The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 2, 1964 · Page 38
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 38

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, April 2, 1964
Page 38
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' ' You Can Get Better Grqdes (10) Give This li the tenth of a 'series c4 articles by a well known U.S. educational authority, giving students and parents practical help on bow. to Im- prove grades at school.- By LESLIE J. NASON, Ed. D. with HARRY KARNS "Y Now let's talk about solving -problems. . -Your mindTs"a wonderful thing. It will solve prqbiejnj V of surprising complexity if ! you feed it the necessary facts '' and ideas and give it the chance to operate at its' top .efficiency. ....... '. So few persons, do. They are satisfied with half measures, or, if dissatisfied, do, not knpw how to do better. Mental, lazi ness is a pitfall to some students. They memorize a single ' process for solving a problem' . and try to apply it to all prpb-, lems. " .:. '. . . ' Such students don't get the ex.act knowjedger-whtch ir.The" , . foundarkm-for any real learn-. ing. They have not been taught to care. .The time usually comes when they do -care and when ' they painfully regret the wasted years. GIVE; FULL "ATTENTION To e a good student you must develop the .habit of giving complete attention to the ta$k Yoiir thinking must be j precise, persistent. You. must know exactly what is meant and not be satisfied with partial or approximate ideas. You must completely under-" ZyCYOVR INDIVIDUAL "YvX By FRANCES DRAKE IjOok in the section in which . your birthday comes and find TWharybUffiutkwk Is. according to the stars, for Friday, April 3, IM4. March 21 to April 21 (Aries) Organize yourself qnd your program .so as to eliml-natePtime-wasting, confusion. A good activity-day for this Sign. April 21 to May 21, (Taums) Superior quality of workmanship and tact in all matters advised. Balance thines: sear en deavors to high hopes. Results can be big. May 22 to June 21 (Gemir In a defensive position. -be circumspect in voicing opinions, in, your approach to others. On the offensive, be gently persuasive rather than argumentative. June 22 to July 21 (Cancerl Stick close to facts and con trol that imagination of yours Don't try to put a square pee into a round hole. Pick your way discreetly. July 24 to August 23 (Leo) What-is sought and what is actually needed' may be widely different. Be realistic about your affairs and don't put the cart before the horse, falling witless-ry into traps. August 24 to September 23 (Virgo) Keep domestic matters harmonious: much of the burden may rest on YOU this weekend,, but you can handle It. A day of mixed influences. Emphasize discretion, ness. September 24 to October 23 (Libra) You are a steady campaigner, and this day will open new areas for you to profit by your know-how, All results won't, be immediate, 'so be patient.' October 24 to November 22 (Scorpio) Since you naturally subscribe to ' the . maxim that "anything worth doing is worth doing well, you should net along fine during this busy, if variable, period. Handle essen tials first. November 23 to December 21 (Sagittarius) Not everyone will say what he means nor make his best impression now. so give others the .benefit of the doubt and most will do the same for you. . : , December 22 to January 21 (Capricorn) You now have a chance to capitalize on some of your finest giftSr two being adaptability and enterprise. But keep reins in checkr Don t be overly aggressive. anuary 2 1 to - February II : (Aquarius) Make a slow enough start to insure steadiness and careful footing. ' Don't rush anything through just to "finish it." Timing important, also self-confidence.. February 20 to March 20 (Pisces) Avoid "fusslness" with details, plans. Be cautious but not to the extreme, a bright day is in the making. - : ' ,..' YOU BORN TODAY are a born leader. Whether you .are so recognized or not, you often lead, even in homey matters and ably. You fit in well in positions where many people and large-scale projects are involved. You have unusual energy; can master problematical situations once you leant mastery of self. Your power -to create and to instill enthusiasm in co-workers is outstanding. Be practical, using logic, reasoning. in unusual or ambitious .ventures. Avoid - rash moves, anxiety: Birthdate of: Washing, ton Irving, man of letters; John Burroughs, poetmaturalist. - MARKS LONG CAREER Don Msser, star of the CBC-TV country music show from Halifax, marks 30 years in Ca nadian network broadcasting in 1964. Clu b Trave I Pla n ri ers Ele cte d ,v.y; : . - . . 1 .... . r . . I , ; ; . . 1 ? , .. 1 : '! I Y 1 ptf OUVE BRANSCHE GUNTHER ACTROS iTanning to attend the same drama festival, two dubtf are Tnergiflg for -this occasion- to charter Canadian National coach. This ndvel approach to cut expenses was explained by Mrs. Olive" Bransche, newly-elected travel convenor lor her Ladies' Club and Mr. Gunther Actros, well-kriown theatre personality and drama teacher. -'-'Each club had sufficient members'. . . about 80 ... to obtain the CN Party Fares discount of 20 explained Mrs. Bransche. "Even over and above CN's rock-bottom Red. and White fares. But by travelling together, we can charter a CN coach, for even greater savings", Mr. Actros added, "Our students could, not have afforded the trip by themselves, but the CN Charter Coach Plan gives us our 'own' air-conditioned coach with-savihgs as much as 83 and places the festival "within our means. In fact, we are planning to use the CbrtaHlart Matlonol Group Travel I'lans for all future excursions." iV . . " . 'A - - '; ' A , " . v. -Yy ComDletgttihtion stand principles.. l .s not suf ficient to know Just enough to get the homework done.- Many students in our class in aliiebTt''tnrv said that'the. process of solving a problem . is clear enough when it is, demonstrated in the '. class-room; Butrrjnst a (ew hours-later ar-home," the same sort of prnhUw u, not simple teut. baffling. U'hyYYT Y ., ,, : ; The answer is that they understand the solution of the specific problem, but they d not grasp the principles involved. They , haye failed to exert the energy to think the problem through in words. V v WHAT IS PRINCIPLE v Since we are going ' to use thisf word 'principle" often in the next ' dozen or so' para: graphs; let's pause briefly and think about what a principle , IS. ...... ;;.:'', If you know .What two plus two is. you Know the answer to a specific problem. If that is the only addition problem you can answer, however,1 you haven't grasped the principle of addition. If you know how to solve not only two plus" two but also four plus four and six plus seven, and anything plus anything.: you know the principle of addition. While there is- something different about all these problems of addition, there is something fundamentally alike in the way the answer of "each is obtained. When you find that, you know the principle. "' ' - Let's keep in mind some thing mentioned once before:. The device , of talking things 'out by -yourself. This device is vital in the '.soiving-of problems, v Tv .. .. . , Mary fold us she understood how to do - long division in class but forgot before reach-ing home,. We started' to jex-. plam ; long division again. Mary reached for hef note STEP BY STEP " -i cently and. ask: . ; .' "''Put the notebook -aside. t.' "What principles we told tier, rand trunk in .. used , in the. solution 01 words instead. . TKink of . the (explanation as general directions which' you cah; apply to any problem in long' division, riot Just this problem." '? ; 1 Step, by step .we explained.' the principles-of long division,- lhe understood each step1 in Yworking a problem?" words., She went home, worked problems involving .different numbers ' but ' the same principles and worked them correctlyY " ; Tp understand the principle is to own a skeleton key to-the doors of a whole ' house of ' knowledgeY Y '.. ''' . And the best , way " to ' hold the-'-principIe . in- mind , is -ttf think in words. " ;' " . Pete was a junior at the university. His major was 'math,. He ' did', all his .homework easily,1 but his exam grades pushed him down to a "C" for the. course. ' Y . Actually, he grasped math processes rather quickly. He was a potential math genius. As he had said, getting the TT" -.7-: r 7 .:... Y" Y" THE OTTAWA JOURN L THURSDAY, APRIL"2, 1984. -i - - . homework the,.wprk of one daymen We particular kind of problem was easy. But on the exams, when the. professor threw a mixed-grpup jof new problems at him. he performed like a fast ball hitter coming up against a pitcher who tosses curv es' and sinkers. I PREPARING TOR JEST . 1 -'We suceested that wheni. he book and started'eopying the -prepared for a test, he skim simple problem. - j. through mterm!s Jcovered re-Y these exercises? :"i w ; 2., "What problems may be solved through the use of these - principles?" ,i- , . v " J. ;What is the cu that would! indicate that these prin ciples, should be recalled . in 4. ''How does this tit in with what I already know?",. . . We suggested that when he prepared for a test, he skim through materials covered recently and ask: ', 1. "Ultat principles have ' been used td solve these prob. lems?" ' Y-rY';. ; -v " 2. "How do I recognize the situation in" which . theymay ' be used?" '..'.. This deliberate, p r e c I s e thinking about math, in place of i the yague, . hit-and-miss, method he'd followed before, produced the "A's" which Pete should have been making all along. ' . ' ' NEXT: More about how to solve problems. ; (Copyright)" : " 5; 7..- ; . ' r ' .'-' . A, :' ' .''" . ' " '' t , a, - mm MORE PPER PER ROLL! Mors -paper than othsr leading - 1-phy tissues. NEW LONGER SIZE! Each sheet is 33 longer-the new length prefarrsd by consumers for convenience and economy. NEW COLOURS! Purs white, pink.'Ve'low, lilac k : a a . . a. k Education Repjjcrces Hcifchet In War Against Alcohol By JACK MORRIS . VANCOUVER (CP) The old corner. saloon was bad enough, says 1 the Woman's Christian Temperance: Union, but, now it's fighting' a far more "insidious enemy" the cocktail bar. "Cocktail bars' are far; more insidious than the ' old saloon ever was.'.' says Mrs; William Watson of Vancouver; world re cording s e -c r e t a.r y for ."the WCTy. "More people are drink- weVfci inS- cialljr-;ioday, ; especially me. women. . ana inese Dars springing up everywhere t in Canada just encourage this:" But if the enemy has changed its shape, so has the :WCTU's approach to the. fight.' ' "'Hatchetations" as Carry . Nationcalied, her hatchet at tacks on the old saloons in the United States have long been supplanted in the WCTU weaponry by something the organization considers, more effective. "Our education programjr-ticularly among the ypung. is the best answer." says Mrs". Watson, whose organization in Canada distributes films.' pamphlets and other publications in an attempt to 'curb drinking. CAN'T HALT DRINKING "there is no doubt that social drinking is on the increase. It has become acceptable among many Canadian , women. These people just don't reafize thatAI cohol is a narcotic that ispo-tentially habit-forrrting." . If Mrs. Watson says the WCTU motto still is abstinence ("all of oar members stick toYhii pledge") but the organization does ; realize that, drjrtking is here, probably" to stay. "We aren't fanatics; we're quite reasonable people. We have to be realistic'. There always has been alcohol nd perhaps there always will be. But drinking7 can and " ihould be greatllessened." . - She says the jVCTU has never wavered in its 90-year battle against'liquor. But membership in Canada; has dropped to a hard-core of abput 6,000 "which is less than it was 25 or 30 years ' .Y v-" '',';.' ' . J'.. - ' 'hi '''''-' if.iiirr'Wagfer ...the greatest name in vodkat PIIP . , ; ; - We believe fiewPacelle is the finest 1-ply Howto compare Facelle with other tissues bathroom tissue, ever made. Softer than . ' : , any Other 1-ply tissue. 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New 1-ply Facelle offers you facelle H I Journal Wa.nt quick results. r Ml 8 I - - , I ( - t -.. . - - I I 1 7 711V ; I : . - jt j - , 1 , . jfirl -1 Ads" bring t J4 . now yon don'tt indigestion ia relieved Quickly with NEW IMPROVED TUMS Enjoy more eonvenien 0 'tve relief from indigestioi.. Turns contain an improved buffennc action; The minty taste leaves your mouthieeling dean. Get improved Turns in the same familiar nandy mils, economical 3 roll box and 100 tablet family bottle. - S'ote, mort than etrr, it'$ TUMS for tk TUMMTI I How this extraordinary offer works To convince you that Facelle is superior, we make this unprecedented offer: it you can buy -another 1-ply bathroom tissue made and sold in Canada that is softer, stronger and more absorb ent than new Facelle, we'll pay you $1,000. For full details write to Facelle Company Limited, Toronto 15, withiri 7 days. (Testing conducted by the Ontario Research Foundation using meth ods authorized by the Canadian Government Specifications Board.) by rtself. Because Facelle Royale - .: -c Poyale quality in a 1-ply tissue. . , J' -Y; Y . -1 , 7 7 bhthroom tissue .'. . 4. . : y . ',..-v ',.'. 1 J ' ' I - ' :. 1 -- m r ... ... ..... s m V."' . .." ' . . a ,y '-. '- ' 100J5 CANADIAN PRODUCT j ' ' "' T " V ' Y 4 1 1 ' ' ' t 'TitH"ind "fscills Royla"areTrati MirVs M FACCU1 COMPANY tlWTtO.'SUBSIDIAIIY Of CANADIAN INTUNATIOAl f Afl COMPANY " 1 "":Y"7ft ', J,Y-"V. . - i . - . f a' M.MAy,.J ........ .. r 1 ' ' -' Y . ' ' : Y J''': Y ' -Vr- ' ' I ' ' '. . ' V-Y. .. : Y.. ' - ' - 1 , , V " ' v t " -7. ' ' : '" ' ' .. i " ' - , . T,.. 4 r ... ,t .... .. ' , V Jk.VAJk.Jk A-A JL A. A-Jk AAiA A A. l,A.l . A C A. Jk. AAAAA .'A A. AJjJkA.

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