The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 14, 1930 · Page 20
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1930
Page 20
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PAGE TWENTY. THE CAIL.Y COURIER, CONNELLS\ ILLJD, PA. FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 1930. BUT CAMOUFLAGE Even Some of the Great Ocean Greyhound* Have Dummy Ones. London. -- Large numbers of funnels an* out of favor with ahlp builder*, but the public »tll! likes them. A ship la no more powerful because H has three or fonr funnels, hut It looks as It It was, nnd for tlint reason some ships have more funnels than they renlly use. That Isn't true of the new Empress of Britain, the Cnnndlun Pacific liner, *vhlch Is now building for transatlantic service. Her ftraceful rig pf three funnels anrJ Mvo masts Is a working arrangement. In other ships, 'hnugh, a third funnel Is apt to be n dummy. Among the few British built ships with three actual funnels w«ro th« famous City of Rome, City of New York, and City of Paris, built tn the '80s for the Md Inman line. But when the last two were transferred to the American lino n decade laten tliey each lost one fa nn el. · Dummy Funnels Added. The Anchor !1m hullt the three-funneled Columbia s u r l y In the present century, but In I n t e r boat* of the same i«slgJ* the number of funnels was re- tluoed to two. It was (his line also that started a litir of single funnel ·ships In order to takp advnntsige of HIP pxfra room nl lowed by eliminating the uptakes of the other funnels. But passengers didn't appreciate the extra room ami comfort allowed by this arrangement as much as thq looks of ·three funneK so two dummies were added, one on eich ship of the real funnel. The Oprmnni were more partial to ships with three funnels. Their imposing appearance was appreciated when some of them became part of the Russian naw and were used for service in the Far Kast, where they Jooked extreme!} powerful. Had Silhouette. The Olympic, for Instance, was one of the Gorman three-funnel ships. It has four funnels now, but one of them is a dummy. It was added because the position of the boiler rooms gave It a badly balanced silhouette with only three funnola. The Berengnrla, Leviathan and Majestic, originally built for the Ham- burg-Araerika line, may look like three-funnel ships, but as a matter of fact only two of them word. Knnuel , number three In each case Is a dummy added for the sake of appearance. Fortune in Silk Passes Through Seattle Port Seattle, Wash.--Nenrty $180.000.000 worth of silk for mllody's wardrobe passed through the port of Seattle during the last year. ' A silk train is a thing of romance. Hnge value, a million or so dollars, is In the cars behind the engine. A rlenr track and a bonus for extra speed to the Atlantic seaboard often Is the rule. Insurance and interest are Important factors. A total of 262 800 bales of silk, worth approximately $800 ench, was received In Seattle during the year, with Japan supplying roost of the product. Tn addition to the r6w silk the orient last year shipped $3,005,423 worth of finished silk articles through the port. Of that amount. China sent goods -valued at $343,988 and Japan, $3,561,435. Flyers Help Enforce Canadian Fishing Laws Vancouver, B. C.--Pirating of fish traps in British Columbia and Alaska has been reduced materially since tb'e flying service of Western Canada Airways has been established. The pilots make fishery patrols In addition to flying for mining exploration and for other purposes. The pilots also detect fishing by purse seiners or fl«hlng craft during dosed seasons or In dosed arens, tlip use of literal nets, and the employ- rnfnt of Orientals They inspect spawning streams and lakes, covering a m \vide urea in t\ f«nv hours' flying, t h u s rendering ·valuable service to the fishing industry Find to the government's efforts toward conservation. St Patrick Has Rival; Man Kills 600 Sntkej Forsjtli, Monti -- Tom Hhtverson challenges Sr. PntrlcU. Halvpraon stumbled upon a prairie dog towq infested with rnttleanakcs. Like St. Patrick, the i hcep herder decided to rid tlic little community of reptiles. Tie killed snnkes until he \vns weary; then rested nnd billed more. Unable lo pxtermina'o (lie entire reptilian population, lie censed (Uwll.v und counted his t i l l , lie hud slain ^00. Makes Whoopee at 75; Sings Way Into Jail Washington.-- "A few of us hojH were Just lui ring a little fun," exp'nirred Edward Chap- roan, smenty-Ove, in .police court recently. Ctinpninn was one of four arrested for singing "$\veet Adeline" on the- street nt midnight. "JJoys of your age should be iu bed oy nine," re- ttrteil .I'idgf Hditildt. ""Ten U. S. Students Earned $26,000,000 in 1929 New York.--A toifal of $26,000,000 was earned ,'y students working their way through coeducational colleges i and universities last year, according to a bulletin published tecently by the National Students' Federation of America. Thl i figure represents, according to the survey, the earnings of 84 p r cent of all the students in (he Unlfed States. While 40 per cent of Uie men In college work either at whole or part time jobs, only 43 per cent of the women are listed as employed. Six per cent of the student* In men's colleges are entirely selfsupportlng, accord- Ing to the report, while only 2 per cent in the corresponding women's colleges manage to earn their entire college expenses. The survey was made in 703 colleges nnd universities in the country. Texas Game Preserves Closed for Ten Years Austin, Texas.--Hunting has .been absolutely forbidden f«r ten years on KUIMC sunctuurles In '\ aias with more area UI-MI ail of^Conn.'etlcut and four times M big as Hiiode Island. There are 68 of th«»«e sanctuaries, with a total of 3,203,122 acres, where wild life Is held altered. The largest is a 414,314 ncre tract in eight counties where hunting Is forbidden until November 1, 1B35. The earliest sanctuaries were established 5n 1925. "the latest was a «,OpO acre tract In Cnl- houn county owned t.y W. U Moody of Gaiveston. It becnme a sanctuary on I'Vbruary 27, IOL'9, and will b« closed until IOSO. These sanctuaries «r« not the e«r- )l»-st efforts of Texas to preserve the hordes of wild garni- for which the state was once famous. A review of the conservation steps Just Issued by the state game, fish, and oyster commission shows that T''xas had Its first game law In 1880 That law prohibited killing quail on Gaiveston Island for two years. Beside the game ancttiari«3, practically every form of nonpmlatory wild life now Is protected b.v closed seasons. Under them a steady growth of wild life population is detailed in the department manual. Rocket Aimed at Moon Explodes in Final Test Vienna, Atutrin.-- Th« culmination of a year's labor on A rocket designed to r«uch heights never before attained by man or anything man-made, nearly ended In tragedy here for Dr. Darwin I/yon, New York piiysician, and Ms assistant, Doctor Adler, young Viennese Inventor, In the rocket's final trial, before a scheduled launching' on the Italian Alps, one of the containers exploded as the gyroscope stabilizer was bolng started. The impnct smashed the building housing Doctor Lyon's laboratory to bits. Sensing that the timing apparatus, which released liquid gas Into the explosion chamber, y?t\s failing to function, Doctor Lyon tossed his assistant through the door of the laboratory and jumped after Mm. Flying debris fractured both bones in Doctor Lyon's right arm. U. S. Asked to Redeem $2,000 Banknote Quilt nan, in-- A $2,000 · erally, because It was made of United States banknotes, has been sent to Washington In an attempt to get It exchanged for 'that much spendable currency. * Whether It- will be worth anything at nil was a quest I 'in/ because the eccentric spinster, Miss Mary Booth, seventy years old, v ho mad^it, clipped the bills into a vnriety of shapes to fit Into patterm arid threw the remnants away. Stic' then pnslod the parts ' o f the bills, most of them containing only the portraits of, \nrious Presidents, upon n sheet and Wd IL .RIfss Booth once tost a considerable sum in a bank failare aad explained that she made tbe qniit to keep the rest of her money safe. American Oil Drillers Arouse Ire in Alberta Lethbrtilge, Alt:i.--*ImportaJ American oil drillers are "jn bad" here. They .are charged with "healing- up" Canadian steam engineer* because the latter insist on "leaning boliers In accordance with Alberta laws. Ties« Yankee drillers, according, to reports, display a fine disregard of Citnadlan regulation*.-If an pnglnee_r refuses to otiejr their ordeis lie "is soundly trounced, then fh*'d ( The 'liarges nre being'Investigated by the Albert a' Federation of Labor. Life Prisoner Learns 'to Like. Devil's -Island J'flrlH, ITrnjncr. -Noforionjr Devll'i Island, In French OtUlnnfi. Is not the hell hole It med to be, according to a letter written iiouin by one of its Inmates, Charles Harutnud, condemned to the penal colony for lite because of the murder of n mmi friend. "The life is nut too Nu! and (lie warders nre tnunam* M\o\\ i,' 1 he writes to hlJ p n n n t s . "I would sooner be here than In the local Juil at home," DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS n you arc o o n t u m p l u t l u g bulldtnic a homo romo and look at thei? lots. Tli'ey are large ~6l)iUHO fnct. N a t u r a l a\ city waiei, Jln« fftadu MI.IIOO! nnd church. One mil* from bun!nest district of Tonne 1 UvUla: · 5-mlnuU trolley rld#. A nlo» i e»tlon for a Milwrt.mi IKIIUJ Inquire of C. B. McCormlck, P. ( Box 1*4, Con- u r l l " . P« . residence. POPLAR GROVE col* RESERVED / ING PRICE UCtlONS/ USED CAR B U Y E R S . . . NEW OAR BUYERS ... HERE'S YOUR CHANCE 1928 Olds Coupe Thin good Olchtmobtlr Cnnp* ulTerM 4-vrfceel brazen*---Kindtr Iludy--bj», · turdy fUftnc-- null li»n«t wfc«*H»H»»--In it flue General Motor* SI*, for on)/ 600 Think of it! Our entire stock of f ne, dependable used cars slashed to the lowest level. We must re- c uce our inventory, and we've { one the' limit to do it. Now it's i tp to you to profit. Whether you desire a practically new car or one at a lower price . . . buy now and you'll find just the car you want at the greatest price cuts ever offered. Don't wait . . . Come in todayt BUY AT THE (GREATEST SAVINGS WE HAVE EVER OFFERED 1II2T ·NASH SIX 4-DOOH ·SHE IN -- Thousand* of mll * of unused irannpnr- IMI' n In thin nturity our. !(· lar IfnUh and «or«*llenf tire mtio-n how JIHle It fin* been driven. Gull f tor $450 I mil) STIIDKIHAKKIU'IIAI-:- TO? --Good iMtttl, fonii up- k«li (cry, iroert lire*. Tkoii- «HB U of ml|e» of care-free mil vare. I'rl- el nt . . . . . . $200 I1I2H I'O.VriAf HK1 SIX CJOl'I'K--Oanhlnir linen, tlln- tlnt'tivr I)ucu ctilam, raoltdlr U|'li«l»trry tind miiny olbrr tvnturrm that mitkc It lh» oul- · luntilUK mrdiuin priced ear of II.*- yrttw, \ \ l l l he In Krctll ilrulBnil »uie l»rli*e mail, COACH-.1 Minart, linndMOmr *nr. I M - bolRtrry ·putlrno. l)nro Mnlith. iMnur^M Mii«ffort«blr ( i|rieii4l- nlilp, rrouoinlfiil tirivlnv fur lliiiu»n»il» of mlle». Dux nuil mite VTS. Triced tar ttttm "*tf »uly · t ............... . till he In -+*,* nd at Hi.- C I / U »f - 'P14 t) $350 111211 otjl t.MOHU.Ifl 4-1Om SI1UAN--II ntlrtd, wltb flvr fil- muu* mnk balloon*. t'om- l i l ( o l y eq tluned Hud condl- iluiteit d I.MVC month* of flneat pct'fornum c. Your doHiir tie^ r boni£bt nioro rain IB3» DOIMii: COUPE--'I'M* In the 3S,sr tar a *ul«»niaa nr IravellHK man. Stnuncb, Ntnrdy and dppenrinblr. ,fii»t reconditioned and (·quipped vrltb new tlren. Vim van drive It for month* wlthotit my rout i-xoepl Tor *«» or oil. A wonderful bor- irnln at tafa prlee- ~ . . . jnao OAKI.AMJ COACH-In K»»d mecbanl^al condition. Paint like new. Five «o«d bnl- )ooa tlrra. Golna; nt . . _ . . . ... $600 $200 $350 un:n nt'ir ( sTAN-DAim six JM-SSKSidl H RKfA?f _ lle- ttri-d »l»ti t fmtinum make bal- liHino. r luidcfcly equipped itnil con tltloned to wire nii'utan of ttttFNt f 1 our rtolli r *e\ cr liaaicht ni' re value , , , ii»« roitn a-uoon SUDAN-- Iferen n Kreat buy In a rar, fnnioua fur Miiprrl«r iitnminn nnd prrf«rmnu«(*. Hrilucril t» the lowest level, eMpeelnlly for thl* event, offer* vnlnc llfll- riill to l«iIU'u(e aiiynbrre on the market at tliU price $200 J02B rOHD CftVFE--A One- looking-* ftne-rnnDln"ir vtn-- very clean innlde unrt out. nuxtell uxle. Colnu fur _ $100 --A One- iflt vtir-- $100 r 1929 CHEVROLET COACH Plnlnhril lu Deep *ray Duco. Special irlour npbotmery. Krn- iiomlvnt 10 operate--vonvenlrttt In handle in trnlttv--eiuiy to pnrk. New rnr npprnranoe lint nt a imeil car urivc. 500 See Class (fled Section for Our Other Great Sale Bargains! O P E N E V E R Y E V E N I N G D U R I N G S A L E T O 1 0 P . M. Oldsmobile-Connellsville Co. East Apple Street Phone 574 Connellsville, Pa. OLDSMOBILE - VIKIN P R O D il C T S OF G E N E R A L M O T O R Elinor Smith, diminutive flyer from frreeport, L. I., being wel olned back to earth by her mother after the aviatrbt had shatter- d th« women's altitude record by ascending about 30,000 feet in an hour and * half. The special barograph sealed in the plane efore the take-off was delivered immediately to an official observ -r for the National Aeronautic Association and is t* !»· (.examin* d before the record can be accepted officially. THE OLI) RELIABLE DRY GOODS STORE When You Think of Dry Goodb You Naturally Think of LECHE'S. Cotton Dress Prints for Spring Prints and Percales 18cYd. Just arrived. Large and 'sniall floral designs on light and d a r k backgrounds. Up to 25c values. Royal Prints 25c Yd. A now soft finish print. Full 36 inches wide, Guaranteed fast colon In very newest patterns. Regular 29c values. Comochyne Print* 50c Yd. A print with a high silky finish, l j aiterns uro cop- lea nt high grado silks. Tweed .effflcts, pollm-ilot and print pattorns. Regular CStc value. Peter Pan Prink 50c Yd. A. now assortment of patterns in the always popular Peter Pan Prints, It's one of the best fold. Regular 59c value. Collien Prints 38c Yd. A guaranteed fast color print in a soft merrorlzfd finish Youthful designs In new patterns Cotton Charmeuse 38c Yd. received! A new I I H P frciM'iBed H n l t i h f l m r - ineuBP. !Ui iiicluts w l d t li'ast colors. l U g u l a i Cdi values, of Our StiUMlhiti narnn(of--Saikfiu-llou or Your M o n r j liark. LECHE i***************** T

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