The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 15, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE S LtLJjX UUUKU'JK, UUNNJUJULt VILiLtXi, FA,. SATURDAY, MARCH 15, 1930. 1f f P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N George A. Washington of Aliqulppa.! who has been rlriUng hla mother, Mrs. Charles T. 3Ue« of East Crawford avenue, returned to his horns to- , day. j Good Luck Tea Room, 23! South j Prospeot street, now open. (Hips read with toa. Bridge parties and ehil-, dren's parties a specialty.--Advertise- ment.--14mar-3t. Charles E. Lunnen of Beech street loft yesterday fr Richmond, Va., 1o ,visit his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Shields. Mlas Pearl Soisson, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Soisson of South Prospect street, Is spending the week-end w i t h her a u n t . Miss Sues Logan, at the lladden Hospital at Plttsbtifg. Miss Emma Grace Morris/a student nurse at the Columbia Hospital, Wit- liinsburg, will spend Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Morris, 209 Francis avenue. Misses Anna and Knthryn O'Connor, d a u g h t e r s of the late Mr. and 'Mrs. I Bernard O'Connor of the West Side, I n f t this m o r n i n g for New York lo reside. Mrs. J u l l u Cosset and family have moved f r o m Snyder street Into t h e O'Connor residence In N o r t h First s t r e e t , West. Side. Mrs. M. C. r-umpboll ot Wichita, , Kan., Is visiting at the home of Miss lOmma Van Swearingon of Unloutown. Mrs. Campbell. Is a daughter or the late J. B. and Mary Bryson, former residents ot Fayette ooun'.y. Mrs. II. K. \Viu-nock ot West Lei- suin'lng %va:« si I'n'.onUnvu visitor yesterday. Mrs. Anna E v a n s r e t u r n e d home today ' f r o m L'niontown where she was tin- guest of friends. Mrs. Clara B. Port of Lincoln avenue hns r e t u r n e d homo from Un'on- t o w n . w h e r e she wua the guest of her son-in-law and daughter. Mr.'and Mrs. Kussell Umbel. Mvs. Port assisted her d a u g h t e r at a b i r t h d a y party, at which he was hostess In honor of the an- n i v e r s a r y ot t'ue birth of her little laughter, Martha. Miss Huthellu Bixler of Bast Mur- nhy avenue is upending the week-end w i t h friends in Ptttaburg. Mr. and Mr*. W. R. Jones of Wllk- Insburg are suaar* of Mrs. Jones' parfMits, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome McCor- Aunt Het nv "I don't kno-A? w h i c h is worse for a child--a n a t u r a l Inclination to bo ornery, or grandparents." of West Fayette'ntreet. .Miss Hilda Mil* Ben-lord, daughter of Mr. and MM. S, T. Benford of Lincoln avenue. In able to be about after :in illness of three week*. French S., Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. French S. Durst of South Pitts'burg nreet, who has been ailing with .onsiUtls, Is considerably improved, lie is able to bo about the house. VANDERBILT STATE EDUCATIONAL FUND FOR TUITION EXPENSE Official notice of !he special emergency appropriation of .$!i,000 to the VanderbUt Board ov Education from the State Council of Education at Harrisburg wtis n eelved today by Secretary Bert S. A'oans. This money Is to !e applied to school tuition, It is mid. The- borough owes Dunbar Township School D'.t:- trict a large sum (.( money for high school tuition ami the f'5,000 is expected to considerably tighten tlio indebtedness of the V u n d e r b l l t district. It was practlciiHy assured that after July 1. 1931, the state appropriation to the V u n d e r b l l t School Board w l i ) be increased in the neighborhood of |7d\ This means that the- district each year will receive $700 more than the amount' allotted It m. the present time. This aid camo to the board after a hearing at HarriHb »rg ut which Avas presented the flnan-!al circumHtances Of the district. Secretary Means and Donald J. Patters. on attended the meeting aih! presented I ho plea. NEW PLANET MAY BE BILLION MILES BEYOND NEPTUNE By United Pi"bss, PLAGSTAFlf. Ariz., March 14.--Al- :lioii3h the «!ze of the planet discovered o u t s i d e the orbit of Neptune has net been determined. It Is believed it may be larger than Jupiter, the largest of t h e hitherto known mctn- !KTH of the so!nr syatem. It« distance from the sun is estl-1 mated at 4i to -IS times that of the j ·earth from Kht eun. The earth's dist a n c e f r o m the sun being 92,000,000 miles, 4 0 ' t i m e s as far would be three b l U i n n , six hundred eighty million miles. Tho estimated distance Of X u p t u n e from the sun la 2,760,000,000 miles, so that on this computation the nc\v plunu'. IH almost a billion miles ouisiue*tiie orbit ot Neptune. CHICAGO, March'15.--If human beings inliHblt the new. planet spinning i.Ooo.UOU.Wio miles away hi .apace, they ui-e hurdy folk because it probably Is w cold theft* that nitrogen would be a stolid and oxygen p. denude liquid. Such was the consensus amongChl- tiiso iiHlronwners today. They pointed out that tho newly discovered astral body receives only -one 2,000th as m u c h heat and sunlight as the earth, "We like to toy with the Idea that astronomers on the ntw foun^l planet may be peering ut us through telescope:-,," said 1'rof. G^eorge Van ISic-.brceck oJ! the Yerkos Observatory ;it Lake G e n e v a , VVis. "But if there i ; any form of lite there, we may be t.nro it is quite different than any on "Of course that does not mean conditions on tho distant planet will not change in the course of millions of years. Lil'o on the earth U comparatively new." MRS. MELV1N JORDAN DEAD AFTER STROKE Mrs. Molvia Jordan, 77 ''ears old, died Friday aight at her home near Mount Independence tollowlng a .stroke. Her husband died about two ycara ago AI Capone Leaves State Pen Monday By United Pre«s. PHILADELPHIA, March 15.--AI ('upone, Chicago racketeer king, will be released from the Eastern Peni- teptlary here next' Monday Afternoon and will lettv* tor the Windy City late t h a t day, according to a story. In the Philadelphia Hocovd today. Officials uMhe 'peuitetitiary would not say definitely when .VI will be given his free- doom. Beyond Buying; they would release him when anl if the necessary LONDON PAPER FLAYS CHANNEL TUNNEL PROJECT By tJniUd Frew. LONDON, March lo.-i-Tho proposed tunnel linking Bri ain and Prance under the English Channel would be an "Inexpensive hole In the ground," the London Times said editorially today, drastically flwylng tho project favored in thft majority report of tho channel committee'« economic council. "If war has boco'ne an anachronism so far has the tunnel, and ;to a far more demonstrable degree," the Tlmea eald. "To .most of 'is in these diiyn of swifter and simpler transportation, not including the ;itr llne«, it Bee,m« Incredible we should full back upon the primitive expedient of digging ex- p«ntilve holes In the ground, "There te no pr.»of that the t u n n e l wotild add to our comfort and prosperity, promote o u r . {reign trade or relieve the unemployment situation." Tho council's report yesterday favored the project, declaring it would increase trade and would bo no trouble to maintain. ; Lord Bbblslmni of the council, in a minority report, voiced the only dissenting opinion. He opposed the project, ansertiiig 1t would be a detriment to t,uch basic Industrie!) as agriculture and chipping. It wae estimated the tunnel for two- way traffic would cost about $25,000,000, in addition to more than $5,000,000 for an initial pilot tunnel. Blond Gungirl, Lover, at Trial These are tho latest photos of W. Glonii Dague, upper left, ai d Mrs. Jrena Schrocder, right, lakon at the woman's trial at f?aw Co* te, ^a. DasriKS Hweetheart-companlon ot the "blond gunwotnan" is to 1 e tried after Mrs. Behroedev's trlui. Judge l^awrep'.'o Hll-dftbi-and In «howi , lower Jo ft. Mrs. Schroeder and Glenn Dague Battled With Guns in St. Louis When Stopped by Officers Tl lere XK\V CASTLE, March 15.--William KioaBling, a St. L.OII(H, M)., policeman. and surprise witness Cor tho State in the trial of I rone St'lifoeder, charged with I h o murder of Corporal Brady Paul, Pennsylvania highway policeman, testified today that Irene arid W. C i l t n n Dague, her lover, attempted to shoot him on the streets oi St. JjOui» when be tried to hah their escape from New Castlo after Paul was slain. Klccsllng went on tho fttand and told a detailed story of a night (run battle with the fleolng pair. Hie coat, with three 'bulUit' htilea in it, WUH shown In evidence. "1 wan patrolling the streetu when I saw them In the bu.elnen.-j section," he said. "In headquarters at roll call I read the police bulletin that $3,400 reward was ottered Xor tho capture of Irene Schrooder, Cilerm Dague and Tom Crawford, That was at OVli. (Crawford is Irene's brother, wiio is Huid Ui have participated In u hold-up and tiubse-iuont «»ooting with Dagua ami Irene). A half hour later on I saw them. The ear was coming from tho west and 1 notice*! it. because it wan traveling slower than it Hhould, "I Haw someone was trying to coa- ceal -litmflelf In the car. They j)as«ed mo and 1 could not etop them but they seemod to anavver to tho l««crlptlon in tlw police bulletin. I decided if I saw them again I would stop them. "Then they passed ine a second time uml I commandeered a passing automobile- to overtake them When they were a'boui 10 feet awaj I blew my whistle, "When 1 ivalked olt*tr h'» «teppei out of the car tie 1 «aW, 'Ehidd. I wnt to quefltlon you.' Me pulled ?un and flred directly at my heart. . t wettt through my coat elet^ve, I grabTxwl him and locked his arm bol inl me. He wna going lown tut 1 Is gun clicked'behind mo twico. T ien t\^o more shotw rang out. Hot; tn«»e Hhots were I'rom ni« gun ai cl they went thirough the tail of my t mt. "Just as he wa,H going k\ H Irene stepped from the car with s^ g u n ' I n ' her hand. She sl.uc'k It, in tiy face and cunsed at me 'Come' on, I'll Mil you' she said. I shuCtled him betwfteri her an.d mj'Koll and reached for my gun. "Dague. reached over ami clicked me on the j a w , I VIM kni; kcd out and my gun taken from me. When I cumo to' they were DO feet tway. I pulled my oilua'. gun--1 car y two-and fired at then)." KiessHug then identified .hs gun stolen from him. He sttid lu had not seen it sinci it was taken. ·-· Prosecution uUorneya ann uncedAt tho compledoti ut leBtimoi y today they·· expected to finish Ui ir caae against Mi-n. _Schroeder ea-Iy next, week. Judge K. L. Hlldebraud sa d it was one of the most convpiete cas H he-had ever heard. He said no de ails had' been overlooked. · . . - - . STEEL MERGER IS IMPOSSIBLE EATON'S BELIEF Ry U n l i o d Pre'ss. YOUN'GSTOWN, Ohio, March 15.-Cyrus O. Eaton, the Cleveland financier, eald today t'aat a merger of tho Ifoungstown Sheet Tube Company and Bethlehem Steel Corporation wae impossible because the terms were not sufficient. The Cleveland*;;, who hoklti 20 por cent of the stock of the Youngs town company, arrived yenterday to direct the fight against ihe merger plan. "There will be no merger of Bethlehem and She«t Tuba," ho eaid. "Public sentiment )« against the merger. The terms are such that BtocU- 'hpklers, after they analyze them, will not be willing to accept them." The tenne referred, to are the offer of Bethlehem of one and onfl-third shares of atock ;n that company for each share of Sh-et Tube. Eaton aloo deniixl there- ia uny move to merge Sheet A; Tulie with the new Republic Stet-1 Company. Dr. A. .1. Clblxui.s Dr. A. J. Gibbons, 81 year» old, prominent physic ian of (JarmichuelB, died Wednesday ntght in the West Penn .Iloapltal, I'lttsburg. Us had beau a prafUcitn; physician at Cur- papern ar glgne^l by tho tfcey were non-committal. Tbe KerorJ said that Jack Ouzick, one of Capnue's business agents is .scheduled to arrive from Chicago today to mako all necessary arrangements for tho safe keeping of his chief hJx release. Governor i niluhaels for thi- last, 53 yeara. Mra. F. A. Cotfrrtth ut Kepublii; is a daughter; Besolti ! Sur»! Wlieo foil n*e Ads. in The Omily Courier, i* small, mmlts arc bi(. Th-o While Driving (iir. CUM-BEIlIjANJ', March IB.--Howard P. W«lmer of Meyer»dal«, Pa., wa« arrested luat niglit in Or.eon street, charged with operating a car -while under the In flu moo of liquor. Ilia companion, W. J, Modispp.w ot Meyersdale, was jailed on a charg« of being itvtoxiwiteri. MAURY GRAHAM MAY HAVE BEEN ROBBED AFTERPLANE CRASH By' United Press, IMS ANGEUSS.Maroh 15,--Western Air Kxpress ofllcials today decollated reports that the plane of':- Maury Graham, ulr mall pilort, was robbed after it crashed somewhere between Las Yogas, Nov., ainl Suit Lako City, Utah, on January 10. RE'/NO, Nev., March Ii3,--S'tln:tuittted by n.'porte that a $7G,'000 robbery had been committed 300 nven wore pteased into service, today ju a rtniewed search for Maury (Jra.iia.iri, jiaiswlng airplane airplane pilot, dmhain was lost January · 10; white, flying b^twoen Las Vegaa, N.ov., and Saill; Lake City, Utah. Toduy'tt 'renoweil hunt fdr th.e avia/ior got undez 1 way .attar'TM'att- thoritles expressed belief, that M)« plane carried $75,000 In ourrohcy and nearly $500,000 in securities-and that it hud been robbed after the. crash. POSSES SEEK BANDITS WHO SLEW OFFICER CJllflYRN'N'E WELI/S, Colo., March 15.--Posses with "shoot to'kill" orders palrplled tlje highways o£ two state-a today'in search of threes bank bandits w-ho bliue-d their .way ftcross aotith- eastsrn Colorado with guna late y'«s- terday, killing one peace oillcer.and. wounding three porsonn. After k i l l i n g Depti'ty Shfirift: Carl HicUimui and woniidinfe \V.: H, Moshei', courthouse om-ploye. in k liitched bnt- tlo at Kuds. Colo., the bandits' sped through tho town. . Near Cheyenne W-ells, 'sheriff Pun- can Coe and Town Marsha}' C!«oi-ge Holiing.shead, in charge of a posse-, were awaiting th«m. Traveling 60 miles an hour, the bandits' machine- passed the posse on ·IUS' Kansas-Colorado Highway, the bandits firing scores of shots with rifl-ss and revolvers. Coe and Hollinghead were v«und- erf. FALL HASTENS DEATH OF ROCKWOOD V^OMAN . . .Susan Meyers, 81 aare old, of Eoekwood, died Friday at the Johijjstowii Memorial Hospit il. About flvo ;woeks ago Hhe fell an suffered a fracture of her liip in tv o plac«8i Coihpllcatiojia developed, ca i sing -her doath. . She WUH a pntiont a the hospital for two AveohH. Mrs. MeyorB ; waa the v IdoW of Aaron .Meyers who died ibou't"; iSO yeacs ago. Five children A -ore bora to them, a: daughter, Anna Catherine .Schultz, and on son, Alb irt ' lioSB Meyers, passing away sotttb time ago, Three / ohllclren eWvlvl ijj ure: Ohiirlovs- p. Moyers; Opn lellavllle; John Meyers, Alberta, Can vela, and Dmfid Meyisrs, at home. Sbj was the moiihw-in-luw'of Mrs; W. 3 Curtis of Patterson avenue. There are nine grandchildren and three gr ittt-girand- chllldreni ^. \, " : , Mrs.. Meyers, whose mai lan name was? _ Snyder, was a lli'elon ;· residaut of Jftockwood. Kiuieral, ai'raugemenis have completfd. PETRON1US MAY qONTINUESLEEPj m^ BOOK OK A YED ,By--Vnliei\ Press. .C'lltCACJO, March lp.- Eetro'nin's, the .Rohittn.; dim ffeSt easy ii the grave he .has ocfapled'these,l,80i years for a v Chicago judge lias i-nled ' his writings are- not obsc'cme. Policeman ,Tohn "Kratzt l e y e r ; was the complainant. He naked for a/ booh by "Pete Hrrohootis" in th bookBhip of' .Torrold Ned'wltjk ani got; tlio "Satyricqn." Then Nedwi k. was arrested for purveying imm-.ral'litqrti- turo, 011 tha policeman's 'barge the book was,"dirty." Judge Freeman Fairban : declared "only a perverted mind cousd discover obscenity in this book." Looking for Bargra! as ! It so, read th« adv«rUsd ig colunuu of TiM Daily Courier. T3JJU 1X1 iJ-L-l T HE canieHt thing to find IB fnuli, and the hardest t h i n g to Iteep is still. CHAS CMrrcHEL t:A - 119 SPirtsbur^St- CONMITLSVILL^ PA. Funeral Director Who Employ* No Agents or Solicitor** AUTO REPAIR A QiJICK SERVIC It's speed and efficiency you want when something goes wrong .with your motor. That's why most wise drivers prefer to ]et us do the job. They know they can rely on our ^promises«- your car Is always ready when you expect it -- and. it's a liner, smoother, more economical piece of workmanship. Remember Baker's Garage for all auto service. Baker s Garage Phone 1394 Where the" Western. Maryland Crosses the Pennsylrnnln. South 7th Street, Fa. FIRE INSURANCE Protecting Your property Not only gives ; Peace of mind But goes Far in Establishing And Maintaining Your credit. FAYETTE REALTY CO, T. D; Gardner, Manager. 20 Years Insurance · Kxpcrienoe. Sellers Arcade, A Happy Thought * " . I will place AVTOMOB1LE with B. M. Swartzwelder 'Phone 91, 711 Blnckstone E, FA. Rtpreienling Pennsylvania Indemnity Corporation A Stock Comp«nr ; Use Our Clauilied Ads. Notice To Taxpayers BUSINESS METHODS APPLIED IN MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT. Act No. 541 of the General -Assembly of Pennsylvania has been interpreted to me«n that Collectors of Taxes must settle their Tax Duplicate on the flrtrt Monday of May, This means that all occupation and per capita tax must be collected before that time. If Such taxes are not paid the collector must secure payment of same ny sale ot chatties and personal property of the tiixables. This law is not unreasonable. If you do not pay your rent or other debts, your effects will be sold to secure their paj nieut; if you have gas, wate?, electric or telephone service they will each and all be discontinued If bills are not paid on or before a certain date. The Municipality expects the name promptness in the payment of taxes. Unless all taxes are paid promptly so that Collectors can settle their Duplicates on the first Monday of May, you may expect your per* sonal'property (o be sold to secure settlement of same. April 15th, 1980, ils the final date to pay your 1929 taxes. This will enable your collector to compile reports which am required by law in the settlement of duplicates. Between April 15th and 22nd It will be necessary for your Collector to resort to the law In the collection of alX unpaid taxes. Pay your taxes before April 15th and avoid additional Costs. ; Fayette County Tax Collectors Association 'SAFE-CONSERVATIVE j STRONG 14 We Take the Time Necessary to give our customers the kind of cooperation that assures them of fullest consideration of thejr individual banking problems. At the Second National Bank we have been growing with Connelisvllle since 1880, and we invite you to use our complete facilities and services and grow with us. Resource* Exceeding $3,300,090.00 [OLDEST BANK IN CONHEU.SVILLE SECOND NATIONAL IAN IK Denotes Character Everyone knows that the thrifty man is financially sound -- the fact that he can save, denotes character. Your account is invited. 4% Interest ott Accounts. THE LNION NATIONAL BANK CONNELLSYILLE, PA. WEST S I D E ii Patronize Those Who Advertise in The Courier

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