The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 14, 1930 · Page 17
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 17

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1930
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

·'RTDAY, IVURCH 14, 10SO. PA. PAGE SEVENTEEN. ~- CHASSIS PROTECTION, CHASSIS PERFORMANCE, that Nash alone Provider N ASH angHMttrihg (MS boih an anuiiing atnoont of wxfrn vahM and »xtra *oH«foe- Kon into Hw 1930 Ncuh "400'»." You w«l not And Itw oil cwthiortid ctmtit in any oHf«r ear at W»o Na»h pHc«. ^ CvMrnwAy, p«rtiop», but NQMI offvw ^ov ffiis chotiis prof»ctiofl In both the Twin-Ignition Bgfat and Six. ^ AH Nash mod*h,«v«n th« kw«st priced, are equipped with an efficient, ·odem w*tem of centralized chassis lubrica- tion which etonhatei thn bother cmd imcer- tbinty of hand greoslng. ^ In addition thi» T^n-»anitJon Baht and Six have permonenHy lubricated spring*, encased In steel sprfnCj covers. Thi» tneaM chouis ( bearing« InctudinQ spnnfi sfMfCKte eaNs one sprmQ*, co*»*tanHy btfthed hi oil No squeaks, creeks or rust-- l*AQ*tttto1 «4 And yow will And the "400" price no higher than that of oMtef ears wHnwtt valuable safeguard. 30 EIGHT AND SIX CYLINDER MODELS IN A PRICE RANGE FROM C9I9 TO St989, F. O. FACTORY I93O PHO.VE ;?. Evans Motor Company COSNKLiSYlLLt, PA, BAST CHAWFOBD ATI. All Modern Improvements Jim and Sally knew what they were doing when.they bought the old Jones house. It was hopelessly out of date as far as looks and modern comforts went, but it was staunchly built and had a good sized lot, and they got it for a song. Jim's salary wasn't very big, so they didn't try to do everything at once. They began with the furnace. They read the heater advertisements. They chose just the equipment they wanted and had it installed. Then they started reading up on bathrooms and plumbing. The following year they studied woodwork advertising, and replaced the old gingerbread porch with a pretty colonial doorway. Of Bourse the house needed painting after that arid they found a dream of a color scheme suggested in an advertisement. Later came new flooring, fresh wall paper, attractive lighting fixtures, shrubbery for the lawn. Jim and Sally have one of the prettiest homes in town. "Where did you get such wonderful ideas?" their friends ask, and Sally smiles. "We simply knew what we wanted before we bought it," she replies. "Anyone can, who reads the advertisements." Motorist Learned* That Small Boy Warn Correct Humor can be found eveu In parking dWIeultles. A Brooklyn motorist hnd circled two blocks in an'ef- fort to find a plac* to park the other ·Ight. He was taking his family to · neighborhood motion picture show and already was ten tnlnutea late for the fttntare picture. Finally he sighted an ideal space near the theater. Speeding up ahem) of other motorists he stopped and started to back Into the »pn«. "Jou can't pawk hefch, jnlstah," Yolunteem! * fat negro boy from the curb. Ignoring the negro boy, the motorist completed backing Ms car into thn spitce, then locked out and angrily demanded: "What's the matter with you? What do you mean, I can't park here?" "Notblu*. niistah, uottiln' at all," re;'lied the lad with a frlghtenoil look M lie h«fiU.iz. .HSiil'U* aj£y renlet! a fire'plug upon which he hnd been sitting and which had been concealed frou the view o? the drlver.-^- New York Sun. When Lord Kitchener Overplayed Hi. Hand Stories about Lord Kltcheuw are always cropping up. Herf la one which eeems to be new, Th · ct-Hc dignitaries of « certain town wanted to make him n presentation, and decided the beat thing they could give him would be a piece of chlnu. Being aware of Kitchener's ixp«rt knowledge of china, the donors were tinx- lous to make sure of his approval, so they put It on the table at a lunch he attended. It was a Une nnd rare piece, and as soon as tlie great mnn sat down he cocked an appraising eye upon It, nnd at once dec Ided he must secure It for his own c illecjtlon, and secure it cheap. So ho observed In his gruffest voice that .the rLecji was not genuine ,". ". . at which" the dignitaries, veiy much depressed, took It back to thu dealers! The story Is told by Mr. Comptoo Mackenzie in. "Ciatli- poll Memorlet." "Voices" of SaaW* No snake ha* a vole* In the gener- nlly accepted sense of that term as applied to animal* find li'imnn belugs, an urtlcle in Pathfinder Magu- ilno. Naturalists do not credit the reports of snakes that blent Hko a deer, IHIT like a cat, cough, like a. monkey, or make other vocal sounds. Home species of mwkes, such us the l-ja constrictors, pythons and the Ht- tle American puffing adders, are able to make a hissing noise, which is produced by tho air rushlnc from th* thrnot whrn tho lungs nre inflated. This, according to the Smlthsoninn Institution. Is the only "voice" possessed by snakes. Rattteanakes raoUe the rattling nclse by vibrating the tips at their tall" LORD BRJDGEMAN PROPOSES PAltLEY BE STARTED OVER Would Give Attention to Re- ductlon of Battloshi\ 3 nnd Gun Calibres. HAS NOT FEAR OF ANOTHER WAR * Hy HffiNllY t, nUSHBjl, United Prom BUtt t-'orreoondant Wttrtd Copyright, 188p, by tin ted PIB/M LONDON, March 14.--Ixr- Bridgeman of I^elgh, foi mar flrat k rd of the BHttoh admiralty in the li st Conservative government, said today he think« th* London Naval C nferonoo .should etart over again, dro 'ping tho jwintB on -which the delegat »a oC th« flve powers obviously w»re 3' ad locked and giving attention to an intension A the Washington treaty on 1 the reduction of fSaUloishlpH and un rail* bre9 "I, mysolf, brlJove it woult bo easy to get an agreement," Lord B itlgetnan mild In an exclusive Interv ew with the United l're«a, "If they ~w uld only go about It In the right way " Lord Brlclgeman, whtte-luvtr 1 fltatee- raan, a delegate to tlie Gene a Naval CkjnJereac.B In 1927, 'Which fft l*fl, tolfl what lie thought the right w- r would be. H« epOk« With all autho Ity born Of hit Intimate frnWl«tlg« ..' naval tnttere and ot big particlpt tlon In International affaire. "Why not start anew?" ho queried. "SMnat, extend the Wnsfeingtctt treaty tor a f*W yeare. Second, 1 calt all tvattleehlp replacements 1C S6.000 ton*. Third, limit guu callbtre to 12 or 13 6 inches Instead ot the present l£, Fourth, agree to maxiniu n Tralld- ing programs In the various class ot ahtps for th« n«xt flv« year., allowing certain elasticity for amal sr power*, suqh as th» right to tram fef tonnage from one clans to anotln r, "I know they eay the Unite 1 States ·want* 36QOO-tou latU«ship« because ohe has no baees, but I hone* ly can* not *ee why 26,000 tons wouk not be sufficient--providing, of com se, all other powers agree to the San e limit. "You can ki iuU« a lot i 25,000 tonners at that, you k)iow, I 4id not go quite that far at Gen-eva. I remember fluggestltig, how 6-. or. n '.unit of 27,000 tons, to tthirh the ,Taptn«fto at that tfhie wcr» plea***! to aflh re. "Frankly, if President Hoove wants \i\tt men to roturft homo eftyli g they got a reduction at Txt»don, th* way tp do it Is to commence reducing ho elce of UattJeshlpi and gnu callb« -8. I quite realise tho United State. \e in an awkward position. Public -pinion there le divided, Sonio wafttft g reduction and others only lirollat'oon. "A« regards ciulsera. it i ppears fairly obvloua th« United fitat e win inevitably increase. That ie \vhy I suggest tackling baltkwhlps ai it and coming to an agr«m«ht on a maximum building program In cab gorlen tor each nation lor five jears. This it «eems to mo would be move f aslble and at leaet reetilt In saving co aider- able money. "Thte angle of ih? question i even tuor« Important than tu« «th ir» I believe, beoaucw J t h i n k oven tf the conforenca Were to fail to retch a, settlement that fact would not make war any nearer or moro probah s. Incidentally, what on earth, ta th 'ia to flght a,bout? "Personally, I don t believe t ro«tic disarmament will mak* peack any more certain but for h« lal e of economy I do think limitation very de*lrW«. Ae tar , as the ' rtlted States and Ornat Britain are concerned, I thSnk the p«nce of the vorld as nafo If lxtb liava largo navlot ae if th«y hadn't , "At «ny rat«, I consider ther will be TOD "building o(mp»tUion be w«en tho United States and Great Biii aln--· at least, not so tar as Brltoln if concerned. Mr. Baldwin, When pr« mter, «sW that himself before the -nbor government cam» Into power," Sad Birthday Oliver Wendell Holmes, assocla a justice of the U, S. supreme cour;, snapped on hia 89th birthday entering the capitol at Wnshini ton. It was a sad birthday for tV a aged justice, for it marked tha death of William Howard Taf , and Justice E. T. Sanford, hu late colleagues. t80 tforth Pittsburg Street. Following the Dictajtes of Fashion DRESSES It must be Spi'ingl I?or at no other season would you be able to see such beautiful frocks as are now being shown at Davidaon'a. No Btyle-consclbus wbrnan eould see theme smart tlveflses and »ot admire" them! Faahiened of plain and printed ehlffon» , , , wool sports fabrics , . , black Kaorgette , , , new ham!- Iterehlef prtuta, One piece drOBee*,, Two| piece dresseB, Three .piece* cii^emblefc. With moulds*!'" hips and dipping hetns, Cape effects and plain tart-; ored* Street, afternoon and » evening gowns. . All moderately priced -.95 to $29.95 180 No. Pittsfinrp: Street, Spring's Newest Coats At Three Moderate Prices $10 $15 $25 Yoti 11 l i k e every- i hlng about theftp Coats. The styles, the shades, the fabrics and the very moderate price?- Every ode meets with Fashion's approval. To vert Cloth, Trico- ]aine, feports Tweeds and Silver Spray are somo of the favored fabrics! In the popular Princess silhouette, belted models, Having skirts and tailored .ef- fecls . 180 North pittsburg Street. , Never Before f ' So Popular S U I T S in stej^with fashion's parade! Select a Suit jfor ffpriag. NeVer have they 'been *o popular . . . hever have they been handsome. so At Davidson's are dozens of SUltS' . . . Suits that offer both smartness and utility. Trlcolalnes . -. . new mixtures . ., . Covert dloth . . . Silver Spray . . . Twills. Two piece models with short cbats, three piece garmeiitu wfth flnger-tlp lengths or long coats, and ensembles, of ctturte. $10 to $39.50 DAVIDSON'S 130 No. Pltfeburg Chic Hats Your hat must Ixar- monir.e with your outfit. That'fe why te selection of the proper hat Is so import-* ant. At Davideon's are hundreds of smart hats ... in all the desired Styles and tteW shades. Baku straws, Para- mar, Toyo Bangkok, Lacy Straw Braids, fine bodied French Felts and others. $2 $4 $6 To those who want the most in TIRE MILEAGE we offer ANEW TIRESEftVI DO YOU know that you can Super Tread your present tires with a new nonskid rubber tread and double the mileage of your tires-and more?. Our factory-^'pe full-circle tire mould --- the patented SUPER TREADER and the SUPER TREADING SYSTEM--enables us to offer you the most economical tire mileage obtainable anywhere today. We guarantee you that--and complete satisfaction. JOE'S TIRE SERVICE Jos. Opperman Henry Op per man Jnst Across the Bridge. Phone J25;'. West Crawford Ave ConnellsviHe, p*. TRY OUR CLASSIFIED ADS.--They Bring Results! KM*

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