The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 19, 1918 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1918
Page 12
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t, I ? - f * " t PAGE TWEtVR DAILY COtmrBR, CONNBLLSVIUJE, PA. FRIDAY, JULY 19, 1918 U.S. LAGS BEHIND IN PLANNING FOR AFTER-WAR TRADE Gmr«peaB Katknu Axe Attre to tlM Import**** of tko UNPREPARED FOR PEACE inch JU We Jfen Capnpucd for War Urn- fen We Begte to fin for a Betn- «·· ·! OR Foicim fain and Seek S«w wi E«Ui»e* Xaiket*. Th» kenMt and moat aMe buainua minds ia Germany, England and France are rapidly .molding Into detatte Akpe comprehensive plans for the reconstruction* of trade following the war says Ira N Steel In tit* Ck-niud D»iVy Iron Trade Per- aai* the «9anent of these policies ttai is ol tb« utmost Importance Is rSat baviac to do with the supply of r»w materials. It i« this that is agt- t*tii« Gerannr u4 ha* led to her determination to encowage and foster itate monopolies and to see that not only tbe bi( trader, a* expresced fcy the active deputy ol the imperial onV* of economic*, get* nold ol raw material*, -tat thatrthe null trader, too, meet*** hta ihart, and thi* by tb* tntMrnotko. of the state." Con treatc* Vy tack a volley on die part of the fir"*""", who are to xnake an attend to control the markets of the world, tk* Brttlah imperial war conference 1m Loadon a lew dey: ago de- rated JU entire time to the consideration of tie o»t-war economic policy of Great Britain, Thin confereace _ tbe opinion that the gov- of tbe empire should maka ckiigMetft axnon^ tnem- i ai would insure that essential raw materials shoold be arailable for «ae both within the empire nnd allied euuntflea, both now and after the w»T. A* J«t our goreniment 13 lagging far behind tbe other natlms in lay- lag careful plans for the furore welfare of trao when peace comes. This to meet recretatole. With an immense XMTchaat marine outstripping any em tylxc tbe colors of one nation before, which this country will have attar the war, It to of the most urgent nicetilty that work be found for it, wkeu tike (Teat task of transporting troop* and nuraitiona will have been completed. That work means goods to tarry In tbe form of merchandise ·eat to foreign cllmeiL Moreover, America'* enormously expanded plant ·asvdtr will be forced to seek other ud enlarged markets | whtn the day arrlTes fbat bring* no more war orders. Tbe development and main- taiaence of America's foreign trade promise* to be one of tbe foremost of America 1 · problems after the war and no ttme should be loit In following 'the foredcbted example of tbe otter belligerents in beginning f o plan accordingly The nation was nnprepar- ·d for war, bat it will win because the European allies hare itood as a atone wall before tbe enemy while we let ready at leisure Bat If we are unprepared for peace who then will then be to sbow us Indulgence and protect onr tardy interests' Broadly ·paaHsff/we shall le competing with tbe wbo)» world present foe and friod alike, aarf if we are late in tbe raee tbe Ion will be ours Btgiand haa gone so tar in her preparations a* to carry to an ultimate and practical iwrae what has been termed tbe coaaortiom. The object of the consortium 1$ to place under-state control the purchase of raw materials necessary to those In- dustrie* wbo are members of it Under men a icbem* the state will go late the market* of the world and buy Taw mrtfrfitv TU* would mean complex and enormous organization, as it doe* haying in all of tbe globe of every eonceJTa- bte Wad of material Objections tc the eoBsorttom bare already developed In cre*t force from those opposed to fownunent control on tbe ground (bat affair* undertaken by the state are always colored by politics, with tb* Mtnlt (hat effldency goffers and rise. 'Whatever form tbe goT- ald take* in this country, tt 1* the optnton of many authorities DAk BLUE HFLXET TCBABJT ASD FKSTCX FLOimor VEtt. Charming enough would be this dainty helmet turban alone, bat its designers were -ot satisfied, so tney added the charm-tog summer vet! Tbe bat is dark blue, covered with a multitude of summer flowers The same flower motif Is carried out in tbe dark blue veil 20 YEARS YOUNGER ASSERTS WOMAN Marie Selnlx Tells of Bemarkatle Bae»Tr,r} Through Using Banter Medicine, 1 feel twentj years younger, and sleep like a log when I go to bed" said Mrs Marie Schulz of Grantbun street. North Side Flttsburg Pa, ·since I began o take Tanlac "I had suffered for a long time with rheumatism gas m my stomach, shortness of breath and my bowels were always ghing me trouble "I often went for days at a time without sleeping because of my terrible nervous condition "So I got a bottle I bad no idea I would get such quick relief After I had taken about bait a bottle, the rheumatic pains left my limbs My stomach got so rood that I could eat my meals and never feel bad afterward My bowels got regular "When I would He down at night, my head would hardly tench the pillow until I would be fast asleep When I awakened in the morning, I felt rested and could hardly beHeve it was myself "Since I have been taking Tanlac I have not been troubled with gag pressing up against my heart I eat what I please I go out among the neighbors and v^istt them and my friends and if I want to go to a theater I go and have a nice time I never am afraid of being sick any more " Tanlac is now sold here by the Connellsville Drag Co Tanlac can also be secured in Dunbar at D C Bason s Drag Store --Adr M win be absolutely necessary form a foreign trade is to to It* fount degree. Just bow thi* aid should be applied Is ttat !· FUEL ADMINISTRATION NOW HAS PART OF TRADE COMMISSION'S RECORDS Tbine Xelattng to Coal and Coke Arc transferred by Order of the President. By an executive order of the President all records files, reports copies of contracts correspondence, paper* and proceedings on Hie or deposited with the Federal..Trade Commission relating: to coal or coke, and under and In compliance witn the provision of section 25 of said act approved August 1(1, 1917, or the orders, rules and regulations at the- United States Fuel Administrator (excepting such as relate to costs of coal-mine opera lions and to general research into the ccal industry) be transferred forth with from the Federal Trade Com mission to the United States Fuel Administration. All the books correspondence records, and papers in any way referring to transactions of-any kind relating to the mining, production, sale, or distribution of coal o- coke, am not transferred by this order shall at all times te subject, to Inspection by the United States Fuel Administrator and by his duly authorized agents, examiners, employes, assistants, and subordinates together constituting the governmental organiza- matter lor the Joint eousideration ot i tion called the Untied states Fuel the large totenata and exporter* and MALTA OPTING H) BO I tROW Bur Mr FMtara f*r Am»l GaJk Th» MS feature of the. sixth annual ooting and Held day of the Knight and Dames ot Malta of 'Western 1'eirasyl- vaala to be held at KennywoCKi Park tomorrow, will bo an excellent sport- Ing program, to be staged on the athletic field, beginning at 1 o clock The outing will be held under the auspices ol the Field Day Association of Western Pennsylvania wb.c membership comprises over 18000 Inlgths and £500 dames The proceeds of the ontlng mil be turned ow to the Knights of Malta Borne »»i' Hospital Association which will have charge of the erection ot a large and handsome home for aged mtmbers of the ordrr their wires acd children near Ixrriston, Pa. Jl» ftt Crwr Serrlee Flags. Notice has been received hy the Favette County chapter of the Red Crof, that a pncjfc3 of placing » ·mall Red Crou In a jerrice Sag-, denoting tlie absence of an iadlvldnal ia the Red Croft work, has developed It it reqonted that the county ·MhorrUe* atop any such practice that tnlcht be prevalent In this connty U the Red Croti has no service flag tf Te« W«*t tt in our daiaflUil eoJ- OM Administration The order farther provides that all persons, partnerships and corporations engaged In the production or distribution of. coal- or coke shall promptly Tnrnish, whenever called Ior to the United States Fuel Administrator or CJE duly authorised agents, examiners employes, assistants and subordinates any data or information relating to the business of sneh persons partnerships or corporations engaged in the production or distribution, of coal or coke. In procuring this Information the same power and authority invested In the Federal Trade Commission the act of Congress creating that body, is also vested ia the Fnel Administrator and his subordinates and agents The order Is to remain in force during the continuance, of the war and for six months after the treaty of peace. Dunbar. Wanted--At West Penn power plant, firemen, at 47 cents per hour, fire cleaners, 41 3-4 cents per hour, laborers, 38 cents p«r, hour See P C Smith ,at plant or call in the evenings on BelJ phone 76--Adr-17-3L Bamstead'sW Half-Price Sale Women' A Goodly Part of Our Splendid Summer Stock to go at HALF-PRICE--Beginning Friday We believe every one at our customers will realize at once tie true significance ol this, sale as a war tune economy event The savings are enough to tempt eren the most thrift} But irtja* is un- doubtedlj- of mor e importance and real value to you is the splendid qua ity of the garments involved It's that old-time, year ago Quality that Is becoming scarcer and scarcer as -war demands prey ever more heavily upon raw materials machinery and labor The truli economical woman nill secure both quality and aayin£8 by taking prompt advantage of the following reductions Suite That Sold Regularly at $25.00 Now $12.50 Suite That Sold Regularly at $29.75 Now $14.88 Suite That Sold Regularly at $35.00 Now $17.50 Suith That Sold Regularly at $45.00 Now $22.50 Suite That Sold Regularly at $55.00 Now $27.50 Suite That Sold Regularly at $85.00 Now $42.50 Found among the Suits at half price will be dressy and semi-tailored styles in blue black grev tan and all popular novelty shades Materials are all new and of a quality that demands recognition today more than ever before Dozens of Suits in the lot and a complete range of aizes--so vour selec Uon will be in no wise limited Many women, are waiting for Just this sale so we would athise you jnot to put off choosing Every Other Suit in the Store Reduced SATURDAY NIGHT Marks the Close of Our Semi-Annual 2400 Brand New Shirts All to go at the One Price Yoall like the attractive new patterns and color effects Jast as you 11 like the quality of the madras percales and cords of which they are made Stiff cuff or soft turn-back caff styles Cut full size and splendidly tailored. Hand laundered. All itzes 13H to 18 Buy enough to last 700 until this war is over, ·ad If yon cannot get here yourself hare wife or mother select your share for yon. Mail orders will be pronipUr filled. IVone sold at 95c alter closing time Saturday night 50 Dozen Men's Shirts Worth - up to $4.00--Sale Price $2.45. "Knit Your Bit" New Slogan of Red Cross The Red Cross campaign to induce women to speed up their knitting activities uill have for its slogan, 'knit your bit " Especialh is It the purpose ol this campaign, to speed up the knitting of »ocKs as a tremendous ivipplv o£ this sort of hose wil] be in demand in the near future aad invesLigatjon has proven that hand made hose in trench work will outlast three pairs made b machinery The knitting o£ Sweaters both for soldiers and tor the knitter s personal use will unquestionably be continued ana from France comes word that arn has taken precedence over silk in skirts and mantles MINERVA YARNS For All Knitting The best proof of tie excellency of Minena larns for all Jrmttjng purposes ia found tn tne ever-increasing number of knitters who USB them exclusively A complete stock ot these good yarns is alTravs em hand at Oils store in tlie various weights for the \arious articles to be knitted in khaki, oxford and Ihe noveltv shades Notice to Boy Scouts and Parents of Scouts This store has oeen officiall appointed outfitter to the Boy Scouts ol Connellsvjlle and vionitj It was only through our ablliii and willingness to carrv complete stocks of ScoJt clothing that u e «ere able to secme thjs appointment so you will find us readj at a33 times to raeet all demands for shirts trousers coats fcats knapsacks etc etc Inquire at mens clothing section first floor rear McCallum Silk Hose A New Arrival A pure silk hose -with, lisle top and double soles Choioce of navy, goldeu. brown and bronze A slen- did value at $2 00 Mid-Summer Neckwear --New organdy fnllmg for collars and cuffs, -white and colors, $1.00 and $1.25 yard. --Organdy collar-and cuff sets, square and roll collars at $150 to $2.50 set. --Filet Lace Collar and Cuff sets,--at $4.00 set, --Filet Lace Collars, m both square and roll stvles,-- at §2.25 to 84.50. --New Net Fisehus, lace and ruffle trimmed,--at §1.50 to $3-50 each. --Ruffled organdie collar and cuff sets, in all tie desirable jades and styles,--at SI.OO the set. Entire Stock Men's Straw REDUCED ONE-THIRD Formerly Sold at $2.00 to $10.00 Sell Today at $1.34 up to $6.67 A Fine Lot of Summer Clothes for Men Splendid new Suits of light-weight woolens In stj les and patterns that appeal to every class of buyers Indefinite patterns good-looking stripes, and plenty of greya and blues Some Coats are only ban-lined which makes them comfortable for immediate wear and not too light for early Fall Such a showing as yon will not find elsewhere and which you will ,ot and duplicated even here until normal conditions have returned Prices 415 ?20, $25 $30, J35 $40 US WEEK-END SPECIALS Bates Gingham --1,500 yards 32 inch Bates Gingham in plaids, stripes, checks and plain colors In. saoit lengths of 2 to 10 yards each, which will not be cut Regular at 50c yard Special at 32c tbe yard. Hosiery --Aflases fine mercerized ribbed hose m black and white sizes 6% to 10 60c yaluo 35e the pair --Boys heavy ribbed black cotton hose sizes 7 to 10^4 50c lalue 35c tbe ptur, --Women 3 fine cotton hose m black and tan seconds 25c and 35c Tallies I6c ll)e pur. --One odd Jot ivomen s fine lisle hose in black white and tan 35c values--2oe the pair. --Women s pure silk white aose with lisle tops regular at 5200 pa.r-- special at S1.JO pair. Toilet Goods --Miro Dena skin cream regular at 50c special at 25c tlie iar. --Miro Dena Cold Cream regular at 25c special at lot the ior. --Good quality Tooth Brushes regular 2oc value, special at ISc. --'White Ivorj Combs 2?c value ISc i lor 50c., --Ebony clothes and hair brushes regular ?1 25 value speual at S9c each. --Fine Toilet Soaps includirg Vmond Cocoa Oil Peroxide and Geranium special at 2 for 25c. --Dr Blair's Cucumbei Cream regular at 50c special at 2ie mr. --Carltons Armj and Navy Soap legular 12%c value special at lOc --One odd lot including toilet waters per f umes compact pouder £ace ponder and tooth powder special at one half price. Human Hair Switches Fashion has decreed the high coiffure for the smartly dressed vioman To affect this high coiffure, a switch is mdispensible We have on hand a complete stock of QUEEN QUALITY brand of hair switches, possessing the lightness and wholesomeness o£ i our own hair Every Queen Quality Switch is made under tbe most sanitary conditions, veil and dnrabl} made, out of strictly genuine human hair Prices lov\ e-t--quality eonsideied Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on Every $100 You Spend--Save Them. XPittaburg 0, Philadelphia 1 Brooklyn- 3 Chicago 2 Now Yori * St. Louis S xthlrtetn inniB*»- Standing of the Cltta. W 56 Chicago -New York Plttsburg -Philadelphia incinnati -Joston -St. Cxmis Brooklyn _ -SO _38 -35 _3S -34 -31 Pet 681 617 ,, lesterdtj'. Semite. Cleveland 5 Washington 1, St Louis 6 Boston S Chicago 3, Philadelphia 1 Philadelphia 4 Chicago 3 Detroit 4 Now York 1 New York 3, Detroit 2 Standing of Hie Clabs. Eostrfh Cleveland _ New York _ Washington Chicago -SI -4S 5]9 St Ixmls _ Detroit Philadelphia 455 432 397 SchedDle. Pniladelpnta at Pittsburg New tork at St Ixniis. Brooklyn, at Chicago -43 -19 -39 -34 Today's Schednle. Detroit at Boston. St iouia at Ne» York. Chicago at Washington. Cleveland at Philadelphia Busting Bargains 3 Too irill find them ia our ad. column*. BEFORE GOtSG TO THE FBOIfT the soldier should make a will and name therein an Executor Appoint the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania as your Executor and you are assured without doubt, that your estate will have the best possible management Call or wnte us for any desired particulars PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPEE. 7»e COASTLINE to The dcJitf h l f f r T n e , I half of the dclnbts arc in the Lake voyaj!« Railrocd tickets are honored on all D A C Lme Reamers oat extra coarCe. The D Sc.C Insignia r t ass j of yoar vacation begin tbe moment you board « sure* ihcbe»t i Two splendid vatcl t -C ly oC Modcnae II flnd City of Aloena II-- operate four nm« · week to Moti,D, c I«l,»d From Toledo Monlay«!indSaturdiiysS30A.M Tuesday» «jd Thundy. 600 I P M From Detroit Monday, and Saturday. 5:00 P M . Wednei d«y« nod Fnda« 8 30 A M Send 3-ceot «timn for iltuttrated paumhletMd gre"' Laloinnri AddreTM t, G LEWIS G P A ,» Third Avenue, Detroit, Mich

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