The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 19, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1918
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ConneIIsvflle' Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,714 YOU IS,. NO. 213. PJu, FRIDAY: EVENING, JULY 19, TWELVE PAGES. GERMAN RESISTANCE, ALLIES SWEEP ON; THOUSANDS PRISONERS; liOTH IN GREAT BATTLE COMPANY AND B COMPANY OF PENNA. REGIMEfff IDEffrifTED ON MARNE FRONT Surrounded on Three Sides in a Dense Wood They Fight Like Devils for Hours, Tearing a Clear Pa^ Through the Huns · * . 1 fY ' ·· ·- "T"! · /"· -- · - i «vr r-« '·!····· and Kejom IheirxxHnrnana; Win rivery Combat With Gready Superior Numbers; Firat Sergeant Jones of. Machine Gun Gun Company Cited for Bravery and the Cross of War. CO. R, MEW BRIGHTON. MS 28 MEN WOUNDED Bajmood G, Carroll, special corresptmde:at of the Pittsburg and the Philadelphia liedger, in a cablegram .sent: last ^BtJgbt jrr«* information which establishes the presence of some inrits-of the' UOtia Regiment on the north bank of the Marne |aail mill yfrniri riiitrin Thirrrr Trhrrr n nrrlrn of desperate have taken place with the Germans in the wooded caDed the Bbis de Coode. The .American troops, including ttte 110th Regiment, were stationed in this'wood ifor inotrnetion alongside the -French. When --the Germans croes- f«d the Manie tail body of French and American troops formed \tbft artrancisd Hnu and "notably; distinguished "themselves," says jctte eoswep coder t, during the earlier stages of 'the battle how: Surruuuded lay the enemy on three sides by orerwhehning 'wanton Uiey shot, bayoneted »nd clubbed: their way through and rejoined their eonnnaad.' . The correspondent visited head- qmrt*n y»terday and obtained details of the terrific fighting and *iri** ri '"C acts ol heroism displayed by the Pennsylvania gnardnoen. The following are mentioned as some of. the striking aet» of brarery: '·;'Kc^t-'attmrnfi H«rt»rt CU'.jMtB, at tfe* OT«h B**kB*nt MaebtM Gen ta -reported fcy fk* cones- to bew* taken chart* o IS . a**-' after two day* of contma- ·V agbtinc throdjh the wood* flsal- Ijr tajotaed Un rerimont Tbtj-'r»-| ten! to nrnaa*r ajatn art again. - liy iwn, but to B»t through. cited br Mi «*oiel ·ti air Pineb coamindnr for tae Crotx *e Ooerre. · · ' . - ' ' SCTCMJ* Jeo*l .-la « Km of B. B. Jeaes of Semnet; be is M yeara at *·*. JtBHBf mea trom tide fldnitr «kc anrmeniben. o* rbt LOCAL BOYS ENJOY EVERY MINUTE AT m of Ma. u Mr*. P. J. CorrupoixScnt CarroU atata that Cantata -WOMani 1^* a: Coopacr Ifcw »rl«ltto», and M»'; ; lieutenants, Wrorore Hayniae o* Dewon and Cla»a* 9a*Ch ot : New Ca«fle, brought in Of MljVUI 2S They ,toM me," gays tb« corr-»- "tkat they h*d -TuA. , steady ; tor 12 hotrrs, bat In en combe* bested the enemy." " A Reach officer I eenr at - heed- qoKrtan aaid: They flfht Hke lions,- acwor gh« up and nerer get tired." Liemlnamt Hajramn, mentioned in Ike caWe«rten, will be rememberftd '6jr loiiij ·P c nona in ConaeUrviU* as the officer in command of the iment -of-National 'Guard or nnia/atattOMd. at -CouneUarilto for ·ome iweithirnrecedinr the;mnsterin« of toe toard info fte"ledeijal'serrioe. TJponibt eonaoUdetkm o£ the 3rd and 10th recbnenta. which tooit' place' at ' Camp Hancock, Lieutenant Hayman wae aeaJmed to Company B of the new orjaniation, which w«* t*i as the llOtt regfaueny, Capcattt Flan it an experienced cuardeman-having been- in command of Company B on the Mexican bonier la 191t. "Wh*n Major -Tbompfton. 08^1"*^'^ the flint battalion of i he Utah ma scat to Prance in adrance ·f tie. recimeot,: Captain: jFish ; ;n-aff. ·aiie .acttee major asd w»» In charge of the battalion .'during: the oTBrn^aa movement Upo^ , leachlnz France Major Thomjwon refrained command and Captain Piah :r*turned to bis: company. No information U nTailable to indicate that Conipany I was enfage'd In this fight It ; 1»: attached to the same" battalion as Company B. Berfew ofvBecerre Hflithunen By Gorermor Ereitfnl Occasion. "BUI" SELLERS HONORED b Cb*m Saetmi Uentatut of Com- rmj 6 a»« G*U a Scaiefl * HMS; Street Prewsli Sec*e of Ae- Urity WV« -StHltin- -tint Time. -Llit. . J. STEWART, . . . -BT'C«vloral-Ja GA3CP THOMAS Mount. Gretna, Pa, July 17.--^;pin- pany G experieneed an eventful -day in camp today, culminating with the brigade .nnter by. Gonrernor Brumbaugh..-; All regiment*, were present, artillery,'. caValry," machine gnnnen and three bands. Monnt Gretna has a jpJendid assembly ground and the evening re- Tfew^te" always witnessed by a large Dumber o( Interested spectators. The staff hone* are wonderfully trained. -i T jieT. stand-up--likei^floMiers'aiid ilur-- Ins. ;reriew- you hardly notice the twitch of a_mrac!e. · . . ; . .The Third,Regiment was miuttered to for the jpayroll thrt rooming/and for: once the fboT» did not grtncble when all hands -were --ordered, ,'outi Some oi the boys fe*l that' cainip lite is so agreeable that pay should be nmieeeaaary. Darrng the morning a photographer took pictures o! the Third^Hegimcnt and later of Company G- Practically all the:te11ows are going to "get one to showjhe folia at hojne. J ·The carop street - teemed with ac- tlTity today. Among other, things (Contlnoed'oii'Paire 1 Si3c.)^ CHEVORLET WINS Onar T»ft Clow" S*cn»i in pnlen«ow» Berbrj. Hkkey 1¥i»ner. Louis CheTrolet, drirtEg'.hls Froot- enac car;;,wozt-;tlie .Independehce der- LARGE NUMBERS OF ENEMY HOURLY FALLING IN THE HANDS OF FOOTS FIGHTERS German High Command Rushing Reinforcements to the Scene in Hopes of Stemming the Tide of Defeat but, According to Reports From Paris, Advance has Not Even Been Checked; Battle Continues Violently Along the Whole Front. SUDDEN CESSATION OF THE MARNE OFFENSIVE NOW IS EXPECTED CONNELLSVELE INDULGES IN HILARIOUS CELEBRATION OVERDEFEATOFTHEBOCHES Fire Whistle Sounds Signal for Greatest Late Night Demonstration Ever Staged in the City; Thousands Throng Streets to Get the War News and While It is Not All Authentic Their Ardor is Not Much Dampened by the Later and More Accurate Reports. MAYOR, COUNCILMANPRKEAND OTHERS SPEAK Connellsville, filled with, wild enthusiasm by reports that American forces had rolled up the German, front and taken any- FRONT, July 19.--1 P. M,--American and French force* are ·contmuing"toj w ^ er H7 ml ° 0 ' 000 to a 2 uaner of a m i l l i o n P risoners ' hejl1 a - * midnight parade last night, the .celebration lasting until about 4 o'clock this morning. Between 2,000 and 3,000 persons were on By Anoclated Presa. WITH THE AMERICAN FORCES ON THE AISNE-MARNE advance their spearhead midway between Soissons and Chateau Thierry. The Americans took several towns in the course of the night. Early this morning they also made further progress. Daring the night German re-enforcements were corning from the region in the north but the expected counter has not appeared up to an early hour this afternoon. American troops still continue to hold the plateau southwest of Soissons where on Thursday the Germans made their first organized counter attack. This fell down, however^s soon as the American heavy artillery got into action. '^njPWJP** This was one of the fiercest struggles in connection with the Franco- American offensive. The battle raged southwest _ of Soissons for some u' wGfiUians faffing baclFfinally under the rain of tike REV. FATHER TUSEK TRANSFERRED TO MONESSEN CHURCH Ker.'Father M. Tusek. pastor of St. John's Slavith chnrch In the Went "Side, has vbeea transferred- to : the Holy' Name.'ShfTiah chnrch at Mones-! 8*0- H»v. J^?' .-Horayek,. panor 'of One of the towns taiken by the Americans last night was Vierzy, six miles south of Soissons. Towns to the north and south of this were also taken in.the carrying out of the plann o straighten the entire line on ; the Soissons-Ghateau Thierry front. , OVER 100 GUNS TAKEN ,, PARIS, July 19.--Between the Aisne and the Marne, in spite of new arrivals of German re-enforcements, the Allies are making progress and are capturing a large number of prisoners, according to the official statement issued by the war office today. South of the Marne, by a vigorous attack, the French have ejected the enemy from the outskirts of Obuilly. More than 100 guns have been captured in the Allied attacks on the Aisne-Mame front according to the Herald today. - , On me front, between Rheims and the Marne the French have recaptured Mont Bbisin and made progress in the Roy woods and the Courton woods, capturing four cannon and 400 prisoners. PRISONERS AT LEAST 13,000.®.^. PARISj July 19.--(Havas Agency)--L'Honime Libre, without intending to divulge the number of prisoners arid guns captured, says it is fully equivalent to the number announced by the Germans as haying been captured on July 15. (The German official statement on Tuesday announced that 13,000 prisoners had been taken Monday). The newspapers intentionally give little information in regard to the battle going on and the results obtained. They hold fliemselyes generally to the official statements. AU the critics are enthusiastic over the success obtained yesterday. By taking the initiative it is held that General Foch has compelled the Germans at the moment of boasting that they were delivering a supreme peace assault to use their reserves at the point and time selected by the generalissimo. The Echo De Paris, expresses the conviction that the Franco-American successes will be confirmed fully tojday. It says the German general staff will do its utmost to straighten out " s affairs but the Allies have the upper land. The question for General Ludendorff now is not whether to enter £pemay, declares the Matin, but to consider means for the salvation of the division he has thrown across the Marne. .OFFENSIVE OS BCAKIfE FABLS. WITH AMERICAN ARMY IN 'FRANCE, :fhursday, :July'IS.-^-With nightfall of the fourth- day' of the battle east and west of Rheims a feeling of confidence prevades the Allied lines. by on the Unloatown speedway ves- After SO hours of assault along lines of his own. selection the enemy's offensive seemingly has the streets in any kind of dress, pajamas and kimonos being prominent. Mayor John Duggan, Councilman M. B. Pryce and" Attorney J'.-Kirk Renner made announcements of the "latest returns'' to the masses at Brimstone corner every half hour. A parade led by State Treasurer H. M. Kephart, riding on a fire truck, grew in numbers as persons were awakened by the noise and joined the. throng. The celebration started about midnight, when persons coming in on late trains from Pittsburg reported, that thousands were on the streets there shouting the news of a great American and French victory. A crowd gathered near the West.Penn. waiting rooms, and an alarm was sent in to the fire department from Brimstone corner. ~~ ~ · 3 Councilman M. .B. Pryce mountaJ the truck and announo«SraflritH;B-' ; Te- ports to the crowd,, suggesting a parade and asking that every man. woman and child in Connellsville participate. With only a hundred in line at flrst, the noise o£ the fire whistle and truck sirens .awoke many who hurriedly dressed and. ran into Tie streets to learn the news. A band of six or eight pieces was gathered together and played every martial air knownr in this country: Uniformed .soldiers and sailors borne on furloughs held a prominent place in tha parade and American flags appeared in large numbers.' The procession went to the -West Side where Mayor Duggan made ait address at the corner of Crawford avenue . and Seventh-- street Tfie TWELVE FARMERS BRING PRODUCE TO THE CURB MARKET Bayers There Also jn Force Despite the War Excitement. SOME SELL OUT QUICEY One, a Late Comer, Disposes of His Entire Stock in Ten Minutes; 3Hs- »***-dI. B Ho,ds Some Ofi; Thought They Had to Pay Kent. \ traveled from lip to lip that the Amef- - :, i ^ ns wore cru shing the Germans. Although the demand was greater i , e n . the re P° r t got to Leisenring Junction the war He sold out in 10 minutas. ' Other tanners with header loads did not sell oat so. quickly, but' never in many, years has there been so much fresh produce carried home'in market baskets'in Connellsville as there was this morning. Still, -more buyers are -. . (Continued, on Pag-c Six.) the Holy Name church. tMoneasen for .·boat · TaMk k»r». -:yean,vMcceeds Rev. terdtay, covering the 100 laps; 312% mile*, in one hour, 11 minutes and 22.45 seconds; Omar Toft, to a Miller. Special, was a sliade over a minute behind him, with Eddie Hearne in a Dusenberg apprpiimately .tha same in the wake of Tott. The others IB-order irere Ralph"Mulford, Tommy Milton'and Barney Oldfleld,^ Oldfleld.. iron . the. international match race, .defeating Arthur .Duray- Louis Chevrolet .defeated Milton in a fly* lap match.';".In'a. similar'matcli: between- Hearne and Mulford?te"former wa» the victor Denny Hickey won the Auitrallan:-pursuit race in which be was pitted against Omar Toft to* aittd JCeBride. fafled. He is still behind the objective set for the first day's attack Continue* o» Page Six. Britlsk Transport Sunk. NEW YOKK, July 19 -- Thf British transport Carpathla, *-13;603 tons; gross, ;has .been slink" by.; a German submarine off the .Irish : coast, while otffvard bound ''from: a British ' port, !t' was learned here today.. -'.So' far as know-uere"noMlves were.lost~ Herbert Hoover In England. LONDON Julv 19-- Herbert C HooyerVrAmerican food controller, arrived today at a. British port Irom America. r } W«sillilaBr Foracasft j ·i Fair, tonight. and. Saturday; slight^ ly' -warmer, .tonight, is the. noon weather forecast tor-Western Pennsylvania.; .Xemperatert Xecord. 1918 1917. Maximum . 86 82 Minimum. ^-^-- -- _67 .61. The Yongh river fell during the night from 90 feet to 80 feet PUgne at S»»erseU On account bt a.' case of infantile paralysis' all public places. '.at' Somer- setV.'.have. been ordered closed. .The victim., la Sarah, Uw-'two . year- old daughter o£ Prof, and Mrs. John Fike of Somerset Take Washington PoaMons. .'Misses;, Laura : and Edna.fEngle, left this; -morning, for Washington, .D. C., to accept positions Tvtth the government Miss Laura Engle is a teacher, (n the Cr-^jlHyfJle schools .; Greenwood it said that was practically won and final announcements iad the American flag planted on German soil. TSere were almost a thousand persons, in line.when the parade started tor the East Side. A long-string, of automobiles followed in the rear' of the marching hundreds, and trucks carried-full loads. The parade' halted at Brimstone corner, and Councilman Pryce an- ContinueiS on Pase Sfcc. than the-supply at-the-curb market last Tuesday, conditions were reversed this morning, and the farmers had plenty of produce for the many buyers who went to tlie lot In the rear of the postoffice .for fresh goods. To "make the market a complete, success, how- erer, it will' be necessary for more customers to turn out each Tuesday and Friday, to buy up the-produce and allow the farmers to return to their fields prom.ptly. This morning instead of two truck men, 12 farmers were on hand, haul- In .their goods in -wagons and automobiles. Some had very heavy loads and by 8 o'clock when the" market opened a large crowd of buyers'iad gathered. ' " Sliont Their Joj-. The most clioica articles went .quick- j Among those who carried the vic- ly, especially peas- and new tomatoes. I tory celebration in the forenoon today Every kind of produce, was on sale, all'.were ih eWest Side "Home Guards." well prepared and fresh. j They visited The Courier office .this A. C. Oglevee sold out within an! 11101 ' 11 ' 116 and answered to roll call as hour and it took less time for S. W. i fo)Jows: Dunn of Plalwoods to dispose of his! Captain. Leon Struthers; First stock; John Smith of Dunbar arrived; Ueulenant · Earl Carpenter, Second late^with a load o£ peas iind butter, "eutenant Clarence Yaw, Flagman HOME GUARDS LOYAL . West Side Jnreiules Parade City and : i Sart In Jumping. -When she jumped from an automobile, of which she thought the driver wasjoslng. control, .Mrs... M. J.- ON- tauglilln of Water street was slightly' .Injured last night. She received medical treatment at the hospital, returning to her home. later Frank Chircosta, Eddie Patrick, Robert Robbing, Matthew Chircosta, Eddie Honisek, Frank 'Morrell. Joe Rulli, John Harper. Steve Venirsky, Tony Pepper, Charles Morrell. Their ages range from 10 to 12 down Harold Boyd In France. Harold Boyd, attached to the 51st Engineers has arrive^ in safely in. France according to word received br his sister, Miss Mae Boyd. ' Dnnbar Man" Hurt. . John Bush, an employe of the Sem'et-Solray company at Dunbar, was- injured this morning while -at : work : 'when he. fall from a car. He was brought to.Counellsvilje ana removed to the Cottage State hospital. .Three Zieps Saot Domi. AMSTERDAM, .'July 19:--Three Zeppelins felt in flames at'the German front near Dalheiin on Monday evening, the . Rotterdam Courant · an' EIGHT DIVISIONS OF AMERICAN TROOPS ON AISNE-MARNE FRONT WASHIXGTOS, July 19.--Eight divisions of American troops are believed to be represented in the - Allied fighting on the Aisne. Miinie front, according to iEfonna- Hon given today, to members of the House Military Committee in their .iicekly conference -with General Jrnrcli, chief of- staff. It was stated ttiat U|e flriTe BOW Roinj on will not replace nor hinder the ureparations for the ; great Allied off ensile planned foe ; later In the jttt, '··

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