The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 18, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1918
Page 8
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EIGHT. OFFEM*S STILL RARE td* 9nm JUrtrt Mk rf Jury IT.--Tb» atur M to fckw ft ovtain a«- not tk» muttt. aitaa- l Ballet* * Mr IL » *·» in tte **· · IBC*. ml CLM Vw thaa to* o*«. . _ . . HBvrBk* r»- to at on*-*** th* ttr- **** ads* «r «U» te CM CM* THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLilSVItJJS, PA THURSDAY, JULt 18, PRICES FOR SCREENED COK DO NOT ALTER MARKET SmiATlON SJie of tfce Sene* httir*st IB law r*i*lae)oo» the Mfwisaifni, frsalert to wkerebr it el*n it win con- I th* MM* price limit* mm obtain '" wi* oak* thai has beu embed n**- Oeharrtfally. Th* men fMtittar nwj- cok* screenings Iron is not affected except the DBTWBimON OF STEEL IS NOW PROCEEDING IN VERY ORDERLY MANNER Exec* for the CeafniOB Existing at Kills Over Priorities, Which Con. tinue te IiereaM in KMber. Special to Tfie w«el«-»-»- Courier NEW, TOKK, July 17--The American Metal MarkM and Daily Inn Steel Report will review the steel and iron trade tomorrow as follows Except for the priorities, which are not being decreased very rapidly and are causing confusion at come mills the distribution of steel »s proceed ing in very orderly manner The mills always distribute their steel according to definite plans, having in mind the relative importance of the needs ot their, various customers, and now they have a more clear cut and easly followed program than ever before The preference list is wel understood. In several finished steel branches the producers have drawn up specific lists of their own, interpreting in detail the general preference list promulgated by the authorities One 'or two additions to the preference list may be made in the near future to cover 'certain special cases Thus the distribution of steel is in process of being returned to the producers The priorities come before the preference list and Class D material follows it, but these two classes trade in June, but tMpped about toother will not represent any large tons -for Julj the original J» rt ° Hther the toul production or sine-Meat W-l.SOO.OjOS tons, but R «" total demand No estimate has SW.- Cslloway -national coal distribu-T* 6 '-"* 811 made m * responVble quarter, ha* called- upon_the dtstrict to ter ** P 1 "** at hl K n « r "an 10 P«r cent Ot the total demand the demand With a Class D rating, the preference list being such an extensive one while the activities not embraced in it have »t» ot screen la now prescribed pre- three-qnarter iach. As the rice obtained for it thus far tb» price legulatioa acts o]y as a safeguard to the buyer Offerings of furMc* coke and foundry coke in the open market art ^;mo more plentiful Furnace coke is fly offered, while foundry coke is onV'ed in excess of the market's yabsortfcg power and thin the maxi- prices permitted are still being The market remains quota! le ;;it the set limits as follows. mace . »6 00 '^Foundry. 72-nour selected 17 DO d, over 3 4 inch . 17 30 screenings command up to S 50 u just noted although $7.30 is irmissible Screenings ander t~4 , Inch are limited to $500 and coke breeze is limited to $3 00, all per net »too f o 'o Connellsville ovens. The. local coal market has narrowed rather than broadened The change occur* by reason of the increased lake meats necessary from the Pitts- S district and Pittsburg^ Jvo g to juke up for the decreased shipments »y West Virginia and Kentucky, due to the diversion of more smokeless coal from those regions to the fravy iThe Pittsburg district was allotted i 900 000 tons of coal ^to ship for tne f«ct» mad* to mui i » tmt , *B tlii Fowth mttatactorr t)MT *t- o( tb« cndtt ha« at slT«n tlu cro workra w job day afttr dar, w4 thoy mn nUed poti to nutfe* In thoir record. JU tb* v con* oonecrn li BuM- Bkmt Ibo othor ·tonrnt t*» raoka Ikat an tnellnatton to Mt of aHrH nxT%* tlMiB. Tor tko pnrpoa* of iaPaoiKJuf. or rovmkrUc tlram to adhan son dosaly to a mil id-day woak a »»rtefl of raoatinsv In tb« radon vndor UM aaaie» of the Unitod autoi phl»plnir Board, l« prwlar efftctir* to tk« «xtaDt of tednetac m«n to pMdce rlwsi- salvea to rroatar d11te«»e« aad ladaauj At UM lame UID* *iaDS aia Wine forraalaUd br the rvat AdnlalMratioii harta* for ta«lr oa«et th «jt»HI»hm:nt ot a rat«i of roporta sirtnc th; naMo of BOB who lar-oE wtth- oat raBaoaabl* or preuor exoave The dotalto ot thin plan at* ax- vected to b« aoaovaocd abortly Prodnetloi »ot kick, to ta« pr»-Fo«rtb rooord list we«k did even aattec, by reacbinv 2 total of SSI 479 toan tin Increase of H I ton* oror «· WMk of JalT « wMch bad fallen bebin! akoat s.«*« tooa, and «»» ton bottar tbaa the week of July M Syrtip as^nuch,3n. addition as possible « n «- x tte t° teL demand the de 'and R-"vr Gardiner, distributor for-j TM»«.T; 11 ^*TM to «»"«* Jtself tie Pittsburg district, is endeavoring in all ways to increase the supply ~ Tlie' last shipments for the lake f trade -are expected to leave the mines ' by October Iff, and Mr Gardiner ha» made a rigid rule that there must be fno shocking ot coal meanwhile Any- olyserved doing so will have 1 supply shut off r and consumers may · «ren be called upon to draw from t»«ir stock, piles if they have any C After October 15 and before, there, is danger of wmte*r- weather seii eusly interfering with shipments, there will be an opportunity for stock- iBJ. In ordinary times coal ia always *"a drug en the market tor 4 time after ^ lake movement ends, though usu- ' ally it has ended nearer November 15 rthan October 15 The Pittsburg dis- "·trict it Ttow producing 4,500 000 tons "fiJTcoal * month, and this month s lake TiSfpoients promise to exceed one- · third production by a coniiderable i, so that th* possibility of there ;»*ii!g saj coal' for stockln* purposes ;' eliminated. h* local p'» non market is quiet tkcre la little buying demand. "Consumers appear to be better sup- i pB«t than formerly This meams in t»e case of the st*el works that thay an receiving more iron and in the 3fase of the foundries -that they do not nied as much as formerly There is discussion of the relation be- 'twtcn production costs and the sat ; prices It is admittedly most Valley furmaces that Uwy have a consid- 1 ercble margin of profit though their S-'costa are vastly more than in ordi- time^ The market remains quotable at the set limits, a» follows B«sao - -- ··· l'2"l . }»e 3 foundry ... . 131 )0 M»lle»ble · · · · · I «t« force 133 00 '· Vaiiese pnce» are f o b furnace ImU case* Freight from Valley fuc- «s to Pittsburg is $1 40 Six fur_ \ outside the Valleys h»\e lower ates to Pittstxirg than Jl 40 e Carnegie Steel company wilt ia its Zanesrille furnace at the ; of next week, and this w 11 ka 57 of. the company's 59 blast ·aces In operation. The idle ·'~"stat£s are, aj the Edgar Thompson. "lant and-ara expected to be reariv ' for blowing in about November 1, the company will probably shave the uninoal *xperience of oper- atl it* tumaees at once »vill« ii V a»all suck of IMi ca»*clt7 «ndwill make Ira* tor the Cdnmbus I plant, using Pocahontas «oke largely effaced themselves hy reason of labor scarcity and the patriotic economy of the people Production of pig iron and of steel during the first half of July is estimated at fully as high a rate as obtained in the second quarter and thus fully one-fourth of the period that is always counted upon to show greatly decreased tonnage has been passed without incident and producers are already beginning to look forward to the heavy outputs the» expect to make in the fall A combination of especially heavy government orders in June aed the booking of almost the entire half- vear's tin plate business during the month caused the Steel Corporation's unfilled obligation'' to rise 581,243 tons during the month that being the third month since April 1917, in which there was an increase 2,081,000 TONS Of if if» *r it ta ·«· «fuH9*d eol- Ot* cm* - Coal I*st te Prediction During Ike TTwV of Illy Tomrth. The observance of July 4 says the United States Geological Survey s report, caused bituminous coal production during the week of July 6 to decrease 2,081,000 net tons or approximately I" per cent The total output including lignite and coal made ito coke, is estimated at 10,259 000 net tons as against 12,340,000 net tons during the ireek preceding and 9,24: 000 net tons during the current of 1917 The average production per working day five day week, is estimated at 2,052,000 net tons s'ightlj lowe- than the average production per working day during the week of }utt* 29 of 2,057,000 net tons and 11 per cent, greater than average production pe^ working day during the week of Julv 6 1917 ^ The 123 coal-carrving roads Half-Price Sale Women's Summer Suits A Goodly Part of Our Splendid Summer Stock to go at HALF-PRiCE-Beginning Friday "We belton eiei) one of oor customers Till realise at once the true significance of tins sale as a ww time economy great The wring* are enough to tempt even the most thrifty But what is un dottbtedr of more Importance, and real value to you is the splendid quality of the garments involved It 1 * that oM-tfane. y«w-*co Quality that is becoming scarcer and scarcer as war demands prey ever more hwrily npon rtar material*, machinery and labor The trnly economical -woman will secure both quality and oarinei by taking prompt advantage of the following reductions Suits That Sold Regularly at $25.00 Now $12.50 Suit* That Sold Regularly at $29.75 Now $14.88 Suits That Sold Regularly at $35.00 Now $17.50 Sirith That Sold Regularly at $45.00 Now $22.50 i Suits That Sold Regularly at $55.00 Now $27.50 Suits That Sold Regularly at $85.00 Now $42.50 s Found among the Suits at half price will be dressy and semi-tailored styles in bine, black, grey tan, and all popular noreity shades Materials are all new and of a quality that demands recognition today more than erer before. Do7ens of Suits in the lot and a complete range of sizes--so your selec tlon will be in no wise limited Many women are waiting for ju«t this sale, BO we would advise vou not to fat off choosing. Every Other Suit in the Store Reduced SATURDAY NIGHT Marks the Close of Our Semi-Annual 2400 Brand New Shirts All to go at the One Price You'll like the attractive new patterns and color effects jus as yon 11 like the quality of the madras percales and cords of which they are made Stiff cutf or soft turn back cuft styles Cut full size and splendid- 1} tailored Hand laundered All sizes 13V. to 18 * Bur enough to la.^t JOB until this war is o er, and If you cannot get here yourself have wife or mother select jour .share ior jou. Mail orders will be promptly filled. one sold at 95c after closing time Satiirdnj night. 50 Dozen Men's Shirts Worth up to $4.00--Sale Price $2.45. - "Knit Your Bit" New Slogan of Red Cross The Red Cross campaign to induce women to speed up their knitting activities will have for its slogan, "knit your bit " Especially is it the purpose o£ this campaign to speed up the knitting o£ socks as a tremendous supply of this sort of hose will be in demand in the near future and investigation has proven that hand-made hose in trench work will outlast three pairs made by machinery The knitting of Sweaters both lor sol- die-s and for the knitter's personal ue will unquestionably be continued and from France comos word that yarn has taken precedence over silk in skirts and mantles MINERVA YARNS For All Knitting The best proof of the excellency of Minerva Yarns for all knitting purposes is found la the e\ er-lncreasiug number of knitters who use them eiclusbely A complete stock of these good yarns is aiwajs on hand at this store in the vario is weights for the -various articles to he knitted in kliaki, oxford and lie no\ eltj shades Notice to Boy Scouts and Parents of Scouts This store has been officially appointed outfitter to the Boy Scouts of Connellsville. and vicmitv It was only through our ab lity and willingness to carry complete stocks of Scout clothing that we were able to secure this appointment so ou will find us ready at all times to meet all demands for shirts trousers coats, hats, knapsacks etc etc Inquire at men's clothing section first floor rear McCallum Silk Hose * A New Arrival A pure silk hose with lisle top and double soles. Choioce of navy, golden brown and bronze. A slen- did value at $2 00 Mid-Summer Neckwear --New organdy frilling for collars and cuffs, white and colors, $1.00 and $1.25 yard. --Organdy collar-and-cuffi sets, square and roll collars at $1-50 to $2.50 set. --Filet Lace Collar and Cuff sets,--at $4.00 set. --Filet Lace Collars, in both square and roll styles,-at $2.25 to $4.50. --New Net Fischus, lace and ruffle trimmed --at 81.50 to $.)-50 each. --Ruffled organdie collar and cuff sets, in all the desirable shades and styles,--at $1.00 the set, Entire Stock REDUCED ONE-THIRD Formerly Sold at $2.00 to $10.00 Sell Today at $1.34 up to $6.67 A Fine Lot of Summer Clothes for Men Splendid new Suits of light-weight woolens in styles and patterns that appeal to every class of buyois Indefinite patterns, good-looking stn-pes and plenty of greys and blues Some Coats ar a only aalf-lined which makes them comfortable for immediate wear and not too light for eirly Tall Such a showing as you will not find elsewhere and -which you will not find duplicated even here until normal conditions have retuined Prices J15 *20, $25 »30 $3o $40 $45 WEEK-END SPECIALS Bates Gingham --1,500 yards 32 inch Bates Gingham ia plaids, stripes, checks and plain colors In short lengths of 2 to 10 yards each, which will not be cut Regular at 50c yard Special at 32c the jaril. Hosiery --Misses' fine mercerized nbbed hose in black and wh te sizes S 1 ^ to 10 oOc value 35c the pair, --Boys heavy ribbed black cotton hose, sizes 7 to 10 3 y£ 50c value Sac the pair. --Women s fine cotton hose in black and tan, seconds 25c and 35c values 15c the pair, --One odd lot women'b fine lisle hose in black white and tan 35c values--2Sc the pair. --'Women s pure silk \\hite hose with lisle tops regular at ?2 00 pair-special at $1.50 pair. Toilet Goods --Miro Deni skin cream regular at 50c special at 25c the mr. --Miro Dena Cold Cream regular at 25c special at l^c the iftr. --Good Quality Tooth Brushes regular 25c value special at ISc. --White Ivory Combs 25c lalue 18c, ,! for 50c. --Ebony clothes and hair brushes regular ?1 25 value special at Sic each. --Fine Toilet Soaps including Almond, Cocoa Oil Peroxide and Geranium special at 2 ior 25c. --Di Blairs Cucumber Cream, regular at aOc special at 25c jar. --Carltons Army and Nav Soap regular 12%c \alue special at 10c- --One odd lot Including toilet -waters perfumes compact powder fice ponder and tooth powder, special at one half prac. Human Hair Switches Fashion has decreed the high coiffure for the smartly dressed woman To affect this high coiffure, a switch is indispensible We have on hand a complete stock of QUEEN QUALITY brand of hair switches, possessing the lightness and wholesomeness of \our own hair Everv Queen Quality Switch is made nnder the most sanitary conditions, well and duraWj made, out of strictly genuine human hair Prices lowest--quality considered- Bond Stamps Pay 4% on Every $100 You Spend--Save Them. SHORTAGE OF MINE LABOR MAY CAUSE CURTAILMENT ANTHRACITE ALLOTMENT ithont Increase in Present Hate in Prodn.tton, Tear Will lal 1^20 000 T ns Short 01 Reqmrtmenfe. the production I S o o o r o f o a d u r - e k TM- t h e production o Joly 6 a, compared with 219,625 ca.a slles ° f anthracite can U 'ncreasBd during the week preceding I"T" *e output for *e firs ouarter preceding To Install Sewer System. i The Pennsylvania Department of Health has issued a permit to the Buckeye Coal company to install a sewer system, treatment plant and a complete water system for the new mining town of Nemacolin, Greene comity 6nt«e Ceutv Coal at ttM. The Crucibl* Fuel company has purchased 170J acres ot coal in Jefferson and Cumberland townships Sreene county, for |J15«2J5, or at UK rate ot 0750 per acrt. of the current coal year during the remaining mne months -- something impossible units the labor power ran he increased" anrt entirely possible should it be -- the distribution ot an thracite fall short of tnat which was contemplated m the allotment made by the Fuel Administration for the twelve months to April 1 next, 1,226 000 tons less than was counted upon in the estiimte Unless there can be accomplished a decided pick-up m the output sajs Anthracite Ne«s and onlv afldluonal labor power, for the anthracite in- dustrj can make this possible it will be nccessar} to propo-tionatoly cut down on the allotments of domestic anthracite to the New England and Atlantic states to which tiater illy increased tonnages of -oal were allowed to meet their Uirger lequire- meuta Under such conditions It ul] be impossible to increase tailed shipments of anthracite to the cential and northwest states as had been hoped and to which s'ates the promise was made that their neces sanly reduced allotments would be J. N. Trump increased should it be possible to ex Such allotment was hased upon an pand the total production above the estimated production, of 64,345,783 54 345 783 tons of domestic coal es- ton» of domestic anthracite for the I limited as the output for tie Tear ,'Weather ana transportation condl Hons have been, entirely favorable to largest output of anthracite during the three month Jperiod just ended Theer are only 114,000 mine workeis coal year The actual output of domestic anthracite sizes for the three month period to toe end of June was 13,279,889 tons. That is at the rate ol 53,120,000 tons year; or in the radustT 33 000 less than ie Core the wai j Conl I'roiluttjon in CVF /ealimd, Coal production in New Zealand declined 192 477 tons during the first 11 months of 1917 The output for that period was 1,7568*9 tons PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPEB Coal From Spitsbergen. Shipments begin this month of coal Irom the inland of Spitzhergen. The- COASTLINE to The delights of your -mention begin the moment you bo»rd » D C COBBI Line Slcnmcr (or beautiful Miduiuc UUnd-for baif of tl c dehfiht* are m the Lake voyx£e Railroad ticket* are honored on nil D C. Line ilctmeri with out extra charge TheD C Inujfnia injure* the bc»t In appointments OJIMHC nod painciakini! service. Safety »nd licmliii proiiuooi are all that could bcdebircd All aicumcn nrc equipped with JaieAt ulrele water is otenhicd by ultra % laid ray process Two splendid vetaelc--City of Muckinac II and City of Aoena II-- operate four unetts week to Mackinoc Island From Toledo Mondays and Saturdays 8 30 A M Tuesdays and Thursday* 6 00 P M Prom Detroit Mondaje and Saturday! 5 00 P M , Wcdnci day* and Fndaja 8 JO A M Send 3 cent stomp for Illustrated pamphlet and Great Lakes map Address L G LEWIS G P A 9 Thud Avenue. T °,rs" c From BuTblo III 00 Hound Irip 19 00 From Cfc»«tod 1900 Round trv 14 00 From Toledo J 7 25 b. Ro«adtepl300 *S Fi«n ^ SB? "t^cS"

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