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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 1

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, April 3, 1964
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Terr i I Red Split NetoErtu See Opportunities ' And Dangers For U.S. and Allies NEW YORK (IP) The Kremlin virtually read the Chinese oiit of - the, world Commyriist movemepooday forecasting an . era - which brings new opportunities and ' new dangers for the United States and its friends. 1 . An A P news analysis by Stanley Johnson who for six years was A P re porter in - Moscow. He has reported the Soviet Chinese quarrel 'since it became acute in 1959-60. How to exploit what, ap-pears to be an unbridgeable - chasm between Moccow and Peking was a major concern of : the White ',. House and State Department long before the Soviet Communist Party issued jtj showdown challenge. Now it has become a vital concern. To most diplomats, it long has seamed inevitable that a definitive break with China would mean the Soviet Union would have to work to Improve , relations with the West. ... r.- ' BORDER THREAT -.A - Not only doe such, a break mean the return to the relatively small "socialist camp of the late 1940s, it also means the Soviet Union mustguard the world's longest border against an openly hostile China. In. addition to the United States, firmfy opposing Com munist expansion to ine , West; there now is also Communist China, firmly op- neino Cmriat nnlirv In the WBa.i0 - - I " J East.. "S- premier Khrushchev , must. he resisted all pressures to help China build an atomic - bomb. .With Its limited resources, faltering agriculture, and pledges to fight . imperialism with "goulash" improved liv mg standards for its people the Soviet Union will find such a situation an almost unbear able strain unless there is re- taxation somewhere. ' - It could come in Berlin, Cuba . . . i or any puini wiicic mw.uw n the West are in conflict There might betome concessions on disarmament.-' How; ever, the. direct inspection, demanded by the' West seems further off -than' ever since the Russians now will want to preserve their secrets from the Chinese as zealously as from Turn to Page U RED Saturday's JOURNALS BUDDING ' , -"-. BALLERINAS In Ottawa, they start them very, young as - far1 as-ballet classes are concerned. Photostory in the Saturday Section. PeVfect Wedding -A 60-point program to help the bride-.elect and . her family . prepare for tho big day. First of two-p a r t series. Women's Pages. . . . Elizabeth Fry A former woman prisoner says: 'Wheri you hit rock bottom, as I did,, therH l, still aomcone to believe In you. Saturday Section. v - , Faces of Ottawa Tomorrow it's a profile or architect T. V. Murray. Distinctive H o m Helen Turcotte visits thc Rothwell Heights' home of Mr. and Mrs. C F;, Pattenson. Home Section. : May Insi By ANDREW WAALER 1 MOSCOW (Reuters) Russia' today called for a meetjpg of world Communist parties which informed; observer here believed would .almost certainly be designed for a ' showdown in the Sino-Soviet ideological dis-pute,;;' A;:,: ;;;,; . .' . In a hard-hitting attack on the Peking government, Russian Party Secretary Mikhail Suslov called, for a meeting to discuss "the basic problems of ; our time.". A ''' The bitter attack, running'to about 30,000 words, was spread over seven pages of the Communist party newspaper Pravda and was contained in a previously unpublished speech Sus-lov made to a,- party central committee meeting Feb. 14." Pravda- also printed an editorial saying a recent increase In Chinese propaganda attacks on Russia was "a terrible insult I to our party and the entire Soi yiet- leadership." The editorial indicted the Chi nese leadership for "passing all limits in their political struggle against the world Communist movement." Suslov . said matt1 en had reached a point where "the Chinese press-and radio are calling upon the Soviet people to oppose' the CPSU (Russian Communist party) and the .Soviet government." The Pravda editorial said the! central committee decided to- publish Suslov's speech because of Chinese attempts to "black mail" Communist parties with the threat of. a split. -Turn to Pag II RUSSIA Plan Tougher Driving Tests I ' ! a n Quebec . MONTREAL TJ Bona" Arsenault, Quebec Provincial Secretary, said Thursday driving licence tests would soon be made tougher in Quebec. .' ; Mr. Arsenault was speaking at the closing banquet of the annual meeting of the Quebec Safety League here. He promised provincial action to ensure better highway safety controls. Man Sucked Down Sewer In Tornado ST. LOUIS VP) Tomadic winds struck Metropolitan St. Louis Thursday night, bombarded portions of the area with hail and rain, then roared northeast into Illinois. - One person was reported missing and more than 40 suffered minor injuries in the' wake of the short slashing storm. Police Sgt. Ray Bass said , he saw a person carried down a sewer by rushing storm water. PANAMA AGREEMENT? h WASHINGTON (UPI) The j United States and Panama have : reached agreement on a formula for resuming diplomatic 'relations and discussing a settlement of their dispute over the Panama Canal.'authoriUtive ! soufcetxsaid today. " - SHOTS FLY OVERHEAD tional artificial Yespirafion. "It wasn't going to do any good." FIRST TIME , He said he had never tried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation before only read about it but felt it wss his only hope. Behind him, Officer Bonner cautioned "slowly, not too hard . V . slowly, not too hard." In the house. In i police cruiser and finally in the emergency room of the Civic Hospital he continued his steady effort , In the cruiser, the child. who had been limp and life less, made his firstsound. It was almost 30 minutes after he had knocked and entered the Southwood Drive home. The babyhad been born prematurely and had been in an incubator at Civic Hospital for the past two months. He had been allowed to go home on Tuesday. 'After the incident Mr. Mc-Gravey returned to his milk truck and resupied his interrupted round. 1.00IT. strong Canadian condn-- gent, in the " UN peace-keeping force. ' -..'." All the shots went overhead but officers said they were close enough to hear the "crack. crack:" "As far as we know. none of our soldiers had been deliber ately sijot at," laid the van Doos adjutant Cant. Louis Four-nlef of Quebec City. r y Thursday a grenade incident badly injured a Turkish-Cypriot shepherd and sent Canadian Burst of Gil njire in Area Patrolled By Van Doos 1 " "By DAVE McINTOSH NICOSIA CP) United Nations mediator Sakari Tuomioja o( Finland got an earful early today of the basic ingredient of the nervous situation in Cyprus a few hours after his arrival here. A There was a burst of gunfire in the, Canadian, patrol area which could easily be heard -in the Ledra Palace' Hotel where Tuomioja is staying. Tha mediator, got the suite in the hotel when Arthur Andrew, Canadian f . . ' ! t '"- " i ALEX McGARVEY ".. . " . ' BREATHES LIFE INTO CHILD Ottawa Milkman Saves Ba by A 48-ycar-old Ottawa milkman breathed life back into a choking infant with mouth-to-mouth tesuscitation today. r Alec RfcOarvey of 57,Bayswater Avenue found two-month-old Gregory Bonner limp and discolored in the arms of his.mother, Mrs. James Bonner, Just inside the door of their home at 1195 Southwood Drive, in Queensway Terrace South, shortly before 10 o'clock this morning: ; The infant is now in'.fair condition in Civic Hospital. It had been born premature and was released from that hospital only Tuesday. "We think he is gomg to be -all right," a hospital spokesman said shortly before noon. Mr. McGarvey said the child apparently choked In feeding. His initial efforts with conventional artificial respiration failed and he turned to the mouth-to-mouth method he had only ready, about before". : Mr. McGarvey, a milkman with Clark Dairy, knocked and opened the front door' of the Bonner home and came face to face with the near-hystencal mother cradling-ifee limp body of her infant . This is what he says: TURNED DARK "She was standing holding the baby. It was dark all over, right down to its little fingertips. ' "I took it from her. tapped it on the backside and then I told her to run across the street to call Gerry Gorman, -a policeman who lives there." He first laid the baby on a chesterfield and tried conven-. high commissioner,' waived prior claim, to It with the comment that Tuomioja had enough (o worry -about without being concerned over hotel accommodation. , , Most of the shoot ingTn suburban Tr a k h p n a s between Greeks and Turk! camped on opposite sides of the cease-fire line was In the British -v p'a- troiiea' sector. But there was also some in the area patrolled by two companiesof the Royal 22nd ; Regiment, 'part of , the iA'. troops into action., - , 7 -( t i 8 Studen t QUEBEC (CP) Taking an unprecedented step, the Federal-provincialconIerence decided Thursday to, launch" a" ministerial-level "review in depth" of the nature and extent of taxes at both levels of government in relation to rising pressures for more spending. 'How Long Will It Take?' Say rt Quebec By RICHARD JACKSON i of The Journal . A "How long does the Prime Minister think it will take tui Government to complete the separation of Quebec from the rest of Capada?" ' . This question this morning was shot across the floor of the Commons at Prime Minister Pearson by Edward Nasserden, Conservative MP for Rosthern, Sask. ' ... A ', Red-faced and indignant, the Order Stirs Storm ' Cancel European ' "Contracts, U.S. Tells Shipowners - LONDON (AP) The British government in a sharp statement Thursday threatened counter-action against U.S? moves to control transatlantic freight charges. AA' -An official statement author ized by Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas-Home accused the U.S. federal maritime commission of trespassing -on Britain's legal preserve bycaftrmj for cancellation of , shipping contracts made in Britain. , At the same time the Com mittee of European Shipowners, representing 10 maritime countries and controlling more than 5Q per cent of the world's mer chant tonnage, protested the commission's action as . "quite intolerable." The storm " over the Atlantic blew up after the maritime commission issued this order to shipow ners: ' , - ' Cancel your contracts with British.' (and other European) firms sending goods o the United States or face fines of up to 11,000 a day. , The shipowners w Me given until today to cancel thr old contracts and agree, to nego tiate hew ones along guidelines still to be .disclosed by the commission. . Success Stoiy gets piano ; through journal Want Ad PIANO. WILL 'PAY CASH. PHI' vmtm buyar, Another example, of buyer meeting teller! A Journal Want Ad tells your message to so many readers and costs to little. Keep . the Instant Action number handy r 238-7911 whenever you wish to buy or sett this easy way. vim; Shipping Actio mm Sep Prime Minister leaped to his feet snapping - that., such a question was hot in the interests of . national unity and should never have been asked. Mr. Nasserden, in opening fire on the Prime Minister, had bluntly suggested - that the Government m inviting the province to opt out of shared Dominion-Provincial - public service, programs was opening the way for separation. Didn't the Prim Minister think, pressed Mr. Nasserden, that these Invitations to get out served Just that purpose? "No," replied the Prime Min ister, biting off the word.- - Up popped Marcel Lasaard, Creditiste MP for Lac St Jean, to ask when the Prime minister was going to get busy with "real constitutional changes and reform and so prevent this country and Confederation from fly-Jug apart!! ; .'. ";A-.- , ' On.'to his feet climbed Harold Winch, NDP MP for Van couver East, to plead with the Speaker to giveVhim some leeway against the restrictive rules of the House so he could ask the most important question! as he described it, facing the country today. . He must have got a green light from the chair because he forged on: "Will the Prjme Minister call a Dominion-Provincial conference not one that sits for Just a few days but on that will sit and work and think until it finds a solution for these troubles '.of Confederation that are so much in everybody's mind today?" . The Prime Minister pondered a moment, then admitting that it was indeed a most important. basic and fundamental question, 'said he could scarcely be expected to give an off-the-cuff ansWer on the Orders of the Day. .. 'Then will the Prime Min istergive it his most serious consideration?" asked Mr, Winch..' A :A Earnestly, the Prime Minister promised he would.-. Bride-To-Be Killed Day Before Wedding . TORONTO (CP)-A 22-year-old woman who was. to have been married tonight and her bridesmaid-to-be died Thursday night as an unseasonal blizzard hit parts ,of southern Ontario and left a total of nix motorists dead. : Sylvia Eaton and her brides maid, Edith 'Grant. 18, bath of Angus, Ont., were killed when their car crashed head-on into a lumber truck three miles west of Barr'ie in a heavy snowfa" - Her fiance. Pte. Harold Hoi- land, 24, of the army base at Camp Borden,. Ont., said: just can't believe ft. iThe padre was going to marry us tonight hUhe camp chapel, Wejwere go- eekend honey m ' ' ' ' "A- ' .' MAINLY SUNNY WINDY A low, 15; High, 3t 79T YEAR 97 SEVEN CENTS OTTAWA, FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 1964 236-7511 Sunrise 5.39 a m. EST -FOUH' PAGES' sunset .a p.m. ti T Showdown Meeting Called 1 u e4Tox-ReewfP anned .7,1 i Jon 7VM TTAWA RNA UXsUPi mm.-, m - m m mm JA- --FORTY M K ; "1 Russia las i s R Ch 1 ten Loans JUll, 0& "important purpose" of the study-though Prime Minister Pears6n stressed that it is not the only one is to give the provinces -a widei range of tax resources to finance rising -costs of education and other services. He said : constitutional amendments are conceivable. : arafion Pension Plan Goes Ahead-PM Says Nothing ijhjas Changed - Gove rrtme n t V Resolve By RICHARD JACKSON of The Journal The Government's de termination remains' yn- sh'aken in proceeding immediately with a study of the Canada Pension Plan, Prime Minister - Pearson today assured the Commons. Nothing had happened at the Quebec conference to. change the Government's resolve, he added. . , QUESTIONS PM Conservative Leader Diefe'n- baker, referring to the Federal- Provincial Conference . as "fiasco" had asked whether the Government . would go ahead with the Pension Plan if two or more provinces dropped out Turn to Page 5 PENSION Beliveau Sidelined By Injury MONTREAL (UPI) The Montreal Canadiens announced today that centre Jean Beliveau will be sidelined for Saturday's fifth Stanley Cup semi-final playoff game against Toronto here. . Beliveau injured his knee when he was boarded by Toronto's Eddie Shack at Maple-Leaf Gardens last night when the Leaf tied the series 2-2 wun m o3 win over imifju tj real Beliveau did not play in fhe third period. Canadiens said a substitute would be. Called up from the minors later today'for Saturday's game. It 'was hoped the star centre would be back ini action for Tuesday's sixth gme in Toronto. On Way to Cyprus ' STOCKHOLM (Reuters,) . An advance party of .30, Swedish officers and men left here by air today for Cyprus where they will join the , United Nations pe ace-keeping-force. . 1 -' The rest of the Swedish force of nearly 700- men will leave for the island early nex( week. 1 ; a URGENT NEED -A But Quebec, agatn making no . stride$jn its so - called ",de- ' mand" for one-quarter of the income tax fields, said." immer diately that its need for more money is urgent that it can't wait -any longer.' -Premier Lesager-due-torde- 4iVer his Quebec budget speech in mid-April, hinted that he-will" consider - a tax . increase at home. - Quebec's requests were eminently justifiable, he said. The . provinceSi were paying the price ' of unbalanced" tax-sharing. To Quebec it. was important "that e prove without further delay that we have firmly decided to correct this situation." . ' . Meanwhile, he threatened court action by Quebec if the ul timate statutory form of the federal government's proposals for university-student loans, and family allowances for 16- and -17-year-olds still in school, show to him that they infringe on Quebec's constitutional rights in the field of education. . . WILL CONSIDER VIEWS The communique issued at the end of the three-day conference said the federal covern- ment would take no action in either field before considering'-j provincial views. Mr. 'Pearson went no further himself in replying to reporters later. ... Turn to Page 2-I DEPTH Tensions Ease ST. AUGUSTINE. Fla(AP) Racial tensions appeared to ease today. The lack of arrests Thursday and the departure today of a prominent demonstra-. r apparently marked a temporary halt to demonstra'tions. Police arrested 285 persons between last Saturday and Wednesday, mosly for violations of the state's trespass laws. Mrs. Malcolm Peabody, 72. mother of -the 'Massachusetts governor, was scheduled to fly back to Boston today. She spent two days in jail on trespass charges and put up a $450 bond for her release. PMs Meeting July 7? LONDON (CP) - A likely date for the forthcoming conference of Commonwealth- prime -'A f v if. ; s w V ' :- : , t -- ministers is Tuesday, July 7. 4 Although the timing is not yet., "tied up" in a favorite Whitehall phrase, this is regarded as fair guess. All leading Com monwealth rttrtesmen have exi1 pressed themselves in favor of holding the conference,, the first since September. 1962. . nSlde The JOUmO Below the Hill 13 . 21 9 Better Grades Billy Graham Bridge ................ Classified Ads 32-41 22, 23 Comics Crossword, ' ........... ., 28 -j Tmanciaf .......... S 28 IS Horoscope Kilgallen Spoils Tell Me Why 9 18. 22 S Theatres .. TV, Radio Weathcf .Women's News 2S-29 ..Your Health 23 ABC CtrtuUtlnn-IS.StS

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