly or $20.65 monthly for food, $1.15 weekly or $5 monthly lor clothing, S1.25 weekly or $5.45 monthly for fuel, light and ice'and $1.50 weekly or $6.50 monthly for shelter for a total of $8.65 weekly or $37.60 monthly. A case covering three or more received a maximum of $1.50 weekly or $6.50 monthly lor shelter 'while this maximum for fuel, light and ice did r.ot become operative until the case load was for five or more. A family of four received $10.25 weekly or $44.55 monthly ol which $8 weekly or $26.10 monthly was lor food, $1.50 weekly or $6.50 monthly, for clothing and $1.25 weekly or $5.45 monthly for fuel, ice and light, A case of five received $11.90 weekly or S51.70 monthly of which $7 weekly or S30.45 monthly was for food and SI .90 weekly or $8.25 monthly was for clothing. The figures were graduated up to a caseload embracing 10 persons which received $18 weekly or $78.20 monthly. Of this, $12 weekly or $52,15 monthly was for food' and $3.75 weekly or $16.30 was lor clothing. Also was $1.50 weekly or $6.30 monthly monthly, each for shelter and fuel-light-ice. itching Here's Qniclt Ease and Comfort Go to any first-class druggist today and get an original bottle of clean/ powerful, penetrating Moonc's Emerald Oil anc apply a few drops over the affected parts. area. The Itching torture is quickly soothed end you'll find there's nothing better to relieve the distressing soreness of most externally caused skin troubles. Moone's Smerald. Oil is greaseless, does not stain, promotes healing. Money cheerfully refunded, if not satisfied.-- Advertisement. Cyril von. Bauro,ann lowered into water at Toms River. N. S., in test of new diving suit (left). Testing heliuna-oxygen mixture (right). " B; TOMS RIVES, 'N. j:--:,. . hunts for gold builjon reported bur- le'd ih wrecTis"olTthe.Tr5VTda J^eyg are plannoTby CyrH'vo'rfBaifmsan, explorer-scientist,'followiKg''^^^ cessfu! test of his'revolutionary'dlv- *--outfit here. The experiment wag supplied by tanks inside the suit. The outfit is- n-.ado' of. cast ma'h- saness bronze covered with sheet c h r o m i u m steel, w e i g h s 1,100 .pounds sad is placed in the water .with th@ aid of a. marine derrick. Designed, jntj feoilt by Cspiais Xon) Connolly, it has been, tested to With;. Hostessed by cadets _ and faculty | stin'4 water pressure at 2,000 fssi, members of the Admiral JSarragut , His djying.sviit, unencumbered by airhose and requiring no o.Utside h'e"lp'"6t'her~Than assistance into and out of the water, is aired with a EonibTnatlo'a '6£"Ketlum and oxygen. We 'diver states'," aniT jn unofficial " ' ' tcsts"ha a depth "of 671'lffetrwhlcfi is ZlCTfeet d.«Pertfcan the offiqinl wuitrecofit. Von Baumann claims the. heliunf- oxygen mixture permits the diver to remain .under water longer than with former methods and enables him to return "to th'e siiffate'Wiftiltt a matter"dr minutes, instead''ol hours, without danger of contract- ·ing--bends, dread -divers' ailment caused by .loo sudden -release *f the oxygen forced into the blood by under-sea pressure, "" Medjcal-and aviation experts are .experimenting to detenpit\e value of the mixture at stratospheric'alti- tudcs .as an added- saXety measure for airplane p'sssenpera. Von Baumann, a native of Georgia, pians to launch iia treasure ·hunt Utq. th;p aumme.r. Teacher Fired While Hi To Be Reinstated Pennsville PITTSBURGH, Mar. 24--State ^upreme Court ordered reinstatement of a Crawford county school teacher who 'was dismissed by the West Mead Township School Board alter an""absencj from school because of illness. The ruling sustained the decision of a Crawford courtly' court which directed directors to enter into a contract with Belle Schaffer who became ill February 6, 1937. Later that month the board notified her of termination of her contract at the end of the year. The court held she was under contract when the Teacher Tenure Act was adopted and therefore entitled to her contract. Actress Has Most "Oomph." HOLLYWOOD, Mar. 24.--Twenty- five men from the professions, the arts, society, the theatre and the movies honored Ann Sheridan, red- haired cinema beauty, as the girl with the most "oomph" of any in these United States. Runner-up was blonde Alice Faye. PENNSVILLE, Mar. 24.--Kenneth Swartz'of Connellsville was aTe'riruf- ville caller Saturday "evening. Mrs. Nina Solomon,' 'Miss Ann Highbergei' and Francis Highberger attended'a birthday 'dinner'"Sunday at the tome, of Mrs. Solomon's daughter, Mrs. Charles Myers, at Hunker. During the past week Miss Ada Latiiriec- has been coh'fih.ecr'at Tier home by illness. Mrs. Nina Solomon visited her daughter, Miss June Highberger, Friday, at Dry Hill, near Broad Ford. Lloyd Winkler is visiting his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Fischer of K«w York. He was accompanied by Melvijj Morley of Hill Side. Rev, W. J. Eichey at the Fayette .Charse, .United Brethren Church was a caller Monday afternoon at the home of Miss Sue Means. Mrs,' Jasper Sprinkle spent Monday visiting Scotldale friends. Fix Wedding Dae. NEW YORK, Mar. 24.--Billy Rose, showman, and Eleanor Holm Jarrett, swimming star, said they would be married September 19, -l£l,OaQ Given Jobs. ' Secretary of Labor Perkins reported. WASHINGTON', Mar. 24.--For the! The number of jobs filled last month fourth consecutive month, the num- ser of jobs filled in February surpassed the level of the previous year, totaled,054 and was a gain of pates tor 1940 Farm Show. HARRISBUHG, Mar. ' 24.--The 1940 Pennsylvania Farm Show will one-third over comparable period I be held January.' 15 to 19, the Farm last year. * ~ Show Commission announced. Sfewarl $. Townsend West Newfon Principal Stewart S. Townsend, a member of the West Newton High. School faculty lor the past six years and also football and basketball coach, has been elected principal of the high school by the West Newton Board of Education. Townsend succeeds C, E. Mullin who has been named assistant to the supervising principal. He is a former resident of Perry township. Factory Payrolls Bise. HARRISBURG, Mar. 24.--Factory employment and payrolls in. 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