The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 20, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1918
Page 1
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ConnelkvflleY Biggest and Best 'Newspaper. Sworn ··'··Average Daily Circulation Last Week 6,714 VPL. 16, NO. 214. co^^srerLLsyrL^iB, PA, SATURDAY EVENiNGf JULY. 20,1918. EIGHT PAGES. pi-MARNE DRIVE CONTINUING WITH UNABATED FURY; I CONNELLSVILLE BOYS PARTICIPATING IN THE BATTLE BOARD 2 CALLS 144 YOUNG MEN I FORNEXTWEEK Pint Are Sv j. Be Examined on f Wednesday dTo 1 REGISTRANTS Testi-Tor, TH»efM For Serrfce to Be 'Given at IILOJUEB XK ..-,: ... . . . - _ . ;OK ftfct ·in* W*rk Draft ·f '.the £npallninc Will '-Bare':F«fc : Siwil Itat !·· vTWefc to DMWT Amy QMtes. Leeal Board for District No. 2 ba* ·imoiMd'.'M* yonng- men of the »j« of IMS-who have been placed Clui 1 to! ippWr n«t WtJse«day, ilirtdaj- and Friday for physical ex- li'mation. The men will all report f *.'ij|e AniiMJv · · · · / · · ' · · · V · ":' ,.'· On W*dn*tday. 6S men will be «- a«iri«d a*d on Thuridajr-M bare been a flled. On Friday 11 colored men 1 jll be examined. . , - · Tollowinj are the names of the reg- l|ir»tt called: . . ^Called for elimination July 24: Carroll L. Flanijan. ·Frank C. Hall. iCfcirle*; SI. Habrot: JUyraond K. Riugtr. . f G«orge L: tuekey. · f iHM*T R. Reams. Albert F. Whaley. w~«. wud*i. / '·· Steel*. i'-Clar»nce M. McMlllen. pames M. Rldeway. r£Jranci» A. Jack, t CharlM 11. Penn. vjrarrMs. SlieUenberser. .;ijolim A. Tadeski. -jlHward Gpglln. ·f6«erir« J. "Mi3n»bh. *§t«ven M; itanko. . ^Leslie E.' Junk. ."·Clark M-';i«sig. · : /Frank TlKraia» TOilczak. :|Hobart M^Patricfc. "' ' IXugena M:, Tippmann. JohnJCottom. ~_. ·|JBh» Carr Sheetz. . -Waller.' : . . .. . ; ;BoDart-.G:-Fisher.: ----- . / , ; Jaroes A. Shaw!' "iiuncelot A. lint. : ::.Cllfton Breakiron. -- : ,iCJTO» S. Crnbaufh. " ("William 'Peter Tanr.- Claytoa S. Grimm. - ;J*m»« -William Monoeky. ;a«m«» J. Grady. .' "Francla Joseph McCashin. · "J«k» H.'Bi.Her. |lten G»a«bedt. Shiadledecker. .. WUliam lT..Bass!nger. .·B««»er,J. Breakiroa. ." " iAe^uilla Bay Lumbtrt. Walter C. -Knopsnider. Chohfe Arthur Hyatt*. WlHioin Worry. TI»lert P. WaHiee! '·' ·' ' feorge P.^Btttncr. .; ·iniUan J. King. Jiebtrt A. Mullaney.. ·obtrt Htory Bates. Jlarl Uoyd Cottom'. . - iudore L. Horewiw, ·IwBts.Av Riley. :' .' :" .- - - -j|ehi Francis -Murray. · Arnold Eeddinx. '" __ "" ' CSalltd for exainHaUon July 25: Willianj E. LoweryJ TIlHam MeCntcheon. . ... . . . . ,, - 3bba 'Robert DeTemple. ..... iJilm D. Butler. ' lS»v« Joseph Branick. £l?yd Keneer. . Hirry.M.. Enimal;. ._ ; . . · : : · liiiyernon Frelir Mtri'.is. '...' 'F^-snk CHSon! 'Dnnkle. . John Alfred Hartz. -Jajseph' Miller.-- " ' · · Walter li- Rlggins.'; Diaries 'W; Lohr. . |t»rmond Ccnley. . nthony j. Bartholoma}. en Newcomer, itajtio Corratfo, M, \ a - R.'ston. lc'vbr-: r- v -Case Two.j mm BY A MAD DOG THEN KILLED UlgTOALFALL BvDskln Township Man Said .-\ to. Haye PremoBltioE of Death. WAS PUNISHING CANINE Workman at Flat at Crots -Roads ~!K»P«; Smittield WM Glvw IB Bnui» of'last ot. Ton Caafkt TJ«4er Great Jfess o( Debris, A.week ago yesterday Jonas Fonsrt, HUNDRED THOUSAND CROWN PRINCES'S RESERVES BEING MOWN INTO STRUGGLE Gained supposed to have been suffering from rabies. Thehead o£ toe antoal had been ient away for examination and Mr. : Fonst was taking treatment Yesterday afternopB. all his worries over tbe posilblc ".Tesults of'the. wounda were ended when he was caught under a-fall of coal in the heading of the mine of W. E. Jlier at Crosa Roads and killed inatantly. · WltSout warning tke-rooC, reinforced By two feet of coal; · came down. ·· Foostv who~ was driver, · started;.to run. David Knpp- anjder, working.-a« a. .miner, eicaped. The body was taken to Zimmerman'! morgue at Mount .Pleasant and later to hii home at Cross Hoads. The dog which bt Mr. Foust was less than a year old. It had firat bitten a delivery boy. The owner, was : in the act of; chastising; it ^ for this when it bit him on the foot and again on the hand; Alter beinB tied up the animal acted strangely and again bit Mr. Foiiit. Jhl» time in the. hip. Mr. Fooit went to tee a: physician and .while he was absent the canine escaped and latarted toward Pennsrille. · It was said to have bitten » dog and a hog owned by John.'J. Wchey., Samuel Kriry ot Peiinsville killed it" and bar; led it- This week the head was re- 1 covered and sent to Philadelphia for examination. It is said Mr.- Foust :had a premonition that he would not live.long. ' · Mr. Foust leaves an invalid wife, helpless from pmrmlTsis, and several children. His son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Roiensteel, live at the home at Cross Roads. Other children-are Mrs. John Rosensteel of Pennsville, Mrs. Sleiisman of Gilmore's Mill and a son at Smithton, Atnericans Have Been Able to Strongly Fortify Newly Positions; Paris Paper-Says Enemy Advance Toward Paris Has Been Frustrated and That Whole Supreme Drive Has Gone for Naught. AMERICANS FIND GROUND STREWN WITH GERMAN DEAD FOUBTH BODY RECOVER" rSOK SXITHFIELD 3ONX At 10 - this' morning the fourth and last body was recovered from the mine, of Brickman Porter at Smiths field where ~a cave-in occurred ThurSr day... -Albert;Collins was. the last recovered. This position of the body Indicated that Collins was running when crushed down. The bodies of George Epley and Arthur Conn were; found yesterday; afternoon; That of Jame» Jones .had.previously been recovered. iBpleyJs watch was still ruhning-.rat correct time when :th e resellers came upon Us .body. . .. . .. ; It was,said today that the mine, operated by 'William Brickman and Henry-JL. Porter of Gonnellsvflle, will be- abandnnod. It would have been workied out In two weeks, it waastJrt- ed^ and the amount.of ; . involved :in clearing the "debris 'would not .be justified for^the removal of the raall amount' bX^coaf remaining. - -: . · ' By Associated Preea. . . . ' DRIVING GERMANS BACK ALONG MARNE. WIH THE FRENCH ARMY IN FRANCE, July 20.--11 A. M.-- THIRD'S MAJOR IS FELLOW COMPANY G TAFT DEMANDS G.O. P. CONGRESS BOYS ALL ADMIRE TO AID WILSON Our Major, They Style Him; He Beads the TTar Sews to Them. " LOCAL TROOPS ON GUARD Corporal Moore Jn Charge of Sqnad for 21-Hour Period; Men at Camp Stewart Hare Time for Recreation and Dance Pavilion Lures Allied troops today are driving back the Germans on the southern bank of the river Marne and are now approaching the river embankment. LINES DRAW ABOUT SOISSONS. LONDON, July 20.--French troops on the Soissons front have extended their advance south of Soissons. * The number of GermaH prisoners taken in the Franco-American offensive now has reached 18,800. WASHINGTON, July 20.--Official reports to the War Department, General March told newspaper men today at the weekly conference, showed a maximum penetration by the Franco-American counter attack of 10 miles and an average penetration of seven miles on a 22 mile front. The attack still is being pressed, he said, against heavy German re- The American troops engaged on tliis ^front are the first, second, 5jand e= 26th, New England, and 28th, During his interview General March dis- By Corporal Jam«s A. X/ist. CAMP- THOMAS J. STEWART, Mount Gretna; Pa,, July 16. (Delayed.)--Our first work after mess this morning was setting up exercises and these put the men on their tip-toes for the .rest of the day. The exercises are taught under e new system, the same as is used in the United States Army. It is preparatory to the bayonet drill which will be given later in the week. Regimental and battalion drill filled in the remainder of the Call is Sounded at Unofficial New York Convention WILSON HAS ELOQUENCE But He Lacks in Practice, Says Predecessor of Chief Executive. ASKS FOR 5,000,000 ARMY m is the Time to Raise Hngre Force to rfln the Var With All Possible Speed, Declares the Former Presfc dent; Criticizes Uie Administration. By AsHociated Press. | SARATOGA, N. f., July. 20.--A call joy William Howard Taft to the serves. third and fourtli^jxgul morning. In one of the movements nearby woods and we were puzzled to j ^ fl 6timulate th know what was coming next. When , »,,·.,.,.._. ,,_ ,, . we reached the woods we heard the fTM?!?TM 4 '. by , h ° tfe / InE commandE: "Half and "Rest," and : c " tlclsm Ol *« »«TM we were all allowed to stretch out in the shade. The major alao brought down a morning paper and read the news. Needless to say the battalion, to a man, thinks "our mGjor" is the finest on the grounds. For mess tonight we had lamb chops, stewed tomatoes, mashed potatoes, lemonade and watermelon. The adjutant was Captain Stdne's guest and he had very complimentary remarks to make about the. "feed." The men agree with him. We simply live "for the:.mess calls.. s ac- Uoa and inaction and, by legislation, enlarge the nation's military preparations, was issued by the former £ TCSi M nt ' *TMTMTMTMS the unofficial n state """ention .hers Reiterating his advocacy of an army of 5,000,000 men. Mr. Taft told the delegates that now is the time to raise the great forces needed to win the war. With a Democratic Congress, waiting the President's lead, rather than co-ordinating with the- eiecutive, he" said, this will not be ac- Last night'was guard for Company | TM mp ' iBhed wlth . the PTM»Pt=ess _.vt-i.' . ,-L_J .,._ ,_._.._ ,1 [Which is imperative. Pennsylvania, National Guard. closed the fact that the embarkation of American troops has passed the 1,200,000 mark. v · The war department has no advices that the city of Soissons has fallen but it is known to be under a heavy fire from American artillery and its falli seems evident. BOCHES FLEEING ACROSS MARNE. LONDON^ July 20.-- The Germans on the front south of the Marne have suffered a repulse by the French and are retreating northward across the river, Reuters correspondent at headquarters telegraphed this afternoon. PARIS, July 20.-- French and American troops are continuing their jG, which furnished the privates in charge of Corporal Moore. The duration of the guard is 24 hours. Dances are being held every evening at the park pavilion and Company is well represented. Captain Stone has secured the men special leave tonight and all are looking forward to a good time. Sergeant Krepps says this is a very dry camp--nothing but lake water. Captain Stone and Lieutenant Buttermore have received their new uniforms and were out ou review with j them. · Corporals Moore, Springer, Kessler '. and List motored ovc-r to Lebanon last night to take in the sights. They landed in .camp with five minutes to . spare but saved their stripes. j Sergeant Sellers is a. popular man | Wliile conceding the masterful ability of the President in stating the country's aims in the war, Mr. Taft asserted that the administration has not had the same success in former practical war-like policies. He criti- cised also the tendency of the administration "to. allow party considerations too much sway in its appointments to important tasks," and declared that "politics has not been adjourned," as indicated by what he termed presidential interference in the part}- affairs of Wisconsin and Michigan. 20 IN BICYCLE CONTEST Eleven Boys. ,\ino Girls Compete for advance between the Aisne and the Marne, according to an official s tate-l in cafilp tORisht - He set u p i l i e water - ( -' )mf « rt Branch 'Machines. -- ·· · · . . . . . . melon for mess this evening. | Eleven boys and nine girls have en- Tviusician "Paine is leaving camp to- tered the bicycle contest which is SURVIVORS LANDED · S«b»arl»- Wbkli S«.t tlw San i to tie Bottom Kot.Seei .NEW YORK, Jnly-20.--'All the: survivors-of the .cruiser San Diego, said j t o number over 1,100, nave arrived in 'New York. They were brought in dnrin^ tb« -night on rescuing ships from' .the scene;, of the- destruction rot the cruiser, which _was. sunk yester-r day oft Fire Island, Just east of .New · - · · -" According to .the commander of one of the retelling ships which brought 'Sin-some 5*0 ol the -crew, -the -»ur- "vivors-^ere' of the -opinion that- the| San Diego was torpedoed. - '! : WASHINGTON, - J u l y 20.--Captain :H. H. Christy, commander of the ; armored cruiser San.,Diegp, sunk ment, issued by the war of f ice today. South of the Marne the French have thrown back the enemy between Fossoy and Oeuilly and have retaken ground toward the Marne. The Allied advance has reached the line of Vierzy, beyond the wood of Mauloy, east of Villers Helon and Oeuilly St. 'Front The statement follows: "Yesterday and last night French and American troops continued their advance over the greater part of the front between the Aisne and the Marne morrow for Conncllsville on furlough. "Sergeant" Sellers is now Lieutenant Sellers. He received his "commission as second lieutenant yesterday. The men think the Conuclsvillc people will be glad to hear this. 502 SENT TO CAMP ing conducted by the Charleston Comforts branch of the Navy League. The contestants and 'the number of votes 'Vierzy has been reached and the troops have gone beyond Mauloy woods ea«tofViUers"Helon and conquered Oeiiilly : St. : i Front and Licy-Clignon. they have received up lo the present time are as follows: Boys--Louis Penn, 3.000; Thomas Howard, 4.140; Howard Pore, 4,450; Andrew Coastantme, 4,140; Walker Brown, 4,151; Joseph Caretti, 1,000; Compilntion Shews 4S5 L o u ! s Cohen ' 1 ' 000: James" Johnson; 4,312; Robert Artis, 4,5-17.; Harry Marcus. 4.565; Harry. Humphries, 3,357. Girls--Marie Donnadio, 7.0SO; Mary Mascia, 8,16li; Mabel Jones. .6J377; Irene. Michael, 1,000; -S:argarei O'Hara, 1,000; Edyth Cohen, 1,000;. Cy-. rilla Welsh, 1,000; Mildred Richter. 1,000; Tillie Kinsbursky. 1,000. "South of the Marne our tirbdps have driven back the Germans between Mossoy and Oeuilly and have gained ground towards the Marne;' ; HUN^ MARNE OFFENSIVE FALLS FLAT PARIS, July 20:--The Germans have been forced to bring up 100,000|^ reserves to Ae army of the German Grown Prince as a result of yesterday's fighting and the French and Americans, after fluctuations, have been enabled to strongly fortify the newly gained positions southeast : of Soissons, says Marcel Hutin in me Echo d e P a r i s . y M . Hutin adds that the enemy menace toward.the Paris region has been frustrated and that the 'efforts of the crown prince against Epernay, Mont Mirail and Rheims have gone for naught. . : ' ' ; : . _ . . . . . . . ^ ·· .·_·_·-...·_ '.-;.-''. ·- :--'j : ; -^--..;.... . - : . - . - - . - . . .-.-.. .· Board ' WiJtes, 17 Kcgroes in tlie Sen-ice. A report compiled by Local Board for District No.. 6 shows that since the registration of June 5, 1917, 502 drafted men have ca'led and inducted into the service of the United States. Of this number 4S5 are white men and 17 negroes. There are remaining in Class 1, ei- clusive of those who have been call|ed to "go to Camp Lee, Va., on Tuesday, 3'j white men and 26 colored. -When this number is exhausted regis- ants.-of the Class of 1918 will be in- cted. GKOUTO) STREWN WITH JEtKRMAS BEAD. WITH THE AMERICAJf ARMT BETWEEN THE AISNE AM) THE AOTASCE. GUAED LEAVES. ftly 19.--(Sight)--American troops participating In ithe rranc.o-American adyance late today of j abont a. mile' and a quarter on the-Chateaii-Thlerry-SoJssons front went forward against machine ' ' Boy Scouts -Will Go Into to Camp for Ten Days. The advance guard of tbe Boy Scouts left this morning for White j .Bridge.'to get .Camp Wiidwood into shape for the arrival of the main body which goes on Monday. Among those who weut with the advance guard were. Scouts Stafford, ! Melnick, Carpenter, Herwicte. McCHh- Friday, i tock,- Lambertson, Snyder; - Berkey, Mottershead, Cage, Bebauna, Alien, Clark. tcrday off Lons. Island, reported to IS"*"* over groandCoveredwith German deia. Under a Jwrnfee fire from 75s and 55s .Ameri- the Nayy Department today his belief |«M-.;lEf»Btrjr and machine gunners advanced through 'ripeninggrain fields trampled .by the re- that the ship .was" torpedoed, in state, treating Germans Thursday and'reached their b))iectiTe's, according to schedule despite the fire of i of the absence of any positive evi- Gerrrian machine cnns.^ T^ r . Suhler, Hoover, Ritenour and Tea Thletes Eob Garden. |dence..of the presence.of any enemy submarines. WASHINGTON, July 20.^-Eeports today showing that^ftve or sik min-s ^ were "destroyed" 7 " by. warships, in., the vicinity" last knight, strengthened the opinion of naval*an enemy suhrnarine was not responsible for the disaster. _ Hie Hirer Falls. I The Toujh rt\er fell durins the I nirr'ot from .75 : 'ffet dty.TOifeet- I'ieves operating on the -West Sid:- EJfD BASEBALL. Stnek .ly lightning. Miss Sybil Raybeck 23 years old an j operator for the Western Maryland Cleeland American Team Playing ~ " ' ' ""'" last Game Tomorrow. By Asaocia,t«d Prc'j CLEVELAND JUly- 20--President railroad, at! Ro'ckwood^ w.ho-was.. struck by lightning Tias been renwu ed to her home" at. Confluence.-.Miss Raybeck boarded at the home of 0 E Mull at James C Dunn of the Cleveland Rockwood and with the members of (American ieague club today sent the the family was seated at the table. I following message to Cleve.and frorn^ when a-bolt'Struck the attic'and.came Chicago: w down ;: the .stairway, "We will, play a double header with Philadelphia, tomorrow and will then close the ball part for "balance of season. .It is bur desire, to comply promptly with Secretary.Baker's ruling/on baseball! Cholera at:Mo*«6Tf. ·LONDON,-. Only ZtJ.^-Cbolere. has broken out at Moscow according to a Russia wireless message receiv ed tere 'today. robbed the garden of L. E. Winkler in Greenwood. Residents o.' ·that part of the city are aroused by these robberies and are on the watch for the thieves: -Any offenders caught will be persecuted; ; : Gets Check for $222. The Fayette. County- Chapter of the Red Cross has received a'check, for $222 from a committee'of the Order of Independent .Americans, representing the entire.proceeds ota picnic held at Hemmingers Stills on- July .Fourth. KAISER ON EGG Mount Pleasant H'oman Finds One Bearing True Image of Bill. MOUNT PLEASANT, July 20.--Mrs. Daniel Dullinger yesterday found in her chicken coop an egg with the reproduction of the Tcaiser's face and head on the egg. The face is on the very end of-the egg and shows, it is said, plainly his helmet, the long nose and pointed chin witi the peculiar ear that are 'characteristic of the kaiser. The egg was viewed by a large number of people yesterday and .some of the older residents who believe in signs thinlc this predicts the end ot the "kaiser at a very early date... ' . . Trainmen Recognize Slayer. Edward Brown the negro arrested here for the murder of Miss Alma Moline, at Versailles, was recognized on a Pittsburg Lake. Erie train enroute to this city by Conductor T\'. C. Durbin and Brakeman Robert Durbi-n and not by Deputy Sheriff Grimm of -Westmoreland county, according to a com- munica.tion to Th« Courier.' The trainmen stated. ' notified the officer), it i» Sesame tigbtless IfJghte. f ' Resumption of lightless nights, i guarated last "winter- to,, .save fuel, · fuel, will become effective nosday, it was announced lait .night ly the Fuel ActainistriOonl ; '/-.'? ' ' . . . '

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