The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 3, 1964 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 3

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, April 3, 1964
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PREPARE DISPLAY 'HEALTH CLINIC CASE I FRIDAY, . I A':CVTV fATT ATW'A'JTT.T-KtV.T "" ' . ' -' i: Tl, :TUi'x"' 'dI V-f, i j;.1 ' ; --V - fTr: ' " '' , j : ,. x - .-. l.rv- y 1c"-Tzr""'" ""T , . j . y ; : . 4. L.-. ... - , . - v IrX" v.'' 0 ... U s TT W vi t. . ----- ,-r- h - - w . . u , - - ; i - z t f " i ' mm mm mm mm mm m mm . m mm m mm m -u w n ...... . a - m H : A' N. ' i -V ' '-'I'Tj JLfJ XJfMmj jL V vtl' ' : P'P"''' Sninji m HclliHi Ouility tloltmi . . -! .' -K.-.., "I X t aviYTLm: on wildlife 1 .Pupils at Vincent Masscy Public' School enjoy - their biology Vlasses They have been busy for ; weeks gettWgv wildlife-display ready for National Wildlife Week, April 5 o IT. Shown here are. front French in Schools V By JOHN McLLOD " of The Journal The method of teaching French in Ontario nchools needs -and will undergo ' a drasuc change. - "The horrible French taught In schools is about to exp!ode," Curriculum Institute Committee : member Mrs; Florence Howard told 150 parents m Fairfield School Thursday night. - A member of an exploratory panel ' discuing the ace- at Wildlife A Hit At Ottawa School By that matter. . And pupils in Grades 7 and R mammals at Vincent Massey t'uotic wuseum. School a re no exception. ') Mr. Williamson, Who For the past few weeks there to go overseas next flora and fauna to science iteacher'.J. E. Williamson. There are live specimens too. National i is hoping year, to has been much activity in theiteach with the Department of( biology section preparing for actional Defence, says biology, display to coincide with Na-.leads the science program for tWal Wildlife Week set for -pupils. " next week. As,ronomy comes next. Pupils have been bringing in! Besides pictures and draw-pictures of animals, birds, andjings on the blackboard he says "we use films quite -a bit." Carter remanded Charette to April 6 when 'thf-trial will continue. r-flena Couniiel Gordon Kil-leen told Magistrate. Carter he would subpoena -George A. Stock e!t. secretary-treasurer of the Board Of Masseurs, whom Rutter named in. testimony as his immediate superior. "I think it would be the proper'thing to do to determine (he credibility of thi witness. After the allegations that have been made I think the board should have an opportunity to speak," Magistrate Carter said. Rutter testified he visited Pthe. European' Health Clinic twice in December, onca . In January and that he paid Ut Oh" each visit to have- massage and sexual Intercourse ith female grtasseurs on the premis'es, , ; ( ----, ;ART OF JOB' . - He said obtaining evidence on the If gitimarv of health clinics i J em Qntano in this fashion part of his job and4rfat he was was paid for such expenses. 'Tliad to send in a report snd t .told them in it when I paid for intercourse," the short, slightly witness replied on cross examination. 'You certainly don't have to have sexual to obtain 'evidence? of . a . bawdy house." Magistrate farter said, after noting, "it wa a most astounding revelation." The magistrate questioned whether Rutter actually lifted intercourser-in- his expense account and whether the cheque he received for expenses as from a government source. "They are - marked Ontario Government," the witness said. Mr-, Killeen said it may Also be necessary to subpoena e- pvse account sheets which Rut ter said he submitted in single copies. "I h names of the board n Ottawa anc throughout Last- of directors were taken from left lo riRht, Bruce Harris, Jean Dyson, and, Robbie Skaff . Back from left, ire scient teacher. J. t Williamson. Barbata timer Ernie Jacksotvapd ;; 'Cheryl Webb..', ':: '"'"" v '' :-.' ''":'' 'Jmirnal Phn bv Dominion Wirt Eomb'QMMetmd which "EngW.i :;ieHkmg children i The 150 patents .from Fair; should - start", to- learn French. J field and Blackburn School Dis-i Mr. Howard said the invtiiule j Unci Associations showed their j had Been "working on it (the 'agreement, by passing" a resolu- French teachma method) forilion asking ther school board nnie lme'! ind was ""going to put a bomb, under it." . ' EARLY START She and" three Other French teaching: experts in the panel contended more emphasis shou'd j be placed on oral- French, and teaching 'should begin at a :yery ear'y age.". . fo"consider teaching French at an earlier age than is. now the case1' and having the teach. ng done ''preferably by a French-speaking teacher.'"" Mis. Howard sa.d the h i g h school French systems must be changed so the final exam was "an oral one..". "The entire system should be changed so the pupil wi!l,Je :aucnt oral- rrencn at a very early age aricPbe gadualTy in troduced lo written- French," she added. . . : She said the. complete change would take "roany years," but oted that a step in the right rectton r had already been made .when, the Department of Education agreed to have part of the final Grade 13 examina- BLAIRE McKENZJE When it comes to dec orating; tion in, June done orally. - ir The Journal ithe .classroom Mr. Williarrrsmr1 1 ne other panelists primary '' Animals are always a hit with avs "the pupils do most of the;"en'h teacher Mrs. Gail Wey-boys and girls, "f;. I work 1; supervise." nerowsky. Rockqhffe -School So is any form of wildlife W--4o.-add..Tariety to the exhibits ! Trustee Mrs. Helen Logan and J ,1 fit lima Diirrinn .IaIiimii fl ra n . the ' school, borrows mounted ..u.. from ' the ory Beikov agreed the language should be taught as early as possible. ' Mrs. Weynerowsky said a primary school child had art advantage in learning the language because of its capacity to, distinguish between sounds. I LEARN FAST .Airs. Logan said children' in kindergarten classes in Rock-cliffe were being taught in French as an experiment, and Film on animals are always noted how fast, they picked up a drawing card. the language; A'l four panelists added that Frenc h, jeachefs should speak the"ianguage fluently. ' The' teacher should be able to transmit: the 'pleasure of knowing and speaking the language, lo the children," Mrs. Weynerowsky contended. "It, will teach the ch Mren to love t h e language and make it easier for them to study jt." " T h e y... suggested ' Ottawa schooJs advertise for French t eaqhe rs . in Quebec orf t ha t there by a system to teach student teachers how to speak nguageJluCDilv Mis. Howard also contended the children would learn easier if "proper oriental, on" w a s formed at home. j ( ' "' "The, responsibility of teach-ing should be left to the teachers, only if the parents pass on. theSproper attitude towards the I .L .J W - aiiguoc anu mo piiifjir r flu speak it, . she said. Probe Purchase Of Burns Firm (By The CP) The Director of Investigations under the Combines Investigations Act is studying the purchase of the Burns "and Company Limited meat packing firm. Justice Minister" Favreau . informed the Commons Thursday. He was replying to New Democratic Leader T, C. Douglas who said that a Toronto group now has succeeded in acquiring the Burns company. T letter the witness gave the court. PRISON RECORD "? examination of the witness were raised by Crown prosecutor Hugh F. poplin afer evidence f Rutter's prison record came to light under questioning by defence counsel. Rutter. calmly admitte'd to being a former dope addict, said he had worked on nar cotic cases for the RCJUP, and had been employed as an Unlicensed private-eye to obtain diyorce evidence and to find debtors'. X Prior to his becoming a health clinic Inspector he said he was a warehouseman in Toronto. He came -to Ottawa in September, and inManuary'was taken iSthbol Metj's'TTeai'hei' federa':Bord , u '.tiu . grf y'-iied, - and ; Uiim ... provided .(bey .are' in thai the j urient staff of the ; I good ' siandinjs. - ' - Peterborough areachool. s not r 4- The matter fame, up. for div."m ' the. good grajCes''.' of- the ; ;cussiriirerni.anrni jblji of the federation held at th'ef La.-.t-year the enine Mail of; HkTasman Motor . Hotel Inn; 17 teacher resigned when sa,!-1 ; Thursday., ; Jary negotidtion failed. -and thei " th ' the long run it- is hoped hoard as giey- listed Those lhi certificate will reptat e- the hp went to wnrk tn Lakefield one issued by the ..department were suspended from memher- of education.' Murray Branigan. ship m both the Federation of of Por.t . "tedit, public reU-, omen Teacheiv' Asvot lation tions officer, for the Federation, o Ontario and the "Men's Teach- i. tid The Journal . :, ' - ''. ts' Federation. - J j MIST MjEASLRE L'P . ' .Resolution were pasedairg-.! j The Federation bas the power ;nR disciplinary action against 'toVcancei hecei tifitaie if 'the'l!i6:i-M teachers on the staff member .does, not meauue up.:11" asking the Minister ot l.du-; f.ach. February a list of mem-Nation to suspend1 the teachers' bers. whose certificate h a v e lertilicates. ' on by the board as a full timelved the. man. inspector- at a rate of $:50 a month plus expenses. . He testifed on his three visits fb the health clinic he'd ' had cancelled will be . -riri'u- ' l eeline rah hih amorti? soma! Mated to a i public scnool boards .members who wete against boards education in ter ms of" an agreement stgned- Ontar.. :, . ' tby'Th? two federations It is stilP toMe decided if jstates former teachers may be certificates . ai eTcvl be issued retired "as vacancies occur." only to teachers with, an equiva-1 That will mean they wi'! be lent of three years' university working with members of the , and one year's teaching exper- current staff who are remain IIKAD TEACHERS' GROUP Ontario Public School Men Teachers' Federation president Howard Gillies (sealed), talks over future plans with Ottawa Federation president' Ross . Ant drew (left), and first vicj-piesident Harvey Wilson! Journal Photo by Dominion Wiciei Ex-Con, Drug Addict Testifies Province Paid Him To Gather Evidence By Being Inti mat e With Women The credibility of a Crown witness who testified in Ottawa Magistrate's Court In a bawdy hbusrTe thai 'he ii paid hy tht Ontario government to be ,. kitimate with women will be put to the test Monday. A former narcotics addict, ex-convict, sometime RCMP 'undercover agent and now provincial inspector1 of h e a 1 1 h clinics for the Board of Directors pf Masseurs; Drugless ' Practitioners Act, gave his startling -testimony Thursday. Graham Rutter, 38. of 1012 Byron Avenue, was testifying at the trial of Andre Ctiarette, 24, of 49 Waverley Street, charged in connection with keep- -' ing.axommorLbawdfhous at tht European Health ClmicT87 Cartier Street. RjftfANDED . ' ' y' After, hearing testimony Thursday aternoop of six Crowrr -witnesses - ' three of whom face charge of being ml manss at the clinic Magstiaie sexual. relations with Jacqueline Sagems, -32, and Mafiev Louise Sageros. 41, sisters, both of .189 O'Connor Street, who were em- pltiyed a "inassears, Both are charged along with Doris .Bone, 18. ,of 256 Gladstone Avenue;. with being in-maies in a bawdy house, Charette and Basil Pierce. 30, of 30J Km; Edjsard . fA venue, are ch'ai ged with keeping. iFdur a'ther'' men . are . charged as found-ins. ' All 'were arrested Jan. 10 by morality" officers after a raid on the cfinic premises. POLCE RAID ; "' When c a.-ked by Mr: Poulfn why she was kissing One of her when police arrived. She-denied knowing Rutter, ''Price"' of a massage she said, was S6 and steam hath W. Pierce toid the court when police a Iced in he was on duty tn the clinic at a guard in the employ of General Investigation Services and that it was his job to answer the door and phone and see. no. liquor came in. . A motion by the Crown, to have a male witness" declared hostile was turned down by Magistrate Carter . after Mr, Poulin remarked on the man's inability to recall several per tment events. Other Crown witnesses testi- customers who was surpridJicd-thev had cone to the clinic naked in a dark rorfm w i t h ; for a: steam batfi. Jand massage her when.the police walked in. 'd "nothing more.V AU three Jacquelirie , Sageros replied she ; females to testify told the court She me a testified she was wear; t hire cotton smoik anrf unrlrrgarments and had Just 'finished giving him a mass ' ' n " . . ' " .."'.. .-:. they were paid by iChafette fot their-work. as masseurs. 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