The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 3, 1964 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 2

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1964
Page 2
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Men's All Wool Worsted suns Single breasted,' 3-button in the season's , newest fabrics and colours. 4 Assorted patterns and ; stripes of grey, charcoal, and brown. Sizes 36 to 46. Eaton's price from 59" to 79 99 1 9v frisrJf!i&'v-'tx : 4' Sj.:J.' '.- - - V OTTAWA JOURNAL II a lls-krtTT O SAOJ ; v f From Page One (Mv;v,(i-,in Tnnnr p -m '- II - 1 .THE t i I r i ' "The comitjunique also an-phounh tvjdently -aimed thtefly nounced agreemerk on imme- it ta new basic deal, in 1967 fe "1 he onlymea'sure o( disasree- d:ate negotiations rnthe form-; "U not to prejudice the . early ula to be applied to-provinces .splution of the irgent, financial wanting 'to take over 'fiK! ret prjoblerhs confrontinR , the pro SponsiDttity tnr- programs im ; vihcialK and federal t govern jointiy innancea itn uitawa Specify programs were not Premier ;Stanfieid if Nova cited m the - communique. It ; Sent !a,: called for restraint, said only that rife negottationsi ..We' recognite ihat the fetf-woutf app'y to p ro g r a m ' eral government hait prob-"wh:ch are of a bermament ru-fiems and that all levelkof gov ture and which,1 involve, fan ly srnment are short of funds." he cent-' of the personal .income j study, ' sources, said thffe wa field to compensate provinces " no final settlement yn the fed 'contracting out" of hopal surance. . , T.hesr share of this field 'now is 18 per cent. The figwe rises in two equatteps to 20 per, cent in final calendar.year of the basic federal provincial t rat proposal to. hae it done bv a '"tax s.trucjifcfirTommittee''. of the conference. ' I 'Under this proposal, the-;, com- m.ttee would comprise one mm isieY' from each provirice - and fhree from Ottawa. It would be agreement negotiated;' underline ' aided by experts. , ' . former D.efenbjtlcer administra-j, An interim report would be ll0n ? ' 'submitted to the next federal- Th provinces also gei about provincial conference tentative 22 per cent of-the corporation if slated for aroun. dthe jrtcome taxes and 75 per cenfi of th'is year though time and of- death dunes. ! place have not yet been an- Mr. Pearson told the press i nounced. after the conference that noth ing had been done in'.the Quebec meetings that would alter the Mr. Pearson will next meet the premiers in Ckiarlotteiown n September to help, mark the federal govewjmentV budget for: lOOih anniversary of pre-Confed 1964-65. This was taken. as a clear indication that no change will be made in the fiscal deal -this year. But 1965 "changes" Mill ap peared to be possible. sratton -talks. But, a full work- j :ng session is not expected un-, til "around the entLof the year," he said. Indications were that t would be In Ottawa, "jj I rider the in-depth-study proposal, the ministerial commit- The communique said it was tees next step would, be a "de-agreed that the proposed joint I finitive report." as the commu-review of the -Jax structure Inique called it, readied for -''a -gTTKP- Men's -Sherwood DRESS SHIRTS Fine quality cotton broadcloth, "sanforized" for lasting freshness. Whit e only. Sizes . 14 Vi' to -:i7li. sleeve length 32 to 35 with convertible cuffs. . EATON'S pnee, each rr 1 0P TOHI&KT' UNTIL 9 P.M. You' NyertakhM TP'" HaShPjppics Q95 ' only w Well, hardly avor! Huih Puppies fit to comfortably and fit so many occasions, you'll want to wear themJa'J 'timet Hush Puppies are casual yet ea amarMjr. styled men wear them to the officel Genuine brushed pigskin teams up with a smooth crepe sorte to wake Hush , Puppies ft flexible as your feetl So easy to clean, too. Just a brushing's all It takes to clean Hush Puppies like "newt Come In for fitting. There' a, atyje, size, and colour to suit you! ' ". '. .- . T. EATON Ct - -i - - . r'! . ; ' ' ' -fairly early 'date-in 19t5.' meni. sources, said, was over the committee' .j Generally, I warmly-" recejv "nces. . Premier , RoHarts dented. make-up"" i i d e a wa ly the prov of Ontario laid the itudy pimmittee would be "of very great- significant .ndeed.'- He expressed hope it would provide'' the" solutions to ""our fiscal' problems." Oruano regular annual xpend1turesi,;. : ptnmented, "If as a nation we had pressed for moi1?. tax" reye-' Hospital insutfam'a is the big- Are , to make anv progress in! nu'-' 1 ' V : .'- '' ' -jest.." The federal 50-per-cni solving thi.s difficult . piPjhlem. Mr. ' Pearson told reporters shace this year is estimated at - it will be necessarv for a con-1 tnat" '"'' premiers he 'didn't $428,000,000." : ' lserned to .exercisTV good, deal. identifyitWhhd, aid during ; EarUr, Mr. Pearson, told' theof. repaint- . :'t. : . W. 'cUatd meetrrig thM the' idea conference .that, -ityrfould take, While-jhtre was afgreement pie study was "momentous "in the order of 2 or 3 ncr' iki nrirfrii of thV in , tjyfcth.i revolutionary,., ana unprrce These , were a ny) n g other points , raised .' by Xhe. . commu nique; Nothing changed on the pen. ; sioo .'issue. There was "general agreement to' ensure the ..widest possible pension? 'cov .-.erage for. Canadians."; Earlier, Mr. ; Pearson said'.' his government: will go ahead with itstplan. Quebec, has its , own. saving it would be por- ikT able with ''awa's.: Ontario, -3:1 ' while "reservina fis oosition. had hinted it may follow Quebec's lead and establish its own- plan. ' ' .;: . .. -A federal provincial secretariat was discussed again, but once more there was no decision to establish one: 'Mr" ' Pearson -'said existing liaison arrangements seem to be working well. He tabled a list of 8Q ledeial-provinciarmeet-ngs.Tnanyat-ihe official, level, between, now and the end of . !964.:- Anti ' racial "hate" literature Was discussed. . PreniTer Robarts said later he put the subject on the agenda hoping to marshal i public opinion the best weapon against such literature. -Tber were provincial . requests, chiefly by Manitoba and Saskatchewan,' that mental health and tuberculosis (Ospi.fa.l costs be considered oy Ottawa as shareable under the hospital insurance program. ', '.-. There- was; renewed discussion but no dec is ioVi on possible reciprocal arrangements for federal, and provincial taxes to be levied on each other's government . departments and agencies. Scooter Patrol To Hand Out Parking Tkkets TORONTO (CP) Bylaw enforcement officers, sporting modified French Foreign Le-gibn style caps and forest-green uniforms, will soon be scooting about Toronto handing out parking tickets. The officers will take over issuing of ticketsrfrom Metropolitan Toronto Police in May, Chairman C. 0. Bick told the Metropolitan Police Commission Thursday. '', . About 80 men will be hired initially but the force will likely grow to about 350. Successful applicants will be given a one - week training course at the police college in Toronto, followed by another while learning to ride three - wheel motorcycles. Scooters will . likely be acquired later. Mr. Bick said. MYY ARMY AIR fORCE i CUST0M-TAH0RED I OFFICERS' UNIFORMS j Top Quality Materials andj Workmanship Order NOW Wi SpecIalU in Mililarf Accessories Including Ribbons and Medals 93 BANK ST, OTTAWA 236-9508 Our Lost Property - -and Information. Office Will Be Moving Soon to a lSow Location i FREE PARKING AT REAR OF STORE 4" i Is m S ' rriDrtrtM I ' scsar department" r I -; YOUR OLD BEDROOM As You Would Your Old Car TRADE-ITJ FOR YOUR OLD BEDROOM SUITE- Oil THE PURCHASE 0FJHIE17 SET v Come jr tonight, we're open . nT9 o.m."' 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KROEHLER TRIPLE DRfSSER SUITE".. $279 Made by the world's lartett furhlture manufacturer. -plrce luhan Provincial bedroom with larce " triple dreiter. fully framrd adfutlakle mirror, 4-drawer chett. panel ked Available Ira krowa or red . mahogany. 3-PIECE MODERN BEDROOM SUITE . . 9339 Vou mutt tee thlt to aoprerlale It! The larce walnut triple, dretter with fully framed shaped mirror, hat 1 centre draweri wllk drawers on hotk aides conrealed kv slldlnri doors. Priced complete wllk chest and full tire . bookrate ked. ' )-.'. . ' 3-PIECE ITALIAN PROVINCIAL SUITE s339 This Kaufman bedroom relief on simple lines and) an attractive flnlth for Its real keauty arid charm. It has a larte walnut triple dresser with fullv . framed mirror, large chest llh centre guided drawers, full sit panel ked. GIBBARD 3-PIECE TRADITIONAL SUITE M19 Matter rrafttmanthlp. lt reflected In every, line of this auaM ' kedroom suite. The double dretter hat a fully framrd mirror. Priced complete with full atte panel, bed. chett of drawers. Modern all .wood drawer pulls, dust-proof construction. Available la walnut .or mahogany.. ; x , : , ; '. .!:,.SnoobVi.aUo. j COM ' KIIECIITEL FRENCH PROVINCIAL SUITE '429 Here's a classic style that's wonderful lo live with Frentk Provincial, Tke lines are simple, graceful and very prrttv Beautifully eaecuted la antique, while and gold or frullwood. Priced complete with triple dresser, chest, panel ked; ' ANDREW MALCOLM 3-PIECE BEDROOM M79 TMi itltr h an air of oletance akout H' The workmanthlp l excellenl. The aatkeatle ftaliaa Provincial styling la very notieeakle In the lafga .triple dresser with adjustable framed- mirror. Carpathian. Inlay drawer froats. rompletc with thel of . drawers, open head panel feed. Cherry. PEPPLER ITALIAN PROVINCIAL SUITE $509 Quality ' constructed throughout.- Thlt clastic keauty has conventions! charm and reflects Mediterranean Influence. Large triple dresser with ' centre, vertical mirror, divided drawer for shirts. C hrl-on-rhtt, semi-poster ked. Duttprooted throughout. KROEHLER WALNUT BEDROOM SUITE 529 To ore it Is ta want It! Ahd .It can be yours on the easiest terms! It has a large S-drawer antique walnut triple dretter with fully adjustable framed mirror, i-drawer chest, full sire panel ked. The Hrorhler name guarantees quality.. . ,',' . .' , GIBBARD FRENCH PROVINCIAL SUITE . '619 This quality eonastacted cherry frullwood suite Is ricelieat value, and one of the nicest 1-plece Prenrh Provincial suites oa the market, Large rherry .triple dresser, cheal-ea-cnett, panel bed. ' ' ANDREW MALCOLM 4-PIECE BEDROOM '639 Here's a wonderful way tevdreia up a room. A lovely Preach Provincial cherry fruit weed suite with open panel (It") twin beds, large curved front triple d reiser with centre framed mirror. Chett-on-chett. Datlproof ronttrucllon. Antique metal drawer pulls. ANDREW MALCOLM MASTER BEDROOM '699 A rich kott'rnut beauty. Quality constructed Preach Provincial 7 J" matter dresser with fullv framed. adjustable plate glass mirror, largt f-drewer rhest-on-cbeat. Hand carved panel ked with poster foot. KNECHTEL 1 4-PIECE TRIPLE DRESSER SUITE '768 This classic beauty bal a lovely brushed white finish colorfully accented with geld. 11 has a larga 7(" triple dretter with separate wall mirror, poster headboard with Harvard frame, t matching t-door alght tablet.' DARRYMORE IIYLOII DR0ADL00M Hr it an excellent buy! Nyldn Jn continuoua filament yarn gives extreme resistance to wear, and freedom from pill in j, fuzzing and shedding you get from other fibres. It's non-absorbent makes cleaning a, breeze, The colours are clear, vibrant, long-lasting. Come see It today! Available . 4n 12-ft. width, 10 gorgeous decorator colours. ' '.";: - ' . SQUARE YARD I SIMILAR SAVINGS ON S ROOM-SIZE RUGS I . ';. '"- -.- :."' 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