Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 24, 1975 · Page 152
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 152

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 24, 1975
Page 152
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Page 152 article text (OCR)

Adverfisemen/ AdverfistfMnr Advcriiiemtnf Cher's Horoscope predicted shinny little girl in rags was destined for riches! S By Tom Kennedy he sang for her supper in those early years. Today Cher owns over a thousand gowns, 500 pairs of shoes and at her breakup with Sonny, she was given an allowance of $25,000 a week! Astrologers looking at Cher's chart knew this would happen. Why? They saw the favorable Pluto sextile Venus which indicates a rise to prosperity. In addition, Jupiter in her 5th house pre 1 dieted luck through romance. This came about through 'Sonny \*ho molded her career, pushed her to stardom. Though divorced, she and Sonny remain good friends and Jupiter's luck will keep her in lovers. Recently, she's had sizzling romances with recording executive, David Geffen, and rock superstar, Gregg Allman. As a newly married 17 year old just embarking on her career, Cher had a dream. Often she would insist that Sonny drive her past Tony Curtis's 31 room mansion. She'd say, "God,Son, I-want to live there." Unbelievably, she lives in that mansion today. Saturn's placement in her chart made Cher shrewd and ambitious and able to make her dreams come true. Another interesting placement in Cher's chart is Neptune in Libra in the 7th house. People with this Neptune placement are far out and kooky; part of the flower child generation. And while dox event in his life would catapult him to success and fame. What could be more bizarre than posing nude - on a fur rug - in a leading woman's magazine? But his Cosmo venture was that bit of magic that made him over $1,000,000 to date! Frank Sinatra's horoscope uses such adjectives as: wild, lucky, outspoken, impulsive, restless and independent. (Typical of Jupiter's influence.) you. But remember your free will can override events in your life, if you put your mind to it. In Cher's case, she wisely chose to let fate run its course. As you've seen* from the examples I've given you, some of the most famous people used their horoscope to featuring PRESENTED BY THE AMERICAN ASTROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION "Th« Nation's Largest Astrological Society" These characteristics plus an exceptional talent, reach success; but in other cases ignor- drove him to success. The same aspects that made him a star went to work again and lured him out of retirement. On the other hand, the movement of the planets and the timing of his trip to Australia were in conflict. Despite astrological warnings against traveling into the Tropic of Capricorn, Frank went to Australia where he encountered some real problems and nearly did not get out of that country. Your horoscope can bring you love, romance and improve -your life. Ann Margret's Venus placement indicates a deep and abiding capacity for love. Her horoscope predicted her marriage in 1967 to Roger Smith. At that time she was a naive, young starlet with a need for stability in her life. She credits her husband with changing her life by giving her the confidence she needed to attain success as well as great happiness. Your horoscope can help you stay in good health. The Miami Herald printed a story of Mary ed it and faced problems. There are thousands of different ways to achieve wealth, love, success and happiness. A good example is Euell Gibbons, the naturalist, whose interest is plants. He has published several books and appeared on the Johnny Carson Show. Many people consider him odd. But his career has brought him happiness and wealth. Each and everyone of us is good at something no matter how odo one's talents may seem to others. Your horoscope will tell you what you're good at. So why beat your brains out on an area that you're not talented in, when an equal amount of time spent on something you're good at would put you much further ahead. Not only will you get ahead, but you'll be re/~n i_ r i · i , . « - , . i i v u i n i . i i i v jTiiuiiu iibltliu ulllllt-U d »IU1 ¥ Ul.l'lCUY mill r u u t^L ailCilU, U U l Y U U 1 1 UC 117" Cher may be a fashion plate today, it wasnt too Kdly who was schedu , ed - f an y Qn hfir bxed and h ^ ^, long ago that she was a barefoot, jean-clad hippy- ,.,, ._ ,, M . v _ . the -,,;=,,;. shp ^ nsnltpH Your hnrn«TM, «ill...sTM.vTM ,,,, long ago that she was a barefoot, jean-clad hippy type. And even decked out in her $5,000 creations, she's far from everyday and ordinary. ASTROLOGY AFFECTS US ALL Cher Bono is not the only person affected by astrology. Because you were born, you yourself have a unique natal horoscope, different from all others. I'll show you what it can mean to you by using celebrities for my examples. Your natal horoscope can help you discover your hidden talents and give you the confidence to use them. If you have the notion that you're too old to begin a new career or develop a talent, remember that Phyllis Diller was almost 40 when she began her career in comedy. Her Cancerian sign carries a strong maternal instinct which probably kept her in the home while her children were growing up. But the success spelled out in her horoscope and the touch of Moon madness in her nature urged her on to stardom. Your horoscope can advance your career and bring you wealth. The natal chart of Buit Reynolds is as unusual as he. It said that an unortho- legs on a Monday. In.themeanKmg sh£ t . her astrologer who advised her to postpone the operation until Wednesday. It was later found that a blood clot was causing the trouble and had the operation been performed as scheduled, Mary would probably never have walked again. . THE TRUTH ABOUT ASTROLOGY How does your natal horoscope work? An astrologer will chart the positions of the sun, moon, and eight planets as they appear above your place of birth at your exact time of, birth. The placements and angular relationships of these bodies make up your natal chart. This means that someone born at the exact time as you, but in a different city, will have a different chart. The written interpretation arid analysis of your Your horoscope will give you an in depth analysis of your personality. It will,point out your strengths and show you how to utilize them. It will also discuss your weaker areas, and ·allow-you to compensate .for them. Because your natal horoscope is such a sophisticated analysis of your, personality, it will probe your subconscious mind and/seek out your hidden talents. These are the areas where you thought you had talent (writing, E.S.P., sex appeal, public relations, athletics,; etc.) but were afraid to try. If you've been waiting for someone to give you a Uttle push, ; let your hdrsocope be that someone. It will give you the; confidence to start using your hidden talents. Summed up, yoiir natal horoscope will discuss your personality, loveiife, career, finances, As a child, Cher wasso poor she even spent time in a home for the needy. You won't know the real truth behind her rags to riches rise until you've read about her horoscope. natal chart is called your natal horoscope. Astro- and health. It wiU help ;ybu understand and ac- logy is not fortune telling and your horoscope" cept yourselfTor what you are. itiwill then show doesnotcause things to happen to you. Your ho- you where your talents lie and set; you on a roscope analyses your personality, and then tells course of self-improvement, self-fulfillment,.and you what things are most likely to happen to true happiness. .' - 1" . As the old saying goes, "You only live once." Will you miss your success opportunities? Will; you stumble into pitfalls you could have avoided, like Frank Sinatra did? Don't you owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to seize every precious moment of your life and make the best of it. Why not give^ yourself every advantage with the added edge of your personal natal horoscope. . . ; . . . . . ' . . For a limited time, during .this special research project, you can get your, personal natal horoscope for only a copying cost, r You get the expensive casting and analyzing, process - FREE. And you can use your horoscope for a full year on an absolutely no risk guarantee. The article below will tell you how to order your horoscope. For your own sake, please don't pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity. 01975 Limited Time Only Research Project How to get your Personal Natal HorosaiR for only a copyino cost By John F. Ford Send me your exact time and place of birth. Ill cast and analyze your natal horoscope for research purposes. You may have a duplicate copy of your horoscope for only $3.00 to cover the cost to make your copy plus 50£ postage and handling. You get the expensive casting and analyzing process FREE - because of the fact we must produce your horoscope for research anyhow. Your natal horoscope will consist of 9 pages, and 3,000 words and will provide you all of the following benefits: (Note: This is our new improved horoscope.) % Your horoscope will help you understand and accept yourself. It will analyze your personality and explain your strengths and talents in detail. It will also point out your shortcomings and advise you on how to improve. · Everyone of us has hidden talents just waiting to be tapped. Your horoscope will discuss your hidden talents (sex appeal, E.S.P., writing, athletics, public relations, etc.) and show you how to cash in on them. · Your horoscope will give you an indepth analysis of your love life. Personally tailored advice on how to enjoy a more fulfilling sex life will be offered. You 11 be told who you're compatible with and why and shown how to find romance. Once you find it, your horo- scope will help you keep it burning hot. · Your horoscope will instill confidence in you by showing you what you're good at. It will place you in the proper frame of mind to begin a program of all around self-improvement. · The types of jobs and careers that you aie best suited for will be listed. You'll be told which careers will bring you success and happiness and which jobs to avoid. · Your financial future will be covered. Your attitude towards money and the best ways for you to make money will be discussed. · Areas of your body which may pose health problems are pointed out. Tips on dieting are also offered. · Your marital and family relationships arc analyzed with emphasis on getting along with your mate, your children and your relatives. There's no need to worry about finding out about an unavoidable coming disaster through your chart. As mentioned, astrology deals in potentials. Your free will can override potentials if you know about them. In any case, the policy of qualified astrologers is positive astrology. If there is something negative in your chart, you are told what you can do to make it positive. When casting your horoscope, we conform to the strictest scientific principles, First the longitude and latitude of your place of birth will be charted down to the hundredth of a degree. Then any time changes due to World War II will be taken into consideration. Finally your longitude and latitude and exact time of birth will be key punched into pur gigantic IBM 370 computer, which contains over 24 million bits of authenticated astrological information. No two horoscopes produced by our computer are ever alike. Your horoscope will carry your name on every page and will be cast from your exact time and place of birth for you and you alone. So you can be sure that your horoscope will not be the worthless type found in paperbacks. A similar horoscope could cost up to $250 if done by an astrologer.' But THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO CATCH to this offer. I need this . information for my astrological research. I'm looking for certain planet configurations from the people who mail in birth information. (People who fit this group can receive extra bonuses by filling out a research questionnaire.) This research project has appeared in BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS, PARADE, FAMILY WEEKLY, SUNDAY MAGAZINE, LADY'S HOME JOURNAL, REDBOOK, McCALLS, WOMAN'S DAY, and other publications. The response has been tremendous with over 500.000 people now enjoying their natal horoscope. But that's what's so frustrating. We may never be able to run this article again. Inflation has pushed our computer, advertising, postage, and printing costs almost to the point of no return. So for a limited time, we're gathering all the names we possibly can to finish our research project. If you'd like to help us with our research and take advantage of this special offer by ordering natal horoscopes for yourself, for your family or your friends, simply do this: Send me the name, address, time, date, month, year and place of birth for each person on a piece of paper along with the S3.00 copying cost and 50£ postage for each horoscope. (If you don't know your exact time of birth well use 12:00 noon.) If you have Master Charge, Bank Americarj^ or American Express, you may charge your purchase by sending the following information: A. Name of your credit card B. Credit card number C. Card expiration date. Mail your orders to the AMERICAN ASTROLOGICAL ASSOCIAT10N,-Research Division, Dept. E-7, 401 Market Ave., N.. Canton, Ohio 44702. Your natal horoscope is covered by a one year - 365 day - full money back pia^n^ If you have any questions, call me, John F. Ford, President, the American Astrological Association. Telephone me at (216) 455-] 399 To avoid disappointment, why not order your horoscope right now, before you forget. Thanks. i La w. i'i

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