The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 19, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1918
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELXSVUiJBJrP*. PAGE THKEB*. NOTES TELL WHAT'S HAPPENING ; IMMlttlTdWN Collection nf Garbage XJn- New Ordinance is .-.; Now Under Way. ··· -:, '- ';; $6 JO $18 .. Si»=l»t to Th« Courier. SCOTTDAiE,'-J«lr- IS.^Scottdale hav bc(ua cite colificUoa'o£ ''garbage' «ad»r tb« ' hew' ; ordinance.-- 'COU«c- tiau, -wiU-'tw^JUMl* »t leMt onta each: wett Harrx Newcomer? is in charge ol tie collection. , For the present th«. -"Overtoil la^m will be used as a dimpin » place., ' As, jet the. ordinance , doea not compulsory, for ' ; wery holweliolder 'to' Save garbage hanl*d away but. unless this is finally Soae'.a tut. will be Itoposed. .. ' ._.: . '· The, f»t«s for wrrie'a *I11 be |6 'per 'Ttti for prtT»te famill«si'49 "per "year 'toritnlinai erocery, stores and bnteber shop*. »38 per rear for res- [tmiiraBM and'ho4els and' J6 per year itorj boardinr houses..- ··· ' " '· '. 1 .JMJtorneT F. B. Folk, has been ap- ipotated collector of garbage tees and jthjtfc are payable itt.-'.qo»tterly:iii- jstirtnent on. the ftrstt ot January, July and October. ' " Mfea Viol» :PJeczrnska, .aged 20, |dj«L*i_6S-Jfe e B 5 S. n . JOTW. . P? .. ;?Jneral serricM ^Trillj be i lettf 'o»J5atiiTdai zaorntay '"at ; St i loch's- church -and raUiment will [!oll$w in the St. Joseph cemetery. -.. | '.-.-. «** Cress Bweftt ' j JITS. A. E. Astey, .who lives about north of town, entertained: , tthft'-Qtnmunity club. and some, friend ye»l«rd«y afternoon at a .benefit , for jtbe^Ked . Croa^.-:-^-A quilt- was -pieced Jamp'Will-bV cSaneed off^tljgjirpc.feds, fcif'tMs to to to ti» Bed Cross. An ex IcisJltnt dinner was serv«L- ; Out'-.o ts were present ^ 'Monn New Jersey and Tampa ' r .t*n if Am ExtnordJmrr One. i ': Stlrt . sales jue. rare enough. -Op- -_- !fx:'nibiitr.:ha»^p»t it in mir'way" 1 t I giv«|ronf ""customers advantage 'in thi faalit-iueh as yoo will ncrt see.. for ,i j-vtrr -long -time again.' .590, skirts a ilnijthan cost of materials; iff nuur |in«inees wash aUrU'rlte: to 15.00 [»i'H£«kirU 13.49 to V1S; wool skirts " Bendinec's Broad- ladles'. Star*.' Look it our win "M'wlH'ipiay ^ - - '- -·- or It 7*»rs of age : to'do gen je*l/work. J"urallure-and hardware. }S««*-l» irtire. Apply S. "Wenher.-- ·* gon«'_tb Jftr.CJe- · »pendj»Teral Weeks. X.T. DtWltt bu sold the W. M. H SMC property in Fifth Avenue* to fmM £. Hoen*worth, .---·-.-· f Mr, and Mrs. Carl Losan are the (prwod parents of a daagbter. born at jthelr home here on Wednesday morn ra*. fttn.- Logan before her marriage Eva*--in** Ruth Bodenheimer. : .' ' [:.* Jto. John Herzog baa;" received :»ord o the lafe arrival overseas o .tatit-.^at, Waller." The card" stat tlat ie i» well and nappy." ! :. f Ok«rIe» Colbo'rn-who\yiia li'oine.-'on if he-day furlough returned -last eve- !Bliif.'"to "Watbington, D; C. !'! M« - C.i E. Colborn-of -JJilrobe' is risiting Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Colborn EAGLES MAG'READY ;OM «f 6rc»4e«t Suiwliy'..'.- to complete- arrajtgemenu for tJie patriotic convenUpn, Jnly r "29'Jto"August 3, .whlcb,-' it' is -estimated', -will "briiig at- TvMt^iOO'^^Tpe^P^-'.'to^-lPntsburgf The grand oncers will coniipiete'planj Kt'nlfe'.tl.WbOOO-tor-Qit parpose;pf , , . . , many points, as jear.»i .possible., to ttie flrinr lines. ' ··*· : · - - - - 'H*xt least Z50 JEagles.from 'th» B Western ... PensylvaaiavJieriea who wirf appear as~h"osts':durln j 'Uia tonveati'oB will 'meet fn Httsburgand entertain the /officers- df-the Grand Aerie on *n«tcarsioic .on Uie steamer SunsMBfcv ; CMvendon. 'Seciretiri jDoufkcrty · has bttn.notlfled that' all tt the aeries · in ·tW'estern-..Pennsyl-: Wii Ohio and ,Wejt Vlrgintu . .will s^jad.'' large '-marching · ctubs {and.' fidats to' take part in the parade" scheduled 'for T«urE-S,c.venlnE, :AugostX Con- Jiresstnan.' John M." Mbrin"wlll~be thtf ·:ebie marshal 'eC the'p»r»de'. "·"" ' · · " ' ades! Isc Buttermilk jOt'» a very easy matter for any merchant to make all the claims in the world for his mer- f*j*®ofs actual proofs-f-then his Aaron's never claim-anything, they cannot prove. That's Not why Aaron's is^ at all times a safe place to buy Furniture, Rugs, Carpets, Stoves and Home- . . - . : / - v · Uasms hjr; ieyeryi can be relied upoiitr-every article pictured is an exact reprpd^ctipn of die merchandise as it appears on our Floors. And if you'll carefully examine the artfcle« on oUr Floors you'll find tifiaj they'll be exactly as they were represented in the advertisement--no exaggeration. Connellsville's Reliable ARON'S Homefurnishers Since 1891. $27.50 Up 40 Labor-Saving Features ,r ; -.;;Don't.spend:long hpurs':in- a. hotlkite'hen this summer. With a Hobsfer you can}4q : ydur work in hall, the time. The most important 'discoveries hkve been built right into this cabinet.. For example,'the Shaker Flour Sifter shakes -out flour-light-aid fiuffy instead of grinding flour 'and grit through the sieve. .. . ' ' :. The'Hposier-Two-Way Sugar Bin which holds twice the ordinary, amount. : Hoosier's patented' .Food Guide and Salad Chart'can't'be found on any other Cabinet. HoosierVOver-Size Base has : 21 per cent more space for pots and ans-than-the average. 'There are 17 such exclusive features as these. This Solid Oai.6 Ft Extension -Table--A Special Value, This Genuine Qnartcr S£ !!V r $29.50 Tour" choice 'bit 'goldea 'oak or famed oak finish. This 4 Ft, Solid Oak.Srring This 4 Ft Solid Oak Swine $7.50 Aaron's immnse four-store b^uying-power makes possible lower · prices than elsewhere. And every article you purchase here is of reliable make and of the best quality obtainable-backed up at all times by our "satisfaction guarantee." Our convenient charge account system SI will make the matter of payments very easy. j| Hear the New August Records FJor Your Summer Enjoyment! This Popular Pathe- phone Outfit.__TM Consists.oi-'tbe. ?30.Model Pathephone and your choice o£ 6 double-laced Pathe Records. Pathephone --Plays ALL Records --No Needles to Change --No Records to wear out --No Scrat- , chy , "Surface Noise" --Come in and hear the May ' Eeeords. ?athe Eecords 65c to $4. Pathephones, · $30 to $225. Aaron'* Exclusive Agents for the Process Gas Rsinge -the "Grand Good" Range that has made huncreds of Gnnellsville Housewives happy! We have been s.elling the New Process' for over 15 years--thousands of them every year--and thousands of satisfied custoriers as a result!"' ' . " . . · "':· ': / . The New Erocesa is a wonder for pleasing. As a'baker it is in a.ciass by Itself. Captured grand prize at San Francisco Exposition. A Comfy Carriage For Baby . · · · -*- - . A complete showing of Baby Carriages awaits your selection. They're all very substantially constructed and,are ot tbe best known reliable .makes.' .'Every carriage is"g; give complete satisfaction. CoUapsiWe CI-O '7P» 3«nuinc B^cd Carriages at *P A«« 4 t Carriages at _._ Heavy 2 Inch Contianous Post Iron Bed Beds on : sale for the entire week. Plenty in supply you. .75 stock to Finished in the best grade of white enamel -- mounted on ball bearing casters -- twelve heavy fillers. The Leonard Cleanable Refrigerator Has .. 'This famous Refrigeratorhas' wonderfully stood the test '; ' of time--for ,35 successive years it has been giving complete ·;: satisfaction everywhere. i Saves Food antl Ice! , - / ; : . ; : · · - . . . - . -. ,';:The Leonard Cleanable is scientifically constructed to · -maintain the lowest temperature with the least ice consump- ; "tiorj|; There are ten wall^. to save "your ice^-that's why the Leonard will save its cost in ice alone. Bo Sure to S«e Size Leonard at ... :$8.50 TU ' WMteEB TM; ! $22^0; .' ::Come in--we'll gladly -show you.--the , many - different jmodels-and --explain their exclusive features. ' . ' A Special Exhibition of Period Dining Room Furniture ' fine' example- of -the William and Mary, period which embraces one of tKe finest periods"known in the his- tory . of. .furniture. Rare beauty, ar- tistic design and honest -workman-' ship characterize this fine suite. It is.'tbs kind of furniture you Vlll be Only $99.00 1 art lmpi« and It, cosl»:«a1 !tl» taat »ny iln Qc woman can,"r~ lit. pTour ·cdmpl.-x!.on--.'iriu»t q'l jihoW. a-decided Improvenirnt .or yoor; ;*«alar : iiv a'uthorixea ,to.-.". retucn,. yoilK^ 1 i matt.r whether you.are troubled .-with wrtnklaa, hard little lints »rounil t*« moutli 'and" " ey*s. T ."'co»rse', ~ ' ln«i« auiA ' redness et.u»ed.b- -wind and MI. yqu will ttnd that all th«j trlili mt'ckly- dluppcar -.wtfthtss^aue ot;tbi» pARAMOUNTTHEATRE 19e. "--TODAY lie THE BIGGEST ^STAR IN.-FITJiIS -IS ^A RAGGED, SM^SHlKG S ! AMERICA'S; MpST AND r MAN'S HERCULEAN STRUGGLE COJCBDY. -- COMMG-- TH PATBONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER --TODAT .'1-VD TOMOKHOIV-- Thomas H. Inca Presents CHAHLES HAY in "TlfE H1REI) MAS" . Also a BoariBs William Fox Comedy, --HOA'DAY AST) "IVttU WOHEK AST) TAME L10SS" .. Monday and Tuesday--William S. Han in "SELFISH YATES" July 20-30--Sergeant Guy Bmpey in "OVER THE TOP" 8. Food ^.flmlhlRtntton. · «_-- --«... rf -skeerce en r nbt~erot ow-e^ oofildxt' troin' v -bn,' cause ~ a rabbit in a po- ·w*r: »?.ol: te. : moa' lennybody .'to' lone '.count..,eil ·--^---.-^- ---;--..--.--.-. W^Tnaaf"'. ^ I SM»fli ; follca'll^klrider^.have tc.r-save 1 de pb««t flour f«c ootop'ny « n a»t br^d m»«e· .outen-.dli: yere -'-···" ·ovr.-. D«t wlM-or.owt.d* · -·- - ·· ·-· ----.-·--·--··-··- ' ' * * Save $10,0.0 by placing your order now for a CALORIC Pipeless Furaace. Estimates . cheerfully,, furnished on plumbing anUteat-of al] lands. Bell 48-ar. C. A.BRILHART SCOO^TBiGE, PA.. Tfi-.State:84-X

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