The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 14, 1930 · Page 15
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1930
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

' ' FRIDAY, MAHCTT 14, T^n. i' DAILY rOUTUJm, CONNEK SVILLI3, PA. PAGE FIFTEEN. ! Oppenheim-Gigliotti Company it . _ * « _ _ · *· M ' t'onnellHYille, FA. I .T may be the spring in the air that brought the sweet look to her eyes. lit may be something else again: something, for inetance, like his trim, «.i* harmonious new Knox ** Fifth Avenue," crowning a good-looking outfit, and saying, with something of a gesture, "Good-morning, Spring, 1930!" KNOX and STETSON $8.50 to $10.00 $5.00 and $6.00 \ Just Arrived--The New Spring Caps--$1.50 to $3.00 i*^M»**AAAnAf**A*Ji*l*MAAMAM**^^tol**»l***W*** ha at iful Expert Workmen Furnished Desired WITH PAPEi! our pleasure to ari- nounco a Spring selection of tlistinguished wall-rov- eriiigs, which includes the new washable papers, some scenic patterns, ,ind a variety of modernistic and cubistie designs They are uniformly attractive and durable; priced reasonably. You w i l l enjoy inspecting them. Our new wall paper remover is the latest development, Ask about it. FOX'S Wall Paper and Paint 107 So. Pitteburg Street. Phone 341 LITTLE DAUGHTER TAKES PRIDE IN A JACKET SUIT "LIKE MOTHER'S" ' T U V B K I L 1 B Bqparel M ** prwwuited In midwinter and tprlng c o l l e c t i o n * , strengthens the feeling that fashlonliU a r e working ·long thu theory of Uk« mothw Uk» littl* daughter. Aa h«tB»c0 «t thl« t«od- «Kjr to rap«*t *be stylw of grownviM tor IltU* girls ocean 1ft the llhutratloa b«r*wltt). This cunning Jekat-and- itelrt cult 1* nude of brown covert. It earrtM, in miniature, «· It wero, much th« ·atoe appearance as the types which mother and f»i»tttr will b* wearing this iprlog. With this Mfiart twop1«K;» Mian Junior wears a blon«e of eggabell satin, which Is, In every detail a replica'of /(hose styteU for her eli3w». Later on little daughter will be wearing In place of a covert cloth suit, a Jacket and skirt of pique. Thus ·gain will she follow In the footstep* of her *14era, for black and brown pique coat-and-aklrt costume* are the "last word" In the art nit realm. Just to vnry the program of the ·nit this (prlng, fashion nrtctH colorful Jersey to the list of eligible media for the Halt. For youngsters' cunning ·ult types are made also of wool crepe, In dark rich reds especially. Among advance spring models for Httle girts there are ns many, If not more, suits with either capcs 01 bo- lertii aa there are jacket types. 8oraetin*i the Jacket lt*elf is ttjlerl with a shouldttr rape, but In many Instances the cape Is walstltsngth or longer and togother with the skirt cousil- tate* a »mnrt and t'ldJiBlnjc two-pi «e. A very popular fctyle for little f lk» topa a skirt of pi aid or print Tit i a bolero lo eolid color, either of vc! ret or silk crepe or sortie one or other of the new light woolens. Now that tittle Mi«a 1* to have ter "spring suit" Jufit like other meinb -rs of tlie family, her next In I emit re its la the cunning new blouses, which te on display in Junior departments. In coufklering material for he blouse, upon which »o much of he success of an; suit depend*, keep In mind shantung which la to, be had in M range of delectable colorlo ps. There'* no more popular weave ell M than shantung for the making of t le practical blouse. A iittle girl's wa d- robe should Include (several such. Figured challls is given a pin e among blotuft matti-Mta. Fini bar 1 kerchief llnan in pastel tone* dainti y pin-tuclied or deftiRnfully fagoted ai d embroidered is registered ou the II it of fabrics for the blnnae. Newest if all IB the peek-a-boo printed or pla n net Mouse, often uleevele** arid tu i- ally fancifully trimmed with lac*. BOTTOMI/Wr. UnltB.) fndlaai Fond ea Waler The bnrecu of American ethnologv says that t!ip Indiana were remarkable swimmers «uS sotuo of the trlbca were In the water us much «a wcr« iheprlinllUf rotjrnestnns. Thcr swrim »lx or sevini different way#. Lnrlullng treading water, and would dive, to the bottom of deep water. A common In- atltntlon amonjr the Indians wna the ·weot bath. They would sweat In a specially constructed sweat hous« which wan closed up to keep the lieut In, and, when they thought they liarl sweated enough, would suddenly run outdoors, gh'lng warwhoopa, throw themselves into the cold water, nnd after n while re-enter the sweat houso to dry off, since they hatt no towpli. tihe'njfnerarriiHifr"(ifiBcu t to cut. Its color patrne* from an en · erald gr'eeu to a greenish yellow an I la often unevenly distributed throng i the stone, ihleh shows much /Iro whe \ Itroperiy n t . Iliddcnlrc was orlglna \y found us loose orystft1n In Uifl aol but was afterward worked i i a vel stono where it occurred !rt aswelatio with nuorti, garnet and other nit era! 8. Trtip«rent Gam JSlddeutte 1» a green, transparent variety of Hpodumone used ns 11 gem A, Remedy for An*mi* Powdered soul's Hver Was one of ^h cnzntnodltleK on view at th«t thirty fifth Annual ohemlsta nchiblHou, a London Souls, it appears, live a blame less and comfortable Ufa in tho iijc wa tern of the North Atlantic and JLrctl ocptms. Tlie.y drt nor know tne m*«n ing of "T.ilver," and ihnt otgnh re mniuB In such cxcellont condliion thai It Is made into an eftrnct for th« (rfttUnnnt of anemia and heart trou WPS, ITHOUT A EN? Judging Prie Vegetables Perryopolis PBRKVOPOLIS, March 14 -- Th« Aviation Club, under the direction of P. O. Luce, spent Tuesday in Pitta- burg v!v«re U« membors visited the Carnegie' Museum and also attended the avl»tioix «how. Thos^ who made the trip were Kratik Tliomtifc Dale MarshaU ldteha«l Babyt^k. \\iUinm McCracken. Thomas Uuce Mack Wll- liama, Slanlejn Coldr^ii Albert, Da\ii 'Harry B'own, 1'aul I/uce and John ForBythe ' TW» club TV as formwl this y«ar in J'eiry/M1sh School Tfi« P«nry Hifth (wy« ha«k«th,il! t«ani will play 1« l*st fame of the a! iiotne tonight ^!th Norlh i;n!on '1 he game promisee lo lie a good one. The date (or the public · peaking banquet, whclh WAS set f«: March 20, hiwi been changed on aeeoun 1 of one of tti« county debates being on that evening The new date Is Mnich 27. Plans are le!ng made for tlif) junior nnd eenloi prom The Jtiulore of Peuy Hi«h hope to h a v e aa flne a banquet foi the s-eutots, this year as poeelble Vegetables have bcwiio an Important, Ea'cto-r ii\ fall flower ahoWa anil are increasing la popularity as thovr roatoiial They offer i revival of itJis old otinty t,Ur M«a wibh its pri/e jfumpklns and aars of ssxL corn dour to Uw hearts f former generations.' Vegetables Juive long ben u. staple part of the exhlnta In tihe big »hows In England and wa ISnd vgetables from the. gardens of the nobility in IOE,« rlvalrj on tho hhow table The judging oE vegetables is n n«w depaittuu tu Anieilcan Bhowa'a-nd few experts hi this l|oi« hav« jet been de\eloped but they are coming along. Show vegetables aie judged by appearance alone--not by qualvty a,i there la no opportunity to testxtheir erllblo qualitleB The main factor® are perf«otian and imtfornilty of size am! »h»p*, the neatness wtth which the\ are staged a«d above all the( thoroughness with which the root vegetable. 1 - hav« been scrubbed foi' exlubjtlon In the l/e»t exhibits bunched oA' t a r rots are a* alilt-e as p"-ai in u pod to matoe.* ot »roooUi ami regulai shape ami without 8Wf» oa- bliiiltlios, pota- toes JtveAetng uattorrn size «iul a»vd no o-h* are the IdfMli atrlved tor. Arltetlc ari'fiugwiwnt is' another fac- toi Some of the experienced exhibitors, especially thOf»e wltU Untriieh training, pay muoh d-tt^tulou lo laying them on the slum tublt- in pitt«ra»s and with some emphaftij on diytiibti- Uoti ot tl)« vegetables of hi«h color throughout tne oxhibll One exhibitor tat yeai biMe)«d his o^lilblt Avitli ^11 eclgiins ol small ptiitity pan ^quaf'bes. The judjpes must'take iulo conBld- eralton all thesa fa;twfe, tho fat^faor *f quality Ix^lnil; ab,fe«-nt vo far a 1 * ioi|d value is concerned. Some vegetables ,we excellent for »how purposes which ajfl oxwll-eti in ^"^l' 1 ^ {o t by l«e« attnvettve v»'l«ti«s to Th*'sugary Golden tytvninm corn tiuj?- g«t la finite outstripped bv Ihe imiwhs- Ing «ars of Stoweil'a T'lv^rgfe-on or obiter latwi corn's To grow shw vegetabloK f h e j ne«d to be givMi p.lfiity of iooni aoov« all O!F« and carful cnHiv s atton. tirow soino -fxhihittoii vepeld!)lci this Homes I Every,1av you wjll flud hot ie» and . Dome sites advertlaod ia our cla«»i- ' t 6«d oolumn*--read them over. i FOR CONSTIPATION effective in tmaffer doses SAFE SCIENTIFIC More Profit From 3^ O ur garden and flowers in 1930 Plant Leonard's hoik Se«ds and food tho growing plants or Wizard Fertilizer. Loucks Hardware Co. «iarden. Stores Familyof Qfi:er Get thle beautiful Green Giai* Set at jrour I.G.A. Store (or only 31c with purchaefc of 1 pouto4'a I.G.A. Coffee, OR 1 package I.G.A. Tea t and any other I.G.A. Brand item. There's a blend of I.G.A. Teu to satiafy your,, Tea Taat«,at a price you'll want to pay. Visit your nearest I.G.A. Store today-learn more about this New I.G.A. Family-and the many other food values that help you beat your budget. 1 I.O.A. Orange Pekoe A-Tea, 1U o*. P*ic. ~- *'*·' I.Ojl. Orangre Pokoe O1/» Xem 4 on. Pky. . A AC I.G.A. Orange Pekoe 41 ^ Tea, 8 oz. Pkg-. .. . ***' PRESERVES, Temtor, Assorted APRICOT;),I.G.A.,2No.2y 2 Caiis57c Flavors, Per Jar . 25c PUFFED WHEAT,Per Pkg.l2c IIALf.Stroh's^PerCaBSSc. MATCHES, LQ,6 Boxes For 19c SPINACHJ.G.A.,2Can8for29c Campbell'; TOMATO SOUP, Can 8c MILK, I.G.A., 3 Cans 25c Macaroni, Spaghetti or Noodles I.G.A., 4 Pkgs. For 27c PALIViiOLIVE SOAP Kecoinmentlod by Hundreds of Clrcit Befliity Experts. SALT, 3 Pkgs. 25c HOME TOWN MOU*» Station WTAM, 7t80 P. SI., E. S. T., Wednesdays 1.6,/t. NATION At nRODCA HOME OWNED STORES independent COFFEES 37e ^_^v^ 4*1 numi iUC ^ .^ '"" '25c 3 for 23c NUT CREAMS, POUND 26c Octagon SOAP POWDER, 4 For 15c IVORY AND BLUE IFRONTS No Heart Balm When a husband shirics the TB- sponBJbilities of the marriage state by a companionate marital agreement, h forfeits the right to dateages for alienated love, according to a ruling hanclud down by Judge Michael McKinley, Jf Chicago, in instructing B jury to return a verdict of "not Ruilty." y Leo Dotan, 22, University of Chicago law student, had sued Edgar Roth, father of Virginia Both Dolan. above, Dolan'a bride of a months, for 450,008. West Side Market 1000-02 W. Crawford Ave. Phone 620. Frc; Delivery Pure Cane Franklin SUGAR, 25 Lbs n -g) Monarch Pure Tomatd 2 ' Lge. Bottles

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