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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, March 15, 1930
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JLiast Hi dition ttrten I rce Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best Advertising Medium in the Yoiagh Region, VOL. 2o, NO. 106. ,t «£*'t«Vru!r^^ f juiViTiw CONNELLSVILLE, PA.. SATURDAY EVE «NG, MARCH 15, 1930. TWELVE PAGES. FIRE CAUSES $25,000 LOSS TO FASHION STORE; SPRING STOCK RUINED BUSINESS SHOWS STEADY PROGRESS TOWARD RECOVERY Is Slow but Encouraging, Ae cording lo United Press Financial Survey. Larjye Collection of Women's Wear in Rear Section Practically Destroyed. Famous Canadian Ace Killed in Plane Crash ORIGIN NOT DETERMINED An early m o r n i n g lire which gutted the Fashion Store-' in West Crawford avenue today v i r t u a l l y destroyed all ot the etock, causing an estimated U*s of $23,000 The ritore, a w o m e n ' s clothing establishment, had .lust ciecured a complete line of the latest spring styles and all of thlc wiTS a complete loss. The fire, confined to the center of the recent addition to the building, destroyed all of the stock in that part while tho article* in tho fore part of the store wore only slightly damaged bv steam P r a c t i c a l l y all ot the mer- haridiso, Buch IB clieaees, coata, hat», and the like- wore located in the real- portion of tho s t r u c t u r e and thie a total loss , The Jnteiior of the building al»o badly damaged by the fire, the origin of which has not been f u l l y determined b Supt'i intendent of 1'ubye Safety lea K. W h i t e and Fire Chief William K DeBolt, who were making the usual investigation The flre wa? detected shortly be- tore 4 o'clock by Assistant Chief of I'olice Anrtrnw Thoniae, who Biim- moned the Fire Department. It took more than an hour to get it under control. MONEY WILL BE PLENTIFUL Everson Road First in List For Improvement While tho Owonsdale-South Kverson road of one anil a half miles is firs On the Hat of county improvemeii' projects, immediate work cannot bo expected Inasmuch as the county 1 without ftrada for highway construction, the county commissioners Friday afternoon informed 300 boosters of the thoroughfare who went to Uniontown m an automobile caravan. Attorney J. Regla Byrne, Everson borough solicitor, was the spokesman for the advocalou of the route which would make it a complete stretch from Connellsville to Everson througl Broad Ford an I the Morgan Valley At present this road H improved only to Owensdalo ar d the supporters seek the completion, of the highway Into Everson. Advocates ot the thoroughfare declare that.they will continue to press their claims u n t i l the road IB built It wan indicate I that steps wllll bo taken to mako i' a state o? a state-aid project. At pre icrit, the stretch from Uwensdale to Eversoa Is listed as a township route. Among those who were In the cara- \ a n of five automobileh were Burgess Oliver Shannon and gouncilinen Maik Fazenbaker, John Sadek, Thomas King, George Burns and President C.eorgo Batnbriy. Charles O'Neill, .secretary of council, also was in the party. « Colonel William G Barker, Canadian war ace and recently appointed vice-president and managing director of the Fairchild Aviation Company, was killed in m plane crash at Ottawa. Colonel Barker was one ol the outstanding: heroes of the World War, being credited with downing fifty-two enemy places. FORMER GOVERNOR BRUMBAUGH DIES OF HEART ATTACK P1NEHUKST, N. C , March In--The body of Martin (! Brumbaugh, fornwr Governor ot Pennsylvania and veteran winter resident, wau euroute to Huntingdon, Pa., today for burial. The lormer chief ex?cutlve and president of Juntata College, at Huntingdon, was striken yesterday by a h e u i t attack at the eighth hole of the Carolina Hotel golf couise and died In his apartment half an hour later. Brumbaugh and his wife had been h*ie for 10 days He had been failing In health for several weeks, his wife *ald -The former Governor was the first commissioner oi education of Porto Ilico where hti introduced a modern American bchool system. His career as an educator was interrupted only by his Jour yeai term us head of the Pennsylvania st itc govpinmeiit With his wife, Mr. Brumbaugh went U* Pinehurot u week ago foi a rent v Tho death leaves only three l u i n g former Governor ot tlu» ftatf--John K. Teuer. Kd\vm Sydney H t u a i i and (iifford PlnHiot. Mr. B r u m b a u g h NV.IS IHneino) noin l!»lf to till!*. lit' w o n t to the (!c\er- uor's clintr from Hit* supuiliilerUtiuy of schools of 1'hilucU'lphla to wh c«h he \ B S nanuMl in 1 MX! At Hie tune oi hih death the tornu-i Goveinur U'id Ji it completed a t e r m as pre.-ittent ot t u- ( ollege Pieoideuts Association ol P e n n s y l v a n i a UN i fiuMH.e in th* 11 "Id o( education u.t widely felt anil at thr» time ot bis death his a d v i c e a n d h«*!j w.ts lteiu3 sought bv tho ofhiw).- ol th" J?tdto Department ot I'ltbix I n t i m (ton · orktns out probJ-wns Board of Trade To Elect Seven New Directors Ballots for the "in-Unary" election of directors* for ihe Connellsvilli Board of Trade will be placed In UK mall today and members of that or sanitation may begi.i to vote on Moti day. The votes m a / be taken to th office of Secretary J. K. Blake or mailed to him for t ibulatlon. Tho primary voting must bo completed by March 2' and the annia mooting and electio i w i l l !a!\c place at a session in th Kiwanls Club rooms on March 28. The-re are sevei directors whose terms expire. Although the Board ot Trade 1' holding Its annual election at* this time its accomplishments as an orsjai izatlon cannot be measured by i year's time. Tho f irmatlou o£ such a group was conceived about a year ago. Preliminary tops were ,taken and a membership campaign was conducted but tho ac tual work of the body does not cover so many months A secretary was not employed until the latter part of S 'ptember and tbe offices opened in Oi tober. From that time until December Secretary Blake's attention was directed mostly to tho organisation of int rebt group c m- mittees and the foundation of a working basis for the board. Then came the matters of canalization of tho Yotighiogheny Rivei which was carried through to a definite presentation to the proper authorities This city received much valuable advertising us well as pai ticipating in n movement which m;iy become of untold value to It in the future. Therefore, although the anniversary of tho birth of the trade board plan is approaching, the jieriod over whijn the body has been actually functioning is little more than three months. In that time, however, no time has been lost.^ Committees have functioned and- Secretai v Blake has collected considerable -valuable data. Fifteen industrial piopoeltions have been considered, bir of which are still before the directors^ The otners have boon i ejected eitber as not worthy of stabllshmenl hero r because loo much was aeked of t lie city. Not only have the added Industries been given attention but present establishments have bi en encouraged to enlarge Lack of an industrial fund is a serious in competitive bidding for woith- while Industries andthiy is a harries winch must be overcome in some manner. There are numerous other functions which the board hub performed In the short time since us offices were opened and to thos» who have been u contact with the ociutary and his duties, it ia appar nt Connellsville would suffer mater f u l l y without such t seivice. The wonder ia, many say, that it was possible to exist without ouy for the pust 10 years. After another year, it is predicted, UIP value ot the board w i l l be more pronounced 1 ban evei. Flier Killed in Clinic ( ST. .JOSEPH, M i c h , ftlaieh 15- Al- hvrt Jut lib, -·!, ot Ueutoii Harbor, killed today when a wing on his liUne crumpled in n n d - a l i and he 111 500 f f f t to the ground H* u i c T i A n n r. oniDbi:y » r u t t e d Press Financial Write). XRW YORK, March 15--Business conditions In the United States are showing slow but steady recovery trom tho December low ^ mark and j plans-are now being made for a ripid trade 1 t e v i v a l with the approach of j the spi Ing months, according to rf- ports received this week from various ! Federal Reserve centers, Kasy money, a factor responsible for the intense industrial activity of 1027 and 182S, has been a reality w ilh rates declining to the lowenl teval in tour years this week. Already, leading industrial, rail- loade, public utilities and municipalities aic taking advantage ot (tie IP- t u r n of easy money to flnnric-e expansion programs promised at Prcsl- j d e n t Hoover's business ronffirenc j called d u r i n g i h p panif of laii I a u t u m n . More t h a n a billion and a .tnartP has beet. rcalUed by borrowers in this m i r k e t since the start of th vear and other large fln.riclat; c p r r aUons are pending and will fan car ried through w i t h i n the i.«t few w e e k s These f u n d s will find the! way into hands of the unemployed us soon as t onstruotion operations ar resumed with the coming of warmer weather. . Federal Reserve authorities an pumping laige amounts of credit in to the market, as evidence by the- "e ductlon in both the- New York ant Cleveland rediscount rates this week Tho N(»w York rate cut, while ex. pec ted In view of similar actions a London a week ago, was . receiver with satisfaction in business circles Tho Nsw York rate was brough down to three and a half per cent A full per cent lower than in j at six other Reserve Centers, Steel operations d u r i n g the pat week were somewhat mixed w l t n declines in somo lines due to lowerer automobile production, according lo Eugene (J. Giacc, president of ttio Bethlehem Steel Corporation. The present lull is unimportant and cannot be considered significant. Another constructive factor in tho industry was the move by the hein Steel Corporation to absorb tho Youngstown Sheet Tubo Company a step toward stabilization. Othei large steel consolidations aro believed to be in the advanced stage Unfilled orders of the United States Steel Corporation during February showed an increase of 11,038 tons over January to the highest level -iinee February 28, Improved conditions were not confined to the steel industry. However in accordance with the Frdeial Oil Conservation Board's suggestion that gasoline runs from refineries bo cut to six days a week from seven days a week, leading oii refineries have brought gasdllne production in lino with consumption. The paradoxical situation of higher crude prices and lower production is being carried out in the California fields. Accoiding to Alfred P. Sloan, ,lr, president of General Motors Corporation and Walter P. Chrysler, pr«sl- dent of Chrysler Motors Corporation, higher automobile prices are in the offing, which will reimburse producers for expected lessened production tills year. Business conditions are described by Sloan, na picking up. Albert and Francis Stone Of Uniontown Killed When Auto Flanges Over Cliff UNIONTOWN, M a r c h 15. -Albert Stone, 27, d n d his undo, James- Franc- la Stone, 158, Included among I 10 bast known .men of U n i o n t o w n , wer killed instantly lato Friday dfterntx n near Silver City, New Mexico, wl en the automobile in which they wen riding struck a guJlv and rolled ovei a cliff The two men .had been to the copper and silver mines owned bv W. A Stone, f a t h e r of Albert, and T ere ret u r n i n g over the mountalm to El Paso, Texas, where the S1on -a, form e i l y Fayette countians, resid ». They were killed instantly when th lr ma- chine rolled down a steoep cliff Albert Stone was gudualoii irom die Uniontown High School in 1910 and for several years slurred at center on the football team. Ho had been away from Uniontown about tour 01 five mouths. James F Stono had been in the southwest for about six or seven years. The bodies are being 1 brought if Uniontown for interment and probably will arrive about Tuesday or Wednesday. EVERY AUTO DEAJR IN CITY Will HAVE EXHIBITS AT SHOW In Addition There Wi I of Motor Accessories. He WATER PRESSURE REDUCED SUNDAY FOR LINE REPAIRS The Counellsville Water Company served notice today that pressure will reduced Sunday afternoon in order to make some repairs to the pipe lines ind that as a result persons living at tro high points of tho city might bo without a supply for a few hours. C. A Coughenotir, superintendent, said h« believed no inconvenience would occur if those residents would draw sufficient water to last them a time.' Residents in the lower parts oi 1 the city will not be bothered y shoi tage. The pressure will be ·educed at noon and normal condl- ionH will be resumed as soon aa possible ](est 4 a so. WASHINGTON", \ I a n h J o -- T h e »\ eminent lested i s c-»ibe..todiiy in ' u l h e i v t r i a l of Edward L Do- O. 1", HOM.T Suffers Stroke. O I 1 Mosos. t o i m - r p u b l i c ..ihool in I t»Mchcr. w h o is ill a D u n b a i is ,aid 1 lo have suflered a l i ^ h t strokes. REFUSES TO TELL SOURCE OF IRENE'S HISTORYjARRESTED By United Press. XEAV CASTLE, Maich 13-- Ella Korber Kesch, a reporter for the Voungntown, Ohio, Vindicator was ar- ie*5ted lor contempt of court today d i n i n g i he trial of Mrs, Irene Schroeder w h e n she refused to t e l l who gavp her Irene's "lite itory " The u o m a n was ipinanded to L a u - lenee c o u n t y J.ul on the contempt charge Veteran Seeks Office EVANS GARAGE NEARLY READY automobile denier in he city h u d been signed, today for tin motor and aeee-hsoriea show at the garage of the Evans Motoi Company n East Crawford avenues Maroh 26 to 29, inclusive In a d d i t i o n h a l f a doz' n dealers tn accessories were listed aa es- Mbltors. Drawings for space in the garage will take place Monday eve ing at 7:30 o'clock at the Kvans gara ;e., Work of p u t t i n g tho garag 3 ihto condition for the show is near! g completion. The wells aro being painted white and the floor sci ubbed. complete list of automo lle ex- hlbltora is: Connellsville Oldsmobile C mpany, j Olds and Viking. Evans Motor C'/onipany, Nas) . Kvans Motor Service, Ouran . Hopewell Motor Company, WiUyfl- Knight and Whippet, Hiipmobile Sales and Sorvic ', Hup- mobile. Laird Uerd, DcSota. Ma.ion Motor Company, Che rolet. W. .1 Reed Sales ioi-vico, Chrys ler. Kdwaid Snydei, Krukln* anc Studa baker. Khodes Motor Company, Gra lam, Wertiheimer Motor Coovpan; , Hud son and Essex. W-fst Side Motor Company, 1 ord, Yoagh Motor Company, Bu :k and Marcjuelte. H. C. Qallatin, Ijdge. Jealors in acceflsorles wh wil have exhibits are: * Cuzry's Pla^e, Mohawk tires Firestone Service Store, Im , Firestone tires. Lawrence Galley, JDuco an I body Work. Joe's Tire Service, India tin s. Oppman Auto Parts, replt cement partfi. Contract for Capstan Carton Factory Awarded; Cost More Than $100,000 Former Members Of Scout Troop 1 In Happy Reunion Scouting ie tho best thing ithat "over happened" for the boys of America, Walter I*. Schenck, tcci etary of the I n i o n t o w n Chamber of Cmimoroe and former president of the fcconl Council of Conncllbvlllr, told members and former members of Tioop \, Boy Si.o-uts, at (ho 14th annual banquet and reunion Friday evening at tho United Brethren Church. It has a real progiam j.h«it makes rea men OU'I of leal boya, he buid. Mr, Sohenek and County Game Protector Itobett G. Bry on of Chalk 1IIH Avero tho chief speikers oE the occasion Mr Brpson rel. tod the good work in feeding of game and general conservation thttl is boinf accomplish- d by tho Scouts. At» evidence of what Scouting Is His 86 years are no handicap to General R. A. Sneed, commander of the United Confederate veterans, who is seeking his third nomination for state office in the Oklahoma Democratic primaries. 1 Genera] Sneed ia state treasurer' at present and aspires to the scc-| retaryahtp of state, which office he' held before he became treasurer* Old Ironsides Is Refloated By U n i t e d F5 ess. BOSTON, March 15.--Old In nsid«s, originally launched more the a 132 years ago, took to the sea a? »tn today. Reconditioned an a res lit of contributions amounting to · 400,000 from America's school childr n, the famed frigate, about which poems have been penned and songs sung, was refloated to continue a c olorful career which began In the vanlng years of tho IBtli century. Appropriately enough the s ene of today's launching was loss t mn a mile fcom the spot where the battle- scarred craft officially known as the J. S S. Constitution but better known as Old Ironsides, first went do vn the ways on October 21, 1797. MONTGOMERY JUDGE AFTER GOVERNOR SHIP By United Pi CBS. IIARRIBURG, March 15,--T le first nominating petition for Govern jr waa filed with the Slate Election 3ureau lere today. Judge J. Ambler M UHanis of Noiristowu, president judge of the Vloritgomoty county court, llle 1 petl- ions seeking to have his name placed on the Republican ballot for 1) e gor- einorship nomintution. The Weather Increasing cloudiness tonight , probably followed by bhowers S u n d a y ; ising temperature Sunday is tl e noon veather forecaet for AVeatern Penny Ivan In, Temperature Becord. Maximum Minimum . Mean ___ , 52 3U 41 12 49 Glendale Nursery May Be Revived by County Sportsmen The possibility of reviving the Glendale trout nursery at While House was discussed Fiiday e-vening at the meeting of tho directors o£ the Fayette County Fish Game Protective Association, held at tho store of H. L. Krepps oil the West Side. According to plans which are iu tho making, four additional troughs will be elected to the six already there. This will make provisions for tho handling of 60,000 trout. Some tlmo ago sportsmen abandoned the Glendale and Breakneck nurseries, the latter near Breakneck, because of the lack of sufficient Hindu. However It is believed that the Glendale nursery will be tibia to operate on a larger scale than previously inasmuch as some aid In being received. PLAN LEGISLATION FOR DAMMING YOUGH TO WEST NEWTON Special to The Courier. WASHINGTON, March 16.---Following a. four-hour conference Friday be- twoen Brigadier General Herbert Deakyne, chief of Army engineers, and Representatives Adam M. Wyant and Clyde Kelly, a way has been, found, it was believed, whereby early legislative action may bo had on the proposal to construct two locks and dams between McKeesport and West Newton in the Youghiogheny River. The War Department's legal adviser recalled that consti notion of the locks and damu originally was authorized iu 1910 but appropriation ot funds was, deferred through the World Wai- period and later abandoned. Kelly and* Wyant, who, with Representative Samuel A. Kendall, introduced, identical bills in November providing ltt the locks, have been, assured a hearing next w-eelc by Chairman Dempsey o! the Rivers Habors Committee. There were hopeful of enlisting committee support in behalf of their project which WM endorsed b coal and steel interests of Wefatern Pennsylvania YOUTH GAINS FEW DAYS IN DECIDING HOWHEMUST DIE By United Press. SAI/T LAKB CITY, Utah, Mau-h !.'«. --Delbert Green, youlhtul confessed slayer of thiee persons, gained a i'ew laye' respite today from deciding how ie shall die Green waa scheduled to choose to- lay between the filing squad and the fallows but his counsel was unable o be present in the d i h l n c t court at accomplishing Mr. Schenc k quoted one of the judges o£ the Foyetto county bench, whose names ho lid not mention, as saying during a conversation with him this week fchat 'o the best of his knowledge ho had never had brought before hUii an in 'orrigble bo^ who had been connected with the Scout organisation. High tribute was paid by Mr. Schenck to Scoutmaster R. C. Witt of tho troop by ttio assertion that the Scout movement In tho county and the siicees.s it is today is doe iu large measuie to the efforts of Air. Witt. About 60 persons attended tho reunion and the dinner served by women of the church. During the after- dinner program Arthur Black was toastmaster. Talks WBM made by Scoutmaster Witt, the father of Scout- Ing in Connellsvillo, who ga\« a Ir.s- tory of tho tioop, and Rev. Elmer A. SohulU, pastor of the tioop's church, while experiences when they were Scouts were related by ormer mem- bra of t h troop. They who recalled tho former days were Cileries L. Ber- kcy, Molvln Johnson, Charles W. Storey, Fiank Angle, Janes Wihipkey, Demotiius Soison, Molvln Shaw, Ralph Black, A r t h u r Black, Vernon Kooser, Melvin Fletcher, Alfred Williamson, Robert Crislip, Roy Crialip, Homer Hoover. C. A. Be,man and S. L. Fletcher, members of the troop committee, also had a tow words of greeting. On the S'peakers table stood a vase containing two white carnations. Calling attention to them Mr, Schcnck proposed that the assemblage rise in silent tribute to the two departed members tho flowers :epresented- Frankliii Butler and Sco tt Solssoa. Plant Expected to Be Ready For Operation by Middle Of June. LOCAL HELP TO BE USED The general contract covering construction of Capstan's new carton factory was awarded this morning tto tlio Austin Company of Cleveland, Ohio. Due to including an outside loading platform 380 feet long and 12 feet wide, and an inside loading dock for trucks, which will also serve as a garage, the cost was increased con» alterably over the first estimate, 34 that the complete building, not including machinery or manufacturing equipment of any kltfd, will exceed 1100,000. Unless an unusual run of weather is encountored^during April the build* Ing should bo completed within 78 days, and since the Fort Wayne COIN rugated Paper Company will btart installing machinery before the build* ing has been completed, the new in* duatry should be in operation sonm lime between June 1 and 15. The Austin Company has agreed 1« give every preference possible to .local people in hiring help, and wherever possible to place subcontracts with local companies. JOHNSTOWN KILLER SURPRISED ASLEEP IN CHICAGO FLAT CHICAGO, March 15--The lo'ng search through many states for Tony Palumbo, 48, alleged Mafia killer wanted at Johnstown, Pa , OH charges of murder, ended today when Pennsylvania state, troopers ind Chicago police surprised him asleep in bed. Sergeant U, O. Trout of the Pennsylvania trooper*-, three of his men and two -squads ot Chicago police -'ur- rounded a Lexington street flat prepared for a guti' battle; sleepily Palumbo submitted to arre t without a flght Seigeant Trout said Palumbo is charged with having led a gang of eight men in a hi-jaeking raid on the farm at Johnstown of Louis Hoffman 111 July, 1829. Hoffman was kill»d and another man was wounded as the assailants seized beveral barrels of bootleg whisky. The Pennsylvania oflicrs said they would return their nlsoner to Johnstown at once REEDY CASE MAY REACH JURY TODAY UNIONTOWN', March 15 --Argu- nente in the George R e e d y murder rial began at 9 : 4 5 o'clock thie mo'rn- ng with Attorney Charli'S L, Davld- joit for the defense im'ted for the icquilttil of the crime on tho ground that the GommonweaHl had not jrovad beyond a reasonab e doubt that Reedy had umidered Eli/a Byid, hia weetheart at Jamison vorks near 'enyopohs H w a s believed that Hie ea^e \ \ t l l go Uio j u r y atout luidatt 211100.11 Point Marion Girl Again Wins Public Speaking Contest Edith Willa Stewart ot Point Marion, winner of the extemporaneous speaking championship of tho Pennsylvania Forensic Losgue in 1929, on Friday evening won the 1930 t»v«nl of the Fayetto county schedule which was held at the South Union Township High School. The state champion used as her subject "All Nations Should Lrlmit Laud and Naval Force to a Minimum Necessary for Police Duty Only." Gertrude Middleton of Redstone Township was second and Amy Mundell of South Brownsville was awarded third honors. John Duggan of Connollsvillo and Emily Dixson of South Union Township were the other contestants. G. E. Harding and Misses Henrietta Canoll and Cora Buehl-er of. the South/western State Teachers at California served as judges MISS JESSIE RHODES IS CHOSEN ORGANIST AT CHRISTIAN CHURCH Announcement wan made today that Miss Jessie Jbthodee had been, elected organist at tho Christian Church, succeeding Mrs. H. E. Maeou, who resigned because of removal ot the Matwin family to Browneville, Mlns Rhodes will be at the organ Cor the ' flrst time Sunday. Mre. Mason's resignation ends a period of service of nearly 10 ycare aa organist. During that time her liu«- baud, who is now superintendent oj the Bridgeport plant of the II. C. Frick Coke Company, was a member of the choir. UNITED SPANISH WAR VETERANSMEET SUNDAY The Lulled Spanibh AVar Veterans will meet tomorrow aft rnoon Jt 2 o'cloek in Odd Fellows Temple, at \vh)jh time p l a n s may bo made for a w h e i e formal sentoncej b d m ,not d t b c r i m p o r t a n t bii^inesh \as lo h d y p been pronounted, a n d t h o f is, h f )n»d»Jert it was snnounceil. i entencinK, nt which Green w i l l a n - j j U i r i n K the attpudartce o as many nouuce bl« choice, was postponed. I membei"» as can get ther\ MRS. BLEDSOE FILES SUIT FOR DIVORCE UNIONTOWN, March 15.-- -Ollle L, Bledsoe today filed divorce action against her hue band, Robert C. Bled- toe, former captain of Baltimore Ohio Railroad police and one time Fayette county detective. Mrs. Bledsoe charges that her husband on numerous occasions threatened to kill her, that ho abused, her children atid that he wae gnilty of intimacies w i t h Elsie JUtonour. Mrs, Rledsoe declares* her husband's misconduct with the woman oi cm red J u l y 28, 1929, in Hageretown, Md. They were married November 12, 1904, al Welsh, W. Va , and resided for two jeara at Sparta, N. C., 14 years in Pitlfcburg and nine years in Connellsville Bledsoe's present address i b the Allegheny county workhouse, Mrs. Dledeoe. WARMER EARLY NEXT WEEKJS FORECAST WASHINGTON, March 15.~Weaiher outlook for the period March 17 to 22 inclusive North and Middle Atlantic States, hhowpiy the first halt of I h u week and again about Saturday. Monday and Tuesday c'okkr Wednesday or Thursday with tomporat lives noicr or «lightly below normal thereafter

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