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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, March 15, 1930
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH 15, 1930. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNSLLSVIILE, PAGE FlVfr. Is the World Getting Better or Worse? Yes! "Brass Tacks'* on the Sunday School Lesson 3v DR. ALVIN K BlCU, Is ttlc woild getting better? Some folks ai-gue that it is, ,in(I point to numerous evidence of tho progress of rlghteouHiiCHS and KO"! will In the world. Is tho world getting worse? Other folks argue thut It is, and can point to just as numerous evidences ""of th-o progress of iniquity, crime and strife in the world. Th fact is that both art right. There i i more good In the world today than ever before, and Lheio is also moro evi.l In the world than over boforo. This is in accord ^ I t h o-ur Lord's purab!e of the tares and the wheat "The field Is the world; the good seed are tho children of the kingdom but the tares are the chil'iren of tho wicked one; the ·"' enemy that sowed them is the devil." "Let both grow together until the harvest" is the King's own explanation o! why he tolerates this Increase of evil si do by side with increasing righteousness. The .UuHturd Soed and Leaven. The third of Christ R Kingdom parables pictured his kingdom as "like to a grain of mustard soed which a man took, and sowed IE his field; which indeed is tho least of all seeds; but when it is grown, it la the greatest among herbs, and becoiueta a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof." It was a prophecy of that unfortunate day when tho Church abandoned the spirit and policy of the lowly Nazarene and j;rasped after worldly gloiy and political power, with the result tl;at forces of e\il like foul br-cods of birds found it paid to seek shelter in the church. Tho fourth of this group of parables Is companion to the third and points to an unfortunate tendency o£ the Kingdom In another direction, viz. In its inner corruption v.iOiin itself. "The Kingdom of heaven Id liko unto leaven, which a woman tiok and hid ,!_ in three measures of moal, till the ' whole was leavened." Leaven or yeast athtayi represents tho principle of evil in doctrine or Jlfe, as Canst warned his disolivies to "beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and of the leaven of Herod." It was the King's warning agulnst false teaching which by its subtle methods would prev ute and corrupt the whole body of teaching and life. The Treasurer and the Pearl. Again in tho fifth and sixth parables we have two companion parables representing respectively the treasure the King sees hidden in Isral and the pearl ho flnGM in tho Church. "Again, tho Kingdom of Heaven is like unto treasure Ivid in a field; the which when a man bath found be hidoth, and for Joy thereof goeth and eelleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field," From hte own interpretation of the second parable we know that here, too, "the field is the world," and the Son of Man ic the one who has bought the world including Israel, which during these "times of the gentiles" is like a hidden treasure of unsuspected value which the Son of Man at hla coming again will disclose in its richness. "Aga.ii, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearle; who, when h« haxl found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it." Christ is not this pearl of great price which we have bought by our surrender of all we have. We have not bought Chrtet, but he has bought us, He again ae in all the other parables is the man of activity. Tho Judgment Parable. The concluding parable of the group ie, that of the net and the separation of its contents, a parable of the nnal judgment at the end of the ago in which evil will be separated from good, the good to finally come into its in the trumph of which it hte often been cheated tn this life. (The dally Bible readings for nest week's study, are: Monday, Matt. 15: 21-31; Tuesday, Matt. 17:14-20; Wednesday. Luke, 13:10-17; Thursday, John, S:l-12; Friday, I Cor,, 1.3-11; Saturday, Luke, 22:47-53, and -Sunday, Psalm, 119:33-40.) * PROBLEM OF EVANGELISM IlKV. C. OEOHOlJ! Pre-Pentecostal Services Wednesdays in Christian Churches of the Region Beginning "Wednesday e v e n i n g , March 19, ami continuing to and Including Jun'e ·!, pre-PentocosUl services will ba held in Christian churches of tho Fayetto County Association with ministers of the participating churches and others as speakers. Each speaker will havs the same subject nt all places to M hleh he or she is assigned. For the Firet C'hrltitian Church, Con- uellsviUe, Che utbignmente are: March 19--Ilev. Charleo D. Aid rich of ClarksvUle; subject, "Tho Apostolic Church and Ordinances " March 26--Ilev. A. F. Hanes of Brownsville, "Christian Umty." April 2--Rev. R. G. Man ley of Cardale, "Tho Universality of Pentecost." April 9-- Miss Ruth Boll of South Brownsville, "Missions." April 16--Rev. Eugene N. Duty, the pastor, "Prayer." April 23--Rev, W. H. McKlnncy of Uniontown, "The Holy Spirit." April 30--Rev. John C. Crowe of Scottdale, "The Message of Pentecost." May 7--Rev. Dwlght E. Steve neon of Republic, "The Plea of the Disc Iples." May 14---Rev. H. D. Kubor oi Point Marion, "The Bible." May 2i-_Rev. Percy Davis of Perry- opolla, "God." May 28--Rev. Donald C. "Ward o£ New Salem, "Why I Believe in Immortality," June 4--Rev. Thomas Wood of Vanderbilt, "Christ." Following la the complete schedule: ' Churches Allison Brownsville Clarksvillo Connellaville Mather New Salem Perryopolie Point Marlon Republic Scottdale JJniontown Vanderbilt Churches Allison Brownsville ClarksvlU« Oonnellsvllle Mather New Salem Perryopolte Point Marion Republic Scottdale Uniontown VandorbiH Churches Allison B/crwnsvllJe Clarksville Oonnellsville Mather New Salem Perryopolifl Point Marion -Republic ' Sctlttdale Union town Vandorbilt Mnroh 19 Miee Boll Man ley llanos Aldrlch Duty Ward Davis Hubeir Stevon«on Crowe McKinney April 16 Manley Hanes Aldrlch Duty Mtee Boll Ward Davis Huber Steveneou Cro-we McKinney Wood May 14 Wood Ward Davis Huber Stevenson Crowe McKinney Mice Boll Manley Hanes Aldrlch Duty March 26 McKinney Mies Boll Manley Hanes Aldrich Duty Wood Ward Davis Huber Steveneou Crowe April 23 Huber Steveneon Crowe McKinney Mtae Boll Manlev Hanes Aldrich Duty Wood Ward Davis May 21 Duty Wood Ward Davis « Huber Steveneon Crowe McKinney Mice Boll Manley Hanes Ald/ich April a Crowe McKinney Mtee Boll Manley Hanes Aldrich Duty Wood Ward Davis Huber Stevenson April 80 Davis Huber Steveneon Crowe McKinney ( Mte« Boll ' Manley Hanes Aldrlch Duty Wood Ward May 28 Aldrlch Duty Wood Ward Davis Huber Steveneon Crowe McKinney MfeM Boll Manley Hanes April 9 Steveneon Crowo McKinney Miee Boll Manic y HaneM AldrU h Duty Wood Ward Davis Hube- Ma 7 Ward Davis Huber Steveneon McKinney Mle« Boll Manley Haneh Aldrk-a Duty Wood Jano 4 . Hanee Aldrich Duty Wood Ward Davis Huber Stevenson Crowe McKii) ney Manle/ LARGE AUDIENCES ATTENDING OHIOPYLE UNION SERVICES The revival services beinft held at Obiopyle Baptist Church by Kev. Frank S. Wortman and Kev. Jacob L, Kooser of the Methodist Kptscopal Church are drawing large audiences each evening. Services 'omorrow will be: Sundev school at both churches; preachin? afternoon nd night at tho Baptist Cbpcb. Republic Chnrrh Damaged. {Damage between 1200 and $300 was dyio to the $50,000 tru*tuie of tho Holy Ro«a-y Church at Republic Thursday by flre. The flamvs started in 9 woodeu wheelbarrow loaded Perryopolis Classified Advertisements Brifg rwuMs when placed in the col- j P a ' PERRYOPOLIS, March 15.-- Afelva Knepehleld and Craig Martin, Perry Highs affirmative debating team, won the debate held in the Perry auditorium Thursday evening, over Point Marion negative team. Mrs. J. O. Stenger, Mre. Ira Blair and Mrs. xLeeter Lowthers attended missionary meeting at ScoUdale Thursday. * Mrs. D. Pasco of Fayette City spent Thursday with Mrs. Pasco'e parents, Mr. und Mre. E. P. Luce. Mrs. Russell Hutchlnson of Wick Haven apeiit Thursday here with her uon and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mr«. Russell Hutchin«on, Jr. Inez Snyder, who had been aixsent £rom school for several days on account of illness, is back at S'hool again. Madolyn Carson was leadei of young people's prayer group Wednesday evening at the Methodtet Eplsco- Church. The program was re- Pa.slor 7 r ! n l l v He-formed C h u t t l i Text: Isa, 58:12, And thou shaH he culled the ro[alrer of the broach. The restorer of the paths to dwell In. During a recont visit of Roger Babfion to the laboratory of the great Inventor, Edison, this question was neked: "Mr Kdison, what new or radical invention do you anticipate during tho next few years?" To this Inquiry Mr. Edteon replied. "Babson, I do not pose aa 'a preacher; but let me tell you that if there le a God lie will not permit iw to advance m u t h farther materially until we catoh up spiritually. Everything must be kept on a balance. When any body or face goes off on a, tangent there is a smash. This applies to America a« well as p\ory nation that has ever existed." Tho problem of evangelism is a much discussed question. It must exist in eome form or other In the church, but like faehlone, it change* its form from time to time. Every community, as well as every Individual, must bo reminded of its duties and obligations. In this brief ser- monette I try to present a method that will be of much lelp to the world and especially oi' our community. If the Church te to be the "restorer of the breach" it too must have a method, and this method must bo suitable to the age. To do (his we muet discover some of tho fundamental principles on which Christianity reels. Wo must find and set to work in men's minds Ideals that deal w i t h tho realities of the Kingdom of Cod. Wo muet not look too much to the records of the past, but coneldei the future. Evangelism in the llomp. It has been t i u l y aaid that tho "Home \a the soul's first temple " On Its altars the fltet spark of loyXr te| kindled. Social workers inform us i that the institutional child makes an inferior citizen. If this then be true Third of Series of Sermons Bearing on "Go To Church Month." tho best child for the Kingdom of God Is that child that to raised, in the Christian home. A largo ilunilier of children born in Christian' jioraoa are forever lost to the churcrl because family religion is at low ebb. The "family altar" is miesing. ' in the old Roman homo wo are told that the altar flres were continually kept burning, Taut the family altar as established in the old New England homo is relegated to the past. It belongs to tho "antiques" of the day. Parents give over to the church what they should do themselves. In the homo a child ought to learn its first lisons--love, trust, obedience--until by faith in lt« mother it rises to faith In a Heavenly Father. Whence shall this faith come ie the cry. Like the story told in I King6 20:40. Parents busy here and there with the really unimportant things of Hfe. Childhood days are noon pasoed away and (ho child goes mt Into the world without a touch of the religious. If our homes coukl realize the above facts the Kingdom of God would be nearer realization than it le today. The Work of the Church. Without question tho church has a work to do in aupplementlng the work of tho home. In many casee it must do the work that should be done In pie home. Then the church or Sunday scool that has a lower aim than that of bringing ite children Into a vital and saving relationship with ' Christ i« a failure. Each year a large number of our Sunday school pupils piu,s out unsaved. Thte should causo us much alarm, and we should seek to remedy tho defect. The church of the past perhaps hae stressed too much on past lislory and not enough of present day needtj and the principles of right ivlng. A working goal should be "Our children for Chrtet and Hie Church." Special Evangelism. When our duty has been done both n home and church there ie still a argo field untouchedv we still owe a luty to "the lost sheep ofthe bouse oC srael." To reach this class of folk s the task of the church. At this tolnt of the discourse a proper inter- iretation of the term evangelism may ·e given. Evangelism is not method; vangelism Is passion, passion aroused n the human heart by the love and he power of the Gospel. It wa« pas- Ion that sent J«eus forth from the wilderness Into Galilee proclaiming [le gospel. It was passion that eent 'aul on his missionary journeys and ,·1 the end eent him to his death in i he Itoman dungeon. Evangelism and i iteslons are so closely allied that it ie i ftentlmes difficult to separate the t wo. On the Eddystone Hghtouse this in- t cription may be found: "To give 1 ght and save life," Motto for every hurch: "Life Saving Ie Heal Evan- f eliem," And the greatest need of 1 ve church today is to make known t le true ideals,of God a« revealed to i s through His Son. God's appointed r ^encies for the evangelization of the i orld are--His man, Hie spirit and 1 te word. The finishing task awaits the indi- \! and this individual muet be c i that knoweth His Lord and Maat r. No work is more profitable than t ito. Take care of the home and the r lurch will take care of Itself. May { od give us the wisdom to meet the d Mnands of the age. Solemn obllga- t one rests upon us. Let us not be d acouraged and when wo have lived a id served our day may we hear Him s y: "Well done" because thou bast h ^Iped repair the breaches and re- s ore the paths. LEADER SCHOOL OPENS MONDAY AT IL P. CHURCH Sessions Will Be Held Three Each Week for Two Weeks. THREE COURSES ARE OFFERED Sunday Schools Show Gain Over Previous Year The leadership t r a i n ^ school for District No. 2 of the Fuystlc County Sunday School Aisociation will open next Monday ovetiing «t thp United Z'regbyterian Ohurch. Sessions will be held Monday!), Wodn^hday and Fridays for ftto wtH-ks, the second work's sessions bring at ihe United, Brethren Ohurch. Tlu horns each eventog will be from 7 30 to !:30 o'clock. Three courses are offeree'. No. 4, "Old Testament," with Rev. G. R. Krupp as teacher. No. 6, "Teach ng Work ct the Church," Rev. E. H. Stevens. No. 101, "Life of Christ," Rer. R. ID. Shober. Rev. E. A. Shultz will be dean of the school; A II. Iong, registrar. The boaid is composed of the district officers, of w h i c h L. Q. Hoover Is the president. Tho dean asks all who expect to enroll to come'early Monday evening. Credits on tho leadership training course will be givon to all who complete either of the courses. With but three exceptions Sunday schools of the Conne]hwil1o t orn- munlty registered gains last Sunday over the corresponding Sunday of 1029, according to the report compiled 1 by the Ministerial Association. The comparative figures arc: Last Tear Sunday igo Church of Brethren -._- .113 78 Ohurch of God * . ------ - Covenantor . - ---- ---- 63 *0 First Baptist ....... ------- 230 219 First Christian . -- ..... 241 m Firt-t !3vangoHciU . . . . 161 First M K ........ ,,. m ;i76 First M P ............ ----- 27S First Presbyterian .... ..... 303 Flrt United Brethren .... 357 United Prpsbyterian ....27.1 Greenwood M. E . _______ 12$ Highland Baptist * ______ Mount ZIon Baptist ..-.,..- 30 Payne A. M. E. ___________ 67 Rocky Mount Baptist *,,. German Lutheran . -- , -- 60 Salvation Army ..... -- ,-.. 47 Trinity Kplscopal * ........ -Trinity Lutheran ------ 454 Trinity Reformed * ----Trotler Commrnity --- . 33 Union Baptist . ---------------- 25 * Indicates no report received, If.l 3-16 301 2H6 321 202 114 6 SB CO 24 468 34 45 Looking for Bargain 1 * T Head the advertisement* tn Th« Daily Courier. TOMORROW WILL BE TWICERS' DAY IN CITY CHURCHES 31 Inlstcrs Appeal to Members ' Co Attend Morning and Ere- Services., FAMILY DAY IS NEXT IN ORDER Tomorrow will be observed in the lo -al churches a« "Twlcere Day." The Ministerial Association makes a «] jcial appeal to all church members to attend both services on Sunday, V. result of the rhurch attendance in all churches will be published in Ti esday papers. Sunday, March 23, will bo observed as "Family Day," -when an effort will OF made to have every member of the fa tiily present. ' RiV. TRUMPETER WILL SAY GOODBYE SUNDAY to The Courier. . IOUNT PLEASANT, March 16.-Re /. A. W. Trumpeter will diellver his £RJ ewell sermon tomorrow at the Lti heran Ohurch. He will leave next we '·k for Iiancaster. : 'o successor to Rev. Trumpeter has bei n chosen. or Tb Daily Couri*r. i ported to a fine on*. YOUR Safety is OUR First Duty S bunkers, we Imvo at our flngri r tips vitft'l Information regarding buslnesse .and business tendencies. Because of our long xperience, you are entirely safe in accepting our c mservatlve investment recommendations. In deiling with our officers, you will enjoy » new sense f security. Citizens National Bank of Connellsville FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN, South PiUsburg street and Morton avenue, George R. Krupp, pastor-Bible echool at 9:45 A. M., Charle» E. Camon, Jr., superintendent; lesion, "Parables of the Kingdom." Morning worship. 11 A. M.; subject, "A Fitting Symbol," by the pastor. Evening worship, 7:30; subject, "I« Your Kind --Kind?" by the paetor. Intermediate Y. P. C. U., 6:30 P, M. Senior Y P. C. 17., 6:45 P. M. Tuesday, 7:46 P. M. congregational conference on budget. Thursday, 6:30 P. M., banquet of the Mary E. Dick and Christian Culture claeces; Guy D. Wallace, D.D., of Braddock, speaker. There Is a place for "U" In "church." Let your friends see you in the proper space. FAYETTEJ CHARGE , U N I T E D BRETHREN, Rev. R. H. Arndt, pat tor -- Falrview: Preaching, Saturday evening at 7:46; East End: Sunday School, 10 A. M.; preaching, 11 A. M.; Senior C. E, Society, 7:30 P. M.; Mount live: Sunday School, 10 A. M.; Senior C. E. Society, 6:30 P. M.; evangelistic services, 7:30 P, M., subject, "The Leper." PRESBYTERIAN, Dunbar,-Leard R. Wylle, minister--Sunday school at 9:45, Upton D. Speer, superintendent. Morning worship at 11; «ubj»ct, "Christian Life and Service.' Christian Endeavor at 6:45, Elizabeth Greenwood, leader. Topic, "Peter, a Great Evangelist." Evening worehip at 7:30. This will be a union service of the Methodist Episcopal and *he Presbyterian congregations, in 'he Presbyterian Church. Theme: " r fhe Love of Chriet." FIRST PRESBYTERIAN, J. L.' Proudflt, D.D., minister -- Sunday school, 9:30 o'clock, H. W. McRobbls, «iperintendent. Morning service, 11 o'clock; sermon by Dr. Victor Betty. Young people's society, 6:30 o'clock. Evening service, 7:30 o'clock; sermon by Dr. W. Scott Bowman. Wednesday evening prayer meeting at 7:45. FIRST CHURCH OF THE UNITI3D BRETHREN IN CHRIST, Lincoln B^ e~ nue at Race street, Elmer A. Schultz, minteter--Church school at 9:45 A. M., Harry G. Witt, superintendent. Divine worship at 11 A. M. Special mueci. Sermon, "The Result of Willing Spirits." Senior ChristHn Endeavor Society, 6:30 P. M.; topic, "Peter, a Great Evangelist," leader, Marguerite Sechler. Junior Cbrieti in Endeavor Society, 6:30 P. M.; Topic, "Why Soldiers of Chri«t Never Give Up," leader, Pearl Elcher. Evening service, 7:30 P. M.; sermon, "The X- Ra^ r ." Lenten mid-week service Wednesday at 7:30 P. M. FIRST BAPTIST, E. II. Stevens, minister--Church school, 9-45; lesson, "What Christianity M«ace to thej World." Worship, 10:46; sermon, "The Teaching Function of tne Church." Meeting of the Juniors at 2 P. M. Evening worship, 7:30; sermon, "When Evening Comes." Prayer and ' study, Wednesday night at 7:30. The Berean claee of the First Baptist Church will meet with Mre. E. II. Stevens, 211 Wills road, Thursday night, March 20, at 7t30. , FIRST CHRISTIAN, South Pittn- burg street, Rev. Eugene N. Duty, minister--Church school, 9:30 A. M., Walt«r 8. Stlmmel, superintendent. Communion and worship at 10:40; subject, "A Pauline Admonition." Senior and Intermediate Christian Endeavor at 6:30 P. M. At 7:30, special eTangelietlc service; imbjject. "Hj- noclsy." Special music by junior choir. Boy Scouts will ush«r. Wec- nesday prayer meeting at 7:30 P. M, A mid-week pause to think of God. Baptismal service at close of evening service. This is "Twicers' Day" in ihe Go-To-Church month. A frlendl/ church Invites you to all of its services. CHURCH OB 1 THE BRETHREN, Vine and Newroyer. Ralph E. Shober, minister--Bible echool at 9:45, Mre. Paul V. Lepley, superintendent. Morning worship at 11; sermonette, "Saint Patrick;" sermon, "The Purchase Price of Truth," An exceptionally fine program by the Y. P. D. at 7 o'clock. At 7:30, the fifth of a series of illustrated lectures on the "Crises In the Life of Christ," subject, "Jesus in Gethsemane Alone With God." Prayer- meeting Wednesday evening at 7:30. "Twicers' Sunday," every member te urged to attend all services, Next Sunday, "Family Sunday." FIRST EVANGELICAL, South Connellsville, M. R. Tyson, pastor--Sunday school, 9:30 A. M., Mre. O. Shoemaker, superintendent; Morning worship, 10:45. E. L. C. E. at 6:45 P. M; Evening worship, 7:30. Prayer-meet* ing, Wednesday at 7:30 P. M. CHRISTIAN SOIElNCE SOCEEmr, MoCrory Building,--"Substance" ie tho subject of the lesson-sermon, Sunday. Th« Go-Iden Text la, "My God shall supply all your need according to ht«J riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Among the citations from th« Bible ia the following: "Doth not wisdom cry andi und«rstanding p-u* forth her voice? I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment; that I may cause thoae that love me to inherit substance, and I vritl ftli their treasures." Sunday morning service at 10:45 A. M. Sunday school at 9:30. Wednesday evening testimonial meeting at 8. The reading room IB open daily except Sundays and holidays from 2 to 4, where all authorized literature may be read. \ EVAiNG'EILiBOAjL, Poplar Grove, Rev. M. V. DeVaux, pastor.--Sunday school, 2. Preaching by the pastor at 3. subject, "The Unspeakable Gift..' FORMER ROCKWOOD MINISTER WILL BE RETIRED SUNDAY Special to The Courier. ROCKWOOD, March 15.--Honors ol the church will be bestowed upon Rev. F. D. Ellenberger of Johnstown. Sunday when ho completes a record almost unmatched in this area for the service in the ministry--50 year-» under the Evangelical banner. Recognition to tho former pastor here will come to the retired clergyman in the form of special commemoration services in tho MoXham Evangelical Church. Years of sacrifice and success In tho pulpit will bo recalled on tho gold-en anniversary; service. Rev. Ellenberger had served as pas. tor of Fayette, Troutville, Falrview, Worthville, Marc-hand, Indiana, DuBois, Rockwood, Braddock and Bow- ersdalo churches. REV. 0. W. CARLSON BECOMES PASTOR AT LIGONIER Rev. Oacar W, Carlson, who was born and reared in Counellsvllle, has accepted an unanimous call to tho St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ligonier and will assume the'pus- torate on May 1. Rev. Carlson for some time been assistant to Rev. Dr. William Horn of the Lutheran Church o£ Ithaca, N, Y. He is a son of Mrs. Ida Carlson of McKeesport, formerly of Connellsvllle, and a nephew of Abel Peterson of .Beech street. TRINITY REFORMED, Plttebur,; and Green streets, C. G. Shupe, pastor--Sunday school, 9:45 A. M., S. C. Witt, superintendent. Sermon at 11; theme, "The Christian Heritage.' Christian Endeavor at 6:45 P. M. Sermon at 3:30 P. M.; theme, "Tins Lord Careth for l?s." Birthday ban - quetof Friendship Bible class Monday, March 17 at 7:30 P. M. FIRST METHODIST EPISCOPAL. D. R. Graham, D.D., minister--Sundaj school 9:45. Service, 11 A. M.; ser inon subject, "At the Church Door." OJd Fashioned Song Service at 7:30 P. M. Request hymns will be sung; sermon subject, "What Does the Lord'f Prayer Mean to You?" TRINITY LUTHERAN, Falrview avenue, W. H. Htrlck, D.D., pastor- Class In Catechfem at 9 A. M., Sunday echool, 10 A. M.; contest between Luthers and Katherlne Von Bora classes starts Sunday. Morning wor- ehip, 11 o'clock; «ermon, "Worth of the Son of Man--From an Extreme Point of View." Luther League, 6:40 P. M.; topic, "Peter, a Great Evange- .ist," leader, Miss Ruth Tikey. Evening worship, 7:30 P. M.; sermon, "Is the Church Neceseary for Salvation?" PAYNE, A. M. B., West Side. W. S, Ainos, paetor--Sunday school at 9:46, W. F. Thompson, superintendent, Morning; worship at 10:45. Evening worship at 7:30. Young people's meeting nt 6:30, Gladys Marllla, president At 3 o'clock. R*v. Amos will preach a special eermoa to the young people. A program has been arranged by th«m. SUNDAY NIGHT EVANGELISTIC SERVICES Special evongeltietlc services are being held each Sunday evening at the Christian Church, with the paetor. Rev. Eugene N. Duty, as the epcaker. Tomorrow evening the theme will b«/ "Hypocrisy." There will be special music by th« recently formed junior choir, under the direction of Mrs. Leland S. Whip, key. Boy Scouts will be ushere. A baptismal eervlce will follow th« regular eervice. EVERSON UNITED BRETHREN REVIVAL 8KIIV1CES CLOSE Special to The Courier. EVBRSON, March IB--Revival eerv- ices were concluded at t1:e United Brethren Church this week. Wednesday evening being tho last evening* Tom Filer of Altoona has returned to his home there after spending several wceka singing at the revival service*. There was a good attendance every evening during the meetings ' and many persons were brought to the saving knowledge of Jesus. George Sherrick spent Wednesday- morning in Greensburg. Mrs. Marie Spicer, who has been ill at her home here for several weeks, Is Improving, Golden (haln Class. The Golden Chain Class of the Summit Methodist Protestant Sunday school held its monthly meeting at th« home of Miss Eleanor Il-ass. After business lunch was served. The rest of the evening was turned Into a social affair. Mrs. Harold Boyid ol Morewood, Ohio, a former mem*b*r of th* claaa, was a guest.

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