The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 12, 1938 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, March 12, 1938
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 193S. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. PAGE THREE. Among the Churches CHUKCII OF THE BRETHREN Vino and Ncwmycr, F. A. Meyers, pastor, 407 East Green street--0:45, worship service and sermon, "My Church' 1 : 20:45, church school scs- sions,/Mrs. Olive Lcpley, supcrm- tcndent. 6:45, Junior Church League. G:-15, Y. P. D. meeting; topic, "I Believe in the Church." 7:30, special program in charge of the women's ·work. FIRST UNITED BRETHREN Lincoln avenue at Race street, Elmer A. Schultz, minister--Unified service o£ worship, sermon and Bible study, 9:30 to 11:25 A. M.; sermon by pastor, "Shall I Go Forward?" Bible study lesson, "Feeding the Hungry." Christian Endeavor, 6:30 P. M. Revival meetings begin at 7:30 P. M. FIRST CHURCH OF GOD Woodlawn avenue and Aoln street, South Connellsville, L. Frank Haas, pastor--United services Sunday at 10 A. M., in charge of'the pastor. Rev. G. Myers will preach Young people's hour at 6:30 P. M. in charge of Mary Jane Stoner. Evan golistic service at 7:30 P. M , preaching by the pastor. Mid-week prayer service Wednesday at 7:30 P. M., in charge ot Mrs. Frieda Clark, PRESBYTERIAN South Pittsburg and East Green streets, Karl H. J. Schoenborn, pastor--Sunday school, 9:45 A. M., lesson subject "Feeding the Hungry" worship service, 11 A. M., sermon topic "A Message for Anxious Hearts" (by request); Christian Endeavor, 6:30, Henry W. McRobbie Jr., leader; worship service, 7:30, sermon topic "The Servant-Master." TRINITY LUTIIliRAN Fairvicw avenue, W.ill. Hctriek, D. D., pastor--Class in (catechism, 9 A. M. Sunday school, 10 A. M.; lesson, "Feeding the Hungry." Church vorship, 11 o'clock; Lenten service, crmon, "Thrice Denied." Luther League, G:40 P. M.; topic, "The Beauy of His Sacriilce"; leader, Mrs. \V. H. Hetrick. Church worship, 7'30 M.; Lenten service, sermon. Types of! Crosses." Adult class for nstruction looking to church mcm- icrship will be formed Wednesday evening, March 30. PAYNE A. M. E. H. D. Lowber, pastor--9:30 A. M., Sunday school; 11, preaching, sub- cct, "Prayer and Fasting." At 8 P. preaching, subject, "Reward for Overcoming." Wednesday, 8 P. M., prayer-meeting. METHODIST PROTESTANT A. R. Mansbcrger, minister--Worship at 10:45 A. M., sermon, "Min and Thine." 7:30 P. M., sermon, "The Impenitent City." CHRISTIAN Merrill L. Cadwell, pastor--Bibli school at 9:30 A. M., "Why Wa: Jesus Crucified?--The Church Re jcclcd Him." Expanded session o the church school will attend thi morning worship service as is the custom on the second Sunday of th month. Christian Endeavor at 6:3' P. M., worship service at 7: 30 P. M. (Some Paradoxes o£ Jesus) "Th Meek Master." ALLIANCE GOSPEL TABERNACLE W. E. Smith, pastor--Sunday school, 9:45; morning service, 11 young people's meeting, 6:30; eve jiing worship, 7:30. ROCKY MOUNT BAPTIST M. L. Lambert, pastor--11, morn Ing worship; 12:30, Sunday school 7:30, evening service; 7:30 Wednes day, prayer-meeting. TRINITY REFORMED Corner Pittsburg and Green streets C. Gco. Shupe, pastor--9:45 A. M Sunday 'school hour, "Feeding th Hungry": 11 A. M., sermon, "Why t Church Member?" 7:30 P. M., scr mon, studies in the 23rd Psalm, "A Morning Meal on the Meadows.' Wednesday at 7:30 P. M, specia Lenten services, "Emergency Lead crship." PRESBYTERIAN' West Leisenring, William Hamil ton, minister--Sunday school, 9:4 H. K. Warnock", superintendent Young people's service, 6:45 P. M topic, "What Christ Does for In dividuals." Church service, 7:30 P M., topic, "Preparing For the Fu ture." · FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN . South Pittsburg street and Morto avenue, George R. Krupp, minister-'Bible school, 9:45 A. M. Mornin worship v at 11; theme, "A Preciou Promise." Pioneer Society, 3 P. M Y. P. C. U., 6:30. Evening service 7:30; subject, "The Rejected Stone. Mid-week service of prayer an praise, Wednesday evening at '7:4 o'clock. PRESBYTERIAN Lciscnring No. 1, William Hamil ton,' minister--Church service, 8:4 A. M., topic, "Preparation for Meet ing God," Church school, unifle service, topic, "Feeding the Hungry. 'Men and Women's Bible Class wit Rev. Hamilton as teacher. · FIRST BAPTIST Corner Baldwin avenue and Sout Pittsburg street, J. S. Brownlcc, min ister--Bible school Sunday morning 9:45; graded classes up to 18 years organized classes for adults, A. K Waugnman, general superintcndcn Preaching services in morning at 1 o'clock and evening at 7:30. Rev Frownlee will preach, B. Y. P. U at S:30, with young people's an adults invited. Leaders are Willia: 'JDragoo and Max Wiant. Specia music by the choir morning am evening under direction of Maria: Snyder. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST Wcimer Arcade, East Crawfor avenue--Sunday services at 10:45 A M. Wednesday evening, 8 o'clock Sunday school for pupils under 2 years ot age is held at 9:30 A. M subject of lesson sermon, "Sub stance"; golden text, Phillippian 4:19. A free reading room is main taincd in the same building whcr authorized Christian Science litcra ture may be read or borrowed an is open each Monday, Wedncsda; and Friday from 2 to 4 o'clock. MOUNT ZION BAPTIST Rev. R. D. Epps, pastor--9:30, Bibl school, Joshuo Fant in charge of th program. Devotional at 10:30. Con ducted by the officers. 2:30, pra and praise services by A. B. Baily Richard Coachman, J. Hickman. A 3, preaching by Rev. J. H. King o Uniontown, his choir will sing. Th pastor will administer the Lord' Supper, assisted by the visiting min isters. Baptist young people at 6:30 Samuel Gants in charge. Usual service at 8. SALVATION ARMY Major and Mrs. Anthony Vende- vilc, officers in charge ot service Saturday open air meeting, 7:30; Sunday holiness meeting, 11 A. M.; Sunday school, 2:30 P. M.; Young People's Legion, 3:30 P. M.; open air meeting, 7:30 P. M.; evangelistic sermon, 8: P. M. Tuesday Children Band of Love Class. 4:15 P. M. Tuesday, soldiers' meeting, 8 P. M. Thursday, Ladies' Home League, 2:30 P. M.; Thursday, Corps Cadet Class, 7 P. M.; Thursday, band practice, 8 P. M.: Friday holiness meeting, 8 P. M.; Friday, Sun Beams Class, 5:15. TRINITY EPISCOPAL East Fairview avenue. Evening prayer 7 o'clock, James M. Frye in charge. Please note change in time of service. CHURCH OF GOD G. W. Byrnes, pastor, residence 1119 West Crawford avenue. Buchanon: Sunday school, 10 A. M.; preaching, H A. M.; Christian Endeavor, 7 P. M, Clinton: Sunday school, 10 A. M.; preaching( revival message), 7:30 P. M.; reception ol members. The revival meeting which will close Sunday evening has been very fruitful. Rev. Elliott Will Discuss Mob Spirit At First M.E. Church "The Christ of Pilot's Judgment Hall" will be the sermon theme for the llth Sunday morninc of the "Christ Centered Crusade" at' Ihc First Methodist Episcopal Church. "We know something of the cruelty of the hysterical mob cvon tod;.} in a civilization tcmpprcd by 2,001 years of Christian teachings, snys Rev. L. S. Elliott. "What was the attitude, cruelty and torture of tha insane, cursing mob as it rushed upon Jesus crying for blood? No wonder they spit in his face; no wonder they eagerly plaited a crown ol thorns, whose cruel barbs pierced IIIL scalp until blood trickled down his face. Surely Jeius must have suffered as much in these dark told hours of trial as. later on the cross The darkest blotch on the face o human history was made on the seventh of April, the Friday of Pas sion Week. The chain ot events on this day demonstrated as never before or since that the power of sin within the bosom of humanity is o Satan. Here man willfully and with deliberate murderous purpose ciuci- flcd his God rather than surrender his will to the divine purpose." The Sunday evening service 7:30 o'clock is on "What Jesus Teaches About Trials and Tribulations.' Special Services at Fayette Charge; Men's Gospel Team to Attend Sunday will be a day of imusua interest at the churches of charge o Fayette United Brethren Church. Sunday school will be conducted as usual at all three at 10 o'clock in the morning. At Mount Olive a spe cial service has been arranged lo; 11 o'clock in charge of the Men's Gospel Team of Bellwood. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon the same group will have charge of the service at Fairview, near Hammond ville. There will be two services at 7:31 o'clock in the evening, with the gospel team in charge at East En while the pastor, Rev. W. J. Riehoy will preach at Fairview. Evangel istic meetings will open at Fairview and be conducted every evening a 7:30 o'clock. The gospel team is a group o consecrated men of varying ages They all follow ordinary occupations lor a livelihood. Union Baptist Ushers To Have Installation The Union Baptist usher board will hold its first installation service March 27 at the Union Baptis Church. Rev. J. H. King of Mount Rose Baptist Church ot Uniontown wil speak at 3:15 o'clock, and his church choir will sing. Mount Rose usher will have charge at the door. C. W Wade is chairman ol the usher'; board and Rev. L. H. Colvin is pastor. APOSTOLIC BAPTISM IN YOUGH SUNDAY The Apostolic Assembly of McCormick avenue will have a baptisma service in the Youghiogheny River just south of the West Crawforc avenue bridge at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. The baptismal program will be in charge of Rev. Robert McCombic. Che Golden (Teat Mark 6:37--"Give ye them to cat," Margaret C. Bufano Advertising Manager For Brooklyn Store Miss Margaret C. Bufano, daugh- cr of Mr. and Mrs. A. Bufano of irooklyn, N. Y., formerly of Con- elsville, has been made divisional dvertising manager of Abraham and traus, Brooklyn's oldest and largest cpartment .store. Miss Bufano udgelrf, directs and writes all local nd national newspaper and maga- ine advertising for women's inex- 'Cnsive fashions, children and twix- cen fashions, children's furniture, orscts, lingerie, house and cruise rocks, nurse and maid uniforms and mall boy fashions. Miss Bufnno was graduated from Connelsville High School and In- liana State Teachers College. She well known among the younger et in Connelsville. Feeding the Hungry 'BHASS TACKS' ON THE SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON By DR. ALVIN* K. BELL (Thr International Uniform Lesson on the above text for March 13 is Mark 6:33-40. the Golden Text bcinpr Mark 6:37, "Give yc them to eat.") AN INTERESTING New Testament study is afforded iw in the incidents In the life of Jeans In which he was Interrupted in his lenchlnp or other work he wns doing, and what came out of those interruptions. The Interruptions of JCMIB Nicodcmus interrupted his rest thai night he came secretly to JcflU.i* Jodglnp; Jn Jerusalem; the Samaritan woman interrupted his rest that noon at the well of JSychar; men coper for his blessing Interrupted his sermon by lowering 1 a man through the roof to be healed by him, the Sermon on the. Mount Is the by-product of another interruption: Mary Magdalene interrupted R fenst to anoint his feet: the woman who touched the hem of his garment and was healed, received her healing as an interruption of his journey to the home of Jairus to restore a little girl to life after death; the feeding of the ftvc thousand, and Jesus* iiibnequent discount on the "Bread of Life" are the results of an interruption of a rest period Jesus planned for his dliciplen upon their return from their first missionary journey. Far from bcin/r annoyed or provokrtt by such Interruptions, "h«- came forth and saw n. great multitude, ant! he had compassion on them, because they were as sheep not having a shepherd, and he began to teach them many things." How he shames our frequent irritation at the Might interruptions which come to us! He made them occasions for helpful ministry to those who brought the Interruptions; we, too often, turn them into a show of temper. Adding Machine Complex "The place is desert and the day is now far spent," said his disci- pics in their irritation, "Send them away, that they may buy themselves somewhat to cat. But he answered and said unto them. Give yc them to eat. And they say unto him. Shall we go and buy two hundred, pennyworth ($34 worth) of bread, and give them to eat?" They were good at computing their material resources and estimating rpquirements. But this "adding machine complex", which we so often share with them, fcli short of estimating- their real resources, for the simple reason that an adding machine has no key to press that will bring God Into the sum total, and no problem \n solved correctly when God is left out. They could add five loaves And two Ashes, but they failed to go on and say "these plus Christ equal sufficient." Omitting Christ In their calculations, they made the mistake we read in their question to their Lord, "But what arc these among so many?" "Thou Prepare*! a Tnbte." For JMUS took their mtager resources and prayerfully added heaven's rich blessing upon them and "prepared a table before them." even though the place was desert. "He took the five loaves and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blessed nnd brake the loaves; and he gave to the disciples to set before them; itnd the two fishes li vJdcd he amonj; them all. And they did all cat and were Ailed. And they took up broken piece*, twelve bnsket- fuls " He itill has compassion on the hungry multitude. He has not failed to provide, but men in their selfishness have failed to dlatrib-, ute his bounty. To Conduct Revival At First U. B. Church jPennsville Revival Will Be Continued For Another Week KEV. J. FRANK STRAYHR Revival meetings begin tomorrow at the First United Brethren Church. Rev. J. Frank Straycr of Youngwooti has been engaged as evangelist. Rev. Straycr, who has had considerable experience in the field ol evangelism, is a former member of the State Legislature, former dncc- tor of Adult Education in Allegheny Conference, has been for a number of years the secretary of the Conference Church Extension and Missionary Society. For nine years he was pastor of the Shumaker Memorial Church in McKcesport, and is now in his second year at Youngwood. L. G. Hoover, well known local churchman, will be the song leader. Mr. Hoover, who is executive secretary of the Fayette County Sunday School Association, is often in demand as a bong leader m conventions, rallies and other gatherings. Miss Jean Hoover, who was graduated with a degree in music from the University ol Michigan, will preside at the console of the new organ. Miss Hoover is director of the newly organized children s choir of the First U. B. Church ;\nd one of the church organists. The church pastor, Rev. Elmer A. Schultz, has general direction of the revival and evangelistic eflort. As- 'sociatcd with him are John M. Kelley, William Fox and C. W. Kern ES the evangelism committee. The services will begin at 7:30 o'clock each night and continue throughout the week except on Saturday nights. Attendance is open to the public. Pastor. 00, Sets Record. LONDON, Mar. 12.--Fifteen thousand different sermons and still preaching, is the record of Rev. John Hunt Lynn, SO-year-old Nonconformist parson of London. He still delivers as many as four sermons a week. Revival services will continue in Ihu PennsviHe Kv.mflchcal Churcl throughout next week. Meeting will begin at 7:30 o'clock every eve nine with spocinl music planned fo each service and also special speak crs. Rev. G. A. Marks will bring the mes.s.'ige Sunday evening. His ser mon subject will be "Sowing am Reaping." The public is invited \c all services,. Monday evening will be adul night. All adults are invited as we] as others. William Deals will do liver the message. Tuesday evening Rev. U. A. Mark will be the speaker. Specia! musi. will be offered by the "Witt Trio' from Connllsville. Wednesday evening will be Youm Peoples' Night. All young people ar requested to attend. Wiilliom Bcal will speak. Thursday evening Rev. G. A Marks will again occupy the pulpit. Friday evening will be observe! as "Sunday School Night." The Sun day School as a whole are invitei to attend and sit as seperate classes J. Roy Sccsc, a well known man will speak. Trinity Men's Class Hearing Goal of 10i The Men's Bible Class and Broth crhood of Trinity Lutheran Churc arc actively engaged in building u the organization, aiming at 100 i attendance by Easter. The attend ancc of the class, with Dr. Hetric as teacher, has always been re gardcd as commendable, keeping u a high average. Last Sunday the attendance wa nearly 80. Beginning Wednesday March 30, a class of adults will re ceive instruction after the Lente service preparatory to joining th church. Membership in this class open to the public. Laughing Gas in the Air. FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., Mar. 15.-Found! The real reason touris flock into Arizona to be happy. It laughing gas. Nitrogen pcntoxide, chemical compound similar to the peculiar gas, has been found in the atmosphere near Flagstaff by two scientists from the Lowell observatory. From Yesterday's Last Edition \Pittsburgh. Interior Decorator to Speak At Open Meeting of Woman s Culture Club I ~-' ~- ~- iavalcanfe Charges Unfounded, Governor Says inquiry Shows HARKISBURG, Mar. 11.--Governor George H. Earle announced today a motor police investigation ailed to support Senator Anthony ^avalcante's charges of irregularities n State civil service operation in Fayette county. "The investigation has failed to disclose any evidence o£ unfairness or fraud in the conducting of civil service examinations in question-Cor public assistance department positions--or in the preparation of ippointmcnts to positions to be filled by such examinations," he said. MY-TE GOOD CLUB ELECTS MRS. OLIVE HERWICK HEAD The My-To Good Club met Thursday evening at the home of .Mrs. Sara Listen at Poplar Grove. Ofll- ccrs for the coming year were elected as follows: President, Mrs. Olive Horwick; secretary, Mrs. Margaret Mickey; treasurer. Miss AHhea Htmn; reporter, Mrs. Nell Penn. The club decided to hold a covered-dish supper Thursday evening, March 17, at the home of Mrs. Herwicfc in South street. The time is 6 o'clock. After the business meeting Ramos were played, prizes being won by Mrs. Nan Fosbrink and Mrs. Mary Shank. Lunch was served by the hostess, assisted by her daughter, Miss Alberta. The next meeting will be held Thursday evening. April 14, at the home ol Mrs. Herwick. Personal Mention MRS. C. O. MEYERS IS HOSTESS TO J. F. CLUB The J. F. Club was entertained Miss Dorothy Husband and Misses Eleanor and Lila Porterfield saw "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" Thursday night at a Pittsburgh theatre. Miss Martha G. Driscoll of Sycamore street left this morning to spend the week-end as the guest of Miss Virginia B. Miner, a student at Wilson College for Women, Chambersburg. Frank W. Davis, Jr., a student at Robert Morris School of Accountancy, and Harold Davis enrolled at Carnegie Institute of Technology at Pittsburgh, arc spending the weekend at their home in East Green street. George Soisson of Seottdale, a former local resident, visited friends here Tuesday. Mrs. Lewis A. liarccr and son, Richard D., of Mount Pleasant visited Mrs, Harrer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James J. Driscoll, of Sycamore street Thursday. Andrew Hays and William Blas'ey visited in Grccnsburg Wednesday. Misses Betty and Marguerite Dixon, students at Scton Hill College, Greensburg, are spending the week-end at their home in Aetna street. Thomas S. Bannon of West Murphy avenue visited friends in Uniontown Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. George Bucholtz of Madison, former residents of this place, visited friends here Wednesday. Miss Nancy N. Spear who has been ill at her home in Angle street for the past week, is much improved. Miss Kathcrine Rust, a student at Grace Martin's Secretarial School, Pittsburgh, is spending the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rust in Blnckstone road. Mrs. Harry R. Humphrey, who underwent a major operation at Connellsville State Hospital Monday, is getting along nicely. Misses Madeline Johanna and Florence E. Duggan ot South Pittsburg street attended the Marinaro trial at Uniontown today. Mr. and Mrs. George Dean ol Akron will arrive Saturday to spend the week-end with Mr. Dean's brother, Mr. and Mrs. W. Howard Dean, of Sycamore street. Archie McPhail of Mount Pleasant was a business caller here today. Dale Hider of Uniontown visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kidcr of Vandcrbilt Tuesday. Mrs. Pauline Dowden of Vandcr- John Clifton of Pittsburgh, interior decorator, will be the guest speaker at an open meeting of the Woman's Culture Club to be held Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the club 'rooms at the Carnegie Free Library. His subject will be "Home Art." Mrs. Charles Dclwiler will be leader and Mrs. J. H. Dull has planned a musical program. Hostesses are Mrs. Daniel Durie, Mrs. Bela B.'Smith, Mrs. C. A. Fortey, Mrs. W. L.' Beuschcr, Mrs. H. K, Lewis and Mrs. L. Dale Johnson. The program will be preceded by business session with the president, trs. Henry W. McRobbie, in charge. Emanon Club Marks 19th Anniversary The Emanon Club celebrated its linetecnth anniversary w i t h a Deautifully arranged banquet Thursday night at Crawford Tea Room, louth Pittsburg street. The club olors, turquoise blue and gold, were ffectively carried out. The table vas graced at cither end with yel- ow tapers in crystal holders, while he lovely centerpiece was - a gold basket of calendulas centered with large bow of gold satin ribbon, 'laces were laid for nine members md three guests. Atfer partaking f the delicious chicken repast, a arge birthday cake, bearing nine- cen lighted blue candles in small yellow rose bud holders, was jrought into the room. This feature vas a complete surprise. Mrs. James A. Cowgill, president of the club and a charter member, read an interesting history o£ the club. Short talks were given by tfrs. Kussell Vaughn and Mrs. iomer Kearns, also charter members. Mrs. Luther Fritz, o£ Cleveand, Ohio, was unable to attend. Bridge was played, throe tables bc- ng called into play. High prize was won by Mrs. P. A. Moroney ol Hollywood, Cal., and draw by Mrs. Vaughn. The door prize was received by Mrs. C. H. Wcisgerber. Mrs. Fritz was also a charter member. Guests were Mrs. P. A. Moroney, Mrs. J. E. Grindle and Mrs. W. J. Fagan. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Weisgcrber in Vine street, date to be announced. Thursday night by Mrs. C. O. Meyers I b Ut has been ill of flu and bronchitis for the past week. The condition of Mrs. Elsie Yaw Brodcrick, a patient at Connellsville State Hospital, was reported not so good today. It said the blood stream infection has been cleared, but complications have developed. Mrs. Harry L. Reagan of South Eighth street, 'Greenwood, was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland. Wednesday. An examination revealed that it will be necessary to operate. Mrs. Reagan waa accompanied to the hospital by Mr, Reagan, who will remain until she u; pronounced out of danger. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Davidson and little daughter, Annette, of North at her home in Vine street. South Connelliville. The evening was pleasantly hpent at bingo v Fir:-t prize wns awarded to Mrs. H. C. Shippy, second to Mrs. Howard Adams and third. Mrs. Max OrndoriT. The special prize went to Mrs. James E. Schrll. Mrs. Meyers served a dainty lunch, assisted by her daughter, Mrs. Clarence Davidson. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. D. W. Cook, South Pittsburg street. STATE W. C. T. U. FIELD WORKER WILL SPEAK HERE Members of the Connellsville Woman's Christian Temperance Union will meet at 7 o'clock Monday night at the First Methodist Protestant Church for the monthly business session. Miss Mac Mackcn of Philadelphia, State W. C. T. U. representative, will speak at 7:30 o'clock. There will be special music. SPORTSMEN'S AUXILIARY WILL MEET .MONDAY NIGHT The Woman's Auxiliary to the Fayette County Fish and Game Protective Association will meet Monday night at the home of Mrs. Wheeier Miles at South Connellsville. The time is 8 o'clock. James Collins Honored. A surprise party was held in honor of the twenty-first birthday of James Collins of Ohiopyle. Five hundred, bingo and checkers were the diversion of the evening. Mrs. David Collins, assisted by Mrs. Leah Bryncr and Mrs. Dalton Herring, served lunch. A birthday cake, adorned with twenty-one candles, centered the table. The honor guest received a number of useful gifts. Present were: Mr. and Mrs. John Collins and children, Dale, Ray, Charles, James, John, Tommie and Jackie, Ikle Morrison, John Tishue, Mrs. Bertha Spaw, Betty, Marie and Clifford Bryner, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Leonard and children, Helen, Lawrence and Elwood, Mrs. Leah Bryner and children, Bobbie and Bailey, Miss Bryner, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Bryner, Lester Bryncr, Roy Collins, Fred Dean, Dollie Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Woodmency and daughter, Marie, Francis Sipe, Lillian Sipe, Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Herring, Miss Pearl Molokey. Miss Gcnevievc Schaeffer, Miss Margaret SchaefTer, Mrs. Eva Schaeffer, Mrs. Annie Staup, Floyd and Bobbie Staup. Oysters at Four Cents a Doyen. ROCHEFORT SUR MER, France, Mar. 12.--Oysters are being sold at less than /our cents a dozen here. So plentiful are they this year on the Bay of Biscay coast that fishermen, unable to get good prices from restaurant keepers, are selling them at any price on the streets. Card and Bingo Party. The Keystone Club held its weekly five hundred and bingo party Wednesday night at Odd Fellows Temple. Prizes were won by the following: Five hundred--high, Mrs. J. C. Smith; second, Miss Gladys Fowler; third, Mrs. W. E. DeBolt; bingo--high, Mrs. Joseph Wedgewood; second, Mrs. Roy Jaynes; third, Mrs. Edna Piern; special bingo --high, Mrs. George Bieber; second, Mrs. Abbic Weimer; third, Mrs. Violet Orbin; fourth, Mrs. L. E. Brown; door, Rosella Tober. Granted Marriage License. Paul Howard Prinkey and Mary Elizabeth Vest were issued a m; riage license at Ur.ionUwn. Arch street Pittsburgh. spent Wednesday in M. P. ENDEAVORERS PLAN NUMEROUS ACTIVITIES Spring activities were planned for the Senior Christian Endeavor Society of the First Methodist Protestant Church at a meeting Thursday night at the church, presided over by Thomas Denecn, the president, and attended by 15 members. Plans were made to attend n rally ot the Conncllsivlle branch April : at East Liberty Presbyterian Church The society will hold two meetings at the Children's Home in Uniontown, April 3 and 10. A meeting wil be held at the County Home the date to be announced. A social followed business. Refreshments were served by a com mittcc made up of Mrs. H. E. Penn Mrs. Ernest Heflley, Miss Loma Swallop and Charles McManus. DAHL TRIO WILL PLAY AT WASHINGTON TONIGHT June, Jackie and Bobby. Dahl o East Apple street have accepted an invitation to render a musical pro gram tonight at the Liberty Metho dist Church at Washington, Pa. They will present a mixed program o twelve or more sacred, semi-classica and popular selections, on the piano violin, trap drums and bells. From Washington they will go ti Ohio where they will present a pro gram. While there they will visi their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs Fred Bloom. They will be accom panied by their father, Charles A Dahl, and will return home Sunda evening. E. B. 5IARTIN CLASS MEETS WITH MRS. J. G. WILSON The E. B. Martin Bible Class o the First Baptist Church held it April meeting Thursday night at th home of Mrs. J. G. Wilson in South Eighth street, Greenwood. Th committee consisted of Mrs. H. D Siicarer, Mrs. George Sourd ani Mrs. I. L. Davis. Twenty-five mem bers were present. Miss Lull Bailey, president, was in charge, am Miss Betty Workman led the dcvo tionals. SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR VETERANS UNIT TO MEET The Ladies Auxiliary to the Span ish American War Veterans will mee Wednesday night at 7 o'clock at th P. O. Y. M. C. A. The charter i still open and all those who care t join are asked to attend the meeting Place for 1928 Class Reunion Is Changed Meeting Thursday night at DeMuth's flower store in East Crawford avenue, members of the Class of 1928 ot the High School discussed plans for the first annual reunion to be held June 25. The place was changed from the Pleasant Valley lountry Club to the Silver Slipper. Another meeting will be held Thursday evening, April 7. M. E. WOMEN OBSERVE BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY OF FOREIGN MISSIONS The Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the First Methodist Episcopal Church met Thursday afternoon in the church parlor and. celebrated the sixty-ninth birthday anniversary of the national organization. Many historical events were brought to light. Next year people of nineteen foreign countries, together with the people in this country, will meet in San Francisco, Cal, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of mission work. Elaborate plans are being made for the evening. Mrs. L. S. Michael gave an Interesting talk on tlie work of Miss Carrie Kenyon, former local woman, who has charge of the Mayfleld Girls' School at Singapore Straits Settlement. Mrs. J-. B. Henderson read a beautiful poem, "What-Shall We Say?" Mrs. -Henderson and Mrs. W. S. Bchanna, president of the society, were elected delegates to the semiannual meeting ol the McKcesport dibtrict, March 22 at South Brownsville. A number of beautiful hymns were sting, after which the session closed with the Lord's Prayer. UNION SUPPLY EMPLOYE AT DAVIDSON TO WED Miss Pessy Bender, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Bender of Lenox street, Uniontown, will become the bride ol J. R. Alton, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Alton, Cleveland avenue, Uniontown, Sunday afternoon, March 20. Miss Bender and her fiance arc graduates of the ' Uniontown High School, the former a member of the Class of 1935 and the latter ol the Class of 1934. The bride-elect has been employed at Murphy's store, Uniontown, while the bridegroom- elect is an employe of the Union Supply Company at Davidson. -.Following - a brief honeymoon in Pittsburgh, Mr. Alton and bride will be a home in a furnished apartment, 502 East Crawford avenue, this city. - ." ' - T. II..C.'Gives Party. The weekly benefit card and bingo party, sponsored by the Protective Home Circle, was held last .night at P. H, C. Hall. Prizes were won by the following: Five hundred-high; Paul Hall; second. Grace Keslar; third, Mrs. A. Siesky; 'bingo-high, Clarence Danner, Jr.; second, Helen Tober; third, Mary Catherine Stillwagon; special bingo--high, Mrs. Jc;:ph Wedgcwood and Miss Ida Walk; second Mrs. Edna Piern; third, Mrs. Nellie Pollis; door--Mary Catherine Stillwagon. Licensed to Marry. Wilbur H. Dcwitt of Clinton and Freda B. Stillwagon ot Noi-malvillc were licensed to wed at Uniontown,

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