The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 19, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1918
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

WOMEN DRIVERS FEAR TOO MUCH Fair Motorist Expresses Opinion Tkat They Lack Confidence in Themselves. MNMG IS STATE OF HMD New August Numbers of Many Know What *· O* Under Pnw tkally All Condition* ami Still Fail to Do It-- am Nerve Tonic In the World. 'Jut has been said about worry-namely, that moat of oce'i trouble! aever happen -- so the fear that a worn-: an baa In driving a car Is not go much that as it Is the fear of being afraid. 1 At lei«t that Is the opinion of a well-' known, woman motorist. "From my own experience and the' experience of other 1 women., to whom I have talked about the subject. I be- Here the most difficult thing a : woman ! has to overcome in learning to drive! a. car is not to \ be;:; afraid; of : being afraid," says this export womlin.iiriver. ! "Probably this sounds Brittle ;compli-j cated. .and an,;«a£ier way 1 . to.' say it would be thnt,Tvemeh'aS'n. whole, I believe, lack, coaflclence'ln themselves to handle the unexpected,' should the nn- eipected occur. ' -'.'" · . 4Easy' to Handto Car.-- . "A.lot haa»b'een said about' deriving. Much; advice--aaa been · offered "··a'vto what. to do and whatjipt to do.'/i-ber ,. sto,te'Pf, mlncKand.ttint'.is ' **.. d S?e339S'* 0 ' r JWSOT.H js .to-haajle a^fajf^nd how--n«iT aicltaposslbUlty !t*f»^fcKr an. 'tzptrgta'^o arise that cannot be met with -little effor , when the simple. me^haidsizi. -.of. the-, modern car,i« ma3terc(i,,.slic has learned about ell; there ls!t«( tno^.ln order to .a'rar." " .',.'... ...' .·-'.·..· · ..... / . "OJ course one might know what to do nnder practically all' conditions, anrt still not do it. Here is where jots ' of women JaU .«J good arlwSsV'thelr fear .of dilng.v the" wrong thing , Is 'so «reat that they'-do-nothiiis'st all. yMaterfal Benefits. "I hare yet to see any woman who his not bceri-triRterlally benefited by drlrins- ..The fresh airi the co-ordlna- . tlon of eye;? mind on(l_mnscle;_ t the^sgt hUaratirni-p'f'ypeliDg thnF you 1 «rg3Jip{!| ter of the bowerfnl and yet trajiable: motorj:nnd 'that: ijr^wlU answei; joor, eTefp.jrlilm, Olnnot jhelp bnJ.toTe « bjarenctal effectJcotr^tile nerves;/.:- ;I» fajtiiflflpmly believe -that-driTlng'ls thojesjrnery.e.-ioplir in ,tlxe world. ' Ta. ,dtiwfc-'iayj car'j)Ter. .tbpn- r'infies of aU kiwls~6i'io«d»~ ;-- ..deserts anfl .. motmtaJnsT The fact that I bae never find an : ac- ciclent at any tlnd adds «_ lot -loathe snm total "tit : my p'lea'sure,' 'of course, ^b»t»4, inow:.,loat .even Jiad I eiperi- teJcZO" it-Udtibt: trouble T- would not ssertflc'e-for''a~gre°at dejilHoe actoai ·'isffa*- "in 1 Heiiffa "anil the' }v of "'drfviijg that I hav* ; 'exporren'c«i In'my car'." USE FOR CHAIN TIGHTENERS Device -Hooks; on . in Jiffy and Give* ·" Ev»h';T«n»ion All .Around-- ··...,,, " If yon' are annoyed 1y ."slopping" tire chnlntv. .or tne occasional eiperl- - ' chain w*. Bnhooked ro knoTr-of ! a' hooks 'on : in'- a . . nnd lost. ,wu;in^j- care ro knoTr-of ! a' '··I'.'rSti ilgSterier Which -ho ' ' Barrientos Sings the Famous Mad-Sond ~ "~ - -·--,,·." -.' 'V . · ; - - O; · . Metropolitan opera goers IwiD long remember, the triumph this charming p rima donna shared '; with Lazaro in kst season's revival of Puritani. And this record jjermanentlypreserves for the pleasure of all. music lovers Bairientos' magical interpretation bf'^yi_la voce, the most applauded song of'this memorable Puritani production. .. * 49370-$l,5fl Lazaro s Glorious 'Aye Maria with Jacobsen Obblififato · . · · 9,...-. Perhaps'the most popular aria in all the"w6rld : - . · . is Bach-Gounod's Avt Maria. Here Lazaro, 1 the famous operatic tenor has joined with" Jacobsen, genius of the violin, to set this jewel . o f sacred song in a crown of imperishable musical "beauty. A superb record that no phorio- -:.. graph owner can afford to-miss. 49350-^11-50 Lashanska Makes Her Columbia Debut in Laurie" One of the youngest, but already one of the greatest of American sopranos chooses for her first Columbia record this simple, well-loved song and glorifies it by the radiant beauty of her voice. 49338 -- $1.50 . . T. M. C. A; Calls for 4000 Men , The ioUotHrtr -.^hunttn winre4 Irtv mediate!* 1 for «*«***' %err\tr.-- 509 Buuneu Mem 500 Cb*vlb*rt .nJ . ^ N V., COLUUBI'A U M A F H O P H O M E C O M P A N Y , M l w r O R C HAUL GUNS TO AN AMERICAN WAR CAMP Chain Tightener. jitfy, catching the chain at fire points and giving an even tensiih all around. A spring hold* the chain dose to tb* Urc, but not tightly enonjh to prevent I the creeping motion which a-alds dam- j age to the tread. HAMMER IN REPAIRING AUTO Car* In Uto of Tool la One. of Firat Things Amateur Shculd Leant in Fixing Engine. Care In tn« ns« of the machinist's hammer, ivhlch forms a part of the. tool equipment of every automobile, is one of the first things the amateur automobile . repair man mnsi learn when Ti-orlclng nronod thi! engine, aay» a writer In the current Issue of American Motorist With this hammer he on do more damage In a moment than a good man can repair In a'week. Bis first inclination is to nse this form af persuasion on any and every refractory part, and this is a desire which should be overcome._ ,^_ ' ' on «ay metal parts wlth- ,rat,. the .Jntaryen.tlon ,. of, , a . block'; .of wood to- protect the surface, bnt cnre must be exercised to avoid hitting the other parts through the Inaccuracy of aim 'that dlftinEplshcs the -TmskUled : : ·'"-'' . . . . A poorly atatd blowrtliat mlara Its target and landa'On"«»e ( 'of the valve posh, rods or alnUJariy vilnCTable parts with any (itaWe of foree'.is apt to caaa* tremble of an'crpMisite j»rof e. It Is « »»o4ttiaa«orthe "nork* to W iparinj m tt« B»e of lifi kaotmar M i cure-all. ' - . . - . - ; ~ . CARING FOR ·RADIATOR CAPS .^s N ^u rT «J Tbe» HX^mllUmeter gnns, made Jy France Cor use .by. .the American army, are btlng iainlod by'a motorcar from the Pare de Frlnc, St. Cloud, France, to nn Amerlcan-araUery camp. \ . TURNING CORNERS AT NIGHT Invention of New V«rlnr:,Do«a Away WWh Nectaalty of Wtowagglng ; ^ 'Am Outald* Caiv v.Vv Tha'aatotet who in the dayttm* wt£ ·Wat! one aim ontaJdo hla car to Indlr .cat* 'that' b* : 1» 'foinc to atop, or-torn ·will? it »Uht be reliired of tiit.'dniy IB UM Itmotloo of a New'Torker a"p«rmane«it uttacamentj.of- .Tali la a comblntd^tall .·wardtar to ·wfatal i ar. tw« Initloni an ' ' DO YOU KNOW That two or three pairs of pliers Instead of one should be carried? '· " . . ;'.' That .yon must know'the load per tire In order to inflate properly? '.' · · . ' . ' ·'·· That two horns should be Installed when a long tour la to be made? ' That one should never forget spare tire valves and a band tire pmnp for emergency? ' That in lapping the piston It should be given both a reclpro-- eating and an oscillating motion? That If the silent chain is exposed' when* ' I n operation It should be oiled as freqaently as possible ? That- mailmnm tire mileage will be obtained it the casings always . are properly Inflated and kept, free from cots? That 1 If your car 'always la loaded to Capacity the tire should be Inflated to the maximum called for by the size, but the load carried, la less than normal the tire pressure can be reduced and easier riding obtained? . . . . . . . That when a stnd his become "frozen" In place- you can re- move it by screwing on two note and turning the lower nut. with a wrench? The upper one acts. as a; lock and allows the lower ! one to pun the stud around. ; . . t h e Kal»«r. .., ,, 'Here's one t'ing pozil*s:'nie I "»»«ld l-tte ialseir. ' ; ··':·*'·:- -'·'.;·.:«.- for Turning ,a^t atjstop, Ktta the faanlon.'of « .'.·-..·fl-'.j.-.i-:·-..-··-·,\'--fe- « C5fiiSPBHBBI^^^^P'. ':··^*6S6ii!SS}yS?3^W*;iK®' E ?«?S?ws'5Si ^f- ·-"·· S?«5^' ; : -W^' i ^^^W'? ! i ; sf-S* "Vot's r dot. eggsellencyr:.^'asked an naderllng. . . 4 i; ','.'·'' ' ^ "*Dd .dose.Yanks sbenilinigsall ««i« tin* making: money imJ lnv«ntionlnt fine machines forna tp;^wlpeivenev8r did dey learn 1'de'iray.dej. ' " """' .or mice Jn. thls'-. irJ' "there : anr'ra"t«' ij^t^^iy^nilwi »»: ter'^nif^lttf Columbia Records Go on Sale July 20th POPUXAB HITS The Man Who Put the Germ In Germany (What is in a Name) · ! ;.'.· . . . . - ' . NoraBayes Mammy's Chocolate Soldier ' NoraBayes A258Z--10 in.--75c. G-d Be With Our Boys 'Tonight ; -~ . Charles Harrison When You Come Home '.;'. '-. Henry Burr . A . . " - ' - ' - - A2556--iO jm-- 75e. If He Can Fight Like He Can Love' (Good Night, Germany) Farber Sisters .Where-Db They Get 'Em and How Do They Get 'Em? Van and SchencK .-.··.,--'. " ' · : . . " -· ; ' : . ,;·."·'- : "' ' A2584--10 in.--75c You're in Style When You're Wearing a Smile Arthur Fields I'd'Like to'See iSe Kaiser With a Lily in His Hand Robert Lewis s · : · ' ; · ' ; 2567--10 in.--75c, Trancei We'll Rebuild Your Towns For You . Peerless Quartette Paul Revere . Vernon Dalhart A2580^-10 in,--75'c. Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody from "Sinbad" Al. Jolson Alice, I'm in Wonderland (Since the Day That I First Met You) " . . . · · . . ' , ' . Sterling Trio · A2557--10 in.--"fc. I Wonder'What. They're Doing Tonight .,' . . Arthur,,Fields and Peerless Quartette I'm Always Chasing Rainbows from "Oh, Look" Harry Fox A2561--10 in.--75c. · , . :. The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady . Robert "Lewis Bye and Bye Campbell and Burr A255S--10 in^-75c. Cheer Up, Mother - ' Hugh Donovan and James Reed When the War is Over I'll Return to You Peerless Quartette . A2563--10 in.--75c. He's Got Those Big Blue Byes Like Yon, Daddy Mine Henry Burr I Miss My Daddy's Good-Night Kiss ' . Henry Burr A2559--19 in.--75c Belgian Rose Campbell and Burr My Daddy's Star Robert Lewis A2S54--10 ln^-:»c. The Shannon, the Shamrock, and You Charles Harrison Mother, M y D«ar . . . Charles Harriscj. DASCE BECOJBDS. How'd You Like to Be My Daddy? from "Sinbad"--Medley-For Trot--Introducing (i)Just a Baby's Prayer at-Twilight (2) I Hate to Lose You . . . : . . ' Jtarconi Brothers Why Do They Take the Night Boat to Albany? from "Sinbad"-Medley One Step--Introducing (1) The Devil Has Saved Dp Ail the Coal (2) I Hate to Lose You Marconi Brothers A25M--10 in.--75e. , We'll Do Our Share--Medley Fox Trot--Introducing (i) I Can't Let 'Em Suffer Earl Fuller's Rector Novelty Orchestra I Want Him Back Again--Medley One Step--Introducing.-(1)"T Want a. Daddy Like You (2)1 Just Steped in to Get Out of the Rain ' Earl Puller's Rector; Novelty Orchestra A2550--10 in,--75c. At the Bottotn Picker's Ball--Fox Trot , ... Marimbaphorre Band There's a Lump of Sugar Down in Dixie--Medley One Step--Introducing (1) Cleopatra, (2) N' Everything from "Sinbad" Marimbaphone Band A*047--12 in.--$1.25. ' Hose Room--Fox Trot . Prince's Band Where Those Cottotn Blossoms Grow--Medley One-Step--Intro- · ducing (l)When You Feel a Little Longing in Your Heart from "The Love Mill" (2) The Love Mill Prince's Band A8048--12 In,--$1.25. Toujonrs on Jamais (Ever or Never) · Prince's Orchestra Danube Waves ' Prince's Orchestra A6050--12 m,--$1.25. Classic Waltz--Introducing (1) Home to Our Mountains from "II Trovatore" (2)Womau is Fickle from "Rigoletto" (3) My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice from "Samson and Delilah" Jockers Brothers When You and I Were. Young, Maggie--Medley Waitz^--Introducing: Coming Thro'the Rye Jockers Brothers A8049--12 Jn,--$1.25. If They Ever Put a Tax on Love-r-Medley Fox Trot--Introducing (1) I'm Just An Old'Jay From the U. S. A. (2) In the Days of Auld Lang Syne '; · Prince's Band Just Like Washington Crossed the Delaware---Medley OnerStep-- Introducing (1) We Stoped Them at the Marne (2) When We Wind Up the. Watch on the Rhine . . Prince's Band EVSTKUMENTAl BECOBDS. A2553--10 in--75e. Maeushla--(Cornet Solo) Killarney--(Cornet Solo) . - , ' ' . '.-'' A2552--r-10 in^^TSc. 'A Frangesa .(Introducing Vocal Chorus) French National Diflle March Herbert L. Clarke Herbert L: Clarke · Prince's Band Prince's Band. Hulda Lftshanska Hipolito Lazaro yOCAl RECORDS. 49S58--12 in. Single--$1.50. Annie Laurie , / s 49350--12 in. Single--$1.50 Ave Maria . '· · " ·. - . Violin obbligato by Sascha Jacobsen, Romano Romanf at Piano - - 4»370--12 In. Single--$1.50. Qui La Voce--I Puritani Maria Barrientos A2549--10 in,^75c. Sailing Columbia Stellar Quartette . The Girl I Left .Behind Me Columbia Stellar Quartette A2555--10 in.--75c. Listen to the Mocking Bird Sybil Sanderson Fagan Old Folks at Horn* Sybil Sanderson Fagan ; A2551--10 IB,--75c. .Up For Sentence . . j Golden and Heins The Colored Recruit Golden and Heins CtmnMm ef WHhtactnt. n. a. Yough House RESTAURANT Under Sew Managemeiit. A Clisan Qolet Place for Your Family Us Eat. Let Ds Know What Ton Want and How You Want It. GOOD Mrs. C. J. JLrmsttouf, ^Ss^^^.'fe^i.vy.-^sssij?',' T, - · fSslSi^'^^^i-^"--·-*~~--^-^Fct"i??*t.t itfi .^g

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