Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 7, 1974 · Page 40
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 40

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 7, 1974
Page 40
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4D fcy a margia nl su v«Ae$. later, wfcat U was 4i$tt»*«r4 tkM Griffith SSAC view hoard aad that Eisroaakadaot. it was too tote for the principals to act favorably to Griffith's bid for reelection. He later received several tetters from principals. commending him for standing up for what he thought was right, and apologizing for not returning him to his place on toe board N* Help F«r of ft* SSAC. «n* of which was the «· *f He hnnrii «f raiew. Eismon's SSAC Time Running Out? EISMON Not much note of it is made these days. but the Secondary School Activities Commission will soon be looking for a new executive secretary to replace Gordon Eismon. who has held the position since the death of Bill Fugitt on Nov. 3. 1959. Kismon will be 65 next year. At this age. the West Virginia State R«ard of ^ Education requires all its top school ofti- (i;tls to retire. And inasmuch as Kismon is employed by and works directly for the principals of our state schools, it \voiild seem that he also would he flsked to retire at 65. I -However, there is a little technicality that could carry Kismon two years past the accepted age of retirment--that is.-if he desires to work be- j'Miid the age of 65. ·;His contuct is for three years. And after each vear. one vear is added to this contract lj always keep it on a three-year basis. If the board of appeals decides on a change in secretaries, it must so inform the incumbent at the annual board meeting in June · ! * * * · ; Contract Extended to 1977 · '.Since there was no notice given of any intended change last June, Eismon's contract was automatically extended to July 1.1977. at wliich time he would reach the age of 67. ; -Some of the principals, who attended the 1974 meeting in Beckley, made mention that Eis- iixin would run beyond the retirement age of 65. tf he were not put on notice this year. But no effort was made to put this issue before the full body. . -Therefore, since he gave no indication that he plans to retire at $5, it must be assumed that he will at least run out his contract although he will be under no obligation to do so. He can retire next year--at close to $700 per month plus social security--if he so desires. · .How Eismon feels about this is not known, but it is no secret that the pressures of his office; have hugged him greatly here of late and that he may give serious thought to stepping down . . . . '.'· ~ * * * · ; - Watson Case Started It · [Beginning with the Ameche Watson eligibility case, which was ruled on by the board of ap- peals and then reversed by the board of review, there has been one setback after another for Eismon and he has not left all the principals happy with his reactions. It is no secret that Eismon, upset because the board of review finally declared Watson eligible, set out to destroy the board as it is now constituted and to offer as an alternate a board of his own--composed completely of school superintendents, who would be more sympathetic with SSAC decisions. But the State Board of Education quickly shot down this plan and the board of review, headed by local attorney Eddie Hiserman. will stand as it was originally appointed. This was a disappointment to Eismon. who has used his political influence within the board of control (the principals) to get the things he wants * * * Records Do Not Jibe He felt the reversal in the Watson case was a personal affront to him and he made no bones of the fact that he was hurt. But what transpired after that only added further problems for the executive secretary. He advised the principals, in a single-spaced, six-page letter, that the board of review not only had blatantly ignored the rules of the SSAC but had done so at a meeting in which the SSAC was denied a representative. It developed, however, that Eismon himself had, indeed, been invited to attend the meeting and when he could not attend, he had asked one of his board members, W. G. Griffith of Charleston, to represent him. When Griffith attested to the fact that he bad attended the meeting at Eismon's request, he was ruled out of order at a meeting of the board of appeals. So later, Eismon complained to the principals that he had been denied by the board of review.... * * * Letters Prove SSAC Was Invited Therefore, to clear his own name in the controversy, Griffith got copies of letters from State Superintendent of Schools Daniel B. Taylor which had been mailed to both Eismon arid his assistant, Sam Williams, inviting them to the meeting. Griffith wrote a letter of his own and mailed it. at his own expense, to representative high school and junior high school principals. He enclosed copies of the letter of invitation to Eismon and Williams. In the meantime. Griffith had been beaten in his bid for reelection to the board of appeals This intent! strife certainly has keen ·ant- aging to the refntntiMi *f the SSAC. Amt it seenw to have hrwght «nt the fact that Mt ev- erytae has been cimnlHeiy hippy with the n*c- tatorial ntlictes tf EtsmM and his staff. AMther incUent, again involving a Charleston athlete, left s»«e ill feeling an* wrongfully cut skwrt a hty's athletic eligibility. It seems that a black athlete at Stonewall JacksM High SehMl name* Tin JckasM had gttten into a MM-time hassle with Cnach Dnn Stover last December and that it has been suggested by Carl Y««ng, the scktnl bMri's administrator for student affairs, that J«hnson should be transferred to Charleston High fur a nine-week grading period "to cool off" and then returned to his own school. But when Johnson returned to Stonewall Jackson in January and had made peace with Coach Stover, he discovered that he had lost bis track team eligibility ____ * * * SSAC Reversed Ruling Too Late Young appealed to Eismon, who promised him he would review the case at the state high school basketball tourney here in March in order to let Johnson know where he stood before the track season opened. But the board of appeals was never advised of the case before the tourney and the case was not on the agenda for any meeting at that time. Then in April, at another meeting, the board was advised of the previous decision of the executive secretary and gave it approval, even though none of the particulars were brought out. Jim Uillinger. principal at Stonewall, then suggested that he would carry the case to the board of review because both he and Young felt the boy was eligible because he had not gone to Charleston High on his own accord. But before the appeal could reach the board of review, which had already dealt the SSAC a blow in the Watson case, and apparently still feared by the SSAC. Eismon announced that the board had reversed its own decision and had declared Johnson eligible. By this time it was June, the track season was over and Johnson had finished school. He had been unfairly robbed of his last season of athletic eligibility ...... * * * Logan Case Brought Changes Of course, Logan people are still angry with Eismon over an eligibility case of football player Eddie Lee which they hist a few years ago and the one year of suspension the school had to take when it took the case to civil court. The SSAC won on all counts and in this case pafca to oteshm ate hoard «I review as M is pmentfy cmaUato*. I* the Slate Innrd of Eferatiaa hat re jected hie hid and nuny of the ten who eaploy Finnan show recenl- lo his continual struggle for a onr nun rate of stale athletics * * * Prefers 'Runner Stamp' Setup Eismon. to his own credit, has been a dedicated and hard working secretary West Virginia's scholastic athletic program was never on a sounder basis. But he has never been the one to accept the advice of others. He has strived for a "rubber stamp" board of appeals arid would have liked to get the board of review set up with 100 per cent representation of school men. Some of the principals, who recognize Eismon's tremendous ability to make and save money for the SSAC. will tell you that indeed he has every reason to pinch pennies. "The more money he can sock away," said one principal the other day. "the more he will be able to place in the retirement fund. And the bigger that fund gets, the more he will get on his pension when he retires." It is reported that the last report coming from the state capitol here indicates that $101.472 had been put into the pension plan in recent years and another $30.000 was budgeted from the income of this past school year. Since the total wealth of the SSAC was reported at something like $135.000 in investments (including the pension plan) and some $82,000 in the bank, it can readily be noted just how intense the program has been tor upping the pension plan in a hurry. And maybe at the expense of member schools Senators Sign Field Hockey Star ELKINS - Davis and Elkins' field hockey coach Dr. A. Jean Tallman has announced the signing of the Senators' first recruit for the season -Shirley Oorlog of Cherry Hill. N.J. ' A graduate of Cherry Hill West High School. Ms. Oorlog led her team to the state crown. S Curry's Goal: «· 9/ No Exhibitions ft* tr*u The president of the National Football League Players Association said Saturday the NFLPA would dp everything legally within its power--including soliciting help from other unions-- to prevent NFL exhibition games if a strike against the owners is not settled. Bill Curry, a starting center for Houston last season. joined 14 other veterans in picketing at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Tex., as the first of 104 Oilers' rookies and free agents filtered into training camp. "They (rookies) can practice here all they want to," Curry said, "but if this thing is not settled, they're not going to play the exhibition season." Curry said the NFLPA could get help from broadcasters' unions and the Teamsters to picket stadiums. "If nobody shows up at the stadiums and nobody broadcasts the games, why play the games?" he mused. Currv said he and other NFLPA members would meet with the Oiler rookies Sunday prior to their first workout "to tell them some things they haven't been told." "No one has told them if they'll receive a per diem." Curry said. "Or. if they bust up a knee, if they'll get their salary anyway."" Other Oilers' players walking the picket line with Curry included Dan Pastorini. Willie Alexander. Al Jenkins. Guy Roberts. Fred Willis. Elvin Bethea. Zeke Moore, John Matuszak and Greg Bingham. The picket line was the second one to go up. The first site, last Wednesday, was the San Diego Chargers' camp at U.S. International University. Two new Chargers, free agent wide receiver Coleman Zeno and first-round draft choice Don Goode, a linebacker, left the camp Friday and joined the pickets. Chargers' owner Eugene Klein gave Goodc a 24-hour "grace period" to return to camp or lose what he called a "very substantial" bonus. LOOK For i's IK SAVHKS M ·WCARS tnucxs IBB CAM ARTMC THURSDAY. JULY 11 Hi 211 Official Sttrto Inspection Station No. 3997 Sun. Mon. Tims. Sears| Camping Equipment Sale! Your Choice AUTO SERVICE SPECIALS 4-FULL-PLY NYLON CORD BLACKWALLS R«g. 17.94-6.50x13 $ WHY WAIT? USE YOUR Kmtrt CREDIT CARD OR YOUR BANK AMERICARD ME 7.00x13 6.95x14 7.35x14 7.75x14 1.25x14 Ml, 11.94 11.94 19.94 90.94 21.94 SUE 1400 1MO 16,00 17,00 19,00 MJi 1.95 1.91 1.99 2.16 2.32 Plus F.E.T. 1.78 Each I ALL TIRES PURCHASED AT K MART I MOUNTED FREE-NO TRADE-IN REQUIRED| KM 100 Black Walls 4'Full-PLY R«g. 20.88 878x13 Hillary Nylon Pack With Frame Save'S" Pack of water-resistant nylon with 4 zippered side pockets, padded straps. "IF shaped anodized aluminum frame adjusts for comfortable hiking. Forest Green. Regular '39.99 5' x T Lightweight Nylon Pup Tent Save 8 6 12 Urethane-coated nylon is lightweight yet so weather resistant! Rear window with exterior hood. Aluminum frame, screen door, duffle case. . RrjliilurS4I.OO Sale Prior* In KffWt 3 Dav.s Onlv! WhitewcHls Only Whitowdls 2.44 more each 2 Pound Mummy Style Sleeping Bag Save s 5' 7 It's so nice to come back to camp when you have a warm, cozy sleeping bag waiting for you! W i t h 32-in. zipper, nylon drawstring case. 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