The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 11, 1938 · Page 20
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1938
Page 20
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PAGE TWENTY. TIIE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSYTLliE!, FA. FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 193S. Solicitor to Determine WhetherSchooS Board May Abate 1937 Tax Penalties Soliciior S. D. Braemer is to determine for the Board of Education whether or not it may legally vote to abolish penalties accumulated on delinquent taxes for 1936 and 1937 and present a report when the directorate meets again, it was decided after he had revealed to the board Monday night that he had been asked to ascertain whether it could be done. Attention of the board was called to the fact that many persons who had not paid their 1937 taxes wanted to know why they should be compelled to pay accumulated penalties if they can settle their arrearage at this time whereas if they wait a year or two they can pay them without penalties. The school board had sometime ago voted to abate penalties on all delinquent taxes up to and including 1935, provided payment is made on or before April 4, the date fixed for the treasurer's sale of seated lands in Fayette county. - The declaration that persons didn't want to pay their current taxes bc- ca'Jie of the belief that eventually the penalties would be dropped caused Director William L. Zollars. opponent to elimination of. penalties, to remark: '"That's the result of the.action of -the three -bodies--council, county 'commissioners and school board--in ·abating -penalties on delinquent "taxes. That's the condition we're fostering when we take oft th'e penalties. We're encouraging delinquency in tax payments by taking off the penalties." He said that the attitude of the taxpayer is^not to bother about making settlement in a hurry but to wait ^nd when the.amount becomes delinquent to wait until a year or so passes and then the governmental "body will' abate the penalties that will have accumulated. "The city treasurer today is facing the problem of meeting people who arc saying why should they pay their taxes now with the accumulated penalties when we can wait .until they are returned to the commissioners and then pay for them without the extra cost," Director Zollar's said. Good Run of All. Lines Of Livestock Offered Af County Stock Yard March 16 Last Day To Move If You Want To Vote at Primary Any persons who have been permanently registered as voters -and lave moved into new election districts since the municipal election last will be unable to vote until no- Lice is given the registration commission. In order to have their voting registration cards transferred to their present voting districts these electors must notify the registration commission in tho courthouse of their removal by filing removal cards, stating their present postofflce address and the election district, the date of removal to the present residence and sign it. This removal card will be forwarded to the electors upon request to the registration office in the courthouse. This request may be made in person, by letter, card-or telephone. Wednesday, March 16--Last day electors may move from one election district to another in order to vote at the spring primary. If registered he should immediately inform registration commission of removal. The removal card must be in the registration office not later than April 18. Saturday, April 16--Last day all electors may register to vote at primary. This includes electors who will become of age on or before May 18. (A minor becomes of age-on the day preceding the twenty-first anniversary of his birth). Monday, April 18--Last day for any elector who has removed into a new c. ;etion district to give notice to the proper registration commission in order to be permitted to vote al the spring primary. The removal card must set forth a removal date into the new district which cannol be later than March 16. Monday, May 2--Electors desiring to change their party affiliation must make personal application at the registration office not later than May Z. Saturday, May 7--Last day elector who has, since the time of registration, suffered a physical disability which requires him to ha assistance in voting, shall personally make application to the proper registration commission, to have such fact entered on his registration card Also last day an elector who removes his residence from one place The regular weekly sale of the to another within the same election Fayette Stock Yard Company at Un- ! district to give notice to the proper iontown was featured by a good run registration commission in order to of all lines of livestock. The quotations included: Calves--Good veals, $12.90 down; heavy and thin, $5.55 to $8.85. Cattle--Bulls, $6.95 · down; bo- lognas, $695; medium fat cows, $6.05; feeder steers, S6.85 to $7.40; fresh cows, $46 to $100. Hogs--Top, $9.65; heavies, S8.CO down. Sheep--Ewes, $4.60 per head, down; clipped iheep, $1.10 licjd; ,,. ... . lambs, $2.60 to $3.20 head; weathers. WCUOSK8Y, WttO QUIl $4.50 down, and good bucUi, $7.10' ' head." " Ducks--18 cents. Chickens--Heavy hens, 22 b cents; leghorns, 20 cents. Eggs--White, 20 cents; mixed, 19 be permitted to vote at spring primary. It is understood that all matters pertaining to the permanent registration will be conducted through thi permanent registration office in thi courthouse where all records nn kept. There will bo no special registration days set in the various polling districts in the county. Politics, Back Again A 10-Year-Old Legislator Shown seated with her father is 10-ycnr-old Alice Ann Wadsworth, who was extended tho privilege of the State Assembly floor in Albany, N. Y., during her visit to tho stato capitol. Her father, James J. Wndaworth, Jr., is on Assemblyman. Her grandfather was United States Senator from New York. fCentral Press). Win-My-Chum Week Successful in Trio ' Turkeyfoot Churches CONFLUENCE, Mar. II--The win- my-chum week services sponsored by the Epworth League chapters of the Confluence, Johnson Chapel and Ursina Methodist Episcopal churches, held in the M. E. Church here this week has been beneficial. Rev. Richey of the Addison M. E. Church spoke Wednesday evening and Rev. E. V. May of the Somerset M. E. Church preached Thursday. Justice of the Peace C. E. Thomas of Ursina was a business vibitor in town Wednesday. Mrs. Orville Burnworth is having her residence in Sterner street, West Side, covered with composition brick. Miss Agnes Straka and Mr. r.nd Mrs. W. A. Burnworth were visitors at Ursina yesterday. P. W. Levy of Ursina was a recent business visitor. Farm Show Dates Fixed. HARRISBURG, Mar. 11.--The Farm Show Commission has decided to hold the 1939 show from January 16 to 20, J. Hansell French, agriculture secretary and cgommision chair- roan, announced today. Pennsy Veterans Will Have Reunion in June Annual dinner reunion of the Veterans' Association, llonongahela Division, Pennsylvania Railroad Company, will be held Saturday, June 18, at Uniontown Country Club. A special train will be operated from Pittsburgh to the club and an elaborate program of entertainment will be arranged. cents. FiBtlrc Reads Both Ways. THE DALLES, Ore., Mar. 11--City Recorder J. H. Steers was amazed when he looked over his trial balance for January. The result: $377,337.73. The figure of "7's" and "3's" reads the same from either end. B. O. Claim Agent Dies. PITTSBURGH, Mar. 11.--David J. Hum, Jr., 60, claim agent for the Baltimore Ohio Railroad Company, died in a downtown hotel a few minutes after he suffered a heart attack, deputy coroners said. By United Press. PHILADELPHIA, Mar. 11.--Matthew H. McCloskcy, Jr.. who 11 days ago announced his withdrawal from politics "forever and a day," has returned to his post as co-leader ot the Democratic party in Philadelphia, his associate. City Chairman John B. Kelly, announced loclay. Softer Butter Wanted. CORVALLIS, Ore., Mar. 11.--Butter that spreads easier. That's what Oregon State College scientists are now trying to find. Thus far in their research they have learned that cows fed exclusively alfalfa hay produce cream which makes crumbly, sticky, hard to spread butter. Buy According to Your Pocketbook! BUY A SUIT TOPCOAT Ucrc for llic 1'ricc of One Garment Elsewhere. Work Pants $1.50 allsizes Dress Pants $1.85 up Single Coats--All Sizes. Combination Raincoat and Topcoat, all sires . S3.85 Storm Jackets, all sizes, closing out at . _ - _ J2.45 Suits Pressed Willie You Wait: A. SHULMAN North Pittsburc Street. Opp. Pennsylvania Depot. Rail Executives Seeking Ways To Reduce Expenses By WILLIAM H. LAWRENCE United Press Start Correspondent. WASHINGTON, Mar. 11.--Railroad executives, describing the new freight rate increase "madcquatc," sought new method ot reducing operating expenses today. They indicated that employe layoffs may result. One railroad--the Southern Railway system--already has announced spread-the-work program, reduction in working forces and salary cuts in an effort to decrease payrolls 10 to 15 per cent. Railway spokesmen said other railroads might take similar action. Directors ot the Association of American Railroads will hold a special meeting tomorrow to consider the rate increase authorized by the Interstate Commerce Commission and to plan "quick relict" for the industry, which contends the spread between revenues and expenditures is'loo narrow. Meanwhile, Senator William E. Borah, H., Ida., said that freight rates had reached "the limit," and that President Roosevelt and railroad ofllcials must find other means of relief at their conference next week. Chairman Burton K. Wheeler, D., Mont., ot the Senate Interstate Commerce Committee, who will attend the White House conference, said that the rate increase would provide only temporary relief. President J. J. Policy, ot the Association ot American Railroads, said that exemptions made by the ICC in its 10 per cent increase order would cut the actual increase to about 5.3 percent or approximately $175,000,000 annually based on 1930 traffic. His estimate differed sharply with that of Commissioner Joseph V^ Eastman, former coordinator of transportation, who said the increase should yield "in the neighborhood of $270,000,000." "This is about one-third the amount asked by the railroads," Policy said. "While such an increase is inadequate to meet the situation, it will be helpful to the railroads, as far as it goes. However, we cannot expect from it the substantial benefits to railroad purchases and employment, and to general business, which we hoped for had we received the increrae for which we asked." Officers/of the American Trucking Associations, Inc., announced that they would file with the ICC a petition ask/ng a 10 per cent rate in- creaEje on all commodities on which the railroads were granted increases. The increase would affect the entire common carrier trucking industry. Yes, Madam! It's For Early SPRING! Just one of many new Spring Styles we are showing in Blue Gabardine Pumps, Ties and Straps. They fit like a glove! They're comfortable, they're durable and they're moderately priced at ... $4.50 to $5.50 (All Sizes, AAA to C) North Pittsbnrg Street resses Smartest double duties, doubly valucful at Jackets in contrasting color--unusual pleat- ings--colorful buttons -- fine tuckings ant! stitchings--everything in fact, to make these dresses complete in themselves. -AND ALL THESE COLORS DHESS JACKET DKESS JACKET White White White Natural Ked Blue Green Green Natural Coral Skybluc Skybluc Hlue Cor. Blue Ilcd Cor. Blue Dresses With jackets piped in dress colors. Some with rcvers to match dress and little buttons rimming the pockets. All SJ2CS. Suits and Coats All Virgin Wool and Mohair . . . Bon Bon Colors in Monotone ... priced to perfection The HOLLYWOOD Shoppe 130 So. LMttsbnrp Street. 1'Jione 1570. Royal Anne Cherries DEL MONTE Cut Green Beans BAXTER'S Standard Peas CREAM THEM Roman Beans THEY'RE GOOD Standard Tomatoes SOLID PACK Diced Carrots WITH PEAS USCO Tall Milk FOR COOKING, ETC'. Neapolitan Cream N. B. C. CAKES _Fri. CHOICE MEATS Sat PORK LOIN. Ib. 25c Whole, Half or End CENTER CUT CHOPS, 29c LB. PORK BUTTS Ib. 22c Good With Kraut LONGHORN CHEESE Ib. 21c Tor Sandwiches MEAT LOAF Ib. 20c Old Fashioned BACON Ib. 28c Corn King. Machine Sliced, 30c Ib. No. Z\'cans ) No. Z · cans : No. 2 cans No. 2 cans 21c 19c 20c 20c No. 2 cans 9c 11). 20c 18c Graham Crax N. B. C. CRACKERS Blackberries DEL MONTE USCO Spaghetti EVERYONE LIKES IT Pink Salmon MAKE CROQUETTES Lemon Juice FINE FLAVOR USCO Chili Sauce SNAPPY FLAVOR Yellow Corn Meal MAKE MUFFINS Quaker Farina POPULAR CEREAL Ib. No. 2 can 17 c t 20c 22-oz, OC can AiOC No. 1 can 12-oz. IIP. box box 13c 25c 16c 9c lOc BEEF Ib. 22c GROUND Kconomica] LONG BOLOGNA . Ib. 17c Quick Lunch JUMBO BOLOGNA . . Ib. 16c For Sandwiches LOiN STEAK Ib. 30c Tender, Juicy ROUND STEAK Ib. 26c Government Inspected RIB ROAST Ib. 25c Branded Beef CHUCK ROAST Ib. 23c From Grain Fed Steers US CO V4ib.pke.14c Oysters Pint 26C Standard .Fri.FRESHPRODUCESat. ORANGES doz. 27c Florida--ISO's ORANGES doz. 29c California--300's BANANAS 4 Ibs. 23c Yellow--Ripe CABBAGE 2 Ibs. 9c New Texas CARROTS :.... bunch 5c New Texas CELERY 2 bunches lie Fancy Florida KALE 2 Ibs. lie Fresh Crisp LETTUCE head 8c Iceberg ONIONS 10 Ib. bag 34c Yellow--Michigan M A I N E POTATOES peck 27c U. S. No. 1 TOMATOES Ib. 13c Solid--Ripe HADDOCK Ib. 18c Fresh Fillet SEA BASS Ib. 17c Fresh Black Shredded Wheat GOOD WITH FRUIT Laundry Soap OCTAGON , Toilet Soap OCTAGON Scouring Cleanser 23c 25C OCTAGON Soap Powder OCTAGON Soap Chips b r" 9c OCTAGON Super Suds £f 9c FOR CLEANER CLOTHES Granulated Soap OCTAGON 2 "oxe s 6 bars 3 cakes 2 cans 9C S Miiall -I A boxcb 1 ^t, 2 lame OQ_ boxes O»/v 2 large ·3'7 f . boies «J / C large boM-s Palmolive Soap KIND TO THE SKIN cakes Super Suds Exlra Box CONCENTRATED Ic ALT, FOR 20C Special Blend Coffee "- 17c FRESH ROASTED Evaporated Peaches ". 17c THEY'RE GOOD tin 1S-oz. sir ' 9c 2 1S-o cans Bee Brand Spices TUMEIUC POWDLR AND PAPRIKA 'Heinz Baked Beans IN TOMATO SAUCE Heinz Cucumber Pickles £·"· 21c FRESH FLAVOR USCO Preserves ASSORTED FLAVORS 3-Ib. jar

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