The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 19, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE set THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLI^SVIUJS. PA. FRIDAY, JTJLT r», i i; £ ' I'' I IS. LOCAL BOYS ENJOY R EVERY; IINOTE ; AT ^·^|r : ;^CAMi^-J.;STEWART ··, . ··'·:Continued from-FaE* One. CorpprilKennel' put 'Uie;.gloves on ' ' a n d Kennel ;came out:'on: MISS BELIZE BOOKINGS ''· MEYEBSDALE, July 19--Miss Belle Hocking died, at- the family home on ;IVteyers .avenue,'. Tuesday, July lii, -following astroke of .paralysis w,hich 'she BqbiLyon was. the..neit corner | su ff e red'-last week.. /Funeral services n L the-authority of '.'Cy," LyonJ ^rc' held 1 on Thursday'y evening at "Bob" is'one ofJ-ihe! j^ 6 .j] 0 ;, k at . ne r- : late" home. Rev. Elevoi members and three j»eet» i returned homo last night after attended "a "delightful meeting o tiie jwith MrsVCBaVlbtte Buttertnor O. N.-T. Irancywork elub at .which i Butterinbre and guest' spent Saturday door, and interim ; .tq. arrange one : .'be' * ' ~ '" TM --J "Mrs.. \fUll»m : Miller was '.Bwt«» yes- | and Sunday* iit ..the '-Summit.- Mrs. »ftns»«on »t her hoine' at ttie"'! Herrbn'formerly resided in. ; tie. West bill hotel. The afternoon was Side. ·''· ':'" " ' " "· r" Vanferbilt hotel spenj'at knitting and tancywork. A daintily appointed . luncheon. .was served. The laat. meeting of ..the sea 1 son fwlll be held Thursday. afternoon Ails-jit 1. at home rins^in Park street. of " Mrs.' .Heff- The West Side Needlework*TM field a very enjoyable picnic yesterday af- ternm in Graham's Grove. The afternoon Vis spent at various amusements and later a delicious picnic supper wag sirred. Out of town gueats were Sir*. Earl Porter of Car- nsy's Point, JJ-xJ., and Mrs. Robert Shanaberger ^anij children of Union- tow*. ' . · '-. TteiXiBi/siDailfhtsrs. of the Trinity tutheran;: church will hold . a.,pic-, rric Tuesday afternoon, August 20, in a grivve on 'Isabella road. ·· Miia OrSTce'Dniilam will entertain the *.'C. T. I t a'BC3nprork_elub'"this evtf-" niogf at hex*«oni»;'in Patterson "ave- ' Extra. 3pectalA-2(H)-'. pairs women's patent.- colt !,and gun metal button shoeSj..,. cloth ..or leathertops,. . Cuban he'el3,',sizes 3,.3 1 /i'.anij.4. . ?4.00 values for ; Jl'.«5. Browneli:s.rrAdy-19-lt. ' 'SJ.rsj'_James .IHxpn. .and children of ^iej-ersdale re..the. .'guests, pt relatives here! One lot of women's white canvas* pumps,. 1, 2 and 3 straps, high and low heel. $S.OO"values $1.35. Brown- LOCAL BOARD NO. 2 HAS ; 149 M£N OF 21 ACE WlGEDf, CLASS 1 ' of Kegi»trant».o?,-JB18 tween CompanTjH .'and ours.' ieh y morning at'ieh'o'clock. Miss-Hocking . , -, ,, . ... iwas a oaiiBhter.'of Die late Mr.·' and /Mess tent:was r livcly this,-evenfng.-N fe: - :iroim Hocking, : orieJof the best ·Three cheers : --;wre -given, first :,for knowo an(1 most prominent families Lieutenant WiUiamxSellers wbo-was | - · · -- · ' - · · · leaving for Connelisville in his. car. I -We'have to salute'Billy now .when we Trait until the jiipes Ho c king,°HenryT T! Hocking, ~Mrs! j Sadie HofMan and Miss-Mary Hocking airof-this place. . meet freeze next winter. and we can get back -'at him.. .Captain Stone and Lieutenant Buttermore came in for their cheers. The company says they're "jolly good fellows." Last but not least the sergeants "came in for a'."tiger." They set up the Ice cream'and cake for mess. Tomorrow at noon the corporals are going to stand treat and Major "Meyer is. to be our guest. The major ,js ,a regular f e l l o w ' a n d all. are willing to work .their heads off for him.'- . The non-coms are getting, special. instructicm in first "aid each night from. Lieutenant Coward of Meadville .and expect to be so proficient when they return that Drs. McCormick; Kerr and 'the rest of .them will have to; take in their shingles. o f " Meyersd-ale'. ' She 'is' survived by three'..brothers and two:sisters name-'. ly:.: George .H... Hocjting,.. William . oarcPfor District No. 2 has I Bob Hannam- and Bugler Atkins placed'149 ;nien -of lie class 1918 in [are pulling for a company "sing" to- Class l,"snbject to call asjsoon, as.the -'-"' ·- "· '-· ' ' Two Sunday : school -classes of the First Methodlit Episcopal Sunday school.taught by Mr». M. w: Alter and Mill-Ivy Penrod, are holding .a picnic today at Robinson's fall*, v r : . . ' ' ' -- '·''· The .Ladies' Bible class of. th^Trin^ ity tutherau church is holding'aftc^ nic this aftprnobi! at'the home'pt Mrs. Johrf Erretl"'in Ei-M Conceflsvi!le:' : ' . - : Th£3npils of Miss Pearl Keck gave a delightful recital yeater'day afternoon : at Miss ^Keek's"'' "-""*'·- Fairjiew aviini^' .The welliselectedvina''was'ren'SeteiJ'^.'*. ftrst class of the 1M7 registrants is exhausted. The men. ,wl!l be called night in the mess tent. Sergeant Jo« Reed engineered the project. Joe is always on the'job to 1 see that, the men aeit?.week. sometime j enjoy thi!tnselve«. Boh Patterson "says that 'he is the ' The' board has 248 mer.' registered, and of. this number there are s'till '3§ cases*, that are undecided. . So ' far eight" rogistrints of June 5 have enlisted' in 'the' - service- 'oi-the United Stated 'and "are already' in -training. · · The tboard-iilaced Iri'-eiaiis -2,' five men rdarried'before January, '1918.. 'In Class 3 there .are also five men .claiming , deferred^ classification on,Industrial^ 'or' agricultural'"grounds or 'on having aged parents dependent.-, for suppart." "In"" Class -4,'-"married men ·ith children, there are 39 men, and islsting of ·and men. Strain. Arthur i er. rJeona Bter. Jtnth Kurtx. Gertrude Sfi««li- ; ;Rtrth" inoto,-'' Ruth; Brown. Helen. Morris,' JanHnB.j Kooser. Anna Mae. Teiripleton, "Mir- | garet Hyatt. -Anna Kinsburaky and I Qvc .Boiy SMTTHF1ELD MINE life of the company. Take Bob's word for it. · . Tour correspondent will be corporal of th guard.for-.tlie next-24 r lioiirs; OVWHELMIHG GERMANS, , ALLIES SWEEP ON '-'i ··"' Continued from Pattfc One. AliKS CUT SOISSOJiS- CHATEAU TK1EHRI BO AD. 10JSDOS, Jolj IB.--On the left iving; which Includes th« Sedssmm sector, the Allied troops have eat,»r Jiaie ··derflreil Uie iig« road from to Ckatcan ,TU«rrr, saji a ' -·- froial ; tie' Trenck MRS. E. D. SMTH Mrs. E. D.. Smith, 20 years old, died last evening at the Uniontown hospital twenty- five minutes after, she was admitted: The deceased was the w.ife of. E. D. Smith, a Pennsylvania braketoan. .The .family had. Just moved ' to TJntontowri from Homestead. ; MRS. NBS'LEY M. ^ Funeral sen-ices for Mrs. Nes'ley M. Elliott, -who died-, Wednesday .after- nwin. at Cambridge SpringE,"' were held thje afternoon from the. home of a sister of the deceased,, ;Mrs. A. "W. Kisinger at Brownsville; ..TJieinter- .men't win nude in Redstone cemetery: Mrs. Elliott. IB survived by her husband "and two children. FRANKLIN MAXWELL RUSH The body of Frninklta , Maxwell Rush will arrive here · this afternoon I from Ohiopyle on B. £ 0. train No. 15, due here at 4.25 o'clock and from here the funeral party will go by automobile .to tlniontown where t h e interment will be made in Oak Grove cemetery, donneitevllle Lodge, of Elks' 503 -will meet t-tie funeral party at tbe station on th«i arrival oC the train here. The court house will be closed during., the funeral. . · TWELVE FARMERS BRING ? PRODUCE TO CURB MARKET ..-Cantinued irom Face nec^iia"ry;'and .tbe.larmers 'are ahov- ing''a,wiliin(nes«to bring ' in their Beater dispatch , front Sated 11 »'clock,TfciiriilaT.* Tie gwd» if Conncllsynie people will pat- railway from SMssons' 1 to. VJlieri- rpcilie ,them; Men; who have.tormer- Cottent alito kas"h«««.-e«tv U't sewr-) ly .spent/ hours; going over tbe city. Yolarida Gigliotti." I Mri. M. E. John ^ Blane)* Townsend'' and 'Mrs. of Flat-woods- attended the Greatb ;Befhe"i annual missionary society, picnic held yesterday.. at tbe beautiful mountain home of Mrs. 'W. E. Crow. . . ' . - · - PRSOrrALS/ Provrdenci hospital, ·Washiiigtdh, C., is'.tiome OB » va'ca'tfon." D. al.poJiis hi nitrmliM ·««·«(« hare heea' cnTried oot by ^ cavalry.". : They ·dranced throagh iraju hi the refreat- in|r line and t«UbH»h«l theinielTe! in Tillages farther ahead. Recovered lart Sight; Laaip and Cap «( Aaotker Xlner Feeovereil .TSls Jljrai»g: : Upwards of 150 men were at work" today at the mine; of the Brickmau . . Porter Coal company at 3mi,thflela In Perslilng's comiannltiae for yegtentay the nope of rescuing aiive'.'three men | confirms press reports of the -----·-·- entombed there yesterday, along with i success of yesterday's attac! James Joneg,- whose,,dead body was | the Alsne and tie recovered during the night. Hope I American and French foriees. rai virtually; ·. ah.lndoned. · The tn- Min Lorena Cupp, a student at.the Tombed me nare George Epley, ·'--" : ..... ' · ~ · - · ' · · · - years old;-,'ArUrur .'CJorin. -21.. and Al- 'dispatch fnDows: The bert Collins, 50, Other .4.^-- Amerlcari' troopi , co- operatinjt -irfth the French to wi at- Miss McFarland'wishes to iinnbunc'e nad narrow escriesi.' to her: friends and pat'rnut float-bo At 10 o'clopjc, this,morning the cap workmen]tack on th« enemy positions between i the Aisle and the JTarne peBetraled Crawford avemie.-HAdv.--17-13t: yj~ Miis iCath'eriM, .jO^Connpf. .of': tifj WestiSide ieft ThJ»iirnins forrWasfr-" tagtoii,. D:. C: Weiinen's blaefc.ind brown patent leatber lace Qif^rds; hith' heels,15.50 values |3AS.: iBrbwnell's.--Adv. and ifter Aujast 1st she wtitjbe ,.lp-t-and lamp'of' 'Arthur' 'Collins -were cated on secbnd'flpor of'Title-si. "j-rjaft fqajid. Workers expected at any building, corneT^Pittsburg and tiinp to find -jhis b.ody. ^-Officials of the - . . - - - ,.,,_- ....... u egnj-jany'-g^ia it jrould b two or .three days befori?-'the;:mine could be cleaned up to .Uhe point where the others are supposed to be. J'-THe'owners of the mine were Wil- 'liam/F. Brickman and Henry A. Porten'-of Connellsyllle. -.^ 19-1*4 J. $. Swan .and;' daughter, ·'ilis.i Louise, ot Steubenvllle, 0., are guest* at the -home ofth'eiformer's brother. J. E. ; Swan in South Prospect street. Tb«, best place to shop aftei all. Browa»ll Shoe Co.--Adr. See; Downs' Shoe Store for the latest styles in low shoes and pumps for ·women-^gray, brown, patent, dull and! return of Rev. J. S .Showers, the pas- i serves.' tans. -.; All reduced, too.--Adv-18-3t I tor, for his flfth year. ..The dcle'gato i . _ .- REV. SHOWERS RECALLED IT. B. Congregmtlon Detitrts Hl« Return for Another Twelve Moaths. At the last quarterly 'conference of the year in the- United. Brethren church thee conference ·vo'tedjior-'tihi I jrrsat reenlte Irom the »e"W tte re- Herwick, W.'H." Bielstein'arid Charles reduecd now--both men and womens streets with"; their goods will be at the curb".market' where tbclr customers caii'flnd them. County Farm Agent P. E. Dougher-"- ty w«a on band this.morning. He said he could get the farmers to bring their PKBSHIXO COXFIBlis . . goods to the city. But that, he couldn't; TICTOKI BEPOHTS. make .the people buy, and If they, wanted, the advantage-.'of .-produce fresh'from the farm they would have: to turn out on' market days and get | their goods early so that the farmers j could return to. their -work. ·'One-woman this morning filled her. basket with the opening of the market and-taking it home, returned for a second'' load. .l«ist Tuesday, · many, women did not have baskets in which .tp?carr,y their : purchases, but alj were supplied'.with ~them this morning. ' Among the farmer* at the market thin'morning" were: John Craig, ConnellsiHlle: Jesse W. Blalr ; j?erryopo- lls;/ Tom" Aiiicl, Smock;' S. ~Vf,.Durin, 1 Flatwppds; TJldea Kernl NprmalviBc; William :Klrkp'atriok; Smock; . James Fa's'son, Tro'tter; Leon^Fasson, Trotter; Frank Curtis, Connellsville; A. C. Oglevee, Vanderbilt; John Smith, Dunhar, and B. E. Arnold, Flatwoods. One of the farmers reported this morning that, several with whom he talked atom: bringing tiielr goods to the marked seemed to thf^k they bad to pay a reiit ~of $20 each year for the use of the .tables and'privilege o f ' seliirig. Tho tables are furnished absolutely free, as is the privilege of · selling at the market. In fact, the { farmers are invited to bring in their ! goods: ' " liis lines ti/'a depth of several 'railed captarlnff niany prisoners and SEBlOCSir HAJfbtCAPPED. PABIS, July 1», (Havas- ^g-eucy)-- tKerlews lil the figliUnp In the Allied counter offensive, printed by the Paris papers today, Jar stress upon the In. terfcreoce with enemy's railway communication occastoaei by the speedy Allied adriiDce. "Our progress southeast Of Soissons" says the .Kcho J)' Farfe, "pre- rcntcd the eneaiy froni brlvgrlhg iato action . his reserres over the railway In the vicinity of L»on. near Chateaa Thierry around. Bhelms and along the Alsne. lie had expected to secnre -·i'-our windows for the best^ dis* ot-'low ab6e»'in--towB-^AaV-W ; ;nf i-i-.-Woonii'5 : black kid pumps; leather * covered 1/JJijs . , he.elSj. , ..$5-50. . ..values. si-- AdT-l'9-it.' ·i' ' : ln'«rder to reduce our stock^will !*"offeri'iBeeial - nric«inV*]|.?,trin$nie4 i'2V,an4i«ntrimmea\ hats fprAbi^, foSoir-; : . ing 10 day». ^McFarlancTs -Mlilinery." I: Orlandi 1 Pa., ls v th8 ! 'iifniS ^Mi t"b( r;;and' Mrs. " " Eugene T.' "Norton of 'Wlnd;rmere." ' - ' - raetal,:3-buttpu''dilmond.:»traB;pump(!, Cubai; heels: .,/|4.60^ values.. J3.45. 'Brown'all's.--a Laat winter : 'youV ("uttered, .a. world of diicomfort aiirt troubli|.,' from , stoves. Take solid eqmfprt this win; j ter. ,The - Caloric' Tlpeiess" Fnrhttce ! can be put in any house, new or old, '.because it heats witnout pipes. One regUMr will fflve you a tteady'unl-" form heat thronghoiit,.pf the house. They cost;.l(»r,and^5e 1* ·than a pip* furiiiii*.' '"" *-'·* See .Anderson^ may be said that it is greater than any -urage "To'"a laf'ge portipn. of .the American's these "four' days' h'as 'been thel'r ftrst ' · ' " ' - .. . Mrs. HoTpf»ra-"TVasnIngtDn ""e'nter- 2S i ;;.aiiembers Crpsis Unit"a;i aTmitKni Jionje, 10«|?fatf'itret,.,--,TM,, C , I _ rirng. ' Out-olT town visitors were.Mrs Mary Lewlatof. Pittsbdrg, afii!^''$£;!' Margaretjai"Grigg»by of Scotidale. . A. 3. Teroplelon : and-. Garl., -Bishop : hav_eretiirnl from a, flshing trip to real/'flghilng. . fine indicate ·Tte^wrts a great . deal of V p^ the- lean.' open ..-warfare, ^ some · . spohtaneouii ^localrzed operations .being^urideTtaken, wtthont-a preliminary barrage and -.ft'' is In .action. of this character',that.'tlie .ninits havis won the, 'praise of-the French.' . ..; ' · · ; . · .,:· The..Amerit!aii tfanspo'rt, both "'-of ;i?TMnitfohs'r. and', 'of tbe",.hpspital- ' ;ser- -vice'Ms working smoothly ' behind tbe H lpes. annlefB- t Smith. UTtlE;BROTHER RUN-DOWN Frettrd-E«w He R«cov- Mountainville, N. Y.-- "My llttlo brother: had typUold.'i ever,,.and, It -left him wilt no'ijibpeUie, w'eik," run-down' and ^a'lwiys crly!ng. ; "-vinol proved 'a wonderful tonic' In'; building. him.3ip. and .restoring his strength, after, everything else failed."-- Lucy ShW- rnan. . ..^.' . . . . . '.The reason Vinoi^'-.go successful li this, little boy's .efce, is becanse it contains the ve'rjyOTraenls^ne'eded to b.uild .up a wealftrie'dj "rtih-down system, make rich, fed -blood a'nd Create strength. ^ " \ '· r; ' ' 'i',.. ' ·' .-Laughr'ey Drug Cb.,-.'C6nneii8ville; C? C. Bason, Dunbar, ^arid-. druggists everywhere.-- Adv. ^; ;. - - . · ? . There Are Real Bargains at tlie yiMMERMAN WILD TOMPAHY M FURMTimE I f RUGS \J STOVES FURNITURE ··» RUGS "The Big Store, Near The Bridge." 154-158 West Crawford Avenue«$ucces8ors Leonard Furniture Co. July Barg $12.50 Rockers $6.95 These are genuine Mahogany pieces of, dainty, design, covered in prettily .figured cretonne--cliairs to:.' tnatch. the rockers.;; fdeal for bedroom. ' · . · · ' " . : · ' . ' . · $22.50 and $25.00 } j Flioor . Lamps $14.95 Choloce of three styles in Choice of three styles In pretty .lamp's ..that are splendid values. Stock is limited. Tapestry Rockers and Chairs ·;·· About; twenty-five-pieces of Tapestry Fur- niture now priced at about half for quick clear- ance to make room for new shipments. Come in and look over the selection--each piece is a bargain in the fullest sense of the word. $35.00 Rockers $25.00 Rockers $13.75 . Handsome all upholstered Tapestry Bockers .and' Chairs at roomy design and · substantial construction. Just .a .few at this j'rice, so don't delay. $90.00 fhree' : P!ece Tapestry Cpholst«red,iiving Boom . Suite, A- period jsuite' of beautiful pattern-- - consists of- .roclier, chair and" settee, ia raahog- any and tapestry. $18.50 -Massively designed Rockers and" Chairs in beautifully .figured tapestry:--the same kind'you would expect to pay ?35for Newest Style Tea Wagons $9.95 Choice of Mahogany, Fumed or Golden Oak in: these Tea wagon%--heavy rubber tire wheels and equipped ·with removable tray. Refrigerators, Porch Furniture and Shades, Carriages and Strollers Pric- ···-. .. ed Low at^the Zimmermah-Wild Store. ' Middle Aged Womeiv Are Here Told the Best Remedy for Their Troubles. Freumont, 0.--"I was parsing throngli tho critical period of life, being forty-six years di age and had all the symptoms incident to that change -- heat flashes, nervousness, and was in a general run down condition, BO it was hard tor me to do'my work. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, was recommended to me as the best remedy lor my troubles.-wbicb. it surely proved to be. I feel better and stronger in every V7, f j.y since taking it, and the annoying- symptoms lave disappeared."--Mrs. M.'GODDEH. 925 Kapoleoa St., Fremont, Ohio. Kartb. Haven, Conii.--"Lydia-B. PinltBam's Vegeta: ble Compound restored my health after everything'else had failed when passing through. 1 change of life. There is nothing like it to overcome tbe trying symptoms." --Mrs. FLOBEHCS iBKT.r.t.Bojt 197, Korth. Haven, tonn. I 1TDIAE.PINKHAMS VEGETABIZ COMPOUND LYDIA E.PINKHAM MEDICINE CO. LYNN.MASS. CONNELLSVILLE INDULGES, "i IN HILARIOUS CELEBRATION PATEONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPEK. Uncle ' Anntmncenseit. to been-, attended, to at the dressinga- stations., -These their iw'ay ·td*'the-'ree,r : and- , - . . . and Mrs-'TT. 'AT-TDrtoilg' ana Mr. and ·an, left thU Th'ornhig^ by; iibtompHle Cutpric«'ra''air»n^ni?r^ii«)e» an* .Oxfords. Brpwneirs.^-Adi . :· Mrs; Martha.. Heijrasijof rested on-'seco Ffnt Clifli T^ie first child iti the family, a 10 pound baby : glrl,.w*«,boni,at,theaioa»e of 2JIr. and.,Mra!j.^rax Mopre"pf tSoiith": Cofltnellsfille.- '^efcre'-'her t marriage 1 .. J. v i '-·--·' i .. -i . - . . '- .,-......'-.-.y *^r Mrs Mpore..V»SBMss i Clm^'S,win]t ' , I ;· - : i ^ - -.I-:': · .-.-.;·:-.·-'-- .'-· ' ' : " ' - t .' "?*!^4w-t_ ^4-- 'V' 1 ." 1 -; '_:··' 1 - ·". ' Attorney JtttinE. Kephar!;ratt»*«« to |hi ce«»6rt-beard--iri-Wa»hiigt«i,'' D. C., is nome'-dii * b r i e r f t ] ' " .'.You. fc nptvhave;_tp',.;!jiave in"":ppcn'f8/^6avin' advanced jwith thte" ha u k-...:-You' .can- send, ^ypur were oh «rst depo5it..tyvm.ail;-;with ypurriname. Ireqoently" and · addresliKcarefiflljr .Trftt^nVso^at ; 'we' canje'nter';. '.'ymr';accd!imt.t";pn'"pur ; . Ibcfoks 'and.ijissue:.. ·.-pur ; .:':^aM'-bpot --ti'-i. --ej#ill"send..;to"' ypn: bj" matt;- V;t'Pcal' Bbari.for',pt l strict. Npi 5' has": rcjtTe4:;'a call .Ior'two.]im'ited.".ser-. vice men to ^,be. .tent .to. Syrictise;'for port- -gaard» for .the-'flve- life;, period ;begiuuing: July' ."'29; ····-- '. 4 'Mts8-..Alnra.^Roitler.,..whp undeirwexit ' atvthe Cottage Siate'hos- jj^l t ;ls getting along', very nicely; ' · · · - Safe vhi'ch Do not Jet another week go past without opening a -savings 'account. .Then' add to ''the account whenever" you receive' inoney; ' Tfie Citizens National' 'BankV 138" Xprth'-Pittsburg; street ' ' ' ' ' " "* '' : ' " 1 ~" ·A^--:'M KKriAnS m*'' -· alcerbj F« MHQHI MO etrtOI Continued from Page One.. the latest wires gave the American troops a penetration d 15 mlies'-lnto the 1 Hun's lines. He also said It was reported that Aiistria was about ready to surrender to the Allies. This thrilling news brought cheer aftor cheer from mere than a thousand throats. ' Early morning papers, arriving here about 2.30 o'clock were quickly, bought up but tic stories In circulation here and in the papers "did.riot iioinciae.. ',-'The.South Side residents, were the last to bo. llae celebra 7 "tors. -While .speech-making was in progress at' 'Brimstcme. corner, shortly .after Zi.o'clbck-ia-n'ro'^trucfc'i.vrent out South Pittsburg s.treet and put a siren -into play. ·-'WTien the parade arrived everyone:^vas. a w a k e n e d ; . : . - . , - . . ' . ; 'Someone would call out for the ^ .cause of the. .excitement and the | -'answer would, be "'Ainenca'ns capture 200,000 Herman prisoner's."' Then another dfien patriots would join the^ 'ever : growing parade.. At. another' Brimstone corner gathering about I 2.30 o'clock the .band- played "The Star Spangled Banner." while hundreds took up the.air and sang the words. - -Enthusiasm -was raised to a higher pitch when Attorney J.. Kirk Renner. said it was understood that the Amer^ Scan forces were half way through Belgium. After this, .one, the .-,'-'reports" . ceased to come. . The crowd broke iip into groups and discussed! trie situation, in elated'tales. Others i rode around the city'streets ainglng j time.songs. : · ,. '. ;,-; ; Special Sale for Two Weeks Drafted Men's Suits from $6.00 up to $12.00. Single Coats and Pants from $2.00. to $5.00. The cloth is all wool. The reason for selling so cheap is because I am not only depending on selling Suits, but my main business is Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing If your clothes get torn or moth eaten or-'burned, bring them, to A." Shufman. I arn sure you will,not be able to find the damaged places. Men's Suits Steamed and Pressed 'Men's Suits Cleaned and Pressed -Ladies' Suits Steamed and Pressed T ' Ladies' Suits'Cleaned and Pressed '. _ 73c $1.50 . $1.00 J2.00 A . S H U L M A N

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