The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 11, 1938 · Page 14
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1938
Page 14
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PAGJE FOURTEEN. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELISVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 1S3S. Title Trust Bank / Has Unconverted Assets of $213,879 Unconverted assets of the closed Title Trust Co,mpany of Western Pennsylvania of Connellsvillc amounted to $213,879.30 as of Decem" ber 31, last, according to the report of State Secretary of Banking Irland McK. Bcckman, just made public at Harrisburg. The .statistical report showed that tho bank had 9,514 depositors and deposit, liabilities of $2,452,190 at the time It closed July 1, 1930. A total of $401,606, or 20 per cent, has been paid out in dividends since the bank's closing. A loan of $233,713 was negotiated from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to assist in "making this distribution. Of this amount, however, only $87,709 has been repaid, $21,781 in 1935, $35,506 in 1936 and $30,422 in 1937, making a total o£ $146,007 owing on the" RFC loan. Unconverted assets were listed by the secretary's report at $213,879.30. Under the heading of "remarks" with regard to liquidation, the word "slow" was used. Brownsville Trust Company which closed August 18, 1930, with 2,757 .depositors and $399,217 in deposits, has repaid $249,568 or 62'£ per cent. A five per cent dividend was paid December 15, last. The bnnk has unconverted assets of $126,089.82. Jubclicrcr Brothers, Uniontown, o private bank, dosed July 17, 1330 with 280 accounts totalling $52,580 and dividends of 41 per cent, amounting to $26,200 have been repaid. Assets not converted have been listed at $23,434.05. Citizens Title Trust Company of Unionlown, which has repaid 46li per cent or $1,592,907. has uncon- New G-Boss Virgil W. Peterson (above) 'ha» taken over the office of Now England's chief G-Man at Boston. Th»' 33-year-old Federal agent succeeds Edward Soucy, transferred "to the Atlanta office. Peterson is » veteran of tho Dillinger and Bremcr .kidnaping manhunta. He's a native of Iowa. (Central Prcti) WilmerWilkey Estate Appeal May Be Dropped By Judgment Paymen UNIONTOWN, Mar. 11--An appea ,,_. ,.«... -. .,-,--,--. -- :to the State Supreme Court may be verted assets of $342,798.27. It closed discontinued in the accounts o£ Wil- July 10, 1.120, with 13,880 depositors I mer II. Wilkcy. late of Dunbar town and deposits liability of $3,416,459. It borrowed $152,597 from the.RFC ship and prothonotary from January 4, 1923, to November 19, 1935 and repaid all but $12,020--$79,397 in upon payment to Prolhonotary John 1935, $31,563 in 1936 and $29,617 i n j j. Brady the sum of $4,492.61 which 1937. The turn over is regarded as "slow."" Miners State Bank of New Salem, closed February 6, 1931, with 2,523 accounts and deposits of $139,594, has repaid $81,695, or 56 per'cent!" It borrowed $44,209 from the RFC and repaid all but. $7,498--$1,012 up to December 21, 1934, $9,023, in 1935, $19,354 in 1936 and $7,322 in 1937. IU unconverted assets are fixed at $39,863 with the turn over listed as "slow." Valley Deposit Trust Company of Belle Vernon, .closed October 23, 1931, with 5,999 depositors and $937,638 in deposits liabilities, has paid dividends of 50 per cent, or $454,263. It owes $40,522 on an RFC loan of would vacate and strike off th judgment entered in'the action of recent court order. Former Judge Thomas H. Hudson on March 22, 1937, directed judg ment be entered in favor of th county prothonotary against the cs tale for $7,714.61. However, $11,222 a part of the judgment is on deposi in a Pittsburgh bank. In compliance with an offer o June 23, 1937, the administrator wa directed to file an account, at th audit of which the Fidelity and Cas ualty Company of New York, bonds man for Wilkey, will undertake to establish the sum of $3,222 to bo trust funds belonging to this court. C H. S. NEWS OF THE DAY Farm Students Strike in Protest Over Dean , $«.19S"up Should this effort be successful, the to 'December 31, 1934, $125,342 in -sum will be paid to this court ac- 1935, $77,631 in 1936 and $91,005 i n ; cording to the proposal. B u should 193?: The bank's unconverted as- thls cttort fai1 - and flnal Judgment VOCATION PROGRAM HELD BY GIRL RESERVES ! Vocations was the subject of the Girl Reserves meeting held Thursday morning. It was definitely decided to hold the Mother, Father, Dauchtcr Banquet Mnrch 24 with the place yet to be determined. The complete program follows: "Nursing," by Audrey Percy. Told of requirements, cost and other details of the nursing profession. Playlet, entitled ,"A Nurse Makes Good." Characters: Nurse who make good--Bayonne Dunkle; Nurse who didn't--Dorotbv Miner; Susa- Ijclla, the little girl--Elinor Keffer. Playlet, 'entitled "A Secretarial Course"--a story of three girls making ' up .their minds what to be. Characters: Helen Munson, Helen Lowry and Jennie Umbel. _ .';piatctics," : by Mary Elizabeth \Vhittaker. Discussed the study, best schools, salary range and work of the dietition. SETON HILL DEBATE TEAM XO..VISIT HIGH SCHOOL Scton Hill College debate team \vill appear before the High School assembly Monday morning. The question to be debated Is: "Resolved, That The National Labor Relations Board Should Be Empowered to Enforce Arbitration in All Industrial Disputes." Misses Miriam Covalle and Marguerite Still will uphold the affirmative side of the question. The negative speakers will be Misses Mary Daly nnd Lorraine McLoughlln. Miss Helen C. Schmade), conch, will accompany the team. The debaters have concluded a recent tour of eastern colleges which included Shipponsburg State Teachers' College, Gettysburg College, Dickinson College and Pcnn State. HIT OR MISS AUTO CIAJB HAS INSTRUCTIVE SESSION The Hit or Miss Automobile Club, sponsored by Mr. Guhl, discussed the many causes of accidents at its meeting Thursday. It was shown that the severity of accidents is influenced by the rate of speed at which the involviKl vehicle is being driven. EMOGENE SHOWMAN AT HOME AFTER HOSPITAL TREATMENT Emogenc Showman is convalescing dt her home after spending three weeks in Frick Memorial Hospital, Mount Pleasant. The members ot her home room recently held a fruit shower in her honor. FRESHMAN HOME ROOM PLANS SKATING PARTY Plans arc under way for a skating party to be held by members of freshman home room 32 and their guests. A similar party was held last week and it proved to be a huge success. FRESHMAN DRAMATIC CLUB TO SEE PLAY IN CITY Th Freshman Dramatic Club is sets arc listed as $240,583.47 with a "steady^': turn over. Joseph Vccchio of Unlontown had be entered to the effect the fund is not a trust, the Fidelity and Casualty Company shall, within two 202 depositors with $105,337 when weeks, pay this sum to the court and the' private bank closed March 28, 1031. Unconverted assets amount to $55,731:32. upon failure tc do so, judgment will bo entered against it in this amount. That portion of the judgment entered March 22, 1937, assessing In- HARRISBURG. Mar. 11.--Deposi- terest on balances from the first tors in Pennsylvania's 54 closed Monday of January, 1936, is vacated banks received $4,508,260 from liq- and stricken oft and It is directed uidation of assets last year and $4,- that no interest shall be chargeable 046,458 was repaid on 69 Heconstruc-. upon the sum of $3,222. tion Finance Corporation loans which I The recent ruling, signed by the financed previous dividends to crcdi- court en bane, revealed the judg- tors. State Banking Secretary Irland ment was entered by agreement of CCC (o Enroll 55.000. WASHINGTON, Maw. 11.--The Civilian Conservation / Corps announced It would enroll approximately 55,000 young / men " during April to bring total s/rcngth .up to the authorized 200,000.' Some of tho members of the student body of fho National Farm School, nt Doylcgtown, Pa., arc nho-wn as they staccd a protest parade in connection with their strike over the acimi nistrotion of Dean Clctus L. Goodline Moro than 170 students from twenty-two states voted to strike nCtcr the school s board head refused to dismiss tho dean, whom tho students declared incompetent. (Central Preii) J. R. Winferhalfer Becomes Assistant Secretary at "Y" James R. Wintcrhaltcr, a former resident of Vanderbllt, widely known throughout Fayette county as a musician, has assumed duties of assistant secretary of the Young Men's Christian Association of tho Pittsburgh Lake Erie Railroad at Newell. He succeeds B. F. Atcr, formerly ot Dickerson Run, who resigned to become general secretary of the Y. M. C. A. at Oakdale, Tenn. Mr. "Winterhaltcr, married and father of one child, has been engaged as an assistant at the East Youngstown, Ohio, Y. M. C. A. He also was an assistant director of Camp I Yohe near Slippery Rock lor two summers. Benjamin S. Davics, general secretary of the Pittsburgh Lake Erie Y. M. C. A. organizations, in announcing Mr. Wintcrhalter'a appointment, said o committee is ot work completing plans for a farewell party in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Atcr Newell "Y." Seeks Real Estate. GREENSBUHG, Mar. 11.--James Yex of Rostraver township petitioned tho court for a citation against Frank Krignar and others of Ros- travcr township to show cause why possession of real estate, consisting of two lots In that township, should not be given him. President Jt'dgc C. E. Whlttcn made an order returnable in 15 days. 'Hoppers Make Early Bow. COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Mar, 11.--Colorado's 1938 model of grasshoppers went on display unusually early here when Mrs. W. K. Cobb discovered the 'hoppers exercising merrily in her house. Tho grasshopper eggs in dirt around some plants she had transferred into the house hatched in their warm surroundings. Our Saturday Special! New Spring featured at New raglan and p o l o models In' spring shades. All sizes. Billy Goldstone Tide Trust Blilg. Lower Tyrone Man Freed of Charge He Attached Sister Special to The Courier. UNIONTOWN, Mar. 11.--A Jury returning its verdict to Judge W.: Hussell Carr, acquitted Willard planning to attend a performance of Mains, 26, of Lower Tyrone town-; You Can't Take It With You" to be ship, of the charge he had attacked RlcK. Bcckman reported today. I counsel lor the administrator and The 1937 liquidation brought the the Fidelity and Casualty Company. total dividend distribution since: ' January 15, 1935, the beginning of '· Governor George H. Earle's Admin- lA/o ln\;ito YAH In istration, to $18,024,000 in 78 banks " e " mle ' ou ° and RFC loan repayment to $18,091,823. REDUCE SAFELY Try This For Tired Burning Feet If you have stood lonp or walked Jar and your feet ache, burn and are tired, Just give them « KOOd rubbing with Ice Mint and ECO how cool and rested this makes them feel. You will be more than Suys Xoted Authority Go to Clarke's and get a box bC Hock* A-Watcr Tablets. Reduce. 10 .pounds m'!.Plcnscd -with the 11 days. Thirty-dny treatment-only $2.00.1 comfort thl« simple treatmen and guaranteed to make you lose 'tall Ice Mint will quickly relievo the without dieting.--Advertisement.. . ; Fairbank Man Jailed. UNIONTOWN,- Mar. -11.--Frank Wilk, 46, of Fairbank, was placed in Brownsville . poUce station Sunday night by a- constable "who. charged r, of corns and the burning of calluses-- is.casy and pleasant to use --will not stain " --Is' economical and Just one day's use wilt show you a flue way to make your feet · more comfortable. Any druggist can supply you.--Advertisement. Dies of Auto Injuries. : CHARLEROI, Mar. 11.--Clarence shown at a Pittsburgh theatre soon. HANDICRAFT CLUBS HAVE PARTY DURING AFTERNOON Handicraft Club I and Handicraft Club II, sponsored by Mrs. Walton, held a party in Room 21 this afternoon. BRIEF NOTES ON MANY EWFOKTANT HAPPENINGS It still isn't too late to try out for the Operetta. Get in your design for the Coker year book cover. The "Princeton-Yale" contest is slated for next Thursday. Be there and cheer your lavoritu to victory. Thursday is also an important date on the High. School debaters' calendar. Moncssen High debating team will bo here. Copy for this column is beginning to find its way to Miss Sensbach's desk. Girl Reserves, Hit or Miss Automobile Club, Handicraft Clubs I and II, Freshman Dramatic Club and Home room 32 arc some of the contributors. his 15-year-old sister, Betty Jane. "I don't know why I should pick on my own sister when there are lots of other women," the defendant declared in his own defense. The action was instituted by the youth's father, William L. Mains. Defense Counsel Fred Brothers' subjected members of th Mains fam- j ily to a gruelling cross-examination | that revealed a considerable number of discrepancies in their stories. The' jury deliberated only a short while before reaching an agreement acquitting the lad. Mrs. A. E. Kurtz Burled. The funeral service for Mrs. Arthur E. Kurtz was held Wc/dncsday afternoon at the home in Vest Green street with Rev. Merrill L. Cadwcll, pastor of the First Christian Church, officiating. Pallbearers were C. Hoy Hctzel, William Bishop, Charles Wilson, Bcla B. Smith, H. O. Keagy and Clayton Campbell. Interment was in Hill Grovp Cemetery. him with bcing.drunk and disorderly.-. Wilkinson, 10, of Belle Vernon, died ! after neighbors had complained that in .Charleroi - Monessen Hospital j Wilk allegeci'.y had beaten his wife Thursday of n fractured skull, suf- I and seven children .and had. chased .fercd, hospital attaches said, when! them from their home. -The officer' ho was struck at Belle Vernon by an said he had to subdue the man. who automobile driven by Robert W. allegedly Attacked him. ",r. : :' : ' jiance, III, of Belle Vernon. Conneifsviile Fruit Mkt, 136 North Pittsburg Street We Dc-llvcr! _ Phone lOft For Better Fruits and Vegetables FRUITS Fancy Stnnv berries _... ......... TM ......... .... ............ ________ i! pints 2oe Texas Seedless Grapefruit _______________________ ....... eneji 5c California Granges -------- ...... ___________________________ doz. l, w c Lartio Tniieorjues ____ ........ -~ ________________________ doz. l!c Golden Iolicious Apples _. ..................... __________ ..... _.S Us. 25c Nectarines ,, ........... ........... _ ......... _ ............... -------------------- doz. 30c Jloncyrtews or Cnsalin ?Ie!oii.x ________________ .......... _eneli 85c CMC'S SETS, 10 Ihs. Tomatoes Green Peppers .Mn itio INiiutoes Mushrooms VEGETABLES ........... _. ....... 10 lu, basket CDc ........ ---------------------- doz. Sflc . ............... ..._ ....... ......... ------------------------- .pock 23c £!?jInnfs . ___ ............ ............... ______ ....... ______ .............. each 10c Also Endve, Leaf IXtuce. Kndishes. Green Onions:. 'Sroocoli, Uei! Cablmge, Ciicnmhers, Spinach, Carrots, ".I-MS, Turnips, 1'arsnips, Green or Wax Henns, Limn Ueans. and ninny odicr varieties. SEE OUK DISPLAY KEFOBE YOU BUV! We Deliver. Rhone ion. JOl STORES WITH SEUECTeO MERCHANDISE TO *IS2 Stop In and Inspect Oar Wide Assortment! Note Low Prices! Regular $1.80 Value! Vcs! Double your decorating money by shopping Murphy's complete Wallpaper Department. You'll find patterns galore . . . in colors to narmonize with every scheme. Every paper fully guaranteed! Lots consist of 10 roils wall, 20 yards border and « rolls ceiling. Complete LET S P R I N G C O M E W H E N I T GLEAM AND SAVE WITH THESE A Y RUBBER Smooth firm grit GLOVES j Finn Grit I Smooth Sizes 1 to 9. Counlor 'o. 5--Street Floor __..25c -- 13c Shademore 36-ln. Clopay Fibre Shades Green, ecru. Glopay 36 In. Crepe Shades Green, whi':e, light e c r u , dark ecru. SHADESViORE SHADES 36 In. Crcpc Shades Green, ecru. Complete with Roller. CLOPAY 36 Inch Taper Satlcs Green, white, light ecru, dark ecru. Complete With Holier. FABRAY 36 Inch Washable Shades Kern, white, grocn. Complete With Roller. All Shades Cut to Any Size FREE! Counter N'o. 23--Downstairs Dress Up Your Windows SASH C U R T A I N S An F.xccntional Valnc. Organdy, polka dot, prints, tailored or ruffled. OVER DRAPE CURTAINS pr. 2 1 /: yards. Ecru, lace ,lailorcd. Counter No. 17--Downstairs GLO~ GOAT S u LIQUID WAX JOHNSON'S GLO-COAT 1/3 Pin* 20c 1 Pint 59c 1 Quart 9Sc JOHNSON'S LIQUIDS !/3 Pint 20c 1 Pint 59c 1 Quart 98c Polish Stops, oiled or dry 23e Polish Mops, largo size - 'tOc Polish Cloths .~..3c and lOc Scrub Brushes ~ K/c Stair Treads, ».vlS lOe Stair Treads, 9x24 I5c Counter Xo. 15--Downstairs PAIIST UP WITH TEX Enamel, 1-2" gnl. size -- KnaincI, 1-10 cal. size Enamel, 1 quart size Household Paint, 1-20 gal. slxe Household Paint, 1 pint size ... Household Paint, 1 Quart size fironnd Conf, 1 pint size Varnish, 1-20 gal. size Varnish, 1 pint size Varnish, 1 quart size Counter No. 13--Downstairs N E E D S B O A R D S $1.98 Wood uprights metal braces i'OLDS KASIT/Y Ironinpr Board Covers 25c Ironing Board Pads 23c Iron Cords , 25c Electric Irons $1.00 Clothes T/lne.s, 100 it. 39c Clothes Pins, '10 to box lOc Clothes Hampers, metal §1.19 Counter No. 15--Downstairs. Pond's Tissues, 500's ..................... 21 c -- Woodbury's Soap ......................... . ...... 7c S A N D S T O K E S WITH SELECTED MERCHANDISE TO I2S

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