The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 18, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1918
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JULY 18, THE DAILY COCKIER, CONN10Li.SVl.UUB;. f A. PAGE FIVla. pfSOFTHEDAY I AT m. PLEASANT ! BRIEFLY RELATED Committee is Investigating : Water-Light Plant Proposal. HAY LEASE SITE AT EARLY DATE Bare 5*t Srvrn J[a4e EMWBI. A4nit BJMe Class Cornier** e* HeW l» Bc-lljUmi Prekrtniaii Ckwek JTtOt Jcwnette Siiteler Spemker. Special tp Thti Cc»urti»r. . : MOUNT PLEASANT, July -IS.--A. conference of the Adult Bible clases of .the Eighth district of Mount Pleasant was Held in the. RerCnlon Pre's- by terian churcB. They were addressed by Rev. Senate of. Jeannette, the O. A. B.. C. president. The attendance was good Slid the adress very Interesting. look For Water Float Site. /The members of the jMre and Water committee of council were out and looked over some . ground that tn*y expect to lease In a few days in tjie first «tep taken toward the erection of the town's water and light plant No announcement has been made of what council may dc/ KilUiMC Fatty. Mrs. Wilfred Larimer entertained at a. .knitting- party in honor of Mrs-. William C. Stevenson on the lawn at the Eagle street home of her parents. District'. Attorney and Mrs. N. A. Cort, on Tuesday afternoon. Refreshment! -were served an a very enjoyable aftiVLtAm TT^s spent. Beys rintfl. Two boys charged v/ith fighting in the parkland swearing were arrested and brought before 'Burgess Stevens who fined them and .lectured them OB how to behave in the park. " ' Personal. .Ray Hoover of Melcroft was here enroute to Terre Haute, Ind., when? he leaves with the draftees for camp at Camp Shelby, Miss. Mtgs Irma Boobs spent yesterday In Pittsburf. Mrs. James Htiey and daughter of Plttsburg are the guests of Dr. and Mrs. R. B. Fulton Jlr. and Mrs.' William Sbupn and family are spending two weeks at Mount Union. Mr. and Mn. W;.S. Weible and son. BRINGING UP "GRANDMOTHER" TO POUND THE HUNS CopjrrtBbt WwMrn Newspaper Union Pnoto B»rvlc«. A steam caterpillars'which I. used to BMW. the htary ptecaa, luring* up « camoaaa»«4 · c nudmotIMr to checking the advance of tle Hun», . . _ . _ . W. Va.. arrived here Tuesday for a visit at the ttome :ot the former's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. S. 'C. Hartley. ·Mrs. Eugene_ Crowe and son, Byrn, are spending the week visitng relatives and Cdends in Frostburj and Cumberland. Mrs. John Stacer and her 'guest, Mrs. Maria Shipley of Confluence, spent Tuesday -sijittng relatives in Salisbury. FOOD ADMINISTRATION'S "FAIR" PRICES FOR WEEK The county food administration today announced its sixth wfekly list of "fair" food prices for the county., -They follow: Article Wholesale Flour, wheat Flour, wheat (pastry) -Sirs. B. C. N'£.ugle and Miss Mary , n our/ whcat (i oosc ) Thornley left Tuesday for a visit | j-jour, rice 'with relatives and friends in Bed- Flour, barley ' ford. . . i Flour, corn --: Mrs. Anna Hurley and sister, Miss i Corn meal (bolted) 10.5Q .11 12.75 $.00 ,bbl, _bbi Ib, bbl. cwt Maigarcf.ATeber, spent Monday vis- j Corn meal (Win. driud) -- iting at tin home of Mr. and Mrs. D. Harold of Pittobtirx are guests Mrs. Whit* of the bank building. of Meyeradale. METERSDAli. July 17.--Rev. J. T. fums of Connelsvills .·'.nd.his former assistant. Rev.-Father. "William Kef z, r.-bo' is now located near Pittsbur^r. . and the latter's brother, Mr. Merz. motored 'here from Conuellsville on Monday to visit Rev. W. Long in Summit township. Mrs. George H. Benford Rolled oats Rice (loose) I Rico (plcg.) _'_ Potatoes (new).. _ spent ^^^^ ^ _ Tuesday at Sand Patch visiting at the j Beans"Tcalltornia) home of her mother. Mrs, A. O. Beal. Mrs. Charles Darrow is visiting her son, James Darrow, at Shaw, W. Va, Miss Nancy Rombold of Pocahontas, was calling on friends here Tuesday. Mrs. Henry Bockes and son of Berlin visited friends here on Saturday. Rev. Father Hardey of Connell*ville, was a guest of Rev. J. J. Brady on Monday. John Blake of Mt. ' Savage, Md.. spent Sunday and Monday here and at Salisbury visiting friends. 5.00 cwt. 6.25 cwt Jl pkg. .11 lb. .12 lb. .05 lb. .12% _-lb. .11 lb. OLD AGE A CRIME! Some people are ybanr a-t 50--red cheeked, ruddy and vigorous, others are old at 40--joints beginning to stiffen up a bit; step beglnnlnr to \*K and. lose Its springiness; occasion*! touches o£ pain in the back;, {eel tir«d without cause, and possibly a twlng-e of rheumatic pain. In most cas«ff these are the danger to warn you that the kidneys Evaporated milt (baby can) , -Evaporated mil*, (ta.ll can) Butter (creamery, tub) ___ Butler (creamery, print) _ 'Cheeee (cream), N. Y. -Cheese (cream), "WI». Lard (steam read.) J4VS ns ,05 .46* _ .49 .28 .27 .29 Article Bacon (sliced) j Hams (14 to 16 ibs.) j H«TTIR (Rlfiwrt) ... , ., , me .38 to .45 to .30 to .31 to .13 to R 11 lb. lt. lb. lb. lb. Ib. lb! lb. £ lib. 3 Ih 1 can -lean -lib. lib. 1 Ib 1 Joz. lib. lib. lib. i th ' lesale 44 ih.) 50 lb. 33 lb!j H lb. rw» | .17.17 .07 .06 .52 .45 .46 35 .35 .3! .32 32 1 lb --· 5. lb. I Ih. 1 can 1 can -1 )b. 1 lb. I Ih. 1 dor- 1 do:. 1 lb! HI 1 lb. 1 lb. 1 lb .18 J8 .07 .07 as -S6 .38 .48 .49 .38 .38 .34 .35 .35 BeUJI M to .55 It .55 to .CO II .35 to .38-; It .36" 10 .38 It .36 to .60 It a? to .is ft PW r " Retail Cash and Carry 25 Ibs. 25 Ibs. lib. _ lib. _ lib. _ lib. _ lib. _ Retail Charge and Pfe'tvery lib. lib. lib. lib. lib. -J1.60 _ 1.46 _ .07 _ .15 _ .09 _ .08 , _ .OSVil - .07% _ .13 _ .12 - .14 _ .06 _ .16 .15 25 lb». J1.60 25 Ibe. 1.45 1 Ib. 1 Ib. 1 Ib. , 1 Ib. . 1 Ib. 1 Ib. 1 P*i- -1 Ib. t U. i Ih. 1 Ib. 1 Ib. -.07 J5 .W .OS !07% .14 J.4 .IB .06 IIS pellon' W: Vn.. where they visited'the Uul««. For for-- - '^ J. Ray Hartley and SJ^J . . m o r e than 200 ywn, l 3*" TMs\! BeggS the rccoxnlied remedy for-spent Wednesday and Thursday with Hartley and daughte: ·^·ns to Meytrsdale wife i!l remain for several Mr thf .. dr.yr. . v · J»T-M. Hartley, his. datighter, Mrs. G. .Grcer and the latter's daughter, Mary, an* .^on. Joseph, of Fairmor.7, Cuticura Healed bladder ailments. GOLP MBDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules are Imported direct from. the lahor.*.- torie? at Haarlem. Holland, Get them at your drtiKptirts. Do not take,·* substitute. In boxes three' sizes.--A dr. Ohiopyle. OmOPYLE, July 18.--Dr. A. J. Colborn of Connellsviile wad » professional caller here;yesterday. .; Miss Ida Bairri and Marguerite left Tuesday erening for their her music clase here. 1. D. Gardner of Bear Run wis a caller In town yesterday. Mrs. Ross Moon of Sipes spent Wednesday with her daughter, Mrs. B. H. Taylor. and Miss j June, the total namher passing during ,nd .the j the month" being. 250,322. Of- this e shop- ] number 138,532 were loaded and 111,|790 were empty. The ireat majority of Confluence i of loaded/ cars moTed eastward, while most of the empties were -westbound. The dally average was S.344 cars, while the heaTlest movement for any single day was on June 20, when 9,531 cars passed. Only Two "WeekiCM. Itched V«r Much Causing Scratching. Disfigured Her. Free Sample Helped So Bougbt a Cake of Soap and Box of Coticura Omtmrat. "Mr tifta, when two week! old, was taken mict whb « kind of rah. I: teemed to Mttle'in one spot on her. face, snd we , were told it was ecxeina. One day it would be el- most gone and the next day it would break out.. i and blood world issue from it.' Ix itched wry , nf ha to scratch Iffl h bied, and it diafifured her ce. "W* obtained » ft« sample of Cu- tjcura Soap and Ointment. · It'seemed to h*l» bn so I.tnufht a cake of Cu- ticurs Soap and a box of Cuticura Oinnsat, .and she was healed." . (Sifasd) Luther D. Caton. Box 383, Uaiontown, Pa., June S, 1917: For r»»ry purpoM of thttoilit Cuti- cura Soap and Ointnoht ate su prime. ttmrU ? »"· l«r M.11. Addrw, OM«- c.t±"C..l..r.. n«ri.;M.aMm." SoM tterywhen. Soap 25c. Omtrn«nt 2o and SOc. in Plttsburg to spend a few cipal observation point ..on' the Pennsylvania railroad, were broken! in ; homes days. John Holt was a Connellsrille caller yesterday. M.rK.A. j. Cplborn, who has been visiting her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. an dMrs. F. K. Bailey, returned to her home in Connellsvino Tuesday.' Miss Ella COrrisan spent Wednesday shopping anfl calling on Con- nellsvllle friends. Mrs. R. C. Holt was among the stoppers and callers in Oonnellaville yesterday. - . . . . Mr. and Mrs. 'Frank- Burhworth were in .ConnellSTille and Uniontown yesterday calling on friends. Joseph Nicholson and. Harvey Hampe were callers In Connellsvllla yesterday. T. M. McClain was'In Cbnnellsvillt Wednesday on business.. Be.v. E. M. Stephenson left yesterday for. Bawson after a several days* visit in Ohiopyle. FKEMJHT CAR IlECORD lirnken by .lane Movement Orer the Pennsylvania Itnllroad. . All records of the. movement ol freight cars past Columbia, Pa., prin- Patroolze those wno atfvvrtjss. , , SOU BY DRUGGETS EVBimEBf PARAMOUNT JHEATRE lOc --TODAY-- · · WORLD PRESENTS JUNE ELVTDGB IN "The Woman of Redemption ,9f This is a story of the way in which a mountain maid wrought the redemption of a'man. It'is a story that moves fast to a smashing climax. It is-a corking good screen entertainment ALSO CURRENT EVENTS. ' --FBEDAr AND SATCBDAT-- / THE BIGGEST STAR IN FILMS IN A HUGGED, SMASHING ROLE- WILLIAM POX PRESENTS AMERICA'S MOST POPULAR ACTOR. WILLIAM FAHNTJM IN "ROUGH AND READY" A POWERFUL PORTRAYAL OP-.MAN'S HERCULEAN STRUGGLE AGAINST OVERWHELMING ODDS ALSO UNIVERSAL WEEKLY AND A COMEDY. .-.--,, -'"-vvwinminannai EVENT For Economical Shoppers A Great Sale of Lingerie Blouses Offering choice 1 of Special Purchase and broken assortments, regular., up to'?1.25 Man}- styles represented in this wonderful laale, embroidered and lace trimmed, frilled and tucked and plain tailored model's in sizes for women and misses. Special at 59c. · , . Children's 89e Dresses G I* 14 year sizes in the latest models of tub proof Ginghams, .in plaids, checks and plain color combinations. Special at 55c. Mohawk Sheets, 81x90, worth '42.10, at _..,, $1.90 48c Corset Covers Choioce selection of Women's lace, embroidery and ribbon trimmed Corset Covers. Special Clearance values at 29c. Women's 18c Pine Gauze Summer Vests at '... 12ic $1.25 and $1.50 House Dresses and Bungalow Aprons ' Well made of best quality Percale in light and dark colors. No more at this price when they are gone. "Women's 35c Gauze Lisle Hose, black or white . 29c Boys' SOc Waists All sizes, 8 to 14 years, 'in neat stripes of blue or brown, collars attached, tapeless Clearance Sale Special 38c. $1.95 Seamless Sheets, standard quality, 81x90 ,,...: $1.68 Boys' Wash Suits Up to $1.50 Boys' Wash. Suits in plain and combination colors, size 2% to . 8 years. Special at 95c. Women's 7Bc Summer Gauze Union Suits 44c Women's $1.25 and $1.50 Undergarments Including Silk Camisoles, lace, embroidery and ribbon trimmed Gowns, Skirts and Chemise. Secial Clearance values at 98c- Boys' 45c heavy ribbed Black Hose 28c Gigantic Sale of 1500 Men's Fine Dress Shirts QUALITY SHIRTS WELL MADE ATTRACTIVE PATTERNS Extraordinary values that will not be duplicated again soon at these prices. 95c $1.35 $1.65 These Shirts were purchased more than a year ago at the old prices and in order to make many new friends and customers for "the Big Store" they will be placed on sale at the«e popular prices. Included are-Soft Cuff Shirts Collar Attached Shirts Shirts for Dress Laundered Cuff Shirts Neck Band Shirts Shirts for Business Wear Shirts for all Occasions Clearance Women's up to $4 Shoes and Pumps $1.95 KOBACKERC * " " 'THE BIG STORE Clearance C h i 1 drea's Baby Doll and Two- Strap Slippers $1.19 MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTHPHONIS OPPNAM'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNEU-SVILLE, PA. ·VO ABTAJTCE C A T A R R H For head or throat Catarrh try the ^ vapor treatment rtk'fe^iydjnTfaiijfcgjfl 25c--SOc--»1.00 ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY DOTJGLAS FAIRBANKS IN "AKBEHlUr JtBJSTOCBACX" Also a Scoil Comedy. --FKIDAT IBB ATDEDAI-- ngATtTJES BAY appears in one of the most appealing "human interest" stories at recent days. Deals with the sacrifice of Ezry for the brother of the girl be IOVSB. *TKE HIKED MAN" July 29-30--"OVER THE TOP," Featuring Secgeant Guy Erapey. ^OCXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX WEAR Homer's OOOCDCOOOO TBY OTJB CLASSOTED ADS. ONLT la A WOEB PITfT J»nVK--Probably Ills Great-Grandmother's Ont Joy riding By C. A-TOI6HT -COOfclTTHATM Nw --- SAM, THE, ettet.s f£KJ A. SOOi ifJ^MKIW-'-- I'VE. . A 6QOO MlvioTo 1fet- HEE. -- OH MOTHER- VWOMH AMP PlAV^ITH VlltttE 's o^iuwe FOR Mis AtC k^£kiSSitMMMa 1 i«£ji»2aisi4 sfiiaS^ Vsip-'V

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