Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 7, 1974 · Page 36
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 36

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 7, 1974
Page 36
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lit SM»J»j|l7,1*74 How to Buv Pythians List Plans Mention Conference Offers Clues For 3-Day Conclave The 116th annual convention of the Kaights of Pythias and the Ttth annual convention of the Pythian Sisters will be heW Thursday through Saturday at the Daniel Boone Hotel. Mrs. Mary Britton of Harrisville. Grand Chief of West Virginia Pythian Sisters and Herbert Wilcher of South Charleston. Grand Chancellor of the West Virginia Knights of Pythias, will preside. ; Registration will be from 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Thursday In the mezzanine of the hotel. · * * · THE KNIGHTS will have a tee-off golf tournament at 7 a.m. Thursday at Coonskin Golf Course. The Pythian Home Board will meet at noon in parlor "D" and the Grand Council meeting will be at 1 p.m. in parlors "A" and "B". Joint memorial services will be held at 3:30 p.m. in the main ballroom and entertainment will begin at 8 p.m. with Mr. Weirdo and the Straw Hatters Dance Band. Friday's registration will be from 7:30to8:30a.m. with the Grand Lodge and Grand Temple sessions starting at 8:30 a.m. The banquet will be held in the Main Ballroom at 6:30 Grilled Kabobs Add Excitement Kabobs add excitement to outdoor cookery. Cubes or strips of beef threaded on skewers with fruits or vegetables are easy to ready for the g r i l l and delicious when served from it. Let it be "each to his own" for a fun and fast way to conviviality. The vegetable and fruit pieces should be of the size to cook or heat through, as necessary, by the time the meat is done and not before. Formal Wear For Your WEDDING MARY BRITTON Of Pylkian Siitrrt p.m. Friday. City manager Hugh Bosley, representing Mayor John Hutchinson. will welcome the visitors to Charleston. SPEAKER FOR the evening will be supreme vice- Chancellor, George Thompson of Columbus. Ohio. A reception for the Grand HERBERT WILCHER Knight* of Pylktit Lodge and Grand Temple officers will be at 8 p.m. in the main ballroom. Saturday's session will start at 8:30 a.m. for the nomination and election of officers. Grand Lodge and Grand Temple will re-convene at 1:30 p.m. with joint installation of officers at 2 p.m. in the main ballroom. A scries of special hear»{s by the UJ5. SeMte Committee OB Nutrition and Hmnaa Needs late in Juae bro«|ht hwdreds of experts to Washington to testify about the problems of gyrating prkes; threats of shortages; concerns over meat costs and the availability of protein foods in general. The hearings also examined the amount of income poor people must pay for food, the proliferation of what bearing participants usually castigated as "junk foods," and many other fears and even resentments. The hearings were chaired by Senators George McGovern (D-S.D.) and Charles H. Percy (R-lll.). Prom the reports by hundreds by committees of experts, we've culled out some of the facts and perspectives that may be useful to you in planning your own family's nourishment and food spend- in*. While recent runaway prices of wheat and other grains have subsided, we're not out of the woods yet because of world needs and even the threat of famine in some countries. The availability and cost of grains is, of course, vital since they are a basic foodstuff used both for direct consumption and in producing meat, poultry, eggs, and other protein foods. · * * THUS, YOU may not be able to expect the present reduced prices on meat, poultry and eggs to continue. Reception Honorees In celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Mynhier of Bald Knob will be honored at an open reception from 2 to 5 p.m. oh July 14 in the Bald Knob Methodist Church. Hosts for the reception will be their children, Mrs. Geraldine Kauff of Columbus, Ohio, H. Eugene of Charleston and Charles of Panama City, Fla. They were married July 16, 1924 and have six grandchildren and five great- grandchildren. stock sizes 4 to 52 Formal Sho*-.« Yes. we have Grey. Biack. Brown and White. And arriving soon Green and Blue shoes ADAMS Formal Wear Rentals Sales L 114 McFarland Ph. 343-2851 To Be Honored Open house will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. on July 21 at the Montgomery Women's Club to honor Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hill of London on their 50th wedding anniversary. They are the parents of six children: Mrs. Irene Puckett of Quantico, Va.. Mrs. Hilda Keffer of Powellton; Luther Ray of London; Bill Bob of Hugheston; Mrs. Pauline Mascarco and Mrs. Nancy Divita of Montgomery. This Sunday our doors will be open. But our cash registers will be closed. This Sunday you can see the dozens of beautifully decorated rooms in our Ethan Allen Gallery. Visit our Home Fashion Center. Take your time. Browse at your leisure. Then if you get any good ideas while you're our guest on Sunday, come back on Monday. And be our customer. FREE MMINC FRII DELIVERY 123 MILE RADIUS PHONE (3M)73tnii 1 Carriage House Inc. _n r * WfekcU.S. agricultural capacity mt tfctts a respoosifcaity for ceqperat- ing witfc otter Mtiow · storing food supplies, there were warnings that a national export polky is needed to assure adequate domestic supplies. The bargain wheat deal with Russia was specifically criticized. The current inflation has hit low-income consumers especially hard because of the relatively sharp rise in the traditionally lower-price staples such as rice, beans, grain products, and margarine. But even when families do have enough money for an adequate diet they often make poor choices: overspending for snack foods with heavy content of sugar, fats and low- nutrition starches. THESE POOR food choices have become a serious threat both to medical and dental health. Many doctors and dentists at the hearings recited specific effects such as obesity, heart disease and teeth loss. Undoubtedly, many of the doctors and nutritionists at the conference seemed to consider that many American families are nutritional ignoramuses, as some said. Some of the consumer representatives, however, believe that the public really needs more information about what it is hnyiaf it processed foots. To correct this kaowtodfe gap. a coMwn- er pa»et ehaired by Esther Peter**, President of the National Consumers League, urged that packages provide three kinds of information: (1) the nutrients (protein, vitamins and minerals) provided by this particular food; (2) the percentages of actual ingredients such as how much chicken in canned chicken soup and how much meat hi canned beef stew; (3) the official quality grade, such as whether the product is Grade A, B, C or whatever the standard is. IN THEIR criticism of some low-grade processed foods, consumer representatives at the hearing were especially resentful of promotion of high-sugar cereals and beverages to children. Suggested remedies ranged from banning all TV commercials to children to banning commercials for any products with more than 30 per cent sugar by weight or 10 per cent volume. Conference participants could not agree on the best method of regulating the promotions to children but all indicated concern that parents, possibly through lack of knowledge, did not seem able to control children's insistence on such products. Growth in Toupee Sales Attributed to Technology SPECIAL SAVHCS AFOOT LADIES'SHOES Regular 12.98 to 24.98 Naturalize* · CobMwt · Lift StrkU Mto Aiturka · lots · HANDBAGS R«d«KMl 25% MEN'S SUMMER Shoes Reduced 30* armor* 22 S Capitol St. Slnco1t92 FREE MRKINC NOW OPEN TWO EVENM6S MON.AFRI. TH 1:45 PJN. ONNDAUr 10AJNTN.SMI. SUNDAY MOWSMG 1-5 ML PHONf (3M)73M91? 5221 U.S. ROUTE M EAST, MNmkKTtM, W. VA. IMTRTIVIIILOTIffWM* DOT fS-2IDrlT.-1MT MINI niM IMUWMBT By Eric Pace NEW YORK - Sometimes it's made from yak hair, sometimes from silicone, sometimes from the locks of Siblian women. It's favored, for different reasons, by fashion experts, undertakers and bank robbers. It's that cherished adornment of 18th-century Fashion plates, the toupee; and it's catching on among modern American men: sales of various toupee models, less elegantly known as hairpieces, have increased by about 30 per cent in many cities during the last year or so, interviews around the nation show. "Seven years ago I was bald and self-conscious about it, said Rodriguez, a 45-year- old Miami salesman, "so I bought a $350 hairpiece -- and I was self-conscious about that. But now so many men are wearing hairpieces that nobody notices mine any more." The underlying reason for the growth in popularity of toupees, the interviews suggest, is that recent technological advances have made them a cleaner and less obvious way for baldish men to look younger. Psychologically, it helps ease the anxieties of middle age. "I wanted some hair on my head, that's all," said Glen L. Swanson, a Chicago executive. Swanson, 33, keeps three toupees. "There's one for every occasion," he explained. "Now I'm more like the people I work with, and I'm more comfortable." IT'S MAINLY in California and New York that the contemporary toupee has proven most popular, although lately it has been spreading across the great open spaces of middle America. "When men wear hairpieces," said Dr. Harvey Kaye, a New York psychiatrist who has made a study of the phenomenon, "it reflects their not being comfortable with their own masculinity; they have the idea that to be masculine means to be virile in the cultural stereotype, that masculinity means youthful vigor and muscles; that they don't accept themselves for what they are." Over the centuries, artificial hair has generally been a plaything of the privileged. Tbe survey showed that it still .appeals largely to prosperous Americans. It was a sign of the times when two bandits chose Charles Alfieri's Manhattan wig shop last month as a holdup target aid plucked 12,911 from the cash register and the customers. Specialty shops such as Alfieri's are only a part of the complex merchandising phenomenon that has come to be called the "hair industry." Hair transplant operations and sales of articial hair in general have increased in recent years (the demand for regular wigs, however, which cover much of the head, has now become distinctly patchy). Here in New York, sales of full wigs are largely in longish styles and largely to young men - including soldiers or reservists who keep Uiefc real hair cut short. BUT HAIRPIECES have a wide appeal "because they're the most natural way" to wear false hair, a hairpiece specialist, known as Mr. Anthony, said at Bergdorf Goodman. Hajrpiece orders at the store have tripled in the last three years, a spokesman said. Mr. Anthony estimated that 25 per cent more New York men are wearing hairpieces now than two years ago. In Hollywood. Herb Yerman, proprietor of a hairpiece emporium on Sunset Boulevard; said that in toupee sales "the curve is going straight up." with business 38 per cent, better in January. 1974 than 12 months before. In the Chicago suburb of Niles. Leonard V. Hampton assured a recent visitor to his studio, "hairpieces today are made much better, and they're not detectable." In Oak Park, Mich., a suburb of Detroit, Allan Benjamin, the co-proprietor of Wonder Wigs of Oak Park, said, "We're having a hair revolution; now, with the improved quality, we're getting a large following of older men" to go with the middle-aged and the young men who already wear hairpieces. _· OW COST AUTO LOAN BANK OF WEST VIRGINIA ^ TENNESSEE AT ROANE MEMBER FDIC Eat Well...and Lose That Fat 1 AN EFFECTIVE PLAN tO LOSE UGLY FAT NOW... LABORATORY SCIENCE HAS PERFECTED A TINY PRE-MEAL TABLET WITH A PLAN THAT LETS YOU ENJOY FOODS YOU CHOOSE " thii unique fotmnli-nM in my to ust tiMtt Iwm-with OK Ml Refacini Plin Mfj tat Mcetshre wti|M, reduce inches. Don't jo hvninr. Eit 3 sensibly sqiwe mull I dly *tiite you slim down! So you want to lose 5,10, 25 or more pounds of excessive weight?... Here now is an extraordinary easy figure-slimming Plan that offers you a way to get rid of unsightly, superfluous fat you're carrying-without strenuous exercises ... and, most important of all, without missing a meal. EAT AND LOSE THAT EXCESSIVE WEIGHT. You can satisfy your appetite and peel off those extra pounds, too. Now, with the X-11 Plan, you can remove pounds and inches from thighs, neck, legs, waist -- all OVER -- without ever going hungry - and stabilize reduced weight at a level you've always dreamed of holding as you follow the Plan. While you eat satisfying meals, no longer will you be the prisoner of the overeating habit, because with the X-l 1 Plan, you til (ess and want less. So you rose weight... while you eat we//. NO EASIER REDUCING METHOD EVER DEVELOPED rSAT/SFACT/ON GUARANTEED OR MONEY BACK 1. COUNTERACTS HUNGER * -11 Tablets cwrtonta pure vegetable ot'act that hjs no utones. and eipaods lo prowfc the feelmg 0 1 a (ullf r. con tented lummy. 2. APPEASES TASTE SENSE Tfcese tabWS also comtme an mgredrenl to cutb your ap petite In this »ay. it helps reduce cramp lor sweets, candy. c*!ie. potatoes, r*h panes - e«n/thmg. 3. FORTIFIED WITH VITAMINS Each latXel comboes wtamns. important lo help prevent these nutritonai deficiencies. Contains Viiamms A 61 K 86. BIZ. C. E. and Niacmamxft. ' ' ' Get Wi «trwr«Mrr X I I ft**** Pit*. aM MM I** tfirt *mni*i tftff. TM mot It «t«.tf SHOP YOUR NEAREST RITE AID

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