The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 19, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1918
Page 7
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, JULY 19,1918. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVUJJS, PA. . GERMAN ALBATROSS IS BROUGHT TO EARTH , XhlaOerman acoatlnt »irp)ane of : th« Albatross cl«s« : in iiaen«)unt«r with « British airman was brought to earth. 1 Th« Hnn pJlot tvas injarad in the 0(ht and unable to wreck e!» awcliln* after landing behind th* British lines. : EXPERT GOLF PUYER$ DONATE THEIR SERVICES TO AID RED CROSS SOCIETY ADMIRAL TAKES ACTIVE v PART IN BASEBALL GAME An eritlmrtaatfc growa wlt»r»«ia a »lf :i»«ttlt Eatorday «t'G»rdeo City.' In which the,compeer* were experta who donated .their services to the Cro»» orgultattoo. Gratifying proflu were th* rewnrd of the whom Mrrlcei; were'gtren with SB*'a i«D*rob«,and,ready «plrlt- »bows Ou)»rt,-Jjid«r«». Tr»T«r3 and Klrkby at tb* match. , . i M n i 1 1 1 1 1 lit i mil WMSEBALL CONTESTS^ : An Hea of the; rarity of the triple -play- la baseball' may. .be. piined : -froni the experience of' Milter -Hoggins. It was about twentjj jearg a~ o that Huggini b5gan-Bl» baseball 'career and tills is *ls Ufteenth M-ason In the major. le»£oe. After the Yankees reeled off » triple play a few days «o tn ('game. against the Whlt«-:Btt.':HBKii;s remarked that tt w« th« -. wfcond -'nidi play b* had Ken since h« put . on hl^^ ftnrt baseball : uniform. The otfcer.owDrrtfl/.whcn kewas a memb«-«f the Clndtmatl Beds and Hogjctn»'playeJ a hand Jn this perfocmiace.-:. Whe» 'It t* recalled that Hoggins has been player « manager in close to 2,500 major games It becomes evident that the triple play Is indeed a rarity. · ' · ' " · ' " . · ^ CIRCUIT CLOUT RECORD^ ; ; CHALLENGED BY DONLIN ;; ·was up In the ; ) press box'-at, the Polo grouniis.7-' ;. »ew-:-Torlt,..eltj:, recently,- and ', '. daring "a fanfmt said: , ,-"I;;aw where,the boy«..clalm ! ' ; Bab* Butii.()Stabllsbed a record | ', l'br.^DUtkin|r-':f6ur .home ' .1 ! ' '; fonrfsnccesslTe days. Well; Babe ] - *_xaw ttea the' record: '· · ! 1 Bradlty, vi .he- old -third ;; iff of the CKvrtand team, · J plajlDf against the Phillies In |; ;'· i.PWladelphlai back.In, 1801,-did i . ',', the ; ««n» *tunt. Four day* ran- ) ) ]· i ntnji'heiilammicd'out a circuit · ;'. ', do'ut" ' : . ;. BASEBALL PLAYED BY MANY SOLDIER BOYS League ; Has Been Organized Among Pershing's Men. . c National Sport Alto In Full Swing la Training Camps en Thia Std* tif- AUairtic--Number of AtMttig FUMa Increased. While th» aojdlers of .TIncle Sam .ire aaEdini a solar plexus to the Germa as, the men IB Ichaki buck of the front iJid the thousands in training in 'camps on this side of the Atlantic ore enjoying the national sport to the limit. A baseball : league has been organl.a-d - ajnong^Persning*s men, and at ich cantoninent .in the United State*,-the (rest aport so popnlar In America Is in CnllVawing. Because of the marked interest in the came among the Ameri- .can coidiers, the commission on train- 'Ing caaip activities of the war dep;ir(- ment, haa decided to increase the atuti- ber of ^athletic flelds. CamR Lewis, trash., probably beat-Is the lia^ for baseball fans. The.-sol- tii r» li tola large »-MterB canfmment have 18 diunbnda and are clearing grocnd. for-more fleldJ. Etilblilou «amea : haT»jb»*n:staged,iwlth,:tJhe cooperation ot th* major leagnai, wtiii have brought ia largk'.fat* noeiptaJi · More thau TOWO basetxai* W 3,OM bat* have Bee»' gent t*'Uic A^ncrican campa.' Large'' qitaatltieii of; glo-«. Bask* and chest protectors have been' liven to the sport-loving soldiers^ ThV lovcmfoent Is*tp Ui« Oghteniflt for war*. -The primary pnr- pos* in ieeplng the men ·yttemtlcnlly engage* in athletic activity In tb* traiainjr campa,:ia to educat* the *ol- diera te.-b* bett«r flghtera,,, ;.,. ,. ':. Men; Just oo* rf th* orad^Mkad' trenehe* rf Trurr ijtu a*iiiiiiif Ing days amM Hyteg ·*]!·«· and bnntr. m j ahUa, iMttoctlvely tan t» nth- tetlea ft* a«eh »o*d«J dlvjralon. it U I big ta«k t* otcante th* MM fcade SB. but th* ni.lm ). If HHIHI'liTfllimii'll JOHNNY EVERS fltL TEACH "OVER THERE" Hie opening ma ten of the Anglo- American Baseball .league'at the Ar- MB*I buebatl groand,- Hlghhorr, between teams from the .United State*, navy and United States army, was dlt- Unrulshed Iky the active part taken by Admiral Sims. · : ' : ' · . - - ' - ? ' .The admiral threw the first ball Uka an old hand at It, which was greatly enjoyed by the player*. ' . Huggln* Tutoring ; Pipp. , . Miller -Hugglns, mannger of the Yanv kces, Is trying to teach-Walter Plpp, a confirmed right field hitter, to hit to left Held. Johnaj: Evcra,. former Hcpnd bnse- m*B of "the old Chicago Cntx, il imbued with patriotic fervor! H«' has Tolunteered for wnrtee In France and will have charge of the fajBetnll actlrt- rl« of the Ainericaa troop*. Chr)»t7 Mathewijon h»'d been .offered the place, but .coiMlderKi It his boe*t the game and keep it alive at borne «i a feeder for the «n»T "orer there." For rapje, than ,a ^decade Erera hju been recoflwl i« one of the bralnielt players, to baseb«n.".~ He «lwaT8'h«j;flven th*t*me;ht« bat effort indVhis figtat- ing qii«ntle« bOT« led iln» llto .hiu»j mliopg.' :: Brers' - health - ll:mndi Ito- prored and he hope* to* i»e«BJ otinreadlng th« national (UM o( .TTolted State* ,:»tDoni t -countries. ' · HOOPER, GOOD HELD LEADER «!RC* Hl» Appohrtm«nt M Captain of R«l Sax H« HM B*n Flaring , ·waptlomiliy W»IL If Harry Hooptr la an eiample, it oaliiit pay a manafer t» ·» a earxata «c««loii»ny,'an* apwtet a na»r one, Slnct hla, appfllnbnent ;aa flald l«aor of tb« Bad Soar, the B^ton rtjlit fleld- b»4 t» ' TELLS HOW TO GETBAGKOLD TIME AMBITION Discoverer instructs druggist* everywhere not to take a cent of anyone'* money unless Bio-feren double* energy, vigor and nerve force in two ' ; weeks. . -7 A DAT FOR;? DAIS AAT i**n or woman who- flnfli thai th«y *r« going backward, '*r* -not '»» ·tronr aa they used to be, hav« lost confidence 1 in their abHHy to accom- flimh Ihinxm, are nervous. and run down. ihould.tmk*- twtr Bio-feren tbl«ti after ·^-ch m«ai juicl one at bedtime. Seven a day for mven day*.. -" Th«n take on« aftec *ach,nieal until Ib a supply 10 exhausted. ' Tben if your nervouaneav !· not von*, If you do not feel twice, at -strong* and *»^rff«tlc as before. If yoiir ilugrfih dlxponitlon nas not b*en changed to a Tiforou* active ono, taJte back, 'the enptr packace and your money will b* returned without oomtncnt. NO' roatter -what .excesse*, 'worry- overwork -- too. tnucn tobacco. or alcohol --have - -weakened lyoar .· body and wrecked your ncrreg. any' dru^giit anywhere i» authorized .to refund your money .on request if Bio-feren, ;tb* mlvhty.tipbuimor of blood, muscle and brain do*» not do just what la claimed for.1t ; ' - . · : . . · · . ' . . 1f»te t« FfcT«lcl"»»t ' There 1« ao mcret about the tormala of , Bio-feren. It i§ printed on eTery .pacfe«4re. Heredt It.^llecithin; Calcium Glycero-pho«- phate; Iron 'Peptonate ; Manrano»« Pep- tonate; Bit. Nu= Tomica; Powd. Gentian; Pherolphthalein; Oleare«Ja Capai- cum; Kola. . . _____ ...... . .... . Keeps Teeth Clean t- and Gums Healthy Specially indicated for treatment of Spongy and Bleeding Ciii ma. th« St. Paul teaiq ';ia«t:. ; year to IniJepeBdent ball,, ka» B«en secured by . (he Augiat group of Coljiinb* records, ;'irhicM!W* 1 'Bdw"'g6in(5 1 .oii isate. : B"iJ. a ienoi duet: of 'chariri aid Last Big Drive on Refrigerators We cannot get any more pi these wonderful "Gibson" Refrigerators to sell at anywhere near our present low prices. Come .before they are all gone and get one for your home.,' You'll be glad you did so for years to come as you see the prices go higher and higher. The service of a "GIBSON" is unexcelled. The construction IB so far superior to the .ordinary Refrigerator. A "Gibson" requires less ice, Keeps'foods cold and dry, not merely damp and clammy--and we'll make terms so easy you'll scarcely feel tie cost. Gibson Ice Chests an loir-as ·- - - $8.75 Gibson Top-leer Re- frieerators as loft- as' fi{-| n r V-t«.,l QlgBOu Slde-Icer Refrigerators as low as Gibson "Anti-Damp" Refrigerators as low' as Special For Satnrdar We have Just * few odd Buffets that we are going to close out in a hurry at a bargain price, only-*32 .50 ' E.AST TSBMS, KM CASH.! *1.00 A TTEEK. A few .of them are of Colonial design, siimlar to the picture, then there are two or three Period designs, each of them of high quality. They are left out of, suites and it this sale price they're enormous High-Grade Extension Dining Tables On Special Sale Tomorrow at EAST TEKBS, WM CASH, $1.M A IVEEJf. Your choice of two or three, different designs, some like the above picture with massive pedestal and heavy platform base. All sturdily built of solid oak and ve-y.highly finished. This Portable Style Columbia Graf on ola Only-'20 .00 81.00 CASH, WEEK. : HV a'Real Columbia Grafonola and with Columbia Records -You'll Get the Columbia life-tone even th'jigh the price is so very low. · It's a convenient modelyfo moVe around from room to room, or for use in summer "cottages'anil campe. Just the thing for vacation, use. Get a few dance records and tike one^ith you on your cimplng trip. All the latent Columbia Rec- ;ordsare here.,and hear them; You are always welcome at the Rapport- Peatbernian Company store. ' . Special For Saturday Only$0-75 EASY-TEBMS, 50c CASH, 50c A 1VEEK. These Beds are o( the faroritc. continuous post dcnlg'n, as pictured. The mis- Bive poete meaiure'2 inches In diameter.. They have, five vertical fillers .In head, and foot, upper and lower cross rods and angle Irono head and foot nils.' Finish- ed, in white enatnel, .or. th»t rich golden brenze. Large, Easr-B.iding Kced Carriages-- Wonderfnl Valnes --Only .75 You'll find o^r values are positively unmatchahle in all styles o[ Carrtages up to the most magnificent Fibre Reed Carriages that are made, and YOUR CRDIT IS GOOD AS GOLD. . Qur Prices on Baby Vehicles start with Collapsible Go-Carts as low as $8.75 Yonr Choioc* of a Number of Odd Rockers on Saturday For Onlj- $1C.75 15 Every Rocker In this lot is worth, considerably more raoney. Come early and get largest se- lectJoo, Comparisons Always Prove You'll Do Better at Connellaville's Most Dependable Furniture Start. FORMER BASEBALL PLAYER WINS COMMISSION IN NAVY NEW RECORDS for your TALKING MACHINE Jack t«ar7."foracrly rf. the St. Lonti Anietfis|n;i«ifB».ball team, has..woo hli comMUMrtom aa eauitn in the navy. Leary enlutad 'ai ordinary seaman and won an appointment to thie Harvard Naval Tralnlnf school. Ho WM one of the cla« who recently recelveij their rommlaa»oBa from Admiral Woods. Ha ' ' Going away soon? Or wffl · yoa ·peed your (Vdeatioii at home this.year? IB either case you must hare »ome new leoords-^ybu know the idea thi» smn- taet it "VacatiocB with Jftjoe." . Aiad (hat means,-' chieny, dance, .muiic, Wherefore, yoifll find'«p*«ially; JDtar- eetittg the new. Columbia dince xeeords. One of the maddest, .nx.-rrieiit.-of them to ' ? At the Cotton Pickers' Banf-4y ;*e. Msrimbaphone Ba«).; ..Evw hear i'maHmbaphone. music? !It is th*. best -i»nce : inelody you've -ertfr^stepped oat :cn . the»:8oor. to. Anptber.'.oli,these .eateky, "nappy Columbia.itaae n*ordi it a oe»-stei medley bjr.PirinaeVBand, tailed "Whete Those Cotta* Blnnoms Grow." Backed'by «· to»*o»* '"B*» BOOM,''.-by-the asm* »i«i«ia««, tins reoord.Js «ne of the fcito of »h« "fat nrfeadid war wng by the fai»OM Pet*- lesa Quanbtte. 0«e of Ike best records yod^ra. heard · r*. r anuiy-a Vmc month is io be fooiid . to* August Columbia group. It is ^A Jtaziea*"-- a briHJsnt. vmd. bH of KeapoliUa music, playTM by Prmce's BiOd, and introducing novel harmony by a vocal ehon». O» tee back is the rtirring French military march, "The National Defile", f . - Two of the bVs«t* m *»N that eTerybody, mtrrnliara, is singing and whi«tKn»;.»re "Bodt-a-bye.Ycnr Baby ·nth '* T)iMi yhMr" AI Jojsoo's bit ol fte Vmter GaHfea, sad' The DM«hter ft Eoste OXSracry,"- a song wift a haanlnc bh.te the chore- that oomtttoi* recaMi yc* of the orJiinaJ "Kone." ..Cotmibia ofen both:of then in its. Aonst graup «f leeonfc-- th* Jctoa sex* wucled with a rstttnt 'good.xteetKm,"fSee,:Tni at Wcfflder-. land," white on ' flie". back *« 'the' other ' hit a » bcMtind ioKT ioeitrr CHir.f- beB«d -Burr, ·-»««-» ;«--»» far WEADHoraer's ITEAK aothing ooacocoooooocxacooooooooooo oooooocooosooonoooooooooo J. B. KURTZ, HUiABY PU8UC AND REAL ESTATK. N» * Smith Meadow OxmMlmlll* fm. Y OU READ the Other Fellow's Ad You are reading this one. . - That should convince you that advertising in these columns is a profitable proposition; that it will bring business to your store. The fact that the other fellow advertises Is probably the reoson he is gcttingmorebujineKthan Is falling to.yotL Would it not b«!well to give the ether fellow a chance To Read Your Ad in These Columns?

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