The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 19, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1918
Page 4
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PAG* FOOR -fSE DAILY COUHIER. GONNEIXSVILUS, PA, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 1918. it fco"' Efcll. P::i: a* 1 "- · *.-· ft.;: ; ^i r :.' · ft; 9tpr Hailg (braritr. ''" THB OOOBaCst COttPAinr. r. St BKTDIB. President. . - ; JAMES J. MU8COLU ;a»4 ..Tr*a». ..-Boate***.; Manas;* . -JOHN 1* GAKSV': Manas-ins; Editor. WALTER 8. STTI1OC3L. " ·- City mtor:.:.:': LTONE J. XIMCI3-U " Society B*Hor. . ~~ OT: . AMtt Bureau of-. Clnraiatlon, Aaacctat4 DailiM. 1 pe» coir. *0* V* TM° tt xr year by mail If paid In »dvanc«. JITLT i», id HtltOTJ B. »*»t» TValiJ Artll- l»rj. 21th I*rta*om. U. a N. O, AmertoM. »tip*Htlo.- avr iT»»a, rranoe. LLOTB B. COX. »i»T f, «lk Bnctncen, U. *. Jt, Fort Hrer. Va. - JUUDS CBOCSE, waooCT X. (Jtollway). ·Ul««iy'or«n».Fnia«i». JAMKa J. McFARTLAMD. na^.lT. B. tart EnclMU (IlaJrway), Tart Bsojania lla. RUMELZ. L»KHABT. ». PreMdevt Grant, U. ·. CARL Cmamny. lat Battalion lo- tamtry B»pl»c«m«nt Eri- O» JMsoeiMad Pnsa t» «- ehutvetr entitled to tho as* tor rsr»»lr»Tt1~ ot all the news JlslwtebM credited to U. or not otawrwO* eneUMd In thla paper a»4 atso the local nrwa Pub- a.r.ln- HOW TO sUKE THE W.VE CH^ST A SCCCIS8. . WnJle some of the ;,-Cosn»lls?Hn -mjusssilillini il the recent, meafln " eall*d to consider the War-''Cites Blast w*re in doubt as to it» feaarhi Iff, a»iy were convinced by the argil m*sil presented, won over to the su tTart of th* proposition and we: · alow In its unanimous «doptlon. This means that ComwUsiUle win Join whole-heartedly, as she has don on all other similar' increments, to Bake it a success. - ' '" .. . " During the progress- of Hie :war w save learned that eesnmimity - dhrk ] lag lines hare disappeared and that al I th* people ot all sections have-been as ' one in boosting' any project, object, impose or plan, designed to advane i th* cans* of our country -in th i »r***srt *merf«Dcy. "Whatever dlf ferace ol opiated may have existed as to methods have been forgotten in th that working together in is not only the most -cffee- ttr* way to do things bat to work tha way is a patriotic duty. Organized as th*) »Tar Chest is with men of cap* ! MHticsV experience' and foresight aasTntntrtur its affairs and skilled lead sn-s to direct its campaign, there can :b* so doabt of the degree of success ths* wlll'he achieved. ' ;.,Th« people as a wholo know.ln (*·**·*] way that a "War Cheat consists simply in pooling in one com mom fund all the money raised (or th m**t Cross, Young Men's Christian-Association, Knlgtrtu of Columbus, Young Hebrew Association' and othe war relief organizations distribution in. proportion to tk* needs of each. They also know that the "War Chest total is provided by a stncle drive similar to those al- nady conducted, instead ot a separate ·Mr* for each of the severs! objects. "Whsrt the people generally do not ksxxr are the paitteolars of the plan sf paysnent aad other details of-lu ·sjtratlon. These will be announced sB 4a* sc**on and win be made per Important (nine for all crOient is" that the -rta.- .Cb«*t, jMt ss the plans and methods it wil UsU) *· place of, wffl succeed only ts ts*4Ktsatt that cooperttlon-rs gtren a "SVSSSSB t»*.giving to' the wu-\nlie as it win as»credy do, the to the .-Wsfl-'iChejrt win need" to stont nothing of th*ir glring. This, mm in an previous gifts, am toh*tt win the war, will be V o^-"»*rictlc inter*** in ewr boys in Fiaace are IDS- fcltssdBMt vltB tss^M .AsMricm* Tlpr.' w, »Uh (Mrspirit we .wffl 'not tack in .siiniinnsssi our ahare a* ttay ar* wtnfcijr. to pa'y'aad., : *Tery Off sir* payint, the fan price of their the troof» In tte karvMt naM 'trenches are so llcht tfcjat they are not. even mentioned in O» »a5ciaa Msnaaniqses . · · - n:a«t-:a«t»'r»«en'"w«rft to.get into a r*al rae* why not-enter; to tie Amer- »easnFT*a«ex/sNr**sitakas..with the fln- Js* »*«t in fronr of tsje Imperial pal- ; '*·*'!·.''B*rHit:= : ', ; .:'..' .;·" . Jt«w wa«ch for a peace ottenilvt to b» started by the'jjrhUilnc Buns. ]C'"last jUchfs-'eelebratloii is a sara- i»«a; : w»at?wnj tke, old lawn do w»«ti '«»· :i;.»t» TUs'm«nt K c «f marehlnK . ; «sm».:ih« Pater der Llnlo« to the tun* ' - ' ~ " Itotllicf fft 'of-.'the Be* .iCm* -will,b«»"»«W-.'«a«y ;«»«Boar*« to · s iialatr ts» J«iibl« cro« i .out of polt- ' The "hasty trmintni" of Ui*; Aucri cans seems to be fully equal to German .efficiency when .it, comea'.to-, putting, tfte into,_ the'-movement* 'of the rt- attne · Germa'ni:-- ·---·--· .-- - A little oftenvive now anj! then i* not relished ;by ib* Ka.lier'*;men; * · Company G. ha* ' already, acquired the reputation consistently maintained 'toy Its predecesaors-^that of. holding ·'its crvrn, and a little .more . ' . - · ' - ' No Inoculation !»;;*·" rure pre-rcnta-" ; tlve against a real: caao of war fever. (Feand in th« pocket at a Britisn colonel killed In 1 notion ,: in Flanders.) · ·-/· Father of all, Helper, of the free, we pray with, acxioua hearts for all who fight on ea and land and in tt air to guard; our homes and Hbert Make'clear the.visioa'of our leader sad their coiriiselsri»e.. : : . . ·Into Thy car* .onr rships :and. aea men w« commend; guard them from chance sown; with mines and. all th dancers oi this war at' sea, and as o old give -them the Tictory. To men on. watch give Tigilanc*, those below calm sleep. Make 'stroi our soldi**.' hearts and brace the! nerve* against the bursting shrapne and the nnsaen fir* that lays the next man low. . . : In pity blind them ftom the sight o fallen comrades left upon the field. May Christ Himself, in Paradise:rewire the souls of those- who .pass through death. Let not our soldiers ever doub that they shall overcome the forces of "that king who "seeks to wad through slaujhter to a throne- shut the gate of mercy on mankind. 0 God ot Love and Pity, bare compassion, on the wounded, make bear able their pain or send unconsciousness. To surgeons and dressers -giv strength, that know* no falling an skill that (Offers not from desperat haste. To tired men give time to reet Pity the poor beasts of BerrlCB wb. suffer for man's -wrong. , For us at home, let not that open shame be ours, that we forget to ease the suffering of the near and dear o brave men in the fighting line. O Thou, who makest human hearts the channel of Thy answers to on prayers,, let loose .. a flood of; sym pathy aad Kelp for children and their mothers who wander ; . desolate am' suffering, leaving wrecked homes an fields asid:gardens trodden trade ruthless "feet "With Thee, who snfferest more than all, may we with reverence Thy- bur den share, for all are Thine aad in Thine image made; they, too, ; are Thine who caused the wrong. And this we beg for our', dea Elder Brother's sake, who gave Himself for those he rov«d, Jesus Christ, our Lord. WANTED -- YOUR business. BAKBEHINO WANTED --- .AN - EXPERIENCED )c'tlchtn fflrl. . Apply WEST P15NN TEA ROOM. ' : lijul'y.3ta 'WANTED--GENTLEMAN BOOMER it 116: South. Sixth street. West Slue. · ':· ,' '.' - ' 19 July I f . . .TfrANTKD--POSITION" . - B Y : COM- petent stenographer. Address . :'"S;" care Courier. WANTED--BOY AND GIRLS OVER IS years. CONKELISV1IXE: SILK CO., INC. . - 18julyt£ WANTED--T-WO - GOOD CARFEN- ters, food Traces, steady .iob. CAS- PAKIS STONE CO., Bell !50. ; · · ' '.', .. . . 16July« . WANTED--^MEN FOR CONSTKUC- tib'h. '"Work: J4.00 " per day. THE FOUNDATION CO., West Penn Power House. -" 16julytfd By Walt HEUOTC TO IreaUM* there a man. with aoul':*o dead ne never to himavtf/hath up moa«y, every; ehanoc, if that irlU help our eoy*',in,"]TraBe*.. If coin l:n*)y to *qua*h th« Him, 1 have n ~ for hoarded mon.' Th* hat' I'v woes aince '91 will do another year fo me: the shoes I bnaght three years as; will serve to'bearm* to and fro; tb pant* 1 I drew in father's win -ar* fi for aaopl* service still. I root fo Uncle Sam at.beit, so come alone- m th« bat." It's hard to'amlcrstand th« skat* wbo's acheming early e^ilnsr late, to iree hoir littl* be can Kiv*; he ouf ht to be - ashamed live Committees c«Jl- at his' abode, Mndly ask him to milo«ij. H* ,1 and BUs and bem* and hajrr«, ; shoves s o m e . ' p l f S f . Oaroofli.bis Jaws 1 dug np fifty cents- last May, l: eaa' svare sjnythlnr. toUay.r -., And he 'can fae* hl*a*eif. "that cur; wko onrkt to hunt a hota aad die. Btrt lB.-tk* long- aad yean to eonw hell, nod .this .worl s out ef'pr«nst-h* -faiied to^wb«op tor Tn»eitjr, s*d'.wWI*'.' ».»^ltv*s\ Ton Msrth beTl be:»« lon«»tne : a» the yal. dors that hainra : aTO«*j4 the rity irtorsiate. Oh;\w*' milvt^sTlv*^nniil.Al: lorts. BBtfl-we'v* -soaked '..var Sorjday shrrts, and when wVv* Biren all we own, »tul strive, to. j*ve .anettavr:booe- . . Is It Jwt a Job.vthat ii yoir» to bold. A talk that ofltra yo» «o math cold, J««t 90 miirh w.orlc tlkat li';ypurx, With never,;a VT*atez:^roa2:;ia. -viaw? do' ran IM, at your Or th* spot^you^fln in^iie's^basy-rooin, M*r*ly «' syekevtaVilKHip that^barii*'' "With a sfckly llcht"as:the:ia)U wt trnms,-!---··'·-····-. -^-.-:-. ·--:: . -.- . And tin sanve'old grind ta the *ame old With all .-the.'t ' ' ^ UijQ*t -a. job,'-jvst'-V.taVBXto -dei,.r- So/'Saa^.r.piiMi^.to'.-bnUiliTMMSrt;.:' .'' Eo many* 9rmr*« to add; aad th«n- ' · Horn* for aw«Us and book .sjraln? Are you. lost a e*»rk In a ratrdy skop, - 'IwaceV when' aOMtomei- Jan. to uton. Indlnc no jor hi tb* thiacv yon: sell, an«nly waiting the quitting, btllj Are your thpaght* confined .to tb* fnar 7 rbw'spac* " ~ ' And ther,dreariness.-.of · yo«r 9 It juat a Job, oi a colderr dwam? flrvt frtm DOJt.-of a flmt advance, atartter :plafl I : 1 o«: th« rrmi wbtea - ' ' · · · · · · - ' To th« better J o ' y T ' a s n I . t h * btsrer to. your.:thoughts 'go. ottt to tb*' days ywtr,.*7*» 'lj«* »e« 'tm ; th« ctistane. th. f the' broafler: ll'« that yni, toe, may ·" knwir*.-'." ;.. '-"· . , ... :-. ·: "What U yonr vWw ef yonr ietmtra- s it )*j*t a jeh : W a reMesj cfcanee? WANTEI -- LADIES, TDEASANT work. Call from 8 to 10'A. M.. 4 to 6. lip .West -Apple ' street. Ask MK. GROVES.' ' · ' .' ··ISjuljrlt* . ' WANTEDi-YOUNG GIH.L.EOR GBW- eral' housoworlc, hours S to 5, grood wages, sleop out Apply 703 Mulberry street,' Scottdale, 'Pa: IdjulxCt. . GLOTFELTT 3. State IU. . - - . . .. 842, TRI- ISjulytf MICKIE SAYS HAVE. YOU SOME SEiLINO..ABIL- ity? ",I1^yo,u..are a .mechanic,: ee.ctric- ian, carpenter or other Bhop'.-or-^office ·worker :and.-8ho«Id. desiru butside employment-for beheftt ot y.our - health, or'to bet'ter'-.'your.future, we ; 'wlll give you training to qualify and'pay you .weir while--learning. "We oifer rapid advaeeinent^-to those who take" up our work. _Oor; requirements are; .married men, between .28 and 45 years'of ape. Apply 'in:,,per»on. F. H. .UTAKELET, 310 Ba»t:ped,ar avenue, ConnellsTllIe, Pa.'- ..... ' I · ··· 'I'ajulySt; // Liberty Bonds' : ' 'CASHED 'iMMEr)iATBijY : At,market..prices, brokers. JOB Penn Bldg., 70S Penn ave. "Pittsbnrs, Pa. Hours 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. ·WJtSTED--CABPENTEBS AND I*A- borera. ; CarpenWrs' wage* C2^c per bour; laborers 3Sc .per hour. Apply on the job»-at Gre^nnous* Stop, Dua ,bar,. Pa; VANG- CONSTRUCTION CO. \' '. " 6Julyt(d WANTED--MEN FOB. CLEANING cari 1L3« P. St until 10.»0 A. M. Good -steady employment. PIASTER iliSCHAKXC. "West Penn Railways Cc. IBjuiySt WANTED--SEVERAL JtEN TO work .-on Inroectlon and repairs to cars ,«teady. employment; 9-hour day. Apply at once to MASTER MECHANIC "West Penn-Railways Company. - , ISjnlytt WANTED--OLD PALBE TEETB. Don't matter. l£ broken. 1 pay $2.00 to 925.00 per s»t. Sand by parcel' post and receive by retorn mail. L. MAZER, 20-07 South. Piftb, street, Philadelphia, Pa. SjulySJt' WANTED --,BARBER, STBICTLY nr»t-clsuM, *ober man at once; 430 and CO per.cent over. |Z8 per week. Shop open T.JO co 7.10, and 10 P. M. on Saturdays. LOTJIS T. BRUNING, Main stre*t, Groensburg, Pa. Phoee 947. WytNTED -- BT PENNSTLVANIA Railroad Company. Apply at on:« to any agent, tor xteady employment, brakemen, firemen, machinlats, friaiBTht truckera. Employment acent wl'll be at ticket office. CpnneDovllle, Monday aftornoon. : , 18julyl'U» FOB RENT--ONE SDC ROOM HOUSB. Call Bell 401-B. JJulytl : FOB BENT--GAItACB. APH.T 301 tast Cedar. . ICioiyCt FOB. BENT--OffB UGHT OFPICX, f. "W. "WOOLWORTH. XSJQly3t FOR RENT--FRONT BOOK GEN- Uetnan preferred. .Call 1J7-TT Bell phoee. 17J«lr« J-OR RENT--THRIB. FCRNISHED room*. Use ot telep'faorM, E34 Kast Crawford 'arentte. . ' FOR RENT--THREB FDRNISHED rooms .for llgnt houekecptn^r. 1214 Vine street- Bell S17. - UJolyit FOR RHa*T--SDTOIJ5 BOOM FOR ffentlemao, on a»cood fl.oor. U4. East Crawford. 19Julytf FOR RENT--ITVE BOOM BOUSE. water and electric" Ibfbrt- Write XYZ, cari Courtor. "OR RENT--BMAU. APARTMENT. Call FLORENCE SStUTZ. Ujulytfd r O K SA.liE --SIX roadster, Al · condition. Seats " three.' Sacrifice price; buying truck. Telephone IS-W TrI-State, FOR SALS -- ONE OVERUAND touring: car. model S3-B, big: four, absolutely in first--class condition. Price right. Seo HOX£R MOiSEP. at Main street barber shop. ISJulySt* FOB SALE--1-TON NASH TRUCK, equipped with coal 'body, and 'cab; firat-elaot* condition. Too amall .Cor, prevent-use; 'Inquire C. L. WORK. Connell»vIlIe,~J?iL .I. . JSJunetfd '. :,POB SAI^E^OWB ELA(?E HORSE, bm years old, weight 1360 pounds. "W1U.»ell 'reasonable to q»lck buyer.' Call 4 betvroen 7 and 8 A. BL. or 5 and «'.P.- Jt at 1»4 Watt street: . . . '.··'--.'''·'·- . ..Itlulyit'. F.OB.., SALE-rGROVER ,:FAMC ;.1M acre*; of -the -John T. .Hb(C«; estata,' ao a-wbble at *25' per, ,acr«-; Loni'.UnM eaay payment.*". See" .aip ; 'real'., estate ajjeirt.- or, write STEWART- JprlNS- TON,"JS«» ^oni'e BulliiBg, Plttibbrr. jnry-17-13-24-£6 FOB SALE--« ACRE FARM, rood bank barn, best- of spring -water, lots' of trait, for.$4,000. 45 acre farm, !~foot;-vein of..Freeport. coal nndarly. ng '40'"acres "of "the farm; overythtng n fee for »3;!0».' '.-JE^ .F. DeWJTT, -Bell' Phone K'J-J, Scottdale, Pa- Jnly-17-13-JO LOTS FOR SALB^-THE ,JOHN,. T. ogg property, Cast' Park Addition and':.Soith Side. basi'. been,"divided anKne;^the.- heirs.'* .Mrs,', Johnston: vril aeil.'her- hoMinga-. on liberal terms -and very ,'or*ajrohable..price.''oice ots on - both-j rpaye.d v r and. --nnpavcc streets. Will help finance buyers- if :ney want to 'bv'ld; :I«pngr time easy )ayroents for thoee wishing t o - b u i l f l ater. Lots located-. .on^c.^RShrng nuej^S^uth Side, .Wills-Road - pa- and ; '-.beyond unpavedC. portion, 3Mibella of lots much less · than ; .heretofore named. Consult any .reaTestate ag write direct, Btxtlhg 'what lot or ots are wanted. STEWART JOHNSTON, 1IM House Building, ylttsburg. .THE SCHOOL BPABD^- OP" BULL- kin 'township will meet at Pennsvllle on July 20, 1918. at. 1 o'clock sharp, o receive bids for furnishing coal nd cleaning: houses and grounds and o elect teachers tor the coming school k' J. M. KEEFZ3H. Secretary. YOUR NAME is it on our subscription list? We will guarantee you full value FOR YOUR MONE1 FOR SALE! . \ Jtnri; STEJEL IAILS. · IN - VAHIOUS SIZES, FOR , | PROMPT SHIPMENT FROM ] !. MT CliARKSBUEG ' ''YARDS. ] GEOBGE 5AXTOLSKT, PHONE, 1208, CIARKSBURO, ] ·WEST VIRGINIA. The Difference--i Between the Cast of Good aad Cheap Mating is to slight that lie who goes (hopping from printer to prner to secure hi* printing ·t few cents tea than what it ii re»fly worth hardy ever makes day laborer waget at thtt unpleasant talk. If you want good work at prices that are right, get your job priming L-- At This Office . . I K»M f ELL y»HO Hij RETURN '£(* IfO! \ SM'D, tMiMK V* MOULO j BE A GOOD IpCft. FSR Swifts- SOON -T MA.NE OS PR\N-f 'EM fiOK OF «N**6LOPes Wrtrt HAKAB AMO UP tr*. OMK'COAMCR L I N O T Y P E OPERATOR, DAY WORK; ?25 PER APPLY FOREIMAN, COURIER OFFICE. For Sale i MUCE.fTSO, Honae of 4 roomK .and -kitchen: front porch, flrood water and good cellar; one -acre;- 34 fruit trees; Btable, 4 chicken houses; 15 minutea from trolley and on main rbtid. Suitable for tarm*r, miner, coka worker or mill man, Betwoon ScottdaJe and Mount PleaaauL Address MRS, I-OUISE . 3H7JCLX.I2R. 12tt DlifcrWjte St., JPtttetiirc, Pn. PUBLIC SALE · On Uw 24th day o* Jnly, at 2 P. M. o'clock, will offer on. the promisee at jjohbc Kale the entire original tuildiag, formerly occupied 'by *L Kobacker * SODS, located at 625-29 Main street-, ML Pleasant, Pa., constating of three store rooms,land additional lot directly in the rear of L. K. Zttek'a 3r*eat Market, a4solutelr the best location in the town. 1600.00 in. cash, or certified check, for that amount will be required from toe purchaser, and for the balance, tonns -will be made known before U» sale starts, KARBT KOBACEEB. - C. K. FEE, Aactioceer. Learn to Dry Food-- Uncle Sam Will Teach You The govenunent publication shown here explains drying erf fruits and vegetables--a method of food conservation, doubly Important this year. Drying is easy to do, calls for simple equipment, and requires no sugar. Methods tested and proved good by Government specialists are explained in this bulletin, a copy of which belongs to every American housewife.. ' FARM^MOME DRYING of FRUITS ^VEGETABLES JOHPH S.CALOWCLL t fto»t Frsnlcict, Offitr cfMnmJfural, \N';'. 984; -.: . kvlDMK* ol A r i o ^ i(wi\ (rom'l PUftt h«iu«try Union Supp|y : The TJnion Supply Company have recently stocked their furniture departments to full capacity and are able to offer their customers full'lines of all kinds of furniture and hosuehold furnishings at very attractive prices. The prices of furniture and household furnishings are .ad-~ vancing/and.will go still higher, in fact it 'is almost impossible to purchase some lines at the present time. We have anticipated both the advance in prices and scarcity, and can offer you complete lines at reasonable prices. These lines include bed room and dining room, furniture in. suites or single pieces; -wooden and iron beds in different styles and prices; all kinds of chairs, tables, kitchen cabinets, mattresses, springs, and bed coverings, heating and cook stoves and ranges; rugs, carpets, and linoleums. : Anticipate your wants--you-Trill have to* pay more later and probably have trouble in getting ,^fiat you want- You will always find Uaioa--Supply Company goods and prices right. M Lure Department Stores, ; Located la Fayctte, Westmoreland and Allegheny ConottMk . To get this bulletin, clip, fill out, and send this coupon. 17. or ABICOTTURE. Washington, ». C. Please send Farmers' Bulletin 984 to (Name) (Street or K. F. p. Number). (City and state) This space is contributed by The Daily Courier An Ideal Spot *·»···f***9****»****f****************~****V*****H . \ ' ' · ' ' ) for a Home of your own--in the coming residence district of Connellsville. Ont in the open where there's plenty of fresh air and where the "kiddies" can romp and play to their heart's content And it's only a 5 minute car ride or a 15 minute walk from "Brimstone Corner." - . At Poplar Grove Right now you can buy lots measuring-60x140 feet-quarter acre tracts--at Beautiful Poplar . Grove for as low as __ EASY FATKEJTT TEB«S GLADLY There's city water in front of every Ipt and the first Standard Public School of Fayette county is jest within a . stone's throw. Think of it, these lots cost only $SO,bO and upward-- even as a matter of speculation they'll prove one of the best investments you've ever made. · ·« ~ For full particulars and information write' C. B. McCOWVlICK, P. O.Boil*4. COSTNELLSVliLi, PA.

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