The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 19, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1918
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. -fSB DAH.Y COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. PA, JULY 19,1918. CALLS FOR BRAKE ¥KkJle-Affed Man Would Stow Up, Wheels of Tune. ' ' ' l ttvlng In Hep* Th«« ·em* Man W1M C*vtM a Worlubl* tetwnw f*r ft*it*iw)ng OIM** LUM of Lit*, and De It Quickly, "What i»e remlly need," wld: th* middle-teed man, "la tome . way,.. «*. slowing up the -wheels ol time. "A3 «r«ry man vim baa twttmi tor get on In life knows, tb« older w» grow the luster tinwaeems to Jty;; In ovr:7outh even single days aeem to be codleu; tot: -utm TT* .f«t; to b» about ao old thai y*an to » t*t that tk*y searo to apla ammd Ilka" pin- The» wa» one* an · intent medicine to sell who atarted off Ua advertisement by describing htewett as a retired physician wboae aaodB of life bad nearly ran out JL weU-mMnlag friend IB" the la.Weat wrote to blm Muring that If b* would mix a little mol»*e» with the aanda they wouldn't ran out ao 'fast." "Of ·course tbens wa* an Idea in that; bet the miantoyo* cooi* to think it over seriooaly yon tee that there to naBy aotbioc to it. To make the wheels of time tn,TV. slower 7on'd hat* to bane something more than molmaui. I hare thoaght that perhaps wa might InTWrt some .sort of brake, a -rery pow- erfot brafte, for this purpose, but I gnew there's really., nothing In this !d?a,. either. - "licklBS th» means of making th* wheel* of time torn slower, so Ui»t we would seem to. have, more time,".! birve thought that perhaps somebody' may yet derise a way.ol "renewing our JtSe of life. H we could get ur Indefinite renewal of oar life lease we wouldn't care how fast the wheels turned, because we'd hare endless years for them to torn in. "The man who could derlse a workable pJan of this sort would get.ileh beyond any sort of dreams whatevett that ; is. If he conld prolong his own life as ive.ll as sell life-renewal leases to others; for I fancy that,, hard as ttisiworid may be In. some respects, the gretit majority of us would, tike to continue living in it a loog, long time, and would give all we had for that prtTUege. . " ". ·"· "For myself, I can say that I lite the world very well and I -would like to stay on It interminably. If there | is anybody now working on this life- i lease-renewal device I hope Se will get Jt runclny before the sands of my old- fashioned life shall have ran oat completely ; and If when he opens np_ for business he will let me know where to find him I shall go to him ; aodr "-if I have the price, take out as a first extension a renewal for about a .century." . iSyrup : just what I neL If is ; S spfen- did laxative, mild and pleasant;;a£d acts so quickly and ; easily. : I · wbuldtft be : without it; and keep-it m r ourhome all the time."" /From * ktttr to Dr. Caldmll written b»\ I Mi. G. C Murphy, 4 Walker Street, I \ . AJknta, G«. - · / · Dr. Galdwell's Tie Perfect Laxative Sold by. Druggists Everywhere · . 50 cts. (£. $1.00 Recommended as a positive remedy for constipation, mild and gentle in its action. The standard-, family remedy in countless homes. A iaialibpttle,can -be obtained; by writihgtb Dr. ^^Xaldwell,,:458 Washington Street, Monticello, Illinois. , . Novelties in New Sweaters Spain la .Buying Pianoa. ' \ Ameflcan government Is baying- blanket^ ia Spain and payIng: for them irith-plaiios made- in- tlie TJnltpa States, according to George W. Pound, manager of the National Piano Mamilactnrers* association," In callln? attention to one 1 of therstriking opmonts at the^presenttjttine In this cnnn try's export tra'fle. ~* ~ ........ "As: '» ftie case with neutrals generally," Mr. Pound said, "much at Spain's population has profited largely by the i»ar,.and the demand (or pianos has persisted In spite ot the fact ttat the prjces of all musical instruments In Spain have doubled and trebled simre 'the war began." . Mr, Pound said that the American manufacturers were thereby offered an unusual opportunity to help the gor- ercraent pay the war bills as well as to meet the foreign demand for our goods. IB this conneetton, Mr. Pound, said, piano manufacturers .can only export their -pianos through government license,. '; . . . ^- - An all-American idea has been takea up'and is being exploited by the manufacturers of high-class sweatera.' It la the Introclactioa of decorattons that look'llke and ,are inspiTed byithe bead- work.aud other:ornamental'.wortc done by American;";Ind!iuja"'oir;tnelr gar- ·"meiita. It is odd .that this source of Inspiration has not been more freely -used, because it belongs to ;our own country and Is distinctive and picturesque. ^ / , ; ! · . - ..,.. Anyone having a poor opinion of the ornamental beadwqrk and fentneif- work done by the Esdlons vrill gain ru- spect for them by looking into the matter. In museums there are collections of their headdresses ami ganneBts that are surprising. They .have lav- ·Isbed patient work on. .them and their, designing and color wort; are worth . stadjlnj. .!. -iia**'?. One of those new sweaters that carry the imagination bael: to the' days .of the pioneers Is saowa at:tlie'is» ,sf j ·. toe picture." Insteediof beicsjnade'of i_.^. r . Dealing With ttia Occult An astonishing number of books on occult.subjects are being published-in these days, especially oo'llnes rebitiDS t» UMS future life, the 'theme"tetihg ea a new Interest because of the war nnd Its losses. One writer. Prof. AV. J. Crawford o* Belfast-^Is. dealing, with so-called spirit manifestations IB a riew -way. For one thing; he has tried teaiins the medium «o a weighing machine : .-whil e "the' roanifestatloiiK are going ,;on and Tnttchliig" the iTJirying record'of her -weight." 'He has found that where a chair or table was lerl- bited an increase In her weight nlmost . corresponding to the -weight if the piece of furniture was noted. When there were Tappings her -weight lessened, the amount lost Tarymg .with. Uie intensity of the sounds. TFhat these phenomena Indicate to his mind w what he expects to prove by them Joes Dot.:appear. " ; "" ' ·-"'····-· ' -- '·- Btlitc Would H*v*,StanreaV; - Some-o*-the'geninsea of earlier generations wo»ltf-liaTe7a teas UiierotJr trlth drills a rations ;in JJnrop'' Many ot them are still remembered 'tar. their appetites. Thackeray aod Dicken* were both masterful at /the table.' Bnl- lae was equal to making a dinner of right doien oysters, twelT* ciitlets, a: duck, a pair of partridges, and all the customary "trimmings." Herbert Spencer once went upon » vegetable diet, and declared that after ha returned to meat he had to rewrite "everything lie did in the Interval to get virility Into It. Kegarffless of the effect- on genius, ntlontaig is spreading. Eren walk- Ing sticks have^coroe tiBder- goyern- 1U- inental-:- control la England, aBjl^^ Euroably '-« WiatpetHre-puttliaseT w aoon have to present a'llcensi to .carry. Tuch aa oraarnent--Nation's BniiBtss. ·Hi Tiin«"C«iimry.'" flatf a million dollars is to tw pende*"in the constr«t!e«r qifjar tun* Cfranery on. the IsSinaiof^ tat to* Hawaiian gronp. . zt»(e The C*n»«r." The: waters aronaa.-thelg-- laucl* »warm with fl* of every de- among which the tana' to jreJcminant and attains an enormpns size. Me opemUon of thfc .plant will ; t* a vflaable addiUbo 1 as the sweater ,and terminates .In' fringe. ; '.. . . These lovely new sweaters for "la belle snvnga"'are made In several colors and their, decoration ia varied in as many ways ns original^ Indian designs allow them 'to be. '-.'They oaght to .appeal to Young' 'America, and It. is easy to beUeve-that jPocahontan made a creditable appearance at court- If she wore a bead-trimmed doeskfa garment fashioned oa the "same lines. A quiet sweater coat of silk jersey at the right of tho picture lacks the audacity of Its rival, but njakes up for that Sn. elegance. It is entirely plain and made shapely by soirrlngs across the' back .and .a .wide belt across the front, and will appeal to older women .as well as to young wearers. ..... X. Defiat-tha Mothi," fine doe-skin, slashed Into a fringe at A good way to ptotcct suits from the the bottom. It is of oyster-irhite'silk, inoths Is to secure them in'.pasteboard with a deep fringe of silt: abont the'.'| boxes such s ., __.--. sach^as v yoa can bar from the tailor or ths ; . tailor's "snpply-atore. Tho salts sionkl bo packed away In these boies before moths begin to fly and then every open crack should be pasted together by means of strips of gummed what-Tlgpearg at;first.glance to bira^paper, snch as can be bought in rolls " ' ' ' "' ' - ' · - - - - ·'·jpr a very small price; The tailor .'boxes.may. be kept .on hand from year .. - . bottom; ..Ids' a square^Secked,, long-i shouldered u slipover, ".with- the" "arm»- eye artfully shaped and finished, and there are no sleeves. ' . . V About; the. nect and down the, front . In colared.,b.ea(ls t Ji!.a ·machine «abrglder7of ;.s^nall..ioops'or. ' The islrdle is.-of'.ihji .same-Silk Jto year for this purpose. Took the Biscuit ,·:· ';·'- The Mudcurob* PreyarlcnBnff ;«nd Debating society was In session,, and all was proceeding peacefully andj harmoniously, till the rat-story man ·poke.!. - " · '.' .r. :· " "Some people," he salil, 1 "consider toe rat hasn't got much' sense; but they're. wrong.-~JFor,Jnstince^ once-1 aaw s mother place her, year-oli] babe In front of t tte ; cottage _to.sun hUoself, and; to -keep' Ws spirits* Bii),' 'she ""gate the UtUeU:hap-s-bi« feeding-bottle of- 'milk. TJiS J wafch^ B«Sr"aTmSiBte^. np to 'tlie'elilld, aiid roy'heart "was in my mputh-j J^feared for the baby, But, Nesg'.'ypa. \tBe, : .rat was only 'after the milk P r'He,."inst slipped! the teat out of ,tht chilifsmoute and into a!s own, and! that'-tbongb'tfully pat the end of Ws'biU litp'rthe.child's wny of e "eoniforterj'*" t Vfith a great;, sigh' the president banded him the'biscuit,--London Tlt- - · · Tacking Down : EdB« of Fight. 1 " Things were stirring along the front. Miles a.way we ;co»ld hear' the battery . once to arlull Ve -detected the: hnmf iperlng_ staccuto..,of... a..; machine _ gun tacking down the loose edges of a t.;$lWJUW.iBJSSKi».JfefifliS«d,-;tn;. iikstory, with the earnestness ^and flcness^o^ raci?,..laying",«' carpet ;a hurrjr;-;lrvin : S. X Cobb iiathe Sat-' today Bjeslns,Post;,;,-' · · ; . ' . "Gun Without » Peer.". What the Scientific American calls "a gun without a peer" Is the new 620 millimeter mobile howitzer built by the'Crensot worts for the JTreach army."''It ; ia''mounted on a railroad carriage and fires a shell 20.4T Inches In^dlameter. It Is a fort wreckerj an^ «ne-.sheU "f rom-lt-is" sa^d: to : KaTfrrg'uf- Dced to'··· reduce -Fort -Ma!maison,y on which the" Germans had spent so mnch 'Oibe a n ' - - . debris; .^..:..~ Encore. . rXotel jSpRrletor-- Dia:yon- enjoy the. cornet Playing In the lieif room to: yours last'nlght? .." , : . . . . . . ' : : , ,"·; Guest (sayagelyX^EnJoy; It II ahbuld .-. sai;not. r.T spent half the nlght'ppnndv; Ing on therwall to make the idiot atopi Broprietor^-Why, Tones told.nieitlils- inprlcung tyou rapplau3ed^'eVery.-6h».- i fif .- his'"pieees- and he -ivas-going' to' s'ericF for.^some'niore moslc. fight ayraj'sb that he could piny for yon again. , ; ;Cockney Repartet. .Seine 'of the senior boys from * ; school's literary class were ' taken' tortbc old Vic to see 'The Merchant of Fenlce." · . When .'Shylpck, : in the court scen«V. 'was~:urgently ^demanding his-' pound 'of flesh;, a tiright cockney .b'ojv In tbriM; crlefl 6nt,to the' judge. '..--. "Hi, you i; "Ask- .-him for' his i card'i"-- Loadon Tlt-Bfti · .:·' M»eh:Lumber Watte*' : " : It U estimated test American Iran- f bermeD, accustomed -to a .wealta of,:. Come and ·:'.'·'·..:'See ; Tlic HOME of QuStlW^ndSERVlCEi ;e9l33lN.PlTTSBURG;St.j CONNELLSVILtg) CONNELLSVSLLE'S GREATEST STORE and See ^ '5-S' »- ..£';,£Real Genuine Eeondrny^-^that's the-sensational' thing at this Miir'Remnant.Siale. : KememBer eyiery '-"time you go shopping you. either -waste or save." : Which -will it-be? . H you buy poor qualities no e.^'Vi'aste. Jf you buy dependable and durable goods for a higher, .price than we sell them for you neeU"f or you to do'eitaer if yod take advantage of 'our Mill' Remnant' Sale. _ . "f.u.V:^'J ; Hundred^ do so daily with profit to tliemselves. ' " ' Ask your friends -or neighbors about it. Ask any person who has'roade any purchases at our Great Mill Remnant Sale and you will hear this same answer -- of saving and saving. Some have saved 20 to 40 per cent and even more.. What' others have done you can do. This store does not mark up its goods as the markets. advance. ' Stocks purchased before the. rise are off ered at the old' prices, which means considerable saving to you. · : ..... , ' · . - · ' · , . ".: ..'.Come a n d see. "".. '." ' - " '-'· . . . . . Women's Suits if orth : $37.50 now _,, _J_ $14.95 Most desirable garments in women's and misses' sizes trr choose from,in this special lot of suits. Womea's Smite worth $40.00 now at . : _ ; . $32.05 And there is an excellent selection of,smart styles and colorings for! ; - your choice. All sizes featured. Woman's Suits worth $50.00 now Serviceable for immediate ,ind ; early Fall wear -- lot of handsome, ' dressy arid tailored" Suits to choose from. K Women's Cents -worth $25.00 now at .$14.95 You have never seen such marvelous values in high grade smartly styled Coats as are offered in this lot. $5.95 Stylish Wash Brasses worth $8.50 now at . $5'05 Prettiest Summery frocks in Cotton Voile and Ginghams in all colors ,and sizes lor women, misses and juniors. $9.95 Other Wasli Dresses worth $12.50 now at 80.95 . Finest Ginghams, Voiles, Linens, ·in this group of smart Wash Dresses sacrificed at this record low price. P.95 Sew at worth' 55,00 nm ...... $8.85 ;.- is a- fortunate purchase just '-'when Sweaters are most in favor. - We bought .extensively and saved. ' Y o u save with us. All new styles-every wanted color' and conibina: tion. . v Modish Silk Dresses worth $15.00 now at ;--'. ' Styles for- street, afternoon and vacation wear.' Plenty of Dresses to choose from. ·White Tub Skirts worth ?2.00 and $2.50 now .' White Cotton Gabardines, Linens, Basket Weaves and many other fancy weaves--sport styles .with pockets. : 95c Finest Tab- Skirts worth $8.50 now at ; : ·-- White Skirts in this lot are .the season's smartest tailored styles in finest -washable materials. Stunning SQk Sfcirts -worth $15.00 BOW at --:,.-,.,'. · : Sflk Skirts in the. newest sport models in all the most fashionable stripes and broken plaids. · ; $9.95 Tub Sflk "Waists Trwrth' $3.00 no-fe at i . "Silk Waists in the new sport models--an opportunity, for women to buy a stylish waist for little money. $1.95 Ifew Georgette "Waists worffi. $7.50 now at A, wonderful lot of fine. Waists in this lot--Georgette Waists in'a variety of stunning models. Fine Vofle now at Blouses worth ~ $S.i8 _" ^Buy 'for now. Bny ?or future--this isTa- real- opartunity--^handreds of styles to "choose from. ' $1.50 BAEGAISS TVOSHBEFUIi SAT1SGS ..'·.., Our Great; Mill Remnant ale event offers a real treat for thrifty wide-awake women. 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Jell-0, all flavors · 'Jiffy Jell, all flavors Gas Mantles :Lemon or Vanilla Extract-Amonia,-i bottles Old Butch'Cleanser, can _. Silver G-loss Soap, 5 bars-Large .;- . 20e inc 'no. 10c 10c 2oc _ »c 2Bc Hw JSest ol ETerythhig tn Uie Ereali Mcati Also Bressed Chickens at '-.^'i^-^P ; V I ^ ; ''vf-'' v Iii'Fto^i*:.rt»ir'.Mtiir-.r«iiiiti(i'· · ; · ",:. "·;·. ; " '.'.'SK.'ion ' tfie City at the lowest Here. .. WEST JOJEtf- COJfSEII/SVILlE, PA. [ " Tl. CAIXIB1C ta not » pip* for. ln«ea witi .!!«·:'fifa l«It off. I xint tocctiiQ to me*t a dautd. It I is xpeciftUr deaned io hAt homef. I etev lnor« tmlfotTDlr,- ·eonoaolcallr «rer-b««a; heaUd br otbu Kjttvou. I ~Tk«.: CAtbaibv -worti ttiu ' I Natop*'* 'own']»w»"of'c}icTjl«tim br mix eanvatc. .Warm air.TJM*. Cold L air fails.- Warm air and eo!d air cannot occupy th«. xamo *p«c* at I tlic BBZne time. , HSBETS THB MCRET In thi Kam« volmne iljat tba warn air u .pmnpcd Qp into the bouse,'Jin "equal lunbuBi'of cold air U drawn Into th» iurnace, wbwa It .if heated, mqlctencd br tfea vapor.. from tb« two caKon-water aa; and tliBn reeirculated Ihrouch. th* XQE- t«r. Toil continuta as looff'aa.the.. f i r * borni. . · ' · · - ; ' · : - : . . . . · · TlM thir« ii a constant dnnila- tioa of Droparlr moUtened warm i, g intrm I m thr*« j J Cm itself, so this ci] f air, 3fc«iiis thru hes-t of from thr*« I'-knadrcd to etght bund«d in which no £«rxn can live, i* pur« »n«t 'bttalthful. The CALORIC It inuranteed -bj the oldest and.Imrsett manufacturers. J | of ir»rm air h«,mtinr lyBtems in tbe- I ::iJjtlie State*. Yon take no chwicei I ^-whea you boy · CALOBIC. Whether yottr hero« £a o)4 - or Ijacw. the,Calorie IB etwily uwtalled ia out, dair "without Interruption ot your pr»6nt tentiiiff arramcemtnt, No hoJes knocked Jn your yr*$a, »o cellar full of heat-WaUtint: pipes. The .Caloric. requires but on* ttt~ i»t«r and occup.«ai Httie space. It bunuTaiir fuel, "and hfted* hardly fcny Btientioa, Makes homework one-third easier, BA there it no mus* J from caminr in coal and carryina ,· out aibe»--co Brooke, g»» OT toot. j; / £lUmin«t«B fire datiger aird iocreuat - - · I tho valu* of your Droyertr.- f j .Vii.t m and w« Triii gUdly snp. I I ply full information without in tie uuu ui UIWI^TIJ- meutenoa warns. * I » par mu miormaQou wrtbou aLr, Jn»t M nnminc wAtet ourir 1 1 lo«t oblisiitinff yea to bur. A.NDERSOK ife'iOUCKS If Yoii W.n U^e Our Glassif iesl Coluniri Long Distance Hauling material, waste 'two-thirds of. it;!anfl/ THE. JOB . DEPARTMENT OF THE COtJBIER DOES :ALL KINDS OF COMMEECIAL PEINTINff. ftj : *-tke Unlttd StateifanJ may lead: roifiii; 800^)00..gaUonif- COML in and let us show you!

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