The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 19, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1918
Page 5
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THB DApiT'COURIER, fCONNELLSVILLBi PJt I PAGE %\:$ MOUNT PLEASANT GERMAN DEFEAT ^ fi Town BpwdrJ^ita/*"*"' J»Ml«tJon~ Over From the trout. H. APOLOGY iJU* mm T«gr,«f *·» JNTCi Tke» S»*cl»l to -The ~cfiufi*r. - OSE FKOCK THAT SOTS BTZ1I 8liJIJU*0CeAS105. town .irtarte* Jasf evening' at^ 11.15 to cil«jil«t«-our ; "victorie» overseas and om'.over town, the! band.^and., .drum corp«: were" tint and the are-tracks. "Th«r.llr«-;wb.litlc~wasKns«d:. to .sunk; men ,the,.people.;and, all ..night. Ion* wai one round'dt" Joy and Igaiety.' ..-,STtet*en Mollin.. son ..of. Trier :Mul- 'lln, and Mis* ^Florence Pranci/i 'were - autrrM at "7.30' o'clock" "Tuesday · eve- aiaj; at S.t Joseph:*church by Rev. 'John Hackett " The attendants were :M|SB Margaret Mullttf -"ittd * : Henry Franeii. · Following rthe 'wedding. cer- *mnar a reception was held at .the : Fra»ei»'-'.hotaf' L 'ain'd i ~WelB«sday "Mr. ,M»lHv.who.i» a»n«nb«r. of the Medical Corp* at Camp I*e, left for .camp. -··.;-;.·-'-.»·» ftA^pTdelrtnitiM.''' "' ' --.Mits Margaret Glark w«s given·~a hearing^^betor*. Burgess ,S*m Jf., ;'$Urrwr:i*M ^evening' "charged ^.wrffi i TM t nrtoT8eriy^''."--Xwn«ntrtt. oil-. ~3nd£9pprt "street She was siren, her,ehoice».qf $5 fl»e pr flve days irid paid "tSe J5 one. Mill Clark will be ' given a hearing before Justice L. S. Rhodes Joan Gniy and John Logart. who were' supposed to hare made iasult- Ing^maarki abort the* United gtates wtftt, liked to. sober* up and go; to *-fworkl -wtii.;.g*rvi~*.'jif*rtiig':Veitn - 'Jttslle* of the Peace^'Sij SnoBeS-last erealnir charged wiffi disorderly conduct They p)e»ded guilty to the charge and,»ut«4 t»«-*lieyrlMid-T)«B' *«ntU. fthe mileage ot (toads' wKpse drinking and nvsde'a public "apology annual operating revenues -art 'in eX- to the bob tnat had gathered for the : \"3%? ?to?T d 4, b *S.'S-?9« *" »MVrMMmfIt 1 "', '-at? *i»- ^ TTWlfi* Tjnlte.1 State* :»d they were needed to work so lonl; won] d they work;.and,sever wonld they utter a Jl»r«iffecttuf word about America. They were fined I and made to pay the costs a» a fnr- ~*Sn!Ftna-V Tft««]*W"Mfsr-Jeani n«tt* Racox at New Florence! HO WTO GROW FAT ttw C«M of Thta- Hme» Ja Ten. ·If "you mr* thin or^|«»nj! : Jia^«''5cr«,»r- ncy arnw and n«ck, j-q.ii .5»o'tJ groir";f*t uinlwis your, fboii properly ^dig-*sta." ' P*opl* tak« on-rt«3h in proportion to-th« nutrition* matter jvrhlch tbe or- **·· of diccstlon absorb: and ,pa«a Into 'th* blood. Jmt . . . f. as thc : no tritloiw matter a!o*c. frit hoot being 1 jtiat to lon«NTr|ii. you remain , thin. Perfcapa r««r stomach, bowels and livar n«e4 » toni^.^ If yoor diipeatlon i» nftt perfect, Itfi-o^n* tabjita will, pat " . - ' ' ; Ift streoctbans · digres- tion, by build ink and. toning: " UP" and not ,by .«noonr*g:ln£: * tired stomach to co«tlnu0 its jhlftlesa and hftalth- N*troy1nr habfta. It promptly drives *»«y aoar ttomaeh, belchlns of tf»f, hcavlne,** after «atlnjr. .A- A .Clarice sells Mi-o-na and gtjar- Aftt««« it to rcllere indigestion, «a and ear. *1ckn*s«, To and all atomaeh «r money hack, . Ml-o-na la sold by leading dmsti -- Air. Confluence. CONFLUENCE, Jnly 19.-- Charles Hraafcert. who waa called to Pittsburg ~ :** -wir father a little improved. iVzrie: rigHt thing to! wear for very OCCftSiQB -Ol' tlW-t SUTOTTiftf.'.-. iK oftSU a. 'ddncult problem. .'TOhenj it -can.;be solved .by~ one frock, the-'Jiappy possessor; of that.-particalar dress knows real bliss. One such frock is shp'tm here readyj-'at.'.tHe instant'.for wear at j Juncheon, -a^midwrmmer "garden fete | or for dining and dancing ,at;-.anj ] smart "country'ciftibs. It ia exquisitely Imy!- lace-trim- SAVING OF 661 TRAINS ma ITO^ Clateed by the Railroad Admi«is(ra- tola; Cam Wen Xfideift. He»iri«t aiilrlHilM; to Better AdViutagt. A-stafenient isBiied by therRailroad Adminustration giving the?complete returns for approiimat«ly D4_' per cesi of ;|1,000,OCO which-show that In as compar- tfie"Cprre«i)TOdtng:nianth last year, the freight traffic, measured' in tons, of revenue freight moved r:one mile, incj;ea«ed 8;9 per cent.;' · The tranaportation of* this extra traffic," r»y« the statements'/was ao coapli»h»d,-wUli ;an ; lDcrea»e ' of oily ' raUea, (of The tKjtter r*rforminc« was made possible by the more complete; titiliration of freight cars and the more" scientific .loading of freight train*.'-";:-.. "Fb» average loaded freight car. in April of this year carried 29.4 tons. The corresponding fieurtf :for last year was 25.7. Each loaded:car this year, therefore, 'c«jntalned;::3.7 tons (or 14.4 per cent) more thai last year. "The number of ;tons of ^freight -in the'average train of April this year was «9«, as compared with'-! 651 .last April, a gain of 4S tons perjtniin, or an increase" of 6.9 per cent In freight loading efficiency. , | · 'If : -the greater'. volntne; of" freight traffic in AprilJ l?i*' hadjbeen hand- l«*.3wlthi;ttie 'iveriiige trati ;load ; of AijrU^lsi?,;! it rw wpnld have ;-;required . 3,690,179 more freight trains, one mile than were actually required in 191S. ith tie 'better; supervision of car and train- loading. It is Is /assumed that each freight train ran 100 miles, then the better performance 'in AP ri! ' MS. .was efloivalfnt to a^M-vin'g of 36,902 tralnj doring the month, or » saving of 1;230 trains every; day.-': "A large part of^the i saving Is due to the cheerful cooperation of the shipping public in makingjit possible more fully to'utiliM the carrying capacity of freight cars, ,,.;. N . "Th» statement above referred to show, also '' the freight operation: results for .ttie first four minths of 1818. iotwithBtanding,.-tb,e: -extremely . un- avoraWe.iW.eaUier,: coodltiODs: of .January 'aid" Pebroary, 'with' "toe; resultant Miss jMnniia Napier entertained traffic congestion! during : those, two ,, =,--j ^., , .. ,..-.. months,'the,:.fonr. months'^'figures compare favorably;' with vthe ; same four months . of 3917. The railroads managed to move an increase rpf. nearly one per cent in revenu;e: freight tons' one.mile;.!with a decrease of 3.2 ---' cent iijffreJ'ght. trains run.; one her Sunday school class at a d«Ught- fnl, picnic fS Ringer's grove.i.'yiester- day afternoon. _..7'-' Mrs." E. ~v: Debolt has retu'ncd from a visit with friends in,' Connellsville. Mines Emma Flanigan and Ger- tiide Bold enftrtaiBed'about-20?- pt'j- -, ,,...-.-,,-,- -- their^ri«Dd»a^» Bed Cross Jeaat!the , m ' 1 «..* n ]d-,^.-decrease: of T ; 4!-per : cent horae^pf-Jlisf^^aBignn^eeterday'eVe^^" m frrfghtr-cars-.moved -6ne!:jnile. The ning.. _-',;.,.. ... . . , , . , ,, . . . . : . . ., 'j improvement "was doe to tjseuncreaEe Mrs. Charles McDonald and son of jor.S.S -per the'tons; per train! Ie«l are visltln; Mr. and Mrs. John an1 an Increase p f l O per..cent in the .. T^YiS")|eTe' i ' " - *'"' ' · · · - · ' ~ . * - ' ^ '· -' ··" -trtti«-:^^t.T MK^'rfia^v.--» "'.*'· . '·· · ' '. ':· 3frsl ijarl 'Critchneld left yesterday for- a visit with Connels- nZ; - -···''·-. · - . - ·'-·- -:-,"- -··'·· ·· I. Meyers.of, Markleysburg'is B«r.son, ^rr-.H..P.-'-Meyers; a»« ftaafly hire." ' '.'· Harry Gnhdenna:i of ATon, Ohio, h visiting Ms-wife's parents, Mi *nd oad of tKe first four months _pf.;'this.year beerivthe same as'-·Uie''-;ira!ln' ; "l!D»a''.-'of' ; 'the'-first -four months. In.a917,:th« 1918 trafflc would iave,- required...yearly elgfit millions of: train miles'! more" than; -actually were rnhi d-aririg; .the first.fojir months °f Jffls.7 year. yOn^the basjs '.of , 100'" ,__ · K«jport;w«r«- , . - - · Uwlr war "tb'Selfeyspbrt, »fd "to vistt ! fl " rinE friend.. · . . | W. ClirkVofi'jfCt^ 5 T ^ meanlr.-a;4pproii- here yasterday ' oSJ raateI , T .- 66] "freight trains .'Wery: dat " ' months." ' ~ *--" ina: * I S" George P. Frazee were j "I was a great suffiirer! of! atpmach ; *"^ a .*"· ·*· fH"«r»J 1 pfMrj..Jar r |.a4d r llvier.; trouble, and-: caanpt ; ::say ··»· brotkec's -cand'' in*^TJpipntpwtLinoipgS.,ia." praiae' of; Mayr's- ^bzaer-,! *e»terday. " . ' ' " . " ' . ful Remedy.- I t h a s done'spj'm'uch for .... -! -··f' r ~:--~~-- : r r - " ' t " ' -:i'P e .-* n ' l .- I a TM-? e Spj? 1 mendins'it to other' '/· ""!.****·***" '«"'JeH. .." ." -Isufferers.'! I.'was!a trained''nurse in I : )Oon«»IisTil(es-.fnrm ' labor: Tolun-TMartne'arid;btherrbosiiitals'iears.ago. j teers. were..on .the joh-.aeaiiii^-ednes- l-ihere'fore many::cpme,-to-(.me for/advice, i Fibre Suit Cases ..I;;... 54 c Arrow CoUnrs 6 for" .,,.,,._·,,_.. 50c ^ Pull-size 26-in. Fibre Suit Cases,, regular 95c'value, .sp.ecial at^c. " Well Itnavn Arrow Brand Collars, discontinued:styles from our .regular stock, 6:for 50c. ;. 69c $1.00 Percale Petticoats Women's 51.00 Gingham and Percale Underskirts--limit one to a customer--at. only 69c. 55c Dresses .-..Children-'s late model GingJiara BresHos in smart plaids and combinations o£ 'plain colors, .6 to 34 year sixes, at 55c. 29c 48c Corset Coy'ers Choice selection ot lace' and rib- roao trimmed Corset Covers, special va]U6 at 29c. Woineii's and Misses' Dresses ·'··'· : STTJJSH TTASH DRESSES Worth $7.95 now at .__._.......,_.,,.._,......,,.....,,... ......._,,,, Prettiest Summery Brocks in Cotton Voiles .and Glng- ha'ias in" all'fashioDable colors. Sizes; (or women, misses" a n d juniors. . . . . . Women's and Blisses Coats STYLISH COATS Worth $10.00 at --. $5.00 You have never seen such -marvelous values in high .grade Coats as we are offering in. this lot. This littles price' doesn't cover the cost of the materials alone. rift .. f D MODISH SILK Worth to. *22.50 Sow at ._._,._,,_-_; Choioce selection of styles and colors for street, afternoon and evening we»r. All size*, represented. - " SILK AM) SATIS BHESSES Worth to $32.50 fl»"| Q 7r Jfow at _.^TM._.._ tpi«7« ttJ ~- 'Brand new' models of Silk, Taffetii Satin and Crepe do Chine street and afternoon Dresses, in all ' colors in this , selections-all .sizes. . . . . $2.95; Included .are smart, striped and. plaid Taffeta Silk; Skirts. 'Also white and colored 'Tub Skirts. !; Women's $10.00 lyBlfc WunaUe S«tia SkirU ·Smartiy..stylcd .with girdls and pccJccts.- $7.90 GREAT SALE OF DOMESTICS '''"._ 22c' 'full,' iJleich'ed Toweling!! 17. 'inches wide,' ~ 1Q/« -at yard . - · . ' . _ 1_L_ . it/C 35c '"Ererett Classic" Glaghams, desirable dark 9C/» pattArnit ' -y«r/l - · ' ^OC 36 Inch Percale,, light or dark patterns; .: ~ - - - - - ':nQ^' 35c value, at yard _ ^lOC , Seamless . Sheets, full f 64 Inch Table Damask,, extra ijnalit'y, ; 65c .'· ' 1S(» ·ralue at 35c. soaUty Huek Toweta, Jargt ' 25c Amoskeag Apron absolutely last coJors, yard ' ' ' Swfis^iuid Cambric Embroidery, worth ft to 12V4c, at yard Pillow Cases, lull SSc. value · at size ' 36x42, 28c .72 inch Table value, special at yard - , - Damask," |1.25 89c Boys' 35c Heavy Ribbed BIACK HOSE All sizes, 4 to 9, Clearance Sale special Women's 90c For* Thread ; . sax. BOSE . In black, white and wanted colors, all sizes, Women s 18c summer GAUZE TESTS Fine iaa!ity, all sizes, July sale spec- Misses' 48c.r!n» Gauze ESIOS" SOTTS Lace trimmed knee and taped tcps. special at - !!!!!, $11.75 ; SKABTLY ST1XEB COATS Worth to $2 Jfow st Hosts of styles and In all desirable colors--stagger sport coats--travel coats--stret and dress coats in all sizes for womon, misses and juniors, HI^H GBA3DE COATS , Woirih to $29.50 £ -| /? {(xiv at -. tpiO* Clever up-to-tfce-rainuta coats for all occasions--a wide choice of models : 'ln smartest materials and -wanted col- ors'to choose from. -_ ? Up to .$25.00 Yomcn*s and 'Kisses Suite The greatest clean-up of the season, of fine at an unusually low price. Up to $3ft.50 Hi^h Grade Suits $19.75 These garments are in first fashion rank- GREAT SALE OF Women's and Misses' Shoes Up to $4.(X $1.95 Woraen'g Patent and. Dull Kid Pumps ( sizes izp ot 5^. $1.39 Pumps _ '. Misses" 'n'iite Canvas one-strap Pumps, sizes 8% to- 2, . special at $1.39.' , "ftc Tennis Oxfords -- . 69c Women's Misses' and Children's Tennis Oxfords in wnite and black, . all sizes -in the lot. · ...$1.89 $3.00 White Shoes , ~ "Women's TSTiits ; Cnnvas Ijace Shoes, low and high, heels, all sizes. $1.69 . Sandals · Misses' and Children's Barefoot Sandals in tan and black, special ?3.69. ' --. $8.00 Jiovelty Shoes .,: $5.95 Women's Novelty Shoes in plain and combination colors, odd sizes, Saturday only at 55.95. Gigantic Sale of 1,500 Men's TJne , Every man saould lay in a'supply now as it may be many, many, months. before such an opportunity will come again. Included are-fine Percale Shirts, -French turn;,bacl£ 'or laundered cuffs, neat'-and" bright striped shirts--shirts for dress-or Business wear^-alL"sl2es"ii to'17. ·" ' : ' · ' · ' . " . ' ' Men's 25c Black Lisle Hose, -ail- sizes, a t pair . . . . - . . Men's $1.00 Muslin-Night. Shirts, all sizes, 7An at only · Tcl^ ·Men's J1.2J Blue Denim Bib. Overalls, the .pairsst. .; , Men's (1.00 .Union Suits, special at only Summer 84c The Sale That Women Are Talking- About 59c _ 98c .Up to: $1.00 Lawn and Voile Waists--Clearance at · Up to $1.50 Waists ot Pine Voile and Organdy KOBACKERC ^ " *' THE BIG STORE July Sale up to $10.00 Trimmed Hats Clearance ot all Summer Millinery at" sensational savings--smartly trimmed Lesfcornsi. and White and black Milans, wanted shapes and colors. DP to.$35.00 ajr nr Pattern Hats_ V«J««'D Op to $1.50 Hat Trimmings ._ 25c Up' to ?3.50 . DQ_ Untrimined Hats ' ' °«'*' Cleah-np lot ol CQ/» Trimmed 'Hats'. _ O«/l/ ·supported!'!.:by' a cast -of 'iMcptional: talent. ;From', the.; !' : le4djng:'' woman,! .petite '.Viblei' .Pitoer';;'d(5wn.'. to ..those who.tak(,sniali parts in only fee inass scenes,· s'crupuious' care- was !'«er- clsed iii t!ie 'cho'lee":" : '.Tfiere .is.' not a OBPHEUJI *^_ V- ^ Brown, P. Bufano, J^ S. IaTf.'_H. S.-"Ic'aBa' Theodore Tomaska spcat th« day on ^the Myers farm- on th« Narrows, pssistlns. in, harvest- taf hay,and othtr'fara-work;''" "" .-.'·.·.--------' ,"..··· ·" ;; ; ' .'^ sinijle.moment i^ the! picture wherefj: ROUGH' AND ,HEAi)Y."-^.Wiiiiam-.j action fakers .or..Interest lags."'-Bill.'l i.-r-TT---°?isx:!y-'*q'f*: uenefit from 1 Farnum's' newest .deluxe. p.roduotibn^l.S.tralton ,is a._man whose 1 Mayr's'"W"onderfur,'Retncdy.^:';It is" a 1 is being presented "today. The .story [ W S " on .?' as-clear as-,tbe : _ flImnle-tia:rTri?*i«:-Tii*iii.*t5^Q-.^jja^- re _ f O f tn g production is vigorous "and! bi^ :f i^ortlitand..intp. -which he. gh^s'^to' for-.; ,;pm the I and'one ; '.entJreIy' wJriay 'bj- tie-;.aj-"j get'.hls'lq'sploye. anU;in. this :role Mr. j · "' - ' ' ' "" " · - - - - ··· - i- · - - · · - - .-- · - . . . · o£ the-."finest i "THE HIRED MAN."--A Paramount ; drama features..the 1 ."typical. American j strugglei .of. EzrvHoHuis,,'tne "HJred j-:Ian,'.V£p 'odii'cale.-'.himself'., iip to the ; . Comity -?ar a»soclation wiU be held . . dose will .·soiiTlnce or money refand- ' " . . . . . . 1 exceedingly; 8atBrtaT,, the Summit Ho* * i ' ' : ' ' * · ' ' · ' " - ' . ... .-.,.... ....... ip to the standard set'by' Eoth. i Endicott, . the ; ipji'el.ty college-bred . daughter of his.j L'^oss," tHe'story- portrays one o? the i niost supreme hunian sacrifices poss'i- j ble, but? ends in the most ^atis£ac:tory : two young peppie 1 with!; the complete j consent and approval .of ihe father as j well:-as the younser brother, for whom .Ezry, has sacrificed ^ so mucn. aroVdiyl-Bn'a 1 - 1 ."Tuesday; -William S. .Hart |-^^ar» 5 in^^;!Anc ; raflgjprodncfion. ; .^SBlfllshj-yatesi^'oJuJy.'fflriiO Guy Bm-^fipipears.-'.ijijithB jhotodrama..ot^his .(/aJiiiSiij'bpic, :!irOy«r '^tiit^lid/iSijisffi !i UATTEKV MAX AT THE fflar^ Storage Batterf Service Statioa -115 X-Tfrst'-Street, West Side, . . . . . ,COJmellBrtUc, Pa.- jsjssc® «j-«sag3as.ift. __·"·- ·;- Ki"-.' ·· s iitrbiuze Those' BOTHWIONES OPPMAM5TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE. PA iitEAp THE ispbradsfe

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