The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 19, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1918
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE TEN. THE DAILY COUBTER. CONTNETLLSVUXE, PA .FRIDAY, JTJLZ19, 1918. The United States transport Covlngtotf. formerly the liner Cincinnati. wbicJi was torpedoed while on Its return Wp from France, Six of the crew were lost. . ; " ' · ' . . . J'DEKTH FDUMD BOOTH. READY fiissjg Friend Declare* That End W»» "Wally Welcom.Uo ths ' ' " ' " ' " " ' " ' " ' The li»t day. of MwtniBooth af- \iortft a signal illustration of Tehay- .so»e expressive line: The set gray life aad apathetic end." Bis successful ertaMishinent of "The Players," upon wmjeh his heart had lone been · a«t and ly which, as hie said to me, h» coafMeatly hoped to cause the ac. Con to hold their profession in higher esteem, had fulfilled his final ambition, . and; though for a .while he remained oa the stage, he neither attempted nor desired to. accomplish anything more. HI* horn* waa in" the clubhouse, where : hie 'rooms. reverently kept as they · w»r» -wlMax ha left .them. foraror,' remain unoccupied and unused -- on im- jlr»er j v» and touching memorial, write* Winter in Cooler'*. Weekly. On* erenix when J was sitting with 1 : ate hy the areaide, and 'he'sras snok- ! in*;: ks pipe and ruminating, 1 com- V meaded to him the resources of trav- -. d to treak the monotony .of custom.. "B»t I have traveled to mocV .he MM, "and wherever I go people want · to eitertala me, and I hare no peace. . Here la lay bed, and here la th* flre, · and here an the book»-- and here you com* to see me'." Tten, puffling at hl» pipe, he added: "1 npeoae I Shan wear ottt-bero." So it WM to be._ Physical pain, harassed · htm: bodily weeinesa had "made him aore and more langald;- wearineea of everything had a*ttl«d'^oB'hi9 mind. The noble pettonee and 'the gentleness No One Knows Who Originated ' the "Round Robin." Long in Use on Shipboard for. Determining Each Sailor's Watch-^Oftan ; Employed in the Form of a Petition. That watch kept on board GIVEM HONOR.NOT DESERVED : of ate-svlrtt-'neTer-^aAed^tmtrhlft---*^^^ One manT-draws -a -large--circle, on '· pectatIon T -wa» turnedTeacerly"toward'; the lid of a chest, or. if that Is not con- the end. Death, to'hiav-iaa-the crown- | venlent, the 'deck. The circle is stib- ing mercy and-blessing;*-of life--truly divided into as-many dlvisions'as there "a consummation, "devoutly- to oe are men;' and 'each man makes "his rlshed."- ·-· - · _..._.,.,.- mark in one of the spaces'. This may "I cana^grtevejit deaUi/'-he-wrote be a cross,-a-drde, a triangle,-or any Error of Learned Men^Responsible foi America Being Named; After Amerigo Vespucci. · The storyof · how the new world received the naine of America is a striking example of what publicity will accomplish. Amerigo-Vespucci, a highly educated Florentine, was head of , a business house In Seville.- Spain, probably as agent for the great trading firm of the Meillcls.'.and helped to fit out one of. the expeditions with which Columbus soiled. When tlio latter'9 night, while lying at anchor, is called [ monopoly was revoked, Vespucci 'untie anchor watch. Generally speaking'' 'del-took several voyages of exploration it consists ; ot one officer and one sea-~| on his own account, during which ha man, whose duties are to watch out for | claimed in many letters to have been the safety-of the ship, see that the I the first to reach the mainland of the anchor light IB kept burning brightly,"] new continent, giving the date as Junei and take care .that the vessel does not I 16. M97- drag her anchor. It there are eight On April 25, 1507, Jibe learned heads hoars of darkness to be covered rand- eight men _ constitute the crew; :tiiese m«n are required .to watch : .one -hoar each. If ;there.-be. more or Jess men. the question 'arises who is,'to ;go pop watch first; or last, or, perhaps,'/who; Is to "lay Over".nntll the pert day. : ;It thns;becomes necessary^to.ascer-, tain who'is to ; go, on dutyuat:»':ter- tsln hour and'each man must know when his turn comes. Arrangement, for this is made by. forming;a7"round. robin;" or putting It in another'way, by "cbalSIng for watches," which Is accomplished . in snch a way .that each itlor has the time for keeping his watch determined by lotv. one not being favored more than "another. The thing Is decided In :tnis way:. to : i in a time of terrible affliction. "It Mem* to me tbe creates^ boon-the almijhty ha»-»yaated-M.'-'^-Wny idp you not'look at this miierabki little III*, with all its upa and downs. ,a» I dot At the very wojstj^ta. b u t ' a ·cratch, a temporary 111, to bo soon" cored by'that dear old doctor,: Death, whoglTM m a life more healthful and endurincthan'all the physicians temporal or spiritual can glTe." * HI* laat two year* were' passed in desultory readinc. mbatly on religious subjects,'and in musing over ttie past .and so he drflted away.' As an actor he-'- great 'indeed--eren greater, ·of-the· TJnlyerslty:of St. Die, In I.or- "ralne, decided, incorrectly, .that he was entitled -tio-tbe hono'r of discovery, ( Columbas haTing ; "only reached -the Islands ;pjTthe^ West-Indies, mil that the- -western hemisphere should' bear hhrname. _The name ;'America was, :therefore.-first uscd-Jn:.the;bpcilr."Cps-i mocra'phlae Introdnctlo," by Martin' ;Waldseeraul!er, ,;profegsor; 'of cosmoff- raphy;ht;the.Timlyerslty. _ .. ' ^ ,..It has .sioce, .been:."fihown that.'.Tes- pnccl wasvprecclea"by'boai Columbus and John Cabot, but It was -too.late, the new world had been christened America ;and 'the "fact' 'advertised In print The house where the meeting wus which the classical error was made.was still standlhg'at St. Die at the-oatbreaic.'of the war, and-wns annually visited" by many tourists from -both North and.South America. other sipTthat will suffice to* identify ·him.. ; /; '_' ' ; ~ : -,': v ·'. ' - ~ XnrUig - the time - the*" sailors are| placing their marks within' the 'division of the circle, one of their number Is it- ' tained;- outside' on deck and kept in Ignorance, of the identity,'of/any .anther oJE .any', mark. ., When aH^. haVe made ^ieir.;marks'.the ronnd'robin"is; complete; The rman 'who wn* :on deck is now called, .someone"else"!baying made a urark'for'Wm.,- .Thiv.jaan now-, proceeds'^jo erase the marks, one ..by_ one. ;The Downers of ..the .' : marks; are; mnnbered.from nnmber : .ooe np, In sbc- cession, 'as, he' erases r them,' and their'. 1 as. In pondering on" the subject, I have I numbers, are "chalked tip. on the'sides' come to think, than his wonderful fa : t°* the'berths.;. those above-number.-tenT ' lying dverrnntirthe .neif .night: As tee" man who'eraaes the marks..does not' ther. But to him living waa inanltely more important than acting. know who" made 'this or'that, he'can-- not show'any partiality.'.' ' iThe jrourid .robln-ls sometimes pnt to. :._ . Feet of~the Natioha. In future when we want to discover.! a aaen's nationality we/shall no'long-j. , . ,- ....:.. . ^^.-·^· J - ··· -.·-- er require to persuade "him" to "talk I"* »f'.^* to P^ m !r.»J^r Bn '^6 l . to see Wjhether.his speech, betrayed! 2 - L , TM him, all ve will have to do Is to look | ~TM J , _ , . » ebt! ?;*?;. t ? le ; c .?Pt« 1 .- POI HAWAIIAN NATIONAL DISH It Being Introduced -Into- tb« United States and Is Saftf to Be Meot- ; Ing' With Favor. · Hawnil is innldng a food-«aTlng con- -trtbntion- in . the shape of pol. Its national dl«h made. from the bnib.of the taro 'plant. Until 20 years ago pol was made/jmdcr primitive .conditions, the bnlhs bein; peeled,: boiled and' ponnd- ' ed;ln. »jir,ooden.trencljeT:untn a scmi- llHutd paste _ was .formed. ~. But. today ;mpd«rn.»anitary";inachlnerr Ia';nsed 'to .mantifacture. ' the l.'.product,. . tinder', sn^ 1 p«rrlfiloh.' dfrhealrb.' 'anthbrlUes In the i8]an!l..and.flTo fartorteB^kt.EUo now turn. out. seveml toes Onlly. , , This new forin;6f.pbl Is being "sent :tb7Ube. United States, 'reschinjr 'niar- keta. as. far, away \aslNew Torfc city, and -.a "demand .which began with Ha- who had.come to tie United antrclew .to taa.race'to which owner «Hj t UIS», .Hi «; fa.-JyJ* ·«*»**** .!·'«,-*·*'·-*'*'··*.-····**«· ·*·····* f-'-* -· - · j been-studyingrthe-Teet of the nations «.» 'J" 1 TM each has 4tSu_own peenliar.,iiatIonaL.I'' T ' ter T ( ? t ; eh"aracteri«lcs, whichform'an trnporPj «n«lTM oat . . . . . 1 er; with Bndne iWfverltT. T A-fa.mons case In example of similar use [of the ronna robin in the army-^wlthm Jrecent-Oi w'as the "Roosevelt Bound. Bobln'* i Ing the Spanish war.- . . . Where the custom originated no one knows. Thus th«.FrBneh foot^-it'la pointed oBt,i«n»rr6w and long. JThe" Spanish foot is suU, and ·legantly cwmS- taaaikj to ita -Uoortah blood^-corres- jontfng to the Castilian's prido of be- 4nct"hi(h In the instep." The Arab's fowt- to proTsrhial "for iti'tigU' arch". Th»Korah^sayi that a stream of wa- t«r"caii RuTunder^the tme Arab's foot iritinut touching It The foot of the . aenteh is high and thic'kL Thai: of the lri»i SaTiid jfluire,"ta»:Eng)i«h short ".' When Athens-waS'inxthe-tenith-the- Greelan foot w«. tee most, perfectly tensed'and exactly proportioned of : any o* the human race. 'Swedes, Nor- : wegja'as, and Germane have the larg- e«t feet, Americant the smallest.-; m ;." ' To Leam Fate of Stan. It is by means ot new stars that astronomers hope to establish what will lie the ultimate fate of the sun and Its attendant planets. ' Every star. and. the sun is a star, is rnshin; through space at eDoratone: speed. The son ;l* traveling toward Tega with a veloc- i ItT of 1* xMa a s«on4.-OthT stars ar» lmown : which posjes* r a speed of .*» mOes a second. '-tSere an- in the '·ky gmrt doods of dark meteors, snch :;a« obstruct our view of'the milky way.- .j^Wben a star hits one of'these clouds Itlien to a flash of mV a» It tears its : Ti!ay through. If dM swarm U small,tie star may escape, "tat if it Is large- ; .the star Is-destroyed and Its fra£- : riMts ge to Increase the cloud that 'rauMd Its destmctlMt. Tae KnirUsh /;a-rtroDoTM»rwa«fks«oe*ervel'the n«w ,;s«ar,,says that tt repwisents « cat«s- ; Jsn^he ot enoraows"Inagattwav^in' 1»- Vvably r«o»OM fcMs. v . M. Jeaepk dob has protested i :·»£·: ; i'j'ihai'rf' ior P»e: Motaee. 'on -thf ground i jSa^^M»?aapi«sleai h«d not baea Uiv ~""i£?s«.'". .,,";'. .' :tS'K-:;^-,--/:-.-J5.'i:jC^'.-i£C£ *a t ^.,*5" S-S--4S ·V Bed Wer. of FiuMcval Hue-- Other rITho toughest American wood la thai of the Osage orange, Thich is sot '»ii orange, at 'all. but- belongs to the npttle family.- This ; has Jnst . been proVed:by a seiiM i of 'teats made by 'the United State* forest »M-r1c6, bat 'the Indians kneWit before the coming of the .white man and It was known to them as the bow tree, be- cauaa they naed it for making; their ' Some Idea.. of Its strength, mar be hud from. a- report Just made by the forest wrrjloe, which, shows that a block 30 inches, long and 2 inches hy S inches in I croas section when hi breaks ': under a strem of 13.MO, pounds, Its nearest rlnl ' being variety of tie hickorr called mboker- n»£. 'When bent oy the impact of a handred-poimd hammer-it stand* stress of IB^lp.'poanaa, . certain sugar maples and.tbe.hoheyiocust being its Hrals. '.It'eiee«ds7the htckor- iea, and its ionlyl-riTal in hardnesa; tested, by the forceS- reqriired to imbed a' .444- inch -baHv It* diameter, isjthehoney.'locust. New Oefwrator Fli*ds;-Favor. , . ·An«^ gen«atwr v ;:supplylng'. fuel ;fot pcopolnng n«irprb»ts Is the; ovlce;of ai.TIorwegian';captB!n and Is ""'".'.'." .gnsat-Sdeinandi/al-i thoogh the aTermge'coetr'Is 21 cents. The: »as given off aavw«t»r U dropped npoo caletnm carbide, Is led to the carburetor, wnere. It ta panned aad fed to the motor. Though this apparatus I. adapted only for th* ordinary :gasolinejnotor a mod- / that--Is'! «ipected-;to;ssTve;fer-;ejiglBeii designed *""·"' 'm/mif-'':::'':-'-:V.^'('.i : K~:^l SSSSS ·8tates':ls generally, ieing extended -to 'Americans :.whorhave*-learned"-tb like Pol Js freqiientljCiiaed :ih HawaiUn hospitals, in {he dlet-of'petlents whose 'stomachs are ioo^wealt to dlseat : other ; fobd, and the wir -interest' In'irebstlr* -tute foods -is expected' to lead to its -wider introduction ^elsewhere. · _ _ Plaes. , Jf yon saw "The.Bird of . and then listened, to some folk talk yon may be .nnder the impression Hawaii la a land where Americans go and Just-naturally forget how to work; lie down beneath a shady, sprcndy tree and listen to the thrum of the'Hawallan gnlfars until they're lulled Into a sie'ep from which they seldom are aroused. "ThafstDfr;'''snld S.' S: Piiison of Hon- olnlur^iS" air right' birt it's for story books "and comic operas. I went- to Hbnplo7a,13 years ago from Philadelphia," became" president' of the Eotary club, a member of the legislature and head of the largest automohile concern In Honolulu. When I came back to the United States I don!t flnd any of my old companions are staying up ·any-later at ;nlgbt"than I do or travel" faster than I flo. .Don't let 'any one 1 ' pnt that 'go-to-sIeep-aniJ-never-Yi-ake- tip 1 Idea Into your head. Hawaii is not a lazy man's country, by. any Britain's "Baby Army." the British troops reached Italy they_were nicknamed "The Bnby Army."_TheJtiilians were''so surprised at the smart appearance, of the new^ comers-HHfferlng' so materially did fromithejilctnre presented,by the home-troops:-whom they;T?assed^-thatr In the ; belief that theji"had,; ; come ?ttaight fjiqm : England, :: ;'they .Vere called :frrhe-;Baby Army,7-as a matter of factlthe. Brittsh soldiers were war- worn veterans from the;-Tpres salient. ' Mattasna.nehlp. and . . . '. Marksinaishlp with 'the rifle la ; not so mnch; ainiatter of 'keenness of sight as of mnsnihir steadlnesfC Arth'nr. L Gates .of Teachers' cpllegeilMewiidrk, aesSfbes'lnirthe Journal'- of, Applied Psychology some tests ^made by him whlcli prove that ,'the';mpst ';' accnrate controi'-'ia so tntctions, subjective aniiety aiuTaato- THE REAL Mute Agony of a People Crushed Under the Iron Weight of Remorseless MBitary Oppression, Which Came in the Wake of Flame and Murder HV next week. BRAND WHITLOCK, U. S. Ambassador to Belgium, whose wonderful story is the greatest war feature ever published, already has told in THE SUNDAY PRESS the facts about the German invasion and the atrocities. Now comes the real story of the suffering of that stricken land, and its deeper significance f or the world. Order Your Sunday Press John Kestner West Apple St Connellsville, Pa. NOW From S£g§ Buy War Savings Stamps Today! Investigation Never Lost a Man a Dollar, Va» · - . . . . . . . But Has Made Thousands for Many ourier Job Department can save you money and time on your printing^ needs, for we have the most modern equipped printing plant in Fayette county. "·' : :.;,'· ,'."; . ' · , . " ' All we ask is a chance to bid on your work, surely we are entitled to this* . . . . . . . . . . . · * . . . . : Investigate pur service and printing. GALL ON EITHER PHONE THE COURIER COMPANY Job Printing Department ^ _ 1 ?fr?^ma*? . __^_

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